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Naomi���������������������������������� Paula Malone
Boaz������������������������������������ Mark Jenkins
Ruth���������������������������������� Jessica Brandon
Chief Elder��������������������������������Ryan Malone
Ben (Boaz’s Chief Steward)�������������������� Joshua Sloan
Tob (Near Kinsman)����������������������� Shane Granger
Orpah������������������������������������ Amy Flurry
Reaper���������������������������������� Jesse Zoellner
Gatherer�������������������������������� Calela Brooks
Granddaughter���������������������������� Megan Jenkins
Widow���������������������������������� Valerie Jenkins
Fatherless��������������������������������� Skye Malone
Stranger����������������������������������� Sean Welsh

City Elders������������������������������������������
Dan Arnfield, David Brandon, Eric Burns, Albert Clarke, Jordan Ellis,
Caleb Heerma, Matthew McCarty, Seth Malone, William Wallace

Women and Children�����������������������������������

Jessie Beezley, Sherry Beezley, Paulette Corey, Olivia Culpepper,
Corinne Eagle, Lindsy Eagle, Sarah Evans, Becky Falk, Spencer
Falk, Sandra Heyer, Luke Hyde, Rachel Hyde, Tara Hyde, William
Jenkins, Talon Kaleho, Jacquelynn Locher, Christy McCarty, Aiden
McCarty, Brendan McCarty, Gabrielle Morley, Heather Morley,
Nathaniel Morley, Michal Orleans, Paula Powell, Jordy Rouzer,
Heidi Rumler, Jonathan Saranga, Sarah Stewart

Deepika Azariah, Anthony Chibarirwe, Erika Hernandez, Carolyn
Coats, Elizabeth Clarke, Maggie Hilliker, Jaden Hernandez, Laila
Hernandez, Katie Rumler, Gianni Welsh

Boaz’s Servants��������������������������������������
Cathryn Bancroft, Carleigh Blanchat, Elijah Burks, Cariña Car-
bonell, Eleanor Clarke, Dillon Davis, Michael Davis, Aaron Eagle,
Amber Eagle, Cami Eagle, Julia Goddard, Lilian Harms, Julia Hayes,
Zechariah Henderson, Ethan Hensley, Audrey Locher, Victoria Lo-
cher, Ezekiel Malone, Adam Paul, Ariana Saranga, Emma Smithies,
Maree Tolis, Micah Turgeon, Jack Wood, Tyler Verbout, Brianna
Weeks, Ansley Welsh


A MUSICAL by ryan malone

Ryan Malone (keyboards, percussion), Parthena Owens (flute);
David Price (oboe); Tara Heitz (clarinet); Rod Ackmann (bassoon);
Eldon Matlick (horn); Karl Sievers (trumpet); Jeff Kidwell (trombone);
Roger Owens (percussion); Densi Rushing**, Marat Gabdullin,
Patrick Conlon (violin 1); James Thomson*, Sam Formicola, Cathy
original armstrong auditorium cast recording Reaves, Elizabeth Venegas (violin 2); Royce McLarry*, Donna Cain
(viola); Jim Shelley*, Valerie Tatge (cello); Larry Moore (bass)
Soundtrack liner notes ** concert master | * principal
LIBRETTO REFRAIN We will return, unto your people,
So life can start anew.
(Orpah): Stay busy so time will pass
ACT ONE (Ruth/Orpah): Till sleep comes, By leaving you alone,
(Ruth): but then alas Our living would be hollow,
In darkness a sharp sorrow stirs. Our hearts have not returned
(Naomi): Two souls become one flesh,
(Naomi): Profound pain prohibits me How could our footsteps follow?
(Ruth): A husband and a wife,
From closing this elegy
(Orpah): They share each breath of air;
(All Three): There simply are no more words! (Orpah): To lessen our bereavement,
(Naomi/Ruth): They form a single life.
(Ruth): The grief we have confronted,
(Orpah): The moments of each day,
(Ruth/Orpah): Rebirth is not just welcome,
(Ruth): Emotions one might feel,
2. RETURN This change of scene is wanted.
(Naomi): Till shared with the other,
They never seem as real.
I hear God ends the drought in my homeland, And if there is a place,
And gives it the bread that it yearns. With good people just like you,
(Ruth): So when death arrives for one,
The curses of famine are finished, Then we firmly grasp your garment,
(Orpah):It forces half to leave;
His blessings have been reconfirmed. For we want to live there too.
