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From the Spiritual Overseer...

2010-Year of God’s Mercy!

Dearly Beloved, theme for the year 2010 is “God’s Mercy.” Our
Grace, Mercy and Peace be to you from God Father is the Father of mercy and compassion
the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. We thank (2 Cor 1:3). “He is merciful and gracious, slow to
the Lord for your support and encouragement ever anger and abounding in mercy. He has not dealt
since the inception of this mission. “God is not with us according to our sins nor punished us
unjust; He will not forget your work and the love according to our iniquities. As the heavens are
you have shown Him as you have helped His high above the earth so great is His mercy towards
people and continue to help them” (Heb 6:10). those who fear Him... His mercy is from
May the Lord who is rich in mercy bless you everlasting to everlasting” (Psa 103:8-11,17). We
richly in this New Year. have our merciful Saviour our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom we can “approach the throne of
We are labouring in the following areas to grace with confidence, so that we may receive
ensure that the church is filled with the glory of mercy and find grace to help us in our time of
God and the world is reached with the Gospel of need” (Heb 4:16). As we study this theme together
our Lord Jesus Christ— throughout this year, I believe that our life will be
1. Revival totally transformed to this virtue of God.
2. Youth/Campus Work Jesus said, “Be merciful, just as your Father is
3. Missionary Evangelism merciful” (Lk 6:36).
4. Literature
5. Social Concerns We have been implementing several welfare
schemes for the benefit of our missionaries and
The Lord has been blessing our efforts their children. From January 2010 onwards we
abundantly. We will continue to put in more effort have planned to introduce a pension scheme for
on the above mentioned areas as the time is short the benefit of our missionaries. This will incur
and the coming of the Lord Jesus is very near. additional expenditure every month. We have
We had a key people meet in Tamilnadu for two proposed a pension fund of one crore for the
days to pray and plan for the year 2010. We urge above purpose. You may support this scheme in
every one of you to involve in personal soul every possible way.
winning and neighbourhood evangelism. The Lord
has set an open door before us now and we should This year we have planned to hold the National
make best use of this opportunity. The time may Staff Retreat during May 2010 for 5 days for
come wherein no one can work. reviving and strengthening our missionaries.
Missionaries from all 14 States will be participating
Last year we had some trouble in Orissa, in this camp along with their families. This will
Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. provide a great boost to their spiritual life so that
Some of our missionaries and native workers were with renewed vigour they may be able to do great
beaten and worship sheds were destroyed. But things for God in their field. Kindly pray for this
our God who is rich in mercy delivered and important programme.
protected our believers and missionaries from all
evil. To God be the glory. God heard the prayers The Tamilnadu branch is getting ready for
of His children and did mighty things in the mission conducting Halo 2010 in Sittheri Hills during
field. We request you to form new prayer cells Pongal holidays. As you know the youth are the
wherever you are and pray specifically for the arrows in the hands of the warrior. Their strength
salvation of our country. Two people are enough and their energy should be used for the Kingdom
to start a prayer cell. God will help you. “Where of God. We need your special prayers during those
two or three come together in My name, there I days so that the youngsters can be snatched from
am with them” (Mt 18:20). Prayer moves the arm the clutches of the devil.
of God that moves the world. Do all that is possible for the salvation of souls.
Ever since the start of the 3rd decade of BYM The Lord is coming soon with his rewards.
in 1991, we made it a practice to declare a biblical Your Brother
theme each year for a fresh emphasis. The biblical A. Lionel
BLESSING/ January 2010 2
At a Bible Study class that I attend, we 3. Do not misuse the name of God (v7).
recently studied the Ten Commandments. We
were asked, “How do you intend to keep these I was particularly perturbed because this verse
commandments in the days ahead?” To me, the comes with a solemn warning—The Lord will hold
question seemed irrelevant. Like the rich young guilty anyone who misuses His name. Of course,
ruler of Luke 18, I thought to myself, “All these I
have kept from my youth.” But as I looked I do not misuse God’s name blatantly, but very
carefully at Exodus 20:1-17 again, I started having subtly, sin creeps in. I try to use God’s name as a
second thoughts. wedge to get some truth from my children.
Christians are often guilty of spreading gossip
I sat down with a pen and paper and examined
using very holy means—asking for prayer for so
myself. I have put down the thoughts and
questions that these commandments raised in my and so because he/she is doing... Do I call someone
mind. It would be a good idea to examine brother/sister in Christ and have no love in my
ourselves at the dawn of the New Year. heart? Then I am misusing God’s name!

