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Certified System Components

Subsea Wellheads
For deep and shallow water applications
Pre-engineered subsea wellheads from Cameron: fewer trips, lower costs
and better sealing in shallow or deep water drilling operations.

The Cameron family of STM™ and STC™ mise design approach with parallel bore
For more than seventy-five subsea wellheads delivers the economic metal seals, better connection options
years, the leader benefits of modularity and the perfor- with BOPs and Christmas trees and
mance benefits of advanced design. interchangeable components.
Cameron’s experience in pressure control These benefits mean faster delivery, A selection of running tools (including
can be traced back to 1922. The introduc- easier installation and reduced costs in the unique CHSART tool - see page 7)
nearly every subsea drilling application. and ancillary equipment is also part of
tion of the first BOP that became an indus-
And that is especially important for the highest performing subsea wellhead
try standard began an unequaled history today’s deepwater challenges. systems in the world’s offshore oilfields.
of innovation. Type “A” casing hanger, With modularity at the component
All-Welded Body Ball Valve, first subsea level, there are no performance trade- Single Trip Metal Seal Subsea
offs. Cameron subsea wellheads contain Wellhead System
wellhead completion, the legendary U BOP,
technology found nowhere else and The STM wellhead reduces drilling costs
first hydraulic production controls system, reflect the depth of our pressure control by eliminating unnecessary trips while
first guidelineless drilling system, first free- experience. The STM wellhead, for providing the most advanced pressure
example, demonstrates our no-compro- control technology, at any depth, in any
standing riser system — these are just a
few familiar milestones along Cameron’s
Cameron’s most advanced, field proven pressure-control technology is
path of leadership.
pre-engineered into the STM wellhead.
This leadership continues today
with such innovations as the SpoolTree™
Christmas tree and the MOSAIC™ (Modular
Three connection
Subsea and Integrated Completions) options (mandrel,
hub and DWHC)
Production System. High pressure
18-3/4” housing
More advances are on the horizon.
As the industry pushes into new frontiers,
we’ll be there, as always, with the
technology to do it right. Angled shoulder
prevents debris

Optional passively
activated, preloaded

parallel bore metal
seal assemblies on
13-3/8”, 10-3/4"
(or 9-5/8”) and High strength
7-5/8” (or 7") landing shoulder
casing hangers on 18-3/4” housing

1962: The industry’s first subsea

wellhead completion is a Cameron
Christmas tree in the Gulf of Mexico.
Optional 16” casing
hanger available for
six-string programs
(see page 5)


environment. Central to STM wellhead
performance is Cameron’s parallel bore Modular Subsea And Integrated Completion systems:
metal (PBM) seal technology, completely The MOSAIC concept
different from competing tapered bore
designs and far superior.
MOSAIC is the result of a design philoso- are modular at the component level,
The STM wellhead is perfect for most
subsea drilling and production applica- phy that eliminates the usual tradeoffs you standardized to work together in many
tions with working pressures up to expect with a pre-engineered, modular combinations. The result is a cost-effective
15,000 psi WP, on single wells, multi- system. With MOSAIC systems, you gain system that can be adapted to virtually any
well templates or TLP operations.
simplified installation procedures, reduced subsea job. The MOSAIC system is more
Versions of the STM are available for
shallow or deep water, and it is adapt- personnel training easily expanded as
able to casing programs with five or six and faster delivery. field development
strings. Only four tools are required to
Unlike ordinary systems, you don’t have needs evolve, and its components contain
run a five-string STM system.
Three BOP and Christmas tree to give up flexibility, expandability and the technology that provides the perfor-
connection profiles. Depending on desirable product features and benefits. mance you need.
your requirements, choose from a hub, The ordinary approach to modularity Cameron’s subsea wellheads are
mandrel or Cameron’s new deepwater,
is fixed assemblies run progressively to an integral part of the MOSAIC system.
high-capacity (DWHC) profile on the
high-pressure 18-3/4" housing. Cameron large structures, which are not appropriate They’re the perfect fit for today’s subsea
is offering the DWHC profile to the petro- for many applications. MOSAIC systems economics.
leum industry without charge, to pro-

it does not add to wellhead height. The

receptacle does not restrict a 17-1/2" bit
or full-bore running equipment.
This housing has a high-strength
landing shoulder rated to 7 million lbs.
The simple, passive design allows the
13-3/8" casing hanger to be reciprocated
inside the 18-3/4" housing without the
possibility of inadvertent setting. It is
Hub Mandrel DWHC
fully rated for H2S service.
The STM design allows all BOP
mote standardization among deepwater
tests to be performed with the wear
producers and equipment suppliers.
bushings in place, saving a round trip
High-pressure 18-3/4” housing. Rated
for each test.
up to 15,000 psi WP, Cameron’s high-
pressure housing provides a parallel STM wellhead undergoes seal development
testing at Cameron’s new, state-of-the-art
bore sealing surface design for the PBM Research Center in Houston. This 55,000 sq ft
casing hanger seals. The high-pressure resource allows us to develop and test product
improvements more quickly. In the photo at
housing will accommodate an optional right, the STM is shown in one of our two
16" casing hanger and seal assembly. 25 ft deep, underwater simulation tanks.