(Naomi): And there are times it seems
To Judah the Lord returns.
Impossible simply to breathe!
The Lord returns. (Naomi):
Return to your people, my daughters,
The soil of my soul has been arid Where married life might yet resume;
(All Three): The times of lamenting,
The leaves of my life have been burned. But why stay with me for this custom?
Of grief unrelenting,
So where the Lord goes I must follow, Are there any more sons in my womb?
Are seasons of anguish and woe.
My faith must be now reaffirmed.
The cold nights, the long days
To Judah I now return For I am too old to remarry
The hours I am always
I now return. Yet even if I did tonight,
Surrounded, yet always alone.
And by some miraculous wonder
May God show you favor and kindness, Two boys from this void were supplied.
(Ruth): One image sparks a thought
And give you the rest you have earned, Would you remain alone,
A memory is inflamed;
Rewarding you both with redemption, Those years till they were grown?
(Orpah): One scent transports me back,
For all of your care and concern. Return to your people, my daughters.
The sorrow is reclaimed.
To each of your homes return. Return to your families and homes.
(Naomi): It happened long ago,
Now go, return.
For me the years are ten.
Concerning the future in Judah,
(Ruth/Orpah): I can promise no easy life there
(All Three):
We will return, not to our people, The hand of the Lord is against me
But there are days it seems
But we will return with you. My life is too bitter to share.
I lose him all over again!
Return to your people, my daughters. (Naomi): 4. WAVING THE BARLEY
Return and avoid my despair. See Orpah goes back to her people, (Dance)
The gods and the ways she first knew;
(Orpah): Accompany her in this journey, 5. COUNTING ON THE HARVEST
On the bank of this river, The destiny she shares with you. (Granddaughter): There is rhythm in our lives
At this mark of division, Your sister-in-law returns, (Chief Elder): And a rhythm in the soil
I now stand at this crossing, With her return. (Townspeople): It’s the meter and the beat
On the brink of decision. We are counting while we toil
(Ben): Six days we give to labor
When life presents two choices, 3. RUTH’S PLEDGE The seventh day we rest
And neither is appealing, (Ruth): (Boaz’s Servants): Six years we work the farmland
Both options being certain Where you go I will go, The seventh is our test.
To end familiar feelings, Where you lodge I will lodge; (Elders): Then after seven sevens,
The comfort of the moment, Your people are my people; When counting in the spring,
The present situation, Your God is my God. (Granddaughter): We celebrate the harvest,
No longer can be guarded Where you die I will die, (Chief Elder): The firstfruits it will bring.
By further hesitation. Where your bones come to lie (Elders): And after seven sevens
There my bones shall be buried, When counting by the years
Do I return with her? So we are forever nigh. (Chief Elder): We hail the jubilee
Do I return back home? (Gleaners): When every debt is cleared.
Do we cross together? Do not persuade me to leave,
Do I return alone? There is no more you can say. REFRAIN
I am determined to go; (All):
Not knowing what awaits me, Nothing can stand in my way. We are counting on the harvest;
The burden and dishonor, This is my course, We are counting on these weeks;
When weighing all these factors, My path and my track, We are counting on the heavens,
The pull of home is stronger. I put my hand to this plow, And the labor heaven seeks.
Though separation grieves me, And will never look back! We are counting on these efforts;
These future doubts bewilder; We are counting on the Earth;
When pondering both options, May God render judgment severe, We are counting on these firstfruits,
I choose the more familiar. No punishment would be unfair, And the measure of their worth.
If anything other than death
I cannot return with you, Would sever the bond that we share. (Boaz’s Servants):
So I return back home; He is my Lord, As harvest time commences,
I cannot cross this river, And you are my kin; We wait upon the Lord,
So I return alone. I know by clinging to you, To grant us great abundance,
I am clinging to Him! And bestow a rich reward.
(Ben): We each go to our gardens, Whose family’s wealth was once vast. O tell us Naomi,
And hope our prayers take root; She left here before you were born, Who is this young woman you guide?
(Tob): For fifty days of plenty But comes back so weary and worn.
(All): And seven weeks of fruit. (Naomi):
On behalf of our town’s dwellers My daughter in law, my compassionate friend,
(Gleaners): And as Bethlehem’s Chief Elder Is just what her name …
We have no place to gather, I welcome you back to your home. (Ruth [to Gleaner]): Ruth
No field to call our own; … describes;
We hope to glean in pastures, (Townspeople): Naomi? Naomi? But mine, meaning pleasant, must no more be said;
Where mercy will be shown. Could this be Naomi? This meaning no longer applies.
