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Email ID: gaurav.patwari@gmail.

com Gaurav Patwari Mobile: +917259281909


• SAP PI/XI ABAP Professional with 3.9+ years of progressive & extensive IT experience in development
and implementation of various projects.
• Experience of having 2 SAP Cycle Implementation along with 3 SAP PI implementation experience & 1
Support project.
• Proficiency in SAP PI/XI (3.0, 7.0, 7.1), SAP ABAP HR & SAP ABAP.
• Have an expertise in designing, developing & implementing various Integration Scenarios using SAP PI/XI
with SAP R/3, SAP BI & 3rd Party Vendors.
• Has Comprehensive work experience in ABAP HR for Developments in PA, OM, PT, PB, & PY modules and
SAP Enterprise Portal.
• Well adept in ABAP/4 Reporting, BDC Programming & Conversions, Dialog Programming (Screen
Developing), SAP Smart forms, Enhancements, RFC programming, ABAP Proxy, BI Process chains, XI
Adapters (SOAP, RFC, File, XI, JDBC, JMS etc.).
• Excellent Business analytical skills, Communication, Presentation & Documentation skills with strong
troubleshooting abilities.
• Have experience in training Technical developers, Core team & End Users while Implementation in all a
complete team player.
• Experience of directing team of trainees for custom SAP Solutions to be developed for SAP HCM, SAP PI/XI,
SAP Enterprise Portal & ABAP.

Education & Certification

• Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Information Technology from Gujarat University, Gujarat, India.
• Diploma in Information Technology from Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology, Nadiad, India.
• Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking and CNE, JETKING, Ahmedabad, India.
• Training on SAP ABAP, SAP PI/XI from IBM India.
• Training on SAP ABAP Web dynpro, ABAP Objects from SAP Labs, Bangalore.

Skill Set

Languages ABAP/4 (SAP R/3), C, C++, JAVA(core), J2EE(JSP, Servlets), Visual Basic,
SQL/PLSQL,Unix Shell scripting(basic).
ERP SAP R/3 ECC 6.0.
SAP PI/XI Skills ABAP Proxy, PI/XI Adapters (RFC, XI, File, iDocs, SOAP, JMS etc.), BI Proxy, BI
Process chain with Proxy, Mappings (Graphical, ABAP, etc.), UDF(User defined
functions),Runtime Workbench, Monitoring skills, Designing & Developing functional
specification for an interfaces, Standalone testing, Basic PI Admin activities.
SAP ABAP Skills SAP PI/XI, ABAP-HR (HCM), SAP EP, ABAP Objects, ABAP Web dynpro, ABAP4
Reports, Data Dictionary, ALV Grids, Interactive Reports, ABAP Dictionary, BDC,
BAPI & Function Modules, User Exit, HR Infotypes, Dialog Programming, Smart
Software Engineering Project Management, SDLC using SAD.
Database SQL Sever, Oracle
Operating Systems Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Netware 4/5/6, Linux 7.x +,Unix(basic).
Networking Networking with Win2x, Netware 4/5/6, Linux, Routing Concepts, TCP/IP protocol
suite, OSI Layers.
Web Technologies HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, ASP.Net, CSS.
Other Technologies Liferay Enterprise Portal (J2EE Open Source Portal),JSR 168 Portlet
CVS Microsoft’s Visual Source Safe 6.0

Employment History

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Email ID: gaurav.patwari@gmail.com Gaurav Patwari Mobile: +917259281909

• VC-ERP Consulting (P) Ltd., Ahmedabad – February, 2010 to Till Date. (2 Clients)
• Torrent Power Ltd, Ahmedabad. – May, 2008 to January 2010.
• TATA Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad – June, 2007 to April 2008.
• Zydus Cadila (Cadila Healthcare Ltd.) – December, 2006 to June 2007.

Project #5:
Company : VC-ERP Consulting (P) Ltd.
Duration : June 2010 till date
Role : Senior SAP PI-XI & ABAP Consultant
SAP Version : SAP PI (7.1), ABAP, ABAP Objects.
Client #2 : SAP Labs, Bengaluru (Cargill - USA)

VC-ERP Consulting (P) Ltd. is the one of emerging consulting organization in SAP Implementation & support
based in Ahmedabad having its branches in Noida, Pune, Singapore, UK, US, & Canada.VC-ERP is the
authorized business partner and certified local resource partners to SAP Labs (India) Limited and has
requisite strengths to fulfill the requirements. Current Project is for the Custom development of the different
SAP Clients all over the world and my role is to look into design, development & testing of process integration
scenarios along with 3rd party interaction.

