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Thursday, March 24, 2011




leads effort
to safeguard
women’s role
in emerging

Coaxed by ‘A Secret Admirer,’
the governor orders the removal
of artwork depicting the state’s
labor history – and finds himself
again at the center of controversy.
MaineToday Media State House Writer Despite allied airstrikes,
AUGUSTA — Labor leaders and Gadhafi intensifies his
the state’s biggest Latino group ex- efforts – moving troops
pressed outrage Wednesday at Gov.
Paul LePage’s decision to remove a and targeting opponents.
mural depicting workers from the
Department of Labor’s headquar- and BORZOU DARAGAHI
ters and rename conference rooms McClatchy Newspapers
in the building. TRIPOLI, Libya — Col. Moam-
Matt Schlobohm, executive direc- mar Gadhafi’s forces intensified
tor of the Maine AFL-CIO, called Gov. Paul LePage attacks in opposition-held cities,
the decision “insulting to working creating panic in the town of
people, petty and shortsighted.”
“It seems the governor is much
MORE INSIDE Misrata, even as U.S. and al-
lied warplanes broadened their
more interested in picking fights BILL NEMITZ airstrikes across Libya, U.S.
with labor than creating jobs that WRITES: Mural military officers and eyewit-
people so desperately want,” he mandate from the nesses said.
said. “We believe their story de- governor is truly Despite the increasing pres-
serves to be told on the walls of the a piece of work. ence of allied aircraft overhead,
Department of Labor.” PAGE B1 Gadhafi has rushed to put down
The 36-foot-long, 11-panel mural MORE FROM THE the remaining pockets of the
depicts the state’s labor history, STATE HOUSE: rebellion that has threatened
including a shoe worker strike in Maine Heritage his rule.
Lewiston, female shipbuilders and Policy Center In the rebel-held town of
striking papermakers in Jay. and other groups Misrata, government forces re-
It also highlights dangerous work- organize rally sumed their assault Wednesday
ing conditions, long work hours and in support of evening despite allied airstrikes
LePage’s budget. for the second day on the out-
Please see MURAL, Page A10 PAGE B4 skirts of the city.
Imbrogno Photography photo and detail photos courtesy of Judy Taylor Studio Witnesses there said Gadhafi’s
Maine Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the removal of a 36-foot-long mural, top, depicting the state’s labor history from the lobby of the tanks closed in on a large medi-
Department of Labor headquarters in Augusta. In addition, the LePage administration is renaming several department conference rooms that cal center used to treat the in-
carry the names of pro-labor icons, such as Cesar Chavez. Administration officials say they were responding to complaints and that the artwork jured and as a gathering point
and conference room names send a “one-sided” message when state government should be neutral. The 11-panel mural, created by artist Judy for the opposition. Rockets fired
Taylor and erected in 2008, depicts moments in Maine labor history, including a 1937 strike in the shoe mills of Auburn and Lewiston. by Libyan units have landed
Please see LIBYA, Page A9

School budget ELIZABETH TAYLOR 1932-2011 Interim turnpike director

for Westbrook cancels employee banquet
targets 53 jobs A life of celebrity Peter Mills also institutes thority’s senior staff. The event
was scheduled for May.
Teaching positions and
some athletic programs
would be cut to help cover
and anguish ends other efficiencies to begin

The banquet, which in recent
an era of careful spending. years has been held at the
Wyndham Portland Airport Ho-
tel in South Portland, has cost
MaineToday Media State House Writer
a $3.7 million shortfall. The two-time Oscar-winning actress from $15,000 to $19,000. Mills
AUGUSTA — The Maine Turn- said the authority needs to re-
became well-known later in life as a pike Authority is canceling its duce spending so it operates
Staff Writer businesswoman and philanthropist. annual employee recognition more like government agen-
The proposed school budget in banquet, ending a 21-year tra- cies, which have had to deal
Westbrook recommends cutting By ADAM BERNSTEIN dition because of concerns that with funding cutbacks in recent
The Washington Post the agency has been too lavish years.
53 positions, including 22 full-
time teachers, and all middle Elizabeth Taylor, a voluptuous violet-eyed in its spending. “It’s not that we don’t like our
school and freshman athletic actress who lived a life of luster and anguish Peter Mills, the new interim employees. We do,” said Mills,
programs to address a $3.7 mil- and spent more than six decades as one of the executive director, decided who started at his new post last
lion budget shortfall. world’s most visible women, died Wednesday at Wednesday to cancel the ban-
The staff and program cuts age 79. quet after meeting with the au- Please see TURNPIKE, Page A10
in the budget, which was put Taylor’s life offered a mesmerizing series of
together by Superintendent sagas to rival any movie

Reza Namin before he resigned plot – she won two Acad- Actress Elizabeth
earlier this month, will be the emy Awards, but was as Taylor as she
subject of a public hearing next well known for her eight appeared in 1958.
week before the School Com- marriages, ravaging ill-
nesses and work in AIDS philanthropy. Her life Advice D7 Local & State B1-6 Volume 149 Number 238
mittee’s Finance Committee. Business C6-8 Lottery A2
Interim Superintendent Marc had been scrupulously chronicled by the media
since her boost to fame as the enchanting 12- Classified D1 People A2
Gousse presented Namin’s Comics D6 Public Notices D5
$33.7 million budget to the Fi- year-old star of “National Velvet” (1944). Crossword D6 Sports C1-6
nance Committee three days By her mid-20s, she had been a screen god- Deaths B4-5 Stocks C6
after the school board named Dispatches B4 Sudoku D7
Please see TAYLOR, Page A11 Editorials A13 Television D7 Copyright 2011
Please see SCHOOLS, Page A10 GO E1-44 Theaters E13 MaineToday Media, Inc.


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A2 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

One year later, a nation still divided

By JAMES OLIPHANT accept the status quo,” Rep. Tom Price
Tribune Washington Bureau
Democrats cite tangible benefits; GOP calls for repeal of Georgia said on Wednesday. “There

ednesday marked the anni- are a lot of things that need to be im-
versary of the health care law proved upon.”
that its advocates said would Price said he saw little risk in re-
change so much. In one very real peal, saying his constituents are more
sense, they were right. The political ardent about doing away with the law
landscape one year later is radically than ever. A more recent Republican
altered, strewn with the fallen congres- line of attack has been the hundreds
sional careers of many of its support- of waivers the Obama administration
ers. has issued to businesses, unions and
The emotional debate over the bill states, exempting them from comply-
arguably gave rise to the “tea party” ing with the law at least until 2014,
movement. Republicans now control when the new state-based insurance
the House and aren’t far from seizing exchanges are supposed to begin oper-
the Senate. Potential candidates for ating. “Every waiver that occurs brings
the 2012 GOP presidential nomination life to the fact that this bill is unwork-
need only say one word, “Obamacare,” able,” Price said.
to get a rise from a crowd. And the The GOP political action group Cross-
president himself has struggled at roads GPS announced Wednesday that
times to ensure that his first term isn’t it was suing the Department of Health
defined by the legislation. and Human Services for information on
Public attitudes toward the law, how- the administration’s waiver process.
ever, have not shifted much at all. The Democrats argued Wednesday that
Affordable Care Act remains almost the GOP isn’t focused on the economy
as equally loathed and celebrated as — the same charge Republicans lev-
it was 12 months ago, despite the best eled against them when the law was
efforts of Democrats to praise it and being debated.
Republicans to bury it. Even worse “Republicans are continuing to re-
for both sides, a majority of Americans fight the political battles of the past
remain confused about what the law while the American public is ready to
actually accomplishes. move on,” said Rep. Debbie Wasser-
This week, the trench warfare has man-Schultz of Florida. She said repeal
heated up once again. Democrats point would be “catastrophic.”
to the tangible gains the legislation has Health care reform advocacy groups
already delivered, from lifting caps on such as Health Care for America Now
lifetime benefits to prohibiting discrim- are sponsoring some 200 events this
ination based on pre-existing medical week in 35 states to highlight the ben-
conditions to helping seniors pay for efits of the legislation, including one
prescription drugs, while saying even in Harrisburg, Pa., on Wednesday that
more lies ahead as the law’s provisions The Associated Press will be attended by Health and Human
go fully into effect in coming years. Health care reform arguments are intense on both sides of the issue, such as this one last year during a speech Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
Republicans continue to pin the law by President Obama, at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. The emotional debate continues though the But the White House and Democratic
to the sluggish economic recovery, overall attitude has not shifted much since the law’s passage. leaders on the Hill have been relatively
dismissing Democratic arguments quiet in their defense of the law on
that the law won’t blow up the deficit, remain in Congress have witnessed similar law while he governed Mas- against the law plays well to the GOP its one-year anniversary, leaving the
and maintaining that it has already Republicans vote to repeal the law in sachusetts. base, it risks alienating centrist voters heavy lifting to advocacy groups. The
hurt small business and lowered the the House and muster a fair share of “If courts do not do so first, as presi- who may be taking more of a wait-and- White House did release a video in
quality of health care nationwide. In votes to do so in the Senate — and the dent, I would support the immediate see approach to the act. which the president called a Michigan
the meantime, the law’s most contro- GOP says it’s committed to using the repeal of Obamacare and replace it Some in the Republican Party have college student who will be able to stay
versial aspect, its requirement that all appropriations process to gut the law. with market-based health care re- recognized that certain provisions, on his mother’s health insurance plan
Americans have health insurance, is On the putative Republican presi- forms,” Pawlenty said in a statement such as ensuring that people — es- as a result of the act.
under assault in the courts. dential campaign trail, targeting the Wednesday. pecially children — with pre-existing Republicans say they will continue to
While public opinion has stayed rela- health care law remains a favorite But according to polls, advocating a medical conditions can find health in- push the Democratic-controlled Sen-
tively static on the act, there’s no doubt sport. Repeal is an article of faith full-blown repeal also carries political surance, play well with the electorate ate on repeal efforts. Price said that
that the GOP still senses a political among tea-partiers and budget hawks. risk. According to a new survey from and have suggested that a GOP plan with 23 Democrats in that chamber up
opportunity. For much of the last year, Candidates such as Tim Pawlenty are the Kaiser Family Foundation, fewer would accomplish the same at less cost for re-election next year momentum
Democrats have sat on their heels on seeking to use the law’s persistent than 40 percent of Americans favor through the use of purchasing pools may build next year for action, he said.
the issue; most incumbents ran as far unpopularity to boost their profiles, repeal, regardless of whether the Re- and other market-based reforms. “We may get a critical mass at some
away from the as possible during the while Mitt Romney’s prospects remain publicans replace it with an alterna- GOP leaders are still working up a point and actually be able to move
congressional midterms. The ones that fogged because of his support of a tive. That suggests that while agitating replacement in the House. “We don’t something,” he said.

