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#2 R, tackles? ells. Boubl Q.3. ~ Execute triple option »Be-Pousibie cervler of batts Angle £0 Rit. e)G2,neal inetae Be Block convato ie Rul apeods oBe Pitch Pach Goad - HL Ly Yackle #2 S.B, = Pook (ayainse 593) A 3 4 a4 Qa Blocking roles ~ Same sa 4-3 WIG WHET (5-2) 5 Blocking relest Rave on all defenses « Yilrrow play in Quick Aight. . + feke 32 veer, giva te LAsb, and cary out option fake. ight, then epint play side. tenov ploy La counter option Left BLOORTHG RULES? eR. Boubte to inside Als otaaza ~ Bare QeBs start left, vavarae, fake Quick right, option off deanse ead. Fu. Counter step eft reverse block comtain right olde. {ci D. Sounter stepiest revarse, take pitch patic. Rated. Boke quick xhghe Queetsr Beck Counter left (4-3) Blocking Rede Mireow Qe 3. Play 0-B, counter righ: Mirrow play 0.3, counter right . Gencer ~ Block 2st down line man{$ 1) on left wide. Odd man ne fold behind loft guard block 4.3. L.G. Fold behind cences block 4.3. (#0), 2d man Line block nose (35) ALL othea = Base DeBey UH. ReHB. & Pe By WE 32 veer. Blast Right (5: Blocking Rules: 2) Hirrow Play ~ Blast iefc. Caates + Block #0 Spite -6, Block T.@. Double on nose, even man Lis ALL others ~ Baca bloc‘ F.B, Block inside LR. Kk outeide LB. Block 71 QO ce 1 Mirrow Play ~ 41 Quick Troy Blocking Butess Center ~ F411 for pulling guard on even man lines Double with guacd on odd man Lincs Bight Guard~ G9 20 Gatch ‘Txep Block # 1 ou even mate Double with center on odd maa line. G1 quick Trap, pull and block LeBo — =e saaceacaeaaea ———~ pighe tackle = 92 Right Bad - £3 : Left Guard- On 20 Quick Trap, pull evd block LBs 41 Quick Trep. Block 2. on evens Block £0 ‘on odd Lines split End- pattern FoB. - Block backside backer after faking vee i ae (ha33 I } t oO fos 3 Veer #9, steong ib Right Guaré ~ Hirst man on LO § Right Tenkle - Seconé men on LO 6 Left Guard Biret wan on LO 8 Tutlback ~ Block cutside strong slée i wishbone, splie bacit biock strong LB en? wan, flenke Haid Beck ~ Block backside 18, glove Wight Half Back ~ (Vitshbone only) Bice! ip opli bauk field, Right Half becomes atwong iB, end wen, flare, Ange sive Bineking ein | | 33 _VERR PASS © Reads son playing over WoBe Ie Sefcy stays wan om WBL throw co post man. ALL other tines WoBe is Primary receiver. ' QB. con change routes of the TE. & SoMe fouls coverage on xecelvers, hit flare backe : WeBe On, som: coverage youn must cun your path so q.B. can throw between MIB aid outside LBo Wo Bo & ToBr~ Check for Backers comming, Lf motFlares CO o--—e BL PASS Micow Play - 27 Fower Blocking Rules: Center ~ Odd wan Line double with guard on 40 aight Guaxd « 26 Power, deuble on #0 on odd man Sine. Block and tead #4 on even pull. Right ‘fockie - 26 Power,pul} and lead 27 power, bese dlock ——— Right End ~ Biock doun on #2 Legt Guard - 26 power, pall and Jesd on even man Line On 27 power, double with cancer ox #0. On exen man Left Tackle-- Puld and lead oa 27 power, Block base #2. Blocking Kales ALL Linemen make an agressive block and let defensive linemen go. Wait for LUB to say "Go" then bivck dowafield, ToD, Fake block , thea proceed to whore the center bal} yeti "oo", Wide xeceivers = ru TEs Block S: Right Guard ~ “Rightytackle- pull wad lend fiett| Guard Left’ Teckle £2 (Splic 6, Block #: Back-Grack back a oe en! ALLE Bleck Base Block wan any direction he allows you to. Uncovered linemen | tBkke drop back pass block. Wide eecedvores, Ron spriat out right patterns. QoBy: Spent out aad give bal! the ¥.B. under right ane PLB, Fake pasa block to right. After reeciving ball, go te open:hgles | LiBe Flare right or left = nee eee C 6 6 5 & v ALL Lineman ~ aggressive Block - pase FeB, on odd man Line block on-side LoBo fake 22 veor 2B: fakes 32 veer and pitch carly to Lae 2 flare pitch peti and paes Co open re 32 VEER REVERSE Mirrow Play 33 Vest Reverses ng utes: Center + Block #0. Split 6, Block 82 playside Right Guard- Puli and lead. On 33 Veer reverse, Block #1 Right Tackle-Block #2 Split 6 , block #3 Let Guard ~ Block #1, On 32 Veer __ en sa —_betrhackIe> Block 92 Split - 6 black 3 2 TP. - Circle defensive ead and klock as ball cartier approaches defensive onde MERROW PLAY - BELLY IgE Blocking Rules Ail Lineaen - Base FoB, Woke 32 Veer Rolie, Block curside Lats QUICK KieH? PASS Sprint cut Right Middle Sercen 4 Blocking Rule ALL Linemen make en egressive block and let defensive Linemen go. Wale for LUB to say "CoM then block downfield, | 1,8, fake block , chen proceed to where che center Le . After receiving ‘bel, yell "Go", Wide reeeivers - run SOR rovtes. Blocking rules All Lnenen - aggressive Block - Base FB. on odd man line block oa-side AN LB. fake 32, veer GiB, fakes 32 weer and pitch early to LEB L:WB,~Pake Elare pitch, pati ond pass to epea receiver, F. Bs Blast Right A é J é QUICK PETCH RIGHT ‘TRAP 4 SS split Had - Block aan over SWB. = Block Man over 8.7. Block’Men over (5-2-Blk inétde LoB.> SoCo Block: instde LB. «Center PILL Zor. pulling guatd (5-2 - Block man overs 2 WeGo Poll and block 1st down lineman oTo Block man over Block man-over—~——