(Fatherless): As fatherless, And why does she no longer roam? Since bitterness chastens me all the day long,
(Widow): as widows, Call me Mara from this moment on.
(Stranger): As strangers and as poor, (Widow): Do you remember my daughter?
(All Three): We pray our God will guide us From the day of your departure? The first desert spring approached by our fathers
(Gleaners): Where portions will be sure. The infant that you held and kissed. Was given this name for cursed was the water.
(Fatherless): I’m now eleven years old! The Lord gave my life identical flavor;
REFRAIN (Naomi): And too big to hold! Now I find myself removed from His favor
(Widow): There are so many things you have missed. And bitter
(Chief Elder/Granddaughter): My life has become so bitter;
It’s the rhythm of our lives, (Naomi): But where is her father? Like grass I am withered
(Ben): With each measure and amount (Widow): Naomi, we suffered And bitter
(All): So on this blessed harvest we count! His loss many winters ago.
So this is our lot, Afflicted and plagued, so feeble and humbled,
In this we are taught, My soul was consumed, to ashes it crumbled.
6. BITTERNESS To bear every burden and woe. I went away full, God brought me back empty;
Once blessed of the Lord, He now is against me
(Granddaughter): Grandfather, grandfather, (Tob): Naomi, what pity So bitterly
Who are these two visitors? Your land in this city The Almighty has dealt with me bitterly
Are they strangers who came here to rest? Decayed after all of this time. The Almighty afflicted me bitterly.
(Chief Elder): My darling granddaughter, Now, one could nullify it,
Yes, one is a stranger, If you would let him buy it, My mourning from morning through night
But the other might not be a guest. Since to poverty you are resigned. Continues through uncounted years,
Naomi? Naomi? You have no provider, So faint from my sighing,
Could this be Naomi? Just a paltry outsider; So weary of crying,
Just over a decade has passed. What can your companion provide? My vision is clouded by tears.
The seasons have weathered
This lady once treasured, (Townspeople): Naomi, Naomi. I feel in my bones the pierce of God’s arrow;
The poison thereof consumes all the marrow. He makes each mountain glad, (Ben): Here we keep the law,
A mother and wife, now widowed and barren; And every valley sings! And reap not all the sheaves;
Surrounded and rich, now lonely despair and By opening His hand, (Reaper Soloist): And you all are welcome to
Such bitterness Each soul is satisfied. Whatever reapers leave.
Like owls of the wilderness Abundance fills our fields, (Ben): Each gatherer collects,
Bitterness With fruits on every side. But cannot gather all;
No sign of deliverance, (Gatherer Soloist): So you are welcome to
Just bitterness. (Boaz): Servants of my house, What residue may fall.
You have earned my deep respect:
The Lord be with you all, (Reapers): We have reaped,
7. LET ME GLEAN And bless what you collect! But not the corners;
(Ruth): Do not refuse my comfort, (Gatherers): We have gathered,
For you are not alone, (Boaz’s Servants): Blessed be our chief, But left what fell;
Now let me glean in pastures, The owner of this field! (Boaz’s Servants/Gleaners): God will bless
Where mercy will be shown. God bless you in return, The thoughtful farmers,
The fatherless and widows, And give you fruitful yield! (Fatherless): And in plenty they will dwell.
God promised to relieve, (Boaz’s Servants/Gleaners): Yes,
Now let me claim the blessings (Reaper Soloist): We praise our loving lord, in plenty they will dwell.
The diligent receive. By lifting up our voice.
(Gatherer Soloist): When righteous masters rule (Ben):
(Naomi): How could I persuade otherwise, (Both): The servants all rejoice. Heed my warning, neighbor,
There is no more I can say. (All): The servants all rejoice! For are you not aware,
You are determined to go; This law would bring you blessings?
Nothing can stand in your way. (Boaz): Credit goes to God For it is just and fair.
If you do not fear And to my right-hand man, And since this law is godly,
To humble yourself A servant wise and faithful, It’s not some great expense;
And work along with the poor, Obey what he commands. But rather simply proper business sense.
