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Resilience Engineering in Practice

A Guidebook
Edited by Erik Hollnagel, MINES ParisTech, France, Jean Pariès,
Dédale SA, France, David Woods, Ohio State University, USA and
John Wreathall, John Wreathall & Co., USA
‘Although risk management has brought greater safety to socio-technical systems, a new approach is still
strongly needed.…Those searching for a more profound understanding of system safety must read this book
as it is a practical guide to this new approach.’ – Akinori Komatsubara, Waseda University, Japan

’… a great resource for system designers and decision-makers in organizations in their endeavours to keep
the uncertainties and complexities of our world at bay.’ – Gudela Grote, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

’“Be prepared to be unprepared.” … Resilience engineering is a hot topic. Here is the one book that shows
you why!’ – Karl E. Weick, University of Michigan, USA

Resilience engineering depends on four abilities: the ability a) to maintenance of power plants, Elizabeth Lay; Cognitive strategies
respond to what happens, b) to monitor critical developments, c) to in emergency and abnormal situations training – implications for
anticipate future threats and opportunities, and d) to learn from past resilience in air traffic control, Stathis Malakis and Tom Kontogiannis.
experience – successes as well as failures. They provide a structured Part III Dealing with the Potential: Resilience and the ability to
way of analysing problems and proposing practical solutions. This anticipate, David D. Woods; Basic patterns in how adaptive systems
book is divided into four sections which describe issues relating to fail, David D. Woods and Matthieu Branlat; Measuring resilience in
each of the four abilities and emphasise practical ways of engineering the planning of rail engineering work, P. Ferreira, J. R. Wilson,
resilience, featuring case studies and real applications. B. Ryan and S. Sharples; The art of balance: using upward resilience
traits to deal with conflicting goals, Berit Tjørhom and Karina Aase;
Contents: Prologue: the scope of resilience engineering, The importance of functional interdependencies in financial services
Erik Hollnagel; Part I Dealing with the Actual: Resilience and the systems, Gunilla A. Sundström and Erik Hollnagel. Part IV Dealing
ability to respond, Jean Pariès; Lessons from the Hudson, Jean Pariès; with the Factual: To learn or not to learn, that is the question,
Coping with uncertainty. Resilient decisions in anaesthesia, Erik Hollnagel; No facts, no glory, John Stoop; From myopic
Lucie Cuvelier and Pierre Falzon; Training organisational resilience coordination to resilience in socio-technical systems. A case study
in escalating situations, Johan Bergström, Nicklas Dahlström, in a hospital, Anne Sophie Nyssen; Requisites for successful incident
Sidney Dekker and Kurt Petersen. Part II Dealing with the Critical: reporting in resilient organisations, Alberto Pasquini, Simone Pozzi,
Monitoring – a critical ability in resilience engineering, Luca Save and Mark-Alexander Sujan; Is the aviation industry ready
John Wreathall; From flight time limitations to fatigue risk for resilience? Mapping human factors assumptions across the
management systems – a way toward resilience, P. Cabon, aviation sector, Kyla Zimmermann, Jean Pariès, René Amalberti and
S. Deharvengt, I. Berechet, J.Y. Grau, N. Maille and R. Mollard; Daniel H. Hummerdal; Epilogue: RAG – the resilience analysis grid,
Practices for noticing and dealing with the critical. A case study from Erik Hollnagel; Bibliography; Indexes.

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