People & Entertainment EST.


One City Center, Portland, ME

Kiss bassist defends Israeli homeland Lohan rejects

offer to plead,
Please specify person
or department
Telephone: (207) 791-6650
JERUSALEM — Kiss’ Israeli- “I was born here and I’m proud Toll-free: (800) 442-6036
born singer-musician Gene Sim- of it.” will fight case Online:
Published by MaineToday Media Inc.
mons is shouting out loud at the Simmons had harsh words for LOS ANGELES — Lindsay
string of musicians who refuse musicians like Elvis Costello and Lohan rejected a judge’s
to perform in his homeland. the Pixies who have recently offer to end a felony grand CIRCULATION/CUSTOMER SERVICE “They’re fools,” the legend-
ary bassist told The Associated
canceled concerts to protest
Israel’s policies toward the
theft case early on Wednes-
day, signaling the actress
Press in an interview Tuesday, Palestinians. Pink Floyd’s Roger intends to fight a case filed (207) 791-6000
n Maine on the Hill: Rep. on his first return to Israel since Waters has gone further, joining over a necklace she has (800) 894-0031
Chellie Pingree is continuing leaving the country as a child an organized movement dedi- been accused of stealing
more than 50 years ago. cated to boycotting Israel and Toll-free ...........................(800) 894-0031
her campaign to persuade from a upscale jewelry store.
the military to ease the path Simmons described the visit its exports, though he appeared Los Angeles Superior OFFICE HOURS
to a Purple Heart for soldiers as a “homecoming.” He offered in Israel in 2006. Court Judge Keith Schwartz MONDAY TO FRIDAY....................5 A.M. TO 5 P.M.
who received traumatic brain a description of himself that “The countries they should never publicly detailed the SATURDAY, HOLIDAYS ................5 A.M. TO NOON
might shock his legions of fans be boycotting are the same terms of his offer to Lohan, SUNDAY .................................. 5 A.M. TO NOON
injuries in Afghanistan and who know him as an American countries that the populations but said if she pleaded no
Iraq. Jonathan Riskind has the icon prone to spitting blood and are rebelling,” he said. contest or guilty in the case, ADVERTISING
latest. sticking out his exceptionally Simmons, 61, is visiting he would sentence her to RETAIL/DISPLAY ................... (207) 791-6200
long tongue: Israel as part of his reality show, jail. Prosecutors are also TOLL-FREE ...........................(800) 894-0041
n POORtland Picks: Empire “I’m Israeli. I’m a stranger in “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” seeking jail time for the CLASSIFIED .............................(207) 791-6100
Dine & Dance has Christian America. I’m an outsider,” he which follows the adventures The Associated Press “Mean Girls” star, who was 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday
Cuff along with Marie Mo- said, speaking in a hotel lobby and musings of the rocker, his Gene Simmons of Kiss, who was on probation for a 2007 online at
reshead and Tan Vampires across a valley from the walls longtime girlfriend, Shannon born in Israel, says he’s an Israeli drunken driving case when
tonight. CC & MMTV always of Jerusalem’s historic Old City. Tweed, and their two children. and “proud of it.” a store in Venice told police COMMUNITY RELATIONS
draw a crowd, so get there that Lohan had taken a Shevoyd Hamilton, Director ..............791-6509
necklace without permission
early. Karen Beaudoin has
more. Medvedev meets favorite rock band, Deep Purple, for tea in January.
Lohan’s attorney Shawn NEWS
MOSCOW — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a big Holley notified the prosecu- Newsroom ................................................ 791-6320
n Society Snapshots: Photos heavy metal fan, has fulfilled a lifelong dream by getting to tor handling the case that Editor
and dispatches from Maine’s meet his favorite rock band, Deep Purple. Lohan would not be taking Richard L. Connor .................................. 791-6630
social scene by Avery Yale The British group met the leader for tea at his residence of Schwartz’s plea offer, district Executive Editor
Scott Wasser............................................ 791-6266
Kamila. Gorki outside Moscow on Wednesday, Russian news agencies attorney’s spokeswoman Managing Editor
said. Jane Robison said. Wednes- Angie Muhs .............................................. 791-6330
n Clearing the Bases: Kevin The 45-year-old president told Deep Purple the band has day was the deadline for Deputy Managing Editor
been a favorite of his since the age of 12. He also revealed Lohan to notify Schwartz of Rod Harmon, Features ......................... 791-6450
Thomas has the latest on the that as a DJ at his school in Leningrad he would play rock her intentions and she will
Portland Sea Dogs and Boston music at discos, after first getting the approval of the Com- now be required to appear Steve Ericson, Copy Desk Chief ....... 791-6321
Red Sox. munist youth organization. in court on April 22 for a
Joe Grant, Sports Editor..................... 791-6480

The Associated Press Medvedev is a well-known heavy metal fan, while Vladimir preliminary hearing.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Letters to the editor ................................ 791-6485
Putin, his predecessor and Russia’s current prime minister, is Photo assignment desk ......................... 791-6430
right, talks with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple. reported to be an ABBA fan. – From news service reports Newsroom fax........................................ 791-6920

