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Case Study On Motivation
Presented By:
Dhanya Vijayan (50)
Pravin Thorat (51)
Jyoti Yadav (53)
Case 1: -
Rohit Sharma working as an company’s management development program has
been the supervisor of the production department from last one year. He has not
attended any supervisory or development program and his duties have been
concentrated on technical jobs.

The present plant manager has seen rohit grow from an apprentice to a supervisor
and is yet to reconcile with the change of responsibilities.

Rohit prepared the schedule as per the top priority for all the machines. When rohit
came from his round he was surprised to see that the operator had loaded some
other job rather than the job of the company’s priority.

Rohit got annoyed and asked the operator to do the job as per the company's
priority, he said it was the plant manger order to do the other work. The operator
complained that since been doing the job regularly he had not also received any
increment from last six months. Rohit warned that if he would not do the job then
he will report this incidence as misbehavior to the plant manager. Operator replied
in a threat to go on a strike and complained about the less salary.

During the session of motivation Rohit made the following comments:

“Motivation theory makes sense in general , but there is no opportunity for us to

apply these concepts in job situation. Motivation theories help me to get the work
done from my kids but its not possible when working with adults”.

STRENGTH: Growth from an apprentice to a supervisor and designation in
the organizations.

WEAKNESS: The employee doesn’t believe in motivational theories, duties

are concentrated only on technical job.

OPPORTUNITIES: Can be motivated.

THREAT: The employees may go on a strike and complained about the less
salary and increment they gets.
Question 1 :-

Does the incident that happened between operator and Rohit Sharma left such a
mark in his mind that he started feeling threatened with unions and shop floor


I would completely disagree with the statement,

“Motivation theory makes sense in general, but there is no opportunity for us to apply these
concepts in job situation. After all our shop level employees are unionised and have job security.
Motivation theories helps me get the work done from my kids, but in a working enviorment we
are working with adults and it seems to me this reward and punishment thing smacks of
manipulation that just would not go over with people”.

Man is known by his NATURE rather then his NURTURE.

Try to be as humble,polite,friendly with everyones whom you meet and communicate.
Right from your home, watchman, office, shopkeeper, mechanic etc.From Project Manager till
the waiter who brings water for you.
Help all the needy without any expectation.

One thing you can understand from this is that when your relation-base is perfect, firm and
strong u can easily build as many floors as you can without extra efforts.
I don’t think for this simple concept you need any motivation lessons or something like that..
I assure you that when u get this skill u r none less then a king.

Question 2 :-

Do you think that Rohit needs some extra kind of motivational theories? Give
solution for situation for Rohit.

Answer: -

Yes, I think Rohit needs motivational program. It is clearly mentioned in case that
Rohit have been unable to attend any kind of motivation or development program
since long time. And union helps for job security of shop level people also. That may
be reason that he don’t think motivation program didn’t help to adults.

For this kind of situation, Rohit needs motivation program (like carrot and stick)
because motivation and development program itself helps employee to be
motivated toward job, job security which will help him to feel secure at job as he
thinks others job is secure, salary hike is common thing to motivate employee, easy
and helpful work environment at workshop because no one both of operator and
project manager seems to be helpful

With this case study we can conclude that employee always needs motivation
program which helps the company for having loyal employee towards job.

Case 2: -
This case basically talks about the motivating employee through easy work
environment for employees better work quality and work life.

In this case an IT company believes to provide its employees an easy, flexible and
ideal environment rather than imposing them to restrictions of desk. Company
offered facilities like garden; there is cafeteria, a well equipped gymnasium, tennis
grounds, golf course, telecommunicating, and flextime.

The company’s efforts towards creating a relaxed work environment has helped
developing and highly motivated work force. These efforts are made to help
employee cope with the stress related problems.

Even company is rated among three companies in the country for the fifth
consecutive year with regard to the work quality and work life. and company has
performed very well among very fey few companies during recession time. Again
company has succeeded to bring attrition rate down.

• Strengths :

1. Ideal working environment and facilities the creates highly working


2. Exclusive employee development plan.

3. High salary structure.


The modern corporate world has redefined the rule of work efficiency and
aims at employee wellness, in order to obtain maximum productivity from its
employees.” discuss the various measures taken by the organizations to
enhance employees productivity by catering to employees wellness.

Solution :-

The company is providing with ideal working environment which help

employees cope with the stress management in time bound project.

It provides the employees with natural surroundings in which they work and
with facilities such as hygienically maintained cafeteria, well-equipped
gymnasium, tennis ground and a golf course.

It is proved that had performed well during the last few years despite the
economic recession.

Another measures taken by company like offered facilities like

telecommuting, flextime, and a holiday on completion of every six week
project schedule.

All these were a part of HR policy of the company.

It had a exclusive employee development plans that help its member

progress through the carrier ladder.

High salary structure in the organization enhances employee loyalty and

motivated them to attend organizational goals. This brings down the attrition
rates to considerable extent.

All these basically boost up the motivation among the employees.

Question 2 :-

Describe various alternative work schedules that help to increase employees



The other work schedules is :-

1. Three day shift schedule:-

This schedule is all about that if a person works for 3 nights continuously at
office the following two days will be holiday for him.


By studying this case we conclude that the motivational factors that the
modern technologies providing to employees has proved to be the main
boost up factor for the employees. Hence, motivation must be given to all
employees at right time.