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JEM – 2010


(Each question carries two mark)

(English Version)

1. What is Cochlear microphonics ?

Ans. Cochlear Microphonics is any of the electrical potential generated in the hair cells of the organ of Corti in
response to acoustic stimulation. Since it does not involve a complete reflex arc and therefore, it is not a true
2. What is axon reflex ?
Ans. Axon Reflex is a response brought by the Peripheral nervous stimulation.
e.g. Vasodilation [Hunter reflex by lewis] reaction to loss of body heat in the extremities.
3. What is enteroheptatic circulation of bile salt ? Mention its significance.
Ans. Enterohepatic circulation of Bile salt.
Bile salt which come along with Bile for emulsification of fats are absorbed in the small intestine are returned to
Liver through hepatic portal vein. This is called Enterocephalic/ Enterohepatic circulation. Since Bile salt act as
choleretic and therefore when it reaches Liver, it stimulates synthesis and secretion of Bile
4. Mention the location and function of juxtaglomerular apparatus.
Ans. The vascular angle formed by the afferent and efferent arteriole and the part of the distal tubules passing through
it are collective called Juxta-glomerular apparatus. ( In ZG nephron)
Function : It secretes renin and eroithrogenin.
5. What is telomere ? State its function.
Ans. The part of the chromosome that contain repetitive DNA at its terminal pole called telomere.
Function : (a) It prevents sticky attachment of two chromosomes.
(b) It controls the apoptosis.
6. Name two internal characteristic features of class Mammalia.
Ans. (a) Mature erythrocytes are non-nucleated.
(b) Presence of muscular diaphragm separating the thorax and abdomen.
(c) Left aortic arch present.
(d) Corpus callosum present.
7. State the advantages of composite fish culture.
Ans. (a) Process is high economic.
(b) All food niches of the pond are completely exploited.
(c) In a single pond simultaneous culture of compatible and non-predatory fishes.
8. What is ribophorins ?
Ans. It is a glycoprotein found in the wall of RER. It helps in the attachment of ribosomes on the outer surface of
9. What is Proenzyme ?
Ans. It is a precursor of an enzyme. Eg. pepsinogen.
10. Name two sulphur containing and two basic amino acids.
Ans. Sulphur containing amino acids –
(a) Cysteine
(b) Methionin
Basic amino acids –
(a) Lysin
(b) Arginine