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Мужчина, 33 

года, родился 6 июня 1988

Проживает: Москва, м. Планерная

Гражданство: Россия, есть разрешение на работу: Россия
Не готов к переезду, готов к редким командировкам

Желаемая должность и зарплата

Head of Product Development 350 000
Информационные технологии, интернет, телеком руб.
• Развитие бизнеса
• Управление проектами
• Интернет
Занятость: полная занятость
График работы: полный день
Желательное время в пути до работы: не более часа

Опыт работы — 13 лет

Март 2019 — Билайн
настоящее время Москва, www.beeline.ru
2 года 4 месяца
Телекоммуникации, связь
• Мобильная связь

Head of external data monetization

• Market launch and management of promising products / services

Май 2018 — Март Билайн

2019 Москва, www.beeline.ru
11 месяцев
Телекоммуникации, связь
• Мобильная связь

Senior product owner

• Supervise the launch of new innovative products for corporate B2B clients based on Big Data tools;
• Participate in the development of new services, determined by the needs of customers and the market;
• Manage the life cycle of products;
• Conduct training for employees of corporate sales divisions, as well as participate in relevant thematic
• Gather feedback from the business units for curated products;
• Develop and implement ideas, proposals related to the development of connections and increase revenue
from curated decisions;
• To participate in the development and implementation of non-standard technical solutions based on a
product database at the request of highly profitable corporate clients;
• If necessary, provide sales support (presale) solutions for key corporate customers (negotiations and

Апрель 2016 — Май Orange Business Services

2018 Москва, www.orange-business.ru
2 года 2 месяца
Телекоммуникации, связь
• Спутниковая связь
• Оптоволоконная связь
• Фиксированная связь
Строительство, недвижимость, эксплуатация, проектирование
• Строительство объектов телекоммуникационной отрасли

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Product Manager
• market analysis IT/ Telecom / Unified Communication / Cloud / Security: identifying market trends, analysis
of competitors and competitive offers, the comparative analysis, market segmentation and define the
requirements of each segment.
• using of collected information to develop recommendations for new products, changing existing products.

• analysis of the global product portpholio, research applicability of global products for the Russian market,
research principles of the positioning and technology implementation, development of recommendations for
introduction of new products
• development and introduction of new products and services in accordance with the internal procedure,
preparation of full set of product and service documents, coordination and approval of documentation in
accordance with the rules and procedures of the company. Regular reporting about status of product
development, the escalation of problems.
• Support existing products, in particular: identification tasks for the development of the functionality of the
products, optimize costs and pricing, monitoring procedures, life cycle services (LCS) and setting objectives
for the adjustment of LCS, update product documentation (presentations for customers and vendors,
General Conditions and order forms, templates, commercial offers, Sales Guide).
• reports preparation about commercial performance of the products, the identification and analysis of
problems, preparation of recommendations for increase of sales efficiency;
• Initiation of the process for closure of technologically outdated products. Development of programs for
migration of customers to new services, coordination of company works to implement such programs;
• develop cost models, business plans and product tariffs;
• support sales, in particular - participation in the preparation of commercial proposals , consultations,
trainings and presentations in accordance with study plan and current demands;
• participation in meetings with existing major clients and also with prospective clients for product
presentations, support new sales and obtain feedback about functionality and relevance of products;
• participation in the development of materials for marketing communications product: the content of
leaflets and brochures, preparation of materials for filling the "external web site and internal web site
Department of global solutions and services, control of timeliness of the materials and ensuring the timely
placement of materials on web sites.
• Participate in the development, organization and holding of marketing campaigns, programs to promote
products in the market.
• Active positioning company competencies in the Internet, participation in exhibitions and conferences.

Professional achievements:
• Initiated project of change the contact center platform for launch more competitive product than current
• Research applicability of innovation products for the Russian market and formation of project teams to
launch as project as Big Data, Internet-of-Things, Development mobile Apps for business;
• Initiated marketing actions aimed to improving the positioning of the company's products in the market

Апрель 2013 — Orange Business Services

Апрель 2016 Москва, www.orange-business.ru
3 года 1 месяц
Телекоммуникации, связь
• Спутниковая связь
• Оптоволоконная связь
• Фиксированная связь
Строительство, недвижимость, эксплуатация, проектирование
• Строительство объектов телекоммуникационной отрасли

Project Manager
• launch, support and closure of projects;
• optimization and development of existing projects;
• communication with the customer (coordination of plans, deadlines, requirements, budgets)
• maintaining project and technical documentation:

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• participation in the process of sale and contracts (including participation in tenders).
Professional achievements:
• support 5 projects, 3 of which are "anchor" and bring 50% of revenues Contact Center Outsourcing;
• launch of new services, such as Web-chat and support Social media, participate in the launch of mobile
apps development for individual customer requirements;
• operational management of the project with a staff of over 30 employees;
• signing the customer agreement and the tariff proposals that helped to increase the profitability of the
project by 20%;
• the launch of 13 new lines that have contributed to the expansion of the partnership with the customer and
increase in this project revenue in 3.5 times;
• improvement in results CSAT from customer representatives by 25% and maintaining this level for
semi-years – CSAT level does not fall below 95%.