The 10 Commandments for 2010

Mrs. Haema Henry, Chennai
1. You shall have no other gods before Me (v3). 4. Honour the Lord’s day (vv 8-11).
Whatever occupies the first place in my life is I have heard from my parents and elders that
my god. Is the Lord truly there at the top of my when they were children, they would come home
concerns? Is the Lord my first thought in the from church and spend the rest of the day
morning? I am often guilty of allowing sleep to memorizing Scripture, learning the creed and so
eat away a portion of my early morning quiet time. on. But for me, Sunday has become a very busy
Sleep, TV, story books, all good and beneficial by day—often the busiest day of the week—running
themselves, often take away time that I should from one activity to another. Am I honouring the
Lord when I do that ?
have given for worship and communing with God.
When that happens, they become gods before The verse goes on to say that your man-
Him. servant, maid-servant, ox, etc. must rest one day
a week. That would mean that we should give
2. You shall not make any idol for yourself our servant maid a weekly off instead of making
(vv 4-6). her work like an ox on that day too!
I may not bow down to any gold or silver image, 5. Honour your father and your mother (v12).
but an idol could be anything that I pour my time,
passion and energy on. My family, my children, Now, that includes father-in-law and mother-
my work... all given by God as a blessing could in-law because in God’s eyes, husband and wife
become idols if I get my priorities mixed up. I are one flesh. Do I care as much for my parents-
look forward to and greatly enjoy talking to my in-law as I do for my own? Do I care as much
family members on the phone. I wonder if I look for their emotional and social needs as I do about
forward as much to my prayer times! their physical needs? Do I cut them off when they
talk old fashioned ideas?
I realized that pride is often one idol that I
pamper the most. Even when I teach the Bible, if
6. You shall not murder (v13).
the intention is to be praised or acknowledged by I have not physically murdered anyone. But I
those around, that becomes an offering to my self- could think of numerous occasions, when actively
idol. When I insist on having my way at home or or passively, I have contributed to the character
at work, I worship at the altar of self-will. assassination of someone. After reading Psalm
BLESSING/ January 2010 3
15 one day, I looked up the meaning of ‘slander’ safely, I prefix my statement with, “I’m not sure,
and ‘slur’ in the dictionary, because the Psalmist but I heard that...” And to be extra cautious, I
says that those who slander or cast a slur on their suffix with “But anyway, don’t tell anyone else
fellowmen cannot dwell in the Lord’s sanctuary. because we don’t know for sure.” I blush at the
I found that casting a slur meant passing around irony. Surely, testimony need not refer only to
some damaging information about someone, even
statements made in a court of law!
if it is true. So, even if I pass on some true
information with the intention of damaging 10. You shall not covet... anything that belongs
someone’s reputation, I am guilty. to your neighbour (v17).
Moreover, our Lord has equated anger with
In today’s context, the commandment would
murder. How often I snap and lose my temper
mean, Do not covet your neighbour’s big cars,
with my children because something else is
bothering me! posh house, sweet spouse... an endless list that
would be. An aunty mentioned that every time
7. You shall not commit adultery (v14). she manages to get a good domestic help (which
is quite difficult these days), her neighbour would
Though meaning unfaithfulness in marital
relationships, the term can be used to describe be at the door asking the girl if she had a sister!
unfaithfulness in any relationship. Wherever there We live in a flat and every time we visit someone
is a breach of trust, this commandment is broken. in an independent house with a garden, my little
Am I faithful to the organization I work for? Do I daughter says, “How I wish we lived in a house
scandalize my boss? Do I maintain confidentiality like this!” Being a child, she mouths what I don’t
when someone confides in me? openly say!
Many of the prime-time programs on popular I wanted to throw up my arms in despair saying,
television channels are based on extra-marital “Wretched person that I am! Who will rescue me
relationships or scheming ex-boyfriends or jealous from this body of sin?” But I took heart because
jilted wives planning revenge. When these the great stalwart of the New Testament—the
programs are viewed in my living room, am I not
Apostle Paul himself—struggled with this question
being a party to the corruption brought on by such
values into our social fabric? and came up with the answer “Thanks be to
God—through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom
8. You shall not steal (v15). 7:24,25). As he points out in Romans 3:20, through
the law, we become conscious of sin. Jesus came
I have never sneaked into anyone’s house and
made off with precious things! But how about only because it is impossible for me to keep the
stuffing into the handbag a few extra tissues from law in my own strength.
the restaurant? Deuteronomy 23:24 says, “If you Having made me conscious of sin, He doesn’t
enter your neighbour’s vineyard, you may eat all
leave me in the quagmire. Romans 8 teaches me
the grapes you want, but do not put any in your
basket!” that I am not controlled by the sinful nature, but
by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in me (v 9).
I was also reminded of times when I have been God’s perfect will for me is that I be transformed
bored or tired and so, chatted away on the phone into the likeness of His Son (v29). As he convicts
with a friend, not realizing that I was killing her me, He also empowers me to eschew those very
precious time! things, move forward and take hold of that for
9. You shall not give false testimony (v16). which Christ Jesus took hold of me (Phil 3:12).

So often, I have made comments or passed (The author is a housewife. Mobile: 090031
judgements on people based on hear-say. Very 31177). U
BLESSING/ January 2010 4
How to Enjoy a New Year
FIR E Mrs. Priscilla Fredrick, Tuticorin

We do not read of any New Year Celebrations Lord your God will bless you in all your work and
in the Bible. However the beginning of certain in everything you put your hand to. There will
years brought great joy to certain groups of people. always be poor people in the land. Therefore I
The Lord has given His people certain commands, command you to be openhanded towards your
which when obeyed in letter and spirit would ring brothers and toward the poor and needy in your
in a joyful celebration to the entire community at land.”
the beginning of a new year.
When a loan is given, it is natural to expect
interest on the amount. But here, the Lord is telling
A) Deuteronomy 14:28,29: “At the end of
us to release a poor man from the principal amount
every three years, bring all the tithes of that year’s
itself (v2). We may think of this as a huge loss!
produce and store it in your towns, so that the
But God says that when we obey, He will bless
Levites (who have no allotment of their own) and all that we do. Can we take God at His Word? Of
the aliens, the fatherless and the widows who live course, we can. So, if there is a poor brother or
in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied sister struggling to pay back your loan, why not
and so that the Lord your God may bless you in cancel the debt and see how the Lord blesses
all the work of your hands.” you? Let him/her celebrate a Happy New Year!
Similarly we are to lend generously to our poor
At the beginning of every year, we pray for brothers and sisters.
God’s blessings on the year. Here, He gives us
an idea on how to appropriate His blessings. God C) Deuteronomy 15:12-14: “If a fellow
said, “I will bless you and make you a blessing.” Hebrew, a man or a woman, sells himself to you
Why stop at receiving blessings? Why not become and serves you six years, in the seventh year you
a blessing to God’s people and the poor by sharing must let him go free. And when you release him,
God’s blessings with them? If we set apart a do not send him away empty-handed. Supply him
portion of the year’s blessings, whether money liberally from your flock, your threshing floor and
or grains or clothes, we can bless many at the your winepress. Give to him as the Lord your God
turn of the year. The New Year thus becomes a has blessed you.”
double blessing—the needy have a Happy New
Year and the giver is assured of God’s blessing. Today the situation is different. We do not have
How wonderful! slaves. But this passage shows the heart of God
for the underdog. God expects us to be
B) Deuteronomy 15:1-11: “At the end of every compassionate to those who serve us, whether at
seven years you must cancel debts... If there is a home or in the fields or at the office. Make this
poor man in any of the towns the Lord your God New Year a happy one for them by your liberality.
is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted
May be we are not able to receive God’s open-
toward your poor brother. Rather be openhanded handed blessings because our fists are tightly
and freely lend him whatever he needs. Be careful clasped. Why not open our arms and give out, so
not to harbour this wicked thought: “The seventh that He may bless us abundantly? Then it would
year, the year for canceling debts, is near,” so truly be a Happy New Year—both for you and
that you do not show ill will toward your needy those around you!
brother and give him nothing. He may then appeal
to the Lord against you, and you will be found (The author is a retired teacher and grand-
guilty of sin. Give generously to him and do so mother to two grandchildren. Mobile: 098949
without a grudging heart; then because of this the 84199). U