Because the receptacle for the hanger

and seal is welded to the bottom of the
housing or anywhere in the 20" string,

Advanced lockdown and sealing technology

A closer look at Cameron engineering in a recessed bore. The metal seals on

reveals advanced but practical technol- the OD and ID always retain pressure
ogy that works in the real world. A before the elastomer seal. The elastomer
remarkable history of pressure-control seal is a true secondary seal.
experience has been pre-engineered into PBM seals are set hydraulically with
our subsea wellheads. You can see our Cameron’s CHSART running tool,
no-compromise design in these features: which runs the casing hanger and seal
assembly in one trip.
Three STM wellhead-to-conductor STC Metal-End Cap seal. Field proven
housing lockdown options in hundreds of wells, the MEC seal
Passively activated, preloaded assembly is used in the 10,000 psi STC
lockdown. This locks the high-pressure, wellhead. Rated for temperatures up
Unlocked Locked
18-3/4" housing to the 30" conductor SD016702 SD016703
to 250˚F (121˚C), the proprietary
with twelve vertical pre-load segments, Passively activated, preloaded lockdown CAMLAST™ elastomer seal element is
in a collet finger design. This pre-loaded resistant to H2S, CO2, chlorides, diesel
lockdown offers superior fatigue resis- Cameron’s proprietary sealing fluid and oil or water-based amine
tance. When locked down, bending and technology corrosion inhibitors.
axial loads are transferred from the BOP STM Parallel Bore Metal seal. Stainless steel caps on the upper and
stack to the conductor. Fatigue loading This seal is for casing hangers in the lower surfaces of the elastomer prevent
of the 20" casing is eliminated. 18-3/4" high-pressure housing and is extrusion, limit the elastomer’s exposure
Lockdown is achieved without a sepa- interchangeable on 13-3/8", 10-3/4” to corrosive wellbore fluids and prevent
rate trip, and the mechanism can be (or 9-5/8") and 7-5/8" (or 7") hangers. seal roll-off during installation. The
fully recoverable and reusable. Eight, It is radially engaged, bi-directional, Metal-End Cap seal will often work
two-inch diameter bypass holes provide and provides constant contact pressure when ordinary seals won’t because the
for cement returns. on inner and outer sealing surfaces. seal is highly tolerant of sealing surface
Passively activated, Because the PBM seal is designed for damage. The seal is radially energized
standard lockdown. a parallel-bore sealing surface, it and requires less energy to set than
An outwardly biased, provides equal seal protection from ordinary seals. Well or test pressure
split-metal ring is held pressures above or below. The inability compresses the elastomer, which adds
in position with a to effectively seal pressures from below to seal quality.
keeper ring. The split is a weakness of tapered-bowl seal
ring is compressed by designs offered by some wellhead
the inside diameter of manufacturers. Parallel

the 30” conductor The Cameron parallel bore design Seals

housing until it is allows for slight vertical movement of Optional


landed in a retainer the seal without affecting seal integrity. Insert


groove. During lab testing, the seal assembly was

moved as much as 1/4" while maintain-
High-capacity lockdown. Cameron’s Recessed
ing full test pressure of 15,000 psi. PBM Contingency
new high-strength, pre-loaded lockdown Seal Bore
seals are rated for continuous operation
is engineered for high-temperature
in temperatures of up to 350˚F (177˚C),
applications where thermal expansion
with excursions to 400˚F (204˚C), and
is a critical factor. This hydraulically set SD016230
can be used in H2S environments.
lockdown offers outstanding bending
The PBM seal assembly and high- PBM Seal in PBM Seal in
resistance. It is also ideal for deepwater running position energized position
pressure housing design provides for
two additional contingency seals: an
optional elastomer seal and a metal seal

Single Trip Compact Subsea Wellhead System

The totally weight-set and compact STC with hub or mandrel BOP and Christmas
wellhead is a popular choice for lower tree connection profiles.
16" Seal pressure wells to 10,000 psi WP. Attractive The STC wellhead uses Cameron’s

pricing and rig-time savings during installa- proprietary Metal-End Cap seals with CAM-
tion make it the most cost-effective well- LAST elastomer. When setting the seals in
head in its operating range. the STC wellhead system, the seal cannot
The STC wellhead shares some of the be completed unless the seal assembly is
17-13/16" I.D.
same benefits as Cameron’s STM wellhead. locked in place correctly, eliminating the
It has a compact design, casing hangers possibility of a false test. Like the STM,
and seal assemblies that can be run in a only four tools are required to run a five-
16" Hanger
single trip and interchangeable parallel string STC system.
17-7/8" I.D.
bore elastomeric seal assemblies. It is sup- An optional 16" hanger can be
Seal Area
18" I.D.
plied with the “passive” lockdown, which used in six-string casing programs. The
16" Receptacle
is standard on the STM wellhead. The 18- 16" hanger and seal assembly are run

17-9/16" I.D.
3/4" high-pressure housing is available in one trip.


