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� Regd. No.

Indore MP/ICD 216/2018-2020


� Regd. No. Indore MP/ICD 216/2021-2023 � ������������������������

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����������������������� ����������������
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����������������� ������������������������ ���������������������������� �������������������������

������������������������������������� No bus service to & from

Raj, Maha, Chh’garh

The state government has
cancelled the bus services
to and from Rajasthan,
Chhattisgarh and Maha-
rashtra till May 7. The deci-
sion was taken on Friday
because of the rising num-
COERCIVE ACTION on social post on Covid will be treated as contempt: Bench ber of corona patients.
Earlier to this, the bus
���������� services between Madhya
���������� ��������� ����������������������������������� Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
����������������������� �������� were cancelled. Many peo-
No int’l flights The Supreme Court on Fri- ���������������������� � ������������������������ ple from those states come
day warned against any co- ����������� ������������������������� to Madhya Pradesh because
till May 31 ercive action against peo- � ������������������ �������������������������� their boundaries are adja-
�������������� ple sharing distressing in- ��������������������� ��������������� cent to this state.
������������������� formation on the social me- ������������������� ������������
����������������������� dia to seek medical help for � ����������������������
������������������������� ��������������������������
����������������������� their dear ones during the

@21.1% positivity rate, all

������������������������� Covid surge. � �������������������� � ���������������������
��������������������� "I flag this issue at the ������������������������� �������������������������
���������������������� outset. We don't want any ���������������������� ���������������������� ������������������������

dists need containment zone

����������������� clamp down on informa- � ������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������
����������������������� tion .... If citizens commu- ������������������ ������������������������ ����
������������������������� nicate their grievances on ������������������������������� ������� � �����������������������
�������������������������� social media and internet, �������������������� � �������������������� �����������������������
������������������� it can't be said it's wrong ������������������� �������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������ flatten the current curve of dees and funeral with 20 at-
���������������������� information," said Justice � ��������������������������� �������������������������� ����������������������������� ������ epidemic. tendees may be allowed.
��������������������� Dhananjaya Y Chandra- Local administration All shopping complexes,

Soli Sorabjee
chud during a suo motu
government sources had
information is contrary to
basic precepts."
Citizens' lives at stake, work Almost all districts of the
state could be termed con-
would decide duration of
night curfew during which
cinema halls, restaurants,
bars, sports complexes,
passes away "We will treat it as a con- The court on Friday was Referring to the deluge of with Centre: SC to Delhi govt tainment zone as per movement of individuals gyms, spas, swimming
tempt of court if such possibly referring to the SOS messages on social �������������������������� Union Ministry of Home would be prohibited dur- pools and religious places
grievance is considered for UP government ordering media, the court insisted ������������������������ Affair's new guidelines. ing night hours. would remain closed.
action," said the Bench, strict action against those against any presumption ����������������������������� As per MHA, an area would Essential services like
which also included Jus- creating panic by making that the grievances so ����������������������� be declared containment ���������� health care services, po-
������������ tices L Nageswara Rao and false appeals for help in not raised by citizens are false. ���������������� zone if positivity rate is 10% ���������� lice, fire, banks, electricity,
S Ravindra Bhat. getting hospital beds, oxy- "It is of grave concern to ���������������������������� or more. The second condi- water, sanitation, regulat-
(Last week, Twitter con- gen and essential medi- me as a citizen or (a) judge. ���������������������� tion is that ICU bed occupan- Besides, social, political, ed movement of public
firmed deletion of several cines. In this backdrop, If citizens communicate �������������������������������� cy or oxygen supported bed sports, entertainment, aca- transport, including all in-
tweets "in response to a le- Justice Chandrachud said: their grievances on social ������������������� occupancy is over 60%. demic, cultural, religious, cidental services and activ-
gal request from the gov- "Let a strong message go to media, we do not want a ������������������������ Current positivity rate of festival related and other ities needed for smooth
ernment". The posts were all the states and their clampdown on informa- �������������������������� the state is 21.1%, thus im- gathering and congregation functioning of these activi-
deleted for spreading mis- DGPs (directors general of tion.” �������������������� plying that all districts would be strictly prohibited. ties would be allowed.
information on Covid, the police) that clampdown on ������������ ���������������������������� need containment areas to Marriages with 50 atten- ������������
Ex-CJ of MPHC,
SK Seth dies
������� ������������
����������������� ��������������������������������������������������
Active cases going ‘Don't discharge patients for two days owing to event’

down, but still not

�������������� ������������������ ical officers that there was positive message to the so- people. The commissioner
���������� ������ an order from the higher ciety, that people are re- has ordered for discharg-
����������������������� authorities. According to turning to their homes, af- ing the cured patients on
���������������������� The Covid-19 patients are the order, the discharge of ter recovery. Sunday, he says. Together

out of woods
���������������������������� fighting for bed in various the patients, not on oxy- Dave is also heard urging with this audio, a written
�������������������������� hospitals in the state. gen-supported beds, the medical staff that the order was issued. In that
����������������������� Many of them want to re- should be put on hold on second wave of the pan- order, it has been men-
������������������������� turn to their homes after that the patients who are Friday and Saturday. demic has upset the people. tioned who will be put on
������������������� POSITIVITY rate 21.1% recovery. In this backdrop,
an audio clip of the super-
not on oxygen should be
kept in the hospital for two
According to the audio,
the patients will be dis-
According to the audio
clipping, he says, there-
duty on Sunday.
Nevertheless, as soon as
������������������ intendent of Hamidia Hos- days. charged on Sunday after fore, to dispel disappoint- the higher-ups in the gov-
'Shooter Dadi' ������ pital, Lokendra Dave, went In the audio, Dave is celebrations. In the clip- ment, the higher authori- ernment came to know
falls to Covid viral on Friday. In the au- heard telling the consult- ping, Dave is saying that ties have told him to do about it, they cancelled the
���������� In what is a positive sign in dio, Dave is heard saying ants and the resident med- this will be done to send a something to cheer up the order. ������������
������������ the fight against corona,
������� active cases are continuing

Armed forces get emergency SLY CHINESE MOVE

�������������� to go down in Madhya �����������������������
���������� Pradesh. On Friday, the ac- ������������������
���������������������� tive cases were 90,796,
financial powers to fight Covid
down from 92,077 a day ear-

�������������������������� lier. The state reported �������������������������
������������������������� 13,584 cases where patients �����������������������
�������������������������� have been discharged. ���������������������


������������������������ However, corona cases are ��������������������� ��������� the current Covid-19 situa- and to undertake procure-
����������������������� still there in sizable num- tion in the country. ment/ repair of equip-
��������������� ber in the state. Madhya 12,278 while Bhopal active The Ministry of Defence "To empower the Armed ment/ items/ material/
Pradesh reported 12,400 co- cases are 12,955. on Friday informed that it Forces and speed up their stores, besides provision-
Rohit Sardana rona cases with the infec- Jabalpur reported 776 co- has invoked special provi- efforts in the nationwide ing of various services and �������������
passes away tion tally of 5,63,327 and
toll at 5616 with 97 deaths.
rona cases with 5,252 active
cases while Gwalior re-
sions and granted emer-
gency financial powers to
fight against Covid 19 situ-
ation, Raksha Mantri Raj-
works required to support
the ongoing effort against
Around 58,708 samples were ported 980 corona cases armed forces in view of the nath Singh invoked special Covid," another tweet read. With India bogged down in
sent for testing while 272 with 8,641 active cases. prevailing Covid-19 situa- provisions and granted These powers have been combating Covid, China
samples were rejected at Sagar reported 257 corona tion in the country. Emergency Financial Pow- devolved initially for a pe- has started making sly
time of testing. Corona pos- cases with 2004 active cases Defence Minister Rajnath ers to the Armed Forces to- riod of three months from moves, reinforcing its posi-
itive rate is 21.1%. while Ratlam reported 280 Singh invoked special pro- day," the Defence Minis- May 1 to July 31, 2021. tions in eastern Ladakh. forced with permanent
Indore reported 1,811 co- corona cases with 1,820 ac- visions and granted emer- ter's Office tweeted. These are in addition to the Top sources were cited by structures, accommoda-
rona cases and tally to tive cases and Rewa report- gency financial powers to "These powers will help emergency powers delegat- India Today TV as saying tions and military build-
1,10,840 and toll to 1139. ed 345 corona cases with the armed forces to em- formation commanders to ed to the Medical Officers that far from bringing the ings in a long arc through
Bhopal tally went to 89,773. 2339 active cases. power them and speed up establish and operate quar- of the Armed Forces last shutter down in its winter the Aksai Chin bulge, com-
Indore active cases are ������������ their efforts in tide over antine facilities/ hospitals week, the ministry said. deployments, the Chinese prising depth areas from
Army has reinforced its the friction points of the

IPL Aussie stars stranded, may be jailed on return

presence in eastern India-China standoff.
Ladakh depth areas. These include Xaidulla in
The ground intelligence the southwestern part of
emerged on a day Chinese Xinjiang Autonomous Re-
President Xi Jinping sent a gion, a strengthened Chi-
��������� As many as 14 Australian "Nine News reported on soon as Saturday,” it added message of solidarity to nese radar site at Piue
cricketers are currently in Friday night that the gov- further. PM Modi saying, "The Chi- which is just across from
Australian cricketers may India playing the Indian ernment was considering a While there are 36,000 nese side stands ready to Ladakh's Chip Chap valley,
face trouble getting back Premier League (IPL). further step by making it a Australians stuck abroad strengthen cooperation and the military outpost at
home and could be left These include top draws crime, punishable by a there are 9,000 Aussies in with the Indian side in Kyrmmgo Traggar across
stranded after reports of David Warner, Steve Smith maximum $66,000 fine or India including the crick- fighting the pandemic and the LAC from Hot Springs
their country's federal gov- and Pat Cummins. five years' jail, if they trav- eters. provide support and help in and Gogra Post.
ernment mulling hefty fine Australians are also part el home from India," added Australian Prime Minis- this regard. I believe that The 10,000 permanent
and jail term for those re- of various IPL franchises' the SMH report. ter Scott Morrison had ear- under the leadership of the Chinese troops positioned
turning from India came coaching/support staff “Nine reported that fed- lier said that since the Indian Government, the In- at Kangxiwar and Rudok
out in the local media. and TV commentary team. eral Health Minister Greg players are privately visit- dian people will surely pre- have been reinforced with
“The federal government These include Ricky Hunt would invoke powers ing India for the IPL they vail over the pandemic." 10,000 additional tempo-
is considering fining and Ponting, David Hussey, under the Biosecurity Act - would have to ensure their Imagery shows that Chi- rary troops according to
jailing anyone who tries to amid that country's Covid- the Sydney Morning Her- Brett Lee and Matthew - the same legislation used return. na's winter deployment po- one intelligence estimate.
enter Australia from India 19 crisis,” said a report in ald (SMH). Hayden among others. to close the borders -- as ������������ sitions have been rein- ������������
�������������� ������� � ���������������


State sizzles;
����������� ����
����������������������������� 45 degrees at Datia
and Nowgaon
� ��������������������������
�������������� � ��������������������������
�� �������������������� says lockdown restrictions
����� ������������������ have confined the labour-
������ �������������������� ing classes to their
��������������������������� homes. They are not get-
Survival has become a ma- ��������������������������� ting work and even if
jor issue for labourers in ��������������������� they get, they face diffi-
Madhya Pradesh amid the culties in reaching the ������������������� ������ ��������
second wave of Covid-19. place of work due to ������
The labourers are facing a lockdown. Police harass ���������
much more serious epidem-
ic than the one caused by
�� ����������������
them on the way.
According to him, some
It was Fri(y)day in Mad-
hya Pradesh as heat wave-
the coronavirus. It is an epi- of the migrant labourers like conditions lashed
demic that is threatening who had returned to their many parts of state spe- ��������� ����
their very survival. The homes during the last lock- cially the northern parts, ����� ����
lockdown (Janta Curfew) down had gone back to Maha- as the mercury continued
������������������������� ������ ����
has hit their livelihoods rashtra, Gujarat and other to soar
hard. Economic activities states for securing work. “But Datia and Nowgaon �������� ����
have come to a stop and that ���������������� even they are coming back recorded 45 degree Celsius
has led to a scarcity of ������������������� and they have nothing to do in each which was highest in ������ ����
work. Prices of essential ������������������ their villages,” he says. the state. Datia, Bhind, ������ ����
items have shot through the The returnees from other Morena districts are worst

roof. ��������������������� states are also being forced affected by the heat wave. �������� ����
Covid-19 is more wide- �������������������� cards. She also says that ru- to remain quarantined for Light rain is likely in In- ����� ����
spread in the rural and trib- ��������������������������� mours about the Covid-19 15 days. But the quarantine dore, Rewa and Shahdol
��������������������������� ������� ����
al areas this time than last vaccines have made the ru- centres are in a poor state divisions in next 24 hours.
year. Healthcare system is �������������������������� ral residents, especially the lacking even in basic ameni- Besides, the scorching ����� ����
almost non-existent, says ������������������ uneducated ones, extremely ties. “The labourers say that heat paralysed normal life
Madhuri Krishnaswami, ���������� hesitant to get inoculated. they lost their jobs, faced in state capital. In the af- while it recorded a mini-
who has been working in �������� According to the rumours problems in returning, were ternoon, most of the roads mum temperature of 24.1
tribal areas of the state for ������������������ Covid may or may not kill quarantined for 14 days af- wore a deserted look be- degree Celsius.
more than two decades. ����������������������� them but vaccines definite- ter their return and now cause of the extreme heat. Damoh recorded 44.0 de-
She says people have to ly would, Sharma says. they have neither work nor People preferred to stay gree Celsius while Umaria
travel for miles to reach Satyam, programme man- money,” Ramnaresh says. home seeking protection recorded 43.9 degree Cel-
PHCs (Primary Health Cen- families are not starving ager, Bachpan NIWCYD, reverse migration is going slum clusters used to work Bhikam Singh Tomar, from Covid as well as the sius. Khajuraho recorded
tres), only to find that there but if the situation contin- Bhopal, says that during unnoticed,” he says. as domestic servants. How- who works in the rural ar- heat wave. 44.4 degree Celsius day
are no doctors there. Ac- ues like this, people would the last lockdown, media fo- The condition of labour- ever, their employers are eas of Morena district, Bhopal recorded maxi- temperature.
cording to her, livelihood have to sleep on empty cus on migrant labourers ers in the urban areas is not allowing them to come says that the labourers mum of 41.3 degree Cel- Meteorological depart-
has become a bigger worry stomachs,” she says. walking on highways for equally bad. The rights of to their homes for fear of have no work. Many of sius which was marginal ment has issue advisory
for the manual labourers According to her the con- hundreds of miles to reach factory workers have al- the virus and they, too, are them also do not have ra- above normal while it for protection from heat
than the disease. dition of households head- their homes had forced the ready been curtailed in the wary of leaving their tion cards and thus cannot recorded minimum of 22.2 wave. As per advisory, peo-
State coordinator, The ed by women is worse. governments to do some- name of ‘labour reforms’. homes. Lack of public access the subsidised or degree Celsius which was ple have been advised to
Hunger Project, Shibani Though foodgrains are be- thing for them. “Migration The workers in the unor- transport is also coming in free foodgrains being sup- 2.2 degree Celsius below cover their head region
Sharma, says that the ing provided for free is happening again. But ganised sector don’t have their way, Satyam says. plied by the government. normal. and avoid moving in sun,
labourers are not getting through the PDS but there this time the labourers are work due to the stoppage of Secretary of Rewanchal They are facing problems Indore recorded 40.6 de- wear light coloured dress-
work under the MGNRE- are a large number of peo- returning to their villages economic activities. A large Dalit Adivasi Sansthan in arranging food for their gree Celsius which was es and increase water -in-
GA. “Currently, the labour ple who do not have ration by trains and buses and this number of women living in Samiti, Rewa, Ramnaresh families, he says. marginal above normal take.

Manav Sangrahalaya
website now has CII E organises e-summit on Covid test mandatory
‘Karapat’ on display for counting agents
Multi-Modal Logistics Park Damoh
It’s a traditional the same. bypoll: technic College in Damoh,
entrance gate at
Director of the museum
Praveen Kumar Mishra says
������������� for Madhya Pradesh’. The
summit aimed at bringing
tire country. He also
stressed that development
tives taken by the central
and state governments, Counting from 8
where candidates and
their counting agents can
Vaishnava Monastery “Although those structures ��������������� different stakeholders of of MMLPs would also sup- Tarun Pithode, managing get tested for the coron-
of the 15th or 16th centuries the sector onto a common port generation of addi- director, Madhya Pradesh am on May 2 avirus.
in Majuli, Assam have transformed into con- ������������� platform and deliberate tional employment and of- Warehousing and Logis- The returning officer
crete structures, one can
still find the elements of
������������������ upon the opportunities
and challenges for setting
fer additional opportuni-
ties for the youths in the
tics Corporation, assured
the potential investors par-
held a meeting with the po-
litical representatives and
these ancient but massive ��������������� up a Multi-Modal Logistics state. ticipating in the summit informed them about the
Karapat, a traditional en- wooden structures of pillars Park in Madhya Pradesh. Ahmed Kidwai, IAS, prin- that the MPWLC would Returning officer, Damoh, corona guidelines issued
trance gate at Vaishnava existing in the Namghar of Addressing the Inaugu- cipal secretary, department provide all possible sup- Rakesh Singh Markam has by the Election Commis-
Monastery in Majuli, Assam, Majuli Satras today.” ������������������ ral session, Sanjay Shukla, of food civil supplies, port to all the stakeholders said that the Covid test is sion.
is on display under the on- Naamasingha (the lion ������ principal secretary, de- stressed the need to devel- and urged them to come mandatory for all political He said that no victory
line exhibition -46 on the offi- figure) is main attraction of partment of industries, op MMLPs in order to re- forward and explore initia- agents and candidates en- procession would be al-
cial website and social media the Karapat and a symbol of CII-Madhya Pradesh, in emphasised that develop- alise the state’s enormous tives which could be joint- gaged in the process of lowed after the counting.
pages of Indira Gandhi partnership with the Mad- ing MMLPs in Madhya economic potential. “By ly taken up with the state counting for the Damoh Only two people, in-
Rashtriya Manav San- hya Pradesh Warehousing Pradesh was the need of providing a variety of serv- government. bypoll. cluding the candidate,
grahalaya (IGRMS), and Logistics Corporation the hour—especially con- ices in a single location, Saurabh Sangla, chair- Candidates and agents would be allowed to col-
Bhopal. (MPWLC) and JLL India, sidering the strategic geo- MMLPs enable firms to man, CII-Madhya Pradesh, who have got both doses of lect the election certifi-
The exhibit is situat- organised an ‘E-summit on graphical location of the produce more and deliver Kushagra Toshniwal, corona vaccine should cate after the counting,
ed in the open air exhi- Multi-Modal Logistics state—which offers it an faster to customers, help- chairman, CII-Malwa, and present their vaccination he added.
bition of the museum. Park (MMLP)’, on the inherent advantage to be ing organisations to save Mihir Merchant, vice- certificates. A special Counting will start at 8
A prototype of the mag- theme, ‘Emerging Focus in developed as a National their resources,” he said. chairman, CII-Bhopal, also camp is also being organ- am at the Polytechnic Col-
nificent gate from the Logistics Infrastructure Logistics Hub for the en- Highlighting the initia- addressed the summit. ised on May 1 at the Poly- lege in Damoh.
Kamlabari Satra was estab- the Vaishnava culture of
lished on the museum’s the Satras of Assam.
premises in 2019.
The gate that stands at the
entrance of Satra-a Vaish-
He further says Karapat is
not merely an architectural
form of a gate in the Vaish- Waive loans instead of Now, you can grow
deferment: Kamal Nath your own oxygen
nava Monastery, associated nava Monastery; it carries
with the Vaishnava concept meaningful expressions of
of Bhakti (devotion). Some human creativity evolved
Karapats are attractively with an institutionalised
painted, while some other set up of the socio-cultural ������������ that we should not only

BJP refutes Nath’s claims

Karapats appears to have life of the people who plant more saplings, but
been painted with a single preach neo-Vaishnavism in ��������������� also use methi, turmeric,
colour. Karapat from one this river-island Assam. Al- black pepper, jeera, jaiphal,
Satra to the other may though the symbols used in of providing 3 O2 tankers ������������ honey, ginger, mulethi and
structurally differ in terms
of their architectural pat-
the Satra institution are re-
ligiously ordained, it dis- BJP organisational secretary Rahul Kothari has refut-
����������� daalcheeni to boost our im-
terns, but the core meaning seminates a disciplined so- ed the claim of former CM Kamal Nath that he helped ����������� Anubhuti Trivedi said
of the use of Karapat as a cial life, harmony, and in- in providing three oxygen tankers to the state govern- that indiscriminate felling
devotional entity remains tegrity, Mishra adds. ������������������ ment. He said that the order for the three cryogenic ������������ of trees is polluting the at-
������� tankers was given by a company from Pithampur in mosphere which is a matter
July 2020. These tankers were to be delivered in 12-16 ������������������ of great concern. Urvi
Kamal Patel inspects Reacting to Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s
weeks’ time. The copy of this order was now in the pub-
lic domain, he said.
������ Mazumdar said that inhal-
ing steam can protect us
corona-care centre interaction with farmers,
Congress state chief Ka-
Kothari said that the Congress should refrain from ly-
ing and come out to help the people in times of crisis.
Growing some specific
plants and consuming cer-
from Covid-19.
Children’s writer Arvind
Betul: Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel reviewed the mal Nath has said that the tain edible items can help Sharma said that construc-
arrangements for dealing with the second wave of the co- government should take us boost our immunity and tion of concrete roads in-
rona pandemic on Wednesday. Patel is the in charge min- immediate steps to provide ernment should remove a time when the farmers enrich the atmosphere with hibits the capacity of the
ister of the district to deal with the situation arising out reprieve to the farmers. the time bar for buying are facing multiple chal- oxygen. earth to absorb water and
of Covid-19. He halted for a while at Chichauli and in- Nath urged the chief wheat from farmers,” said lenges, they should be giv- These suggestions were thus affects the replenish-
spected the corona-care centre at Jaistambh Chowk. A minister to waive loans of Nath. en more relief and, instead made at an online seminar money plant produce oxy- ment of groundwater.
girls’ hostel has been converted into the Corona Care Cen- farmers instead of defer- The last date for repaying of extending the date for on ‘Pranvayu (Oxygen)’ on gen and help enrich the at- Mala Gautam, Shyam
tre. He took feedback on the patients who are undergoing ring them for a month. “In- farmers’ loans has been ex- payment of loans, their Friday. Chief guest Vrik- mosphere with the life-giv- Sundar Shrivastava, Raja
treatment there. He directed the officials not to allow any- stead of promising to buy tended from April 30 to loans should be waived sha Mitra Sunil Dubey said ing gas. Chaurasia and Ashwini Ku-
one without proper checking and to identify patients by every grain from farmers May 31. This is nothing completely, said the Con- that such trees as Peepul, Asha Shrivastawa mar Pathak recited their
visiting each home and treat them. and extending dates, gov- less than a joke, he said. At gress chief. Neem, Tulsi, Banyan and chaired the event. She said poems about oxygen.

With or without Sarthak App, admin Thrice extended,

curfew takes its toll

closely monitoring private hospitals

on household rations
� Most of the stores
The curfew in Bhopal has which have been
MORE APATHY AT HAMIDIA HOSPITAL been extended thrice and,
now, it has been over 20 granted permission
TB patient with oxygen cylinder runs days since shops were last
opened. The stock of ra-
for home delivery
are serving only
from pillar to post to get Covid-tested
tions and other edibles in
households are getting de-
pleted and, due to only high-value orders
home delivery available,
and that, too, in select ar-
and small orders are
eas, the residents are scep- not being accepted
Bhagwandas, a TB pa- tical.
tient, is moving from pil-
lar to post—with oxygen
Most of the stores which
have been granted permis-
� Residents who
support—for Covid test- sion for home delivery are are beneficiaries of
ing. But, unfortunately, no
doctor has come forward
serving only high-value or-
ders and small orders are free rations for the
to help him till now. Bhag- not being accepted. Also, poor as announced
wandas was sent to the rates of rations and
Hamidia Hospital for other items are rising. by the chief
Covid testing, but no one
in the hospital enter-
Residents who have their
contacts with ration shops
minister say they
tained him. For hours, he are reaching the shops and are getting less
waited there to get tested buying groceries for a few
for Covid. hours in the morning. The than their need
He kept moving from one Sanchi parlours are also
counter to another count- selling some grocery Mansoori, a resident of
er on the hospital campus items. Residents who are Chhwani, says the shops
Students in queue for testing in Hamidia Hospital on Friday weighed down by his oxy- beneficiaries of free ra- should be allowed to open
gen cylinder. There were tions for the poor as an- for at least a few hours and
OUR STAFF REPORTER many employees—from nounced by the chief min- there should be social dis-
THREE CATEGORIES the paramedical staff to ister say they are getting tancing norms in place at

The administration is
closely monitoring the pri-
T here are three categories of private hospitals. Cate-
gory A consists of those hospitals that have over 100
beds for Covid treatment. Category B is those hospitals
the security guards—
working at Hamidia, but
no one lifted a finger to
less than their need.
Rattan Soni, a resident of
Bawadia Kalan, says he
the markets. He says the
rates of all the items have
risen due to the curfew
vate hospitals treating which have fewer than 100 and more than 50 beds and help Bhagwandas. bought some extra rations and, if shopkeepers get
Covid patients. Without Category C is those hospitals which have fewer than 50 This only goes to show when the corona curfew more business, they will
oxygen cylinders, how beds for Covid patients. the indifferent attitude of was announced, but the ad- also reduce the rates of the
long will the private hospi- Hamidia Hospital towards ministration has extended items.
tals be able to treat Covid poor patients. Earlier, a the curfew three times
patients? So, ultimately,
130 PRIVATE HOSPITALS nurse working with already. "Now, I'm left
even after working with-
out registration with the
Sarthak App, they have to
ithout oxygen, how long will the private hospi-
be able to treat Covid patients? Ultimately,
they have to approach the district administra-
Hamidia Hospital had to
face the indifferent and
apathetic attitude of the
with very little rations
and, as we're not receiv-
ing salary, as well, it's
approach the district ad- tion for oxygen cylinders. New private hos- paramedical staff and se- hard to place high-value
ministration for oxygen. pitals have begun Covid treatment, but, curity guards even after orders with stores, such
There are many hospitals when they need oxygen, they automatical- the death of her husband. as D-mart or Ondoor," he
which are treating Covid ly come to us for the cylinders. So, even if Such incidents keep re- says.
patients, but are not regis- they’re not registered with the Sarthak peating themselves here at Virendra Kurrey, a res-
tered with the Sarthak App, after getting the oxygen cylinders, they Hamidia Hospital, but ‘DIFFICULT TO MOVE AROUND’ ident of Kokta, says they
App, so, the administra- get registered with the App. Currently, there are 130 pri- there does not seem to be ‘I’m a TB patient and on oxygen support. The TB Hos- are getting only 5 kilo-
tion cannot assess how vate hospitals treating Covid patients’ any improvement in the pital administration advised me to come to Hamidia grams of wheat and rice
much oxygen is needed. � Joint collector Rajesh Gupta lackadaisical situation Hospital, so I came here with my oxygen cylinder to get a month. "We're trying to
But the administration even after an assurance tested for Covid. But, unfortunately, no doctor came manage our family of
says that, once the private from the Hamidia Hospi- forward to take samples. I can’t move about here and four members on this,
hospitals contact them for Sarthak App. pitals come to the notice of tal administration that a there as I’m on oxygen support’ but there's still need for
oxygen cylinders, they au- So, even after not getting the administration when probe would be ordered in � Bhagwandas, who is a victim of the government hospital system other groceries for which
tomatically get themselves registered with the they approach them for such matters. we need to go to the mar-
registered with the Sarthak App, private hos- oxygen cylinders. ket," he says. Shahwar

Vaccination drive for above 18 yrs

may be put off till after May 10
BHOPAL Government to launch the campaign
A decision on the scheme for inoculat-
ing people above 18 years will be taken after all arrangements for it are made
after May 10. The campaign, sched-
uled for May 1, has been put off be- ly under control. fied. The government is opposed to
cause of a lack of vaccine. The gov- For that reason, the government may taking a hasty decision on such an im-
ernment has decided that the people delay the vaccination campaign, for a portant matter. It wants that the sec-
above 18 years will be vaccinated only while. ond wave of the corona pandemic
after enough quantity of vaccines is Chief Minister Shivraj Singh should be controlled.
available. Apart from that, the other Chouhan, at a review meeting on After that, it will launch the drive for
reason for putting off the drive is the Thursday, directed the officials that inoculating people above 18 years with
corona curfew which has kept the peo- the hospitals, where the corona pa- full force in the coming months. The
ple indoors. tients are admitted, should not be vaccines arriving in the state after
If the drive begins, people from made vaccination centres. Therefore, May 5 will be stored. The government
above 18 to 45 years will be out of their open spaces, schools, and government plans to launch the drive only after the
homes. That is bound to raise the buildings—which can be turned into arrival of vaccines from the Centre as
number of cases, which is now slight- inoculation centres—are being identi- well as from the Serum Institute.


Despite work amidst corona threat,

admin penalises for overcrowding
More than 46 bank employees have died of
Bank employees are facing a
corona, so far, and about 3,400 are infected
unique situation. On the
one hand, they are working DIST ADMIN RAIDS SLBC OFFICE, when every second family is
amid the corona threat dis- coping with the corona
bursing money, while, on
SLBC CONVENER TO TALK TO GOVT virus, they need money the
the other hand, the district
administration is penalis-
ing them for overcrowding
A team of the district officials raided the zonal office
of the Central Bank of India at Arera Hills on Fri-
day. The district officials charged them with violating
most. Online transactions
have their limitations, so,
banks have to operate prop-
and not following Covid the Covid guidelines. The office of the State-Level erly, he added.
norms—a condition they Bankers’ Committee (SLBC) is also located in the same The police and adminis-
are not equipped to deal building. tration should also know
with. The district official entered the office, closed the gate that even the bank employ-
In the past one week, dis- and asked for the attendance register of the office. ees are putting their lives at
trict officials have taken ac- “This office was violating the government order. The risk. More than 46 bank em-
tion against two banks—in- state government has issued instructions that only ployees have died of corona,
cluding Canara Bank and 10% of the staff members should be called to office for so far, and about 3,400 are in-
Bank of India—in Bhopal work, whereas, here, the office was working with al- fected, said another bank of-
for violating the standard most full attendance,” said the official. ficial.
operating procedures The district official was about to levy penalty on the The All-India Bank Em-
(SOPs) prescribed for Covid- office, but left with a warning as the SLBC office is ployees’ Association had
19. counted among the high-profile offices. written and suggested that
“I give a damn for crowds. Convener of the SLBC SD Mahurkar said that 581 only hub banking should be
My father has been admit- branch offices were administered from the said build- allowed, under which area-
ted to a hospital and I need ing. “The situation is grim. I’ll write to senior govern- wise bank branches should
cash immediately,” said Ro- ment officials about it,” he added. Some bank officials be opened and not all.
han (name changed), who said that, considering the closing operations of the fi- A bank official also said
stood in queue in a bank in nancial year in the month of March, such acts of the that the state government
the Old City. administration could have been avoided. was transfering money in
A bank official seeking the bank accounts of farm-
anonymity said that they more on the bank’s core challenging situation. They ers, vendors and other bene-
did not have the guards or business—cash transac- should control the crowds ficiaries to help the poor. All
other security officials in tions and so forth—and it is and let the bank employees these people are flocking to
enough numbers to control impossible for them to con- discharge their duties,” said the banks to take out their
the crowds outside the trol the crowds. Nazir Qureshi, vice-presi- money. Why should only the
bank. Moreover, bank em- “The district administra- dent of the All-India Bank banks be held accountable
ployees, while discharging tion and police should come Employees’ Association. for violating norms?
their duties, concentrate forward to help us in this During stressed times, quipped an employee.
� �������� FREE PRESS
�������������� ������� � �������������

90-year-old woman defeats corona Barwani admin turns a blind eye to

buses coming from Maharashtra
��������������� rate of corona patients has
improved at Covid Care
Chaudhary along with Dr
Hemant Patil, Dr Deepak Barwani: The district sneaking in the state day ing heavy amount their
�������������� Centre (CCC) in Khetia,
said an official.
Chopra, Dr Satish Patel and
Sadbhawana Samuh also do-
administration seems to
care hoots about the
in and day out.
These bus operators
life remains at risk as the
drivers get on the bus in
���������� Grandsons of recovered 90- nated in kind to the CCC. Chief Minister Shivraj are fleecing passengers. an inebriated condition.
year-old women donated in Block medical officer Dr Singh Chouhan’s order The travellers are also An passenger bus had
��������������� kind to the CCC. Five oxygen Arvind Kirade and CCC in- which banned entry of inconvenienced due to to stop near Rajpur re-
������ concentrator machines pro- charge Dr Aman Modi were buses from Maharashtra overloading. They are cently after developing
vided by administration and present. President of Jour- into Madhya Pradesh. made to shell out huge technical snag due to
A 90-year-old woman was donations of locals are prov- nalists Association Rajesh The district adminis- money even for their lug- overloading. The SDM
discharged from Covid ing to be helpful for the pa- Nahar thanked collector tration remains a mute gage. and SDOP reached the
Care Centre, Khetia on tients. Doctor’s Association Shivraj Singh Verma for spectator as overloaded Some passengers com- spot but did not take any
Thursday. The recovery President Dr Radheshyam starting CCC in Khetia. buses from Maharashtra plained that despite pay- action.