BLESSING/ January 2010 5

A New Year Gift!
PR Mr. John Alexander, Nagpur

We had a neighbour since many decades Sophie had seen all this at close quarters
living in perfect harmony with us in the Orange and she confided to her mother and to my
City of Nagpur. Even as kids we used to go to mother and my sisters. She had applied for
their home and play with their kids, and their admission for a two year course, but the big
kids came to our home any time of the day and stumbling-block was how to raise money. The
we had a jolly good time. This neighbour Administration of the Nursing School gave a
Patrick Joseph worked in the Railways and promise that for the second year course she
soon after retirement one fine day he passed would get Government Scholarship, but the
away due to cardiac arrest. problem was financing her first year.
Aunty Philomena could not bear this The last date of all formalities including
irreparable loss. They had two children. The payments was 31st December. Sophie confided
elder one was Peter. The younger one was to my sisters that if she got a loan she would
Sophie, a vivacious girl good in studies and repay the amount once she stared working.
pretty to look at. Both were good friends of Somehow the matter reached the ears of my
me and my sisters Veronica and Violet. Sophie
mother, and she in turn informed my father.
took care of her mother who was emotionally
disintegrating and which affected her already Lo, it was like lightning. Quick reaction was
poor health. Constant hospitalization and two relayed to Sophie to go ahead with her regist-
major operations of heart soon dried away ration of application. My parents decided to
their savings. pay the money for her first year’s education.
My mother Sara was a housewife and father Dad said to my mother, “Look at Sophie as
Luke Harrison was employed in the Revenue our daughter and things would not be a burden
Department and we lived frugally without much but a blessing to us.”
ostentatious expenditure. As neighbours both When Sophie heard this, she was over-
families had no secrets and we shared everything whelmed with joy. She thanked my mother and
with one another. Our joys and sorrows were father profusely. Our parents told aunty Philomena
all shared affairs. Our other neighbours always without hurting her ego or self-respect.
commented that we were like blood relatives
as our relationship was so intimate. My Dad told Sophie, “My dear child, this is
our New Year gift to you.” Dad got in a
Sophie had a burning desire to be a nurse,
because with her mother’s constant hospita- fortnight’s time his bonus with retrospective
lization and prolonged stay before and after effect. This was a big bonanza for us.
operations, she had developed a fancy for the Sophie joined her Nursing School from 1st
ministering angels who floated through the wards January and her mother’s health improved with
in white apparel. Without Nurses, Hospitals this happy turn of events and there was great
would cease to work smoothly. Who would joy in our families.
take care of the patients in great physical
distress and discomfort most of the time during (The author is a retired teacher engaged in
their hospital stay without them? And Nurses Christian activities. E-mail: <alexander_
would do it with all elan and empathy. john123@yahoo.com>) U
BLESSING/ January 2010 6
The Mystery of Mother Teresa
Mr. Navin Chawla, Chief Election Commissioner, India

