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Day 13

Antique shop – антикварный магазин

Baker’s – булочная
Book shop – книжный магазин
Boutique – модный магазин, бутик
Butcher’s – мясной магазин
Chemist’s/pharmacy/drug store – аптека
Confectioner’s/candy shop – кондитерская
Department store – универмаг
Greengrocer’s – овощной магазин
Grocer’s/grocery store – бакалея
Jeweller’s – ювелирный магазин
market (place) — Рынок
shoe store — Обувной магазин
e-shop — Интернет-магазин
furniture store — Мебельный магазин
clothing store — Магазин одежды
toy shop/toy store — Магазин игрушек
gift shop — Магазин подарков
perfumer’s(shop)- Парфюмерный магазин
stationer’s — Канцтовары
food store — Продуктовый магазин
florist’s/flower-shop — Цветочный магазин
supermarket – супермаркет
Newsagent – Газетный киоск
Petshop – Зоомагазин
Tea shop – Чайный магазин, чайная
Petrol station (UK) / Gas station (US) – Автозаправочная
станция (АЗС)
Customer - покупатель,;
Cashier- кассир;
assistant обслуживающее лицо/продавец;
Wallet (male) - мужской кошелек;
Purse (female) - женский кошелек
Scale(s) - весы;
Barcode - штрихкод;
Receipt - квитанция, кассовый чек;
Gift receipt- подарочная квитанция;
Shelf/shelves - полка / полки;
Trolley - тележка;
Basket - корзина;
Fitting rooms / changing rooms примерочные;
Cash - наличка;
Open - открыто;
Closed - закрыто;
Open 24HRS (hours) a day - круглосуточно;
Special offer - специальное предложение;
Sale - распродажа
Credit cards / debit cards - кредитные/
дебетовые карточки;
Loyalty card - карта постоянного покупателя;
shop-window- витрина;

Вопросы продавцов
Can I help you? - Я могу вам помочь?
What color would you like? - Какой цвет Вас интересует?
What size do you need? - Какой размер Вам нужен?
Would you like to try it on? - Вы хотели бы примерить это?
How about this one? - Как насчет этого?
Is there anything else I can help you with?
- Могу ли я помочь Вам чем-то еще?

Ответы покупателей
I don't need any help. - Помощи не нужно.
No, I'm just looking, thanks. - Нет, я просто смотрю, спасибо.
Wow, that's cheap! - Bay! Это дешево!
Oh, that's expensive. - Оу, это дороговато.
I'll take it, please. - Я возьму это, спасибо.
Do you know where else I could try to find this?
- Вы знаете где еще можно попытаться найти это?
Do you deliver? - У вас есть доставка?
1. Вставьте слова в текст
[ basket, checkout, shelves, shopping, trolley]

1 I like to push the ______ round the supermarket when we go shopping.

2 There are always a lot of people at the ________ in my supermarket. I hate it
3 I use a _______ when I buy only one or two things in the supermarket.
4 My brother has a weekend job in a supermarket - he fills the _______.

2. Соедини вопросы и ответы

1 How much is it?

2 Are you ready to order?
3 What would you like to drink?
4 Anything else?
5 Large or small?
6 Enjoy your meal.

a of mineral water, please.

b No, thanks, that's it.
c It's four pounds sixty-five.
d Large, please.
e Thanks.
f Yes, can I have a burger?

3. Напишите в каком магазине вы можете приобрести эти вещи

beds, chairs, sofas: You can buy beds & sofas from a furniture shop.
1. necklaces, rings:
2. beef steaks:
3. fish, crab:
4. a bouquet of flowers:
5. bananas, apples, tomatoes:
6. shoes, sandals, boots:
7. dresses, shirts, trousers:
8. dolls, games, puzzles:

4. Вам нужно ответить на вопросы

1. Name 3 things you can buy in a shoe shop

2. Where can you buy sausages?
3. Name 5 things you can buy in a supermarket
4. Where can you buy a skirt?
5. Where can you buy a medicine?
6. Where can you buy a hamster?
7. Where can you buy a tie?
5. Прочтите текст с аудио и выполните задания


Harrods is the biggest department store in the United

Kingdom and one of the world's most famous stores. The
first owner, Charles Henry Harrod, opened it in 1834 in
London's East End. It started as small grocery shop with
a special interest in tea. He began with a single room
and two assistants. Later Harrod's son, Charles, moved
to Knightsbridge, an up-market area central London and
this store expanded. In 1880 it had more than one
hundred workers and it was offering everything from
clothes and perfumes to medicine and food. Harrods
became known for its high quality products, high prices
and excellent personalized service. Nowadays Harrods
is magnificently decorated building located in Brompton
Road, in London. Around 35.000 people visit Harrods
every day. got more than 4000 workers from fifty
different countries and more than three hundred stores
over seven floors. Each department is in a different
architectural style designed to amaze visitors. There are
lots of stores, including clothes shops for men, women,
children and infants, electronics, sports, pet, toys,
furniture, accessories, restaurants among others. The
Food Halls are some of the most beautiful in the world.
Harrods also sells everything from clothes to caviar to
the Royal Family.
А. Дайте ответы на вопросы по тексту

1. What is Harrods?
2. Who was Harrods' first owner?
3. Why did Harrods become so famous?
4. How many stores are there in Harrods?
5. Who are Harrods' most famous customers?

B. Прочтите выражения и напишите true/правда (T) or

false/ложь (F). Ложные предложения исправьте.

1. Harrods opened in Knightsbridge in 1834.

2. The store was always big and famous.
3. Harrods is an excellent place to go shopping.
4. Products in Harrods are cheap and of low-quality.
5. There is almost everything at Harrods.

6. Дайте ответы на вопросы. Желательно в видео


1. Do you like shopping? Why or why not? What kinds of

things do you like to buy?
2. What are your favorite brands and why do you like
3. Do you prefer shopping alone or with friends?