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I wish to present to you an update on the Knysna Literary Festival.

2010 Was
host to the first festival initiated by Pam Golding Properties Knysna and Action
Ads. Last year I was approached by the above mentioned companies to
manage and coordinate the festival. This year Pam Golding and Action Ads
handed the rights of the festival over to Elements of Knysna Event Company. In
2011 Pam Golding’s involvement will be more specified, in the form of event
sponsorship of The Delicious Word Journey. Included is a letter of support form
Ling Dobson, Franchisee and Principal of Pam Golding Properties Knysna.

The Knsyna Education Trust (registered NPO) has been nominated as the main
The Festival not only offers the benefits of being associated with the brand
name of Knysna, but also, the opportunity to effect real change through
corporate social investment.

I believe in every work task there is a challenge to leaving a positive platform

for others to build from. However, the choice is an individual one, to use the
opportunity. If we as professionals expect to see social change, we need to
develop strategic partnerships with key players that can advance youth
development, creating responsible citizens. Skills transfer and job shadowing is
incredibly valuable to those who seek it. Chances for young people to learn
how to act in the world around them, to explore, express, earn, belong, and
influence. It is important to stress that young people, just like adults, learn best
through active participation and that learning occurs in all types of settings and
situations. I do believe The Knysna Literary Festival, can and will leave a
legacy. However it will take enthusiasm, commitment and your participations. I
invite you to be part of this legacy.

The Knysna Literary Festival did a book and stationary collection drive with local
schools and had the wonderful opportunity to select Brackenhill Primary School as the
beneficiary. The school has 68 pupils. The school managed to start a reading room
with all the children’s book donated, in their computer room.
P.O. Box 1145 • Knysna • 6570 • Tel: 044 – 382 5436 • Cell: 082 571 2462 • Fax: 086 680 8550


Monies raised from all paying festival events will be donated to The
Knysna Education Trust. The Trust’s main focus is to uplift the
standard of preschool education offered in the disadvantaged
communities of The Greater Knysna Municipal District.

• Media value:
I am delighted to inform you that Group Editors has pledged their support as
media sponsor to the Knysna Literary Festival.
Group Editors are the publishers and printers of the following:
George Herald (Thursday edition with 19 200 copies printed);
Knysna-Plett Herald (Thursday edition, with 4 400 copies printed);
Suid Kaap Forum (Thursday edition, with 4 400 copies printed);
Graaff-Reinet Advertiser (Thursday edition, with 3 000 copies printed);
Mossel Bay Advertiser (Friday edition, with 9 390 copies printed); and the
Oudtshoorn Courant (Friday edition, with 3 100 copies printed).

In a nut shell there are four components:

1) A platform to support and promote KET, Knysna Education Trust who is our
2) Education presented to the youth in a hip and now way, like a Slam Poet
performing to school kids
3) Skills transfer to TSiBA Eden Campus students
4) Promoting a Green Festival and life style


Crime fiction murder party
The Delicious Word Journey
Creative writing workshops
Films screened followed by discussions with script writers
Culinary arts of fine food book demo
Murder Mystery dinner party
Two day book sale on Thesen Island

Yours sincerely,
Picca de Bruin
Festival Director
Elements of Knysna - Events Company


6 Queen Street / P O Box 3579, Knysna, 6570
Tel/Fax: 044-3824638

The Knysna Education Trust focuses on enhancing the quality of education,

nourishment, care and facilities of pre-school children in the poorest communities of
the Eden District of Knsyna. It is undisputed that the nourishment and quality of pre-
school education is a primary determinant of the child’s successful education at
primary and secondary school levels.

The Trust actively supports 27 schools, which care for over 1500 children. The stark
reality is that the absence of these facilities would result in multiple children being
abandoned to fend for themselves during the day. Your support of this event, will
ensure support for Aids orphans, children of the unemployed, single parents and
families that simply cannot afford to pay the cost of pre-school education.

As we know government, provinces and local authorities are far behind in the task of
establishing, governing and supporting pre-school education facilities. The Trust fills
the vacuum between the informal schools that provide pre-school education but are
not registered for government subsidisation.

Funds raised from the Knysna Literary Festival will be used to support the Trust’s
efforts to dramatically improve 3 existing preschool facilities in 2011, thereby ensuring
an adequate learning environment that meet the minimum requirements as set out by
The Departments of Health, Education and Social Services.

Additional activities of the Trust include, teacher development, funding of improved

education tools and techniques, feeding schemes, and assistance with the process of
registration with the Department of Education, Welfare and Social Services.

All donors of The Knysna Education Trust qualify for an 18A tax receipt and a letter,
contributing to Donor Company’s BEE status. It is important to understand that Knsyna
is not the home of any significant corporate organisations and consequently the Trust
relies on the goodwill of its community and local businesses, which are highly reliant
on tourism and very cyclical economic conditions.

Knysna Education Trust is a registered Trust and NPO-