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Mildura Organic

Quality Organics
Unbeatable Prices
Food in Modern Life

1. Multiple types of pesticide, fungicide &

insecticide residues
2. A wide range of food additives ~ >500
approved for use
3. Overuse of antibiotics and growth
Quality Organics at Unbeatable Prices!

 No chemical pesticides,
fungicides or insecticides
 No food additives
 Natural flavour
 Higher nutrients
 Help save the environment
 Protect future generations
What Is Organic Farming?

 Must be free of chemical residue for a minimum

of 3 years.
 NO usage of artificial fertilisers, genetically
modified organisms (GMO), growth hormones or
 Must be done in a sustainable manner to produce
food indefinitely, without causing damage to the
What Is Organic Product?

 Must be transported without ever mingling with

non-organic foods.
 Must be processed without any preservatives,
artificial flavouring or colouring.
 Packaging process must not be tainted, treated or
Confused by the Organic Products in the
 Certified Organic: Contains at least 95% organic
ingredients (excluding salt and water)
 Made with organic ingredients: Contains between
70% - 95% organic ingredients
 Products with less than 70% organic ingredients:
Label the organic items on the ingredient list
 Natural: Product made organically or from
natural source but not certified
Organic Certification

 It is important to know whether the product are

genuinely organic.
 One of the best ways - to look for the organic
certification logos on the labels.
 Some of the important logos from organic
certification bodies around the world:

France NOP-USDA Malaysia Germany Australia

EU Canada Japan Italy New Zealand

Mildura Organic Roasted Chestnut

 Excellent source of trace mineral

 Low in calories (<200kcal/100g)
 Popular and healthy snacks
Calories per ounce

200 180 179

170 165




Macademia Hazelnuts Pistachios Cashews Peanuts Chestnuts
Comparison of Roasted Chestnut (100g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Non-organic brands From RM4.80

2 Organic brands From RM25.43

Mildura Organic Roasted
3. 1 RP + RM3.90
Mildura Organic Red Raisins

 Jumbo size, harvested at full

maturity to give peak flavour
 Grown organically without the use
of synthetic pesticides and
 No sulphur dioxide SO2 added
 SO2: a common preservative added
to protect raisins against spoilage &
 Selling Price: 1 RP+ RM9.90
According to the USDA government tests, raisins
rank among the top antioxidant foods.
Mildura Organic Dried Pitted Prunes

 Naturally sweet, sticky chewy

texture & highly nutritious
 Are well known for their ability to
prevent constipation
 Helps in digestion, thus decreasing
the risk of colon cancer and

 Selling Price: 1 RP+ RM9.90

Mildura Organic Breakfast Cereals

 Great in taste!
 High in Nutrient!

 Your ultimate choice for healthy

Mildura Organic Cornflakes

 Extra crunchy compared to

ordinary corn flake
 Made from specially selected
sun-ripen organic corn
 Delicious & nutritious
breakfast choice for all
Comparison of Corn Flakes (150g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Mxxxxxo RM8.45

2 Jxxt Lxxe RM12.95

3. Cxxd Sxxxxxe RM8.00

4 Mildura Organic Cornflakes 1 RP + RM5.50

Mildura Organic Choc Crunch

 Mouth-watering chocolate
cluster with extra crunchiness
 Intense chocolaty sensation
 Provides all essential
nutrients: complex
carbohydrates, fibre and
 Children’s favourite
Comparison of Choc Crunch (375g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Jxxt Lxxe From RM18.40

2 Mildura Organic Choc Crunch 1 RP + RM9.90

Mildura Organic Honey Balls

 Golden crispy corn cereal

balls specially coated with
 Taste delicious & yummy
 Another healthy breakfast
 Welcome snack for all
especially children
Comparison of Honey Balls (150g) on the

No. Brand Price

1 Jxxt Lxxe RM8.70

2 Cxxd Sxxxxxe RM8.67

3 Mildura Organic Honey Balls 1 RP + RM5.90

2 Best Choice for Weight Watcher

 High in essential nutrients such as complex

carbohydrate & dietary fiber
 Suitable for working person and weight
conscious people
 Serve with milk or yoghurt; or can take it as
 Suitable choice for meal replacement
Mildura Organic Fruity Crunch

 Selected high quality organic

whole grain cereal and
wheat flakes
 Combined with delicious
dried fruits such as raisins,
bananas, apricots and apple
 Delicious and healthy meal
replacement choice
Mildura Organic Fruity Muesli

 Selected high quality whole

grain cereal, oatmeal and
crispy corn flakes
 Combining delicious dried
fruits, nuts and seeds
 Most suitable choice for
nutritious meal replacement
Comparison of Fruity Muesli (375g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Mxxxxxo From RM19.23

