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Open Sybase ™
Client Open Client

Mich Talebzadeh
Client PC Application Server Version 3, Jan 2006

CPUs 1 CPUs * indicates

Operating System optional setup
Initial Network
Network affinity
Handshake by any
migration to the least
Engine 0 Engine 1
loaded engine Engine N Rep Agent *
2 Standby Engine(s)
Registers Registers Registers Standby Engines picks up
Running Running Running
File Descriptors/channels File Descriptors/channels File Descriptors/channels Offline Engines
Task Task Task replicated data
Task queue cycle Executable
Executable Fork Executable Spare Capacity
1- Sleep queue
2- Runnable task queue
ASE Internal threads 3- Running (on any Engine)
can run on any engine Fork 4- Sleep queue Shared Memory PLC Flusher *
In Asynchronous log
service, it flushes
Runnable Task Queue the User Log Cache
Sleep Queue Lock Chains Pending I/O
to the Log Cache
ASE Static
- Process Waiting for I/O Overhead
- Process Waiting for lock
Inter- ASE - Process sent to sleep
Run Log Writer *
faces Config
Server In Asynchronous
File File Data Cache (with default 2K page example) Data Cache
File Procedure Cache log service it
Partitioned Overhead
default data cache Spinlock flushes the Log
cache Log
Stored procedures Execution Plans Buffer ageing Cache to disk
- Procedures User 1 Log
Triggers C D D C D D C C
- Views Cache
Cursors MRU Wash Marker LRU User 1
ASE LRU Strategy
Hash Values MRU (fetch-and- 4K User 1 thread
Error log
File Hash Table discard) strategy Syslogshold table initiates “group
- Object (Dynamic) commit” and
Short term memory flushes the Log
Permissions Ol
needs d Cache
- Column Stats tra est
4K buffer pool * 16K buffer pool * ns op
ac en
Total Physical Memory (read-only)
Maximum Memory (Dynamic)

ASE Job dbccdb Cache * Named Cache * tempdb Cache * tio

User N Log


Scheduler Others Cache


ULC, One Logical Page each

Asyn after th

Free Memory Server

XP Server
MRU hronous Wash M

ASE Internal Threads

strate rite of dir er

Port Network ASTC HK Chores HK Wash HK GC Checkpoint Checkpoint Mirror Deadlock License
Manager Handler(s) Handler(s) Flushes table Housekeeper Housekeeper Worker(s) Sleep Handler Tune Heartbeat
Enables There are as many Intra-server and account job. Washes job. Garbage Main ASE Performs Disk mirroring. Checks Checks and
Dynamically to start network handler statistics. dirty buffers. collector, synchronizes
and stop listeners threads as there are cross database checkpoint periodic Handles ASE periodically for licensing information
on any given port on ‘master' entries in two-phase Handles timeout Runs at CPU example process. checkpoints specific deadlocks with License Server
a per-engine basis the interfaces file commit of detached idle time deleted rows Shutdown mirroring
Master Device Transportable
System Databases To another ASE
master Data Data1
System model sybsystemdb sybsystemprocs Data tempdb Data
Additional Tape
sybsecurity User Databases Backup
Catalogue & Template Two-phase System stored Temporary Work tempdbs
ASE Audit Data1
MDA Tables database Commit procedures Data1
Area Server
Log Log Log syslogs
Log Disk
tempdbs, on separate data & log User databases are built on separate data and log Hot local or remote compressed
ASE recommends raw devices. tempdbs can sybsystemprocs Separate data
devices. On file systems with devices. Databases can share multiple devices and a backups. Password protected. Cross-
be on file systems, tmpfs or ramdisks device and log devices
dsync false device can have fragments from multiple databases platform dump and load capability