News in Brief
�������������������������� 3,346
������������ such unit will be stopped
in Khetia
���������������������� ������������ (6) Those found moving on ������
���������������� ������������������ ���������� the roads without any
purpose will have to give Amid spike in corona
Ratlam: A total of 1,41,805 persons have been vacci-
����������������� covid-19 test sample cases during the second
��������������� nated against Covid-19 from Jan 16 to April 29 in the dis-
����������������� mandatorily. wave of pandemic, the
������ trict. Ratlam city recorded highest number of vacci-
���������� (7) RT-PCR report will be Schedule Cast Service
nation while Bajna tribal belt recorded lowest amongst
������������ necessary to be carried Cooperative Society is
4-trolley wood donated District administration all development blocks in the district.
� ���������������� by the persons engaged in procuring wheat with-
to Mukti Dham on Friday issued new
guidelines to be followed
Under the drive 121,881 people received first dose and
19,924 persons received second dose. A total of 56,657
the services like electri-
cian, plumber, carpenter
out any break in Khetia.
The manager among
������������������������������������������������� in the corona curfew cur- people above 60 received vaccines including 48,283 who
� ����������������� or other similar services. other workers of the co-
����������������������������������������������������� tailing activities hours of received first dose and 8,374 who got second dose.
�������������������������� (8) Except above other re- operative society have
����������������������������������������������������� some of the services and In the above 45 category 58,074 received the first
�������������� strictions and exemp- contracted corona and
��������������������������������������������� making mandatory RT- dose while 1,640 received the second dose (Total
� ������������������� tions will continue to re- are under treatment.
����������������� PCR tests for the persons 59,714). Health care workers were administered 12,458
������������������������� main in force. But staff including
rendering home delivery doses and FLWs got 12,976 doses. In Ratlam 65,833
������������� Avinash Savarde, Pra-
services. people received vaccines including 54,786 first doses
� ������������������ ��������� teek Shukla, Kishore
Industrial workers will and 11,047 getting second doses. In Bajna only 6,380
������������������������� Khairnar are carrying
Nodal officers appointed have to obtain pass from vaccinations were administered in two phases: 5,507
������������� On Friday, cops penalised out the procurement
to contain pandemic concerning SDM with ef- doses in first phase and 873 second dose.
� ������������������ 198 persons and initiated work. Since March 27
fect from May 1. Working at
��������������������������� proceedings against 164 Krishi Upaj Mandi
������������������������������������������ ������������������
the industrial unit will be
stopped if any one of the
���������� be opened 24 hours
(2) Vegetable and fruit ven-
persons under the Motor
Vehicle Act for violating co-
Samiti Khetia has pur-
chased 3,346 quintals of
����������������������������������������������������� workers is found Covid pos- (1) All Medical and dors will be allowed to ees and workers will rona curfew guidelines. Be- wheat from 81 farmers
����������������������������������������������������������� itive. Ayurvedic shops will re- move on roads from have to obtain pass from sides, 67 persons were ar- at the support price.
������������������������������������������������ District administration main open from 10 am to 8AM to 1 PM SDM office with effect rested and were sent in the Payment has been made
������������������������������������� ������������ on Thursday appealed to 4 pm. However, such (3) Grocery shops will be al- from May 1 temporary Jail and 16 to 51 farmers and 2,760
����������������������������������������������������� the people to strictly follow shops near Government lowed to provide only (5) If any of the worker or traders were booked under quintals of procured
���������������������������������������������� the guidelines of the coro- hospital and private hos- home delivery employee of any indus- Section 188 IPC on the wheat has been trans-
������������������������������������������������� na curfew else strict ac- pital in the vicinity of 100 (4) Industrial units will re- trial unit tests Covid-19 charge of violating guide- ported.
������������������������������������������������ tions will be taken. meters will be allowed to main open, but employ- positive then working of lines of the corona curfew.
���������������� Jaora hospital gets 40 jumbo oxygen cylinders
������������������������������ ������������ ���������������
added. Pandey also said
that an oxygen plant will be
with the Covid patients at
the hospital on Thursday.
Locals donating wood for ������������� set-up by May 25.
Locals donate
Forty jumbo oxygen cylin-
cremation in Khetia ��������������� ders were sent from from Remdesivir Rs 65 lakhs
�������� Ratlam to Government Hos-
������������������������������������������������������ pital in Jaora on Thursday.
availability The locals in Jaora have do-
��������������������� ������������������������� Cremation of people dying Ten oxygen concentrator MLA said that administra- nated Rs 65 lakh for the treat-
���������������������������������������������� due to Covid-19 will now be machines in the hospital tion hasn’t received any ment of corona patients.
������������� held separately in Mand- will suffice for 50-60 pa- Remdesivir injection in last MLA Pandey, Shailendra
saur. Annakshetra Trust tients at the hospital for at 5 days. Efforts are on to pro- Pandey and Pranjal Pandey
Committee has decided least 2-3 days, said an offi- cure the same, he claimed. If donated Rs 5 lakh for corona
Locals organise yagna that funeral procession of
people who had died of co-
IPCA laboratory has been
week to the hospital at the
behest of MLA Dr Rajendra
to the list of Covid Care
Centres which require
the situation persists pa-
tients will have to be re-
patients, in memory of Dr
Laxminarayan Pandey and

for welfare of people rona will now have to enter

the Muktidham via the
Alawada Khedi Road.
authorised to supply 20 oxy-
gen concentrator machines
worth Rs 20 lakh within a
Pandey said, on Wednes-
day, Jaora has been added
emergency facilities. They
have demanded for 50 oxy-
gen cylinders per day, he
ferred to Ratlam Medical
College in case of emer-
gency. He also interacted
Chandravali Pandey. Locals
are also donating in kind for
corona patients.
Everyday around 20 cre-
mations are being done at
the Mandsaur’s Muktid-
ham. A social worker Anil
Talera has donated Rs Khargone gets 387 oxygen cylinders 21 patients shifted
to Dronacharya
51,000 to ATC for sourcing
wood for cremations- in ���������������
Covid Care Centre
the memory of his late �������� ���������������
mother Snehlata Talera. ���������������� �����
ATC’s president Shanti- The onset of second wave
��������������� health before returning to lal Badjatya, vice presi- of corona found the ad- �������������������� Twenty-one patients with
�������� their homes in the evening. dent Sunil Bansal, secre- ministration off guard so District administration low Covid symptoms have
Mahidpur logs 26 tary Jawaharlal Jain, much so that even after 14 appointed various offi- been shifted from the dis-
Locals in Bhimakheda vil- treasurer Rajesh Dosi and months since the first cials on Thursday to en- trict hospital to
lage near Mahidpur organ- C+ cases trustee Narendra Aggar- wave it was caught nap- sure smooth supply of Dronacharya Covid Care
ised a Yagna and wor- Mahidpur: As per the wal said that the commit- ping in terms of ensuring oxygen in the District Hos- Centre (CCC) on Thursday.
shipped Lord Hanuman for health bulletin released on tee has decided not to supply of medicines and pitals, Community Health Incharge of Dronacharya
the welfare of people Thursday, Mahidpur district charge for the wood for oxygen. Centres and private hospi- Centre Dr Anil Vijay-
around the world. Youth registered 26 corona positive the last rites at Muktid- Units in Pithampur-In- tals in the district. As per vargiya said that from
leader of Lokesh Anderiya cases: 2 from town and 24 ham in the wake of pan- dore and Sanwer are sup- orders issued by collector Wednesday yoga sessions
said villagers left their from rural areas. The town’s demic. They have decided plying oxygen to health Anugraha P general man- were started for patients.
homes for the Yajna. Ya- tally reached 176 cases till to charge for wood only if care facilities in Khar- ager of District Trade and He said that the centre is
gnacharya Sunil Sharma date. The increase in the the kin of the deceased of- gone. Industry Centre, SS Mand- run under the aegis of Mad-
performed the ceremonial number of corona positive fer it voluntarily. Hailing Naib Tehsildar Rahul Hospital, from midnight Hospital Khargone, 18 to loi, naib tehsildar Rahul havrao Scindia Health Serv-
rituals. The entire village cases is a consequence of this decision many people Dawar, who is deputed to on Wednesday night to 6 three private hospitals in Dawar, Rahul Solanki, Kr- ice Mission at Pawan Shri
was showered with the holy negligence of corona guide- from across the city have manage supply of oxygen, am on Thursday. Among Sanawad, 23 to Gurjar ishna Patel and Dayaram Manglik Bhawan. It has en-
water after the Maha Aarti. lines by the village residents come forward with dona- said 387 oxygen cylinders these, 80 cylinders were Hospital in Sanawad and 9 Awasya will ensure supply tertainment facilities like
All the residents prayed for in weddings and other cere- tion in cash and kind. were sent to health facili- sent to private hospitals: to Suyash Hospital in of oxygen cylinders from indoor games for patients.
world peace and good monies, claimed a official. ties including the District 30 cylinders to Subhishi Mandleshwar. Pithampur, Indore. As the health care facili-
ties were found severely lim-
ited during the second wave

These siblings are supplying oxygen for free for 50 years

of corona, a 100-bed CCC
was set up in Guna by Rajya
Sabha member Jyotiraditya
Scindia with the support of
panchayat and rural devel-

Traders share 25
��������������� opment minister Mahendra
����� Mushtaq, Rashid donate 25 Singh Sisodia. Patients with
jumbo cylinders for corona common symptoms of
The surge in corona cases
has exposed the arrange- patients, locals join the intiative empty-cylinders for Covid Covid-19 are being admitted
to this centre. In case of mild
ments at health facilities
across the country. Even as
people are running from
patients in Bhikangaon cold, cough or fever, people
can be admitted to this cen-
tre after getting tested for
pillar to post to arrange �������������������������������������������������������� Covid-19.
oxygen for their kith and �����������������������������������������������������
kin, good Samaritans Salu- ������������� PANCHANG 1.5.2021
ja brothers are supplying Due to a technical fault plant and shared a live �������������������� (UTTARAYAN)
oxygen to the needy for the tanker carrying the video on Facebook at ����������������� ��������� �����������
free. oxygen cylinder, reached around three o'clock to �������������������� ����� ����������������������������������������
In the wee hours of the plant at around 4 am. showcase the work of Salu- ������������������ ��������� ���������������������������������
Wednesday 200 needy got Tehsildar Ashish Khare jas. Manidar and Manjeet �������������� ���� �����������������������������
free refill for their oxygen was present on behalf of are industrialists. They Sanawad: On Friday eagerly waiting for these ������������������� ����� ������������������������������

cylinders from a tanker administration. Manin- said that they have been Samaritans of Sanawad oxygen cylinders. Their ������������������� ���� ��������������������������������������

provided by Saluja broth- dar and Manjeet left the providing free oxygen Mushtaq Malik and eyes welled up at the ����������������� ���������� ��

ers. plant only after refilling cylinders to the sick people Rashid Chouhan donated sight of the vehicle carry- �������������������� � �
����� ��
Meet siblings, Manindar the oxygen cylinders for for almost 50 years. 25 jumbo oxygen cylin- ing oxygen cylinders. ������������������� ����
�������� ��������

Saluja and Manjeet Saluja, 200 people. They credited their father ders to the serious Covid The kin of patients ex- �������������������������������������������������������
who are playing an impor- However, there is more to Harbhajan Singh Saluja as patients. pressed their gratitude to ��������������������������������������������������� � ��
tant role in providing free the story than meets the eye the source of inspiration Chouhan collected 25 Malik and Chouhan. ����������������������������������������������������������
oxygen cylinders and bene- as one Kamal Gokhale, is behind their cause. jumbo cylinders and Malik and Chouhan ���������������� ����������������������������������������� � ����
fitting people of rural areas running the whole show They also provide free handed them to Mushtaq said that they feel very ����������������������� ������������������������������������ � �

of Mandsaur, Barnagar, from behind the curtains. coal and other materials to who bore the cost of their relaxed after doing this ������������������������������������������������������ �

Jaora, Ujjain and Disowning any credit or ac- the organisers of mass refilling from Pithampur- noble deed in the holy �����������������������������������������
Neemuch. colade for the work he feasts in the city. Manindar based oxygen plant. month of the Ramzan. � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � � � � � �
On Wednesday at around keeps hopping between Gu- informed that Oxygen These 25 cylinders ar- They said that they will RUNNING CLASSIFIED
11 pm, 200 people were wait- jarat or Maharashtra or worth Rs 6.15 lakhs was dis- rived at Sanawad on Fri- continue to provide oxy- refilling the cylinders. tients, Mahesh Prajapat,
ing for their turn to get oxy- Orissa to get oxygen tributed in a single hour. day morning. On Khand- gen cylinders free of Dr Jairam Choudhary, Kamlesh Patel, Shivkaran 50/- SQ.CM. B/W.
15 DAY 1000/-
30 DAY 1500/-
gen cylinders refilled at tankers for Saluja brothers. Moved by the initiative of wa road the kin of seri- cost till the pandemic Rashid Zoya, Wasim Khan Shah and others thanked 75/- SQ.CM.
Mandeep Industries plant A person from Unhel the duo many locals have ous Corona patients were gets over. and others have made con- Malik and Chouhan for pro-
in Bhagatpuri. reached the Bhagatpuri forward with donations for tributions. Kin of Covid pa- viding oxygen cylinders.
FREE PRESS CALL- 9425082195
12 shops sealed for violating curfew
HOSHANGABAD: The district administration has sealed twelve shops in Hoshangabad
and Itarsi that remained open despite lockdown. The shops at Jai Stambh square,
Radhakrishna Market, Amar Square, Old Vegetable market and Line area were violating the
curfew laws. The drive was led by the joint teams of revenue, police and civic body.


patients to be
desk is being run on the
jay Singh, is working
round the clock.
vaccination, fever clinic
and other things. Offi-


KHURAI: Collector premises of the district It is helping the patients cials of the education,
Deepak Singh, along with hospital. The desk, visiting the district hospi- fisheries and labour de-
superintendent of police formed following instruc- tal and informing them partments are working
Atul Singh, held a meeting tions of collector Dhanan- about medical facilities, shift-wise.
to review the arrangements
MOVE AROUND other. People’s representa-
tives have appealed to the
tory is located in Maheba
which was also confiscated. made for stopping the
CITY WITHOUT citizens to cooperate with When former minister
Wedding stopped
FIR registered
corona pandemic. In Khurai,
there is a 100-bed hospital.
MASKS; DISEASE the administration to arrest
the virus.
and BJP state unit’s secre-
tary Lalita Yadav spoke to A wedding ceremony was
Out of beds reserved for
the corona patients, 25 are
SPREADING FAST Sub-divisional officer of
police, Kamal Kumar Jain,
Chief Minister Shivraj
Singh Chouhan and to par-
recently being held in a com-
munity hall in Maharajpur,
oxygen-supported. The
collector asked the officials
FP NEWS SERVICE Tehsildar Piyush Dixit and ty’s state unit president VD violating the corona curfew to increase the number of
Chhatarpur town inspector Sanjay Be- Sharma about the shortage rules. When the police sta- beds for corona patients
dia have begun to move oxygen, Sharma sent an tion in charge Jedboy Khan from 50 to 80.
Many in the district are not around the city in the morn- oxygen container consist- came to know about it, he in-
following the corona proto- ing. ing of 8.50MT oxygen to the formed the higher-ups in the RCS donates
cols. This has led to a rise in They repeatedly ask the district. department. hearse
number of cases. residents to remain indoors She spoke to Sharma and Immediately after that, the Rajgarh: The Red Cross
The administration has and the shopkeepers to put Chouhan following sugges- top officials asked Khan to Society (RCS) has donated a
imposed corona curfew to down their shutters. tion by the collector. form a team and rush to the hearse van to help the
break the chain of the They advise the people to 12 cartons sport to stop the function. citizens. There is an acute
virus, but few remain in- return home and to follow Many people were there at shortage of hearse in the
doors. the corona curfew rules. liquor seized the wedding. On reaching city because of rising
Many people have given a Chemical factory to There is a ban on the sale the spot the police team reg- number of deaths from the
wide berth to wearing restart to supply oxygen of liquor because of the co- istered an FIR against those corona virus. The issue was
masks and using sanitiser. rona curfew. Despite that, it who were involved in organ- raised before president of
Most of the shops in The chemical factory is selling in many places in ising the ceremony. Red Cross Society and
Chhatarpur city remain which was closed will soon the city. The police have Khan told Free Press that a collector Neeraj Kumar
crowded in the morning, in- reopen so that there should seized 12 cartons of liquor wedding ceremony was go- Singh. The RCS, on the
creasing the spread of the not be any shortage of oxy- near Soura road in the city. ing on in the hall and many suggestion of Singh, donated
virus from one person to an- gen in the district. The fac- The liquor was kept in a car people had gathered there. a hearse van which would
provide round-the-clock

CMO loves to dare the devil called ‘Corona’

services free of cost during
the corona pandemic. The
RCS will also issue toll-free
Sandip Shrivastava is one such officer.
He has swung into action
2, 200 people including shop-
keepers for violating the co-
number, so that the people
may avail the services of the
works almost round the since the day the second rona curfew rules and im- van.
wave of the pandemic be- posed a fine of Rs 1,30,000 on
clock to help people deal gan to rage through the them.
5 trolleys ferrying
with the pandemic state. He says that his purpose sand seized
Shrivastava says main- was not to punish anybody, Ganj Basoda: A team of
taining social-distancing but to make them follow the administration has
FP NEWS SERVICE norms and following corona corona protocols. confiscated five tractor
Sehore government officers in the protocols can help people According to him, the offi- trolleys ferrying sand
The state was in tatters last district, who are working get rid of the virus. cials of the civic have been illegally in the city. The
year because of the first round the clock to help the Wearing visors and sani- working almost round the seized vehicles have been
wave of the corona pandem- people to deal with the situ- tising hands are the only clock for the past one year. parked in the premises of
ic. ation arising out of the pan- ways to deal with the pan- As the lockdown has hit the rural police station. The
The second wave is, how- demic. demic, he says. common man, the civic illegal sand mining has
ever, more ruinous that the Chief municipal officer of Shrivastava also says that body has given some relief become more frequent as
first one. There are many Sehore, Sandip Shrivastava, he has taken action against in taxes to them, he says. the corona situation has
ivil surgeon of the district hospi- afraid of the disease and lead a healthy
tal, Dr Anand Sharma, has also life by doing certain yogic exercises, be-
vowed to fight the virus with all his sides everyone should follow the corona
might. The 62-year-old civil surgeon is a protocols. A patient, with low oxygen lev-
patient of high blood sugar. el, should be admitted to a
The fright of corona has hospital and, that too, after
failed to prevent him from a doctor’s advice, he says. It
working day and night. Dr is not necessary that a pa-
Sharma’s family members tient should be given
advise him to take VRS, but Remdesivir injection, he
he cannot idle away his says, adding that the kin of
time sitting home at this the patients should keep
hour of crisis. away from having an alter-
In the past one month, more than 1,000 cation with the doctors and medical staff.
corona patients have been admitted to The health employees have been working
the hospital, and 90% of them recovered for almost 24 hours, because the hospital
and returned home hale and hearty, he is for the people only, he says.
says. Dr Sharma says he will serve the people
Dr Sharma says one should not be till he sees the last ray of the sun.

Vidyalaya donates
Oxygen audited to check misuse
Team headed by
20 oxygen
yanoday Hostel and

concentrators CEO inspects plant on Bidi Hospital have been

converted into Corona
RAJGARH district premises Care Centres following
instructions of collector
FP NEWS SERVICE Deepak Singh and
Swami Vivekanand Sagar commissioner of Nagar
Vidyalaya has donated 20 Nigam RP Ahirwar.
oxygen concentrators to Chief Executive officer of Corona patients who have
the district hospital. the district Panchayat Ich- no space to remain in isolation
The concentrators were hit Gadpale on Friday in- in their homes may remain
handed over to collector spected the oxygen plant on isolated in the care centres.
Neeraj Kumar Singh on the district hospital follow- The isolated patients will get
Friday. ing instructions from collec- breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner,
The employees of the tor Deepak Singh. drinking water and Kadha.
school Nirbhay Meena, A team formed to audit the All arrangements have been
Martand Singh Solanki, use of oxygen reached the made for such patients.
chief medical and health plant and inspected it. Ahirwar has sought
officer and civil surgeon The team members told cooperation from citizens to
were present at the time of Free Press that the audit arrest the coronavirus. There
handing over of those would be completed in a day are 75 beds at the Bidi
items. or two and there would not Hospital and 100 in the hostel,
Singh asked the hospital be any misuse of oxygen. he has said. If people need
management to give the He also directed the offi- medical and other help related
oxygen concentrators to cials to take action against to Covid-19 they may contact
the needy patients. the pharmacist and in the Covid-19 command
The collector appreciated charge storekeeper of the centre (telephone number is
the efforts of the school’s hospital and accountant for 07582-242831and free toll
president Devendra Jain their lack of knowledge number 1075).
and its director Priti Jain. about the number of oxygen He appealed to people to
Each concentrator con- cylinders available there. maintain social-distancing
tains 10 litres of oxygen He also said that to supply norms to break the chain of
and can supply oxygen to oxygen to the needy, it was the virus.
five patients at a time. necessary to stop its misuse.
According to reports, the The audit team was in- Friday onwards, because
concentrators can help 100 formed that there would be the officials have tried to
patients at a time. additional 20 cylinders from stop its misuse.

Man attacks labourer Cloth market sealed for a week

with sword, kills him HOSHANGABAD

BHOPAL The sub-divisional magistrate MS Raghuvanshi

A 28-year-old man was murdered by has sealed the entire cloth market in the city.
his neighbour in Shahpura on Fri- The administration has been getting numerous
day night. The accused stabbed him complaints of violation of the curfew norms in
with a sword and fled. the area.
The deceased, Tauseef Khan, was a The shopkeepers found keeping their shops
labourer. The incident occurred open despite lockdown were being fined, but they
around 9.30 pm, the police said. were still keeping their
The Shahpura police said the ac- Shopkeepers were shops open. They would
cused and Tauseef lived in the
Meera Nagar slum. The accused,
found running return and do business de-
spite their shops being
Raja Valmiki, is a sanitation worker. business sealed. Fed up of the re-
In the evening, when they were sit- despite lockdown peated sealing drives,
ting outside their houses, the ac- Raghuvanshi ordered to
cused and victim entered into a seal the entire market.
brawl allegedly over a dispute relat- The shopkeepers used to keep their shutters
ed to money. The accused then down, but got a group of customers inside before
brought out a sword and stabbed him doing so. The team of the district administration
several times. The neighbours tried would pass by without detecting the violation.
to intervene, but he did not stop. Nevertheless, the administration found out.
Khan was taken to hospital in an am- Raghuvanshi said the administration had bet-
bulance where he was declared dead. ter things to do than guarding the ignorant shop-
Additional superintendent of po- keepers. Almost 60 shops in Jawahar Bazar area
lice (ASP) Rajesh Singh said the and three at Patwa Bazar have been sealed. The
cause of rivalry was not known and shop has been sealed of a week for the time be-
their statements are being taken. ing, said Raghuvanshi.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: One falls to the
ground in trying to sit between two stools.

The thought police is well & truly here
UP, where he was chained like an Supreme Court ruling has made it Apoorvanand of Delhi University dia’s mainstream media is playing a

The Fault animal to a hospital bed.

Hearing a habeas corpus petition
near impossible for the accused in
such cases to get bail, shifting the
under the UAPA when the duo
criticised its lopsided handling of
‘both-sides game’ to appear objec-
tive. Most are in self-censorship

A Covid casualty With Reality

filed by the Kerala Union of Work- onus of disproving the charges on the Delhi riots. mode. Some newspapers and TV
ing Journalists (KUWJ) on Wednes- them. According to the National Such is the bigots’ hatred for in- channels are simply dropping
day, the Supreme Court ordered Crime Records Bureau, 1,948 peo- dependent journalists that on Feb- columnists or anchors seen as criti-
�Anil Singh Kappan to be shifted to a hospital in ple were arrested in 2019 under the ruary 11 this year, a little-known cal of the government. This is a far

he recent candid admission by the Secretary General Delhi for treatment. Solicitor-Gen- UAPA, up from 999 in 2016, while YouTube channel posted a video cry from the pre-Independence days
of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, that multilat- eral Tushar Mehta, appearing for convictions have been very low; in calling for five of them to ‘be when S Sadanand, founder editor of

eralism has failed to address the challenges posed by ndia has been famously de- the UP government, called the 2019, 34 persons were convicted, 16 hanged’. It is to be noted here that The Free Press Journal, sold his
the Covid-19 pandemic only confirms what the chaotic re- scribed as a land where many KUWJ, of which Kappan is an of- discharged, and 92 acquitted. the murder of the outspoken Hin- land and his house to pay a ruinous
sponse by multilateral institutions worldwide to the chal- centuries co-exist but now, it is fice-bearer, a “purported organiza- The hostility against anti-estab- dutva critic and journalist Gauri fine, instead of taking up the British
lenges posed by the virus outbreak had already led many to also one where many versions of tion of journalists which is not lishment journalists in India -- Lankesh is unsolved, as are the offer to apologise and be pardoned.
believe. Addressing the Finance for Development forum ear-
the truth co-exist; somewhat like mainstream” whereas it has mem- called ‘presstitutes’ by a Union murders of rationalist Narendra However, there are still those who
lier this month, Guterres warned that so far, multilateral
the seven blind men discovering an bers from all mainstream and es- minister and ‘bikau patrakar’ Dabholkar, left-wing politician and do the right thing. When the Hin-
mechanisms have failed to come up with an adequate re-
elephant. tablished newspapers. (sold-out journalists) by the PM -- is author Govind Pansare and schol- dustan Times declined to publish a
sponse, either on the vaccine front, or on economic measures
So it is that Union Health Minis- Kappan’s case is not unique. Ac- such that six of them, including big ar M M Kalburgi, all of whom op- piece by historian Ramchandra
to help weaker nations ravaged by the pandemic. “Advancing
an equitable global response and recovery from the pandem- ter Harsh Vardhan claims that cording to Geeta Seshu, co-editor of names such as Rajdeep Sardesai posed Hindutva. Guha on the Central Vista, a pet
ic is putting multilateralism to the test,” Guterres said in his there is no shortage of oxygen in project of the PM, he announced
speech, adding, “So far, it is a test we have failed.” hospitals, so it is that Chief Minis- that he was withdrawing his fort-
The reasons are not hard to spot. Multilateral institutions – ter Yogi Adityanath threatens to Among those booked in recent years under the draconian UAPA and left to rot in nightly column in the paper.
almost all post-World War II creations – had been increasing- seize the property of anyone who The mainstream media has not
ly coming under pressure as the old order of power, both eco- conspires to defame the UP govern- jail include civil rights activists, lawyers and academicians in the 2018 Bhima given up the fight. Twenty journal-
nomic and military, started changing. This had started well ment over Covid deaths, so it is that ists specialising in covering health
before the pandemic. While new emerging economic powers the Indian government terms as Koregaon-Elgar Parishad case, students arrested in the anti-CAA protests, human issues addressed ten key questions
– China in particular, but also India – sought a more equitable ‘completely baseless, slanderous to the government on March 30 last
position on the world stage given their changed economic sta- and malicious’ a report in ‘The rights defenders, RTI activists and even an 83-year-old Jesuit priest, Stan Swamy year about its handling of the cri-
tus, Brexit has tested the concept of the European Union. The Australian’ blaming Modi for lead- sis and the lockdown, especially on
collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of China as ing India into a viral apocalypse. the suppression of the fact that the
a military and economic superpower, as well as the virtual Truly, India cuts a sorry figure in the Free Speech Collective, there and Mrinal Pande, were booked for Is it any surprise then that India pandemic had gone into communi-
stalling of trade talks to reshape the global trade order under the run-up to the World Press Free- has been a sharp rise in criminal sedition just because they ‘shared has fallen from a global ranking of ty transmission.
the aegis of the World Trade Organisation were all paradigm dom Day on May 3, which acts as a cases lodged against journalists in misinformed news and instigated 27 in 2015 to a ranking of 53 in 2020 This brings us to this year’s World
shifts which had been set in motion well before the pandem- reminder to governments of the India for their work, with a majori- violence on Republic Day’ through in the Democracy Index compiled Press Freedom Day theme, which is
ic hit. What the virus has done is to starkly highlight the fact need to respect their commitment ty of cases in BJP-ruled cases. Her their tweets about the death of a by the influential magazine, The ‘Information as a public good’. It
– particularly to the economically weaker and developing na- to press freedom. The UNESCO pro- research shows that in the last farmer in police firing, which were Economist? serves as a call to affirm the impor-
tions, that when it comes to a life-threatening crisis, the motes it as a day of support for the decade, 154 journalists in India subsequently corrected, as the There is enormous pressure on tance of cherishing information as
mighty have no time for the poor and the weak. media ‘which are targets for the re- were arrested, detained, interro- farmer died in a tractor crash. Also the mainstream media to toe the a public good and exploring what
Guterres himself has pointed out the vast inequalities in straint, or abolition, of press free- gated or served show-cause notices booked for the same offence was government line. A day before an- can be done in the production, dis-
the world’s response: just 10 countries account for more than dom’. It is also a day of remem- for their professional work and a Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. nouncing a national lockdown on tribution and reception of content
75 per cent of Covid vaccinations given. While India, despite brance for journalists who have lost little over 40 per cent of these in- Pertinently, the six journalists and March 24 last year, Modi had per- to strengthen journalism.
being a major vaccine manufacturer, is struggling with vac- their lives in the pursuit of a story. stances were in 2020. Nine foreign Tharoor were booked for sedition sonally asked the owners and edi- Of late, the ‘jugalbandi’ between
cine shortages as a deadly second wave scales new peaks of A horror story is the case of Sid- journalists faced deportation, ar- based on a single complaint by ‘so- tors of the 20 biggest mainstream the media and the judiciary has en-
infection and deaths, many developed nations have stock- dique Kappan, a part-time reporter rest, interrogation or were denied cial worker’ Arpit Mishra of Noida. print media outlets to publish ‘pos- sured that the spotlight stays on the
piled vaccines well over the needs of their populations, while for a news portal. A native of Ker- entry into India in the last decade. And identical FIRs were filed against itive stories’ about the crisis and to fight against Covid. The media
many nations, particularly in Africa, haven’t received a sin- ala, he was arrested by UP Police in Others booked in recent years un- them in five different states. “act as a link between government brought the emergency to the
gle vaccine yet. The global economic cost of unequal access October last year when he went to der the draconian UAPA and left to The Congress made a point when and people”. court’s notice. Now, the courts need
and vaccine hoarding is estimated at more than $9 trillion, Hathras in UP to report on the rape rot in jail include civil rights ac- it countered the PM’s jibe about Six days later, on March 31, it to see the other elephant in the
but the political cost may be higher. Unless enlightened po- and murder of a Dalit girl. Kappan tivists, lawyers and academicians FDI being Foreign Destructive Ide- even asked the SC to ‘direct’ the me- room – media freedom.
litical leadership from the powerful nations ensures a more was booked for ‘trying to create in the 2018 Bhima Koregaon-Elgar ology (in reference to Greta Thun- dia to publish nothing about the As noted lawyer Fali Nariman told
equitable response going forward, it is clear that faith in a communal unrest in UP’ and later Parishad case, students arrested in berg’s support to the Indian farm- epidemic without confirming it a gathering at the Press Club of In-
rules-based multilateral order to address common global charged under the draconian Un- the anti-CAA protests, human ers’ agitation) when it said that the with the government. Given the dia in New Delhi last June: “Free-
challenges – whether of economic development, trade, cli- lawful Activities Prevention Act rights defenders, RTI activists and FDI that is likely to come is Fear, outcry over this unconstitutional dom after speech – that is really what
mate change or indeed the unprecedented challenges posed (UAPA), for his alleged association even an 83-year-old Jesuit priest, Deception and Intimidation. move, the SC did not acquiesce. freedom of speech is all about”.
by the pandemic – will be destroyed, possibly beyond repair. with the Popular Front of India, an Stan Swamy. India is going through an Or- Recently however, the govern-
Unless the world – particularly the big powers – can demon- extremist Islamist outfit. Kappan, A 1967 law, the UAPA has been re- wellian nightmare. Last year, the ment managed to get Twitter to The writer is an independent
strate that they are prepared to treat vaccines as a global pub- 42, who has co-morbidities, con- peatedly amended to include strin- Delhi police tried to ensnare IAS of- censor tweets critical of India’s journalist based in Mumbai.
lic good, and tackling of the post-Covid economic challenge tracted Covid in prison and was gent provisions in the name of ficer-turned-communal harmony handling of the pandemic. He welcomes feedback on
as a shared goal, it appears that the virus may end up adding
shifted to a hospital in Mathura, fighting terrorism. Further, a 2019 activist Harsh Mander and Prof To be safe, a significant part of In- anilsinghjournalist@gmail.com
the idea of multilateralism to its growing list of victims.