To reach a reporter by e-mail:
Today is Thursday, March 24, the 83rd day of Roman Catholic Church leaders, Archbishop personality Star Jones is 49. Country-rock mu-
WEDNESDAY’S TRI-STATE RESULTS Use the reporter’s first initial and last
2011. There are 282 days left in the year. Oscar Arnulfo Romero, was shot to death by a sician Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers) is 47. name followed by
Today’s Highlight in History: sniper as he celebrated Mass in San Salvador. Rock singer-musician Sharon Corr (The Corrs) is Evening Pick 3: 3-2-9 Pick 4: 6-7-2-1 To purchase a photo:
On March 24, 1765, Britain enacted the Quarter- In 1989, the supertanker Exxon Valdez ran 41. Actress Lara Flynn Boyle is 41. NFL quarter- Midday Pick 3: 5-0-3 Pick 4: 9-3-8-2
ing Act, requiring American colonists to provide aground on a reef in Alaska’s Prince William back Peyton Manning is 35. Actress Lake Bell is
Hot Lotto: 06-15-21-35-38
temporary housing to British soldiers. Sound and began leaking 11 million gallons of 32. Rock musician Benj Gershman (O.A.R.) is 31. THE PORTLAND PRESS HERALD
On this date: crude oil. Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes is 21. Hot Ball: 18 Jackpot: Pending
(USPS 43-9300) is published daily
In 1882, German scientist Robert Koch an- In 1999, NATO launched airstrikes against Megabucks: except Sunday.
nounced in Berlin that he had discovered the Yugoslavia, marking the first time in its 50-year CORRECTIONS 05-06-08-17-29, Megaball: 4 POSTMASTER: Please send address
bacillus responsible for tuberculosis. existence that it had ever attacked a sovereign Jackpot: $2.75 million changes to The Portland Press Herald,
n A story on Page A1 Wednesday Powerball: P.O. Box 1460, Portland, ME 04104.
In 1944, in occupied Rome, the Nazis executed country.
about health insurance rate increases 05-15-26-28-32,
more than 300 civilians in reprisal for an attack Today’s Birthdays: REPRINT PERMISSION, LIBRARY SERVICES
by Italian partisans the day before that had Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is 92. Fashion and incorrectly reported that the U.S. Powerball: 9, Power Play: 2 To reproduce articles or request fee-
killed 32 German soldiers. costume designer Bob Mackie is 72. Actor R. Lee Small Business Administration’s New Jackpot: Pending based research, call 791-6392.
In 1955, the Tennessee Williams play “Cat on a Ermey is 67. Movie director Curtis Hanson is 66. England administrator, Jeanne Hulit, Tuesday’s Weekly Grand: MAIL RATES
Hot Tin Roof” opened on Broadway. Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire is 64. Singer attended a news conference in Port- 17-19-20-24, Lucky Ball: 27
In 1958, rock-and-roll singer Elvis Presley was Nick Lowe is 62. Rock musician Dougie Thomson land with small business owners. Tuesday Mega Millions: 7-day .................................... $6.95 weekly
inducted into the Army in Memphis, Tenn. (Supertramp) is 60. Fashion designer Tommy To report an error, please call 791- 01-14-35-50-53, 5-day .................................... $4.11 weekly
In 1976, the president of Argentina, Isabel Hilfiger is 60. Comedian Louie Anderson is 58. Sunday only ....................... $2.96 weekly
6300 Monday through Friday, 791- Mega Ball: 43 Megaplier 4
Peron, was deposed by her country’s military. Actress Donna Pescow is 57. Actor Robert Carra- 6321 after 5 p.m. and on weekends, or Friday’s jackpot: $304 million
In 1980, one of El Salvador’s most respected dine is 57. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is 55. TV e-mail


Edition: PD Sec/Page: A2 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

WORLD The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 A3

Sales Service
Radiation contamination spreading & Installation


High radioactive levels in
tap water in Tokyo prompt
warnings and shortages
of bottled water.
The Associated Press
TOKYO — Anxiety over
Japan’s food and water supplies
soared following warnings about
radiation leaking from Japan’s Retractable Awnings Specialists Made
tsunami-damaged nuclear pow- in
101 Merrow Rd. - Auburn, Maine
er plant into Tokyo’s tap water at
levels unsafe for babies over the 207-577-7629 | 800-901-3313 Maine

long term.
Residents cleared store
shelves of bottled water after
Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara
said that levels of radioactive
iodine in tap water were more
than twice what is considered
You Do the Math!
safe for babies. Officials begged
those in the city to buy only Heating Cost Comparison
what they need, saying hoard-
ing could hurt the thousands
of people without any water in
Pellet Stove
areas devastated by the March 3.5 tons of pellets per year
11 earthquake and tsunami.
Takuya Yoshino/Yomiuri Shimbun/The Associated Press
@ $275 per ton =
“I’ve never seen anything like
this,” clerk Toru Kikutaka said, A dairy farmer in Iitatemura, Fukushima Prefecture, in northeastern Japan, watches milk
surveying the downtown Tokyo being dumped into a corn field. Fears are growing in Japan about the nation’s food supply
supermarket where the entire as radiation from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plan seeps in milk, vegetables and water.
stock of bottled water sold out
almost immediately after the matsushima official, said the Oil Furnace
news broke Wednesday, despite RADIOACTIVITY LEVELS ‘TRENDING GENERALLY UPWARD’ crematorium cannot keep up
800 gallons per year
a limit of two, two-liter bottles with demand. “Giving the griev-
per customer. The overall situation at the Fu- ing systems, leading to explosions ing families coffins is the most @ $3.69 per gallon =
The unsettling new develop- kushima plant 140 miles north of and fires in four of the facility’s six we can do right now,” he said. Your Savings
$ *
ment affecting Japan’s largest Tokyo remains of serious concern, reactors in the ensuing days.
2,952.00 Will Add Up

city, home to around 13 million the International Atomic Energy Nuclear workers have struggled
people, added to growing fears
over the nation’s food supply.
said on
of radioactive
iodine and cesium varies across
to stabilize and cool down the
overheated plant.
Unit 3 has stopped belching
would be a great day
Maine Stove
Radiation from the Fukushima
Dai-ichi nuclear plant has 10 prefectures on a day to day black smoke, an official at Tokyo to visit & Chimney, LLC
basis but “the trend is generally Electric Power Co. said today, 1725 Main St., Sanford, ME
seeped into raw milk, seawa-
Cross Jewelers

upward,” said Graham Andrew, a day after a plume forced an 324-4440 • 324-4366 FAX
ter and 11 kinds of vegetables,
including broccoli, cauliflower senior adviser to IAEA chief evacuation of nuclear workers.
and turnips, from areas around Yukiya Amano. However, white smoke was rising
The Fukushimi Dai-ichi plant has intermittently from two other
the plant.
been leaking radiation since the
tsunami engulfed its crucial cool-
– The Associated Press Paulin’s Tire
The U.S. Food and Drug Ad-
ministration said it was halt-
ing imports of Japanese dairy
& Auto Care
and produce from the region ter of water — more than twice plant toward Tokyo. He predict-
near the facility. Hong Kong the recommended limit of 100 ed lower levels in coming days.
said it would require that Ja- becquerels per liter for infants. • National Warranty on Tires/Service
Edano pleaded with shoppers
pan perform safety checks on Another measurement taken to restrict purchases of bottled • Mounting/Installation g
meat, eggs and seafood before later at a different site showed water to the bare necessity,
• Flat Repair Financinle
accepting those products, and the level was 190 becquerels per urging them to think of tsunami
Avail a b
Canada said it would upgrade liter. The recommended limit for victims in need. • Tire Rotation
controls on imports of Japanese adults is 300 becquerels.
food products by requiring docu-
“We have to consider Miyagi, • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
1495 Synthetic Blend Oil Change
with Free Tire Rotation
ments verifying their safety.
“It is really scary. It is like a where there is no drinking wa-
vicious negative spiral from the ter at all,” he said, referring to • 30 Day Test Drive on Select Tires Maine State Inspection, OFF
Concerns also spread to Eu- nuclear disaster,” said Etsuko a stricken region. “Under these • 3 Year Parts & Labor Nationwide Synthetic Blend Oil Change MICHELIN TIRES
rope. In Iceland, officials said Nomura, a mother of two chil- conditions, we would appreciate
they measured trace amounts of dren ages 2 and 5. “We have con- it if people would avoid buying
Warranty on Brakes with Free Tire Rotation THRU APRIL 6!
radioactive iodine in the air but taminated milk and vegetables, more water than they need.”
assured residents it was “less and now tap water in Tokyo, and
than a millionth” of what was I’m wondering what’s next.”
found in European countries in
The latest data showed sharp
205/65R15T............ $75.00 ADVANTAGE TA
49 $59 $69
185/65R14 195/60R15 205/70R15
Infants are particularly vul-
the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl nerable to radioactive iodine, increases in radioactivity levels 215/60R16T............ $86.00 185/65R15H ........... $89.00 185/70R14 205/60R15 215/70R15
disaster. which can cause thyroid cancer,
in a range of vegetables. In an 225/60R16T............ $89.00 205/65R15H ........... $95.00 175/65R14 185/65R15 205/55R16
The crisis already is emerging experts say. The limits refer to area about 25 miles (40 kilome- 185/60R14 195/65R15 215/55R16
as the world’s most expensive sustained consumption rates, ters) northwest of the nuclear 195/70R14 205/65R15 205/50R16
natural disaster on record, likely and officials urged calm, saying plant, levels for one locally 175/70R14
to cost up to $309 billion, accord- parents should stop giving the grown leafy green called kuki-
ing to a new government esti- tap water to babies, but that it tachina measured 82 times the
mate. Police estimate that more was no problem if the infants government limit for radioactive
195/60R15H ........... $69.99 HARMONY
205/55R16H ........... $85.00 195/65R15.............. $99.00
175/70R13 $
79 $105
215/60R16 235/70R16
than 18,000 people were killed. cesium and 11 times the limit for 215/45R17H ........ $105.00 225/60R16 245/75R16
already had consumed small 215/55R17 265/70R16
As a precaution, officials have amounts. iodine.
evacuated residents within 12 With supplies of fuel and ice 225/55R17 245/65R17
They said the levels posed no WRANGLERS 215/40R18
miles (20 kilometers) of the plant immediate health risk for older dwindling, officials have aban- PRO CONTACT 235/75R15.............. $89.99
and advised those up to 19 miles children or adults. doned the traditional practice of STORE HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm,

