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Veer The Veer is a deception, faking style of offense. VEER means we have atriple ootion with two reads a dive read anda pitch read, OPTION means we have only a pitch read. The dive is a decay. Qn ail plays we can call all three option Dive, Keep, and Pitch We give the dive when the dive read man does anything BUT tackle the Dive man. Ye feel if he’s not in 4 position to tackie our dive man we can get 2-2 yards every time. "We tell the QE vwhion in doubt give the dive.” You must make the defense stop the dive. The pitch read is we want the QB with the bell as much as possible. So keep the ball unless he comes right at you. This means we fave [o sometimes call the pitch and fake the pitch to keep the defense honest. Faking is the key to all plays. The defense has to play responsibility football end if they cen use @ extra man because of aur bad faking. That puts us a disadvantage. We believe ifthe whole offense maxes all of their fakes the defense will eventually make a mistake gvving us abig play Play] Die Pitch Dive Read Pitch Read Outside | CGap | Lookfort | Lasmanon | Contain comes at veer Down field Los You Inside |B Gap [ Look for it C Gap DE comes at you veer yaick _| Responsibilit Trap | AGap | Nermad None Contain comes at Option You Counter | A Gap | Lookforst None DE comes at you Option Quscle Speed | None | Lookforit None DE comes ai you Option yaicke Load |B Gap | ermal Done DE comes ai you Option Strong Side Outside Veer woM Ss Sele od ISS} 43 M [ss] Mos WwW ELN;T. .sde os A7RS w Er NT Jt E 46 52 ss om [s] Mos ~ "Soa w ce] nirdey ES 0 53 Over Strong Side Inside Veer Ww M lteyg od 43 ISS} 46 53, TNE] "Check Weak” 52 Over Trap Option 43 ISS] 46 §3 Counter Option faite * M N a «_O- ev 43 44 *Check Strong" M ss uloos IW EXN.T SE ‘ ss Moo MELE AS 46 52 «<2 _o” te N t E Hees ss WHE LT E. MIEN, wi Je Wie 53 ss 2 4 7” 8 z'/ 8 BY 8 _ 4 “8 . 5 K ao oe 6 ns s 3 zo . 3/ i P . 3 : mS . Load Option Ae em ry 43 44 M ass M s wloeé cad wey ny ve Ss 46 52 eG 53