Where is the ‘iron frame’? ONE FLEW OVER THE NEST #BabuPollitics
t has often been said that India’s civil service, particular-
ly the Indian Administrative Service, is the ‘iron frame’
which is sustaining the idea of India. Despite being
panned for inefficiency, sloth and corruption – mostly with
Was listening to Govt press conference. The spokesperson keeps referring to opposition ruled states to say majority of
deaths being reported from there. There are clinching reports which show some BJP ruled states are grossly under EDITOR
justification – India’s bureaucracy has, by and large, man- reporting deaths. Can babus stop doing politics!
aged to stand up to the challenge when tested, whether by a Rahul Kanwal@rahulkanwal
severe natural calamity or by economic headwinds or war. Act on war footing
However, given the increasingly chaotic response to the Mere 10, tere 9, uske 8..how does it even matter, every life counts - a collective failure of all govts Ref: ‘Mission impossible’ (April 30).
Covid-19 pandemic this has become open to question. Al- Neha@solankineha
Without increasing domestic
ready overstrained healthcare systems have more or less col- production, importing vaccines and
lapsed in the face of the massive surge in cases. People are dy- The day you stop protecting politicians, babus might also stop doing politics. approving brands other than
ing – not just of the virus but because they are unable to ac- @varungrover Covishield and Covaxin, the
cess basic healthcare to fight the infection – hospital beds,
government went and threw open
medicines and worst of all, oxygen for the critically ill. In the Can you for a moment shed your biasness. Can you deny data? now if you say data is wrong in other states that's an the immunisation drive to all
face of a rising tide of justified public anger, the familiar allegation which needs to be proved but to accuse Babu's of doing politics is little too much. adults. Bad planning by the
blame game has started. The Centre and state governments Sumeet Bhasin@sumeetbhasin government has created the present
are blaming each other, while political parties have added
fuel to the fire. Recent elections in several states, which were situation wherein there’s no
allowed to go ahead despite the clear danger of the virus vaccine left for second doses. The
spreading out of control, and ‘super spreader’ events, rang- ferocity of the second wave
ing from mammoth political rallies to entirely avoidable ex- Perhaps, the government fears a backlash from MNCs and western nations if it does so removed vaccine hesitancy and
every eligible person is now ready
travaganzas like cricket matches, have only served to make

Vaccine crisis: What stops govt from

matters worse. to do so. Unless the government
While politicians will do what they do, the failure of the ad- acts on a war footing to improve the
ministration to come up with a coherent and co-ordinated re- vaccine supply and revise the
sponse has been particularly glaring. From an opaque and de- vaccination policy, the mission not
layed vaccine approval process to a mismanaged procure- only becomes impossible, but could

invoking ‘compulsory licensing’?

ment and distribution programme to the failure to ensure likely spark riots and cause Covid
proper delivery, leading to catastrophic wastage of vaccines spread to unimaginable and
amidst shortage, to the complete failure to anticipate and uncontrollable levels.
plan for the oxygen crisis all point to a badly corroded ‘iron O Prasada Rao
frame’. The latest instance is the panicked announcement of
the opening up of vaccination to the 18-years-plus age group, product patents is that our compa- be more than made up from the we need not go into here. It suffices Help is at hand?
followed almost immediately by most states cancelling such nies cannot manufacture Cov- benefits from free trade—agricul- to say that if the developing coun- ‘Mission Impossible’ (April 30)
bookings due to a lack of vaccines, points to a failure of gov- ishield. This is limiting the manu- tural goods, in particular. It was to tries will not be able to manufac- came as no surprise, as the

ernance cutting across the board, from the highest echelons facture of vaccines in India when be a win-win proposition for devel- ture the vaccines after cancelling population in our country is too
to the humblest local governments. vaccines are not available to our oping countries. They would get the patents, then what is the harm vast to tackle in one shot. Besides,
people. Indeed, this problem applies technology, as well as export mar- in cancelling them? The fourth ar- we only have only two vaccine
FPJ ARCHIVES �Bharat Jhunjhunwala to Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin also. Be kets. Twenty-five years later, it is gument also does not stand because manufacturers, who will find it
MARCH 16, 1963 that be as it may, this is the problem clear that the MNCs are charging new drugs, such as penicillin were hard to come up with this many
faced by the entire world, which prohibitive royalties such as 50 per developed without product patents. doses. Sputnik V from Russia will

n the main, two vaccines are cannot manufacture the vaccines cent of the price of Covishield and The task is to assist the companies land in May end. Now that help is
available to us today—Cov- developed by certain companies be- developed countries have not across the world, the ‘common coming from the rest of the world,
ishield, developed by As- cause of product patents being in- opened their markets to our agri- man’, so to say, to pitch into the citizens must wait for their turn.
traZeneca and produced under its corporated in the WTO. cultural exports. Thus, the WTO manufacture of vaccines by open- Maya Hemant Bhatkar
licence by the Serum Institute of Bharat Biotech has offered to sell treaty has become a lose-lose propo- ing up the patents.
India; and Covaxin, developed by Covaxin to the Centre at Rs 150, per- sition. We are neither getting tech- We have to make our strategy also Corona steals legal
Bharat Biotech. Serum Institute
has to pay one-half of the sale price
haps, following in the steps of the SII. nology, nor access to their markets. in the light of the fact that the Covid
virus is mutating, as is the nature of
to AstraZeneca as royalty; or it has all viruses. The influenza virus mu- Coronavirus has snatched away
to pay Rs 75 as royalty if it sells Co- The WTO permits countries to determine the tates frequently and new vaccines from us a passionate human rights
vishield to the Central Government
at Rs 150. Serum Institute says that grounds for granting compulsory licences and to are made to combat it nearly every
year. It is certain that the Covid
lawyer, former Attorney General
and Padma Vibhushan recipient,
it is not economic for it to produce
Covishield with the balance of Rs
determine what constitutes a national emergency virus will mutate and new vaccines
will have to be made in the future. In
Soli Jehangir Sorabjee, 91. He was
India’s Attorney General twice,
75. For this reason, they have of- the light of the above, our strategy first in 1989 and then from 1998 to
fered to sell Covishield at Rs 300 to The patent rules under the A number of arguments are being must be as follows. 2004. Who can forget his
the states and at a higher price to WTO have a provision that the given to maintain the product One, the government must involvement in many landmark
the private buyers. Thus, the states government can invoke the provi- patents even in the present pan- make huge investments in the de- Supreme Court cases where he
will buy Covishield at Rs 300 and sion of ‘compulsory licensing’ and demic. One of the arguments is that velopment of vaccines. The own- argued for free speech, press
subsidise the purchase by the Cen- allow other companies to manufac- developing countries do not have er of Bharat Biotech lamented on freedom, limiting the police power
tre at Rs 150. The Centre, which ture the same product under situa- the capacity to manufacture the a TV programme that foreign of the state and a vibrant
should act as the parent of the tions of national emergency, such vaccines even if the patents were to MNCs developed the vaccines af- democracy protected from
states, is instead, acting as as at present. be cancelled. ter millions of dollars in support overreach by Prime Ministers and
their opponent. This is a minor The WTO permits countries to de- The manufacturers have certain from their governments. Bharat governors. Even at this age,
problem, however. termine the grounds for granting technological details that are not Biotech got a paltry Rs 65 crore, Sorabjee was available for legal
The SII is having to pay this huge compulsory licences and to deter- disclosed in the patent applications, according to the information consultation. May God rest his soul
royalty because we have accepted mine what constitutes a national hence opening the patents will not available on the net. It has indeed in peace.
product patents under the World emergency. However, the govern- enable new entities to manufacture been given Rs 1,500 crore recently Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee
Trade Organisation (WTO). Prod- ment has not invoked this provi- the vaccines. The second argument but only after it had developed the
uct patents stipulate that another sion, perhaps, fearing a backlash is that developing countries cannot vaccine on its own. Hark back to 1962
Peasant women make history company will not produce a patent-
ed product even by using an alter-
from multinational corporations
(MNCs) and western nations if this
complete the supply chain. They do
not have the raw materials and ma-
Two, the government must buy the
patent from Bharat Biotech and
The media is agog with reports of an
ongoing campaign being carried
BY A STAFF REPORTER: A few silver ornaments donated by native process. Say AstraZeneca has provision is invoked. In that case, chines to make the vaccines. Indeed, open the process for the entire world out by some vested interests to demand
peasant women to Smt Indira Gandhi for the National Defence patented a technique of heating an the availability of foreign vaccines the SII has said that the United so that various countries can make the resignation of the P M Narendra
Fund are now in the Indian National Museum forming a part of the iron rod in order to flatten it; Prod- will be reduced and we may fall States is obstructing the supply of the vaccine and save themselves. Modi over his alleged failure to manage
history of Indian women's sacrifice for the country's defence. uct patents stipulate that another from the frying pan into the fire. raw materials necessary to manu- This will hit hard at the market of the pandemic. In October 1962, did
...Smt Gandhi said on Friday that these pieces were not accepted company cannot flatten the iron rod This is a matter of assessment and facture vaccines. the MNCs and ‘teach them a lesson’. Nehru resign after our Armed Forces
by Union Finance Minister Morarji Desai for the defence fund as by any other method, such as cold it is best to leave it to the judgment Three, the developing countries Three, we must help Bharat suffered an ignominious rout at China’s
only gold was accepted. hammering. Product patents was of the government. do not have the capacity to invest in Biotech to ramp up the production hands? The entire blame was squarely
...Smt Gandhi said she too had declined to accept these donations accepted by us as part of the WTO The question of the WTO itself re- these plants. Four, drug companies of Covaxin, cancel product patents put on the then Defence minister V K
but the women of a village she visited in the wake of the Chinese deal in 1995. Before that, we had mains. We were told in 1995 at the need to make profits to be able to in- and, if necessary, exit the WTO. Krishna Menon, who was forced to
invasion, were persistent and she had to give in. process patents, which allowed any- time of signing of the WTO treaty vest in research for future pan- resign, leaving Nehru totally unscathed.
She sold the ornaments to the Museum and made over the money one to produce the same product by that the loss to us from the royalties demics. The first three arguments The writer is former Professor of
to the defence fund. an alternative process. The result of paid due to product patents would are not convincing for the reasons Economics, IIM Bengaluru Arun Malankar
Letters should be limited to 150 words and must be sent via e-mail. Letters may be edited for clarity or space. E-mail: fpindore@gmail.com
Telangana gets permission to use drones for delivery of vax
NEW DELHI: The Civil Aviation Ministry on Friday permitted the Telangana government to use drones for experimental delivery of vaccines
within the visual line of sight. The ministry's statement does not mention which particular vaccine will be part of this experimental delivery.
The ministry on Twitter said it has granted conditional exemption to the Telangana government from the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
Rules, 2021, for "conducting experimental delivery of vaccines using drones within the visual line of sight range". This exemption will be
valid for a period of one year or until further orders, it noted.

10 states account for 73.05% of new C-cases in India

News from South

NEW DELHI M ore than 2.45 crore beneficiaries have registered themselves on the
Co-WIN digital platform ahead of the Phase-3 of the COVID-19 vac-
cination for those above 18 years that is set to start from May 1, accord-
Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and ing to the Union Health Ministry. While more than 1.37 crore people reg-
Delhi are among the 10 states that istered themselves on April 28, more than 1.04 crore registered by the
account for 73.05 per cent of new end of April 29. The ministry also said that the cumulative number of
People wait outside a government dispensary to buy COVID-19 cases reported in a day, COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country has crossed 15.22
anti-viral drug Remdesivir, during the second wave the Union Health Ministry said on crore. Cumulatively, 15,22,45,179 vaccine doses have been administered
Friday. through 22,43,097 sessions, according to the provisional report till 7 am.
of coronanvirus pandemic, in Chennai, on Friday India has registered 3,86,452 new These include 93,86,904 healthcare workers (HCWs) who have taken the
coronavirus infections in a span of first dose and 61,91,118 HCWs who have taken the second dose,
AIADMK rejects exit polls, says 24 hours, the highest single-day 1,24,19,965 FLWs who have received the first dose and 67,07,862 FLWs
it will repeat success of 2016 rise so far, pushing the total tally of who have taken the second dose.
CHENNAI: The AIADMK on Friday rejected the COVID-19 cases to 1,87,62,976, ac-
exit polls forecasting a victory for the DMK-led cording to the ministry's data. tal infections. A net increase of currently stands at 1.11 per cent," it
opposition in Tamil Nadu, saying the party would Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, 85,414 cases have been recorded in said. A total 3,498 deaths were re-
maintain its winning streak and repeat the success West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra the total active caseload in a day. ported in a span of 24 hours.
of the 2016 assembly elections. Party coordinator Pradesh and Rajasthan are the oth- Eleven states -- Maharashtra, Ten states account for 77.44 per
and deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam and er states in the list of 10. Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, cent of the new deaths. Maharash-
co-coordinator and Chief Minister K Palaniswami, Maharashtra has reported the Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, tra saw a maximum of 771 fatali-
in a joint statement, recalled a similar situation in highest daily new cases at 66,159, Police personnel using hand mic to control as beneficiaries reacts after a long wait to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, ties. Delhi follows with 395 daily
2016 when exit polls had been proved wrong. All followed by Kerala 38,607 and Uttar receive a dose of Covid-19 vaccine, at a hospital in Kolkata, on Friday West Bengal and Bihar -- cumula- deaths.
such polls back then did not indicate a victory for Pradesh 35,104. tively account for 78.18 per cent of India's cumulative recoveries
the AIADMK, the leaders said. In a significant development, hours, making it the highest single- India's total active caseload has India's total active cases, according have surged to 1,53,84,418 with
more than 19 lakh (19,20,107) tests day tests done in India, the min- reached 31,70,228 and now compris- to the ministry data. "The National 2,97,540 recoveries being registered
were conducted in a span of 24 istry said. es 16.90 per cent of the country's to- Mortality Rate has been falling and in a day.
Go for subdued celebrations,
Stalin tells party workers
CHENNAI: With various exit polls projecting a win
for the DMK-led alliance in the Tamil Nadu
Assembly polls ahead of the counting day of May 2, Partial lockdown in India's image
'tarnished' due to
90 suffer Remdesivir side-effects,
W Bengal from May 1 use of brand suspended
party chief M K Stalin on Friday appealed to workers
to not to converge in large numbers in counting
centers or elsewhere for celebrations. Celebrations
Centre's Covid
should be confined to homes. The state was in the
grip of the COVID-19 pandemic and he was
'mismanagement RAIGAD/MUMBAI issues which were immedi-
anguished at the sufferings of people "without ARITRA SINGHA
didn’t welcome the move as for
them the state government
ry rallies in keeping with the
rising number of covid cases.
': Akhilesh At least 90 Covid-19 patients
ately addressed by the dis-
trict medical authorities.
oxygen and beds," Stalin said in a statement here.
should have given adequate Meanwhile, soon after the an- LUCKNOW: Former Uttar in Maharashtras Raigad dis- "The situation is under con-
Owing to the rising case of co- time for the general public to nouncement was made the West Pradesh Chief Minister and trict, who were administered trol and the condition of all
TN defers covid vaccine rollout rona by leaps and bounds and buy stuffs.“Though the restau- Bengal Education Department Samajwadi Party chief Remdesivir doses of a par- the patients is stable now.
over uncertainty in supplies with more deaths each day, the rants, bars, shopping malls will had cancelled Class 11 exams Akhilesh Yadav on Friday ticular brand, developed se- There is no cause for worry,"
CHENNAI: With uncertainty looming large over West Bengal government on remain closed the online serv- that were scheduled on June 15 hit out at the Centre for the vere side-effects following the minister assured.
the supply of COVID-19 vaccines, the Tamil Nadu Friday has decided to impose ices and home delivery servic- and Class 12 examinations will 'mismanagement' of the which the state government A district official said that
government on Friday deferered its roll out the partial lockdown in the state. es will remain open. No social be held at the home centers. COVID-19 pandemic, saying has imposed a temporary out of a particular Hetero
massive vaccination drive for the 18-44 years age Notably, Restaurants, Cinema gatherings and mass gathering Several deaths were also re- that the country's image had suspension on its use here, batch of its Rendesivir brand
group on May 1 as originally planned. For the Halls, Shopping Malls, Bars, will be allowed,” said the letter ported on Friday due to short- been 'tarnished'. In a tweet, FDA Minister Rajendra 'Covifor' injection, 120 pa-
present, the state government would continue to Swimming pools, Gyms, Spas, from the West Bengal govern- age of beds in the hospitals. An Yadav pointed out that in- Shingane said. tients were given the doses
administer vaccines with the existing stock. The Salons and Beauty Parlors will ment. elderly woman was thrown ternational newspapers had "The incident took place on out of which a staggering 90
third phase of the COVID-19 vaccination in the be closed until further notice. According to a source in West away by her daughter in Man- been reporting about the in- Thursday in three hospitals reported the side-effects,
country is scheduled to be launched on Saturday, According to the circular Bengal secretariat, it is decided darmani area fearing that she creasing number of COVID- in the district. The patients alarming the local medical
amid record number of fresh daily infections. After floated by the West Bengal gov- that by maintaining all COVID was Covid positive.People at Be- related deaths in the coun- who were administered authorities.
covering senior citizens and those over 45 years ernment, the medical stores 19 protocols and by following hala area near Kolkata were try. "Because of the mis- Remdesivir manufactured by On learning of the matter,
with comorbidities and later all members in this age and emergency services will the guidelines of the Election seen agitating in front of police management of the BJP the company Hetero Drugs the FDA authorities in
group, the third phase involving citizens aged 18 remain open throughout the Commission of India, the polit- as according to them several government, COVID-deaths had complained of side-ef- Mumbai immediately sus-
plus is slated to be rolled out tomorrow. day but the local markets will ical party will take out victory unidentified bodies were burnt are being reported in news- fects," Shingane told IANS. pended the administration
be open from 7 am to 10 am and rally on May 2 post the election illegally at a crematorium near papers and magazines The shocking incident of Covifor and recalled its
then 3 pm to 5 pm.While police results are announced. Inciden- Behala.With 96 deaths in the around the world and our came to light when some pa- batches till the full details of
Top Cop urges rich with mild were seen announcing the tally, the Election Commission last 24 hours, the number of country's global image has tients developed chills and the incident are examined
symptoms to give up beds for needy same but the shopkeepers and of India had asked all the politi- new cases of covid positive in been tarnished," the SP others complained of vary- by the concerned medical
local buyers across Kolkata cal parties not to take out victo- West Bengal stood at 17,411. leader tweeted in Hindi. ing degrees of fever or other authorities.
HYDERABAD: Amid reported shortage of hospital
beds for COVID-19 patients and resultant

Amid vaccine shortage,

India receives second shipment
deaths,city police commissioner Anjani Kumar on
Friday appealed to "rich people" who got admitted
to hospitals with mild symptoms to vacate beds for
needy patients. In a voice message on his twitter first lot of Sputnik V to
of medical supplies from US
handle, the top police official urged people not to
use money to capture a bed in this unprecedented
situation. "I request those rich people who occupied land in India on May 1
valuable hospital beds with just mild symptoms, to
vacate." "During this kind of crisis resources are
NEW DELHI Relief supplies from the United oximeters and N95 masks
scant. This is an unprecedented international
The first lot of Sputnik V vaccines to help the country fight
crisis.You have money.That's good. But don't use States in the wake of Indias
from Russia will arrive in India on The United States on Friday the coronavirus pandemic.
that money to capture a bed," the top cop said. COVID-19 situation arrive at
Saturday. The rollout of the Russian delivered its second ship- "JustArrived from @US-
vaccine is expected to augment In- ment of medical supplies to the Indira Gandhi International AID to India: the 1st batch
Parties, candidates eagerly dia's third phase of the vaccination India to help the country Airport cargo terminal in New of life-saving medical sup-
await election results drive which also begins tomorrow. fight the coronavirus pan- Delhi, India, Friday plies containing oxygen
India is witnessing a surge in demic. cylinders generously do-
PUDUCHERRY: Political parties and their
COVID-19 cases in the second wave of "#JustArrived from @US- nated by the state of Cali-
candidates, who contested the April 6 Assembly
pandemic and is registering the high- AID to India: the second fornia, Rapid Diagnostic
polls here, are now eagerly waiting for the results.
est daily deaths and positive cases. shipment of life-saving Test kits, pulse oximeters,
Counting of votes polled in Puducherry, Karaikal,
On top of it there is an acute shortage medical supplies to save & N95 masks to meet the
Mahe and Yanam is to take place on May 2. An
of vaccines which has crippled the lives and stop the spread of urgent needs of the Indian
estimated 82 per cent of the 10.04 lakh voters
speed of vaccination drive. Several #COVID19! The American people," USAID India
exercised their franchise. The Congress-led Secular
major states in the country have al- people are standing shoul- tweeted.
Democratic Alliance and the AINRC-headed
ready postponed the launch of the der to shoulder with the India recorded 3,86,452
National Democratic Alliance (NDA) contested the
third phase of vaccination which people of India as we con- new COVID-19 cases in the
polls, among others, and the election was not only
makes everyone above 18 eligible to tinue to fight the pandemic last 24 hours. This is the
crucial but also a fight for prestige for them. While
get the jab. Sputnik V is the third vac- together. #USIndiaDosti," highest single-day spike in
leaders of the AINRC, Bharathiya Janata Party,
cine India has given go-ahead to after USAID India wrote in a the cases since the pandem-
AIADMK, DMK, Congress, CPI, VCK and others
'Covishield', developed by Oxford tweet. arrived here bringing more 7 lakh rapid testing kits. Bagchi tweeted. ic began last year. The cu-
were among the important contestants, the former
University and AstraZeneca and 'Co- Ministry of External Af- oxygen cylinders and 7 This is the second such air- Earlier in the day, the mulative count of the
Chief Minister and senior Congress leader V
vaxin', the indigenous vaccine manu- fairs (MEA) spokesperson lakh rapid testing kits. "An- craft arriving in a short United States delivered its COVID-19 cases has gone
Narayanasamy opted out of the battle.
factured by Bharat Biotech. Cov- Arindam Bagchi also in- other US military aircraft span of a few hours. first consignment of med- up to 1,87,62,976. The total
ishield is manufactured by Serum In- formed that another US loaded with vital medical Grateful to US for this time- ical supplies including oxy- active cases of the infec-
Telangana extends night stitute of India. military aircraft loaded supplies arrives bringing ly and quick mobilization gen cylinders, Rapid Diag- tion in India have now
curfew till May 8 The first tranche of vaccine is ex-
pected to arrive in Hyderabad tomor-
with vital medical supplies more oxygen cylinders and of medical support," nostic Test kits, pulse mounted to 31,70,228.
HYDERABAD: The Telangana government on Friday