Then my daughter, yes, go and excel! If one provides to those in need
(Tob): I need all this grain, Unto the Lord he lends;
The drought has set me back. And that which he has given
8. MORNING HARVEST Do you believe you are Will God pay him again.
(Dance) The only ones who lack? The one who freely gives gains even more
You scum have gleaned enough! While greedy men with poverty are cursed.
9. THE BLESSING OF BOAZ I have no more to spare;
(Boaz’s Servants): My property ends here; (Reaper Soloist): The generous are prosperous,
Blessed be our Lord, Find plenty over there! (Gatherer Soloist): No fortune finds the covetous,
Creator of all things (Both): But those who water others never thirst.
(Gleaners): For this we thank you! But these men would leave two widows Now you know this widow’s story:
How we have gleaned! When God took their lives. This lady’s name is Ruth.
God bless your hands! So Naomi left for Judah, Beyond the price of jewels renowned,
We pray we find this Where blessings had returned, A virtuous woman we have found.
Related kindness Though she came back nearly empty,
In other fields as well, New loyalty she earned,
Yes, in other fields as well! Beyond the price of jewels renowned, 11. A FULL REWARD
A virtuous woman she had found. (Boaz): Listen carefully virtuous daughter,
(Boaz): We treat everyone with honor, To no other man’s farm shall you go.
No matter what their station! Strength and honor are her clothing, Follow my maidens,
For we were all once slaves, Her garment and attire, To the fields they are taken,
Within a hostile nation. Though uncertain is tomorrow, And glean where my finest wheat grows.
She greets it with a smile.
On the other side of Jordan, (Ruth): What profit do I bring to you
10. A VIRTUOUS WOMAN Her future was unclear That you have recognized?
(Boaz): But she held fast to Naomi How has a widowed stranger
This gleaner works persistently To start a new life here. Found favor in your eyes?
And nothing distracts; Beyond the price of jewels renowned,
Undeterred by ridicule, A virtuous woman we have found. (Boaz):
Impressively she acts. Since the death of your husband, I’ve heard
In this town, I recognize She eats not the bread of idleness, Of the love to my kindred you’ve shown.
Each face that I see, Providing for her own, Leaving your father,
But this maiden’s I do not know. Here this diligence is evident, And the land of your mother,
Who is she? Her industry is shown. To come to a city unknown.
Since she came to me this morning,
(Ben): What effort she exerts; If one provides to those in need
When the famine came upon us, In the service of another, Unto the Lord she lends;
How Bethlehem did grieve, Incessantly she works. And that which she has given
And the pressure on the wealthy Beyond the price of jewels renowned, Will God pay her again.
Caused some of them to leave: A virtuous woman we have found.
Elimelech and Naomi, As a young bird leaves its dwelling
With two sons in their care, How she girds her loins with power, And to its mother clings.
Went beyond the Jordan River And makes her shoulders strong. You seek refuge in God’s feathers
For ten years settled there. From her mouth proceeds great wisdom, And hope beneath His wings.
With kindness in her tongue. May this favor for your labors
When Naomi’s husband perished, She relies not on her beauty Be given from the Lord:
Her sons took two wives, But fears the God of truth. Protection and redemption,
Blessed with a full reward. (Reaper Soloist): The generous are prosperous, To them I was some sort of game.
(Gatherer Soloist): No fortune finds the covetous, But all that would fade
You are welcome at my table, (Ben): But those who water others never thirst. When one came to my aid:
When mealtime arrives; (Boaz): To her let our abundance be dispersed! Boaz is his name.
You shall feast on all our bounty,
And share in how we thrive. (Ruth): For this I thank you! (Naomi): This master is well-known!
How I have gleaned! A noble in our tribe.
(Ruth): With your favor and these blessings God bless your hands! The son of Lady Rahab,
You comfort me, my lord I pray I find this Who sheltered Joshua’s spies.
Though I am not your servant Related kindness This man is blessed of Heaven
What friendship you afford. All other days as well, For laws that he obeys
You are my full reward. So in plenty we will dwell! To both the dead and living
Such kindness he displays.
(Boaz): All the fruits of your endeavors,
The toil of your hands, ACT TWO (Ruth): The master insisted I stay for a meal
Shall bring you joy and gladness, And at his own table I dined,
And your blessings will expand. 12. THE WAY OF A MAN WITH A MAID To keep me from harm,
May this favor for your labors (Naomi): He promised his farm
Be given from the Lord: Like ships of the merchants my daughter returns Would always have plenty to find.
Protection and redemption, Now bringing her food from afar.