cremation in favor of quick, sim-

225/45R17H ........ $149.00 225/75R16.............. $85.00
(30 kilometers) away to stay in- Dr. Harold Swartz, a profes- 215/60R16T............ $85.00 215/65R17.............. $97.00 Sat. 8am-2pm, Closed Sun.
doors to minimize exposure. ple burials. Some are interred
sor of radiology and medicine
And for the first time, chief at Dartmouth Medical School in bare plywood caskets and PORTLAND, ME 1020 Congress St.... Off Exit 5 of 295 on Right ........ 774-5508
Cabinet secretary Yukio Edano in the U.S., said the radiation others in blue plastic tarps, with PORTLAND, ME 1036 Forest Ave ...... Across from Papa John’s ........ 797-9453
suggested that those downwind amounts being reported in the no time to build proper coffins. ARUNDEL, ME 2218 Portland Rd .... Across from Tire Warehouse .... 985-9890
of the plant should stay indoors water are too low to pose any The bodies will be dug up and www.p a u l i n sti re a n d a u to .c o m
with the windows shut tight real risk, even to infants who are cremated once crematoriums
— even if just outside the zone. catch up with the glut, officials
being fed water-based formula
assured families.
DISTRIBUTING BOTTLED WATER or to breast-fed infants whose
In Higashimatsushima in Mi-
In Tokyo, the municipal gov- mothers drink tap water.
ernment planned Thursday to Radioactive iodine is also
yagi prefecture, soldiers salut-
ing as they lowered bodies into
4 Day
distribute 240,000 bottles of wa- short-lived, with a half-life of freshly dug graves. Two young
ter to households with infants. eight days — the length of time girls wept inconsolably, hugged
They estimated 80,000 babies it takes for half of it to break tightly by their father.
in the affected area, with each down harmlessly. “I hope their spirits will rest
infant getting three bottles of Richard Wakeford, a public
in peace here at this temporary
550 milliliters. health radiologist at the Uni- 2 piece
place,” said mourner Katsuko
Officials said tap water showed versity of Manchester in Britain, Oguni, 42.
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A4 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jets land with controller asleep, officials say Suspect in shooting spree
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Two airlin-
the tower, but they were in com-
munication with a regional air
Knudson said.
The Federal Aviation Admin-
will get mental evaluation
ers landed at Reagan National traffic control facility, Knudson istration released a statement The Associated Press the charges he
Airport near Washington with- said. That facility is in Warren- confirming the incident. PHOENIX — The suspect in faces and can
out control tower clearance be- ton, Va., about 40 miles from the “The FAA is looking into staff- the January shooting rampage assist in his
cause the air traffic supervisor airport. ing issues and whether exist- in Tucson has been transferred defense.
was asleep, safety and aviation Regional air traffic facilities ing procedures were followed to a specialized facility in Mis- Loughner
officials said Wednesday. handle aircraft within roughly a appropriately,” spokeswoman souri to undergo a court-or- has pleaded
The supervisor – the only con- 50 mile radius of an airport, but Laura Brown said in an email. dered mental evaluation. not guilty to
troller scheduled for duty in the landings, takeoffs and planes It’s unlikely the safety of the Lawyers for 22-year-old Jared charges stem-
tower around midnight Tuesday within about three miles of an planes was at risk since the Lee Loughner say in a court ming from the
when incident occurred – had airport are handled by control- pilots would have used a radio filing that he was taken from Jan. 8 attack
fallen asleep, said an aviation lers in the airport tower. frequency for the airport tower Jared
Tucson to a federal Bureau Loughner that killed six
official, who spoke on condition After pilots were unable to to advise nearby aircraft of their of Prisons medical facility in and wounded
of anonymity. raise the airport tower by ra- intention to land and to make Springfield, Mo., on Wednesday. 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Gif-
The National Transportation dio, they asked controllers in sure that no other planes also The lawyers want an appeals fords.
Safety Board is gathering in- Warrenton to call the tower, intended to land at that time, court to order him returned. She remains at a rehabilitation
formation on the occurrence to Knudson said. Repeated calls aviation safety experts said. Loughner will be given tests center in Houston as she recov-
decide whether to open a formal to the tower went unanswered, At that time of night, air traf- to determine if he understands ers from a bullet wound to the
investigation, board spokesman The Associated Press he said. fic would have been light, they the nature and consequences of brain.
Peter Knudson said. A plane takes off at Reagan The planes involved were said.
The pilots of the two commer- National Airport, where an American Airlines flight 1012
cial planes were unable to reach air traffic supervisor slept. and United Airlines flight 628T,

Kansas senate approves fetal pain bill

McClatchy Newspapers Sebelius. The fetal pain topic is a lenged.
TOPEKA, Kan. — The Kansas new one. It is expected that Gov. “I don’t want to put the state
state Senate approved a bill Sam Brownback will sign the bill in the position of endorsing sci-
Wednesday to place strict lim- into law. ence that may be flawed,” said
its on abortions after 22 weeks, The fetal pain bill passed the state Sen. Marci Francisco,
based on research that fetuses House overwhelmingly last D-Lawrence. She wanted to
can feel pain at that point of month. see the bill based on different
development. Several amendments to the research that would move the
The fetal pain provision in House bill were offered in the cut off to 26 weeks.
House Bill 2218 is based on its Senate. In lengthy debate, the State Sen. Julia Lynn, R-
proponents’ belief that fetuses reliability of the research that Olathe, said she considered the
can experience pain prior to the demonstrates fetuses feel pain practice of aborting fetuses af-
third trimester of pregnancy, as early as 22 weeks was chal- ter 22 weeks “barbarism.”
which has traditionally been a
cutoff point for abortions except OPEN THURSDAY TO SUNDAY 11:00-8:00PM
in extreme circumstances.
The Senate has passed other
restrictions on abortion in previ-
ous years, only to see the bills
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a test flight that could give the
Pentagon a new way to deliver a
military strike anywhere around
250 Off
the globe within minutes.
Built in Southern California, Offer
the unmanned X-51 WaveRider
is being developed to deliver
powerful warheads with pin-
point accuracy.
Officials say the need became
clear in 1998 when the U.S.
failed to kill Osama bin Laden.
While positioned in the Arabian
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Edition: PD Sec/Page: A4 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 A5
In this 2010

New report cites design flaw file photo, the

Horizon blowout
preventer stack
in oil well blowout preventer
is lifted onto the
deck of the Helix HOUSE
Q4000 in the
Gulf of Mexico PAYMENTS?
off Louisiana. A
The findings seem to shift gency by shearing through the operations.” report released
well’s drill pipe. In the BP crisis, In a statement, Transocean Wednesday
some blame away from BP the shear rams couldn’t do their said the findings “confirm that identified the
in the Deepwater Horizon job because the drill pipe had the BOP was in proper operat- primary cause
buckled, bowed and become ing condition and functioned as of the blowout
disaster last April.
stuck, according to the DNV designed.” It added: “High-pres- preventer’s failure
The Associated Press report. sure flow from the well created as the blind shear
NEW ORLEANS — The blow- The 551-page report suggested conditions that exceeded the rams failing to
out preventer that should have that blowout preventers be scope of BOP’s design param- close completely
stopped the BP oil spill cold designed or modified in such eters.” and seal the well
failed because of faulty design a way that the shear rams will BP spokesman Daren Beaudo because the drill
and a bent piece of pipe, a test- completely cut through drill said the oil company supports pipe had buckled, MEDICAL
ing firm hired by the govern- pipe regardless of the pipe’s efforts by regulators and the bowed and
ment said Wednesday in a re- position. industry to make blowout pre- become stuck. BILLS?
port that appears to shift some The blowout preventer was venters more reliable.
The Associated Press
blame for the disaster away made by Cameron International
from the oil giant and toward and maintained by Transocean
those who built and maintained Ltd.