Сентябрь 2012 — Telecom-express

Апрель 2013 Москва
8 месяцев
Услуги для бизнеса
• Колл-центры, диспетчерские службы

Leading specialist in the area of quality control and operational analysis

• monitoring and analysis of key employees performance indicators and professional development;
Professional achievements:
• automation of reporting systems for quality control and operational analysis;
• description of the methods of report formation and development;
• participation in the integration processes.

Май 2011 — Vimpelcom Ltd.

Сентябрь 2012 Москва
1 год 5 месяцев
Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет
• Системная интеграция, автоматизации технологических и бизнес-процессов предприятия,

Senior quality control

• monitoring and analysis of key employees performance indicators and professional development;
Professional achievements:
• rebuild the quality control processes according to international standards COPC – development of quality
control regulations, guidelines for assessment, regulations and instructions for the conduct calibration
sessions, the checklists adaptation, preparation of consolidated reporting format and methodology of the
quality analysis;
• project management of quality control proces automation: development of technical documentation for
assess operators performance, recording of the results, summarizing and generating reports.

Май 2010 — Май ООО COMSTAR OTS

2011 Москва
1 год 1 месяц
Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет
• Интернет-провайдер

Monitoring and quality control expert

• assessment of the quality of specialist and engineer work;
• providing feedback to the employees;
• edit Department regulations;
• work with client complaints
Professional achievements:
• reduction of the maximum number of calls from one customer per day with up to 5 calls; the number of

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customers calling more than 5 times a day reduced to 0 (increase FCR);
• project management organization of CC in a region - training for new employees, load balancing, definition
of readiness of the launch new product support, supervision of the quality evaluation processes.

Июль 2008 — Май ООО COMSTAR OTS

2010 Москва
1 год 11 месяцев
Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет
• Интернет-провайдер

Senior specialist technical Support

• staff training, carrying out of trainings;
• development of training materials and training;
Professional achievements:
• testing and launch of the project "Telemarketing";
• testing and launch of the project "Mystery Shopping";
• trained over 200 new employees;
• qualifications to the level of "engineer" more than 100 employees;
• development of regulations of specialists and engineersof work, writing of scripts and schemes to address
the main customers issues.


2010 Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technological University, Moscow

Information systems and technologies, Ergonomics

Тесты, экзамены
2011 Operational management of Call-center. Access and performance
Apex Berg Contact Center Consulting

2010 "The customer voice"


Ключевые навыки
Знание языков Русский — Родной
Английский — C1 — Продвинутый

Навыки Driving Licence B Английский язык Ведение переговоров Управление проектами

Работа в команде Управление персоналом Организаторские навыки
Заключение договоров Проведение презентаций Грамотная речь
Деловое общение Телефонные переговоры Поиск и привлечение клиентов
Деловая коммуникация Развитие продаж B2B Продажи Negotiation skills
Customer Relationship Management Analytical skills Big Data
Административное управление Массовый подбор персонала

Опыт вождения

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Имеется собственный автомобиль
Права категории A, B

Дополнительная информация
Обо мне Confident PC-user:
• experience with MS Excel (data analysis and visualization, modeling, forecasting, automated reports
based on Excel), and the rest of the program package MS Office;
• work with graphics ( Adobe Photoshop, COREL DRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Photo Paint, 3D
Studio Max, Adobe Flash);
• skills working with databases, knowledge of SQL.
• Knowledge of international standards COPC, EN 15838, ISO 9000.
• Experience in the administration of Workforce Management WEB
• Knowledge of Python programming language (low level)
• Knowledge of basics project management and product launch basics (SCRUM, Time-to-Market,
Agile, Kanban, etc)
My Hobbies:
sports (gym,football); pencil drawing; familiarity and study of innovations in technology; self-development

High military education. Specialty - operator of S-300V

Marketing activity:
Megapolis FM - https://soundcloud.com/silikonovie/orange
Call Center Guru - http://callcenterevent.ru/eccs/?page_id=658
Livejournal - https://philologist.livejournal.com/10115716.html
IT for Business - http://partner.fors.ru/itmanager112016.pdf
Orange -

IoT for Retail - https://shopandmall.ru/articles/Kak_Internet_veschey_menyaet_torgovye_zaly

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