Blessed with this full reward. Ten omers of grain? (Naomi): These things do not just happen:
(Ruth): And some food that remained By chance no sparrow falls,
Guard her like a sister, From a feast in which I took part. God sent you to my kinsman,
For here she shall glean on; This must fulfill some cause.
Allow, if she is thirsty, (Naomi): Until the harvest closes,
To drink what you have drawn. What fruitful abundance your host supplied! Beside his servants stay,
And where she goes to gather, Assuredly God intervened! There persevere and gather
Be there among those crops, So please tell me who The profit of each day.
And from the sheaves let extra gleanings drop. Took interest in you,
And where was this field you gleaned? Like ships of the merchants the woman went out,
(Boaz/Boaz’s Servants): Returning with food from afar.
If one provides to those in need (Ruth): I followed the Gleaners to pastures of Tob, And while in that field
Unto the Lord he lends; But Tob would not suffer us there; One unforeseen yield
And that which he has given It seemed then by chance Was earning the master’s regard.
Will God pay him again. That we would advance
The one who freely gives gains even more To fields with more excess to spare! She faithfully worked by his maidens each day
While greedy men with poverty are cursed. But here I was hassled by some of the men. Until the spring harvest would end.
And what she would glean The time will soon expire. The mother of Boaz as well
As soon would be seen Though your redemption is this kinsman’s right, From Jericho’s fate she was freed.
Was a hero, protector, and friend. You must be the one to act tonight. For all of these just
Our God earned their trust,
REFRAIN So wash yourself, anoint your head, And faith was their reason to heed.
It is one of our lives’ most breathtaking scenes, And don your festive gown
Of four great and marvelous things: Then journey to his threshingfloor The same faith that conquered strong nations,
There’s the way of the eagles on air, And wait till he lies down. That raised from the dead,
And how serpents on stone are conveyed Next, follow there and this, I know, That thwarted the sword,
There’s the way of a ship on the sea, Will sound quite strange to you: Is the same faith that forms my foundation,
And the way of a man with a maid. Unveil his feet, lie there, and he To journey ahead
Will tell you what to do. To earn this reward.
He faithfully watched if his men would obey And this peculiar custom will be blessed.
By easing her efforts to glean This is how the Lord shall give you rest.
And what he would earn 14. WINNOWING THE BARLEY
For all his concern (Ruth): The counsel and guidance you grant, (Dance)
Was a young woman’s highest esteem. Though puzzling from my point of view,
I will obey though I don’t understand:
REFRAIN And all that you say I will do. 15. A FULL REWARD (REPRISE)
(Boaz): I fell asleep all alone!
And one small seed The reason to heed and obey So I must ask, who are you?
In arid ground, Might not be perceived by the eye. (Ruth): Please, master, do not be startled.
Where love was never thought to grow; Just as Noah would build, I am your handmaiden, Ruth.
From one small seed, With so little fulfilled,
New hope was found: We don’t always need to know why. From the refuge of a mother
Its blossoms soon began to show. Young fowls will never stray,
At times we are tested and tried Protected by her feathers,
Not knowing what God will allow, From other birds of prey.
13. ALL THAT YOU SAY I WILL DO Like Abraham’s heir, So hide me in your garment,
(Naomi): Before he was spared, The shelter of your wings,
The day we left for Bethlehem We don’t always need to know how. The symbol of betrothal,
When you held fast to me, Redemption you can bring.
My task would be to find you rest Prince Moses forsook his own land, With the blessing of this covenant
And grant security. In Egypt he dared to stand out. Please honor me, my lord,
This widowed man you’ve grown to love, For he did not fear Protection and redemption,
His hand you may require. The scorn of his peers, Bless with this full reward.
But numbered are the harvest’s days, And never submitted to doubt. You are my full reward.
(Boaz): May God bless you for all your devotion, Fine linen as your garment, He charged me to rest at his feet through the night,
For not following much younger men. A gold-embroidered gown; And he would resolve this at dawn;
(Ruth): Wealthy or poor, Your beauty will be your renown! Before morning’s first glow,
These men held no allure, Before any could know,
(Boaz): What kindness you’ve shown in the end. As God arrayed His nation, Discreetly I would be withdrawn.
Yes, verily I am your kinsman (What jewels He supplied!)