18-3/4" Housing 16" Hanger and
with16" Receptacle Seal Assembly Installed
High-pressure Hub or
Attached in Receptacle mandrel
18-3/4” housing
Optional 16-inch casing hanger profiles

The 16" hanger and seal assembly are

available for both the STM and STC
wellheads in six-string casing programs. casing hanger
and seal
The receptacle can be welded to the bot- assemblies
tom of the 18-3/4" high-pressure housing Cameron weight-
set, Metal-End Cap
extension or anywhere in the 20" string elastomer seals

so height is not added to the wellhead.

The receptacle contains a passive load seal assemblies
shoulder with a 17-9/16" minimum ID. on each casing
The shoulder is rated to 1.2 million lbs.
Full-bore running tools or a 17-1/2" bit Optional 16” casing
hanger available for
can be used without restriction. six-string programs
The 16" boll weevil style hanger and Passively activated,
standard lockdown
seal assembly are installed and tested in
a single trip without having to pull the
bore protector in the 18-3/4" housing.
A CAMLAST elastomer seal in the
assembly is energized to seal in the bore
of the receptacle. The seal location is
protected from drill string damage.

Guidebases and running tools

The benefits of modularity are pre- CHSART (Casing Hanger Seal Ancillary equipment
engineered into Cameron’s remotely Assembly Running Tool) Cameron’s STM/STC Running Tool Packages
retrievable/reinstallable guidebase Cameron’s advanced wellhead technol- are normally all that’s required to run five-
(RRGB). Guideline or guidelineless ogy includes running tools that con- string systems under most conditions. In addi-
versions of the RRGB are available. tribute to system cost savings and ease tion, Cameron offers a complete line of
Guide posts are permitted to stroke of use. The CHSART tool is a perfect special-purpose tools:
approximately six inches to allow BOP example. In the STM system, it allows • Jetting tool
orientation prior to loading the post. installation of casing hangers and PBM • Boll weevil test tool with redundant seals
This reduces the risk of damage when seal assemblies in one trip. The tool is • Weight-set BOP tester
landing the BOP stack. Multiple guide- then used to hydraulically set the casing • One-trip Seal Assembly Retrieval Tool (SART)
bases can be combined into a single, hanger seal assembly in a unique way. • Temporary abandonment (TA) caps
pre-tested template. Any number of Unlike ordinary systems, which set the • Emergency drill pipe hang-off tool
wells can be accommodated through seals by pressurizing the BOP stack to • Full-bore casing hanger running tools
multiples of the guidebases. Multi-well pump the seal down, the CHSART tool • Hydraulic 30" running and tieback tool
units allow wellbores to be spaced as sets the seal assembly by pressurizing • Casing hanger cleanout tool
closely as 7-1/2 ft on center. down the drill pipe. This allows the seal • 30"/36" housing drill-ahead tool
to be set before stack pressure is • 18-3/4" housing retrieval tool
applied. After the seal is fully set and in • Shallow water flow shutoff systems
position, the seal is tested using the • Tieback system
CHSART tool with stack pressure. • CAMSMART™ downhole measurement tool


The STM spring-loaded locking mechanism

automatically locks the 30” conductor housing
to the guidebase.

Cameron STM/STC Running Tool

Package and ancillary equipment
The Cameron STM and STC Running
Tool Package includes the tools required
to run a five-string STM or STC system.
All these tools are simple to make up
and all release with right-hand rotation.
• Retrievable/reinstallable guidebase
running tool;
• 30" housing running tool;
• 18-3/4" housing and BOP test tool;
• Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running
Tool (CHSART) to install casing hang-
ers and seals and perform seal tests;
• Wear bushing running/retrieving tool.
SD016798 SD016799 SD016800

Casing hanger seal assembly is set by pressuring down the drill pipe,
which allows the seal to be set before stack pressure is applied.


30” STM Conductor Housing

Running Tool
The 30” conductor housing running tool
is cam-actuated and has a non-rising
stem. Only 6-1/2 rotations fully make up
and release the tool.


CHSART Multipurpose
Running Tool
In a single trip, the Casing Hanger Seal Assembly
Running Tool runs each casing hanger and seal
assembly and hydraulically sets the seal.


Running Tool
for 18-3/4" Housing
After running the high-pressure
housing, this tool is used to test
the BOP. A position indicator rod
provides visual verification of
tool lock/unlock.


Wear Bushing Running and

Retrieval Tool
This is the only tool needed to set or
retrieve all wear bushings in a five-string
system including the bore protector.

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