2 Cxxd Sxxxxxe From RM20.00

Mildura Organic Fruity
3 1 RP + RM8.90
Mildura Organic Lemonade

 Extracted from whole fresh

organic lemon from Italy
 With superior quality and
intense aroma from hand-
harvested lemons
 Packed with vitamin &
mineral for your body needs
Comparison of Lemonade (1L) on the

No. Brand Price

1 Mxxxxxo RM22.53

2 Jxxxo RM35.73

3 Cxxd Sxxxxxe RM45.40

4 Jxxt Lxxe RM26.97

5 Mildura Organic Lemonade 1 RP + RM7.90

Mildura Organic Soy Milk (Tetra Pack)

 Made from selected wholesome

organic soy beans
 Produced under controlled
temperature to retain soy
milk’s natural aroma and
texture to ensure the protein
and nutrients levels are
 Great source of protein for the
Comparison of Soy Milk (1L) on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Mxxxxxo RM9.90

2 Cxx RM6.30

3 Hxxx Sxx RM4.30

4 Pxxe Hxxxexx RM10.80

5 Mildura Organic Soy Milk 1 RP + RM3.80

Mildura Organic Spirulina Noodles

 Made from USP Grade & Triple

Organic Certifications Spirulina
 Spirulina- a known Super Food
as it offers a full spectrum of
 Provides a high amount of
protein, iron, GLA and etc which
normally found in animal
 Delicately handmade and air-
Comparison of Spirulina Noodles
(200g)on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Exxxn RM13.78

2 Jxxxo RM5.80

3 Cxxxxxxr RM5.80
Mildura Organic Spirulina
4 1 RP + RM4.90
Mildura Natural Portuguese Hand-
Harvested Sea Salt
 Uses traditional hand harvesting
methods to retain precious sea
water minerals
 Contains trace elements that are
lacking in industrial-grade sea
salt because of the natural sea
salt crystallization methods
 Better choice for baking as it will
dissolve more easily in butters
and dough create extra moisture
Differences Between Portuguese Sea Salt
& French Sea Salt
Portuguese Sea Salt French Sea Salt
 Produced along the western
 Produce along the southern
coast of France, where it
coast of Portugal receives
receives heavy rainfalls with
very little rainfall with
a significant amount of
sufficient sunlight
 Thick layer of salt
 Thin layer of salt formation.
 Harvesting is free of  Clay from the bottom of the
contamination from clay at salt pan will be picked up
the bottom of the pan together with the salt
 Salt are clean and white  Salt become greyish
Process of Portuguese Sea Salt

Salt pan Natural crystallisation Salt extracted from the

allows thick layer of salt
bottom of the salt pan

Dried for at least 5 days

Sea salt is collected Send to packing plant
to evaporate the
remaining water
Mildura Natural Portuguese Hand-
Harvested Sea Salt

 Achieved “ Slow Food

Award for the Defense of
 Symbolises a reorganisation
of the achievement in
ecology and conservation of
 Obtained Prémio Agricultura
e Pescas in year 2003
 Quality certified by “Nature
& Progrés”
Comparison of Portuguese Sea Salt (500g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Rxxxxxt RM9.38

2 Lx Nxxxxxl RM9.88

3 Mildura Portuguese Sea Salt 1 RP + RM6.90

Mildura Natural Low Sugar Red Yeast &
Brown Rice Cookies
 Made from 100% natural
ingredients: specially selected
germinated brown rice & red yeast
 Unique crispy taste, extra crunchy,
best snacking choice for family at all
 Free of chemical, preservatives and
artificial colouring

 Selling Price: 1 RP + RM8.90

Mildura Natural Low Sugar Red Yeast &
Brown Rice Cookies
What are the benefits of Red Yeast and Germinated
Brown rice?
Red Yeast Germinated Brown Rice
 known to contain natural  grow to embryo through
cholesterol-lowering agent germination and activating
 used for centuries to treat of the enzyme in the brown
circulatory and digestive rice
disorders  thus promote large
accumulation of GABA and
other functions
 GABA found in germinating
brown rice is 10 times
higher than white rice
Mildura Natural Low Sugar Red Yeast &
Brown Rice Cookies
 GABA found in germinating brown rice is 10 times
higher than white rice
 GABA (γ-Amino Butyric Acid) is a body naturally
occurring amino acids, found primarily in the
human brain and eye, and formed by a glutamic
acid (Glutamine) and glucose
 Can promote the activity of the brain, reduce
blood pressure and improve liver function
 This product contains natural red yeast. The colour may fade when
exposed to sunlight
 Once opened, seal it to avoid air humidity
Mildura Organic Rolled Oats