But there is one nearer than I. It’s the honor that a husband He said: “Let it not be known
I promise to find Bestows upon his bride: That a woman slumbered here,
If his claim is declined. But do not go back empty,
So tarry beside me tonight. REFRAIN To Naomi you will appear
Now let your eyes close; With your shawl now filled with plenty,”
Find peaceful repose. Forsaking your forefathers, (Naomi): Six measures full of grain.
The country of your birth, (Ruth): He will soon go to the elders
You yearn to make your children Our case he will explain.
16. YOU EXCEL THEM ALL The princes of the Earth!
(Boaz): God makes your name remembered (Naomi):
You are a virtuous woman, Through every coming age, Now patiently wait while the matter is heard,
To all this truth is known, Exalted by all nations, And watch how this claim is resolved;
A crown to any husband For ever to be praised. For the man will not rest,
Who seeks you as his own. Till your doubts are addressed,
So I will do all in my power REFRAIN Long before the next sunset will fall.
To rescue and redeem
There is no greater honor. This is one of our lives’ most breathtaking scenes,
No price is too extreme. 17. ENTR’ACTE Of four great and marvelous things:
REFRAIN (Both): There’s the way of the eagles on air,
I rise to sing your praises. And how serpents on stone are conveyed
A blessing you are called: 18. THE MAN WILL NOT REST There’s the way of a ship on the sea,
There are many virtuous daughters, (Naomi): My daughter-in-law, And the way of a man with a maid.
But you! You excel them all! Is that you I see there?
O where have you been,
Find rest beneath my garment, And how did you fare? 19. EXCHANGE
The shelter of my wings, (Ruth): I went as you said to your kinsman last night, (Chief Elder):
Your increase I will nurture But redemption is not his to grant, Elders of Bethlehem promptly draw near.
Providing all good things. Though he is our brother Boaz has called us as witnesses here.
With gems I will adorn you, He spoke of another He seeks to settle a widow’s estate.
Upon your head a crown, Who first must be offered this chance. Matters that always are judged at this gate.
You are familiar with property laws, This honorable deed 20. WITNESSES
Every statute and every clause. Has now fallen to me (Boaz): You are witnesses today,
Land stays in families, God has ordained, Since she finally has come to her senses. Of all I have redeemed,
Passed to the children so wealth is maintained. Let my charity be seen. The inheritance is transferred,
Her land I shall redeem. What Tob did not esteem:
But if a man dies without leaving an heir, The house of Elimelech,
His land is not once and for all undeclared, (Boaz): And all of his estate,
God said his nearest of kin was to wed Brother, I should also mention I purchase from Naomi;
The widow, and bring forth a child for the dead. that the stranger who returned You are witnesses today!
Now if the nearest of kin will refuse, Was the widow of Naomi’s childless son,
Custom says he withdraws one of his shoes. This means she shares possession You are witnesses today,
Publicly sealing the transfer of land, Of the property in question, How Naomi’s name lives on
Binding and just, it can lawfully stand. And so another blessing you have won. For the widow of her offspring
Shall bear to him a son.
(Boaz): When you buy it from Naomi I will serve Ruth as her husband,
Naomi as the widow of our brother Elimelech then you also buy from Ruth, Her hand I have obtained,
Seeks to sell the plot of land their family owned. No greater woman could our family claim! There is no greater honor;
And as his closest kin And after you two marry, You are witnesses today!
This redemption you may win, The children she will carry
To all those here just make your wishes known. Will keep the land in her dead husband’s name. (Elders): We are witnesses today;
This outcome we record,
Brother, I should also mention (Tob): Wait, wait, wait, This house now shall redeem,
in the presence of those here, as the husband of my kinsman’s widow, And glory you restore.
That I’m the only kinsman who remains, The land would not truly be mine. (Townspeople): We are witnesses today;
In front of every witness And the children we bear, And sing with one accord:
Please tell us of your interest, Would not count as my heirs, That he who finds a wife,
And if you plan to execute your claim. So this offer I now must decline. Finds favor from the Lord.
Furthermore, this poor widow She is a virtuous woman,
(Tob): would come with great price To all this truth is known;
When Naomi returned with no wealth to her name, It would cost to provide all her needs. A crown to any husband,
I knew the two choices she had. Plus her children would drain, Who seeks her as his own;
Either glean with the poor, All the profit I’d gain,
Or be swayed to procure That would be too many mouths to feed. (Boaz): Her price is far above all precious gems,
A redeemer to purchase her land. But, brother, it would seem (Widow): No earthly treasure can exceed her love.