DRIVE out of winter

the 300-ton safety device. The report suggested that ac-
At least one outside expert tions taken by the Transocean
said the findings cast serious rig crew during its attempts
doubt on the reliability of all the to control the well around the
other blowout preventers used
by the drilling industry.
The report by the Norwegian
firm Det Norske Veritas is not
time of the disaster may have
contributed to the piece of drill
pipe getting trapped.
“This is the first time in all of
With a new Buick
the final word on the Deepwa- this that there has been a clear
ter Horizon disaster last April
that killed 11 workers and led to
design flaw in the blowout pre-
venter cited,” said Philip John-
more than 200 million gallons of son, a University of Alabama
oil spewing from a BP well a mile civil engineering professor who Maine’s #1 Buick Dealer SCORE?
beneath the Gulf of Mexico. did not take part in the analysis.
But it helps answer one of the
lingering mysteries nearly a
“My reaction is, ‘Holy smokes,
every set of blind shear rams out
Even a moose knows MARCH CH means SPRING!
year later: why the blowout pre-
venter that sat at the wellhead
there may have this problem.’ ”
In response to the report, And we’re with thee moose!
and was supposed to prevent Cameron spokeswoman Rhon-
a spill in case of an explosion
didn’t do its job.
The report cast blame on the
da Barnat said the blowout
preventer “was designed and
tested to industry standards and
blowout preventer’s blind shear
rams, which are supposed to
customer specifications.” She
added, “We continue to work
pinch a well shut in an emer- with the industry to ensure safe

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The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — In an un-
usual health study, researchers
analyzing toxin levels in tens of
concentrations of mercury com-
pared to those with the lowest.
“The average person should
eat fish as part of a healthy
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eating fish does not raise the School of Public Health cardi-
risk of heart disease or stroke. ologist Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian,
Health experts have long who led the research published
urged people to eat fish to lower in today’s New England Journal
heart risks, but some have wor- of Medicine.
ried that the mercury in certain Mercury occurs naturally in CAR
types of fish like shark and soil and rocks, including coal. It
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A6 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

were banned, and mobile phone another test of Europe’s ability to
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip lines were cut, according to Ammar deal with its public debt crisis.
Qurabi, chief of the National Organi- The developments occurred in
Israeli airstrikes hit tunnels, zation for Human Rights in Syria. advance of a summit today at which
training sites, Hamas says A second human rights activist
said, “the conditions are hellish”
European leaders were expected to
approve an economic program they
Hamas security says a series of in Daraa. “There are hundreds of hope will convince world markets
Israeli airstrikes have hit its training wounded and injured in the streets,” that the 17 nations that share the
facilities and smuggling tunnels he said, sobbing. euro will stand behind each other
beneath the Gaza-Egypt border. and better coordinate economic
It reported no casualties from the policies.
airstrikes early Thursday. CAIRO Instead, the European leaders will
The attacks came hours after a meet amid a new round of uncer-
bomb struck a crowded bus stop Military issues new rules tainty. Strapped for cash and mired
in central Jerusalem, killing one
woman and wounding more than
to help prepare for elections in slow economic growth, Portugal
must raise $6 billion or more next
20 other people. No group claimed Egypt’s military government has month, and it faces high interest
responsibility, but Israeli authorities handed down new constitutional rates demanded by investors who
blamed Palestinian militants. rules designed to underpin parlia- are not confident in the govern-
Israel threatened harsh retaliation mentary and presidential elections ment’s ability to pay.
for the bombing, the first in Jerusa- later this year and provide a legal After the resignation Wednesday
lem in several years. framework for the army’s continued of Prime Minister Jose Socrates, the
The bombing came against a back- rule in the meantime. country will be forced to go to the
drop of Palestinian rocket attacks The interim measures, which stand market in the middle of an election
from Gaza and Israeli reprisal raids. in for the constitution that was campaign, with no guarantee that
The recent wave of violence has suspended after President Hosni an incoming government will make
threatened to end a lengthy period Mubarak’s downfall Feb. 11, contain a the reforms likely to be demanded
of relative calm. promise of democracy in the months by European governments in return
ahead and an eventual end to the for financial help.
DARAA, Syria absolute powers assumed by the Su- – From news service reports

preme Military Council of the Armed

Forces. But for the moment, they
Witnesses report 15 killed

keep military rule in place along

in crackdown on protests with the hated emergency laws
on which Mubarak relied for three
Fifteen people were killed by Syr- decades to smother any challenge
ian security forces, witnesses said, to his authority.
as a bloody campaign to end politi-
cal protest continued Wednesday in
An announcement from the mili- TODAY, MAR 24th 10-8
tary council, relayed by the official
the southern city of Daraa. FRI, MAR 25th 10-8

Middle East News Agency, said the
The deadliest day in the week-
long unrest began at 2 a.m. when
intent of the changes was to “orga-
nize authorities in the transitional SAT, MAR 26th 10-6
hundreds of government security
agents raided the al-Omari mosque
phase.” But it did not detail the pre-
SALE SUN, MAR 27th 12-5
cise arrangements for, among other
near the center of the Roman-era things, holding elections or writing a
city, the witnesses said. Protest- permanent new constitution. MAR 28
ers had sought refuge there, and

a makeshift clinic was tending to
those wounded in previous clashes.
Despite the crackdown, supporters
of the protests from the nearby vil- Portugal on brink of bailout 10am to MIDNIGHT

lages of Inkhil, Jasim, Khirbet Ghaza-
leh and al-Harrah attempted to join
after government collapses
them, but security forces used live Portugal’s government collapsed
ammunition against them. Wednesday after the parliament
By nightfall, Daraa was sealed by rejected a budget-cutting plan,

government forces, with no entry or pushing the country closer to an
exit allowed. Funerals for the dead international bailout and triggering

On-Ramp Closed to

Northbound Lanes from
Exit 48 - Riverside St.

Alternate Northbound Turnpike Access
via Rand Road Interchange - Exit 47
Due to the reconstruction of the Exit 48 Interchange
Bridge, the northbound on-ramp from Riverside
FO ...IT’S ’S GO

St. (Exit 48) will be closed from March 28 through
November, 2011. Alternate access to the Maine Turnpike
northbound lanes is available via Rand Rd. Interchange
(Exit 47) approximately one mile to the south.
The closure of the Exit 48 northbound on-ramp is

necessary for worker and driver safety. The Exit 48
on-ramp to southbound lanes, and off-ramps for •LIVING ROOMS BRAND
southbound and northbound traffic, will remain open
except for 2 to 4 weeks during the fall to allow for ramp
reconstruction. We apologize for any inconvenience. •SIMMONS

For more information, please visit •DINING ROOMS •STEARNS &
We appreciate your understanding. •DINETTE SETS
95 Warren Ave. •GRANDFATHER

b s o l u t e ly ...EVEN


65 75
On-ramp to I-95/
Maine Turnpike
NOW % %
Riverside St.

north closed. Enter

via Exit 47 - Rand Rd.

Exit 48

* *


Larrabee Rd.


Main St. Brighton Ave.

