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The second term test

Variant 1

Student: Zubinskiy Y.
Group P-3,6-19-2
Supervised by Sosnina M.

Ulyanovsk 2020
Ex. 1
Когда вы устраиваетесь на работу, то посвятите время тому, чтобы сделать вашу
анкету заметной – авиакомпании получают сотни подобных анкет. Убедитесь, что вы
внимательно следуете инструкциям, даете четкие и краткие ответы и все проверяете
дважды. Если им требуется фотография, то сфотографируйте себя несколько раз в
приличной одежде специально для анкеты, так как это даст понять, что вы относитесь к
процессу заполнения анкеты серьезнее, чем обычно. Фотография из вашего отпуска не
впечатлит авиакомпанию.
И наконец, помните, что существует большое количество разных авиакомпаний, и
вы не сможете им всем подойти – так что пробуйте еще!

1) The author found his first cabin crew job while actually flying with an airline, through an
advert in airline’s in-flight magazine.
2) It is necessary to ask for a question to be repeated because this can give you a moment to
get your thoughts together.
3) The author describes the process of communicating and interacting with the mix of
people as a key element of the job.
4) The author advises to take some smartly dressed pictures of yourself specifically for the
application and don’t use photos from holidays.
5) A candidate should make his or her application form stand out, give clear and concise
answers, and double-check everything.
1) Where can you find airline’s vacancies?
2) How to create a good application form?
3) What are the group activities?
4) How many application forms do airlines get?
Ex. 4
1) Have seen
2) lived
3) have you been
4) Haven`t seen
5) played
6) have you downloaded
7) opened
8) stopped
9) Have you fed
10) found
Ex. 5
1) I found my first cabin crew job while actually flying with an airline, through an advert in
their in-flight magazine. – Свою первую работу бортпроводником я нашел через
рекламу в журнале авиакомпании, с которой летел.
2) My current job was advertised on the airlines vacancies section of their website. – Моя
нынешняя работы была размещена в разделе вакансий на их сайте.
3) And it seemed the most challenging and prospective for me at that moment. – И в тот
момент она казалась самой манящей и перспективной для меня.
4) I found that arriving for the interview was exciting, as everything looked so professional
and to make it to that stage was an achievement in itself. – Я обнаружил, что само по
себе прибытие на собеседование было захватывающим, а поскольку все выглядело
так профессионально, то выход на такой уровень уже сам по себе был
1) Have you already refreshed your memory?
2) She hasn’t prepared for the interview day yet.
3) I’ve got a job, it`s amazing!
4) Jack hasn’t given example of cases in which this rule works.
Ex. 6
1) May
2) can
3) Can
4) Have to
5) Has to
6) Must, Can
7) May
8) must
9) may
10) must
Ex. 7
1) The application forms usually set strict word limits for answering questions, which
means you have to be very clear and specific in your responses. – Ответы на вопросы в
анкетах обычно строго ограничены определенным количеством слов, это означает,
что вам необходимо емко и точно отвечать на них.
2) You must be yourself and enjoy interacting with the mix of people in the group, as that's
a key element of the job. – Вы должны быть самим собой и наслаждаться общением с
разными людьми в группе, так как это ключевой элемент работы.
3) It can be hard to get everything you want to say into the answer, but just stick to the
question. – Может быть трудно включить в ответ все, что хочется сказать, но
просто сосредоточьтесь на вопросе.
4) Finally, remember that there are many more different styles of airline and you may not
suit them all – so keep trying! – И наконец, помните, что существует большое
количество разных авиакомпаний, и вы не сможете им всем подойти – так что
пробуйте еще!
1) You mustn’t go for a walk during quarantine.
2) Can you name all the countries you know?
3) He has to make it in order to keep his job.
4) May I do anything for you, sir?