Mother Teresa, the diminutive nun who mother for permission to

straddled her century as one of its most towering join the Church and work
personalities, was at one level a very simple person in India. At 18, she had
and at another a complex enigma. In modern her way and when she
management parlance, she could well be bade her mother good-
projected as a management guru who could have bye, she was never to see
presented to the world’s best business schools, her again.
her uniquely evolved model for success. With
4,000 nuns, she created a multinational enterprise We might well
of service that encompassed 123 countries by the imagine Kolkata from an
time she died in 1997. Eastern Europe
standpoint in 1928. The
She would however have rejected such a journey from Albania to India would itself have
proposition because her model was not based on seemed inconceivable to most. In those days
material achievement, but on its spiritual quotient missionaries hardly ever returned home and India
that sprung from and was nurtured by her faith. was a world apart. To leave her tightly knit family
It required no banks of computers, no army of for a most uncertain future in a land of whose
accountants, no bureaucrats. Her Order was language, customs and traditions she knew nothing
rooted to a unique vow of “wholehearted free was, at the very least, foolhardy. But young Agnes
service” to the abject poor and marginalised. never recorded any doubts about this decision,
even in her later years.
As her biographer, I found there were several
mysteries that lent themselves to no easy answers.
She had learned that the only way to India
Mother Teresa was hardly qualified in academic
was through the Loreto Order of teaching nuns
terms. She never went to university and her studies
headquartered in Kolkata. Her route however lay
were largely confined to the Scriptures. And yet
she set up hundreds of schools that lifted poor through the heart of the Order in Ireland. From
children from a desolate life on the streets. She Zagreb she travelled by train and ship to Dublin,
provided a safety net for the homeless by opening where she spent six weeks learning a smattering
feeding centres and soup kitchens and also started of English, a language unknown to her but which
Shishu Bhawans for infants her sisters found she would need in India. Her ship journey to
abandoned in the streets. There were homes for Mumbai would have exposed her for the first
the terminally ill, so that they were not alone when time to peoples and climate so different from her
they died. Not all these centres were in the poorer own. And, finally, when the Bombay Mail steamed
parts of the world; many were in the affluent west into Howrah station in Kolkata on a January
where loneliness and despair was a sickness she morning in 1929, an 18-year-old had taken a major
likened to leprosy. step that covered geography and time zones into
a world that would gradually unfold itself. But of
Her coming to India itself was a mystery, a her decision, she was even then not in doubt.
word I use in its mystical sense. Born in 1910 in
Skopje, then a small town in what was Albania at She had said to me, as she had said to others
the time, Agnes was raised in relatively frugal before, that it was a lesser wrench for her to leave
circumstances by a fiercely Catholic mother, the mother’s home than it was for her to leave the
youngest of three children. As a young girl, her Loreto Convent in Entally. In her 20 years as a
imagination was stirred by stories of Yugoslav Loreto nun, first a teacher and later Principal, she
Jesuit priests who worked in distant Bengal. At developed the discipline of an Order; in its most
the age of 14, barely a teenager, she asked her simplistic sense, her life was regulated by the
BLESSING/ January 2010 7
ringing of the school bell. Here there was order before a group of curious children who had never
and security, but also some exposure to the dis- seen the inside of a school, she began to write the
advantaged, as many of her wards were orphans Bengali alphabet on the ground.
and children of poor parents, with whom she could
speak in Bengali with ease. Within a few days, some rickety furniture
appeared; someone donated a blackboard and
She was happy in her work, but restless too. chalk. Lay teachers from the Convent soon
The world she glimpsed from her classroom volunteered to teach. Her little school in Motijhil
window was made up of slums and abject poverty: became reality. And soon there was a school in
it seemed to be the real world, and she slowly Entally. A tiny dispensary followed, stocked with
sensed that her vocation belonged there. She a few basic medicines cajoled from chemists.
began to attempt this almost impossible transition Bengali-speaking Teresa discovered she could
from convent to street, but with her vows intact: multi-task, and her disarming charm and directness
a Catholic nun within the Church order, yet outside moved people to want to help her.
of it. This was inconceivable in the Church’s rigid
framework. Her Superior General of Loreto gave Her early admirers included the legendary
her the nod to try. But the Archbishop of Kolkata Chief Minister B.C. Roy’s family members. In
forbade it. later years the equally legendary Jyoti Basu lent
her his shoulder. Till the end she invariably
In these many divides of life, she resorted to prefixed the words ‘my friend,’ whenever she
prayer that deepened her faith. I often found that spoke of the latter. In the years in between, the
she faced dilemmas by first a retreat to prayer, Calcutta Statesman began to follow her activities.
and then renewed attempts, until the object was Her name became known outside Kolkata when
achieved or otherwise. Two years later, the Indian government awarded her the Padma
surprisingly but perhaps not, the Vatican made its Shri at a ceremony where she arrived matter-
first exception of this kind. of-factly in a van and at which she moved many
to tears.
Her early steps too, were a mystery. What a
strange sight she would have presented on the As a Hindu, armed only with a certain
streets of Kolkata in 1948. A European not in a eclecticism, I found it took me longer than most
familiar western habit, but in a cheap sari similar to understand that Mother Teresa was with Christ
to what the municipality sweepresses wore, her in each conscious hour, whether at Mass or with
feet encased in a pair of rough leather sandals: a each of those whom she tended. It was not a
nun in her belief but not in appearance. different Christ on her crucifix and a different
one who lay dying at her hospice in Kalighat.
She was alone. She had no helper, no Neither existed without the other; they were both
companion and carried no money to speak of. She one. There could be no contradiction in her oft-
stepped into a city in which she had taught long repeated words that—one must reach out to one’s
years but of which she knew nothing. She taught neighbour. For Mother Teresa, to love one’s
herself to beg, the ultimate humiliation for one neighbour was to love God. This was what was
whose life had not been luxurious but it had been essential to her, not the size of her mission or the
secure. In her only diary, which I was privy to, power others perceived in her. She explained this
she wrote of her struggle between her faith and to me simply but meaningfully when she said, “We
the temptation to return to the security within are called upon not to be successful, but to be
convent walls. faithful.” In her life, Mother Teresa exemplified
that faith: faith in prayer, in love, in service, and in
Between occasional bouts of tears and longing
to get back to Loreto, she set up her first school
in the very slum she saw each morning outside (Mr. Navin Chawla is the biographer of
her classroom. It had no classroom, no table, no Mother Teresa. This article first appeared in
chair, no blackboard. She picked up a stick and The Hindu and reprinted here by permission.) U
BLESSING/ January 2010 8
THI E Mrs. Sarojini Sargunaraj, Bangalore
Once, a ship was gliding fast through the Irish conflicts in life in the following poem entitled, “The
Channel. It was a dark starless night. Dr. F. B. Gate of the Year.”
Meyer stood on the deck and was amazed at the
captain’s composure and the fearless speeding And I said to the man who stood at the gate of
through invisibility. He said, “Captain Sir, how do the year—
you know we are rightly heading towards Holy “Give me a light that I may tread safely into
Head Harbour on so dark a night as this?” the unknown.” And he replied, “Go out into the
The Captain said, “Do you see the three lights darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.
yonder? From a certain viewpoint, those three That shall be to you, better than light and safer
must line up, align behind one another as a single than a known way.” So, I went forth and finding
sparkle. When we see them as one, we know for the hand of God trod gladly into the night. And
sure the exact position of the mouth of the He led me towards the hills and the breaking of
harbour.” “How wonderful!” Dr. Meyer the day in the lone East.
exclaimed, “so simple and yet, so wonderful!”
So heart, be still!
So it is, in life’s high seas. The Word of God, What need our little life—
the Hand of God and the Promise of God are the
beacons for us. On our weary voyage, we are Our human life to know
ever peering into the unknown future. Often it If God hath comprehension?
may be perplexing but He who is the Bright In all the dizzy strife
and Morning star, the Dayspring from on high, Of things both high and low
sends the clear message, “This is the way. Walk God hideth His intention.
in it!” The Promise of God
The Word of God “I will take away your reproach for I will give
To the faithful, God’s Word in our heart and you grain, wine and oil” (Joel 2:19). Underlying
mind is the signpost pointing to the heavenly vista, these signs of prosperity, spiritual blessings are
assuring us that our Father is in control of all also seen. Grain stands for the Word of God as
circumstances and all undertakings. The way denoted in the parable of the sower: wine for the
ahead may be winding uphill or sloping and redemptive blood of Christ as the Eucharist
crooked with deep ravines striking terror, taking reminds us and the oil for the anointing of the
our breath away. We may be stumbling with heavy
Holy Spirit.
loads. Dark uncertain hours such as these when
we are totally stranded, are the very moments to Just as the Israelites were brought to the
acknowledge His Sovereignty in all our ways and promised land—a good land, a land of brooks of
He shall direct our path. He says, “I will even water, of fountains and depths that spring out of
make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the valleys and hills—a land of plenty where they
desert” (Isa 43:19). would not ever face scarcity of bread nor lack
When we cannot see what lies before us anything, so are we ushered into the heritage of
His Word is our Guide. He says in Isaiah 42:16, saints and the riches of Christ, year after year.
“I will bring the blind by a way that they knew The fountains and brooks are His unfailing
not; I will lead them in paths they have not known. mercies. With Him is the fountain of life fed by
I will make darkness light before them and crooked the eternal springs of living water. He is the Bread
things straight. These will I do to them and not of Life, the hidden Manna, our divine sustenance
forsake them.” for the salvation of our soul.
The Hand of God When these three lights together shine in our
M. Louise Haskins speaks of implicit faith in lives then we are sure to sail safely the high seas
the unquestionable wisdom of God in all our of this New Year and reach the harbour. U
BLESSING/ January 2010 9
The New Year Jesus Celebrated!
Dr. Mrs. Lilian Stanley