Exit 47

Access for
Travel at Rand Rd.
Interchange - Exit 47
533 Forest Ave • Portland
(former Young’s Furniture Market Building)
• 207-775-3110
Across from the Great Lost Bear
OPEN TODAY thru FRI 10-8 • SAT 10-6 • SUN 12-5 • FINAL DAY-MON, MAR 28th 10-Midnight
*Discounts are off offering prices and original prices which may or may not have resulted in prior sales. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All merchandise
Because We All Need To Be Thinking Ahead. sold “as-is”. No Special Orders, Lay-Aways. Quantities are limited. First come first to save. All prior sales, special orders and previous discounts
excluded. Not responsible for typographical errors. See store for further details. GOB License #02222011

B_MT_18147_Exit48_PPH.indd 1 3/18/11 10:54:08 AM


Edition: PD Sec/Page: A6 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 A7

Yemeni leader
gains powers
under state of
emergency Open an
The Associated Press
SANAA, Yemen — Struggling
to hold power after many of his
allies abandoned him, Yemen’s
longtime leader on Wednesday
escalated his confrontation with
a rapidly expanding uprising
and took on emergency powers
that give him a freer hand to
April 18th!
quell protests.
A legislature full of his sup-
porters granted President Ali
Abdullah Saleh’s request for
a 30-day state of emergency,
which suspends the constitu-
tion, bars protests and gives
security forces far-reaching
powers of arrest. Stop by any branch to open
The opposition called the
vote illegal and vowed to press
on with its campaign to topple
an account and take advantage
Saleh’s regime.
The move underlined Saleh’s
of these great rates today!
desperation in the face of
month-old protests that have at-
tracted tens of thousands across
his impoverished nation in the
southern corner of the Arabian
Peninsula. This week, Saleh’s
regime was hit by a wave of de-
fections by military command-
3-Year IRA CD 5-Year IRA CD 7-Year IRA CD

2 .05% 3 .00%
ers, ruling party members and
others, swelling the ranks of the
opposition and leaving the presi-
dent isolated.
Saleh has repeatedly sought
APY* APY* .51% APY*

to appease the protesters but to

no avail.
Over the past month, he has
offered not to run again when
his current term ends in 2013,
207-324-2285 s 1-888-226-5747 s
then offered this week to step Sanford s Limerick s York s Springvale s So. Sanford
down by the end of this year and
open a dialogue with the leaders Buxton s Waterboro s Wells
of the demonstrators. Member FDIC
At the same time, he has * 2.05% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) available for a 3-Year CD, 3.00% APY available for a 5-Year CD, and 3.51% APY available for a 7-Year CD only. APY is effective as of March 3, 2011 and is subject to change without notice. Minimum opening balance is $500. This is a
limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time. The balance is the daily balance which is the amount of principal in the account each day. Offer good on IRA CDs only. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Other rates available. Fees could reduce earnings
stepped up the use of violence. on account. Please ask us for an account disclosure for more details and a schedule of fees on any of these accounts.
His security forces shot dead
more than 40 demonstrators in
Sanaa on Friday.
The state of emergency dec-
laration appeared to signal that

Reach Maine Readers.

Saleh intends to dig in and try to
crush his opponents.
The decree allows media
censorship, gives wide powers
to censor mail, tap phone lines, To advertise, please call the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
search homes and detain sus- at 791-6200 or 1-800-894-0041.
pects without judicial process.

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Edition: PD Sec/Page: A7 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

A8 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snowe leading push to ensure SLEEP LAB

women’s voice in governments I am

The resolution is expected
to be approved by the full “This resolution honors the brave and
compassionate women in North Africa and the
of SMMC’s
Senate when lawmakers
return next week. Middle East who are working to advance equality
and basic human rights.”
MaineToday Media Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine
Washington Bureau Chief
pia Snowe will be the lead ad- brave and compassionate they deserve to have a voice
vocate next week for a Senate women in North Africa and the in any new governments that
resolution stressing the need Middle East who are working emerge there.”
for ensuring women’s rights as to advance equality and basic A draft resolution was shared
new governments are formed human rights,” Collins said. with officials at the State Depart-
in countries such as Egypt and “Their economic, civic, and po- ment’s Office of Global Women’s
Tunisia. litical contributions are critical Issues, which offered some
In addition to Snowe, R-Maine, to advancing democracy and “helpful suggestions which were
all 16 other female U.S. senators economic opportunity in each of included in the final version,” ac-
have signed on to the resolution, the countries they live in.” cording to Snowe’s office.
including Sen. Susan Collins, Democratic Sen. Jeanne Sha-
R-Maine, according to Snowe’s heen of New Hampshire said MaineToday Media Washington Bureau
office. “Women have played a vital role Chief Jonathan Riskind can be contacted
The resolution will be formally in the changes sweeping North at 791-6280 or at:
introduced next week when law- Africa and the Middle East, and
makers return from a one-week
recess, and presumably will be The Spring Market is Right
approved by the full Senate with
little controversy.
Around the Corner!
The resolution states that its
Are you thinking of buying or selling
goal is to honor “the women in
a home? Call today to experience
North Africa and the Middle East
the Locke difference!
who have worked to ensure that Find out how at
women are guaranteed equality
and basic human rights,” and to
emphasize the “vital importance
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Africa and the Middle East con-

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shape new governments.”
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tion of women,” Snowe said in a Jotul,
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minder that discrimination and $
gender-based violence endures 300 Rt. 25, GORHAM Rt. 302, N. WINDHAM • 893-BURN #BSSB3PBE #JEEFGPSEt207-283-6408
Sleep Lab
around the world.” 856-7000 1/2 mile past Wal-mart on opposite side)
“This resolution honors the HOURS: M-Tu, Th 9-5 / F 9-6 / Sa 9-4 (closed Sundays)


Edition: PD Sec/Page: A8 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 A9

Even so, Hueber conceded of the country but Gadhafi still and a small but unknown num- Wednesday to try to work out opposed intervention in Libya,
Continued from Page A1
that Gadhafi’s forces had inten-
sified their attacks against rebel
in power in Tripoli and other
ber were carried out by planes
from other countries.
Allied warplanes destroyed
an agreement on who will
assume command of the op-
eration in Libya after the U.S.
to pull military personnel from
NATO aerial reconnaissance
teams in the Mediterranean
areas in the last day, despite the At least four powerful explo-
stepped-up air campaign. sions consistent with airstrikes two missile sites around Trip- steps back from the lead. Re- so that they would not be par-
within 100 yards of the facility. or cruise missile strikes could oli, the capital, and also hit a ports suggested some progress ticipating in the Libya mission.
“In Ajdabiya, regime forces
“The situation is very serious be heard in central Tripoli on government ammunition depot in bridging divisions between But Berlin said it would assign
intensified combat in, into and
here in Misrata,” said an op- Wednesday at around 11 p.m., outside the city of Misrata and alliance members such as Brit- 300 more troops to Afghanistan
out of the city. In Misrata, re- Libyan Army ground forces ain and Italy that want NATO to compensate so that there
position supporter in the city apparently from the direction
gime forces continue to clear around Ajdabiya, the eastern to take command, and others, would be no net effect on NATO
reached Wednesday evening. of Gadhafi’s Bab Aziziya resi-
opposition, increase combat dential compound. city where large numbers of including France and Turkey, personnel.
“The tanks are coming again to
operations and target civilian The senior U.S. officer of- Libyan troops remain. that say a NATO command Despite discord over the no-
the center of Misrata city and
populations in the city,” he told fered no timetable for how A witness in Misrata said the would be politically unwise with fly zone, NATO began helping
they are bombing the hospital at airstrike on the ammunition regard to public opinion in the to enforce the arms embargo
reporters at the Pentagon from long the U.S. and its allies were
this time.” depot caused an earth-shaking Arab and Muslim world. against Libya. The alliance has
a ship off Libya’s coast. prepared to let the limited air-
U.S. officers said the U.S.-led strikes continue, or how the explosion and sent a fireball One compromise envisions sent six warships to waters off
The signs that Gadhafi is
campaign is not conducting international effort could be into the sky early Wednesday the coalition tapping NATO mil- the Libyan coast to help “cut
moving forces and targeting op-
airstrikes inside urban areas in escalated, if Gadhafi defies morning at around 2. An ear- itary structures and resources off the flow of arms and merce-
ponents highlights the growing
order to avoid causing civilian international calls to withdraw lier airstrike targeted the city’s but leaving political command naries” to the Gadhafi regime,
questions about how soon the
casualties. Civilian deaths could his forces. airfield, where troops loyal to of the mission to another mul- said NATO spokeswoman Oana
U.S. will be able to hand off re- Gadhafi had massed. tilateral body. Lungescu. NATO officials said
undercut political support for Over a 24-hour period begin-
sponsibility for the air operation Ambassadors to NATO met The cracks in the coalition alliance members have pledged
the campaign. ning at 6 a.m. Tuesday, U.S. war-
to its allies and whether they will planes carried out 28 airstrikes, for the third straight day prompted Germany, which has another 16 ships to the effort.
“We’re not going into the cit- be forced to escalate their con-
ies,” a senior U.S. officer said, frontation with Gadhafi in order
referring to the airstrikes. to achieve even the limited goals
“There’s an extra amount of
effort placed on preventing civil-
of deterring his attacks on civil- CUSTOMER’S CHOICE
ian casualties by our actions.” House Speaker John Boehner
Instead, the allied warplanes on Wednesday presented the
are hitting Libyan units outside White House with a series of
cities, as well as supply lines pointed questions about its U.S.
and headquarters facilities, in military strategy and goals for
hopes of pressuring them to halt the continued campaign.
attacks against civilians, the of- “I and many other members APY*
ficers said. of the House of Representatives
But the limitation on the allied
strikes also appeared to give
Gadhafi’s troops, once they are
deployed inside rebel-held cit-
are troubled that U.S. military
resources were committed to
war without clearly defining
for the American people, the
6 Month CD
ies, freedom to carry out attacks Congress, and our troops what
relatively unmolested, at least
for the time being.
the mission in Libya is,” wrote
Boehner, R-Ohio.
Rear Adm. Gerard Hueber, If Gadhafi’s forces are able
a U.S. naval officer involved in to further suppress opposition
directing the air campaign, said to his regime without suffering
U.S. and allied aircraft were severe losses from the allied
extending their operations west- airstrikes in coming days, the
ward from Benghazi and were situation in Libya might turn
now attacking Libyan army tar- into a lengthy stalemate, with APY*
gets across the country. pockets of opposition in parts

