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Pinoychem Chemical Formulation List 2007-2010 (Alphabetize)

Abrasive Cleaner Boiler Cleaner Bottle Washing Concentrate
Aerosol Air Freshener Bowl Cleaner
Air Deodorizer Bug Insecticide
Air Freshener
Aircraft Cleaner C
Air-Freshener Gel Car Shampoo
Alcohol Sanitizing Gel Car Wash Compound Liquid
Alkali Metal Degreasing Bath Car Wash Compound Powder
Alkaline Cleaner Car Wash Detergent Powder
Alkaline Cleaner - General Cleaner Car Wash Formula
Alkaline Metal Cleaners Car Wash Shampoo
Alkaline Powder Cleaner Carbon Steel Cleaners
Alkaline Tank Cleaner For Aluminum Carburetor and Choke Cleaner
All Day Perfume Gel Care gel for suede
All Purpose Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner 2 Carpet Cleaner - Powder
All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner Carpet Cleaner Liquid
All-Surface Household Cleaner Cement Remover, strong acidic
Aluminum Cleaner -Low VOC Ceramic-Glass Cook Top Cleaner
Ammonia-Free Floor Stripper Chain Lubricant (Food Processing)
Anhydrous Makeup Chlorine Bleach Mold and Mildew Remover
Anti-Bacterial Soap CIP Cleaner 2
Anti-bacterial wash CIP Cleaners
Anti-Fog / Anti-Static Glass Cleaner Citrus Degreaser
Anti-Rust Cleaner for brushed Stainless Steel
Antistatic Plastic Cleanser Cleanser for Plastics, aqueous
Aqueous Odor Absorber Clear Gel Shampoo with Zeniberry
Aqueous Odor Absorber Clear Liquid Hand Soap with Tea Tree Oil
Asphalt Remover Clear Power Degreasing Gel
Auto Carpet Spot Cleaner Clear Roll on Deodorant.
Auto Dishwash Rinse Aid Cold Water Detergent (Wool and Delicate Fabrics)
Automatic Dishwash Rinse Aid (Formula #1) Commercial Laundry Liquid
Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (Powder) Concrete Cleaner
Automatic Dishwashing Gel with Chlorine Bleach 1) Copper Cleaner
Automatic Dishwashing Gel with Chlorine Bleach 2 Corrosion Resistant Economical d-Limonene Cleaner
Automatic Liquid Dishwash Detergent
Baking Pan Cleaner Dairy and Food Process Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner Dairy Piping Cleaner 1
Belt Dressing Aerosol Dash Board Care
Blooming Pine Oil Emulsion Concentrate Degreaser
Body Wash Degreaser Concentrate
Pinoychem Chemical Formulation List 2007-2010 (Alphabetize)

De-oiling Liquid Concentrate Foam marker concentrates, Low Viscosity
Destainer Food Industry Cleaner - Liquid
Detergent-Resistant Auto Cleaner Polish Food Industry Cleaner Powder
Diaper Wipe Fuel Oil (Bunker C) Tank Cleaner
Dishwashing Detergent Fuel Oil Tank Cleaner
Dishwashing Liquid - Economy) Furniture Care, Antistatic Trigger Spray
Dishwashing Liquid 3 (Dishwashing Detergent, Hand Furniture Polish
Disinfectant Cleaners
Disinfectant Cleaner (Powder) G
D-Limonene Alkaline Cleaner Gelled Chlorine Bleach
D-Limonene Based Household and Industrial Cleaner General Purpose Antistatic Spray
D-Limonene Cleaner Concentrate General Purpose Paint Stripper - Dibasic Ester Based
D-Limonene graffiti cleaner General Purpose Stripper - DCM Free
D-limonene Hand Cleaner General Purpose Stripper (Formula A)
D-Limonene Waterless Hand Cleaner General Purpose Stripper (Formula C)
Drain Cleaner Glass cleaner
Glass Cleaner, All Purpose
E Graffiti Remover
Ecological Liquid Dishwash Detergent Grease Remover for Stainless Steel
Egg Cleaner Grill Cleaner
Electronic Presidion Cleaner Grill Cleanser
Emulsion Cleaner Concentrate Grinding, Light Machining Soluble Oil
Engine Cleaner
Enzymatic Laundry Detergent H
Ethanol Solid Fuel Gel/Fire Starter Hand Dishwash Liquid - Economy
Ethnic Protein Hair Gel Hand Dishwash Liquid - Good Quality
Hand Dishwash Liquid - High Quality
F Hand Dishwashing Detergent
Fabric Softener 1 Hand Soap with Trioclosan
Fabric Softener 2 Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Detergent
Fabric Softener 3 Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent
Fabric Water Repellent Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent 2
Fine Brass Polish Heavy Duty Pot and Pan Cleaner
Fine Fabric Detergent High brilliance plastic care agent for weather-beat...
Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs High Pressure Window Cleanser
Floor Cleaner High Foam Car Wash
Floor Cleaner / Wax Stripper 1 High Foaming, High Viscosity, Sulfate Free Shampoo with
Floor Cleaner / Wax Stripper 2 Conditioning
Floor Cleaner / Wax Stripper 3 High Foam Rug Cleaner
Flushing Oil High Pressure Spray Degreaser
Flush-Off Solvent Degreaser Hospital Strength Disinfectant
Foam marker concentrates, high viscosity Hotel Linen Detergent
Household Cleaner (General Cleaner)
Pinoychem Chemical Formulation List 2007-2010 (Alphabetize)