Ex. 8
1) Either, or
2) Both, and
3) Either, or
4) Neither, nor
5) Either, or
6) Neither, nor
7) Both, and
8) Both, and
9) Both, and
10) Both, and

Ex. 9
1) Both Mike and Albert are very friendly.
2) Don’t expect people to be both kind and honest.
3) Either Kate or Marta did that to her, but I can`t prove.
4) You either get better or worse.
5) Neither betrayal nor cheating can be forgiven.
6) He neither got a job nor passed his exams.

Ex. 10
1. And it seemed the most challenging and prospective for me at that moment. – И в тот
момент она казалась самой манящей и перспективной для меня.
2. These answers are discussed at the interview, so it will be better, if you keep a copy of
your application form and refresh your memory the night before. – Эти ответы
обсуждаются на собеседовании, поэтому будет лучше, если вы сохраните себе
копию анкеты и освежите память накануне вечером.

Ex. 11
1. Better/The best – Can you offer something better than this? This is the best offer you get
from me.
2. Clearer/the clearest – Thanks, you’ve helped make it clearer for me! What is the world’s
clearest lake?
3. More concise /the most concise – Could you make your speech more concise, please?
What is the most concise word in Russian language?
4. Longer/the longest – We should wait a little longer. The Nile is one of the longest rivers
in the world.
5. More dramatic/the most dramatic – Let me light a candle for a more dramatic effect.
This book describes the most dramatic events of the Second World War.
6. More specific /the most specific – Could you be more specific, please? He gave the most
specific example.
7. More careful /the most careful – You must be more careful with other persons`
belongings! He is the most careful poker player I’ve ever seen.
8. Smarter /the smartest – How can I get more efficient? The most efficient way is to study

Ex. 12
1. I`m going to prepare questions before my first interview.
2. I`m going to visit the place where interview is being held before my first one.
3. I`m going to visualize the start, middle and end of my first interview to make it perfect.
4. I`m going to write a list of my key strengths before my first interview.
5. I`m going to refresh the memory the night before my first interview.
6. I`m going to fill in the application form before my first interview.

Ex. 13
The title of the text is “Fawaz Abbas – my first job interview”.
The following text is about how to get prepared for a job interview in an airline and how
to fill in the application form correctly.
This text may be divided into five main parts. In the first paragraph the author tells us
about how he got his first cabin crew job. He shares his personal experience with us.
In the second paragraph we can find useful information about application forms and how
to answer the questions in it.
In the third part the author describes his feelings during the interview and advises how to
behave yourself.
The next paragraph shows us how to give examples during the interview and how to buy
yourself some time if you need to think before giving the answer.
In the last part of the article the author gives useful hints on how to make your application
little stand out.
As a result, you get useful knowledge of how to prepare for the incoming interview in an

Ex. 14
My future Profession

Where do I start? Well, I’m inexperienced young man without a big wealth of knowledge
after graduating from university. And I’ve decided to find my first job as a pilot.
First of all, I sent my CVs to airlines that I found suitable for me. A few weeks later I was
offered an interview. I had to wait for two months for it and this long wait only made me nervous
and didn`t aid my preparation a little. Another thing that scared me a bit is that I had to go rather
far from home to get an interview.
Anyway, I arrived at the appointed place at the appointed time. From the first minutes of
the interview my stress level highly increased because even on the doorstep of the office I was
given an unpleasant look from a random employee.
However, the interview started and we were talking about ordinary things when I
suddenly heard a question I didn`t know what to answer. The interviewer asked why I had
chosen their airline. I was afraid that the flight squad commander wouldn’t get me right as my
reply was very clumsy and uncertain but somehow he accepted my answer. That was a real life
miracle for me.
I went through the rest of the procedures very quickly. When the interview was finished I
was nowhere near being relaxed. I had thought that once it all finished I would feel better, but it
was never the case. Add here a 30 minute waiting period, full of panic and unpleasant doubts,
just to get the chief`s conclusion on my modest persona, and you will understand my inner
condition. I found peace and relax only when the squad commander returned, shook my hand
and welcomed me to “the family”. I had never been so happy and it`s not even close.

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