Though some foreign companion This land YOU could redeem.
had helped her to glean, As a kinsman of great wealth, (Boaz/Chief Elder):
She could not pay all her expenses, Why not buy it for yourself? For land and wealth can be inherited.
(All): But a prudent wife is from the Lord above. Redemption through a Husband, To sweeten the water;
Salvation through a Child. Now God gives my life
(Widow): To Rachel and to Leah, In Israel may his name Identical flavor,
Your bride may be compared. Forever be renowned, A life-giving tree,
(Granddaughter): Her seed will build our nation; And on the lips of all A sweet smelling savor.
For this we offer prayer: His praises shall be found.
(Fatherless): Prosperity in Ephratah,
(Stranger): In Bethlehem great fame, (Widow): And may this child supply 23. ONE SMALL SEED
(Chief Elder): A fruitful womb like Tamar, Renewal for your soul; (Naomi): From one small seed, comes a tender plant,
(Elders): Who furthered Judah’s name. (Women): Provision all your days, With roots that spring from arid ground;
(All): Yes, this is what we pray. Your nourishment when old. (Ben): From one small field, comes a tender branch,
We are witnesses today! (Widow): This son is born of Ruth, Where fruits and blossoms will abound.
The daughter you have won; (Ruth): From one small child comes a family,
(Women): The love she shows to you A nation in its smallest frame;
21. PANTOMIME OF THE BETROTHAL Surpasses seven sons! (Chief Elder): From one small tribe comes a legacy,
(Dance) (Granddaughter): Unto the virtuous woman (Elders): From obscurity to greatest fame.
This promise is expressed:
(Widow/Fatherless): Her children shall arise, (Boaz): Just like the tiny mustard seed,
22. REDEMPTION And call their mother blessed. The smallest of the grains;
(Chief Elder): What exciting news! (Naomi/Boaz): Among the shrubs becomes a tree,
(Townspeople): We are filled with joy! (Women): O blest is the Eternal, (Naomi): In heights that it attains!
(Chief Elder): For a son is born, The family He provides, (Boaz): Other garden plants have not been blessed
(Fatherless): It’s a boy? Redemption through a Husband, (Naomi/Boaz):
(Granddaughter): It’s a boy! Salvation through a Child. With branches where the fowls may nest.
(Stranger): It exceeds the glee, (Ruth): From one small town, opportunity
(Widow): And exceeds the glow (Chief Elder): Our God is the hero To join humanity as one
Of the wedding that we had a year ago. Who strengthens the widow (All): From one small world, one community
(Ben): Like a fruitful vine, And causes her house to expand. Will see what lies beyond the sun!
(Reaper Soloist): Like an olive plant (Women): For truly this baby
(Gatherer Soloist): Is the wife who bears Is born to Naomi, (Gatherer Soloist): A little seed in a humble plot,
What the Lord may grant. God gives her the fruit of her hands. In a modest town, may not seem a lot.
(Chief Elder): But the mother who is revered today (Townspeople): The honor your labor creates (Reaper Soloist): But this modest town
Is the one to whom these blessings are conveyed. Brings you glory and praise in these gates. In the least of lands
(Both): Is destined to greatly expand!
(Women): (Naomi): At that first bitter well
O blest is the Eternal, Approached by our fathers, (Fatherless): The Lord abides
The family He provides, The Lord used a branch In the day of small things
(Stranger): In the widow’s mite (Reaper Soloist): This meager start (Granddaughter): It’s not the place we depart
(Widow): And the wealth it brings Someone might despise (Chief Elder): But the place where we go.
(All Three): For the widow’s mite For it can’t be seen by human eyes. (Granddaughter): Not the size that we start,
Is the earnest of more (Gatherer Soloist): What cannot be seen (Chief Elder): But the size that we grow.
(Gleaners): The inheritance God has in store! From … Is too small to perceive: (Naomi): The fruits are beginning to show;
(Both): All the glory it soon will achieve! (Leads): And soon we will reap what we sow
(All): One small seed, (All): For anything lasting, majestic and vast REFRAIN
One small grain (Boaz): Begins in the smallest of ways,
In bountiful fields and boundless terrain; (All): Each journey is born with a singular step (All):
One small seed, Eternity starts with today! With … God gives all that we need
When unconstrained, So that we may succeed.
Brings limitless yield, and endless gain REFRAIN And it all begins with one small seed.

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