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www. we e hous e s . c om info@ we e hous e s . c om 651.647.


weeHouse. Or not-so-weeHouse.

Good, Cheap, Fast, weeHouses are sturdy enough to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, desert or tundra.

Available as studios, one- and two-bedroom, kitchen/living, sleeping, and stair models, weeHouse modules can be
customized or combined to fit your needs. Add modules, stairs, move windows, change siding as you like.

House. Cabin. Office. Addition. Rooftops. Developments. Clusters. weeHouses may be placed anywhere that is
accessible by truck.


weeHouses arrive on trucks ready to live in. The only things left up to you and your contractor are: the foundation,


utility hookups (sewer, water or electrical supply), and simple fitting of the modules. We work with you to plan and
document your weeHouse from the initial stages right through delivery and installation. And the basic design fees
are included in the price.

Delivery is available to the entire United States. Base costs include delivery within a 1000-mile radius of our factory,
with nominal up charges and discounts based on your actual location.

Costs: We are continually updating our website with more interactive pricing that will make it easier for one to
understand all the costs and options available. A complete 728 sq. ft, 2-bedroom can be ordered for only

Ordering: We are available to begin planning your weeHouse now. Contact us at Warner+Asmus for more
information and more extensive model information. 651-647-6650. info@

www. we e hous e s . c om info@ we e hous e s . c om 651.647.6650

see options page
for additional costs and items
prices are subject to change

14' x 24'
all modules are available with or without
baths, kitchens, storage, or utiltities.

14' x 42'
all units may be ordered with or without overhanging roofs

14' x 52'
main openings may occur at sides or ends or both

Corn Crib siding

pine floor and walls
architectural curtain track
Andersen windows & patio doors
Ikea frameless birch cabinetry
Kohler one-piece toilets
2x2 tile baths & showers
delivery within 1000 miles

14' x 37' fireplace stove
w/ optional porch as shown heating / AC all units may be ordered with porches at one or both ends
site work


14' x 41' heating systems vary depending on your climate

w/ optional porch as shown

14' x 8' 14' x 23'

w/ hallway cabinets as shown stair modules may be butted up or seamless integrated
Stair prices are per floor and vary widely according to actual configuration. to the sides or ends of other modules. 651.647.6650

start with a base model
and design your house

add, subtract, or
change windows
add a roof with or go without
overhangs. and add a porch.

choose an
exterior material

cementitious panels with battens horizontal varied rough sawn siding

in oxidized steel, patina copper or colors in any color you desire

a foundation:
strip or piers

we help you plan

site additions
to be done
by your contractor

combine units to
fit your needs 651.647.6650

weeHouse Worksheet
Here's a worksheet to help you through the many options that allow you to make your weeHouse unique.
We will be making full options and prices available on our website on an ongoing basis.
Exact prices will be provided by working with us through the Design Phase.
Prices subject to change due to market forces.

option notes add module 1 module 2 module x

length You may increase the length of any of the modules up to 62ft $700/ lineal foot

Porches may be added to either or both ends of any base

porches module ( total length not to exceed 62ft) $480/ lineal foot

roof Modules may have zero or 3ft overhanging roofs NC along the length
overhang $150 per end

Windows and doors can be added or deleted according to need 8 x 8 door $1800
windows Typical Examples: 4 x 8 stationary $900

stairs Add stairs to basements, 2nd or 3rd floor, on the sides or ends of Incorp.: $5,500 / floor
other modules. They can be incorporated directly into a base Add on: $9000 -
module or as an add-on. 33,500

exterior Corn Crib: N/C

finishing Corn Crib(wood) standard or Container siding (cementitious) Container: +$20/ lin.ft.
wood 1x3 tongue and groove pine is standard. +$20-$40 / lineal foot
interior Options include: douglas fir, birch, oak, ash, maple, cherry (floor and walls included)
Base modules come nicely equipped.
kithen & Several standard layout options are available, as well as $30-$45 / lineal foot
bath material choices like porcelain or glass mosaic tile (floor and walls included)

gas or wood with chimney: several modern models are

woodstove available $1300-$2400

infloor heat $10/sq.ft. + $2340 boiler

heating electric wall unit(s) $460 each
forced air: we install ductwork, you locate furnace in the basement
AC separate blower/condensor units $3000

hot water we offer on-demand, tankless units in the modules $900

heater or supply your own to be located in the basement or a closet.

module base price

Grand Total
Find a place you love. Ensure that local zoning ordinances will allow construction of a modular home.

I. Dreaming Phase
Select the module(s) you want and design your weeHouse. Choose the options you want and the ones you just can’t live without.
Preliminary estimate. Take our weeHouse Worksheet and determine a rough cost of your home.

II. Design Phase

Contact us to initiate your program.
A contract is signed and 2% down initiates the Design Phase.
We collect your site surveys, layout drawings or photos and work with you to flush out all the details of your weeHouse and develop more
concrete pricing. This design time is included with your order.
The process takes approximately 2 weeks.
This phase concludes with your approval of the design.

III. Permit Phase

6% of the total cost required to initiate this phase
We develop a complete permit set of drawings.
You submit the drawings to the local authorities for approval.
This process takes approximately 3 weeks, though it depends upon the approval process with your local authorities.

IV. Construction Phase

Once we receive proof of land and financing from you, and an additional 7% down, your weeHouse is built in our factory.
During this phase (or before) you work to have your foundation/pilings developed as well as any utilities that may be brought in.
This Phase can take 12-15 weeks. Enough time to start packing up your stuff, putting in the dock or ….
You arrange for a crane to be onsite when your home is scheduled to arrive.

V. Delivery
Your weeHouse is delivered. Your final payment of 85% is required upon delivery. The crane places your weeHouse on your foundation. You
have your contractor affix your weeHouse to your foundation, hookup any utilities, build a deck or two….and you move in.

VI. Closure
We hope to visit many of the first weehouses within the first few weeks of delivery. !If we don't, we would love to see some photos of you and
your new weeHouse.