It might not have been called “New Year,” but The central event of the Passover was the
the year began for the Jews with the month of smearing of blood on the lintel and doorposts to
Abib (Ex 13:4). Nine great miracles had been keep the destroyer out (Ex 12:21-23). “Moses
performed by the hands of Moses and Aaron, yet also...by faith kept the Passover and the sprinkling
Pharaoh continued to dither. Then in the month of blood, lest he who destroyed the firstborn
of Abib, when the Israelites walked out of Egypt should touch them” (Heb 11:28). How excitedly
for good, a nation was born and the Lord said, the Jews would have started their New Year
“This month shall be your beginning of months; it reminiscing their salvation by the blood of the
shall be the first month of the year to you” (Ex lamb! How much more we, who are absolved by
12:2). The month was called Abib until the exile the blood of the Lamb of God! God saw the blood
(Ex 13:4; 23:15; 34:28), after which it was renamed of Jesus Christ and passed over us! As we start
as Nisan (Esth 3:7). the New Year, let us remember with thanksgiving,
God who gave up His Son for us and the Son
The Passover was the first important religious who gave up His life for us. Just as the Israelites
feast for the Jews. It was also called the Feast of walked out of Egypt and of their bondage to
the Unleavened Bread. It was celebrated on the freedom, we walk out of our old shackled life to
14th day of the first month of the year and be free people in Christ.
commemorated the deliverance from Egypt. It also
During the week, no leaven was to be eaten.
signified the establishment of Israel as a nation. (12:15). No leaven should be found in the
The feast of Unleavened Bread began on the day house(12:19). Every year before the celebration
after the Passover (Lev 23:5-8). the Jews would remove all leaven from the house
The word ‘Passover’ comes from the Hebrew in preparation. Let this New Year be a holy one
verb ‘Pasach’ which means to pass or jump or for us without leaven. “Purge out the old leaven,
skip over. On the eve of their departure, the that you may be a new lump, since you are truly
unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover Lamb
malevolent death angel who slew the firstborn of
was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the
the Egyptians, passed over the Israelites who were
feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of
marked with the blood of the lamb slaughtered malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened
the previous evening. So this jubilee was called bread of sincerity and truth” (1 Cor 5:7,8). The
the Passover; and the lamb, the Passover lamb. old leaven or our old self must be transformed to
The feast was celebrated from the 14th to the a Christ-like personality. Malice is a desire to harm
21st of Abib (Nisan). others or to see others suffer.
So the New Year started for the Jews in a Passover was a time of cleansing for the Jews
festive atmosphere as the lamb was to be selected and for many in the countryside, the journey to
on the 10th day (Ex 12:3), just as our Christmas, Jerusalem started early so they could be there
New Year exhilaration starts on the first of before Passover started. “And the Passover of
December itself. The lamb would be slaughtered the Jews was near, and many went from the
on the 14th, initiating the week-long celebrations. country up to Jerusalem before the Passover, to
Pharaoh’s son, the crown prince died at midnight. purify themselves” (Jn 11:55). “Then they led
So Pharaoh got up in the night to the wail of the Jesus from Caiaphas to the Praetorium, and it was
Egyptians and urged Moses and Aaron to leave early morning. But they themselves did not go
that very night (12:6). The people took their dough into the Praetorium, lest they should be defiled,
for the journey before it leavened. So, the day but that they might eat the Passover” (Jn 18:28).
was to be a memorial to the Jews to celebrate Distilled hypocrisy! They were planning a murder
throughout their generations (12:14). but would not enter a Gentile place and be defiled.
BLESSING/ January 2010 10
No wonder Jesus spoke of them as whitewashed 1 Corinthians 7:19 is lucid when it says,
tombs, beautiful and decorated outside but full of “Circumcision is nothing as also uncircumcision,
foul bones inside. As a good deed every year they but keeping the commandments of God is what
would release a prisoner at the Passover. But they matters. Why not make a list of all the New
were trading a murderer and robber for the Testament commandments? Don’t look for
innocent blood of Jesus. They celebrated the readymade stuff. Take a diary and start writing
Passover with so much malice and insincerity. Let down. This exercise may take a year. But by the
us root out all such evil desires hiding in the depth end of the year, you will be holier for sure.
of our hearts. Sincerity is being ourselves,
presenting no false appearance, not hypocritical God did not lead the Israelites by the way of
but being truthful and honest. A little leaven the land of the Philistines at the start of their New
leavens the whole lump. We cannot go as the Year, although that was near, for God said, “Lest
world goes. We need to lead a separated life. perhaps the people change their minds when they
Let’s examine ourselves to see if we are following see war, and return to Egypt. So God led the
the world in any way (1 Cor 5:6). people around by way of the wilderness of the
Red Sea”(Ex 13:17,18). God knows us better than
Jesus spoke of the doctrine of the Pharisees we know ourselves. If you encounter wilderness
and the Sadducees as leaven. In these days of this year, remember, God’s delays are not denials.
multimedia, when so much of teaching and Take it easy this year. When God is leading you,
preaching get into our ears, let us pray to God to be sure that He is taking you through the safest
give us the wisdom to discern sound doctrine (Mt route. He will go before you in a pillar of cloud
16:6,12). It is in this context too that Paul says and by night in a pillar of fire to give you light
that a little leaven leavens the whole lump (Gal (13:21). He cares for you.
5:9). A little false teaching can destroy a person,
a church or a mission. Why not we start this year The Israelites were to set apart to the Lord all
with a Study Bible and read through all the notes that open the womb, that is every firstborn. When
from Genesis to Revelation? It will be a bulwark the firstborn would ask, “Why me?” the parents
against the enemy. were to answer, “By strength of hand the Lord
brought us out of Egypt, out of the house of
Anyone who would like to keep the Passover bondage. And it came to pass when Pharaoh was
must be circumcised (Ex 12:48). “Circumcise stubborn about letting us go, that the Lord killed
yourselves to the Lord and take away the all the firstborn” (Ex 13:12-15). The firstborn
foreskins of your heart...” says Jeremiah (4:4). among the Israelites who ought to have died
In Christ, we “were also circumcised with the survived the holocaust because of the mighty hand
circumcision made without hands, by putting off of God. Mary and Joseph brought eight day old
the body of the sins of the flesh, by the baby Jesus to Jerusalem to present Him to the
circumcision of Christ” (Col 2:11). New Year is a Lord (as it is written in the law of the Lord, “Every
time of taking stock of our old life and throwing male who opens the womb shall be called holy to
away all that God hates. “He is not a Jew who is the Lord”(Lk 2:22,23). When Jesus grew up, His
one outwardly nor is circumcision that which is parents would have explained to Him that He was
outward in the flesh, but he is a Jew who is one consecrated to God.
inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in
the spirit, not in the letter, whose praise is not from I can imagine little Jesus running to His parents
men but from God” (Rom 2:28,29). For once, let and asking, “Mummy, Daddy, why do we go to
us forget about what people think about us and Jerusalem every year and what does all this
set our minds on receiving praise from God. Let mean?” He grew to understand the significance
us not be like the rulers who loved the praise of of His trips. What does New Year mean to our
men more than the praise of God (Jn 12:43). children ? Is it just feasting and fireworks? Let us
Eventhough they believed in Christ they did not teach our children the great deliverance we enjoy
openly confess Him. Shall we make a bold decision in Jesus and how they are “set apart” for God.
to proclaim Christ to anyone who is willing to Millions of children received very little affection
listen? and attention last year from their whirlwind parents.
BLESSING/ January 2010 11
Let us, parents and grandparents spend more time Passover meal. In referring to His suffering Jesus
with children this year to inculcate spiritual values is obviously anticipating that His own sacrificial
to them. death will take place later that day, preventing
Him from participating in the actual Passover
When Jesus was twelve, just entering teenage, supper (The Narrated Bible, page 1455).
as usual He went to Jerusalem for the feast with
His parents. His parents were so devout that The clock was ticking and nobody could stop
every year they made it to Jerusalem in the first its hands. Even the plea of Jesus quoting a promise,
month of the year for the feast of Passover (Lk “Abba, Father, all things are possible for You”
2:41,42). May be they skimped and saved for this could not make God stop the pirouette of the clock.
annual trip. Did Jesus realize that He was taken Jesus was arrested and hauled up before the
to Jerusalem as the Lamb of God? sleazy high priest by impertinent Jews. He was
shuttled from there to Pilate and then to Herod
After 21 years, at the age of 33, Jesus woke and back. “Now it was the Preparation Day of
up to the New Year in a cold sweat knowing that the Passover and about the sixth hour. And he
in another 10 days, He would be picked up as the (Pilate) said to the Jews, “Behold your King” (Jn
Pascal Lamb to be slaughtered. “Now the Feast 19:14). Thereafter a chain of events took place
of Unleavened Bread drew near, which is called with the momentum of an avalanche. The grisliest
Passover. And the chief priests and the scribes of murder was executed.
sought how they might kill Him” (Lk 22:1,2). Little
did they realize that they had selected the Lamb It seems the ram’s horn would be blown in
to be slain, that the destroyer might not touch the Jerusalem when the Passover lamb was killed, to
chosen ones. let the people know. The killing of the lamb and
the death of Jesus happened precisely at the
Jesus repeatedly told His disciples of His death appropriate hour on that day and the horn was
but they were insensitive to His feelings many blown when Jesus bowed His head and gave up
times. But one woman, Mary could empathize His spirit.
with Him. She wanted to give a New Year gift to
Jesus and gave the best she had—a pound of very His abused, worn-out body hung on the cross,
costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, stigmatised, silhouetted against the skyline with
and wiped His feet with her hair, six days before the inscription THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE
the Passover. She had kept it for the day of His JEWS in Greek, Latin and Hebrew. Hallelujah!
burial (Jn 12:1-3,7). What an irony! What the religious leaders and
their henchmen would not accept or concede was
“Then came the Day of Unleavened Bread, announced at the crossroads of the nations for all
when the Passover lamb must be killed” (Lk 22:7). to read! What the religious establishment would
It was time to face the brutal truth. So He ate the not do, the Government did. So Jesus died after
Passover with His disciples. The time of His three harrowing hours and rose on the third day,
gruesome massacre was drawing nigh and He in the first month Nisan to the joy that was set
told the disciples that fateful night, “With fervent before Him. His life was not cut short as everyone
desire I have desired to eat this Passover with thought. He awakened to eternal life. So, that was
you before I suffer” (Lk 22:15). His New Year celebration, heralding the dawn of
This was the evening of the 13th day of the a new era.
first month. Therefore it appears that the disciples As we start the New Year, all may not be rosy.
assume they are preparing the upper room God may not fulfill all the Scriptural promises we
primarily for the special pascal meal which they quote and claim. But when our prayer is, “Thy
expect to share with Jesus the following evening. will be done,” surely we will enjoy the joy that is
Jesus seems to explain why it is important for set before us (Heb12:2). What else can be a
Him to eat with them on the night before the actual HAPPY NEW YEAR? U
BLESSING/ January 2010 12
Tween Tweet Faith Vs. Fantasy
Mrs. Sugirtha Livingston, Missionary, Orissa