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Edition: PD Sec/Page: A9 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

A10 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

Continued from Page A1
“What is next, the burning of books or the end of
Labor Day as a holiday? When you add it all up, he is
communityist Left that is tak-
ing over Maine!!!”
Continued from Page A1
Among the positions
that stand to be cut
talking about business in a narrow sense that excludes The mural was unveiled in
August 2008, following the con- are six teachers in the
child labor, according to a 2008 Maine people and the public interest.” him to the position.
solidation of five offices in the city’s four elementary
memo from the Department of Augusta area and one in Lew- Gousse said the proposed cuts
Labor. Jose Lopez schools, nine full-time
director, League of United Latin American Citizens iston to a central location on would cause “the systematic
LePage explained his deci- Commerce Drive in Augusta. dismantlement of public educa- and four part-time
sion on the Boston-based served that this mural is noth- Rooms also are named after According to information tion in Westbrook.”
Howie Carr radio show late in teachers at the middle
ing but propaganda to further Charles Scontras, a longtime released at the time, the state “This is not bare-bones.
the day. the agenda of the Union move- University of Maine profes- used $60,000 in federal funds to school, and seven
This is devastating,” he said
“I’m trying to send a message ment. I felt for a moment that I sor and a leading authority on pay for the mural. LePage said
to everyone in the state that Wednesday. full-time and one
was in communist North Korea Maine labor history, and Wil- officials are looking for muse- Gousse, Westbrook High
the state of Maine looks at em- where they use these murals to liam Looney, a Republican part-time teacher at
ums in Maine that might be School’s principal for the past
ployees and employers equally, brainwash the masses.” state legislator from Portland the high school.
interested in displaying it. 10 years, said unavoidable ex-
neutrally and on balance,” he The fax is signed “A Secret who helped pass child labor Judy Taylor of Tremont, the penses, including contracted
said. “The mural sends a mes- Admirer.” laws in the late 1800s. artist who created and in- salary increases and utility
sage that we’re one-sided, and Dana Connors, president of In the memo, Boyett makes increase taxes or make the pro-
stalled the work, was traveling
I don’t want to send that mes- the Maine State Chamber of it clear to staffers that while costs, account for the 2011-12 posed cuts, “but one of those is
Wednesday and could not be
sage.” Commerce, said he has not they are awaiting a permanent budget’s increase over this going to happen.”
reached for comment. Her hus-
Ralph Carmona, spokesman received any complaints about labor commissioner, she wants year’s $32.2 million. The School Committee is ex-
for the League of United Latin band said they had been bar-
the mural from businesses. But the department to move ahead raged by media calls, including Finance Committee Chair- pected to adopt the budget on
American Citizens, said a di- he said LePage is trying to fol- with changes. man Alex Stone said the district April 27. Residents will vote on
rective to rename a conference one from The New York Times.
low through on his mission to “We have received feedback She told the Lewiston Sun expects about $30 million in that budget June 7.
room that’s now named for the make Maine more business- that the administration build- revenue for the year starting One position that Gousse has
late farm worker advocate Ce- Journal on Tuesday that she
friendly by being sensitive to all ing is not perceived as equally hadn’t heard any negative July 1, which is $3.7 million less already eliminated is the direc-
sar Chavez is troubling. interests. receptive to both businesses feedback about the mural from than it needs to cover expenses. tor of facilities, maintenance
“The really bad news is that He suggested a compromise and workers – primarily be-
his decision to remove a civil businesses. Namin’s proposed cuts, totaling and transportation, which
to taking down all 11 panels of cause of the nature of the mu- saves about $100,000 in sal-
rights icon’s name from the “There was never any inten- $3.2 million, wouldn’t complete-
the mural. ral in the lobby and the names
Labor Department reflects an tion to be pro-labor or anti-la- ly close the gap. ary and benefits, he said. Also,
“Instead of removing them all, of our conference rooms,” she
underlying pattern of actions bor,” she said. “It was a pure Gousse said he didn’t know the city and school technology
maybe we could add a business wrote. “Whether or not the per-
and words that affect all Main- depiction of the facts.” the effect the budget would director has resigned effective
element to it,” he said. “One ception is valid is not really at
ers,” he said. Scontras, the University of have on the city’s property tax April 15.
that depicts the importance of issue and therefore, not open
That pattern includes LeP- Maine professor, worked close- rate, with or without the cuts. Gousse said he and City Ad-
employer and employee.” to debate.”
age’s comment to the NAACP ly with Taylor to help create the He deferred questions to Dawn ministrator Jerre Bryant are
David Clough, director of the She asks workers to sug-
to “kiss my butt,” saying that Maine branch of the National gest names for the conference mural. He said he finds it sur- Ouellette, chief financial offi- discussing how to fill that posi-
women might grow “little Federation of Independent rooms by April 5 and indicates prising that LePage, a Franco- cer for the city and the school tion.
beards” if they are exposed to Businesses, said there is a there will be “a small prize” American, would remove im- “We’ve got some more re-
department, who could not be
the chemical Bisphenol-A, and need in Maine for better bal- for anyone who comes up with ages that depict the workers structuring to do,” he said.
reached Wednesday.
a statement that he would go ance between small business a new name. Boyett said that who once were the “spine” of Namin, who was hired to be
the state’s economy. The first public hearing on the
after union rights, Carmona and labor. replacing the mural with a proposed budget will begin at superintendent of the Spen-
said. “Small-business owners neutral paint and renaming “He’s erasing a couple hun- cer-East Brookfield Regional
dred years of history,” Scontras 7 p.m. next Wednesday at the
“What is next, the burning of would like to see a department the conference rooms after School District in central Mas-
said. “I can’t imagine a gover- Westbrook Performing Arts
books or the end of Labor Day that’s visually and substantive- mountains in Maine would be sachusetts, has said he decided
as a holiday?” said Jose Lopez, nor who has the audacity to Center. Another hearing will be
ly balanced between labor and appropriate. to leave Westbrook to be closer
director of the Latin American the businesses that provide The story generated heavy proceed this way when he can’t held April 13, if needed.
to his wife’s ailing father. He
league. “When you add it all up, jobs for workers,” he said. Web traffic Wednesday, includ- even win a runoff election.” Among the positions targeted
will be paid through the end of
he is talking about business in LePage spokeswoman Ben- ing hundreds of comments on Scontras was referring to for cuts are six teachers in the
a narrow sense that excludes nett also released a memo MaineToday Media’s websites. LePage’s victory in November city’s four elementary schools,
Gousse, who earns about
Maine people and the public from acting Labor Commis- “When will this governor, with 38 percent of the vote. nine full-time and four part- $97,000 a year as the high school
interest.” sioner Laura Boyett that asks this state, this nation get it?” In a statement released time teachers at the middle
Wednesday, Maine AFL-CIO principal, will not receive a pay
LePage spokeswoman staffers for suggestions about wrote SidneyBob. “Without school, and seven full-time and increase until July. He signed
Adrienne Bennett said the renaming the seven confer- labor there’d be no business. President Don Berry described one part-time teacher at the
the removal of the mural as a contract to serve as interim
governor’s office has received ence rooms, some of which are Without business there’d be high school.
“political payback, the opposite superintendent through June
“several messages” from the named after labor leaders. no labor. They’re in this to- Under the proposal, no middle
of putting people first.” 2012.
public complaining about the Four rooms are named af- gether. WE’RE in this together. school or freshman sports
mural. She also released an ter women, including Marion Enough rancor, partisan poli- “It’s a spiteful, mean-spir- Gousse said Wednesday that
teams, or the ice hockey pro- he plans to nominate Jon Ross,
anonymous fax, dated Feb. 24, Martin, the state labor com- tics, demonizing, taking sides ited move by the governor that
gram, would receive funding. the district’s director of adult
that apparently came from missioner from 1947 to 1972 ... Divided we fall – and boy are does nothing to create jobs or
improve the Maine economy,” Field trips districtwide and and alternative education, to
someone who recently visited who is credited with forming we falling fast – as a state and
the Labor Department’s lobby. the National Federation of Re- as a nation.” he said. stipends for teachers who su- be high school principal for the
“In this mural I observed a publican Women; and Frances On the other side, someone pervise activities, such as the rest of this school year.
figure which closely resembles Perkins, secretary of labor un- named David supported LeP- MaineToday Media State House Writer chess club and yearbook, also
the former commissioner of der Franklin D. Roosevelt and age’s decision. Susan Cover can be contacted at 620- would be eliminated. Staff Writer Leslie Bridgers can be
labor,” the person wrote. “In the first woman to hold a U.S. “Go Gov. Lepage!!! Finally 7015 or at: “It’s sickening,” Stone said. contacted at 791-6364 or at:
studying the mural I also ob- Cabinet post. someone who will take on the He said he doesn’t want to

