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BMA4723 Vehicle Dynamics

Nik Mohd Izual Hj.Nik Ibrahim
M.Eng.(Automoti ve)

Semester 2009/2010 -I
Course Outcomes

n CO1: Solve the basic vehicle motion and acceleration

n CO2: Identify the performance characteristics of the
braking system
n CO3: Evaluate of the tires and wheels characteristics
n CO4: Evaluate of the characteristics of various
suspension system designs.
n CO5: Analyze the steady -state cornering scenario.
n CO6: Analyze the steering system
Course Outline

Chapter 1 : Fundamental of Vehicle Dynamics

Chapter 2 : Accel eration Performance
Chapter 3 : Braki ng Performance
Chapter 4 : Ti res and Wheel s
Chapter 5 : Ri de Characteri stics and
Chapter 6 : Steady -state Cornering
Chapter 7 : The Steeri ng Systems
Assessment Methods

a. Test (1&2) : 30%

b. Project : 15%
c. Laboratory : 15%
d. Final Examination : 40%
Total : 100%
Test 1 [End of Week 11/Early of Week 12] – 15%

From Chapter 1 to Chapter 4, which is

a. Fundamental of Vehicle Dynamics
b. Acceleration Performance
c. Braking Performance

Test Method:
a. Calculation
b. Subjective
Test 2 [End of Week 6/Early of Week 7] – 15%

From Chapter 1 to Chapter 4, which is

a. Tires and Wheels
b. Ride Charact eristics and Suspension

Test Method:
a. Calculation
b. Subjective

Development of new passive suspension

Personal Project on calculations – 5%

Group Project on vehicle analysis – 10%

Laboratory – 15% [Week 14]

1.Absorber testi ng 5 %
2.Real vehicle dynamics testing 10 %

With one final report per group + fi nal

presentation for second Laboratory.
Basic Parts and Systems in an Automobile
An automobile comprise of more than 15,000 parts
or components, which group into…

Power train
Engine or power pl ant Chassis and Body

Steering system
Car Electrical system

Suspension system Braking system

Engine Mounting and drive wheels
Axle shaft

Rear drive axle

Drive shaft Rear Wheel Drive (FR)

Longitudinal engine

Axle shaft

Front Wheel Drive (FF)

Transverse engine
Engine Mounting and drive wheels

Engine Transmission

Axle shaft

Drive shaft


Transfer case

Axle shaft All wheel/four wheel drive

Engine support ing system

Cooling system
Fueling system

Exhaust system

Ignition system

Air intake system

Lubricating system
Basic Parts and Systems in an Automobile


Transmission or transaxle
Power Drive
source Train Transfer case
Drive shaft

Power Train