Project Contribution:
 Design, Develop, Testing & Monitoring the Integration Scenario
 Developing Process integration scenarios as well as interfaces for the integration
with the Tripple Point Technology’s CSL software
 Developing SAP ABAP Proxy for the Service interfaces.
 Working with RFC, SOAP, File adapters for the integration scenarios.
 SAP PI 7.11 version, SAP Data type enhancements.
 Expertise in working with SAP GDTs, complex Data type, Message type, Message
mapping, Service Interface, Operation mapping etc. for the required scenarios.
 Co-ordinating with the 3rd party software consultants for the integrations scenarios
development & testing.
 Strong at PI error troubleshooting, PI Monitoring & related activities.
 Understanding & designing solution based on the functional requirements.
 Developed a design for the web dynpro application (Case Study).
 Working with Views, Windows (Popup, Normal), ALV, Table, Plugs, Component
Usage, etc.
 Developed a Webdynpro application for the Sales order processing as per

Training attended as SAP Labs:

 Training in SAP ABAP Webdynpro ABAP
 Training in SAP ABAP Objects

Project #4:
Company : VC-ERP Consulting (P) Ltd.
Duration : 4 Months
Role : SAP PI & ABAP Consultant
SAP Version : SAP PI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0 , Netweaver 2004s, SAP BI 7.0
Client #1 : Holcim, Canada (XI Implementation)

VC-ERP Consulting (P) Ltd. is the one of emerging consulting organization in SAP Implementation & support
based in Ahmedabad having its branches in Noida, Pune, Singapore, UK, US, & Canada. VC-ERP is the
authorized business partner and certified local resource partners to SAP India Limited and has requisite
strengths to fulfill the requirements. Holcim, Canada is a well known name in Cement & Construction industry
all over the world and is client for the SAP PI Implementation project with BI and JD Edwards system.

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Email ID: gaurav.patwari@gmail.com Gaurav Patwari Mobile: +917259281909

Project Contribution:
Fucntional Contribution:
• Understanding clients requirement, desinging and proposing integration solution.
• Integration solution designed with JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI solution.
• Interpreting the requirements to Interface specifications for the interfaces.
• Has been part of Blueprint sign off meetings for the Blueprint process.
• Guiding team for the developments and interface implementation as per project deadline.

Technical Contribution:
• Designing Integration Scenario
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for Sales demand forecasting.
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for Manufacturing Costs.
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for Machine Capacity.
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for Recipes.
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for Finish Mill Ratios.
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for InTransit Inventory.
 Integration of JD Edwards SNO with SAP BI for Onsite Inventory.

• Integration Builder (Design & Configuration)

 Graphical mapping for the required format of data from SAP BI as per JD Edwards
 Created User Defined Functions(UDF) for complex requirements.
 Data types, Message types, Message interface, Interface mapping etc are designed
and implemented.
 Integration Scenario using SAP XI, File adapters the concept of adapterless
communication was designed and implemeted.
 Tesing the scenario wth available Test scenario tool.

• Runtime Workbench & troubleshooting errors

 Communication channel monitoring.
 Troubleshooting the error messages
 Monitoring scenario using SXMB_MONI transaction.

• SAP BI ABAP Developement

 Developing & Implementing ABAP Client proxy for the message interface.
 Development of Open hub destination into flat table.
 Defining, Designing & Development of BI Process chain along with custom ABAP
Process type.

Project #3:
Company : Torrent Power Limited
Duration : 21 Months
Role : ABAP Developer, PI/XI Developer
SAP Version : SAP ECC 6.0 , Netweaver 2004s, SAP PI 7.0, SAP EP 7.0
SAP Module : SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HR)

TPL is one of the leading brands in the Indian power sector, promoted by the Rs. 45 billion Torrent Group.
With an all-round experience in generation, transmission and distribution of power, and a proven track record
of implementing large power projects, Torrent Power is the most experienced private sector player in India.

Project Contribution:
Fucntional Contribution:
• Defining As-Is Process breakdown for the SAP HCM implementation
• Defining AS-IS process as part of Accendant ASAP implementation of SAP in Torrent Power
Ltd. for SAP HCM Module (Primarily Recruitment, PA & OM).
• Defining a Blueprint Document for the Blueprint Phase of the ASAP Implementation for the

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Email ID: gaurav.patwari@gmail.com Gaurav Patwari Mobile: +917259281909

• Including GAPs between the two and also the explored various solutions for the same along
with the process of Change management.
• Has been part of Blueprint sign off meetings for the Blueprint process.
• Defined the KDS Document for the Various infotypes that are to be maintained according to
the organization need.
• Identified the necessary developments based on the GAPs for the implementation fo HR

Technical Contribution:
• PI/XI Integration
 Implementing complete Integration scenrios from design to configuration and
necessary troubleshooting skills.
 Integrated SCADA system to with SAP R/3.
 Integraed FMS system to SAP R/3.
 Integreated SMS server with SAP R/3.
 Integreation solution for the 3rd party meter reading upload.
 Used various adapters such as File, XI, RFC,…etc and also developed ABAP
 Integration with the SAP BI (Open Hub) with 3rd Party system using SAP PI as

 Joing Checklist Custom Infotype (PA & PB)
 Separation Checklist Custom Infotype (PA)
 Recruitment Infotype for capturing expenses (PB)
 Infotype for Relatives in Torrent Group of Companies (PA & PB)
 Service number enhancements in Address infotype

• Reports & Program:

 Tools & Assets issued (LDB) Report
 Awards issued details (LDB) Report
 DA Calculation Program
 Late Coming & Early Going time Report (PT)
 Housing Loan subsidy Program with Custom Infotype

• Function Modules
 Retirement Date calculator
 Date operations
 Conversion based on requirement for legacy systems and many more.