 Oat-the first food to be granted a

health claim by US FDA
 High contain of soluble fiber
(beta-glucan) helps lowering bad
cholesterol level
 Numerous studies show that
those who eat oats are less likely
to develop heart diseases
 Product of USA
Mildura Organic Instant Oats

 Directly mixed with hot liquid and

need not further cooking.
 Source of soluble fibre: beta-
 Help reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease
 Help lower bad cholesterol in
 Product of USA
Goodness of Oat

 Health claim approved by Food and Drug

Administration (FDA)

“Daily intake of 3g soluble fibre from

whole-oat sources, as part of a diet low in
saturated fat and cholesterol, may help to
reduce risk of heart disease ”
Different of Conventional and Organic Oat

Conventional Oats Organic Oats

 Huge cultivation with the usage  Grown in family-operated
of many chemical fertilisers smaller farms without using
and pesticides to ensure high artificial fertilisers or
yield pesticides
 Chemicalusage pollutes the air  Environmentally-friendly
and water
 Thespraying of pesticides  Farmer are protected, no
results in a higher risk of pesticides are using
farmers getting cancer
preservatives  No preservatives
(fumigant) for longer shelf-life
and keep weevils away
Comparison of Rolled & Instant Oats
(500g) on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Non-organic brand RM5.50 –RM7.00

2 Organic brand RM5.90- RM8.90

3. Mildura Organic Rolled Oats 1 RP + RM5.50

3. Mildura Organic Instant Oats 1 RP + RM4.90

Mildura Organic Oat Bran

 The outer layer of the whole oat

grain that is highly nutritious
 1.75 times more beta glucan than
instant oats
 High in protein and iron
 Adds fibre to your meals
– Add to porridge, cereal or drinks
– Sprinkle on salad or yoghurt
– Add into the butter when baking
bread, cakes, muffins, waffles or
 Selling Price: 1 RP + RM8.50
Mildura Organic Peanut Butter
 Extra smooth, with pure peanut
aroma and taste
 Trans fat free, Cholesterol free
 Free of stabilising agent, chemical
fertilizer & pesticides
 No artificial flavour, colouring &
 peanuts contain niacin, which
provides protection against
Alzheimer's disease
Remarks: In a regular, conventional peanut butter, use of hydrogenated
vegetable oil to prevent oil separation. In organic peanut butter, it use
organic palm oil which slows the oil separation but does not completely
stop the separation process.
Comparison of Peanut Butter (510g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Sxxxxy Natural From RM19.00

2 O Oxxxxxxs From RM24.00

3. MxxNxxxa From RM30.00

Mildura Organic Peanut

4 1 RP + RM 16.50
Mildura Organic Blueberry Spread

 Made with 100% wild

blueberries & concentrated
organic grape juice as
 Less sugar; 1/3 lesser than
conventional fruit jam
 Very fruity
 Refrigerate after opening

Remarks: Please make sure use dry spoon every time to prevent the
growth of fungus when moisture exist too much
The Goodness of Blueberries

 Rich in anthocyanin (naturally occurring blue

purplish pigment)
 Anthocyanins are potent antioxidants
striking down free radicals that can damage
our cells
 Blueberries may help slow down premature
ageing, reduce cancer risk and protect
against cardiovascular disease
Comparison of Blueberry Jam (283g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Dxxxxxx From RM16.00

2. Cxxxxxy Fxxm From RM14.90

3. Jxxt Lxxe From RM22.00

Mildura Organic Blueberry
4. 1 RP + RM12.90
Mildura Organic Raw Cane Sugar

 The most natural way to sweeten food

 Does not undergo the same degree of
process compare to ordinary sugar
How Raw Cane Sugar is made
Pressed cane juice

Filtered with mesh screen – to separate sediment

Evaporation – to remove excess water

Crystallisation & Centrifugation

– to separate liquid molasses and sugar crystals

Mildura Organic Raw Cane Sugar

 Incorporation of sulphur dioxide

White Sugar (SO2) to bleach the colour

 A mixture of refined white sugar +

Brown Sugar molasses syrup – dry

 Less processing required = less

energy used + less waste products +
Mildura Organic Raw less chemicals produced
Cane Sugar  The most earth friendly option
 The most natural sweetener
Comparison of Organic Sugar (1kg)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Cxxxxxxxr RM 6.00

2. Cxxxxxy Fxxm RM 6.50

3. Jxxt Lxxe RM 8.20

Mildura Organic Raw Cane
4. 1 RP + RM 4.90
Mildura Organic Molasses Sugar
 Produced at the initial stages of brown
raw cane sugar
 Rich in essential minerals: Iron,
Vitamin B6, Calcium, Potassium &
 Nutritious & natural sweetener
 Free of pesticides, fungicides,
insecticides and artificial fertilizers
 Excellent for cooking, baking and
making beverages
Comparison of Molasses Sugar (500g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 BXS From RM26.00