He woke up from sleep past 7’o ments the desire and makes it a
clock, yet feeling dozy to get out of passion; and the passion to a drive
bed. He too mulled over the fantasies that achieves.
he had as he fell asleep. A sudden
sense of guilt and shame filled Could you imagine that David
him on what had been a pleasure prayed for the ‘meditations of his
to him then. This was not the first heart?’ (Psa 19:14). His creative
time he felt so, yet these fantasies genius in music continues to surprise
kept pleasing him and later haunting the music world. Naphtali Herz Imber,
him to the extent that he got poet and writer of Israel’s national
disgusted with himself. anthem wrote: “In them one finds
the deep heart-breaking tones of a
Fantasizing is done all through Beethoven, as well as the smooth,
life by all. For a ten year old, after light, laughing, comic song of an
reading Gulliver’s Travels, doesn’t Offenbach; the silent, sweet whisper
the bedroom turn into Lilliput? How of love’s longing, as well as the
carefully he walks through those wild galloping Hallelujahs suggestive
small streets that no Lilliputian of Wagner’s Walküre. In the Psalms
should get crushed under his feet? is contained the music of the past,
In early teens, doesn’t she stand present and the future. What wonder,
before a mirror with a rolled paper then, that their publisher and editor,
for microphone and do lip-synching King David, lives, and will live, in
for some great singer? And which the grateful memories of the lovers
adult would not fantasize of a huge of the best music!”
income, a big house and so on?
There is a lot of positive energy
Fantasizing in itself is a creative and ideas to be tapped out of this
resource given to human beings. ability to fantasize rather than letting
Had not Orville and Wilbur Wright
it cripple the youth which is full of
fantasized flying on sky like birds,
prospects to attempt and achieve.
we’ll not be flying in aeroplanes
Therefore, when your Pegasus races
today! Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is being
towards unclean or perverted
sure of what we hope for and certain
fantasies, put on the bits and bridles
of what we do not see.” In faith,
to bring him towards faith. U
there is something seen and trusted
by the inward eye that is not visible
to the outward eye. So faith is a We invite articles
more positive and cleaner form of
fantasy that doesn’t fade away as
and testimonies on the
a castle in the air with some short “Mercy of God.”
lived pleasure. In this context, I Selected ones will be
would translate faith as the ‘God- published.
given dream’. The dream comple-
BLESSING/ January 2010 13