SC to hear plea on C-measures in place for vote counting

row according to diplomatic sources
extended the night curfew (from 9 PM to 5 AM the
next day) till May 8 (5 AM), an official order said. The
Indian envoy to Russia Bala
Venkatesh Varma said India expects
ED seizes assets of Rose Valley
state government had earlier imposed the restrictions
from April 20 to May 1 (5 AM) to curb the spread of
COVID-19. The government also issued an order
between 150,000 to 200,000 ready-
made vaccines to be available very
Group worth Rs 304 crore NEW DELHI hear the plea on Saturday at plea filed by one Sachin Ya-
quickly in the early part of May. NEW DELHI: The Enforcement Directorate on 10.30 am after it was informed dav challenging the Alla-
imposing restriction on screening of movies in view of
Diplomatic sources told ANI that In- Friday informed that it has taken possession of The Supreme Court on Fri- that the vote counting is habad High Court order
the night curfew. During the curfew period all offices,
dia will get a substantive number of assets worth Rs 304 crore of Rose Valley Group in day issued a notice to Uttar scheduled for this Sunday. which allowed the Uttar
firms, shops, establishments, restaurants etc shall
vaccines in the first tranche and sup- connection with money laundering. Pradesh and the State Elec- Pradesh Gram Panchayat
close at 8 PM except hospitals, diagnostic labs,
ply will continue in installments. In- The ED confirmed the news through the micro- tion Commission on a plea re- UP PANCHAYAT POLLS elections to continue amid
pharmacies and those dealing with supply of essential
services such as media, e-commerce deliveries and dia is expecting 5 million vials of blogging website Twitter. "ED has taken posses- lating to measures in place Advocate Shoeb Alam ap- COVID-19.
petrol pumps among others. Sputnik vaccines by next month. CEO sion of movable and immovable properties worth for counting of votes for pearing for petitioner said As the elections have al-
of Russian Direct Investment Fund Rs 304 Crore of Rose Valley Group of companies Gram Panchayat polls amid the Panchayat elections had ready been concluded, the
Kirill Dmitriev earlier told a TV news under Prevention of Money Laundering Act surge in Covid-19 cases. concluded and the counting court decided that it will con-
TG adds 7,646 new C-cases, channel that Sputnik vaccines will be (PMLA)," it tweeted. Further investigation into A Bench headed by Justice of votes would begin day af- sider the aspect of counting
53 deaths take toll to 2,261 delivered to India on May 1. the matter is underway. AM Khanwilkar said it would ter. The court was hearing a of votes.
HYDERABAD: Telangana reported7,646 fresh
COPVId-19 casestaking the tally to over 4.35 lakh
while the toll stood at2,261 with 53 more
casualties. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal
Corporation (GHMC) accounted for the most
Baghel urges Modi to prioritise
number of cases with 1,441, followed by Medchal
Malkajgiri (631) and Rangareddy (484), a
government bulletin said on Friday providing details
vaccination for weaker sections
as of 8 PM on April 29. The total number of RAIPUR suggested that on-site regis- them from desired quantity in
cumulative cases in the state stood at 4,35,606 tration should also be also the month of May.
while with 5,926 patients being cured, the total In view of the shortage of made available for this catego- "In such a situation, due to a
recoveries were at 3,55,618. COVID-19 vaccines, Chhattis- ry so that no one is deprived of large number of registrations
garh Chief Minister Bhupesh vaccination due to failure to and unavailability of vaccines
Baghel has urged Prime Min- register online. in that proportion can cause
Vaccination of people above 18 ister Narendra Modi to give "As per the government issues in crowd management
in Karna may be delayed: CM priority to the socially and guidelines, the vaccination of at vaccination centres," he
BENGALURU: Vaccination in Karnataka for economically weaker sections age group of 18-44 years to be added.
people above 18 years of age will be delayed as the of the society in vaccination. done by state governments So, keeping in view the lack
vaccine has not been supplied yet, Chief Minister B The Chief Minister claimed only and for this state has of vaccine, an order of priori-
S Yediyurappa said on Friday. He was reacting to that there is a shortage of vac- asked 25-25 lakhs doses of ty for vaccination should be
the Centre's directive on allowing vaccinating cines and due to that, it is im- each Covishield and Covaxine fixed in the age category of 18-
people above 18 years from May 1. "Our Health perative that socially weaker vaccines from the manufac- 44 years, and priority should
Minister Dr K Sudhakar has said clearly that the and economically weaker sec- turers," the letter reads. be given to the socially and
vaccine has not been supplied yet. We will tions should be vaccinated He further said that Bharat economically weaker sections,
vaccinate people once it arrives," the Chief Minister first. Biotech in its response has in the light of the shortage of
told reporters on the sidelines of a function. In a letter to PM Modi, the said that only three lakh vaccine, the Chief Minister
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister dosages will be provided by added.
Army porter slips to death near LoC in Kupwara
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Let us hear their voices. We will treat this as contempt
if any citizen is harassed, if they want bed or oxygen.
We are in a human crisis," Justice Chandrachud said, ������������� into three categories and accord- Tarakeshwar Swapan Dasgupta, ed the TMC candidates to inform ing as they are confident to win.
noting the situation is so grim that even doctors and ������� ingly have decided few names Birbhum’s candidate Anirban their agents to stay firm in the “Despite the exit polls showing
healthcare workers are not getting hospital beds. On who can be the future Chief Min- Ganguly, Rashbehari candidate counting station till the end. different games, the saffron
the government hoping to break the chain of the Though almost all the Exit Polls on ister and other Ministers in West Lt Gen (retired) Subrata Saha “No agent should leave the camp held the meeting as if they
Coronavirus with the new phase of vaccination extend- April 29 has predicted that the rul- Bengal if BJP comes to power. and Chinsurah candidate Locket counting stations till the end and won then it will be too late for
ed to all those 18 and above, the Bench again questioned ing Trinamool Congress will re- “The Central BJP has divided Chatterjee’s name was discussed special attention should be given them to decide in a short span of
the Centre over the pricing. "Why is the government tain its power, and some said that the candidates in A, B and C cat- for ministerial posts. while ballot papers are being time. Moreover, like never before
not buying 100 per cent of the doses being produced this the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) egories. Those who are sure to “BJP chief Dilip Ghosh is ex- counted. No one should share the TMC supremo held a meeting
time? Why should there be two prices for the Centre and will oust TMC and will form the win are placed in ‘A’ category and tremely popular in West Bengal. food with anyone or should go with her candidates ahead of the
the states... what is the rationale," the court asked and government in West Bengal, the those who might win are placed His along with other names were out of the station for any pur- counting. This shows that the
suggested that India must adhere to the national immu- confident saffron camp’s central in ‘B’ category and those who discussed as both prospective CM pose. While the counting will TMC is little unnerved,” men-
nisation model followed since Independence. "Pricing ministers namely Union Home will lose are kept in ‘C’ category. face and other future ministers of start for East Midnapore and tioned the poll analysts.
issue is extraordinarily serious. How will the poor and Minister Amit Shah and BJP na- The Central BJP ministers are West Bengal,” added the sources. Jungle Mahal all should give full According to West Bengal BJP
marginalised people find money to get vaccinated? Poor tional president JP Nadda held a confident of winning from North Meanwhile, Mamata Banerjee attention while the counting is chief Dilip Ghosh he doesn’t be-
people will not be able to pay for coronavirus vaccines. closed door meeting to decide the Bengal and few of South Bengal held a virtual meeting with all on,” said the TMC supremo lieve in Exit poll but believes in
What happens to the marginalised and SC/ST popula- probable ministers after forming and from Matua community,” 290 candidates. adding that every TMC cadres Exact poll that will be in favor of
tion? Should they be left to the mercy of private hospi- government in West Bengal. mentioned the sources.. Meeting with the candidates and agents should maintain the BJP. TMC MP Abhishek
tals," it asked, suggesting provision of free vaccination According to BJP sources, the The sources also confirmed the TMC supremo had said that peace during the counting. Banerjee said that the 2021 As-
to all citizens. Telling the Centre that it has special central ministers have divided that names like West Bengal BJP the TMC is returning for the According to several poll ana- sembly election is in favor of the
responsibility towards citizens of Delhi as a national the candidates of West Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh, candidates of third time and had also instruct- lysts, the BJP had held the meet- ruling Trinamool Congress.
authority to provide oxygen, Justice Chandrachud
asked: "Not only in Delhi, but also in Gujarat,
Maharashtra and Karnataka. What is the effect we are
going to see today and in the next hearing? How much Kangana gives 'warning' to High courts should
oxygen you are going to provide to these critical
states?" In an off-the-cuff remark, a judge suggested those crying about India to restrain from making
opening hostels, temples and other religious places of
worship as Covid care centres, since most hospitals are
facing a bed crunch.
'foreign daddies' off-the-cuff remarks: SC
MUMBAI: Actress Kangana Ranaut �������� made by the top court at
No bus... shared a video on Friday warning ��������� the fag end of the nearly
This is why the number of corona cases is rising in those who are trying to hurt the im- four-hour long hearing on
Madhya Pradesh. The state government has decided to age of the nation internationally The Supreme Court said on Covid related issues, after
seal the borders to arrest the spread of the virus. So, amid the Covid-19 second wave. Friday that the high courts the Solicitor General of In-
other than vehicles carrying essential goods, other than Kangana shared the video message should exercise restraint dia, Tushar Mehta, flagged
may not be allowed to enter the state in the coming on Twitter and Instagram. In the in making 'off-the-cuff' re- the issue of certain re-
days. rising in MP. The state government has decided to clip, she expresses her concerns over marks. marks made by the high
seal the borders to arrest the virus. Therefore, besides how other countries are reacting to While hearing a suo moto courts while hearing cases
the carriers of essential goods, other vehicles may not the second wave of Covid in India. case on the prevailing related to the pandemic.
be allowed to enter the state in coming days. Taking to Twitter, Kangana shared a Covid situation in the Earlier the top court
video and wrote: "Please watch warn- country, a Supreme Court asked the Delhi govern-
@21.1% positivity ing to all those who are going to their bench comprising Justices ment to cooperate with the
Public transport like Railway, metro, buses and cabs to foreign daddies to cry about India... D.Y. Chandrachud, Centre.
operate with 50% capacity. Industrial and scientific your time is up." In the video, Kangana Nageswara Rao and S. "Politics is for the time of
establishments both in government as well as public speaks about how photos of corpses Ravindra Bhat observed elections, but now the citi-
sector, may be allowed with physical distancing at work burning at cremations were featured that any off-the-cuff re- zens' lives are at stake," the
place. Besides, districts will continue with strategy of in an international magazine. She ex- mark made by the high SC bench said.
test, track, treat, vaccinate and implementation of pressed her discontentment and fur- courts may be damaging to The top court also praised
Covid appropriate behaviour across districts. Door-to- ther why leaders of other nations were ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� persons and can given mis- the work done by the offi-
door tracing would be conducted in addition to testing. not called out when their countries ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� givings about them. cials to mitigate the effects
Districts have to ensure availability of ambulance. were tackling the Covid-19 waves. �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� The observation was of the unfolding crisis.
Similarly, availability of oxygen and other logistic
drugs etc would be ensured in collaboration with state
officials. Similarly, oxygen therapy for admitted
patients would follow guideline. Use of investigative Doctor among five Kerala slashes Facebook to help users with information
drugs like Remdesivir/ tocilizumab should also follow
RT-PCR test rate
clinical management protocol.
‘Don't discharge...
arrested for making fake to Rs 500 about Covid symptoms, vaccines
The officers of the CM’s Secretariat also got a dressing-
down for organising such an event by not discharging
the patients at a time when there is an acute shortage of
Covid reports in Delhi THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:
Kerala government on Friday slashed
The ��������
nearby to get the vaccine. "In this
tool, vaccine centre locations and
beds. According to Dave, he has advised the staff to �������� The officer said that on the price of RT-PCR tests to Rs 500 from their hours of operation have
shift the cured patients from oxygen-supported beds to ��������� April 28 Shukla again gave Rs 1,700 at all private laboratories in Social media giant Facebook on Fri- been provided by the Ministry of
general beds. Nobody has been forced to do that, how- his sample to SPICE Health the state, according to a government day announced plans to help its Health and Family Welfare, Gov-
ever. As there is scarcity of beds in the hospitals, com- Cracking its whip on the Laboratory where he tested notification. users in India with access to author- ernment of India. The tool will
missioner’s order is viewed as insensitive. people involved in negative. It was in January that the Kerala gov- itative information about Covid-19 also show walk-in options (for 46
preparing false Covid re- The officer claimed that ernment came out with an order that symptoms and vaccines. This is in years and above) and a link to reg-
CHINESE SLY... ports, the Delhi police on on April 29, Saini along the rate of a RT-PCR test should be Rs addition to the recent announce- ister on the CoWin website and
“They have disengaged, but not reduced troop strength Friday said it had arrest- with Himanshu Sharma 1,500 and following the private labora- ment by Facebook CEO Mark schedule your vaccination ap-
-- a clear sign that they intend to be here for the long ed five people, including and Pragyanand went to tories approaching the Kerala High Zuckerberg to donate $10 million to pointment," Facebook said.
haul,” a military source said. A map of the spring 2021 a doctor, from Malviya the Genestrings Lab and Court the rate was fixed at Rs 1,700.As emergency response efforts in India. Users can access the tool from the
reinforcement has also strengthened the view that Nagar area for preparing cross checked from above many as 38,607 people tested positive "As India grapples with the current Covid-19 Information Centre on the
China is in no mood to dial down its aggressive posture Covid reports using lab and found that the for Covid on Thursday while the num- wave of Covid-19, we are committed app.
across from the Depsang and Daulat Beg Oldie areas of forged means. Covid report of Shukla ber of active cases touched 2,84,086. to doing our bit to support local com- The tech giant will support NGOs
northern Ladakh. Deputy Commissioner of was not in the records of The RT-PCR test is considered as the munities in the country with med- and UN agencies in India with ad
Police (DCP), South Delhi, this lab. gold standard for the diagnosis of ical supplies and other life saving credits and insights to reach the ma-
IPL Aussie... Atul Bhatia said that po- "Himanshu then stated Covid as directed by the ICMR. In Ker- equipment," the tech giant shared in jority of people on Facebook with
“They have travelled there privately,” Morrison was lice have arrested Pra- that he alongwith his ala with the price of testing very high post on Facebook. Covid-19 vaccine and preventive
quoted as saying by The Guardian.“This wasn’t part of ganand aka Nihal, Himan- cousin Pragyanand used when compared to states like Odisha The social media platform will health information, the post said.
an Australian tour. They're under their own resources shu Sharma, Dr Manish to collect home samples charging just Rs 400 and Haryana, partner with the Centre to roll out Facebook will also provide health
and they’ll be using those resources too, I’m sure, to see Kumar Singh, Satender and give it to Singh work- Telangana and Uttarakhand charging a Vaccine Finder tool on its mo- resources from UNICEF India about
them return to Australia in accordance with their own and Nikhil in connection ing in Genestrings Lab Rs 500, on Friday Kerala Health Secre- bile app in India, this week. The when to seek emergency care and
arrangements,” the report further said. “If imposed, it with the case. without making any en- tary Rajan Khobaragade came out with tool, available in 17 languages, how to manage mild Covid-19 symp-
would be the first time it has been made a crime for an The DCP said that the po- try in the record of Gen- an order fixing the rate at Rs 500. will help people identify places toms at home.
Australian to enter their own country,” the SMH report lice had received a PCR call estrings Lab.
on Friday further said. Three of the Australian crick- on Thursday wherein it Dr Singh used to share
eters in IPL -- Adam Zampa, Kane Richardson and
Andrew Tye -- have already returned home via Qatar.
was mentioned that Gen-
estrings lab in Malviya Na-
the result
Pragyanand through ex-
Boeing announces $10 mn
However, since their arrival home, the borders have been
completely sealed. Umpire Paul Reiffel, who also wanted
to return via Qatar after the three cricketers, couldn't do
gar were involved in
preparing fake Covid re-
cel sheet and
Pragyanand would print

the result on the fake let-

emergency assistance
so as the flights to Australia were by then cancelled. He said that on reaching
the spot caller Vipul Saini
ter of Genestrings Lab
which was provided to
package for India
Active cases... stated that in April this him by the doctor," Bha- ��������
Satna reported 232 corona cases with 1,392 active cases. year he along with his 45 tia said. ���������
Vidisha reported 212 corona cases with 1,348 active cases relatives had given their He said that by adopting
while Dhar reported 249 corona cases with 1,557 active cas- samples for Coivid testing this modus operandi the Aerospace giant Boeing on
es. Shivpuri reported 240 corona cases with 1,820 active to Himanshu and five accused persons have Friday announced a $10
cases while Shahdol reported 256 corona cases with Pragyanand Sharma. committed the crime of million emergency assis-
1,509 active cases. Sehore reported 205 corona cases with On April 25, their known cheating and forgery by tance package for India to
1,143 active cases while Tikmgarh reported 227 corona Rishab Shukla gave his creating the Covid re- support the country's re-
cases with 1,581 active cases and Datia reported 200 co- sample to them and on sults on fake letter head sponse to the current surge
rona case with 1,454 active cases. Betul reported 183 co- April 26 he tested positive of Genestrings Lab and in Covid-19 cases.
rona cases with 1,809 active cases and Narsingpur re- for Covid, but he did not by not entering the data According to the compa-
ported 195 corona cases with 1,183 active cases. Katni re- show any symptom of of the virus infection ny, the assistance will be di-
ported 187 corona cases with 1,184 active cases. Covid, he claimed. samples in the lab. rected to organisations pro-
viding relief, including
����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� medical supplies and emer-

'Ghant' on peepal tree, ghastly ����������������������������������������������������������������

gency healthcare for com-
munities and families bat-
tling Covid-19.

reminder of pandemic deaths Vaccine procurement by pvt hospitals

"The Covid-19 pandemic
has devastated communi-
ties across the globe, and
our hearts go out to our
friends in India who are go-
a few more days, we will immerse
them in the river," said Krishna (name
changed on request) a worker at the
"We now do the basics and the pyre
is set on fire because there are bodies
waiting in the queue. Even the cre-
from manufacturers: Expect a scramble ing through a very difficult
time. Boeing is a global citi-
zen, and in India, we are di-
Earthen pots hung on a Peepal tree, Gulala cremation ghat in Lucknow. mation of non-Covid bodies is being ���������� This distribution of vac- Nanavati Hospital, Dr recting our pandemic re-
usually near the cremation grounds, He said that the Covid scare was so rushed up. It is a sad situation but the ������ cine supply, which would Parthiv Sanghvi, said the sponse to the communities
is a rarity in normal times. As per great that there have been at least fact is that no one - not even the clos- mean 50 per cent for the mayhem would continue as most impacted by this re-
Hindu tradition, the ashes placed in three instances in the past one week est relatives, want to stay at the cre- Doctors and medical prac- government of India and there is a total lack of coor- cent surge of cases," The
the earthen pot, called 'Ghant' is hung where the relatives have left the bod- mation ground titioners predict a scram- 50 per cent for others, will dination between the Cen- Boeing Company President
on a Peepal tree until the ashes are ies at the cremation ground without Abhimanyu Tiwari, a priest at Ra- ble for shots when it comes be applicable across the tre and the states. Vaccine and CEO Dave Calhoun
immersed. cremating them because they were soolabad ghat in Prayagraj, said, "We to vaccine procurement di- board for all vaccines producers are already said.
Usually, a tree has two to three asked to wait for their turn. are performing cremation for around rectly from the manufac- manufactured in the overwhelmed. “Now in Besides, Boeing employ-
Ghant hanging on them at a time. While hanging a 'ghant' is a tradi- 60-70 bodies every day and more than turers, and not from the country. The price such circumstances, it will ees also have an opportuni-
These are usually of those whose tional way of keeping the ashes till half of them are not able to perform state governments, from charged by private hospi- be survival of the fittest. ty to donate personally to
children are abroad and cannot re- the immersion is done, some crema- the last rites. Still, there are so many May 1. They have sought tals for vaccination will There will be a scramble,’’ charitable organisations
turn immediately for cremation. tion grounds have also got lockers Ghant tied on the tree that just a look clarity on supply and time- be monitored. However, he felt. supporting Covid-19 relief
Today, however, with the pandemic where the urn can be kept. makes a person shiver." Post death ly availability as private doctors have serious con- Further, Dr Sanghvi in India.
raging on and the death toll mount- "Our lockers are full and people now rituals are also being done away. hospitals, state govern- cerns over the procure- said in this scenario of As part of the 'Boeing
ing, the number of 'ghant' hanging on put a slip with the name of the de- "When my father died last week, my ments and industrial estab- ment, as states may get a differential pricing, clari- Gift Match' programme,
Peepal tree is growing by the day. ceased and hang the pot on the tree," mother-in-law, husband and sister-in- lishments have to procure larger portion of the pie ty was needed on the quo- the company will match
"There are more than two dozen said Alok, a worker at the Parmat law had also tested positive. They are their supplies exclusively followed by industrial es- ta that would be allotted monetary donations dol-
'ghant' hanging here. People are not Ghat in Kanpur. Workers at the cre- all in home isolation and there is no from the 50 per cent supply tablishments, while pri- to the state governments lar for dollar, extending
coming back to collect the ashes of mation grounds say that here is no question of even holding a prayer earmarked for other than vate hospitals may have to by the manufacturers but the reach of assistance
their family members and we cannot time to perform pre-cremation ritu- meeting for my father-in-law," said the Government of India struggle. allotment criteria were being provided to the In-
discard them. Maybe, after waiting for als that include chanting of mantras. Nalini Singh, a young homemaker. channels. A leading surgeon from yet to be set. dian people.

������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������� �������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������

US Embassy limits consular services after Russia hiring ban
MOSCOW: The US Embassy said Friday it will sharply limit its
consular activities due to a Russian ban on hiring local staff. Starting
May 12, it will reduce consular services offered to include only
emergency US citizen services and a very limited number of
immigrant visas such as life-or-death emergencies. It noted that non-
immigrant visa processing for non-diplomatic travel will cease and it
will stop offering routine notarial services, consular reports of birth
abroad or passport renewal services for the foreseeable future.

Israel stampede renders 44 dead

"slipped," falling on those below
them while walking along a slip-
Biden sells economic plan in
GA, calls for rich to pay more
pery walkway and causing a crush- AAMER MADHANI
At least 45 people were killed and ing domino effect. Duluth (US)
over 150 others injured after a stam- Health Ministry officials had
pede broke out at a religious festival urged Israelis not to travel to President Joe Biden took his
attended by tens of thousands of ul- Mount Meron, saying the festivi- pitch to Georgia Thursday
tra-Orthodox Jews in Israel, med- ties could lead to mass coron- night for $4 trillion in spend-
ical officials said on Friday, in what avirus contagion, The Times of Is- ing to rebuild the nation's
Prime Minister Benjamin Ne- rael reported. Yet there was sig- aged infrastructure and
tanyahu called a "terrible disaster" nificant pressure on authorities to vastly expand the federal so-
and promised a thorough probe allow it to go ahead -- especially as cial safety net, choosing a
into the country's worst peacetime it was cancelled last year. Since new political battleground
tragedy. The PM declared Sunday a the site was so densely populated, to make his case that Ameri-
day of national mourning. search and rescue authorities say cans want a more activist
The mass gathering was organ- they struggled to evacuate government.
ised to celebrate the Lag B'Omer, an trapped people. With his visit to a state he
annual religious holiday marked Panic and fear engulfed the sur- won by fewer than 12,000 dramatic shift from nearly Biden renewed his call for
with all-night bonfires, prayer and vivors as many were trapped next votes, Biden set out to build four decades of politics in the wealthiest Americans to
dancing, at Mount Meron. The to the dead, struggling to breathe. public support for his plan which leaders from both par- pay more in taxes to help pay
town is the site of the tomb of Rab- Footage from the walkway showed and try to persuade resistant ties have spoken of a need to for a wide array of propos-
bi Shimon Bar Yochai, a second- shoes, hats, baby strollers, smashed Republicans that his mas- contain government. als, including universal pre-
century sage, and is considered to Israeli security officials and rescuers stand around the bodies of victims who died eyeglasses and water bottles strewn sive proposal is an invest- There's special signifi- kindergarten, tuition-free
be one of the holiest sites in the during a Lag Ba’Omer celebrations at Mt. Meron in northern Israel, Friday -AP on the ground. Metal railings were ment that the country can't cance in Biden's decision to community college, expand-
Jewish world. torn from the ground. afford to pass up. make Georgia his first stop ed childcare benefits and
The tragic event took place Thurs- PM tweeted. tweet. "We were going in to see the bon- "We need to invest in after the address. He was the more. Biden says his propos-
day night, and was the largest event "I must also point out that there Israel recently eased mask-wear- fire lighting, suddenly there was a things our families care first Democratic presiden- al for about $1.5 trillion in
held in Israel since the coronavirus was quick rescue work here by the ing requirements in open areas and wave coming out. Our bodies were about and need the most," tial contender to carry the tax hikes will only target
pandemic broke out last year. A pre- police, the rescue and security other restrictions after the success swept along by themselves. People Biden told hundreds of sup- state since Bill Clinton in households making $400,000
liminary police investigation re- forces, and we are profoundly grate- of a massive vaccination drive that were thrown up in the air, others porters who showed up for a 1992. or more. "It's about time the
vealed that some of the attendees ful to them; they prevented a far significantly brought down virus were crushed on the ground," socially distanced car rally The state, long a Republi- very wealthy and corpora-
slipped on the stairs, creating a "hu- worse disaster," he said after visit- cases. David, a survivor, said. in the Atlanta suburb of Du- can stronghold, is now a po- tions start paying their fair
man avalanche" that crushed mem- ing the site. At around midnight on Thursday, Each year, hundreds of thousands luth. litical battleground that will share," Biden said. "It's as
bers of the crowd. President of Israel Reuven Rivlin organisers had estimated that some of Jews -- many of them ultra-Or- The Georgia trip is part of feature closely watched simple as that." For their
"We will carry out a thorough, se- lit 45 memorial candles at the Pres- 100,000 people were at the site, with thodox – attend the event, which is an effort to gain momentum races for Senate and gover- part, Republicans are resist-
rious and in-depth investigation in ident's Residence in memory of the an additional 100,000 expected to ar- believed to be the worst peacetime for the massive - and expen- nor next year. It will almost ing Biden's calls for more
order to ensure that such a disaster victims. "In memory of the 45 peo- rive by Friday morning, local me- tragedy in modern Israeli history, sive - agenda Biden articu- certainly be one of the most spending but are still fine-
does not recur. Let us all join in the ple who lost their lives in the Har dia reported. with a death toll higher than the 44 lated during his first address competitive states during tuning their argument and
grief of the families and pray for Meron disaster. May their memo- A police official said that dozens who lost their lives in the 2010 to a joint session of Con- the 2024 presidential cam- steering clear of attacking
the wellbeing of the injured," the ries be a blessing," he wrote in a of participants in a concert had Mount Carmel forest fire. gress one night earlier. It's a paign. him personally.

Navalny foundation Pope facilitates

UN ready to step up aid to India
lawyer detained prosecutions
Global Covid-19 caseload breaches
150-million mark
have died due to the virus.
The United Nations team
in India is supporting the
country by providing criti-
DARIA LITVINOVA ing Corruption after Rome YOSHITA SINGH outbreak. The UN stands cal supplies and UN agen-
Moscow authorities filed a United Nations ready to step up our sup- cies are procuring thou-
lawsuit to ban the founda- Pope Francis has sent port," Guterres tweeted on sands of oxygen concentra-
A lawyer representing the tion and the politician's another message to Vatican- UN Secretary-General Anto- Thursday. tors, oxygen generating
anti-corruption foundation network of regional of- based cardinals and bishops nio Guterres has said the India's Permanent Repre- plants and other essential
of imprisoned Russian op- fices as extremist organi- about his intent to hold them world organisation stands sentative to the UN Ambas- equipment as well as helping
position leader Alexei sations. accountable for criminal mis- ready to step up its support sador T S Tirumurti replied set up mobile hospital units.
Navalny was detained in Pavlov's colleague, conduct: He removed the pro- to India to combat the "hor- to Guterres's tweet saying The WHO and UNICEF are
Moscow on Friday morn- Yevgeny Smirnov, said on cedural obstacles that had rific" C-19 wave in the coun- that India deeply appreci- procuring equipment and
ing, his colleague said on Facebook that Pavlov was spared them from being pros- try that has infected more ates "your sentiments and supplies, including 7,000 oxy-
social media. detained after his hotel ecuted by the Vatican's crimi- than 18 million people and solidarity at this juncture. gen concentrators and 500
St. Petersburg-based room in Moscow was nal tribunal. killed over 200,000. We also appreciate the sup- nasal devices for oxygen sup-
lawyer Ivan Pavlov has searched. Russia's Federal A new law published Friday "With the entire @UN fam- port @UNinIndia is giving Health Organization, con- ply, as well as oxygen gener-
been representing Naval- Security Service, the FSB, makes clear that Vatican city- ily, I stand in solidarity with us," tagging the Twitter han- firmed cases in India stand ating plants, testing ma-
ny's Foundation for Fight- was involved, Smirnov state prosecutors have juris- the people of India as they dle of the UN in India. at over 18.37 million and chines, and personal
said. Pavlov is being ac- diction over Holy See cardi- face a horrific #COVID19 As per data by the World more than 204,000 people protective kits.
cused of disclosing infor- nals and bishops and need

Kremlin critic: Putin 'naked king'

A judge in Moscow upheld a defamation conviction Thursday
mation related to a police
investigation, a criminal
offense punishable by a
only the pope's consent to
proceed with investigations
against them. US hopes its actions have catalytic
● Biden administration
working to expand oxygen
supply chain in India: USAID

effect on other nations

against jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, who joined a court fine, community service The law abrogated a regu- official
hearing via video link, in his first public appearance since he went or arrest of up to three lation, upheld as recently as
on hunger strike. According to CNN, Navalny used the platform to months. last year, that said only the tri- ● to 'friend and partner' India
launch a broadside against President Vladimir Putin and his It wasn't immediately bunal's highest appeals court, ● EU channeling further
government, likening him to the foolish "naked king" from "The clear which case Pavlov's which is composed of three LALIT K JHA / Washington broadly around the world to come to the support to India amid surge in
Emperor's New Clothes" children's tale and calling the judge and detention was connected cardinal judges, could assess aid of the Indian people," Price said at his COVID-19 infections
prosecutors "traitors." "I would like to say that your king is naked, to. He is also defending the actions of cardinals and The US hopes its massive C-19 assistance daily news conference.
and more than one little boy shouting about it -- it is now millions Ivan Safronov, a Russian bishops accused of criminal to India has a catalytic effect on society US state governments, private compa- ● Sewa International sends
of people who are already shouting. It is quite obvious. 20 years of journalist charged with offenses. and around the world to come to the coun- nies, NGOs, and thousands of Americans 2,184 oxygen concentrators to
incompetent rule have come to this: there is a crown sliding from his treason, a prosecution that The reform is the latest sign try's aid as it fights a severe outbreak, offi- from across the country have mobilised to India
ears," Navalny blames the Kremlin for the attempt on his life, which has been widely seen as that after 8 years of preaching cials said. deliver vital oxygen-related equipment ● John Chambers announces
the government has repeatedly denied. He spoke with his wife, politically motivated, about ending corruption and The first flight carrying relief materials and essential supplies for Indian hospitals USD1 million donation for
Yulia Navalnya, who was physically present in court, telling her and has been involved in other criminal activity in the left a US Air Force base in California on to support frontline healthcare workers sending oxygen units to India
details about his weight and what he last ate. Navalny said he was other high-profile treason Holy See, Francis is taking Wednesday. "Our assistance, we hope, will and the people most affected during this
● France finds 1st case of
taken to a bathhouse so that he could look "decent" for his hearing, cases. concrete steps to make it easi- have a catalytic effect on society more current outbreak, he said.
as reported by CNN. "I looked at myself. I'm just an awful skeleton. Pavlov had been due to ap- er to hold his own cardinals variant sweeping India
Last time I weighed 72 kilos I was probably in the 7th grade," he pear in a Moscow court on and bishops accountable

Pentagon preparing for

said. Navalny added that he ate "4 tablespoons of porridge a day, while emboldening Vatican
PIO couple
Friday at a hearing into ex-
today 5, tomorrow I will eat 6." tending Safronov's pre-trial prosecutors to go after them.k

US deputies
kill man
UN: Myanmar poverty could double Taliban attacks for money
BANGKOK: Political turmoil shuttered in a standoff be- 2022 to a level of poverty last ROBERT BURNSAP / Washington Afghanistan under a Febru- sentatives have been vague laundering
suspected of and disruptions following
the coup in Myanmar could
tween the junta and a mass
civil disobedience move-
seen in 2005. A more opti-
mistic assessment would re- The Pentagon is preparing
ary 2020 deal between the Tal- about whether they intend to
iban and the Trump admin- attack starting May 1.

shooting undo years of progress and

double the number of its
"The hardest hit will be
quire a rapid end to the po-
litical crisis, which looks un-
for possible Taliban attacks
on US and coalition forces as
istration. With that agree- Joe Biden's decision to pro-
ment, the Taliban halted at- ceed with a final but delayed A US court in Atlanta has

officer people living in poverty to

nearly half the population, a
United Nations report said
poor urban populations and
the worst affected will be fe-
male heads of household,"
A weakening of the
Myanmar kyat to about
they withdraw from
Afghanistan, a prospect that
complicates the outlook for
tacks on US
troops, and
adds a new
none have been killed since element of security risk as
sentenced an Indian-Ameri-
can couple for laundering
over $500,000 on behalf of
ST. PETERS: Sheriff's Friday. Kanni Wignaraja, the 1,600 kyat per dollar from winding down America's then. But the Taliban said it the remaining 2,500 to 3,500 India-based phone scam-
deputies in eastern Mis- The report by the UN De- UNDP's assistant secretary- about 1,350 kyat before the longest war. will consider the US to be in American troops, along with mers. Chaitali Dave (36) was
souri fatally shot a man velopment Programme, or general for the region, told coup also hinders the coun- May 1 was the date all US violation of the agreement about 7,000 coalition troops on Thursday sentenced to 20
suspected of earlier shoot- UNDP, said 12 million people The Associated Press. try's ability to import much and other foreign forces were for missing the deadline for and thousands of contrac- months, to be followed by 3
ing and wounding a police could fall into dire economic The UNDP said conditions needed medicines and to have departed full withdrawal. Their repre- tors, begin departing. years of supervised release
officer, law enforcement straits as businesses remain could deteriorate by early other supplies. and ordered to pay $320,550

Al-Qaeda promises 'war on all fronts' with US

officials said. in restitution.
An officer made a traffic Mehulkumar Manubhai
stop just outside a shop-
ping center about 5:30pm
Thursday and the driver
125 children rescued off Libyan coast As the US’ "war on terror" enters a new possible "they feel buoyed by the Biden
Patel (36) was sentenced to
30 months, followed by 2
years of supervised release
shot the officer in one of CAIRO: A total of 125 Europe- minors, UNICEF added. and to put an end to phase as Biden has begun withdrawing all US administration's decision to pull out troops and ordered to pay $259,217
his legs, the Missouri bound children were rescued at "The majority of those rescued immigration detention. "The forces from Afghanistan, al-Qaeda has claimed from Afghanistan, but they may also be in restitution.
State Highway Patrol said. sea this week by Libyan are sent to overcrowded detention Central Mediterranean continues that its war with America is far from over. seeking to deflect attention from the many As part of their Social Se-
The driver fled. The authorities off the Mediterranean centres in Libya under extremely to be one of the deadliest and In an exclusive interview with CNN recent losses." The al-Qaeda's statement comes curity scam, India-based
wounded 41-year-old offi- coast, the UN child welfare agency difficult conditions and with no or most dangerous migration routes conducted through intermediaries, an al-Qaeda as the coming weekend marks the 10th callers posed as federal
cer was taken to a hospital said Friday, adding that most were limited access to water and health in the world," UNICEF said, official said that "war against the US will be anniversary since Osama Bin Laden, the agents in order to mislead
for treatment and later re- brought to detention centres. services. Nearly 1,100 children are adding that at least 350 people, continuing on all other fronts unless they are mastermind of the September 11 attacks, was victims into believing their
leased, officials said. The children, fleeing war and in these centres," read the including children and women, expelled from the rest of the Islamic world". killed by US special-operations forces. Social Security numbers
Meanwhile, state police poverty across the perilous statement. have drowned or gone missing Terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank, editor-in- The terror group said that it is planning a were involved in crimes,
issued an alert for the maritime route to Europe, UNICEF urged the Libyan in the Mediterranean since chief of West Point's CTC Sentinel, who comeback after US forces leave Afghanistan by federal prosecutors alleged.
man suspected in the included 114 unaccompanied authorities to release all children January. reviewed al Qaeda's answers, says it is partnering with the Taliban once again. The callers threatened ar-
shooting. Deputies in rest and loss of assets if the
nearby Lincoln County victims did not send money