2 Rxxxxxt Cxxe From RM13.00

3. Hxxxxh Pxxxxxxe From RM12.00

Mildura Organic Molasses

4 1 RP + RM4.90
Comparison of Various Sugar

Molasses Sugar Raw Cane Sugar White Sugar

 Produced at the  An intermediate  Going through
initial stages of product in cane refining process to
brown raw canes sugar production separate natural
sugar  Obtain from the sucrose from plant
 Contains vitamins, evaporation of material
minerals and trace clarified sugar cane  May have
elements naturally juice incorporation of
found in the sugar  Most natural sulphur dioxide
cane plant and are sweetener (SO2) to bleach the
a good source of colour
iron, vitamin B6,  Basically, less
potassium, calcium nutrient left
and magnesium.
Mildura Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

 The richest food source of Medium

Chain Triglyceride (MCTs)
 MCT help to improve immune
system & protects against infections
 Heat stable (up to 180°°C), suitable
for baking, high-heat cooking &
 Suitable for direct consumption
 Without refining, bleaching,
deodorizing to ensure its natural
Benefits of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut
 Help increase metabolism, burning more calories
and promoting weight lost
 Has good saturated fats that are beneficial in
reducing risks of heart diseases, arteriosclerosis
& strokes
 Helps to prevent & alleviate constipation
 Helps in stabilize blood glucose levels and aids
un shedding excess body weight
 Easily penetrates into deeper layer of skin to
strengthen the underlying tissues, therefore
beneficial for aging skin & protect against drying
Comparison of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(500ml) on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Cxxxxxy Fxxm From RM33.90

2 Rxxxxxt Cxxe From RM34.90

3. Hxxxxh Pxxxxxxe From RM29.90

Mildura Organic Extra Virgin

4 1 RP + RM24.50
Coconut Virgin Oil
Mildura Manuka Honey

 Nectar gathered only from the

flowers of the Manuka bushes in
the environmentally clean New
 Helps assist the body’s natural
ability to support health and well
being because of its active
compounds and nutritional value
 The best way to take Manuka
Honey is without mixing with
water due to it’s natural active
Comparison of Manuka Honey (500g)
on the Market

No. Brand Price

Sxxxt Mxxxxw ( Jusco,
1 From RM31.00
From RM51.00
2. Axxxy

3. Yx Yxn Sxxxg From RM87.20

4. Mildura Manuka Honey 1 RP + RM29.90

Mildura Natural Manuka Honey UMF 10+

 Contains Unique Manuka Factor

(UMF) which is an antibacterial
 The rating indicates the
antibacterial strength of the honey
(level of the non-peroxide activity)
 According to research Manuka
Honey with a UMF level of 10 or
more is found to have the ability to
prevent the growth of helicobacter
pylori, which is the bacteria that
causes most stomach ulcers
Mildura Natural Manuka Honey UMF 10+

“ Manuka with UMF10 from New

Zealand can be used to assist wounds
healing and has special antibacterial
and antibiotic properties. It helps to
clear infection and protect wounds
without the risk of bacterial growth

Peter Molan, Professor of Biological

Sciences, University of Waikato,
Hamilton, New Zealand
Comparison of Manuka Honey UMF 10+
(250g) on the Market

No. Brand Price

1 Rxxxxxt RM50.00

2 Axxxy RM98.00

3 Hxxxy Mxxt RM65.00

Mildura Manuka Honey UMF
4 1 RP + RM39.90
Mildura Natural Dried Sweet Potato Chips

 A healthy, freeze-dried snack with

100% sweet potatoes
 One of the nature’s unsurpassed
sources of beta-carotene (pro
Vitamin A)
 Excellent source of anti-oxidant &
dietary fibre, help improve
digestive and intestinal problem

 Selling Price: 1 RP+ RM4.90

Member’s Special

Use 1 RP to purchase any

3 items at a special price!
For Sampling

 Each center is allowed to IR:

1)1 bottle of Organic Peanut Butter (creamy)

1 bottle of Organic Peanut Butter (crunchy)

2)1 bottle of Manuka Honey UMF 10+

Coming Soon

 Mildura Organic Soymilk with Collagen

(Tetra Pack)
 Mildura Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 Mildura Organic Chocolate Spread
 Mildura Organic Korea Green Tea
 Mildura Organic Dried Cranberries
 And more……
Important Notes

 Never expose products to direct sunlight

 Always keep organic food product in a cool,
dry place
 Always practice “First In, First Out” to ensure
product freshness
 Do not keep a lot of stock in your centre. Only
place an order when you have almost run out
of stock on an organic item
 Once opened, Jams and Juices must be
Important Notes

 Always place the

Mildura Organic range
at the island facing the
entrance shown in the
sample picture