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interviewer`s Do`s and Don`t`s

Do`s Don`t`s

Spend 15-20 mins on the candidate`s CV Don`t go with high/low expectations just
before conducting an interview. Always do after seeing a CV.
some planning and preparation for the
interview. Before the panel goes in they
should decide their roles in the interview as
to who will ask what and who will initiate the
interview etc. It is also a godd idea to have
some code language between the
interviewers to signal when the other should
take over or when the other should take
over or when they close.

Always in troduce yourself before the Don`t stare at the candidate through out the
intervieweementioning your name and, interview.
possibly, the kind of role you are playing in
the company.

First make the cdandidates comfortable. Don`t argue with the candidate
The possible ways could be sharing a
general talk, asking him/her for water, tea or

Start with questions in the candidate`s area Don`t start teaching the candidate
of strength. This makes the candidate

Avoid asking numerical figures because Ask Minimum theoretical questions in case
interviewer and interviewee`s scale might of senior developer.
differ (Q. Scale yrself on the scaleof 1-10).
Asking such questions might give a start but
make sure if the interviwee is unable to
answer complicated question, come down to
the lower level of complexity. Most
importantly, don`t conclude anything about a
candidate`s self esteem or confifence based
on the number thath he/she chose.

Try to ask more whys and hows instead of Don`t ask any discrininatory questions.
whats and whens?

Always ask for questions, which are used to Try to avoid interviews in which your skill set
do some conclusion or allows you to probe doesn`t match

Probe through the hobbies insteat of just Don`t give options to the interviewee. Use it
asking for hobbies. Always show interest in as a hint if the candidate is unable to
the questions you ask answer.

Give some time for the candidate to think Don`t promise the candidate the position or
and answer. technology he/she will be working on. Be as
neutral as possible during intreview.

Conduct the interview objectively Don`t get biased with the candidates. The
possible ways to get biased are, same
college, village, same interest, ect.

Always adopt a neutral language (verbal Don`t express your judgements. Maintain a
and non-verbal) neutral posture until the interview is over.

Ask questions, which will test the If the candidate asks you for answers to the
competencies and give importance for each questions, which you had posted, you don`t
competency as in people net. have to spend considerable time explaining
the answers. Be encouraging and tell the
candidate to find out by himself/herself.

Fill the role based selection from properly Don`t do historian style of interviewing.
Avoid questions like “What and When you
did something?”
Give more emphasis on follow up questions. Do not ask any judgemental/leading
This helps in evaluating how thorough the questions.
candidate is.

Whenever possible, acknowledge the If you realize that the candidate is not upto
interviewee and appreciate him/her. the requirements at the beginning of
interview itself, don`t immedidately cut short
the interview. Spend atleast 15-20 minutes.
This is important for the candiate to fell thsat
the assessment was a fair process.

Ask more application questions rather than Dont consider a candidate as inferior. The
behavioral questions as most of the candidate and the individual are in
engineers are comfortable with technical psychologically equal positions.

Always give a chance to candidate for

asking questions at the end of interview.

Give the specific date by which the result of Don`t say: :HR will get to you” say, “we will
the interview will be communicated. get back to you within __ days”.

While mentioning your company, tell 2 or 3

specific differentiator for your company.

Have a proper seating arrangement as


Take notes and don`t hide them from Don`t record your judgements. Records only
candidates. factual statements that he candidate is

If a candidate seems to be a good potential

then the panel should show enthusiam in
telling him about the company.