Vax incentives: Free rides & beer

went to the suspect's and then directed the vic-
home. The man fled, with tims to mail cash to aliases
deputies giving chase. used by other members of
A short time later, inves- the fraud network, includ-
tigators said the man ing Patel and Dave, the fed-
stopped his car, got out WASHINGTON: Free beer, pot serious and far-reaching at- Public health officials say the Krispy Kreme began offering a around the country are offering eral prosecutors added.
and fired several shots at and doughnuts. Savings bonds. A tempts by officials in cities such efforts are crucial to reach peo- free doughnut a day to anyone "shots and a chaser." In Alaska, As part of a tech support
the deputies. The patrol chance to win an all-terrain vehi- as Chicago, which is sending spe- ple who haven't been immunised showing proof of having been which traditionally has low vac- scam, the callers also in-
said at least one of the cle. Places around the US are of- cially equipped buses into neigh- yet, whether because they are vaccinated. In Cleveland, a cine confidence, the Norton duced victims to send mon-
deputies fired back, fering incentives to try to ener- bourhoods to deliver vaccines. hesitant or because they have movie theatre is supplying free Sound Health Corp, with a hospi- ey on the pretext of sup-
killing the man. gise the nation's slowing vacci- Detroit is offering $50 to people had trouble making an appoint- popcorn through the end of this tal in Nome and 15 clinics across posed technical support for
The shooting scenes nation drive and get Americans who give others a ride to vacci- ment or getting to a vaccination month. western Alaska, has given away their computers.
were about 20 miles to roll up their sleeves. nation sites, and starting Mon- site. Several marijuana dispen- prizes, including airline tickets, The callers routinely mis-
apart. The state These relatively small, mostly day will send workers to knock Other companies are getting saries around the country are money toward the purchase of led the victims by making it
highway patrol is investi- corporate, promotion efforts on every door in the city to help into the spirit with marketing giving out cannabis treats or free an all-terrain vehicle, and $500 appear as though the caller
gating the suspect's have been accompanied by more residents sign up for shots. pitches. rolled joints. Some breweries for groceries or fuel. added money to the victims'
shooting death. bank accounts.
Sustainability-linked debt rising as
new asset class, says rating firm S&P
The issuance of sustainability-linked debt instruments will top
$200 billion this year due to burgeoning sustainability-linked
Forex reserves rise $1.7 billion to $584 billion
The country's foreign exchange reserves increased by
USD 1.701 billion to USD 584.107 billion in the week
ended April 23, 2021, RBI data showed In the previous
week ended April 16, 2021, the reserves had risen by
USD 1.193 billion to USD 582.406 billion. The reserves
had touched a lifetime high of USD 590.185 billion in
the week ended January 29, 2021. In the reporting
week ended April 23, 2021, the rise in reserves was on
account of an increase in foreign currency assets
(FCAs), a major component of the overall reserves.
loan market and growing popularity of sustainability-linked
bonds, according to a report published by S&P Global. It said
the pool of companies that can obtain sustainable financing is
Banking stocks take the brunt with HDFC twins shrinking up to 4.3%
Core output rises 6.8%
Sensex drops 983 points as
expanding quickly to include issuers who may not have
sufficient capital expenditures directly related to sustainability
projects, are just beginning their sustainability journeys, or
are in transition and hard-to-abate sectors.
on base effect in March
Morgan Stanley ups Federal Bank
virus dashes recovery hopes
NEW DELHI: The output of
eight core sectors grew by
rating to overweight, price aim Rs 110 6.8% in March, the highest
Morgan Stanley Research has revised its rating for The in 32 months, driven by base
Federal Bank Ltd's shares to 'overweight' from 'equal weight' effect-led uptick in produc-
or neutral, citing an improvement in the bank's underwriting AGENCIES growth after China's factory activity ex- tion of natural gas, steel, ce-
and sourcing of new revenue pools. The stock has New Delhi panded slower than expected in April. ment and electricity, official
underperformed over the past decade owing to asset quality "A persistent rise in daily caseload data showed.
challenges and lack of a high-margin growth engine, which Equity indices broke their four-day and higher number of deaths contin- The growth rate of the
weighed on the bank's profitability and valuations, the winning streak to close deep in the ue to remain matters of concern for eight infrastructure sectors -
brokerage firm said. Federal Bank's shares fell over 20% in red on Friday as the grim COVID-19 central and state governments and - coal, crude oil, natural gas, against a positive growth of
2020, as against a 3% decline in the Nifty Bank Index. situation and lacklustre Asian cues therefore any possibility of further refinery products, fertilis- 0.4% in 2019-20.
triggered unwinding of risky bets. economic restrictions cannot be ruled ers, steel, cement and elec- ICRA Ltd Chief Economist
IBM to acquire enterprise software The 30-share BSE Sensex sank 983.58
points or 1.98% to finish at 48,782.36.
out by the state governments. Market
is expected to be volatile until we see
tricity -- stood at (-) 8.6% in
March 2020.
Aditi Nayar said the 6.8%
growth in March, a "32-
firm Turbonomic for up to $2 billion The broader NSE Nifty tanked 263.80 a clear reversal in COVID-19 cases," According to the com- month high", is due to the
Tech giant IBM has announced to acquire US-based enterprise points or 1.77% to 14,631.10.
RUPEE LOGS 1ST DROP IN FIVE said Binod Modi, Head-Strategy at Re- merce and industry min- base effect.
software company Turbonomic, a deal that according to HDFC twins were the top losers in the liance Securities. istry data, production of nat- The low base of the lock-
media reports could be worth up to $2 billion. With the Sensex pack, skidding up to 4.38%, fol- DAYS, SETTLES AT 74.09/ US$ Sectorally, BSE finance, bankex, ural gas, steel, cement and down-hit April 2020 would
acquisition of Turbonomic, IBM will help companies overcome lowed by ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, Asian Snapping its four-day winning streak, auto, FMCG and industrials indices electricity jumped 12.3%, push up the year-on-year ex-
the high costs associated with managing performance and Paints, M&M, TCS, HUL, and Maruti. the Indian rupee settled with a tanked up to 2.73%, while oil and gas, 23%, 32.5% and 21.6% in pansion of the index of eight
availability for multiple applications sharing an increasingly Only four index components closed marginal 2 paise loss at 74.09 against healthcare and metal closed in the March, as against (-) 15.1%, (- core industries to a sharp 50-
complex hybrid cloud environment. "IBM continues to reshape higher -- ONGC, Sun Pharma, Dr Red- the US dollar amid concerns over positive territory. ) 21.9%, (-) 25.1% and (-) 8.2% 70% in April 2021, with ex-
its future as a hybrid cloud and AI company," said Rob dy's and Bajaj Auto, climbing up to Broader BSE midcap and smallcap in March 2020, respectively. ceptionally high growth ex-
Thomas, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud and Data Platform. 4.32%. However, on a weekly basis, the
economic recovery in view of Coal, crude oil, refinery pected in cement and steel,
indices slipped up to 0.65%. India saw
Sensex advanced 903.91 points or mounting Covid-19 cases in the 3,86,452 new coronavirus infections in products and fertiliser seg- she added.
country. At the interbank forex
Europe's economy shrinks in first 1.88%, while the Nifty surged 289.75
points or 2.02%. market, the local unit opened at
a span of 24 hours, the highest single-
day rise so far, pushing the total tally
ments recorded negative
growth during the month
"Based on the available
data, we project the Index of
quarter as US rolls ahead "Domestic equities fell sharply today 74.03 against the greenback and of COVID-19 cases to 1,87,62,976, while under review. Industrial Production (IIP)
Europe's economy shrank 0.6% in the first three months of on weak global cues and heavy sell-off witnessed an intra-day high of 73.95 active cases crossed the 31-lakh mark, During 2020-21 (April- to record a sharp growth of
the year as slow vaccine rollouts and extended lockdowns in financials. Asian markets traded and a low of 74.12. according to the Union Health Min- March), output of the eight 17.5-25% in March 2021," she
delayed a hoped-for recovery - and underlined how the weak on emerging concerns about istry data updated on Friday. sectors contracted by 7% as added.
region is lagging other major economies in rebounding from
the coronavirus pandemic. The fall in output for the 19
countries that use the euro currency was smaller than the 1%
contraction expected by economists but still far short of the
rebound underway in the United States and China, two other GST mop-up set to Yes Bank posts Rs 3,790 cr RCap extends
bid deadline for
hit Rs 1.2 L cr in Apr loss on Covid provisions
pillars of the global economy.

Exxon posts $2.7 bn quarterly profit 3 cos to May 15

after unprecedented year INFORMIST pages, providing money for NEW DELHI: Reliance Cap-
Exxon Mobil reported profits of USD 2.73 billion in the first INFORMIST tion. New Delhi which impacted the per- ital Ltd has extended the
quarter, after a tumultuous year led to major spending New Delhi "This will be quite impressive formance in January- deadline for interested par-
reductions. The oil giant brought in USD 59.15 billion in given the fact that during April, Yes Bank on Friday report- March period. ties to submit expressions of
revenue, up 5% from USD 56.16 billion during the same Even with the new wave of most of the states imposed par- ed a Rs 3,790 crore loss on a The bank witnessed fresh interest to acquire its invest-
quarter last year. It exceeded analyst projections for the Covid-19 resulting in 'lock- tial lockdowns. Also, it is heart- consolidated basis for the slippages of over Rs 11,800 ments in Reliance General
quarter. The The Irving, Texas company produced 3.8 million downs' in 15 parts of the coun- ening to note that despite the March quarter, as against a crore in the March quarter, Insurance Co, Reliance Nip-
barrels of oil per day in the first quarter, up 3% from the try and impacting business all curbs due to the second wave, profit of Rs 2,665 crore in following the Supreme pon Life Insurance Co and
fourth quarter of 2020. across, the country's GST col- the All India GST E-way bills the year-ago period, as the Court order allowing banks Reliance Health Insurance
lections, the barometer of eco- till 25 April have reached 4.89 asset quality reverses faced to recognise asset quality to May 15 from December 17.
Rajni Hasija to continue to hold nomic activity in India, is likely
to cross the Rs 1 lakh crore
crore and we estimate it to cross
5.5 crore comfortably, given the
due to the COVID-19 pan-
demic forced the bank to
stress after the moratori-
Interested parties can sub-
mit the bids till 1700 IST on
additional charge as CMD, IRCTC mark for the sixth time in as past trends," the report said. set aside money for poten- chief executive Prashant Kumar said the fresh slip- May 15.
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on many months in April, a SBI "We believe that any disrup- tial loan losses. Kumar on Friday laid out a pages are not legacy trou- Reliance Capital had
Friday said Rajni Hasija will continue to hold additional Ecowrap report said on Friday. tion in GST collections will be The bank, which had to be slew of targets which the bled accounts, but newer sought expressions of inter-
charge as CMD until further orders. Hasija, Director (Tourism According to the internal sim- transient and the states will bailed out in a SBI-led res- bank will be chasing in assets in sectors like com- est for asset monetisation for
& Marketing), IRCTC had taken over additional charge as ulation model adopted by SBI have comfortable SGST collec- cue a year ago, narrowed FY22, with special focus on mercial realty and hospi- certain subsidiaries and in-
CMD in February. "Rajni Hasija, Director (T&M), IRCTC will Ecowrap, the April GST collec- tions." its losses in FY21 to Rs 3,488 recoveries. tality which bore the brunt vestments on Oct 30.
continue to hold the additional charge of the post of the tion is expected to be in the The present optimism is also crore as against Rs 16,432 Asserting that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, By December, Reliance
CMD, IRCTC, in addition to her own duties, beyond April 30, range of Rs 1.15-1.20 lakh crore. on account of trend shown last crore in FY20. on the asset quality front is and exuded confidence that Capital had received bids
2021 and until further orders," it said in a filing to BSE This is marginally short of the year, given the SGST collection, On a standalone basis, it over, Kumar said the bank once the economy opens from eight companies,
record high GST collection in allocation of IGST to states and reported a loss of Rs 3,787 is again aiming to recover up, the assets will be up- which included Oaktree, JC
Samir Seksaria to take charge as March of Rs 1.24 lakh crore.
The optimism about possible
Cess amount, it is around 89 per
cent of the budgeted numbers
crore in the March quarter
as against a Rs 2,628 crore
at least Rs 5,000 crore in
Most of these loans al-
Flowers and six asset recon-
struction companies. Re-
TCS CFO on May 1 GST collection in April, the re- of Rs 6.5 lakh crore. There is a net profit in the year-ago He added that the overall ready featured in the dis- liance Capital received more
Country's largest IT services firm Tata Consultancy Services port says, is from a healthy substantial portion of IGST period. cash recoveries will be closures made at the end of than 60 different bids for its
(TCS) on Friday said Samir Seksaria will take over as the growth in E-way bill genera- which is unallocated. Its managing director and more than the fresh slip- December quarter as pro- assets.
company's Chief Financial Officer on May 1, 2021. He
succeeds V Ramakrishnan who will be retiring on Friday. The
board of directors, at its meeting held on April 12, 2021, had
appointed Samir Seksaria as the CFO.
Wipro ups IT
services rev
Marico posts 17% jump in Amazon profit soars
Walmart, Flipkart, associate entities
to scale up support for Covid battle guidance to Q4 PAT at Rs 238 crore over 200% to $8 bn in Q1
Retail giant Walmart on Friday said it is mobilising its global
resources to further expand support for COVID-19 relief efforts
in the country, which is reeling under a deadly second wave
8-10% in June MUMBAI: Fast-moving
consumer goods major
foods through innovation.
Value-added hair oils
NEW DELHI: Amazon's
profits more than tripled in
CNN said the company's
cloud unit and biggest mon-
of the pandemic. Walmart, the Walmart Foundation, Flipkart AGENCIES/ New Delhi Marico reported 17% year- grew 22% in volumes with the first quarter of 2021 as ey maker, Amazon Web
and PhonePe, along with Walmart's Global Technology and on-year growth in profit af- all of the key brands mark- the pandemic continued to Services, posted net sales of
Sourcing hubs, are collaborating to counter oxygen shortages, Wipro revised upwards its ter tax at Rs 238 crore for ing double-digit growth. boost its online retail, cloud 13.5 billion dollars during
support the national vaccination drive and donate to IT services revenue outlook the quarter ended March Saffola edible oils extended and advertising businesses, the quarter, up 32% year-
organizations making a difference in communities nationwide, to 8-10% sequential growth due to volume-led strong stellar run with 17% vol- reports CNN. over-year.
a statement said. in the June 2021 quarter, revenue growth. ume growth despite a par- The tech giant reported Despite a tough year-over-
following the completion of Revenue from operations ticularly strong base on the 8.1 billion dollars in quar- year comparison because of
Kotak Mahindra Life appoints its USD 1.45 billion buyout
of Capco.
rose by 34% to Rs 2,012
crore backed by 25%
back of investment in new
markets and increasing
terly net income, up 224%
from the same period in the
the surge in demand the
pandemic caused in 2020,
Mahesh Balasubramanian as MD While announcing its growth in domestic busi- tivity for most of the quar- household penetration. prior year. Amazon expects net sales
Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Limited (KLI) on March quarter results ear- ness and constant currency ter, the company witnessed Marico said the foods Earnings hit $15.79 per di- between 110 billion and 116
Friday said it has appointed Mahesh Balasubramanian as lier this month, Wipro had growth of 23% in interna- strong momentum in each portfolio grew 134% in val- luted share. Total net sales billion dollars, up 24% to
managing director of the company. He has been appointed said it expects to log a se- tional business. of the core portfolios of the ue terms in Q4 and crossed from the quarter grew 44% 30% from the same period
following the retirement of G Murlidhar. The company is in quential growth of 2-4% in As macroeconomic indi- India business while steadi- Rs 300 crore in turnover in from the year-ago period to in the prior year during the
receipt of approval from the Insurance Regulatory its IT services revenues in cators signalled some posi- ly strengthening its play in FY21. 108.5 billion dollars. second quarter of 2021.
Development Authority of India for the appointment of the June 2021 quarter with-

Madras HC directs CBI probe against cement firms

Balasubramanian, KLI said in a regulatory filing. out including revenue from
Capco and Ampion acquisi-
Chinese manufacturing rises in April tions.
In March, Wipro had an-
but growth might slow nounced the acquisition of
Chinese manufacturing expanded in April but growth might London-headquartered NEW DELHI: The Madras would be heard on The probe was supply of cement.
be slowing after a rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, Capco in a USD 1.45 billion High Court has directed a June 3. Earlier this month, Union
two surveys showed Friday. A monthly purchasing managers' (over Rs 10,500 crore) deal - Central Bureau of Investi- The petition raised alle- ordered on alle- Road Transport and Micro,
index issued by the business magazine Caixin rose to 51.9 on gation (CBI) enquiry into gations against major ce-
a 100-point scale from March's 11-month low of 50.6 on a
its largest ever till date.
In a regulatory filing on allegations of caterlisation ment players in India, in- gations of Small andMedium Enter-
prises Minister Nitin Gad-
100-point scale on which numbers above 100 show activity
Friday, Wipro said the ac-
quisition of Capco was
by cement manufacturers
by creating artificial
cluding ACC, Ambuja Ce-
ments, Grasim Cement, Ul- caterlisation by kari said huge demand is
being created for steel and

Manipal Hospitals acquires Columbia

completed on April 29, 2021.
Consequent to completion
scarcity and fixing prices,
according to a report.
tra Tech Cement,
Jaiprakash Associates, In- cement firms cement companies on ac-
count of rapid construc-
of the acquisition, the rev- The direction came on a dia Cements, JK Cement- tion of road infrastructure
Asia Hospitals in India enue guidance for the cur- petition moved by the Class Century Textiles and In- farge India. various anti-competitive but the industry is in-
Healthcare provider Manipal Hospitals on Friday announced rent quarter (April-June I Contractor Welfare Asso- dustries, Ramco Cements, The petition alleged that activities and have collec- dulging in cartelisation
the completion of its acquisition of Columbia Asia Hospitals in 2021) is revised, it added. ciation and the matter Binani Cement and La- the companies indulged in tively sought to control the and exploiting people.
India. Manipal Hospitals has completed 100% stake

Average health claims double to Rs 1 lakh

acquisition in Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt Ltd and the
transfer of ownership has taken place post the completion of
all regulatory approvals. Indian cos raise
MSSL gets shareholders' nod for
proposed group restructuring during pandemic, add to insurers' worries $9.2 bn via ECBs
Auto components major Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd (MSSL) NEW DELHI: Indian companies raised $9.23
said its public shareholders have voted in favour of its SULEKHA NAIR ed all general and health insurers to com- billion through external commercial
proposed group restructuring under which it will demerge its Mumbai municate their decision on authorisation for borrowings in March, sharply higher from
domestic wiring harness (DWH) business into a new company cashless treatment for COVID-19 claims to $2.56 billion in February, Reserve Bank of
that will eventually be listed. As part of the restructuring It's not just number of COVID health claims the hospital within 60 minutes from the time India data showed.
which was announced in July last year, after the demerger of but the average size of claims that's worry- of receipt of request along with all neces- During March, Indian companies raised
DWH, group firm Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd ing health insurers. Claims are even higher sary requirements from the hospital. $3.88 billion through the automatic route
(SAMIL) is to be merged into MSSL to consolidate 100% for non-COVID cases, say insurers. The regulator issued this direction in view and $5.35 billion through the approval
shareholding in Samvardhana Motherson Automotive Systems The average claim size for COVID claims is of a Delhi High Court order asking the regu- route. Adani Hybrid Energy Jaisalmer Ltd
Group BV (SMRP BV) as well as to bring all auto component nearly one lakh versus a pre-COVID average lator to tell insurers to communicate their was the largest borrower, raising $1.35
and allied businesses in SAMIL under MSSL. of Rs 50,000-Rs 55,000, said Rajagopal cashless approvals within a maximum time billion through the automatic route,
Rudraraju, Senior Vice President & Product treatments which were postponed earlier are period of 30 to 60 minutes so that there is no followed by Bharti Airtel Ltd with $750
Printing business also gasps for Head - Health & Health Claims, Tata AIG.
“The increase in average claim size for
being conducted now, which is adding to
this”, Rudraraju said.
delay in discharge of patients.
Rudraraju of Tata AIG said, cashless facility
million, and PGP Glass Pvt Ltd with $360
million, the RBI said.
breath in pandemic COVID is unprecedented in the industry and for COVID claims has become an issue because In March, Indian Railway Finance Corp
The ongoing pandemic has claimed another casualty - the needs to be addressed, else these could be Cashless priority some hospitals are either refusing to provide Ltd raised $3.3 billion and was the major
printing business. With Covid restrictions on movement and passed on to the customer by way of increase Meanwhile, Regulator IRDAI has directed in- cashless for COVID cases or asking for rates borrower through the approval route,
gatherings getting firmer by the day, people have almost in premiums”, he said. surers to decide on cashless COVID-19 treat- higher than the agreed rates in the SLA. followed by ONGC Videsh Rovuma Ltd with
stopped getting wedding cards printed and sent out in the The increase in COVID claims was com- ment claims within 60 minutes of the receipt The provider hospitals are justifying increase $1.6 billion.
traditional way. Families where weddings are taking place are pensated by a fall in claims for accidents and of final bill so that the hospital bed can be in their rates due to the higher cost of main- The information, part of the monthly
now opting for digital wedding invitations that can be mailed some infections. With reduction in COVID quickly made available to another waiting taining healthcare services in COVID times. release on external commercial borrowing
or sent through WhatsApp. Most of the digital invites have restrictions, the claim burden has increased patient. There have been consultations between data, was released by the central bank.. No
photographs of the groom and the bride and the text is also significantly for all insurers. “Planned treat- The Insurance Regulatory and Develop- providers and insurers to resolve and reach a company raised debt through masala or
different from the traditional cards. ments like cataract, hernia and similar ment Authority of India (IRDAI) also direct- mid-point, but the issue is still persisting. rupee-denominated bonds.
IndusInd Bank Q4
Reliance Q4 net more than
DCB Bank picks up stake in two
companies in GIFT City Gujarat
net up over 2-fold
doubles to Rs 13,227 crore
DCB Bank said it has acquired stake in two companies in GIFT
City IFSC for a total investment of Rs 10 crore. The bank has
invested Rs 5 crore, representing about 2.89% stake, for AGENCIES
acquiring equity in India International Exchange Ltd (India New Delhi
INX). Another Rs 5 crore has been invested for 4.93% stake in
India International Clearing Corporation Ltd (India ICC), the JIO PLATFORMS NET JUMPS 47.5%; RETAIL, PETCHEM SEE SEQUENTIAL RECOVERY IndusInd Bank on Friday
bank said in a release. reported an over two-fold
AGENCIES jump in standalone net prof-
Jaypee Infra bids: NBCC, Suraksha New Delhi Reliance Retail pre-tax it at Rs 876 crore for the last

offer more lands to lenders profit up 41.5% in Q4 quarter of the fiscal ended
Reliance Industries Ltd on Friday re- March 2021.
State-owned NBCC and Suraksha group, which are in the race ported more than doubling of its MUMBAI: Jio Platforms on Friday The private sector lender
to acquire Jaypee Infratech through the insolvency process, March quarter net profit as con- posted a net profit of Rs 3,508 had posted a net profit of Rs
have improved their bids to offer more land parcels to sumer businesses of retail and tele- crore for the fourth quarter ended 301.84 crore in the corre-
institutional financial creditors. According to sources, NBCC com as well as petrochemicals saw se- March 2021, a 47.5% jump over sponding quarter of 2019-20.
raised its offer up to 1,903 acre, while Surakasha group has quential recovery on improved the year-ago period, according to a Total income was slightly
proposed over 2,600 acre to lenders. In their resolution plan spreads offsetting continued weak- company statement. up at Rs 9,199.48 crore in Q4
submitted by the two parties earlier this month, NBCC had
offered 1,526 acre and Suraksha around 2,040 acre.
ness in refining business.
Consolidated net profit of Rs 13,227
Its revenue from operations came
in at Rs 18,278 crore, a growth of
FY21 as against Rs 9,158.57
crore in same period of the Rs 876 crore
Net profit for Q4
crore in January-March compared about 19% compared to the previous fiscal, IndusInd
Bank of India EGM next week to seek
Rs 9,199.48 cr
with Rs 6,348 crore earned a year the refining business. This was more corresponding period of the Bank said in a regulatory
back, the company said in a state- than made good by a spurt in con- previous year. filing.
nod for preference shares issue ment. sumer-facing businesses of telecom The company said its total However, on a full year ba- Total income in Q4
State-owned Bank of India (BOI) has convened extraordinary The fourth quarter net profit in- and retail which now contribute to customer base as on March 31, sis, the net profit fell by
general meeting (EGM) of shareholders next week to seek cluded Rs 797 crore exceptional item 45% of earnings as compared to 33% 2021 stood at 42.62 crore. nearly 36% to Rs 2,836.39
approval for issuance of equity shares to government for due to gain on sale of US shale assets. a year back. During the quarter, Jio's Average crore in 2020-21 as against the reported quarter fell to
capital infusion of Rs 3,000 crore. EGM of the shareholders of Revenue was up 13.6% to Rs 1,72,095 Jio Platforms, which houses the Revenue Per User (ARPU) -- a key Rs 4,417.91 crore in 2019-20. Rs 1,865.69 crore as against
Bank of India will be held on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 crore. firm's telecom arm, posted a 47.5% metrics for telcos -- was at Rs 138.2 Income during the year Rs 2,440.32 crore put aside
through video conferencing and other audio visual means, the The oil-to-telecom conglomerate net profit to Rs 3,508 crore in Janu- per, lower than Rs 151 clocked in also fell to Rs 35,558.41 crore in the year-ago period.
bank said in a regulatory filing. posted the highest ever annual net ary-March as it added over 1.54 crore December quarter. from Rs 35,734.14 crore. On a consolidated basis,
profit of Rs 53,739 crore, up 34.8% net subscribers. But a switch to 'bill Reliance Retail reported a 41.45% Gross non-performing as- the net profit in March
Mahindra University launches School year-on-year. This was aided by
record annual EBITDA for Jio Plat-
and keep regime' from 'interconnect
usage charges' saw its per user earn-
increase in pre-tax profit at Rs
3,617 crore for the fourth quarter
sets (NPAs) of the bank rose
slightly to 2.67% of the
quarter nearly trebled at Rs
926.22 crore from Rs 315.25
of Management with Cornell college forms at Rs 32,359 crore and highest ing fall to 138.2 per month from Rs 151 ended March 31, 2021. The retail gross advances as of March crore.
Mahindra University announces the launch of its School of ever annual EBITDA for Reliance Re- in the previous quarter. It had 42.62 arm of RIL had posted a pre-tax 31, 2021, from 2.45% by end Income rose slightly at Rs
Management from the 2021-2022 academic session for which tail at Rs 9,789 crore. crore subscribers at the end of profit or EBITDA (earnings before of March 2020. 9,199.71 crore in Q4 FY21 as
the academic partner is Cornell University’s SC Johnson While the oil-to-chemical or O2C March. interest, tax, depreciation and Net NPAs, however, soft- against Rs 9,158.80 crore.
College of Business. Three UG programmes, BA in Economics business improved quarter-on-quar- Jio's data traffic during the quarter amortisation) of Rs 2,557 crore ened to 0.69% from 0.91%. Stock of IndusInd Bank
and Finance, BBA in Digital Technologies and BBA in ter, it was lower than year-ago earn- stood at 16.7 billion GB, up 5.2% quar- in the January-March a year ago. Provisions for bad loans closed 0.43% down at Rs
Computational Business Analytics (an interdisciplinary ings primarily due to weakness in ter-on-quarter. and contingencies during 934.95 apiece on BSE.
program with the École Centrale School of Engineering), will
be on offer from this academic year.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das meets

MD, CEOs of small finance banks
Non-food credit growth ‘Multiplex cos may post losses for second year’
The Reserve Bank of India on Friday held a meeting with
heads of small finance banks on credit flows to different
slips below 5% in Mar AGENCIES/ New Delhi

Localised lockdowns and

tions to contain the resur-
gence of coronavirus infec-
tions will keep occupancies
in the current quarter, the
agency said.
It added that the occupan-
segments of the borrowers and get a sense of emerging night curfews amid the low for the next few cy levels doubled to 12-13%
stress on banks' balance sheet in view of the current AGENCIES newer wave of COVID-19 is months," the agency said. in the March quarter and
economic situation. The video conference meeting, chaired by New Delhi set to extract a toll on multi- It reminded that multi- were also seen touching the
RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das, was also attended by Deputy plexes in the country, and plexes were the first ones to 25% mark in South India.
Governors M. K. Jain, M.D. Patra, M. Rajeswar Rao and a few Non-food credit grew 4.9% companies in this sector close in March 2020, even However, the recent spike
other senior RBI officials. in March 2021 as against a will report operating losses before a lockdown was an- in COVID-19 cases will send
growth of 6.7% in the year- for the second consecutive nounced, and the last ones the estimate of a recovery
RBI says 7 states to raise Rs 14,900 cr ago month, RBI data
year, a report said on Fri-
domestic credit
agency Crisil said.
rating to resume operations in Oc-
asked and defer recovery to
the second half of this fis-
through bond sale on Tuesday Credit growth to agricul- The sector, arguably one of "Multiplexes are set to log Occupancies had started cal, it said. The agency said
The Reserve Bank of India today said seven states will raise ture and allied activities the worst impacted in the operating losses for the sec- improving post-resumption its base case scenario as-
149.00 bln rupees through the sale of bonds on Tuesday. On accelerated to 12.3% in pandemic, can look at a re- ond straight fiscal as lo- and was expected to reach sumes an average occupan-
Thursday, the RBI had said six states will raise 129.00 bln March 2021 from 4.2% in covery only in the next fi- calised lockdowns, night 18-22%, the breakeven level cy of 10-12% in the first half
rupees through the sale of bonds. Today, it added Andhra March 2020, the data on nancial year, the report by curfews and other restric- in terms of operating profit, of this fiscal.
Pradesh to the list, saying the state government has offered Sectoral Deployment of year ago, the data showed.

