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Volume 11 Issue 1 101 N. Zeysing · P O Box 228 · Alma, MO 64001 · 660.674.2222 · www.houseoffriends.


House of Friends has initiated seven special

projects for 2011. This is an opportunity for you
to be a part of enhancing the life of the children
and help reach more children.

PROJECT #1— $1,500 Abba House Kitchen/Dining Hall

Can you imagine fixing a meal for 41 children and their caregivers
in a makeshift shack? That is what is done at Abba House. Also, the
children eat wherever they can find a place—around an old sand pile
structure, on the front stoop of the houses, or inside the house some-
where. Unwanted food often is hidden by the children, which becomes
an enticing meal for rats or a place for mold to grow. The plan is to
build an open pole building with a kitchen at the end with a divider
between the kitchen and the large area which will serve as a dining
room and a place where the children can work on their school work.
It is anticipated this project will cost $1,500. Of course, in addition,
there will also be a need to purchase picnic-type tables on which they L-Current Kitchen at Abba House R-Cooking inside the kitchen.
can eat and study.

PROJECT #2—$3,000 Gutter Rainwater Collection System at Entebbe site

While Agricultural Missionary, Barbara Decker, was in Uganda last fall/winter she was
instrumental in getting one-half of the roof guttered and a system established. What re-
mains is for the other half of the roof to be guttered and the second house fully guttered and
a system installed. Also filters are needed on both. This provides for another water source
whereby water is readily available for washing clothes, dishes, etc. and not requiring water
to be carried to the houses from the well.

PROJECT #3—$2,000 Gutter Rainwater Collection System , Eddy Reber Home—Kumuli

Water is two miles away from this home. The
convenience of water availability would be extremely
Gutter system-Entebbe valued here.

PROJECT #4—$30,000 Construct the Third

Abba House—Entebbe site (Left)
One of the homes currently houses 24 girls,
which makes it very close quarters. We are
planning to raise funds for the construction of a
third home, to which a few of the girls can be
moved and to also take in more orphaned and/or Gutter system-Kamuli
destitute children.

PROJECT #5—$12,500 Well Solar Project

Construct a home similar to this one.
Our plan is to erect a water tower and
pump water from the new well through pipes to the water tower. Then pipe water
from the tower to the Abba Houses, school, and garden. (The well is pictured in
the foreground and the school in the background.) This is a cooperative project of
House of Friends (Missouri), Global Impact Relief (Indiana), and Grace Global
Impact Ministries (Uganda). At right is a picture of the children getting buckets
of water to carry back to the Abba Houses, which are a further distance from the
well than the distance from the school to the well. The children walk a little way
and set the buckets down, walk, set down, until they are at the houses.

If God touches your heart to help with any of these projects or to sponsor a child, we welcome your partnership in that way. Please fill
out this form and return it to us along with your gift. God bless you!

____I would like to partnership with you in Project #_______ with my gift of $_______________
____I would like to sponsor ______________________________ My first gift of _______ is enclosed to start the monthly sponsorship.
Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Checks are to be made payable to: House of Friends, P. O. Box 228, Alma, Missouri. All donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for your heart of compassion and desire to partner with us in this way.
With the rising in the cost of food and other items, we need to find sponsors for all of the children so funds we have
available to send will cover the increased costs. We offer you an opportunity to add a needy child to your dinner table and
send him/her to school through sponsorship. It costs less than $1 per day to feed a child and less than $1 per day to educate
him/her (less than $1.25 for a high school student). Below are a few of the children needing sponsors.

Shinerah Nannozi Rebecca Kirabo Antonio Faith Faridah Nabukera Faridah Nanyonga
EU043—12/12/05 EU024—3/18/05 Acyayo EU019— EU002— 12/23/97 EU010—6/6/96
Father died in road Father abandoned the 4/23/00 Parents are Father passed away Faridah is an orphan
accident. Mother re- family. Her mother is both HIV positive and when she was two. She with 4 living siblings.
married and husband mentally ill. She and may not have long to has been raised by her Mother died in 2007.
would not accept her children were wander- live. Her father has mother who was strug- The grandmother was
children. Uncle wanted ing streets. Mother’s been bedridden for gling to feed and edu- caring for her but is no
to keep but his job condition deteriorated over 3 years. Both are cate her. Sponsor longer able to provide
takes him away from to the point she could unemployed. Sponsor needed for $20 care for all of the children.
home often. Sponsor not care for her chil- needed for $20 care and $35 education. Sponsor needed for
needed for $20 care dren. Sponsor needed and $25 education. May sponsor one or $20 care and $25 edu-
and $25 education. for $20 care and $25 May sponsor one or both. cation. May sponsor
May sponsor one or education. May spon- both. one or both.
both. sor one or both.

PROJECT #6—$10,000 Compost Solar Powered Bathrooms

This system would allow the refuse from toilets at Abba House to be used as
compost for the garden. At right you will see that we recently dug a temporary la-
trine closer to the home. It is believed some of the bedwetting problems may have
been due to the latrine being so far from the home and the children not wanting to
walk so far in the night. We do not wish to use these latrines too long as we do not
want to compromise our fresh water supply.

PROJECT #7—$2,500 David Anthony House of Refuge (Abba House 2)

Missionary Quarters Latrine built in late fall 2010
Plans are to put a roof on a room, that is
on the back section of the house, and finish the room for storage and a guest room
for missionaries. Now, Barbara Decker, Agricultural Missionary, walks one hour
from where she stays to the home and then back before dark. This cuts out two
hours of work time and is taxing on the body, especially when working hard all day
and walking back at day’s end. We anticipate other missionaries going for a few
Room at back of home. months at a time. Having this room finished would be very beneficial in this way.
The cost of these projects may increase as we have been informed by Grace Global Impact Ministries (Uganda) that
fighting in the oil producing countries has affected the economic situation. Fuel prices have risen and the cost of food
has tripled. A bag of posho that went for 30,000 Uganda shillings now costs 70,500 shillings. Prices of other items
are also affected.

MINISTRY PRAYER NEEDS: Pray for children to grow strong in the Lord and the power of His might.
Pray for new sponsors. Pray for funding of projects and whether God would like you to be an answer to your prayer. Pray
for the Dominican Republic team going in July to lay groundwork for a widow/children outreach. Pray for Alma Jones and
Barbara Decker in their mission work in Uganda. Pray for the mission team going to Uganda in May or June.

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