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1) Fill online registration form on www.nationalskillsregistry.com

2) On the NSR website homepage, please click at “Register for NSR”

3) Welcome page for registration opens –

a. pls. read the details on how to register
b. click the Terms & Conditions to read the details
c. select the I Agree option (after fully reading the T&C)
d. click on Submit

4) Page opens to key in all your Personal Information like Name, Date of Birth, and Address etc.

5) This page will also ask you to register the details for your log in credential information like your
preferred user id, access and transaction password.

• For most of the detail fields, there are hints and guidelines that will help you.
• Pls. be careful to enter correct information, as information you enter can be subjected to
verification by you and your employer companies.
• If you are not sure of the some optional information, you can enter the same later.
• All mandatory information is marked with a *

6) Click on Save & continue – System has registered your details after you have completed the 1st

7) NSR Allocates an “Acknowledgement Number”. Pls. take note of this number for reference.

8) This page also takes the registration ahead with the Academic Qualification and the Present and
Previous Employment Details

9) In case you wish to complete the registration later, you can do by exiting the current page and
log in later.

10) To continue with the registration process, log on to www.nationalskillsregistry.com and select
the option “Continue your registration”. You will need the acknowledgment number and the log
in password registered by you.

11) You have to complete all the 3 sections – Personal Information, Academic Qualification details
and the Present & Previous employment details. (You can search for your employer and incase
you do not find your employer company name in the list, you can write to nsr@nsdl.co.in,
informing them of the name of your employer company and NSR will add the name and inform
you of the same.)

12) Also complete the Card Delivery Address section as well

13) After all the data entry is completed, you can view the details entered by you, and if there is any
correction required, you can modify the same by clicking on the modify button.

14) After completing the data entry, you need to select the mode of payment for the fees. Please
select POS option only.

15) NSR will generate an acknowledgement form for you. Please take a print of the form and visit
the POS Center <attached>: along with the below documents –

a. Passport Size color photograph

b. Photo Identity Proof
c. Registration Fee of Rs. 337/-


other locations.xls 15.04.08.xls

16) Note :

a. Please ensure that the registration requirement is completed within 10 days from date
of joining
b. In case of any clarification on NSR registration, please contact NSR helpline from
9:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday
i. 080-41330820
ii. 080-41330920
iii. 080-41330827