The Blessing Youth Mission has stationed 339 stomach), Seema, Dolly, Aparna, Keerthana and
missionaries in 15 States of India, namely Andhra Malathy (safe delivery), Prasad (kidney disease).
Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat,
Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, ASSAM
Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Uttar
Pradesh and West Bengal, for reviving Churches ¨ God kept the missionaries safe amidst a series
and missionary evangelism leading to church of earthquakes.
planting in churchless places. The news of various ¨ Missionary Saritha Somasundaram and Dolly
fields is compiled here for PRAISE and PRAYER. Joel shared the Word of God in the Iswan Prem
ANDHRA PRADESH Baptist Church’s Ladies Fellowship on different
days. Missioanry Leence Joel shared in the Friday
¨ The first State-wide Revival Family Camp Fellowship of the same Church.
BLESSO 2009 was conducted in Guntur. 352
people were challenged by the theme, Thy ¨ 21 women attend the Ladies Fasting Prayer.
Kingdom Come! ¨ Missionary Somasundaram preached in the
¨ Srinivasa Rao, a Summer Missionary Borbheta Baptist Church main Service.
Programme participant has joined the Andhra
¨ 21 youth participated in the Follow-up meeting
Pradesh Team to serve the Lord. He is a B.Sc.,
for the HALO participants.
B.Ed. graduate. He and another bachelor Samuel
are placed in Warangal. ¨ Lokeshwar and Indira have accepted Christ
¨ Brother R. Stanley’s messages are played in in Manipur.
the regular partners meet in Warangal. Participants ¨ Loitang and Loitang Khullen villages were
are greatly encouraged. visited and gospel preached.
¨ Missionary kid Praveen Knox became ¨ Missionary Alexander preached in the Peace
unconscious with high fever. Praise God, he was Meeting in Chingmeirong.
healed miraculously.
¨ Please pray for the printing of Frank Answers
¨ Kindly pray for the victims of the flood that Volume-I in Assamese and Meitie languages.
recently swept parts of Andhra Pradesh.
Thousands are affected. Missionary Myla John GUJARAT
and family had to leave the house in a hurry with
a suitcase. They lost most of their valuable things ¨ A Prayer Cell has been started in Ambika
including many Study Bibles. There was water Nagar. Mr. Wilson leads.
for 9 feet inside his house. Any help welcome.
¨ Mr. Dhason openly confessed his faith in the
¨ Pray for the safety of missionaries as there is Lord Jesus and attends the prayer cell regularly.
a panic over Swine flu and Dengue across the
State. ¨ New prayer cells have been started in
Ahmedabad and MTI hostel, Vadodara. Mr. Royal
¨ A Training Programme was conducted for Rathod leads the Vadodara Cell.
missionary trainees. Missionary Saravanan was
in-charge. ¨ Partners Meet at Nadiad was attended by 35.
Missionary Joel shared the Word.
¨ Pray for the healing of Caleb (mental problem),
Indira (heart disease), Vijayama (fracture hand), ¨ 20 attend the Cottage Prayer Meeting at
Vijaya (Infertility), Koteswaramma (cancer Shakthi Park Society, Nadiad.
BLESSING/ January 2010 14
¨ The Deborah Team members have started a KERALA
Cottage Prayer Meeting in Ambika Nagar,
Nadiad. ¨ Literature worth Rs. 8000/- was avidly taken
by readers during the November convention.
¨ Pray for the reprint of Blessing Books, How
to be Anointed with the Spirit and How to be ¨ An offering of Rs. 52,325/- was collected last
Saved. month.
¨ Anna of Bedla village and Geetha of ¨ Mrs. Nissi, a nurse was unemployed for a long
Cheechaliya village were delivered from demon time. God answered our prayers and now she and
possession. 10 are ready to obey the Lord because her husband found jobs in the U.K.
of these miracles.
¨ God heard our prayers and healed the ulcer in
¨ More than 50 are ready to openly confess their the leg of Mr. Philipi’s mother. She is able to walk
faith and join the Church in different villages. now.
¨ 10 bicycles are needed for native workers. ¨ Sister Radhamani, 6 year old Ashok (Cancer),
KARNATAKA Brother Philip (Urinary infection), 1½ year old
baby Rogin (heart surgery), D. Stanley, Vincent
¨ Pray for Easwari, Rani (uterus problem), (house construction to be completed).
Swarna (hole in the heart), Ashwini (depression),
Gopal (demon possession), Lalitha, Mary MADHYA PRADESH
(backache), Putta (chest pain), Naomi (clot in the
brain). ¨ HAYA 2009 was conducted in Bhopal. There
was representation from Madhya Pradesh,
¨ Pray for native missionary Paulose who is a Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra,
heart patient. Praise God for his wife who Orissa, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. 267
delivered a girl child. attended the day time sessions and 450 in the
evening. Brothers A. Lionel, E.L. Mathansingh,
¨ Miss Veronica has joined the Alnavar office. Y. Paul Dinakaran, Dr. Jebasingh, Mr. Oliver
¨ Pray for Ashok who was mauled by a bear Alfred, Mr. Ronald John and Mrs. Lalitha
and lost an eye. Mathansingh were the speakers. Many received
the Holy Spirit and were challenged for missionary
¨ Pray for the needs to be met for the work. Mr. Oliver, Mr. Ronald John and Mr.Naveen
construction of Pandrawal Church. Tatge translated the messages to Hindi. Literature
worth Rs. 35,000/- passed on to people’s hands.
¨ Missionary Ramanathan lost his mother All glory to God.
Maryamma (85) on the 13th of November. She
was a prayer warrior. Pray for the breaved family.
¨ Mission Vision was conducted in Yellapur. 220
people from various denominations attended the
same. Missionary Y. Paul Dinakaran challenged
the participants.
¨ Catherine Krishnan trained 12 young girls for
children ministry.
¨ Missionary Mohanakrishnan shared the Word
to 140 Christians in Bagalkot in the one day
Revival Meet.
¨ A Bible Study has been started for nurses in a
Mission Hospital. 50 nurses attend. ¨ God blessed the fellowship gathering in Sagar.
Eight parters participated. Dr. Olivya Thirumalai
¨ Praise God for the Students Prayer Cell formed offered to help in the health check up of our native
in Belgaum Medical College. missionaries’ children.
BLESSING/ January 2010 15
¨ A prayer cell is started in the ELC Girls Hostel. ¨ Please pray for the survey work in the Soura
Dr. Olivya checked up all the 17 girls in the Hostel. area.
¨ 55 youth participated in the Youth Retreat in ¨ Pray for missionaries Prakash Nag and Samuel
Sagar. Rose and Monica Allen shared the Word. Hantal who lost their fathers.
Many committed their lives to the Lord. 15
received the Holy Spirit. Pray for follow up. ¨ Missionary Snehalatha Philip has been advised
renal transplant.
¨ Missionary Bercy and Jason spent eight days
¨ Pray for the healing of 18 year old Baham
in Jharkand with FMPB missionaries studying their
suffering from arthritis.
ministry among the Malto tribes. They were
challenged by the work and learnt a lot. ¨ 17 of our Blessing Children Home girls will
be appearing for the matriculation exams.
¨ 10 participated in the Youth Retreat at Patharia
village and all of the responded positively to the ¨ Many missionaries are down with malaria.
message of Mr. Paul David. Pray for the
opposition we face here. ¨ 317 candidates wrote the examination in the
books Apples of Gold, Little Foxes and Five
¨ Praise God for the open doors in Bowthry, Loaves & Two Fish. Jyotiprava Franklin
Ladroni and Shahpur villages. Seeds have been (Berhampur), Milkhala Limma (Cuttack), Sugirtha
sown. Livingston (Bargarh), Mama Prusty (Cuttack), and
Suman Mehanand (Sambalpur) were the toppers.
¨ Santhose Bai was healed of chest pain and Congratulations!
Masuk Dhadha from fits.
¨ Pray for a suitable land for construction of
Worship Shed in Jagdhar village. Estimate: Rs. ¨ Blessing Missionary Prayer Cell is started in
65,000/-. Gomti Nagar. Three families gather regularly to
pray for the Nations, Churches, Ministries etc.
¨ Four made a covenant with the Lord in
Shahgarh village. ¨ Seven subscribers are enrolled for Blessing
magazine and literature worth Rs. 3305/- given.
¨ Of the 19 who participated, 15 committed their
lives to the Lord in the Seekers Meeting in three ¨ Missionary Anandaraj shared the Word in the
places. Fasting Prayer at Bethany Church in Unnao, and
in a house fellowship in Dibiyapur.
¨ Christian families in Raebach and Lucknow
¨ 250 and 190 youth gathered repectively in were visited and the ministry introduced.
Katarguda and Cherka for the Youth Revival ¨ One of our parters has opened his house for
Programmes. Missionary Elisha encouraged them Youth Bible Study. Three girls gather to learn the
through Word and Songs. Word of God.
¨ The Worship Shed was dedicated in Tentuli- ¨ One of our child sponsors, Mr. Sandeep
padar. Missionary Philip Bishoyi shared God’s Harrison lost his dear father Rev. Donald Sushil
Word to the congregation. (84). He was actively involved in ministry and was
awarded a medal for honesty by the Uttar Pradesh
¨ 13 obeyed the Lord and joined the Church.
¨ Missionaries encouraged 30 nursing students RAJASTHAN
through the Word of God.
¨ 44 obeyed the Lord and confessed their faith
¨ 50 attended the 3-day Fasting Prayer at openly in Banswara. Shout praises!
¨ Thieves broke open the house of missionary
¨ 253 patients were treated through the Medical Dr. H.M. Vyas but God blinded their eyes so that
Camps in Ramagiri and Ganjiguda. no precious thing was stolen.
BLESSING/ January 2010 16
¨ Missionary Grace Vyas addressed the 30 Prabu, Latchumanan, Govindan, Nagarajan,
women in the Women’s Retreat arranged by CNI Munian, Annappan, Kanagaraj and Yesumani.
St. Andrews Church, Jaipur.
¨ The foundation stone for the new building of
¨ Praise God for the open doors in Barsi, Tikaria, the Blessing School, Sitheri Hills was laid on the
Tiwari and Kidhani villages. 15th of December.
¨ Youth leader Vijinder got a job in CRPF. ¨ 10 Missionaries preached in 10 Churches in
Mettur Dam area, in the Sunday Service. It made
¨ Prithvisingh and Harseeram have joined us a a great impact upon people to pray for missionary
native workers. work.
¨ Pray for Magan Pariya (boils in left leg ¨ 120 youth attended the Youth Meeting in
preventing him from walking), Garkivan (snake Palamalai, many were saved and filled.
bite), Pinky (hearing problem), Rahu (bad dreams),
Raju Guwar (for protection), Shanthi and Sharmila ¨ Missionary Julies lost his father on the 30th of
(evil spirit), Mahaveer (heart problem), Mamtha November. Pray for the breaved family.
and Mrs. Prem (family problems), Ashish (allergy GENERAL
and pimples whole body), Banwaital (diabetes).
¨ Missionary kid Lovina, daughter of Sathyavathi
¨ Pray for Miss Kannika and Kiran who help us and Ponnaiah, married Jesudian on the 13th of
conduct Sunday Classes. November in a grand ceremony. God bless them.
TAMILNADU Lovina is a staff nurse and Jesudian an Engineer,
serving the Lord fulltime. The greatest sacrifice
¨ Rani, Latchumi and Ponnamma obeyed the on the part of missionaries is leaving their children
Lord and joined the Church. in a hostel. Now God is honouring them lavishly.

