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Contract Management via the Cloud to Business Pressures

•  Reduce maverick spending and contract leakage.
Apply Your Savings
•  Better manage strategic trading partner relationships.
Poor contract management and lack of centralization result in high •  Minimize corporate risk.
business risk, redundant contracts, excessive number of trading •  Shorten contract-execution cycles.
partner relationships and missed opportunity for aggregation and
•  Eliminate inconsistent contract language and approvals.
savings potential. It can also mean missed contract expirations or
automatic renewals, which promote maverick spend and result in •  Set standardized best practices with more transparency,
lack of visibility. awareness and compliance.
•  Better usage and value of the technology.
eAnalyze eBuy
Key Business Values
REQUEST ORDER •  Standard buy and sell-side functionalities of SAP®
QUALIFICATION Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM) along with
Hubwoo’s powerful cloud capabilities.
•  Expert services team to help you accelerate your  
objectives and user adoption, and ensure contract  
SOURCING compliance across your organization.
•  Rapid deployment in weeks with acceleration of your
return on investment.

eInvoice •  Decreased costs through proactive management of  

Collaboration Hub supplier and customer contracts.
Supplier Portal •  Improved renewal rates and elimination of evergreen
Content Management
•  Negotiation integrity throughout contract lifecycle from
creation to renewal via collaborative workflow tools.
Complete Contract Visibility Enterprise-wide
•  Standardized CLM with a single contract repository for
Hubwoo’s eContract cloud solution, powered by SAP® software, effective enforcement and measurement.
gives you complete visibility into your contracts enterprise-wide,
•  Leverage best practices and promote legal standards for
providing a centralized, electronic database of all contract types.
increased corporate compliance.
Our solution, delivered as-a-service, supports a repeatable process
for contract authoring, including best practices and legal standards, •  Reduced cycle time for contract creation and  
and a library of your pre-approved legal clauses and templates that
result in shorter negotiations, less risk and auditable corporate •  Pro-active trading partner relationship management.
compliance. •  Manage all tasks from a personalized workbench.

•  Pre-approved contract building blocks With Hubwoo’s eContract Cloud Solution you
can reduce the contract creation cycle-time
•  Standardized contract creation
up to 50%.
•  Contract negotiation and approval
•  Effective contract enforcement and measurement “CLM lays the foundation for successful management of
•  Proactive contract monitoring and analysis enterprise contracts, enabling companies to optimize their
•  Integration across Hubwoo and client systems business relationships. “

Contract Lifecycle Management
Our expert services team can deliver even greater value from your
Aberdeen Group, 2008
solution with integration, adoption and legacy contract import for
your contract lifecycle management solution.


  eContract is based on SAP® CLM.    Full Multi-tenant Platform.    Available in Multiple Languages. 
  Redundant Hosting Environment: ATOS Origin, Class A Data Centers, SAS-70 Type II Certified.


Contract Creation:
•  Repeatable contract authoring.
•  Integrated from sourcing events for greater leverage and a  
streamlined process.
•  Contract workspaces include configurable header data, item data,
contract documents and other relevant information.
•  Contract creation from controlled templates.
•  Version control: contract authors and reviewers can work in a Contract terms and conditions govern trading partner
familiar Microsoft Word format. relationships and form the basis for managing performance.
To achieve full compliance, contracts must be circulated,
•  Audit trail of all editors, reviewers and approvers of contract. applied and monitored across the organization.
•  Streamlined negotiation support.
Hubwoo supports organizations in company-wide
contract adoption and compliance
Contract Visibility:
•  Library enabling pre-approved clauses, sections and templates. •  Implementation and configuration

•  Visibility for continuous compliance to corporate and legal   •  Contract Management launch and improvement program
standards. •  Legacy contract conversion services
•  Complete visibility into contracts and full contract history  •  Clause Library Management
enterprise-wide. •  Change Management
•  Single contract repository with robust search across the entire •  Adoption and Training
repository. •  Program and Project Management
•  View summarized repository details such as contracts by business •  Category Management
unit or owner. •  Compliance Management
•  Supplier Performance Management
Creation Visibility Management
Hubwoo can deliver training to your buyers and contract
managers as needed, providing them with the tools and
skills to create, author and negotiate your web-based
Draft Negotiate Approval/ Storage/ Manage Admin/ contracts.
Contract Contract Signatures Repository Compliance Optimize

Seamless Integration to Back-end Systems

•  Synchronize supplier and other data between ERP and
Contract Performance Management: Hubwoo’s eContract and eSource solutions.
•  Integration to your operational contract repository for actionable •  Initiate demand in ERP and push to eSource based on
compliance. business rules.

•  Tailored and automated contract generation and management. •  Engage vendors through RFx’s and auctions.

•  Report on contract compliance – for contract usage, obligation •  Award business to supplier(s).
fulfillment and pricing accuracy. •  Seamlessly create new supplier data in ERP.
•  Flag and track contract-related risks or contract-specific perfor- •  Push contracts or purchase orders to ERP for  
mance parameters. operational compliance.

•  Automatic, configurable eMail based reminders before contracts

Service Delivery Models
•  On site Consulting
•  Proactive contract monitoring and analysis to ensure contract
compliance and cost control. •  Support Center Services (24hr/14 languages)
•  Help Desk
•  Rebate and penalty threshold tracking.
•  Online Learning Tools
Hubwoo provides multiple deployment options to meet
your needs, including cloud subscription, on-premise and
license hosting.
About Us: Hubwoo is the world’s leading provider of Cloud Procurement solutions, powered by SAP® software. No large upfront license fee required. Companies pay a subscription fee to
use our world class solutions, services, and support.
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