Hydrogen peroxide Mold & Mildew Cleaner Manual Liquid Dishwash Detergent
I Marble Polish
Industrial Air Freshener Medicated Hand Cleaner
Industrial Dishwash Formulation: Good Quality Pot and Metal Cleaner: Alkaline Wash Powder
Pan Cleaner Metal Cleaner / Polish With Anti-Corrosive
Metal Cleaner - (Soak Cleaner for Ferrous Metal)
K Methyl Soyate Micro-Emulsion
Kitchen Degreaser Microwave Exterior Cleaner
Kitchen Disinfectant Formula Milk Can Cleaner
Milkstone Remover
L Mosquito Repellent Potpourri
Laundry Bleach Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel
Laundry Bleach 2 Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner
Leather Cleaner
Laundry Detergent N
Laundry Pre-Spotter Natural Toothpaste
Laundry Pre-Spotter 2 No-Drip Caustic Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Cleaner
Leather, Vinyl, Plastic Container O
Lime Scale Remover Oil Spot Remover
Linen Laundry Detergent Powder Oven and Grill Cleaner - Scrub Type
Lice Shampoo Oven Cleaner
Lipstick, Crayon, and Marker Remover Oxygen Based Laundry Bleach
Lipstick Stain Remover
Liquid Bottle Wash Compound P
Liquid Car Polish Paint Brush Cleaner (Oil Based Paint)
Liquid Cleanser Paint Stripper (base)
Liquid Cleanser 2 Parquet Cleaner and Care Emulsion
Liquid Cleanser with Bleach Penetrating Oil
Liquid Dishwash Detergent Perfume
Liquid Dishwashing Detergent Pet Cage Cleaner
Liquid Fabric Softener Phosphating Solution
Liquid Hand Soap 1 Pine Oil Cleaners
Liquid Hand Soap 2 Pine Oil Cleaners 1
Liquid Hand Soap 3 Polyvinyl Acrylic Latex Paints
Liquid Laundry Detergent (Clear & non-builder) Porcelain Cleaner
Liquid Rust Remover Printing Plant Cleaner
Liquid Silver Cleaner
Low Alkalinity Industrial Detergent Powder R
Low Cost Baby Oil Refreshing Baby Cologne
Low-foaming Floor Cleanser, highly concentrated Roll-On Deodorant
Low Solvent Degreaser Rust Inhibitor-Lubricant-Penetrant
Rust Remover Jelly
Pinoychem Chemical Formulation List 2007-2010 (Alphabetize)

Rust Removing Polish Ultra Fabric Softener with Accosoft 501
Ultra Hand Dishwashing Detergent
Sanitizing Cleaner (Liquid) V
Shoe Cleaner - Aerosol (foam)
Shoe Polish, gel Vegetable Oil Soap 1
Silicone Furniture Polish Vegetable Oil Soap 2
Silver and Metal Polish Vehicle Wash & Wax
Steam Cleaner, Non-Phosphate Concentrate Vinyl Sliding Cleaner
Steam/Spray Liquid
Steam Cleaner 2, Powder W
Soak Tank Cleaners Waterless Hand Cleaner
Soak Tank Metal Cleaner Waterless Hand Cleaner Cream
Soap Scum Remover Waterless Hand Cleaner - Liquid
Soluble Bath Oil Water Pump Rust Preventive Lubricant
Soluble Oil Wax Conditioner
Solvent Based Paint Stripper Wax Stripper
Solvent Degreaser, Flush-Off Type (for heavy oils) Waxless Car Wax / Polish
Soyate Solvent Degreaser (Eco-friendly) White Wall Tire Cleaner
Spotting Liquid for Dry Cleaning Window / Glass Cleaner
Spray and Wash Spotter (Trigger) Windshield Washer
Spray and Wipe Cleaner Windshield Washer - Winter Use
Spray Metal Cleaner Windscreen Cleaner
Steam Cleaner - Liquid Wool and Fabric Cleaners
Steam Cleaner Liquid 2 Wrinkle Reducing Spray
Steam Cleaner Powder
Steam Cleaner Powder (Phosphate Free)
Steam Cleaner - Spray Liquid
Steam Cleaning Compound
Sunflower and Sweet Almond Blend Massage Oil

Thickened Bleach Cleaner Using Magnesium Aluminum
Tile and Grout Cleaner
Tile Bowl Cleaner with Chlorine Bleach
Touchless Vehicle Wash
Traffic Film Remover
Truck and Trailer Cleaners
Truck Wash (High Pressure Spray Type)
Truck Wash (Liquid Type)
Tub and Tile Cleaner With Odor Absorbent