¨ 60 gathered in Chitling to fast and pray for the ¨ Missionary Deena Elisha fell down and broke
nation. her ankle.

¨ 50 took part in the Bible Study in Alagur to ¨ Praise God for the Blessing Book Exhibition
learn about the Second Coming of the Lord, taught that BYM held in the CMC Hospital, Vellore.
by missionary Paul. Literature worth Rs. 2.25 lakhs reached the hands
of readers. Thanks to the Medical Superintendent
¨ Praise God for the people healed through and General Superintendent who granted
prayer: Annamalai (stomach ache), Annal permission. Congratulations to missionary
(delusion), Ramasamy, Ramayi (chronic knee Jesuraghavan who went to great lengths to
pain), Vellayi (chest pain), Ponnammal (swelling organise it.
¨ Pray for the safe delivery of missionaries
Ambika, Nishanthi, Sasikala, Kokila and believers
Angel and Vijayakumari.
¨ Pray for Neela and Sivagami as they await
¨ Pray for Annakodi and Vellaimurugan as they
will be united in holy matrimony according to
Christian rights.
¨ Pray for believer life-partners for Sivagami,
Megala, Nadia, Kalaiselvi, Anna, Angel, ¨ Pray for the healing of the 75 year old mother
Unnamalai, Barathi, Swapna, Ramachandran, of our partner Mrs. Ashalata, suffering from
Surya, Kalaiarasan, Murugan, Senthil, Mohan, digestive problems and diabates. U
BLESSING/ January 2010 17