Niti Aayog sees higher growth in 2020s

to sell two bonds--18-year paper and 19-year paper of 10 bln Bank Credit - March 2021, Credit growth to the serv-
rupees each. Successful bidders will have to make payments
on Wednesday.
released by the Reserve
Bank of India, showed Fri-
ices sector decelerated to
1.4% in March 2021 from
SEBI fine:
Supreme Petro net profit surges
Advances to industry de-
7.4% in March 2020, mainly
due to deceleration in cred- Aptech says
manifold on year in January-March
celerated marginally to
0.4% in March 2021 from
it growth to NBFCs and
contraction in credit to
NEW DELHI: The govern-
ment has implemented a
Economic Survey 2020-21
projected a growth rate of
he said in a tweet.
He added that India can- will take legal
Supreme Petrochem Ltd posted a net profit of 2.32 bln rupees
in the March quarter, significantly higher than the 235.12-
mln-rupee profit posted a year ago. Revenue in the quarter
0.7% last year.
However, credit to medi-
um industries registered a
professional services.
Credit to the trade seg-
ment, however, continued
large number of structural
reforms that have laid the
foundation for a rate of
11% for the ongoing finan-
cial year, while RBI re-
tained its growth forecast at
not afford lower GDP
growth going forward.
"Therefore, the govern-
surged 91.5% to 12.69 bln rupees. Sequentially, the net profit robust growth of 28.8% in to perform well, register- growth higher during 2020s 10.5%. ment has implemented a
rose 35.1% and revenue rose 36.5%. The company's other March 2021 as compared to ing accelerated growth of than the average 6.5% that "Participating in the dis- large number of deep struc-
income rose to 64.17 mln rupees from 24.77 mln rupees a a contraction of 0.7% a 11.8% in March 2021 as the country achieved dur- cussion on Global Econom- tural reforms which have
year ago. In Jan-Mar, total expenditure, including finance cost, year ago. compared to 4.6% a year ing 1990-2020, Niti Aayog ic Prospects prepared by laid the foundation for a
was at 9.64 bln rupees compared with 6.35 bln rupees a year Loans to micro and small ago, RBI data showed. Vice-Chairman Rajiv Ku- the World Bank. The pres- rate of growth higher dur-
ago. Finance cost was lower at 16.06 mln rupees from 18.06 industries decelerated to Personal loans continued mar said on Friday. entation by the Vice-Presi- ing 2020s than 6.5% which
mln rupees a year ago. 0.5% in March 2021 from to witness slowdown in Earlier this month, the In- dent Ayahan Kose was in- we achieved during 1990-
1.7% a year ago, while cred- growth during the report- ternational Monetary Fund sightful but somewhat pes- 2020," he added. As per RBI, NEW DELHI: Aptech Ltd on
Dalmia Bharat consolidated profit it to large industries con-
tracted by 0.8% as com-
ing month. It decelerated to
10.2% in March 2021 from
(IMF) projected an impres-
sive 12.5% growth rate for
simistic forecasting a lower
growth in the 2020s com-
economic growth is expect-
ed to be 26.2% in the first
Friday said it will take
appropriate legal advice
zooms to Rs 640 crore in Q4 pared to a growth of 0.6% a 15.0% a year ago. the country in 2021. The pared to previous decade," quarter. following a Rs 1 crore fine
Cement maker Dalmia Bharat Ltd on Friday reported a sharp imposed by market

SBI General Insurance profit M&M to hike stake

uptick in consolidated profit at Rs 640 crore for the fourth regulator SEBI for allegedly
quarter ended March 31, 2021, on account of higher revenue violating insider trading
from operations and tax credit. Dalmia Bharat had reported a norms.

grows 32% to Rs 544 cr in FY21 in Meru to 100%

profit of Rs 24 crore in the corresponding period a year ago. SEBI had on Wednesday
slapped the fine on Aptech
Reliance Nippon Life new premium up for violating norms back in
13% to Rs 1,135 crore in fiscal 2021 NEW DELHI: Private non- manded special focus on the NEW DELHI: M&M said it investor True North and oth- "The Adjudicating Officer
Private life insurer Reliance Nippon Life Insurance on Friday life insurer SBI General In- health and SME lines, and has inked a pact with share- ers for an amount not exceed- of SEBI has imposed a
reported a 12.8% jump in its total new business premium surance (SBIG) Friday said the insurer managed to holders of Meru to increase ing Rs 76.03 crore and 12.66% monetary penalty of Rs 1
income at Rs 1,135 crore in the year ended March 31, 2021. its net profit grew by 32% to maintain a balanced its stake to 100% in the ride- shares from Neeraj Gupta Crore on the company on
In 2019-20, its new business premium stood at Rs 1,006 Rs 544 crore in the fiscal growth. hailing service provider. and Farhat Gupta, for an April 28, 2021 for alleged
crore. Profit after tax during FY21 was up 43.41% to Rs 50.28 ended March 3, 2021. "We are also scaling up The auto major said in amount not exceeding Rs failure to close the trading
crore from Rs 35 crore in FY20. Total premium grew by 6.7% Gross written premium our product bouquet and continuation of its strate- 21.63 crore, it added. window as prescribed
to Rs 4,736 crore. (GWP) rose 22% to Rs 8,312 adopting digital disrup- gic intent to grow its pres- With this arrangement, under SEBI....," Aptech said
crore in the fiscal compared tions to offer instant insur- ence in the shared mobility M&M will enhance its cur- in a regulatory filing.
Persistent net profit jumps 64.3% to to Rs 6,840 crore in the fiscal
2019-20, it said.
tomers," the company's
managing director and CEO
ance solutions even at the
distributor part, for the
space, the company has en-
tered into definitive agree-
rent shareholding in Meru
from 43.20% to 100%.
The matter pertains to the
strategic alliance entered
Rs 137.7 crore in fourth quarter "We all have gone through P C Kandpal said. ease of customers," he said. ments with shareholders of "Our association with between Aptech and
Persistent Systems said its consolidated net profit jumped challenging times in the During the year, its sol- The insurer enhanced its Meru Travel Solutions Meru is built on our com- Montana International Pre-
64.3% year-on-year to Rs 137.7 crore during the quarter last financial year, however, vency ratio stood at 2 as customer base by more than Pvt Ltd (Meru) to buy their pelling strategy to scale our school Pvt Ltd, which was
ended March 2021. The company had registered a net profit I'm glad that SBIG has against 2.27 in the previous three crore customers dur- respective stakes in the shared mobility business- announced in September
of Rs 83.8 crore during January-March 2020, it said in a BSE shown a decent growth in fiscal. Combined ratio was ing FY21. Its cumulative ride-hailing services es," Mahindra Group Man- 2016, it added.
filing on Thursday evening. top line and bottom line at 99.8% compared to 98% number of customers provider. aging Director and Chief The company will take
with the support of our dis- in fiscal 2019-20. served till date stands at M&M will acquire 44.14% Executive Officer (CEO) appropriate legal advice in
Ajanta Pharma consolidated net tribution partners and cus- Kandpal said FY21 de- close to 8.7 crore. shares from private equity Anish Shah said. this regard, it said.
rises 23% on year to Rs 159 crore
Ajanta Pharma Ltd's consolidated net profit for the quarter
ended March rose 23.3% on-year to 1.59 bln rupees. Revenue
IHCL posts After stellar Q1, affordable home Reverse migration: NREGS
from operations for the quarter rose 11% to 7.57 bln rupees.
Sequentially, the net profit fell 9.8%, but revenue rose 1.1%.
Rs 98 crore sales may slow down in April-June demand doubles in April
The company's other income fell to 25.3 mln rupees from
566.9 mln rupees year ago. In Jan-Mar, total expenditure, net loss in Q4
including finance cost, was at 5.31 bln rupees compared with AGENCIES incentives and interest AGENCIES/ New Delhi
5.60 bln rupees a year ago. NEW DELHI: Tata group Chennai subsidies to boost demand in
hospitality arm Indian Hotels this segment and achieve its Indicating massive reverse
Zensar Tech consolidated net profit Company on Friday reported a
consolidated net loss of Rs 97.72
Affordable housing segment --
- apartments priced up to Rs
target of Housing for All," said
Mani Rangarajan, who is also
migration to villages amid
the second wave of COVID-
down 36% on quarter, sales fall 6% crore for the fourth quarter 45 lakh-- is contributing nearly COO of Housing.com and 19, an SBI Research report
Zensar Technologies Ltd's consolidated net profit for the ended March 2021, impacted by half of the total demand in the Makaan.com. on Friday said the demand
March quarter declined 35.9% sequentially to 883.4 mln continued pandemic related primary residential market After a huge setback during for work by households un-
rupees. Revenue from operations for the quarter fell 6.2% to challenges. across eight major cities, real the April-June quarter of der rural employment
8.76 bln rupees. On a year-on-year basis, the net profit rose The company had posted a net estate brokerage firm that around 26% of the sales 2020, he said India's scheme or MGNREGS has
27.1%, while revenue fell 13.9%. Analysts had estimated a profit of Rs 76.29 crore for the PropTiger.com said on Friday. were in Rs 45-75 lakh price residential property market almost doubled to 2.57 crore
net profit of 914.17 mln rupees and net sales of 8.78 bln corresponding period of the Addressing a webinar, bracket, 10% in Rs 75 lakh to has been recovering month- in April.
rupees. The company's other income rose to 66.1 mln rupees previous fiscal, Indian Hotels PropTiger COO Mani Rs 1 crore and 19% above Rs on-month on pent-up There is no official data 2,08,330 with 3,498 new fa-
from 48 mln rupees quarter ago. Company Ltd (IHCL) said in a Rangarajan said the April-June 1 crore. demand, festival sales, and on internal migration or re- talities, the data updated at
regulatory filing. quarter may witness demand Out of the total sales, 44% the rising importance of verse migration at the na- 8 am on Friday showed. The
Atul Ltd consolidated net profit rises The revenue from operations
stood at Rs 615.02 crore for the
slowdown because of the
second wave of the COVID-19
contribution came from two-
bedroom apartments.
having homeownership.
Low interest on home loans
tional level with a single
source information centre.
active cases have also
jumped to 31,70,228, com-
24% on year to Rs 180 crore quarter under consideration. It pandemic but sales should Earlier this month, PropTiger and stamp duty cut by the The country has been top- prising 16.90% of the total
Atul Ltd's consolidated net profit for the March quarter rose was Rs 1,062.98 crore for the pick up in the second half of reported that housing sales Maharashtra has also helped ping the list of daily coron- infections.
23.9% on-year to 1.75 bln rupees. Revenue from operations same period a year ago, it this year. across eight major cities in the recovery process. avirus infection caseload As cases soar everyday,
for the quarter rose 15.6% to 11.16 bln rupees. Sequentially, added. He ruled out price correction declined by 5% year-on-year However, Rangarajan said and death toll for more than the nation has been snap-
the net profit fell 7.2%, while revenue rose 17.1%. The For the fiscal ended March in the primary housing at 66,176 units. the recent outbreak of the two weeks now. ping at the seams as hospi-
company's other income fell to 186.3 mln rupees from 355.5 2021, the hospitality major market, saying that builders Mumbai, Pune, and second wave of COVID-19 and The latest numbers re- tals are over-crowded with
mln rupees year ago. posted a net loss of Rs 795.63 have been operating at a thin Bengaluru witnessed a fall in semi-lockdown in many states leased by the Union health patients gasping for breath
crore. It had registered a net profit margin. sales, while the other five may put a brake on the revival ministry this morning said as they don't have enough
Trent PAT surges manifold on year profit of Rs 363.74 crore in the
preceding fiscal, the filing said.
In its Real Insight report for
January-March 2021 quarter.
cities -- Delhi-NCR, Kolkata,
Chennai, Hyderabad, and
of the housing demand seen
during the last nine months.
the country recorded a new
daily caseload with as
oxygen supplies, and so are
crematoriums and burial
to Rs 57 crore in January-March The consolidated revenue from PropTiger found out that Ahmedabad--- saw growth in "Though It is too early to many as 3,86,452 new infec- grounds across the major
Trent Ltd posted a net profit of 568.75 mln rupees for the operations for the fiscal ended around 45% of sales in demand. assess the impact, we need to tions in the past 24 hours, cities. More than 100 people
March quarter, significantly higher than the 26.12-mln-rupee March this year stood at Rs January-March 2021 were "Affordable housing segment keep in mind that the real pushing the tally to have died for want of oxy-
profit posted a year ago. Revenue in the quarter rose 7% to 1,575.16 crore. It was Rs contributed by the affordable has been a top performer estate industry is more 1,87,62,976, while active cas- gen, while tens of hundreds
7.74 bln rupees. Sequentially, the net profit fell 28.6%, while 4,463.14 crore in the year-ago housing segment. since the last few years. The prepared this time to handle es crossed the 31-lakh mark. are dying every day for
revenue rose 6.7%. period, it added. The consultant further said government is providing tax the situation,” he said. The death toll increased to want of drugs.

Rahul rocks

SPORTS CAFE Fierce rivals battle

for supremacy
Depleted Gaurs put up a dogged fight
MARGAO: A depleted FC Goa side were beaten 0-2 by Al
Wahda in their final AFC Champions League match tonight at
the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, Goa. The result
means that the Gaurs finished third in Group E in their maiden
appearance in the tournament thanks to three points owing to FP NEWS SERVICE / New Delhi Royals and Sunrisers Hyder-
three draws. abad respectively and both
Punjab Kings overcome FP NEWS SERVICE with ball in his hand to dis- A conflict of willows is on teams would be keen to con-
BFC's play-off match rescheduled Ahmedabad
BENGALURU: Indian club Bengaluru FC's AFC Cup play-off
RCB to take fifth spot miss key rival batsmen, Vi-
rat Kohli (35), Glenn
cards when Rohit Sharma's
elegance and Suryakumar
tinue their winning streak.
The biggest positive for
match, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in points table Skipper KL Rahul led from Maxwell (0) and AB de Vil- Yadav's flamboyance will be Mumbai has been the return
earlier this month, has been rescheduled for May 11. BFC, the front with a combative liers (3), as RCB managed pitted against the brute pow- to form of opener Quinton
runners-up in 2016, were earlier scheduled to play on April 28. 91 while, Harpreet Brar 145 for eight. er of Faf du Plessis and the de Kock (117 runs), who
They will now travel to Maldvies to take on hosts Club Eagles playing his just third IPL The win took Punjab (6) to grace of Ruturaj Gaikwad as made a blistering, unbeaten
next month for the group D fixture. match accounted for three fifth place behind Mumbai heavyweights Mumbai Indi- 70 against Rajasthan here.
key wickets as Punjab Indians (6) in the points ans and Chennai Super Kings The faltering Mumbai mid-
WBC India contest postponed indefinitely Kings routed Royal Chal- table from the sixth place, cross swords in the IPL here dle-order also clicked in the
NEW DELHI: The World Boxing Council (WBC) India lengers Bangalore by 34 while RCB (10) remained at on Saturday. previous game, on a compar-
Championship, which was scheduled to take place in Jalandhar runs in an IPL match, here number three. Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai atively easy batting track
on Saturday, has been postponed indefinitely due to the on Friday. The fiery spells from Riley does look a better side as in compared to the one at the
increase in COVID-19 infections in the country. Put into bat, Punjab were Meredith (1/29) and Mo- the last 30 meetings between Chepauk.
in a spot of bother at one hammed Shami (1/28) the two side the defending Pacers Jasprit Bumrah and
Inbee Park tied for lead at LPGA stage but Rahul's persever- meant that RCB were off to champions have 18 as against Trent Boult have been excep-
ance, power-hitting of Chris a sedate start as they could 12 my MSD-led Chennai. tional, particularly at the
Gayle (46) and energy of score only 36 runs from the But, that will have very few death, and would need to per-
Brar (25) ensured they had a Powerplay overs.
competitive 179 for five on The 24-year-old Australian
board. pacer consistently tested
Rahul and Gayle shared a the RCB openers and even-
80-run stand but Punjab's tually uprooted the stumps
middle order collapsed as of Devdutt Padikkal (7) af-
Brar, batting at number sev- ter being hit for a six on a
en, was the only other bats- mis-timed shot by the left-
man to manage a double- hander.
digit score. PUNJAB KINGS
Rahul and Brar then
added 61 runs for the un- KL Rahul notout................................91
P Singh c Kohli b Jamieson................7
beaten eighth wicket to res- C Gayle c de Villiers b D Sams.........46
cue the side after the RCB N Pooran c S Ahmed b Jamieson.......0
bowlers had seized the ini- D Hooda c R Patidar b S Ahmed 5
SINGAPORE: Hee Young Park birdied her final hole Friday to tiative following Gayle's dis- S Khan b Chahal................................0
move into a tie for the lead with Inbee Park at the HSBC missal in the 11th over. H Brar not out...................................25
Women's World Championship at Sentosa Golf Club. Hee Young Rahul hit seven fours and Extras: (lb-1, w-4)...............................5
Park (68) and No. 2-ranked Inbee Park (69) had two-round totals five sixes in his 57-ball Total: ..........................................179-5
of 11-under 133 at the LPGA event. knock, while Brar took 17 FoW: 19-1, 99-2, 107-3, 117-4, 118-5
Bowler: Daniel Sams 4-0-24-1, Rohit Sharma (L) along with Suryakumar Yadav
balls for his 25 that had two
Injured Japanese sumo wrestler dies sixes and a four.
Mohammed Siraj 3-0-24-0, Kyle
Jamieson 3-0-32-2, Yuzvendra Chahal consequences as these sides form again to contain the in-
TOKYO: A Japanese sumo wrestler has died a month after Brar (3-19) then returned 4-0-34-1, Harshal Patel 4-0-53-0, have been going about in this form CSK batters.
falling on his head during a bout in a case that has raised Shahbaz Ahmed 2-0-11-1.. edition of the league. Meanwhile, table-toppers
questions about the sport's response to medical emergencies. Both the teams have regis- CSK have been a force to
Hibikiryu, 28, died of acute respiratory failure on Wednesday, TEAM PLD W L PTS ROYAL CHALLENGERS BENGALURU tered identical seven-wicket reckon with this season, hav-
the Japan Sumo Association said Thursday. V Kohli (c) b H Brar...........................35 wins over Rajasthan ing won five of their six
CSK 6 5 1 10 D Padikkal b Meredith........................7 games. Openers du Plessis
Fans to be allowed for Italian Cup final R Patidar c Pooran b Jordan.............31
MI: R Sharma (c), A Milne, A Tare,
A Singh, A Roy, A Tendulkar, C Lynn, (270 runs) and Ruturaj (192
ROME: The Italian Cup final between Juventus and Atalanta will DC 7 5 2 10 G Maxwell b Harpreet Brar..................0 D Kulkarni, H Pandya, I Kishan, J runs) have been in top form
have a limited number of fans in attendance. The Italian AB de Villiers c Rahul b H Brar 3 Neesham, J Bumrah, J Yadav, K and would be keen to provide

The Teams (From)

government on Thursday gave its approval for the Mapei RCB 7 5 2 10 S Ahmed c H Brar b R Bishnoi 8 Pollard, K Pandya, M Jansen, M
the team with another
D Sams b R Bishnoi............................3 Khan, N Coulter-Nile, P Chawla, Q
Stadium be at 20% capacity when it hosts the final on May 19. K Jamieson not out...........................16 De Kock (wk), R Chahar, S Tiwary, S strong start.
MI 6 3 3 6 Yadav, T Boult, Y Singh.
H Patel c R Bishnoi b M Shami 31
WTC tickets through ballot process M Siraj not out....................................0 CSK: M S Dhoni (c), S Raina, A
DUBAI: The ICC World Test Championship Final 2021 is being PBKS 7 3 4 6 Extras: (lb-8, w-3)............................11 Rayudu, KM Asif, D Chahar, D H-2-H
staged at the Hampshire Bowl, Southampton from June 18-23 TOTAL: ......................................145-8 Bravo, Faf du Plessis, I Tahir, N
KKR 7 2 5 4 FoW: 1-19, 2-62, 3-62, 4-69, 5-91, 6- Jagadeesan, K Sharma, L Ngidi, M Total matches played
(inclusive of the reserve day). Tickets to attend the match are
96, 7-96, 8-144 Santner, R Jadeja, R Gaikwad, S
restricted in accordance with public health restrictions and shall
be allocated through the ballot process (the Ballot). RR 6 2 4 4 Bowling: R Meredith 3.2-0-29-1, M Thakur, S Curran, R Sai Kishore, M
Ali, K Gowtham, C Pujra, H Reddy, B
Shami 3.4-0-28-1, R Bishnoi 4-0-17-2,
Varma, C Hari Nishaanth. MI vs CSK
ACMA donates to help India fight pandemic SRH 6 1 5 2 H Brar 4-1-19-3, C Jordan 4-0-31-1, D
Hooda 1-0-13-0 18 12
MELBOURNE: With the second wave of COVID-19 rampant in LIVE ON STAR SPORTS FROM 7.30 PM

T20 WC venues could be curtailed

India, the Australian Cricket Media Association (ACMA) has come
forward to help the country fight the pandemic. They have made a
donation of $4,200 to help India battle it out against coronavirus. Kolkata’s top-order
Real's Carvajal doubtful for Chelsea trip
MADRID: Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal has injured a
muscle in his right leg, making him a doubt to play at Chelsea in
reshuffle on cards BY KUSHAN SARKAR
New Delhi
vaccinated, we will be in a
position to host World T20.
ways been confined to three
or four venues but it hasn't
the Champions League semifinals. Coach Zinedine Zidane hopes AGENCIES / Ahmedabad have asked of our players. But Yes, one of the options could been a case in India due to
to have center back Sergio Ramos and left back Ferland Mendy unfortunately we're not quite The BCCI is confident that be curtailing the nine venues board politics and its related
available for the second leg. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) getting that. We're certainly India will host the World T20 to a maximum four or five," a compulsions.
coach Brendon McCullum said not getting it in the abundance in October as per schedule senior BCCI office bearer A former BCCI office bear-
FIFA, UEFA support social media boycott that there will be changes made that we need," the former New despite a surge in COVID-19 told PTI on Friday. er, who was involved in or-
NYON: English soccer's boycott of social media is spreading to the team's top order after Zealand added. cases in the country but the An ICC recce team was sup- ganisation of both 2011
after FIFA and UEFA said they will join the players, clubs and their defeat to the Delhi Capitals KKR were 73-2 at the end of marquee ICC event could be posed to reach Delhi on April back up venue". World Cup and 2016 World
organisations in a four-day protest against online abuse. The (DC). It was KKR's third consec- the 10th over of the match be- held in five cities instead of 26 to inspect the bio-secure However an office bearer T20 put it aptly.
boycott will also be joined by English cricket and rugby clubs, utive defeat and fifth loss in sev- fore Lalit Yadav dismissed cap- originally nine short-listed arrangements for the IPL, said that UAE was always the "You have Kolkata, Ahmed-
and the British Lawn Tennis Association, highlighting concerns en days. tain Morgan and Sunil Narine venues. keeping in mind the World second option as per rules. abad, and Dharamsala.
that Twitter and Facebook, which also owns Instagram, aren't "It's very, very disappoint- for ducks in the 11th over. The As per convention, ICC T20 but the travel bans im- "You always have a back up "And there are four best sta-
doing enough to combat racist abuse on their platforms. ing," McCullum said in the next four overs produced 20 keeps a back-up country posed on India led to the post- venue and UAE has been the diums in Mumbai, Chennai,
post-match press conference runs and included the dis- ready and it's been the UAE ponement of the trip. venue after it was passed at Delhi and Bangalore along
Sharma makes a modest start on Thursday. missal of opener Shubman for the past one year. "Yes, the team was sup- ICC meeting last year. with Hyderabad," he said,
TENERIFE (Spain): Shubhankar Sharma carded three birdies "I think as a player, you ask to Gill, who scored 43 in 38 balls. The IPL is currently on in posed to arrive earlier this There's nothing new in what hinting that it's difficult to ig-
against a bogey for a two-under 69 to emerge as the best- be given freedom and confi- "What we saw from Prithvi separate bio-secure environ- week but with travel bans in Dhiraj had said. Obviously, if nore any of these big venues.
placed Indian at Tied 55 after the opening day of the Tenerife dence and loyalty when it Shaw tonight was the perfect ments but BCCI will face per- place, they will come later the situation remains same "For Pakistan, it's always
Open here. SSP Chawrasia (70) was T-86th and needed a solid comes to selection, to go out template of how we want to haps its biggest test of man- once situation returns to after five months, you will safe to play in Delhi or Luc-
second round to make the cut, while Gaganjeet Bhullar (74) and there and take the game on and play. You're not always going to aging a big-ticket ICC tour- normalcy," the office bearer have to have Plan B ready," know since Mumbai is out of
Ajeetesh Sandhu (75) were also in need of good second scores try and be aggressive... and to be able to hit every ball for four nament in adverse circum- said. the office bearer said. question. Similarly for Eng-
to extend their stay in the tournament, where the cut seems try and make things happen or six, but you can have the in- stances. BCCI's GM (Game Develop- Usually, when ICC World land or Australia, Mumbai is
likely at three-under. for your team. That's the style tent to do so, particularly when "We are still hopeful that ment) Dhiraj Malhotra was T20 has been held in other logistically very convenient.
of play which both myself and you're given a free licence ," with five months left and sig- on Friday quoted as saying countries like Sri Lanka, So these are certain factors,"
Blanc hails organisation, pitch Goa the captain (Eoin Morgan) said McCullum. nificant population being by the BBC that "UAE is the Bangladesh, the event has al- he said.
MARGAO: Al Rayyan SC head coach Laurent Blanc, a World

Virus and the value equations at the IPL

Cup winner with France, on Friday hailed the organisers of the
AFC Champions League Group E matches in Margao, Goa. Blanc,
thanked the organisers, stating that it is "not easy" to stage such
a premier competition in the middle of a raging pandemic.
Covid-stricken boxer Simranjit dropped
NEW DELHI: National champion and Olympic-bound boxer Somehow with so much of death, pain and suffering all around, the entire cash-rich league looks a greedy and grotesque extravaganza

Simranjit Kaur has been dropped from the Indian squad for the

Asian Boxing Championships to be held in Dubai from May 21 dampener has been the response of Australian millions not on it, the IPL perhaps symbolizes the player’s cumulative MVPI (Most Valuable Player
as she is still recovering from Covid-19. The 25-year-old national Prime Minister Scott Morrison who said there would selfishness, indifference and a lack of empathy for Index); the lower the PVI, the more value for money
champion in the 60 kg had tested positive for Covid-19 last be no special arrangements to bring back the the general citizenry. Many on Twitter have been or paisa vasool the player is. Harshal Patel with PVI
WIDE! cricketers currently in India taking part in the Indian
Premier League 2021. The PM’s statement came
quoting the Bob Dylan song, “How many deaths
will it take till they know that too many people have
of 36 is by far the most paisa vasool player of IPL
2021 currently. With an IPL salary of just Rs. 20
BY DR. SANDEEP GOYAL after Australia batsman Chris Lynn, who represents died?”. Against the millions getting infected every lakhs (Pat Cummins is paid Rs. 15.5 crore), he has
WHAT’S ON TV the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, had requested for a week, the high-pitched commentary, the lofted sixes already bagged 17 wickets (compared to 9 wickets
05.30: WWE SmackDown; Sony Ten 1
09.50: Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh; 2nd Test Day; Sony Six
F ear has been the key at the IPL all week. The IPL
2021 is going through a challenging time as
players are withdrawing from the league due to the
chartered flight for the cricketers to return home
after the 14th edition of the tournament gets over.
In parallel, the IPL has in this past week run into a
and the pampered players earning lakhs for every
run scored, are fanning resentment and animosity. It
is not a good sign. Somehow with so much of
for Cummins) so far and has monopolised the
purple cap to date. Batsman Devdutt Paddikal has a
PVI of 53. He too was picked for just Rs. 20 lacs. In
16.00: MotoGP; Red Bull de Espana; Eurosport coronavirus scare. There have been some injuries too maelstrom: with serious questions being raised on death, pain and suffering all around, the entire IPL five matches so far his 188 runs have made for an
17.00: EPL; Crystal Palace vs Man City; Star Select but it is mainly the virus that has kept everyone on why a game of cricket needs to be put on a looks a greedy and grotesque extravaganza. incredibly good paisa vasool. Prasidh Krishna and
18.30: Serie A; Verona vs Spezia; Sony Ten 2 tenterhooks, be it the infection, be it the bio-bubble pedestal when metres away from the stadia citizens Some of the angst against the IPL may have Arshdeep Singh are at a PVI of 77. Krishna bought
19.30: EPL; BHA vs Leeds United; Star Select fatigue or be it the fear of being shut out of home are dying because of a lack of medical help and got softened if the players and franchises, the for Rs. 20 lacs has bagged 8 wickets in 7 matches;
countries because of flight curtailments – the Covid dearth of oxygen. To many on social media, and to BCCI and the broadcaster, had all been seen to Arshdeep also bought for Rs. 20 lacs has got 7
20.30: ATP 250 - Millennium Estoril Open; Eurosport
overhang has taken a serious toll of the League be a bit more compassionate and empathetic to wickets so far. Chetan Sakariya who was picked up
21.30: Serie A; Crotone vs Inter Milan; Sony Ten 2 already. the common man’s suffering. Pat Cummins, the for Rs. 1.2 crore has got 7 wickets from 6 matches
Devdutt Padikkal
22.00: EPL Chelsea vs Fulham; Star Select As of this week, we have seen the exits of Australian all-rounder, stood up to be counted and clocks a PVI of 69.
23.15: Dutch League; Vitesse vs PEC Zwolle; Eurosport overseas players Adam Zampa, Andrew Tye, Ben as a big-hearted cricketer by writing a In contrast, how do the superstars stack up?
00.30: EPL; Everton vs Aston Villa; Star Select Stokes, Jofra Archer, Josh Hazlewood, Josh Phillipe, US$50,000 cheque to the PM Cares Fund to help Rohit Sharma has a PVI of 4351, yes you read it
01.15: MLS; Dynamo Vs Los Angeles FC; Eurosport Kane Richardson, Liam Livingstone, Mark Wood, buy oxygen for India’s over-stretched hospitals. right! Virat Kohli, hold your breath is at 5584;
Mitchell Marsh, and of the Indian spinner, Rajasthan Royals too announced a contribution Rishabh Pant 5096; Jasprit Bumrah 2498; KL Rahul
00.15: Serie A; Milan vs Benevento; Sony Ten 2 Ravichandran Ashwin. That is not all. Some players of Rs 7.5 crore to help those impacted by Covid 2897; Pat Cummins 4436, Chris Morris 3381,
also have their national duty to attend to and will -19 which was pretty generous. Delhi Capitals Andre Russel 2249, Rashid Khan 2210, AB de


have to depart early to follow isolation protocols. opened the purse for a meager Rs. 1.5 crore. Villiers 3031 … even the super performer of the
Kane Williamson and Trent Boult are expected to And Sachin Tendulkar raised his hand for a crore last week Ravindra Jadeja is a not-so-impressive
leave early, maybe mid-May, as New Zealand have in donation. But highly paid Indian stars (IPL 1046.
And on his 40th birthday, a Test series against England starting from June 2. salary in brackets) kept their cheque books What it really means is that the under-paid and
Umpires Nitin Menon and Paul Reiffel too have securely sealed : Virat Kohli (Rs. 17 crore), MS under-rated Harshal Patel is 150 times a better
Gordon Greenidge played his
left the IPL. Menon due to immediate family Dhoni (Rs. 15 crore), Rohit Sharma (Rs. 15 buy for his franchise than the doyen Virat Kohli is
last Test innings. Against members testing positive for Covid-19, and Reiffel is crore), Manish Pandey (Rs. 11 crore), KL Rahul for his. Or that Paddikal is a 90 times better buy
Australia in Antigua, he was trying to get out of India before Australia shuts all (Rs. 11 crore) and Hardik Pandya (Rs. 11 crore) than Rohit Sharma. One could of course argue
run out for 43, as West Indies incoming flights and imposes a travel ban from besides others. That added a more mercenary that the broadcasting dollars come from viewers
failed to chase an unlikely India. sting to the debate. wanting to see Kohli not Harshal. Which really is
target of 455. Greenidge went Apparently, the 40-strong Australian contingent at Any case, back to cricket. I have been fascinated both unfair and sad. But then isn’t that true of life
on the tour of England that the IPL is the most restless. Some are feeling by the Paisa Vasool Index (PVI) being put out by itself?!
followed but injured his knee in the second one-day international, suffocated in the bio-bubble; most others fear that some statisticians. PVI is calculated by dividing the Dr. Sandeep Goyal loves his cricket but he
his last appearance for his country. they may get stranded in India for months. A major player's cumulative US$ earning from the League by loves the statistics of the game too.