• Module Pool Program

 Inward / Outward Register
 Visitor Gate Pass System
 Canteen Issue Register
 Contract Management System

• Smartforms
 Officer Payslip
 Staff Payslip
 Gate Pass
 External Gate Pass

Project #2
Company : Zydus Cadila (Cadila Healthcare Ltd.)
Duration : 6 Months
Role : ABAP Developer, Portal Content Developer

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Email ID: gaurav.patwari@gmail.com Gaurav Patwari Mobile: +917259281909

SAP Version : SAP ECC 6.0 , Netweaver 2004, SAP EP 6.0

SAP Module : Sales & Distribution
Project Contribution:
1. Developed ABAP classical reports, interactive reports, RFCs, smartforms, Infotypes etc.
2. Played Vital Role as EP Content Administration, EP System Administratioin, EP User administration.
3. Exploring all the development alternatives for the custom development of SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0
4. Explored ABAP, SAP Web Dyne Pro (Java), SAP Visual Composer, J2EE alternatives for the
development on SAP Enterprise Portal regarding the MIS(Dashboard) for Sales & Distribution module.
5. Explored iViews available with the SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0.
6. Development of around 125 BAPI (SAP RFC Function Module) for SD Module regarding MIS
requirements and hosted on EP by developing JSP/Servlet application and deploying PAR Project on to
the EP.
7. Developing custom application on SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0 using JSP/Servlets and SAP NWDS
using SAP JCO Library.
8. Also played important role in creating Functional Specification in supervision of TCS SD Consultant
for the same development.

Project #1 [ NON – SAP ]

Company : TATA Consultancy Services, Gandhinagar
Duration : 1 Year
Role : Liferay Enterprise Portal Developer
Domain : Government
Technology : Liferay 4.2.2, J2EE, JSR168 Portlet Development, SAP ABAP
Project Contribution:
1. Gujarat One Portal:
• Portal solution developed for the Govt. of Gujarat for the citizens, citizen related applications
to the govt. which goes into to the secretariat to the respective officer concerned with the
applications having all necessary and must gadgets for the citizens to interact with the
• My role was to understand the requirements and also along with this an appropriate portal
solution to be developed with team and Liferay Enterprise Portal the J2EE open source portal
to be used for the same. My self was the R&D lead related to Liferay and JSR168 portlets in
all Liferay as the container for this portal solution.

2. Maharashtra Online Portal:

• Same as the Gujarat one portal solution Maharashtra online is the portal solution for the
Maharashtra govt. with the Digigov project at mantralaya, currently this project is under
execution development in Liferay Enterprise portal with team and also the solution is
developed using the framework of TCS.
3. Other than this worked on ABAP classical reports, interactive reports, smarforms, etc. for a support

Industry Training

Company : Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ahmedabad. (Zydus Cadila)

Project : Management Dashboard, SAP Enterprise Portal Custom Development.
Duration : 6 months. From: Dec’ 06 To: Jun’ 07.
Domain : Healthcare.
Platform : SAP (mySAP ECC 6.0) & SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0, J2EE(JSP/Servlets)

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Email ID: gaurav.patwari@gmail.com Gaurav Patwari Mobile: +917259281909

Language Used: ABAP (BAPI) Team Size: 5

Management dashboard is the project which provides the higher level(Top and Middle Management) users to
look at there organization various information such sales in particular region, status of various products and
there distributors and sub-distributors, Stock analysis kind of reports various kind gadgets are provide in a
single screen. Project Status is running (8th sem Industry Project)
Awards & Achievements

• Won 3rd Prize in Mock Advertisement at TECHNOASPIRE’05, Govt. Engg. College, Gandhinagar.
• Live Project of College Website along with the academic studies during 6th semester inaugurated by
honorable Education Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel.

Personal Details

Date Of Birth : 3rd February, 1984

Languages : English, Hindi, Gujarati, Mewadi
Permanent Address : 11, Raviratna Flats, Saurastra Society Corner, New Vikas Gruh Road, Paldi,
Permanent Tel No : (079)-26633439
Mobile No : +91 7259281909 (Bangalore) - Primary
Mail-ID : gaurav.patwari@gmail.com
Other Certifications
Brainbench: Transcript ID#: 7301197 (www.brainbench.com)

Java 2 Fundamentals

Computer Fundamentals – Windows XP

And no. of other tests cleared which can be viewed online. www.brainbench.com (7301197)


• References available if required.

• www.linkedin.com/in/gauravpa
• www.gauravpatwari.wordpress.com

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