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Strandgt. 4-6
NO-6415 Molde, Norway
Phone: +47 71 21 96 00
Fax: +47 71 21 96 90
E-mail: office@brunvoll.no


BRUNVOLL offers a highly versa-

tile range of Thruster Systems.
Each system can be optimized to
meet individual requirements –
from standard operations to ice
class applications, from DP-class
thrusters to light auxiliary duty
thrusters. Power range from
100kw to 2600kW.
Brunvoll Standard Tunnel Thrusters are designed for the most The Brunvoll Retractable Over the past 45 years, Brunvoll has delivered more After Sales Service
demanding requirements according to North Sea offshore Azimuth Thrusters are used than 6000 thrusters to more than 4000 vessels of all Our in-house service team has established cost-
standards, and are used on all types of ships. for dynamic positioning on types. efficient, preventive maintenance plans for the specific
offshore vessels, as mooring type of thruster. We have developed docking manuals
thrusters on shuttle tankers, The high number of thrusters delivered has given us and service reports that meet the needs of the
Propeller Power
and as stand by/take home a wide experience for further development of our Superintendent and the Chief Engineer.
diameter mm range kW
propulsion on naval ships and
FU 37 850 75 - 200
units. We are ready to assist you in making the next planned
coastal tankers.
1000 100 - 250 docking service successful.
FU 45 1225 185 - 300 A special version, the Combi- Thruster systems for all types of vessels
1375 275 - 450 Thruster, works as a tunnel Brunvoll offers a highly versatile range of tunnel Brunvoll Remote Control &
FU 63 1550 400 - 700 thruster in upper position, and thruster units. Each package can be optimized to meet Monitoring System
1750 550 - 900 as an azimuth thruster in individual requirements: from standard operations to Brunvoll has developed modular
FU 74 2000 800 - 1400 lower position. ice class applications. thruster control systems based on
FU 80 2250 1100 - 1500 PLC standard units.
FU 100 2450 1500 - 2200 Propeller Power Advanced and reliable
2750 1800 - 2500 diameter mm range kW Over the years we have learned which components of Approved by the major classifica-
* AR 63 1650 500 - 880 the thruster need margins given, in order to obtain a tion societies, they provide com-
* AR 80 2100 1000 - 1500 product that can stand heavy continuous duty in plete control, monitoring and
AR 100 2600 1500 - 2200 rough environments. alarm functions for thrusters.

* Also
Wherever the operation takes place, in Gulf of Mexico, The Brunvoll Remote Control & Monitoring System is
available in shock resistant version
or in rough weather in the North Atlantic – you can easy to configure and update. It can be used as a
always rely on the Brunvoll thruster system. standalone system and can easily be interfaced with
RIM DRIVEN THRUSTER (RDT) LOW NOISE TUNNEL THRUSTERS other integrated monitoring, alarm and control sys-
The RDT is electrically driven with a tems such as VDR, Joystick, DP, PMS and others.
The Brunvoll Low Noise Tunnel Thrusters, Resiliently Mounted with
permanent magnet (PM) motor, where
full length double tunnel, result in a noise reduction of 11 to 15 dB(A).
the motor windings are in the stator and
where the rotor has a number of perma-
This design is mainly used on cruise liners, super yachts and offshore
nent magnets.
vessels where extensive noise suppression is necessary.
Also available in shock resistant version.
The RDT may be applied for various
thruster configurations with a variable
Propeller Power
speed drive:
diameter mm range kW
• Azimuth main or auxiliary propulsion
thruster FU 37 1000 100 - 250
• Combined tunnel and azimuth thruster FU 45 1375 200 - 450
• Retractable azimuth thruster FU 63 1750 400 - 800
• Tunnel thruster FU 80 2250 1000 - 1400
FU 100 2750 1500 - 2300

Propeller diameter (mm) 800 1000 1250 1500 1750

Max Motor Power (kW) 200 300 450 600 900