Barcelona miss Wrestlers who missed

flight, reach Sofia for
chance to go top son, set up Leo Messi
Olympic qualifiers

A final chance to
to put Barca ahead. make the
It was the French Olympic cut at
forward’s seventh stake, India’s
assist of the season. wrestlers have

Muguruza pulls out of

Griezmann and finally landed in
Messi combined Sofia, Bulgaria
again shortly after- for the World
ward only for Messi Qualifiers start-

Madrid Open as Barty

to drag his shot wide ing May 6 after
and with Barca in missing an earli-
the ascendency. er scheduled
Aaron did magnifi- flight because of
cently to deny Messi
when he was able to
deflect the ball just
wide after a pass
cruises into 2nd round the travel ban on
the country.
Several coun-
tries have im-
from Sergio Bus- MADRID the women’s singles tour- posed travel
quets. nament saw Switzerland’s bans on India
The second half be- Spanish No. 1 women’s ten- Jil Teichmann produce an due to a sharp rise in ets via Paris for Thursday (97kg) and Sumit Malik
gan with Griezmann nis player, Garbine Mugu- incredible recovery to COVID-19 cases here. night. The wrestlers have (125kg) will make one last
BARCELONA ported. shooting just wide from the ruza, said she will not be come back from a set and a A group of 10 wrestlers already reached there,” attempt to book their tick-
With a difficult visit to Va- edge of the Granada penalty able to compete in the break down and then save were to leave for Sofia via WFI Assistant Secretary ets for Tokyo in men’s free
FC Barcelona missed the lencia on Sunday, Barcelona area before Sergi Roberto Madrid Open tennis tour- six match points in the Amsterdam on Wednesday Vinod Tomar said. style event while Seema
chance to go top of La Liga coach Ronald Koeman made fired just over the bar after a nament due to an injury to third set tiebreak to beat but their tickets were can- The World Qualifiers will (50kg), Nisha Dahiya (68kg)
with just five games left three changes to his start- flowing move involving her left leg. No. 4 seed Elina Svitolina 2- celled at the last minute by be held from May 6-9.India and Pooja Sihag (76kg) will
when they were stunned 2-1 ing 11 with Samuel Umtiti, Messi and Frenkie de The injury had previous- 6, 6-4, 7-6 (5) in two hours a Dutch airline. The have so far earned qualifi- try to book their slots in the
by Granada at Camp Nou. Ilaix Moriba, and Sergi Jong.The home side looked ly forced Muguruza, who is and 33 minutes.Elsewhere Wrestling Federation of In- cation in six women’s event.
Although Barca controlled Roberto in for Clement to be in complete control as currently 13th in the WTA former World No. 1 An- dia (WFI) then swung into categories.Three men’s free None of India’s Greco Ro-
most of the ball and had the Lenglet, Pedri, and Sergino they stroked the ball rankings, to withdraw gelique Kerber defeated action and arranged for style wrestlers [Ravi man wrestlers have quali-
majority of the chances, two Dest. around, but they were from the third round in former Roland Garros fi- fresh flight tickets via Dahiya (57kg), Bajrang Pu- fied for the Games and six
defensive lapses allowed As expected, Barca con- caught flat-footed in the 63rd Charleston earlier this nalist Marketa Vondrouso- Paris.”We had discussions nia (65kg), Deepak Punia of them — Sachin Rana
Darwin Machis and Jorge trolled the ball, but they minute when Oscar month.”This is the worst va 7-6 (5), 6-1 in one hour with those countries (86kg)] and three women’s (60kg), Aashu (67kg), Gur-
Molina to overturn Leo could not test Aaron in the Mingueza failed to cut out a news and the most painful and 19 minutes, while top through our embassies in wrestlers [(Vinesh Phogat preet Singh (77kg), Sunil
Messi’s opener for the home Granada goal until the 20th through ball allowing Dar- decision any player can seeded Ashleigh Barty en- Netherlands and France 53kg, Anshu Malik (57kg) (87kg), Deepanshu (97kg)
side, who remain third in minute.Three minutes later, win Machis to race forward make,” said Muguruza on joyed a comfortable debut and succeeded in getting and Sonam Malik (62kg)]. and Naveen Kumar (130kg)
the table, two points behind Antoine Griezmann, who is and beat Marc Andre Ter Thursday, Xinhua reports. as she defeated Shelby travel restrictions relaxed. Now, Amit Dhankar — will present their chal-
Atletico Madrid, Xinhua re- in his best form of the sea- Stegen and level the scores. The first day of action in Rogers 6-2, 6-1. Eventually we booked tick- (74kg), Satywart Kadiyan lenge in Sofia

‘Shooter Dadi’ Chandro Chhetri gives ‘real-life

Knew where Mavi Pooran pledges to donate in
would bowl: Shaw
AHMEDABAD: Delhi Capitals (DC) opener Prithvi Shaw
said his experience of playing against Shivam Mavi earlier
fight against Covid-19
AHMEDABAD: Following Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) fast
bowler Pat Cummins’s gesture to donate US $50,000 to
Tomar dies due to COVID-19 captains’ access to
in his career helped him get in position to hit six fours off the PM Cares fund to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, NEW DELHI

his Twitter account
Chandro Tomar, who be-
came the oldest woman NEW DELHI are some real-life captains
sharp shooter in the world who are doing some ex-
after taking up the sport in The Indian national foot- traordinary and phenome-
her 60s, died on Friday after ball team captain, Sunil nal work (in the battle
battling COVID-19. Chhetri, on against the
She was 89 and was being Friday said pandemic).
treated at a hospital in that he is giv- They give
Meerut since April 26. ing his Twit- me hope and
“Mera saath chhoot gaya, ter account a lot of moti-
Chandro kaha chali gayi access to vation, and I
(She has left me, Chandro Hailing from a village in ‘real-life cap- want to join
where have you gone?),” Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat tains’ so that them.”
her sister-in-law Prakashi district, Tomar was 60-plus they could “I want to
Tomar, who is also one of when she picked up the gun share criti- give the ac-
Punjab Kings’ (PBKS) left-handed batsman Nicholas the oldest female sharp for the first time but went cal informa- cess of my
Pooran too pledged to donate a part of his IPL salary for shooters, wrote on her on to win many national tion for Twitter ac-
six successive deliveries in the first over of the innings the cause. “Although many other countries are still being Twitter page. competitions for veterans, Covid-19 pa- count to a
bowled by the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) pacer. “We’ve affected by the pandemic, the situation in India right now Tomar, who was nick- her feats ultimately inspir- tients. few of these
played for 4-5 years now (with Mavi). So I knew where he is particularly severe. I will do my part to bring awareness named ‘Shooter Dadi’ for ing the award-winning Bol- In a 57-sec- captains, so
will bowl to me. The first four-five balls he bowled were and financial assistance to this dire situation. her exploits, was hospi- lywood movie ‘Saand ki ond video that impor-
half-volleys. I was prepared for the short ball but talised after complaining of Aankh’.Well-known people posted on the tant infor-
unfortunately he didn’t bowl,” said Shaw after getting
the player of the match award.
Tendulkar donates Rs 1 crore difficulty in breathing.
Tests revealed she had con-
from various walks of life
condoled her death, includ-
All India
Football Fed-
mation can
be amplified

Dhawan takes back Orange Cap to ‘Mission Oxygen’ tracted the highly conta-
gious virus that is causing
ing sports minister Kiren
Rijiju and actor Bhumi Ped-
(AIFF) website, the striker,
and reach as
many people as possible. I
NEW DELHI: Batting great Sachin Tendulkar has over 3,000 deaths daily in nekar, who played her in who is also the Bengaluru am on your team,” the 36-
AHMEDABAD: Shikhar Dhawan returned to the top of contributed Rs 1 crore to ‘Mission Oxygen’, an initiative the country. the biopic. FC captain, said, “There year-old added.
the Orange Cap table after scoring 46 in Delhi Capitals’ on the medical

Boxer Simranjit dropped from India squad

website Ketto
aiming to help
procure oxygen
cylinders for
hospitals in India NEW DELHI kg had tested positive for eration of India (BFI) said.
for Covid-19 Covid-19 last week. Simranjit is among four In-
patients. “The National champion and “Since she is still in quar- dian women boxers to have
second wave of Olympic-bound boxer Sim- antine here at the Indira qualified for the Tokyo
Covid has put our ranjit Kaur has been Gandhi Indoor Sports Com- Olympics.Six-time world
health-care system dropped from the Indian plex, it wouldn’t be possible champion MC Marykom
under immense squad for the Asian Boxing for her to compete in the (51kg), Lovlina Borgohain
pressure. Providing Championships to be held continental competition. (69 kg) and Pooja Rani
oxygen for the large number of serious Covid patients is in Dubai from May 21 as We will check if the second (75kg) are the other three to
the need of the hour,” Tendulkar said in a statement he she is still recovering from boxer in her category (60kg) have got quota for the
released on his social media handles on Thursday. Covid-19.The 25-year-old is fit for competition,” an Tokyo Olympics starting
everyone that is working hard to fight this pandemic,” he national champion in the 60 official of the Boxing Fed- July 23.
further said.

Aussie IPL stars may have to pay

heavy penalty on return home Motivated men’s hockey team
can finish on podium: Baskaran
Australian cricketers
(DC) seven-wicket win over Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in may face trouble
the Indian Premier League (IPL). Dhawan took 47 balls to getting back home
score his 46 but played the perfect foil to his opening and could be left
partner Prithvi Shaw, who scored 82 off 41 balls. stranded somewhere
Shaw, meanwhile, entered the top three of the Orange after their media
Former India coach and
Cap standings, with his total run tally of 270 putting him reported that
captain of the hockey
one run ahead of Punjab Kings captain KL Australian
team that won gold at the
Rahul.Rajasthan Royals’ Chris Morris entered the top five government was
1980 Moscow Olympics,
of the Purple Cap . mulling hefty fine
Vasudevan Baskaran, be-
and jail term for
Top order require those returning from
India, which is
lieves both the men’s and
women’s teams are capa-

changes: McCullum
ble of finishing on the
reeling under
podium at the Tokyo
unprecedented surge
AHMEDABAD: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) coach Brendon Olympics.
in Covid-19 cases.
McCullum said that there will be changes made to the “Indian teams (men’s
“The federal
team’s top order after and women’s) can finish
government is
their defeat to the on the podium in Tokyo. I
considering fining
Delhi Capitals (DC). It have no doubt about it.
and jailing anyone who tries to enter Australia from India
was KKR’s third The men’s team has been
amid that country’s Covid-19 crisis,” said a report in the
consecutive defeat playing really well. My ad-
Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). As many as 14 Australian
and fifth loss in seven vice to them is to keep the
cricketers are currently playing the Indian Premier League
days. “It’s very, very confidence level up. Each
(IPL) in India. They include top draws like David Warner,
disappointing,” player has come up the
Steve Smith and Pat Cummins.Australians are also part of
McCullum said in the hard way to reach here. It
various IPL franchises’ coaching/support staff and TV
post-match press would perhaps be the first
commentary team. They include Ricky Ponting, David
conference on Olympics for about seven- “They (women’s team) team had missed the bronze live in Bhubaneswar when
Hussey, Brett Lee and Matthew Hayden among others.
Thursday. “I think as a player, you ask to be given eight players, and I feel must remain focused on fin- narrowly. After seeing the they beat USA, one of the
“Nine News reported on Friday night that the government
freedom and confidence and loyalty when it comes to they shouldn’t just be hap- ishing in the top-4. When I current Indian women’s best teams in the world. They
was considering a further step by making it a crime,
selection, to go out there and take the game on and try py with the ‘Olympian ti- was playing at the 1980 team, I feel they have devel- rightfully earned the place in
punishable by a maximum $66,000 fine or five years’ jail,
and be aggressive. tle (tag)’ but should aim Moscow Olympics, women’s oped a lot of confidence after the Olympics,” said
if they travel home from India,” said the SMH report.
for a medal. hockey was included. Our (Rio) 2016. I saw them play Baskaran.
YouTube testing time-linked comments on videos
SAN FRANCISCO: Google-owned video streaming platform moment you’re watching in a video,” the company said in a
YouTube said that it is testing time-linked comments that will blog post on Thursday. “To see if you’re part of the experiment,
appear at the exact time users are watching a video. This go to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tap the
experiment is available on some videos to a small group of Sort button to select Timed Beta,” it added. According to

people and the company considers rolling this out more 9To5Google, this could help prevent spoilers in certain content
broadly, based on feedback. “We’re currently testing a new or could have the opposite effect with more comment spam
feature that allows you to view comments timed to the exact than currently litters the video streaming platform. –IANS

Sleep well to stay mentally


or well over a year, the world

has been battling the pan-

fit amid the pandemic

demic caused by the Coron-

avirus. Millions across the world
have been infected and an equal
number have lost their lives across
the globe. Covid-19 has caused im-
mense distress and stress not just to
the people who are infected but also
to their near and dear ones. It is Aili Seghetti
never easy to watch a loved one in The resurgence of covid followed by restrictions has once again, given rise to are forwarded widely and mostly Intimacy & Relationship Coach
suffering, and that causes a degree without verifying the facts. This
of anxiety, stress and impacts the stress, anxiety and depression. Know how adequate sleep, meditation and cutting causes or rather adds to the stress
mental balance of a person.
Mental Health Social Worker, au-
thor and translator Pooja Priyam-
down on negativity can help keep you stay sane in this ongoing lockdown
levels and induces panic.
“Social media is a double-edged
sword, while those who feel lonely Boyfriend’s a crazy
Bollywood fan
vada explains the need for proper do feel connected and informed
sleep to overcome the stress caused with it others might feel triggered
by the current pandemic. “Ade- and saddened by the voyeuristic na-
quate sleep is important for both ture of social media. In all cases
physical as well as mental wellness. keep usage under a limit and don’t
How much sleep each person needs let it affect your ‘real life’,” says Q. My boyfriend and I have very distinct tastes when
or gets varies from individual to in- Priyamvada. And it’s not just social it comes to watching movies. He swears by one of
dividual. Not just the duration of media that adds to the stress levels. the biggest Khan of Bollywood and I can’t stand
sleep but also the quality of sleep Television News channels also play Bollywood. Inevitably this would cause problems
matters,” said Priyamvada. a big role in creating a depressing and arguments when we went out to watch a
With just about every State im- situation. In such times, while hav- movie. Now, with the lockdown it’s taken a turn
posing a lockdown or a curfew, a ing information is important, for the worse. He hogs the TV set and watches his
vast majority of citizens are behind overindulging in news consump- favourite actor’s (the Khan’s) movies at full blast.
closed doors for an elongated dura- tion can be a problem. Even with my sound cancelling headphones I can’t
tion. This extended incarceration of “Some people like to get updates enjoy my episodes. I have tried reasoning with him
from time to time and having that but he just won’t listen. What should I do?
info makes them feel better, others
might feel distressed. Same rules Ans: There is nothing wrong in having different content
apply for social media,” says Pooja. preferences but when in a relationship, it might be worth
asking why we have them. For some people movies and
Quick remedies to shows are just ‘time pass’ but for others they are narratives
loaded with meaning, especially if you are a serial watcher.
overcome anxiety Maybe start asking your boyfriend why he enjoys that
issues particular actor’s movies and share with him why you
sorts upsets the mental and depression. One must stay con- tices work for most. Keeping a jour- ■ Focus on breathing don’t. It is easier for our partner to empathise with us
balance of a person, espe- nected with family, friends, peer nal, deep breathing, trying to help ■ Focus on what you can control when we express how we feel when we are triggered and
cially in an urban setting group, via calls, and other media. someone in whatever way also is and not on what you can’t why. Talking about your media preferences might actually
where being outdoors and Do things that are screen-free. In- good for your mental health.” ■ Stay away from triggers- help you both take a break from your screens.
commuting is an integral dulge in whatever means self-care Another pitfall of the lockdown is Whatsapp groups, news, social Start creating other rituals of connection with him by
part of their daily life. to you,” says Priyamvada. the over exposure to social media media anything that distresses identifying some commonalities. Do you both like playing
“Restriction and loneli- She adds, “Meditation works for while being confined indoors. Most you games, eating different foods, learning new skills, dancing,
ness can bring in anxiety some, prayers and gratitude prac- people fall for the viral videos that singing? Or simply talk to each other about your dreams,
fears, memories.

No evidence on Fish oil supplements may put

There is so much more about a person than movie pref-
erences and it’s up to us to initiate this journey of discov-
ery. If your boyfriend still rather watches ‘the Khan’, you
might want to reconsider your relationship. Lockdown has

whether portable air

your heart health at risk
been a dealbreaker for many couples, and thankfully so.
(The writer is an Intimacy & Relationship Coach and an
Independent People and Culture Specialist focusing on

filters reduce Covid-19

relationships, sexuality, youth and social media in South
Asia. Have a query? Send it on
AGENCIES The analysis included five
AGENCIES respiratory infections by Washington randomised controlled trials
London capturing airborne parti-
cles, there is a complete ab-

mega-3 supplements
investigating the effects of
omega-3 fatty acid supple- Melting ice sheets
here is an important sence of evidence as to are associated with mentation on cardiovascu-

up methane levels in
absence of evidence whether they actually re- an increased likeli- lar outcomes.
regarding the effec- duce the incidence of these hood of developing atrial fib- Participants had elevated
tiveness of a potentially infections,” said lead author rillation in people with high triglycerides and were ei-

cost-efficient intervention, Ashley Hammond, an Infec- blood lipids, according to a ther at high risk for cardio-
like air filters, to prevent in- tious Disease Epidemiolo- new analysis by the Euro- vascular disease or had es-
door transmission of respi- gist at the Centre for Aca- pean Society of Cardiology. tablished cardiovascular dis-
ratory infections, including demic Primary Care, Uni- The findings were pub- ease. A total of 50,277 pa-
Covid-19, warns a study. versity of Bristol, in the pa- lished in European Heart tients received fish oils or AGENCIES Melting of the Arctic ice
Controlling how we ac- per published in the journal Journal – Cardiovascular placebo and were followed Oslo sheets drives the release of
quire and transmit respira- PLoS One. Pharmacotherapy, a journal they can be commonly pre- have a five times greater up for between 2 and 7.4 the potent greenhouse gas

tory infections is of huge Several manufacturers of of the European Society of scribed. Of note, low dose likelihood of having a years. The dose of fish oils elting of the Arctic methane from the ocean
importance, particularly portable air filters have Cardiology (ESC). omega-3 fatty acids are stroke. varied from 0.84 g to 4 g per ice sheets caused floor.
within indoor environments claimed their products re- “Currently, fish oil supple- available over the counter, These studies tested differ- day. rapid methane re- “In our study, we expand
such as care homes, house- move potentially harmful ments are indicated for pa- without the need for a ent formulations of omega-3 The researchers found that lease from the ocean floor the geological history of
holds, schools/day care, of- bacteria and viruses from tients with elevated plasma prescription,” Carbone fatty acids at different doses. omega-3 fatty acid supple- during the last two deglacia- past Arctic methane release
fice buildings and hospitals indoor air, including Covid- triglycerides to reduce car- said. The authors, therefore, per- mentation was associated tions, according to a new to the next to last inter-
where people are in close 19 viral particles. However, diovascular risk,” said study Some clinical trials have formed a comprehensive with a significantly in- study led by scientists at The glacial, the so-called Eemian
contact. there is often no detailed ev- author Dr Salvatore Car- suggested that omega-3 fatty meta-analysis of ran- creased risk for atrial fibril- University of Tromso – The period. We have found that
“Whilst we found some ev- idence provided on their bone of Virginia Common- acids may be associated with domised controlled trials to lation compared to placebo Arctic University of Nor- the similarities between the
idence suggesting use of air websites to corroborate wealth University, US. an increased risk for atrial answer the question of with an incidence rate ratio way. events of both Holocene and
filters could theoretically their claims for potential “Due to the high preva- fibrillation, the most com- whether fish oils were con- of 1.37 (95 per cent confi- Ice ages are not that easy to Eemian deglaciation advo-
contribute to reducing the consumers to review before lence of elevated triglyc- mon heart rhythm disorder. sistently related to a raised dence interval 1.22-1.54; define. It may sound intu- cate for a common driver for
spread of Covid-19 and other purchasing . –IANS erides in the population, People with the disorder risk for atrial fibrillation. p<0.001). –ANI itive that an ice age repre- the episodic release of geo-
sents a frozen planet, but the logical methane the retreat

Meet the ‘oxygen man’ who is saving lives

truth is often more nuanced of ice sheets.” says re-

SWEETY ADIMULAM help around 4,000 people and as from people reaching out for help.
sweety.adimulam@fpj.co.in cases started going down, he The war room has data of all pri-
slowed down his initiative. But vate and government hospitals

hile India continues to now with the situation worsen- and ambulance services. We are
grapple with the havoc ing once again, Sheikh and his trying to help as many people as
caused for the second team restarted their initiative we can,” Sheikh said while talk-
wave of Covid-19, several coun- and have been able to help 600 ing about his philanthropic
tries from world over have patients so far. activity.
stepped in to lend a helping hand Sheikh, the eldest in the family, Sheikh has also managed to get
with financial aid, essential med- had purchased the car with his monetary help from fellow good
ical equipments, and other savings. Though not from a finan- samaritans and is now popularly
things. But, the battle is nowhere
near over. The need for oxygen is
still high. Several Covid patients than that. An ice age has searcher Pierre-Antoine
are gasping for air, as the country constant glaciations and Dessandier, who conducted
continues to grapple with the sec- deglaciations, with ice this study as a postdoctoral
ond Covid wave. sheets pulsating with the fellow at CAGE Centre for
Many citizens are coming for- rhythm of changing climate. Arctic Gas Hydrate Environ-
ward to help out in whatever way These giants have been con- ment and Climate at UiT
they can. And, one such individ- sistently waxing and wan- The Arctic University of
ual is Malad resident Shahnawaz ing, exerting, and lifting Norway.
Sheikh, who sold his car to help pressure from the ocean The study is based on
patients who are in desperate cially well-off family, Sheikh known as the Oxygen Man of floor. measurements of different
need of oxygen cylinders. managed overcome hurdles and Mumbai. Last year. when the first Several studies also show isotopes found in sediment
It was the passing away of one set-up a small business and is into nationwide lockdown was im- that the most recent cores collected from the Arc-
of his close friend’s pregnant sis- the construction sector today. posed, Sheikh started helping mi- deglaciation, Holocene (ap- tic Ocean. Isotopes are vari-
ter due to lack of oxygen last year He has a team of around 25 col- grant workers and the homeless proximately 21ka-15ka ago) ations of chemical elements,
that led him to a path. lege students, who assist him in by providing them ration and of the Barents Sea has had a such as carbon and oxygen,
Initially, he managed to secure supply of oxygen cylinders to pa- food packets. huge impact on the release in this case. Different iso-
just 30 oxygen cylinder, however, tients, co-ordinate with suppliers of methane into the water. topes of the same element
as the demands kept rising, he among others. (Those who wish to lend a A most recent study in the have different weights and
later sold his SUV car valued at “We have set up a war room in helping hand can visit his NGO, Geology journal looks even interact with other chemical
Rs 22 lakh and bought 200 cylin- one of the grocery stores in our Unity and Dignity Foundation, further into the past, some elements in the environ-
ders. Last year, he managed to area. We get hundreds of calls website www.udf-ngo.com) 125,000 years ago, and con- ment in specific ways.
tributes to the conclusion: –IANS

AGENCIES / New Delhi

Don’t stop your doggo from having fun in pool, here’s why! their overall health and making
them a happy and healthy dog. It

ave you ever noticed the also helps them stay cool on hot
sheer joy on a dog’s face take a liking to water or be a natu- lieves their skeletal system from swimming is a great therapeutic Since the water supports the dog's days.
when they plunge into the ral swimmer, and all safety precau- the stress that usually occurs when exercise for dogs as warm water re- weight, swimming can help them Dogs with hip dysplasia: Hip dys-
pool and start paddling? Just tions must be taken before getting walking on land. Apart from that, lieves pain by increasing blood flow burn calories without the risk of plasia in dogs is a hip deformity
splishin’ and splashin’ around and them wet. Anushka Iyer, Founder swimming also makes them move and relaxing the muscles. an injury and improve their that can occur at any age. Dogs in-
sometimes splashin’ some water and CEO, Wiggles.in shares some in an acrobatic movement and that Swimming in warm water aids metabolic rate. flicted with hip dysplasia find that
on you too! Most dogs enjoy swim- reasons why your dog should take helps in improving their range of your dog's recovery process by Promotes overall health: Did you the buoyancy of the water helps lift
ming especially in the summers, as a dip in the pool this summer: motion. strengthening joints, increasing know that just one minute of swim- them up and acts as hydrotherapy.
it is cool and relaxing for them. It’s a stress buster: Just like all blood circulation and protecting ming equates to four minutes of The water does not put signifi-
Apart from being enjoyable, swim- Supports joints and strengthens you need is a pool to cool down on a the muscles. running? Swimming strengthens cant pressure on the hips and it
ming is also a great exercise for muscles: Swimming is an exercise hot summer day, swimming can their own will. Swimming can be Beneficial for obese dogs: Pet your dog's heart and lungs, increas- gives a soothing effect on the joints,
your dog. The resistance of water that doesn’t put stress on your help your dog relax and cool down great for your dog's mental well-be- obesity has been a real concern for es metabolism, decreases inflam- relieves pain and loosens tight liga-
makes dogs work their muscles dog’s muscles and tendons. When too. Unlike other activities that ing as they utilize their energy in pet parents due to the extra indoor mation, and improves circulation. ments. Overall, swimming can do
harder than they would while your dog takes a plunge, the water your dog is used to, while on a activities that are different than time and treats in the lockdown. Moving against the resistance of wonders for your dog’s overall
walking on land. takes on most of the dog's weight leash, with swimming, a dog is free their usual routine. Overweight dogs already have water requires dogs to use every mental and physical health!
However, every dog might not that supports their body and re- to play, swim and splash around at It relieves pain: Warm water overly stressed joints and muscles. muscle group hence improving –IANS

Generation next
takes over late
Sharbari Datta’s
fashion empire

he year was 1991. Menswear
brand Sharbari Studio was fast
becoming the only Indian fash-
ion brand that worked solely cid-
for men. With hand-embroidery ing
over hand-sketched motifs that drew cuts
inspiration from ethnic India, Shar- and
bari Datta’s studio became the hobnob styles to
of the rich and famous. From Ismail updating
Merchant to Sunil Gavaskar, Imran the brand to
Khan, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, meet modern
Shoaib Akhtar, Sourav Ganguly, Lean- demands when-
A classic indigo coloured der Paes to Akshay Kumar, Abhishek ever necessary, I
dhoti paired with black jacket Bachchan and many others have to have always worked closely with my
dressed up in her designs. She is also mother. We are now a 30-year-old brand
credited for introducing the coloured
dhoti while breaking away
and I want to carry on experimenting
with the creations to make the
In this fortnightly
from the traditional beige or
white variants.
brand more and more con-
temporary, and reach
column, we offer you
Thirty years later, her
son, Amalin Datta, and
more people. But then I
don’t want to give up
an exclusive pass to
daughter-in-law, on the timelessness the kitchen of one of
Kanaklata Datta, of the brand ei-
have taken over the ther... like we are your favourite
operations of the never going for
brand. After Shar- fads. We use new celebrities and get the
bari’s passing away
in 2020, the duo
technology to cater
to new genera- stars to reveal one
has added a con-
temporary feel
tion’s demands,” he
pointed out. secret recipe from
to the brand to
make it more ap-
Amalin and However, things
have changed with
their family cookbook
Kanaklata Datta
pealing to GenY cus-
tomers. What started
time. “It is very impor-
tant to feel the pulse of the
to help you make the
A black dhoti teamed as a collection of 100
pieces of kurtas, angraka-
new generation. I feel that with
every generation the looks are chang-
#lockdowncooking a
Go classic with a silk sherwani with flash-hued coat has, jackets and coloured
dhotis is now a formida-
ing. We used to do achkans that were
knee-length, but today we are doing
bit more interesting!
ble force in the achkans that are waist-length. Then we
fashion industry. are exploring new colour zones for

This week Urvashi Rautela

“We specialise in jack- menswear. I want to carry on with
ets and angarkhas for these experimentations. I want to do
men and long gowns for three-dimensional sherwanis with pro-
women. We have experi- jection, then maybe illuminated sher-

dons the chef’s apron

mented majorly with sever- wanis... these experiments I have to
al colours and created a whole keep on doing,” she said.
new range of shades by using Amalin has been a natural when it
the discharge technique. came to designing for men. “Our home
These fragmented colours was often frequented with creative peo- ANITA RAHEJA-HEENA AGARWAL
have created a whole new ple from different walks of life. I have
look,” said Amalin. never had any formal training but have SPINACH & MUSHROOM LASAGNE
Sharbari Studio has styled always gone with my gut feeling. I have
men in Bollywood and the rest always taken inspiration from Indian Ingredients for making the stuffing for
of the glamour world long be- history as a culture. We have been a be- Lasagne
fore men’s fashion was even spoke brand for the last 30 years and ● 6 pasta sheets
considered fashionable to talk that’s how we want to keep it. We have ● 4 bunch spinach (finely chopped)
Team up an indigo
about. From dressing up all the operated out of our home studio in ● 3 packets mushrooms (washed well and
coat with dapper men at the high duty Abhishek- Kolkata and people have enjoyed this finely sliced)
trousers to stand Aishwarya [Rai Bachchan] wed- informal shopping experience. Our ● 14 to 16 cloves of garlic (crushed)
out in the crowd ding to designing for Al Gore to work is not mass, these are studio ● 3 tbsp olive oil
dressing up the 11 cricket commenta- pieces, so we don’t want to expand with ● Salt and pepper to taste
tors in Champions League Twenty20, stores all over the country and dilute ● 250 gms fresh paneer
the brand has been there and our products. Maybe we produce less, ● Grated Mozzarella cheese as required
done that. but the products are made with pas-
For someone who has always handled sion. But none of this would have been Method:
design and production at Sharbari Stu- possible without the tireless efforts of In a big vessel, boil sufficient water with 2 tbsp
dio, aided amply by his wife Kanakla- my wife. She is the pillar of strength olive oil and little salt. Put pasta sheets in the
An achkan can make for ta, repeating magic on the ramp year both for me and for the brand,” boiling water. Gently remove them after they
an ideal wedding outfit after year is no mean feat. “From de- he added. are done. Place the pasta sheets on greased
plates so that they do not stick to each other.

‘If you don’t speak out when it is

Wash and blanch the spinach in boiling water
for couple of minutes. Remove and immerse the
blanched spinach in cold water. Squeeze out all
the excess water from the spinach and keep minutes on a medium flame. Cool completely
aside. and remove the skin of the tomatoes. Pulse the

necessary, people will just walk over you’

In a pan, lightly heat 2 tbsp olive oil and add tomatoes in a blender to make little chunky
crushed garlic and sauté for a couple of purée. In a non-stick pan, lightly heat olive oil in
minutes. Add sliced mushrooms and sauté on a pan, add crushed garlic. Sauté the crushed
high flame till all the water evaporates. garlic for few seconds. Add tomato purée and
Add the kept aside blanched spinach and cook on a low flame for 10 mins. Add sugar,
Despite contributing with her work for almost two decades in Indian cinema and television, sauté for 2 minutes. Add salt and pepper oregano or pasta seasoning, tomato ketchup,
German actress Suzanne Bernert is yet to receive the recognition she truly deserves. Here, powder (as per taste) till the mushroom and and some red chilli flakes. Add salt to taste.
Suzanne talks about facing discrimination, working her journey, among other things spinach mixture is absolutely dry. Add crumbled Continue to cook on a low flame till the sauce is
paneer and mix well. Keep this aside. Make red slightly thickened. Add some torn basil leaves.
VIJAY SHANKER weren’t all that easy for her—she wasn't VIP guest, but the gatekeeper did not allow sauce and white sauce as per the recipe Mix well. The sauce is ready.
taken seriously as an actor. “Being a me to enter the enclosure as he did not mentioned below.

any might recognise Suzanne foreigner, I was not taken seriously. In the recognise me. I had to fight for it and FOR MAKING WHITE SAUCE
Bernert as Queen Helena from TV serial Jeete Hai Jiske Liye along with ultimately, I was allowed to enter the VIP FOR MAKING RED SAUCE Ingredients
the popular television show, Renuka Shahane, I was playing the role of a enclosure. Later, surprisingly, I was invited Ingredients ● 5 tbsp butter
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. police chief, but the director was quite on stage to present an award to my co- ● 8 medium sized red tomatoes ● 4 tbsp flour (maida)
But, that’s not her only claim to fame sceptical about whether I could carry it off. actor. If you don’t speak out when it is ● 4 to 5 tbsp olive oil ● 5 cups milk
or the only show she did. The German-born But after I started saying dialogues necessary, people will just walk over you. If ● 12 to 14 cloves garlic ● 1/2 cup grated cheese
actor has spent almost two decades in properly, like Tum Qatil Ho, he was Kangana [Ranaut] considers herself as an ● 1 bunch spring onions ● Salt and pepper as per taste
Indian cinema and television. surprised and asked the spot boy to get me outsider, where do I stand?” Suzanne in The Accidental ● 2 to 3 tsp sugar Method:
Suzanne, born in Detmold in Germany, tea and offered me a chair to sit on, which She further states, “After doing the series Prime Minister ● 3 to 4 tbsp tomato ketchup Lightly heat butter in a non-stick pan, once the
was fascinated with acting from quite a was not done earlier. It’s a bit upsetting 7RCR on television as Sonia Gandhi, I was ● Oregano/ pasta seasoning (as per taste) butter melts, add flour and sauté on a low
young age. She was 19, when she enrolled that in spite of doing many serials, I was auditioned and then did rehearsals and experience to shoot in Kolkata and work ● Red chilli flakes (as per taste) flame till it turns light golden. Switch off the
for an acting course at Heidelotte Dehl and still not recognised or taken seriously by workshops for The Accidental Prime with Konkana Sensharma.” ● 10-12 basil leaves (torn) gas, add milk gradually with one hand and
took guidance from American producer most people. When I entered the sets Minister and then I was okayed. But I was Continuing about her journey in the ● Salt to taste continuously stir with another hand to avoid
Susan Batsan in Berlin. She also of the epic serial Chakravartin asked to stay away from the Press and regional cinema, Suzanne says, “I have Method: lumps, preferably stir with a whisker to avoid
trained in western classical ballet. Her Ashoka Samrat, I told the director asked not to speak to any media person. I played diverse characters, and getting into Boil the tomatoes in sufficient water for 8-10 any lumps. Mix well. Keep the vessel back on
father is a retired customs officer and that I was playing the role of was kept out of all the press conferences, the skin of each of them has always been the gas and continue stirring the milk on a low
mother is jeweller designer, and she Queen Helena. But he did not listen but later when people came to know that I exciting. In fact, in the Marathi film Gallit Spinach & Mushroom flame till you feel the milk has started to
has a brother too. to me and asked me to wait. I am playing Sonia Gandhi, I received media Gondhal, Dillit Mujra, I even played the role thicken. Once milk starts thickening, add grated
So, how did the actor end up in repeated the same, and told him attention.” But Suzanne does have a bone of a lavani dancer, which was well received Lasagne cheese stirring continuously till the milk has
the Indian entertainment industry? that since I was playing Queen to pick with the media too. She says, “I by the audience.” Suzanne today has her thickened. Switch off the gas, add salt and mix
Suzanne reveals, “While I was Helena I should be given a separate have essayed different roles, but the media own theatre group, which she has formed well. Cool completely and add pepper powder
shooting for Destined Hearts, my room and proper treatment. I can’t differentiate or recognise me. They with her husband, actor Akhil Mishra. as per taste.
first English film by Anant told him if you don’t believe think it is some other actress. Incidentally, I So how are things during this scary
Duseja in Dubai, I met me, you can call someone or am the only blonde actress in the industry.” pandemic? Suzanne says, “I have got offers To Assemble:
production controller Raj I will who can confirm Suzanne was also a part of Ekta Kapoor’s but I have refused them as I don’t want to In a greased baking dish, spread generous
Puthran, who has always that… He did, and only long-running daily soap, Kasautii Zindagi take any risks. What I regret most in the amount of red sauce at the bottom of the dish.
been quite helpful. After after that I was offered my Kay (2001). “I did meet Ekta but since my pandemic is that I could not attend the Then place about three pasta sheets. Spread
that, I met Ajay Sinha rightful place.” Hindi was not all that good, there was not Golden Jubilee wedding anniversary of my some spinach and mushroom mixture on it.
and he asked me to Recalling another much of an interaction. But her mother parents in Germany — but had to make do Evenly pour some white sauce on it. Then place
come to Mumbai — and stressful incident during Shobhaji was always kind and warm.” with a lot of video chats.” three more pasta sheets on it, spread some

my first serial for Zee an awards function, The actor didn’t limit herself to television As for India, Suzanne has got a huge more spinach mixture on the pasta sheets. Pour
TV was as a firangi Suzanne muses, “Most or Bollywood. She has spread her wings in chunk of the country in her heart and soul. the remaining red sauce on it. You can also
bahu who could say foreigners in the regional cinema as well. Recalling her work “I am happy to tell you that I have learnt to spread some remaining white sauce on it.
thoda thoda Hindi industry are used as in Aparna Sen’s Bengali movie Iti Mrinalini, wear the sari on my own. I have also done Sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese on top and
aati hai — and so glamour dolls and are she says, “When I was first told about it, I the inner engineering course of Sadhguru bake at 180 degree C or till the cheese melts
that is how I not taken seriously. felt somebody was playing a prank. But and practise Isha Kriya that keeps me and is golden. Let it rest for 10 mins before
started off.” Suzanne in Chakravartin During another awards when I received a call from Aparna Sen, I grounded in this difficult phase,” she signs serving.
But things Ashoka Samrat show, I was invited as a was finally convinced. It was a wonderful off on a happy note.
eorge Clooney turns 60 on May 6, but the idea does not make him very happy. “As
George Clooney G far as turning 60, listen, I’m not thrilled with it but it’s better than dead. So I’ll take
it. I got two options,” Clooney said. Clooney and his wife Amal have three-year-old
not thrilled on twins — Ella and Alexander — and the couple are already teaching the little ones
to be charitable. “Well, you try (to instill charitable values). They’re not quite four yet so
turning 60 they don't (understand). My kids will always say, they'll pick up a toy and they’ll go, ‘This is

for the poor people’,” said Clooney, reports femalefirst.co.uk. —IANS


‘Being an ‘outsider’ gives you

Bollywood Bytes
Shahid Kapoor to
debut as a producer
with an OTT platform?

a certain amount of freedom’ S

hahid Kapoor, who
will next be seen in
the sports drama
Jersey, and a web
series by Raj and DK, is
reportedly turning producer
ANANYA GHOSH and is joining hands with
Netflix. Buzz is, he will

Says Konkona Sensharma, A

fter garnering quite a buzz on its theatrical re- I wish it was evenly bal anced and not so skewed. produce a mythological
lease earlier this year, actor Seema Pahwa’s di- When you say ‘director’, the default is male… just as war saga based on
rectorial debut Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi dropped when you say policemen or doctor — mostly people as- popular author Amish
as she revels and rebels on OTT this weekend. The slice-of-life movie
traces a family through the 13 days leading to the
sume them as male. There needs to be a change in the
language to begin with, for example, we need to
Tripathi’s novel. Not just
that, it is being said he
tehrvi of its patriarch as the members gather at their change ‘policemen’ to ‘police officers’. These are is getting paid a
as the quintessential misfit! ancestral home. This sees Konkona Sensharma play-
ing the chhoti bahu, a quintessential outsider and a
changes that are slowly trickling down. whopping amount to
the tune of almost 70 cr
misfit who doesn’t get along with the other daughters- to also star in the trilogy.
in-law of the family and offers the audience a more ob- But, there is no official
jective insight into the goings-on inside the house. It statement or
seems to be a role that is rather close to Konkona given announcement from
that the second-generation actor has never tried to fit either the streaming
herself into the Bollywood stereotypes, and has taken platform or the actor. If
the more difficult route and carved her own path. We finalised, this is mark
caught up with the National Award-winning actor for Shahid Kapoor’s debut as
a quick tete-a-tete. Excerpts: a producer. —CJ Desk

How did you become a part of Ramprasad

Ki Tehrvi? Sonu Sood to provide food to
First of all, I have to say that I have always admired
Seema ji; she is a beautiful artiste. I had always wanted A still from reality show contestant’s village
Ramprasad onu Sood, who was a guest at the recent episode

to collaborate with her as a co-actor but instead got
this opportunity to act in her directorial! Ki Tehrvi of the reality show Dance Deewane, offered to
provide food for the entire village of one of the
Tell us something about the character you play in contestants. Contestant Uday Singh, a daily wage
this film… And your take on the term ‘women-centric movies’… earner from a small settlement in Neemuch, shared how
I play a character named Seema. She is the youngest for while movies with a male lead is mainstream but everyone in his village is struggling to make ends meet
wife in the family and hails from Mumbai. A bit of an stories where the protagonist happens to be a during the current lockdown situation. The actor immediately
outsider, she is trying to fit in and get along with other woman are still at its best a sub-genre… told Uday that he would provide
family members. I wish there would be a time when films would be di- food for the entire village till
rected equally by men and women, and stories would lockdown is lifted and
That’s rather interesting. I believe, you have be treated as just good or bad and not as female-orient- things come back to
always been kind of an outsider in Bollywood ed… Also, there is nothing as a male-oriented film, that normal. He said: “Uday, I
as well… is the default! Hopefully, the day isn’t too far where the want to tell the people in
Exactly! I completely agree…but not just in Bollywood, men would stop being the default, and ‘women-orient- your village that the
I think I have been an outsider in general — in life, ed films’ would merge with the mainstream. But today lockdown, whether it lasts
even in school and college. I think is not that day. I wish these classifications were not for one month or two
when you can look at things as there but unfortunately they are and if they are there, months or even six
an outsider, it gives a very dif- then we must be aware of them so that we can correct months, I will ensure
ferent perspective. I really them. The first step towards attempting any change is that your entire
enjoy that. to acknowledge the issues. I think changes are happen- village will keep
ing, but it will take a long time for those changes to getting rations.
Don’t you think that being really show. Tell them not
an outsider is not all that to take
bad, as it often gives Also, you have been part of movies like Lipstick tension, no
one a more objective Under My Burkha and Dolly Kitty Aur Woh one will go
perspective as well as Chamakte Sitare. Do you think the ‘independent, hungry there,
a certain degree modern woman’ presented in our movies today is no matter how
of freedom? also becoming kind of a cliché with the focus being long the
I think what happens is, increasingly on just one aspect — the sexual lockdown
when you are in the thick freedom of women? continues.”
of things you can’t view a No, I don’t. Unfortunately, when women are making —IANS
situation correctly. It is af- films there are a lot of caveats… it should be about
ter you distance yourself women, it should be about things like this and that, we
from the goings-on that should not have so many ‘shoulds’. Women should
you really understand make movies that women want to make! Women are It is a healthy competition:
the true nature of things,
and that where being an
different from one another and so should be their
films. If we look at the women who have been in this Manav Kaul on OTT vs films
outsider and having an profession, one would see that they have made movies anav Kaul doesn’t think the web space will ever
outsider’s perspective
helps. At least, it has
helped me. Also, as an
on a variety of issues, some have focused on gender is-
sues, some on sexual liberation of women, or other so-
cial issues, as seen in movies of Mira Nair or my moth-
M overshadow the theatrical experience. “We are so
many people in this country and everyone has
their own way of entertaining themselves. So,
outsider, you do not affil- er, Aparna Sen. There are various kinds of works that people who like going to the theatres will go to the
iate to a particular are happening. I have made a film where the protago- theatres but the idea is that there are
group… There’s no nist is a man! So, I don’t think there is any stereotype options now, and options are
sense of ‘Oh! This is my that it always has to be about sexuality and even if it is, always a good thing,” Manav said.
root, these are my peo- then what’s the big deal! I mean we should not be “It is a healthy competition. There
ple, I only belong here’. telling women to make a film like this or make a film are so many OTT platforms and
This gives you a certain like that. Let them make the films they want to make… people are actually thriving,” he
amount of freedom; we don’t ask men why you are only making action added.
you can keep an movies or stuff like that. This is what feminism says… On his process of acting,
open mind, and view don’t restrict, confine, limit women to certain boxes. Manav says he performs
situations in an solely for the director,
objective way. So, when are we seeing you back on the and it is always only
director’s chair? the director’s call that
You also turned …Only if I am driven to make a film. I have a story that matters to him as an
director a few years I really want to tell, then only would I direct my next. actor. “As long as my
back with A Death in To be honest, when I made Death in the Gunj, I was director and co-actor
the Gunj. How do you quite obsessed with the idea and the characters and and the team are on
view the tag of being the world they inhabit. But it is a lot of work! Also, you the same page, I am
a ‘woman director’? need to sort out the finances and things like that. And I comfortable because I
Also, do you think we am primarily an actor and I am rather busy with act- am performing for the
will reach that point ing assignments. So, only if I get so inspired or driven director. I am not at all
any time in the near or obsessed with a certain idea that I feel the need to interested in anyone
future where the make it, only then I’ll direct. I don’t have any burning else. I go all out for the
gender of the artiste need or desire to keep directing. director,” Manav,
would not be currently seen in the
relevant or at least The last one… now that we are again going through Netflix anthology Ajeeb
a talking point? another lockdown, tell us the three things you had Daastaans, said.
There are varying learnt during the first lockdown! —IANS
degrees of patri- First of all, the whole world was united for corona.
archy and misogy- There was no first-world/third-world divide; it hit all
National Award-winning
Make up: @makeupbyanupamagautam (@namratasoni )

ny in our country. in the same way and the entire world faced it together.
In some sectors, it
might be more pro-
The way things unfolded gave you a lot of perspective
and a lot of gratitude. director K V Anand no more
nounced than the I got rid of the unnecessary dependence on beauty oted director and cinematographer K V Anand
other. In the privi- parlours. I really started accepting and embracing my passed away on Friday morning here following a
leged sector, it is natural curly hair, which is much healthier also cardiac arrest. He was 54. Starting his career as a
less visible, but it [laughs]. Curly hair is traditionally not considered photojournalist, Anand later moved to the movie
styled by: @damini_styles
Shot by : @gourabganguli

is there in our socie- ‘beautiful’. Many people feel the need to be slim, fair world as a cinematographer and then as a movie director.
Hair: @dynamitepikachu

ty, it is there all over and have straight hair because we have certain stan- After shooting pictures for leading Tamil magazines, Anand in
the world. I wish it wasn’t dard definitions of beauty. It is important to challenge early 1990s joined cinematographer P C Sreeman as his
the case where we and break these beauty standards. assistant. Anand made his movie debut as a cinematographer
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wouldn’t have a classifica- I spent a lot of time with my son and family… I also in the Malayalam movie Thenmaavin Kombath for which he
tion like ‘women director’; adopted a puppy. And I learned how to parallel park! had won a national award. —FPJ Web Desk

Remembering Rishi Kapoor

Covid+ Randhir Kapoor mushk once more. ‘Until we meet again we
doing better think about you always, we talk about you
andhir Kapoor, who was hospitalised on still, you have never been forgotten, and you

R Thursday, while speaking to a leading never will. We hold you close within our

daily said he is stable and doing better. amily members and colleagues took cepted life will never be the same without hearts and there you will remain, to walk
Praising the hospital staff Randhir said to social media to pay tributes to late him !!! But life will go on ...#rishikapoor,” she and guide us through our lives, until we meet
he is in good hands. Sharing further update, actor Rishi Kapoor on his first death added. Their daughter and jewellery design- again.’ -- Dorothy Mae Cavendish. I love
One year on...

Randhir said his five-staff member team has also anniversary on Friday. Niece Ka- er Riddhima Kapoor Sahni in a separate you always.”
tested positive, and are in the same hospital as reena Kapoor dropped a heart emoji on note, wrote: "If only i could hear you call me Rishi Kapoor passed away in Mumbai on
him. His wife Babita, daughter Rishi Kapoor’s picture on Instagram story. April 30 last year after a two-year battle
Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kareena’s sister Karisma, too, shared a pic- with leukemia.
Kapoor Khan have tested ture on Instagram story of Rishi Kapoor in The industry also remembered the late ac-
negative for the virus. his younger days with a heart emoji. tor. Arjun Kapoor shared a picture with
“Veteran actor Shri The late actor’s wife, actress Neetu Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor on Instagram and wrote: “My
Randhir Kapoor is admitted penned an emotional note on Friday saying constant reaction when I was next to him...
to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital he was an extension of her existence. :All of Mouth shut ears open. Miss you Chintoo un-
Mumbai for Covid-19 last year has been of grief and sadness cle. Cheers to that twinkle in your eyes...Al-

treatment last night. His around the world for us maybe more as we ways & forever.” Divya Dutta recalled work-
condition remains stable,” Dr lost him .. Not a day has gone by when we ing with the actor. “Childhood was you. And
Santosh Shetty, CEO and have not discussed or reminisced him as he your movies!! That handsome face!! Dancing
Executive Director, Kokilaben was an extension of our existence,” she n singing and acting like a dream !! Cherish
Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, wrote. “Sometimes his wise advice:: his wise each moment of working with you, learning
said in a statement on cracks : his anecdotes !! We have celebrated from you, knowing you!! You lived life beauti-
Thursday. —CJ Desk him all year with a smile on the lips as he fully!! All heart! That’s what you are!! Miss
will stay in our hearts forever we have ac- you #RishiKapoor,” she wrote. —IANS
17 INDORE | SATURDAY | MAY 1, 2021

TALK THE TRUTH: JAI GANESH RAMNATH bution for four years, before moving
to Reliance for about seven years. I
from sales, I say that you tell the
truth and you don’t have to remem-
the group is very clear about where
it sees itself - a quality coffee
FIRST PERSON have been at Lavazza India for more
than 12 years now.
I have always been an extrovert –
ber a thing. The second thing that I
believe in right from my early days is
to walk the talk. The biggest problem
provider, a total coffee solutions
provider. So even when the lockdown
happened, we invested a lot in train-
talking, winning and convincing peo- in today's world is trust deficit, be- ing our team members and technolo-
I started my career by selling com-
ple came naturally to me. So sales is
the backbone of whatever I have
cause managers typically say some-
thing, they believe in something else,
gy. We were one of the first players to
introduce the contact-free dispensing
Country Head, puters door to door in Chennai in done. Something I treasure is the and they do something else altogeth- system, or CFDS, that allows people
1997, after joining the reseller for constant arguments to win over a er. Whether it was launching new to use an app to choose a coffee of
Lavazza India, Wipro Acer computers. Then I joined particular distributor, to win over a products for Unilever in summer, or their choice and get it without touch-

talks of building Hindustan Unilever where I had a

productive stint in sales and distri-
particular customer – convincing,
using your communication abilities
setting up fuel stations for Reliance
or building businesses at Lavazza, I
ing the machine at all. Once offices
open fully, we hope to see proper up-
the coffee to solve problems and distribution
strategies on a day-to-day basis. I
have taken a few hard business deci-
sions in the spirit of ‘walk the talk’.
take of these machines. We had a lot
of outreach programmes like ‘Mas-
culture and hold it close to my heart. If I say something to my team, I have
to go out there and prove it that I can
ter your Brew Campaign’ to train
consumers on how to properly appre-
From my career of nearly 22
do it myself. ciate and drink a cup of coffee better
in their own homes. In the past few ‘I LOVE MURAL
domestic years, I have picked a few guiding
principles, that I always carry
Going forward, we'll have months, we have trained around 3000
corporate employees across 21 com-
more of a systematic and
consumption, as with me wherever I go. The first is
to ‘talk the truth’. It is very sim- sustained approach
panies such as Swiggy, Flipkart,
Marico, Practo, Myntra, Clovia, Sam-
"I love painting. I'm a student of
mural paintings, that used to be
well as gearing ple, but while most people don't towards educating the retail sung, Byju’s etc. The Indian market practised on the temple walls in
actually tell a lie sometimes, consumers on freshly brewed is still a very nascent one for coffee Kerala... I've also been into charcoal
up for the they don't tell the truth either. coffee, teaching them how to as a category, and therefore training sketching right from my childhood.
Otherwise, something that keeps me
Lavazza Group’s That always confounds busi-
nesses. It takes companies into a
brew a good cup of coffee in
their own homes as we foresee
our consumers and employees go a
long way in creating a strong coffee sane is music - a lot of old Hindi
recently very wide loop because people
don’t tell them what's really hap- a hybrid approach where
culture here. That's what we will fo-
cus on in the next few months.
music, classical music apart from
Tamil and Malayalam songs. I'm also
announced pening. Telling the truth takes a
lot of courage. It takes a lot of
people work a few days in the
office, and other days at home. WHAT’S BREWING…
a huge fan of nature – of wildlife, of
peace and calm, of mountains, of
‘Roadmap to back-end work, integrity of
thought, calling a spade a — JAI GANESH RAMNATH
Last year, we saw huge growth in our
e-commerce business, which means
hillsides, of beaches, of solitude…
Whenever I go back to my home
Zero’ plan to spade, but coming that a lot of people were missing
their Lavazza coffee in their office or
State Kerala, I take breaks by myself,
to enjoy the solitude, be with
nearby restaurants, and were buying
it online through one of the e-com-
nature, listen to some music and
also do nice sketches. I’m fortunate
neutralise its Globally, 50% of Lavazza’s revenues
comes from the retail business, i.e,
merce platforms. Going forward,
we'll have more of a systematic and
that all my three passions actually
go hand in hand."
carbon FMCG. The rest comes from B2B. sustained approach towards educat-

footprint But in the Indian market, close to

95% of our business comes from B2B
ing the retail consumers on freshly
brewed coffee, teaching them how to MY COFFEE REGIME
by 2030 and only about 5% of our revenues
come from retail. In India, it is a
brew a good cup of coffee in their
own homes as we foresee a hybrid
"I've been drinking coffee right from
my childhood. I’ve always been
completely instant-coffee dominated approach where people work a few around coffees, be it with my
market. Our 2020 revenues (January days in the office, and other days at grandparents or my uncles and
to December) were close to about home. Globally, coffee is not a casual aunts. My day starts with a hot cup
40% of revenues in 2019 - with all the drink. It is a very serious drink. Peo- of filter coffee at 6 am. The second
hotels, restaurants, cafes, IT compa- ple really know what blend they shot goes in after my breakfast.
nies remaining closed. But the busi- want or what barista they like, what Then in office, I do 2-3 shots of
ness smartly picked up from August is their favourite coffee of origin. In espresso. I brew my coffees myself.
2020 onwards. By December 2020, we the Indian market, education has to Of late, I'm a big fan of cold brews.
came close to 80% of our pre-pan- go a long way in seeing a shift from In all, I down 6-7 cups of coffee a
demic revenues, and the next three B2B to retail. The kind of market- day, if not more."
months also went exceedingly well share that Lavazza enjoys in star ho-
in terms of meeting our expecta- tels and restaurants and cafes, I
tions. But now we are again in the think we are here for the long term. wards paper cups that are complete-
midst of another lockdown. This We’ve got some exciting coffee prod- ly compostable, completely
could be cyclical until a permanent ucts being launched in the B2B mar- biodegradable. Now we plan to con-
solution is found for the pandemic. ketplace. We could be adding a two- vert the packing materials to sus-
As a group, we believe in continu- pronged approach of growing the tainable laminates to reduce our car-
ity, we believe in our systems and nascent retail category and growing bon footprint. Gradually, we will go
our processes. The Lavazza group the B2B category that already is well- solar in our factories. The Indian
has been around for close to 130 established for our brand. arm of Lavazza is very well aligned
years, and been witness to the Span- to its global ‘Roadmap to Zero’ ambi-
ish flu, World War I, World War II… Thanks to the Indian Government tion.
it has weathered a lot of global dis- and some local government initia-
ruptions over the past century. But tives, we have already moved to- (AS TOLD TO SRABANA LAHIRI)

Nothing changes if nothing changes

ACING IT Of entrepreneurs The work world, as we knew fought back. The only point in all this is, what is

and empowerment
it, has re-arranged itself the learning and what will be the new definition
of the industry captains or vice-captains or all
the players going forward.


If we look around, new heroes have emerged - in-
ANURAG AVULA, evolved at speed. Today, we are an end-to-
end solutions provider for entrepreneurs What is the biggest business challenge PINION dividuals, professionals, corporates, social wel-
fare and even politicians. Our healthcare work-
Co-Founder & CEO, and SMEs looking to enhance their om- you have faced since you set up the com- ers, doctors, teachers, support infrastructure
Shopmatic, talks of nichannel presence and conduct seamless
transactions both online and offline.
pany, and how did you overcome it?
India represents a microcosm of dynamics
workers, shop-keepers, public transport systems
and staff and many such have come to show us
launching innovative In a year as challenging as 2020, Shopmat- that are unmatched with any other geogra- BY SHAVON BARUA that all that we take for granted and show little
new e-commerce ic clocked revenues to the tune of S$5.5 mil- phy across the globe. Understanding these appreciation to, are the ones that deserve our

lion within the first half and surpassed factors and setting up an e-commerce en- e are all amid tragic times. All of us gratitude. Another lot, our young children who
solutions in the our revenue goals by 190%. We crossed abling platform in a country where, at the would have a hundred stories in the past are bravely combating this worldwide abnormal-
5,00,000 merchants by June 2020 and com- time, e-commerce was not widely accepted, year which would have taught us a ity but have proven amazing zeal and adaptabili-
midst of the pleted the first quarter with 200% growth was an initial challenge for us. However, thing or two or ten - from gloomy tales of despair ty, are ones to learn from. Our elderly, in their
pandemic to chart in transactions, revenue, and GMV. over the years, we have been able to deeply
understand the needs of aspiring entrepre-
to deep hurt of betrayal, of the world around us
failing. Enough anger is felt and displayed at the
sunset hours, are putting on a brave face and en-
couraging us to keep the faith. They all are
massive growth What has been the response to the range neurs, and offer these services through a sheer unfairness of it all. It is difficult to find teaching us particularly important lessons about
of e-commerce solutions you launched single, easy-to-use platform. ways to overcome all this, but life has repeatedly courage. About walking the talk and dealing
last year? taught us that we can overcome and move on. with the new.
BY ISHA LAHIRI BHAGAT We have seen a massive uptake in the user What next from Brand Shopmatic? What From the most anguishing personal grief to the So, what kind of leaders will shape the agency
base on our platform since we launched will be your priorities over the next one more mundane professional loss. In an almost ecosystem from here on? A leader who is not

ell us about your experience as an en- our range of disruptive e-commerce solu- year to chart the brand's growth? cathartic manner, somehow, we know that this threatened by talent, who champions inclusion
trepreneur since you launched Shop- tions. In this, online sellers can In the coming years, we will be en- too shall pass. We will start over, have a new of all and not indulge in tokenism because it’s in
matic in India in January, 2016. How choose their storefront, either couraging more and more entrepre- sense of new and that is our biggest strength. his/her MBOs, who stays true to the heart of the
has the platform evolved and what is its social selling, chat selling, neurs and SMBs to create an on- How will we start over? In life, relationships, business of creativity and business solutions.
USP in the e-commerce ecosystem? marketplace selling, or sell- line presence. For this, we are friendships and perhaps even at work? Once we We have also seen that there are many brave
Shopmatic was established with the in- ing through a web store. banking on new, innovative so- can adapt to the new, how will life be? Will it be ones who have adapted, who listen, collaborate
tention to ensure that aspiring entrepre- Shopmatic merchants will lutions such as our customized how it used to be, or will we have the courage to and are genuinely talented and helping agencies
neurs have the means to take their busi- also be able to generate a approach to doing business and look at the past and start anew, afresh? Courage redefine. Leaders who are kind, supportive and
ness online. Having conducted extensive single checkout link for launch of disruptive new e- to retrospect, relook at the usual and most im- team players. Very few such people exist. But it
research across the country, speaking to products to share across commerce services. We will portantly, question oneself. Also, the courage to is time for leaders to heed that wake-up call. Peo-
over 300 merchants across various socio- multiple channels – What- also introduce a slew of new, support genuinely new ways of thinking (and ple have changed, priorities have changed, and
economic landscapes, we realized that over sApp, Facebook, Telegram, intuitive, tech-led tools that please, give a break to much battered words like way of working most certainly has changed.
50 million small and medium enterprises SMSes, or websites. With provide the required hand- innovation and ‘new normal’). Few people are interested in megalomaniacs. So,
were not leveraging digital channels to this, sellers will be able to holding for new and aspiring toeing the line and hiding behind so-called proto-
conduct and expand their business. There- expand their audiences and online entrepreneurs through WE HAVE MOVED ON col is outdated. The business should reclaim its
fore, to give individual entrepreneurs and experience higher sales and our unique managed services For years, one has been a big advocate of rou- positioning of being the ideas business and let
SMEs a fair chance against bigger organi- better conversion rate. Post the model. tine, the safety net of the system and champi- go of its prejudices.
zations that do not struggle in terms of rollout of our disruptive servic- oned the concept of toeing the line and following
capital and expansion, we launched Shop- es, it has been interesting to see protocol. Essentially, I was a huge supporter of SHOW REAL COURAGE
matic in India in January, 2016. new verticals like packaged systems and processes. Like most people, I too It is time to show some real courage, give the in-
Since then, Shopmatic has created deeper food, chakkis, organic food had my reasons. It’s not the agencies or compa- dustry a facelift and bring forward some heroes
inroads within the country, and evolved in and kirana on the rise nies that were at fault, but the so-called captains of our own. Learn from the real brave ones that
a way that empowers entrepreneurs as in the online selling of such ships who had turned these places into a the most important part of being a hero is to
much as possible. From the initial launch realm. Plus, we dull and dreary mess, forgetting the original stay real. To give, support and help people who
to raising our Series AA funding of $5.7 have seen signif- ideas and creativity centres that were supposed really need it. Appreciate and encourage. Most
million from August One and Seeds Capi- icant growth in to be at the core of the agency business. Life and importantly, be meaningful. Enough time has
tal, launching our transactional mode Tier-2 adop- work kept moving on till the pandemic hit. Sud- been wasted being shallow. We have very recent-
where customers could pay a nominal web tion on the denly, all these processes, management mantras ly seen that time is truly a precious commodity.
hosting fee of Rs 50 and 3% of every trans- back of our and ways of working got punched in the face, As someone recently observed, it’s truly liberat-
action, and then forging a series of critical simple yet and the work world, as all of us knew it, com- ing to change. Go on, try it.
partnerships with CombineSell, Online- impactful pletely re-arranged itself. Bravely and proudly, (The author is an independent brand curator,
Sales.ai, PayU, and Octopus, Shopmatic has solution. work happened. We adapted, we moved on, we coach and consultant)

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