Continued from Page A1
“I think it sends exactly
the right message.”
surplus & salvage
here’s what’s new in our flooring department
Sen. Roger Katz
Thursday. “But we are going to
have to live in a different finan- R-Augusta, co-chair of the whether you’re building new or remodeling the old,
cial atmosphere. We have to be
Legislature’s Government
Oversight Committee
visit marden’s flooring center for the
much more careful about how best prices on quality flooring.
our revenues are spent.”
Mills said he will not be driving Oversight Committee, said he new shipment of laminate flooring
agreed with Mills’ decision to
the mid-sized SUV, a Chevrolet
cancel the employee recogni- kronotex® Marden’s Price
Equinox, that the authority
purchased last June for its for-
mer executive director, Paul
tion banquet.
“I think it sends exactly the
8mm sq. ft.
Violette. Violette resigned ear- right message,” he said. attached pad
lier this month amid questions The Government Oversight 4 colors to Their price
about the authority’s spending Committee has told Violette and choose from $2.28sq.ft.
practices. other senior staffers and board
Mills said he will trade the members who have knowledge
SUV for a truck that can be used of the gift cards to be prepared kronotex® Marden’s Price
by work crews, and he will drive
his own car to work.
Violette, who had been execu-
tive director for 23 years, came
to testify under oath on April 15.
Those people had until
Wednesday to say whether they
will testify before the commit- BONUS SLOT PLAY!
12mm $ 59ft.
5 colors to
Their price
under fire in a report by the tee. All of the senior staff and choose from $3.49sq.ft.
Legislature’s Office of Program board members at the authority When you ride the bus to Foxwoods.
Evaluation and Government have said they will, Katz said. more laminate available in a variety of colors & styles
Accountability, which found Gerard P. Conley Sr., chairman selection will vary
that the authority distributed of the Maine Turnpike Authority at each location
V.I.P. Charter
$157,000 worth of gift certifi-
cates to various organizations
board of directors for the past
seven years, said in an inter-
view Wednesday that he was
35 what better way to protect and dress up your new
in 2005 and 2006. The authority
has been unable to provide any never told about the gift cards, 207-772-4457
Call for Reservations
Round Trip Ticket laminate floors than a new oriental style area rug!
record of the transactions.
Including the gift cards,
but he will testify.
Violette’s attorney, Peter De-
Portland, Biddeford, Wells, ME
Seabrook, NH
oriental style area rugs and runners
the authority spent a total of Troy of Portland, said he has
$454,000 from 2005 to 2009 on not had time to work on the case
• Operating Thursday thru Sunday for example:
• Wheelchair equipped
donations to groups, including
some that appear to be outside
because of a recent medical
procedure. He said the account- Your Bus Ticket includes a
5’ x 8’ area rugs
its mission, such as Maine Pres- ability office has agreed to give
Violette until March 31 to say
BONUS PACKAGE • $15 Food or FREE Festival Buffet starting at only!
ervation and the Maine Irish All $15 Food or FREE Buffet • $20 Bonus Slot Play Marden’s Price
Heritage Center. whether he will testify volun- Vouchers are Dream Card Required
The report also questioned the
authority’s use of $1.1 million for
national and international trav-
tarily or only if subpoenaed.

MaineToday Media State House Writer

69 95
el and restaurants from 2005 to Tom Bell can be contacted at 699-6261 Other restrictions may apply. Packages apply to patrons 21 years or older. huge f
2009. During the same period, or at: Offers apply to participating line runs only. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Subject to change without notice.
the authority spent $222,000 on
employee recognition events,
sizes !
awards and gifts. colors
Mills said he and his staff are n
drafting a new policy for such selectrioy in for example:
expenses. He said the authority will voacation 26” x 7’ runners
will limit expenditures, such as each l
association membership fees, Marden’s Price
starting $
to groups that directly benefit
the agency, such as trade orga-
nizations made up of other toll
authorities. Mills also is now
at only! 2495

requiring that he personally ap-

prove all travel plans.
Spending at the authority is
not avaoilur
not lavish when compared with
spending by private corpora-
gray sto
tions, he said, but it may seem “We Are The Hearth Professsionals”
excessive for a quasi-govern-
mental agency. Check out our Better Business Bureau
“This is not corporate Amer- Rating at
ica,” he said. “It’s a public
agency and has to do business
as one.”
The authority employs about
712 Main Street, Rt. 26 • Oxford Hours vary, check our website
· 435 Elm St., Biddeford · 451 Payne Rd., Scarborough
· 1247 Main St., Sanford
480 people and receives about REMEMBER OUR 30 DAY NO FUSS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with RECEIPT
$100 million annually in toll Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm
revenues. Every Sunday in the

Sen. Roger Katz, co-chair of Maine Sunday Telegram

the Legislature’s Government


Edition: PD Sec/Page: A10 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09
The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 A11
A Maine Owned Company


Richard Eddie Larry Conrad Mike Sen. John Michael
Burton Fisher Fortensky Hilton Jr. Todd W. Warner Wilding

Continued from Page A1
woman’s body and a child’s
She denounced and courted
working-class girlfriend (Shel-
ley Winters).
Although Clift held Taylor in
celebrity. She flashed anger
when she was not allowed
esteem, that could not be said
of director George Stevens. LINED FAUX SILK 20% OFF TAILORED PAIRS
dess, teenage bride, mother, di- GROMMET TOP PANELS Selected In Stock 3 Sizes ~ 2 Colors
privacy on her terms, but also Speaking of their collaboration 2 Sizes ~ 3 Colors Sheets, Mattress Pads Compare $29.99
vorcee and widow. She endured
near-death traumas, and many
went public with her more than on “A Place in the Sun,” he said ALL SIZES $19.99 & Bed Pillows ALL SIZES $8.88
70 hospitalizations for illnesses, he found it hard to elicit deep
declared her a symbol of sur- including sciatica and a brain feeling from the 17-year-old.
vival – with which she agreed. tumor. On the set of “Giant” (1956), in
“I’ve been through it all, baby,” It became world news as she which Taylor played a Virginia-
she once said. “I’m Mother lay near death from pneumonia bred gentlewoman amid Texas
Courage.” at Oscar-voting time in 1960. ranchers Rock Hudson and
News about her love affairs, After winning for “BUtterfield James Dean, Stevens made her
jewelry collection, weight fluc- 8,” she hobbled on stage with wear much smaller shoes so
tuations and socializing in rich a surgical scar visible and re- she would wince properly.
and royal circles were followed ceived a standing ovation. She She earned her first Oscar
by millions of people. More than always maintained she won on nomination for 1957’s “Raintree
for any film role, she became a sympathy vote. County” as a mentally unbal-
famous for being famous, set- BREWSTER CORDLESS VERONA EMBROIDERED
She also intrigued many with anced Southern belle during CRUSHED VOILE PANELS ROMAN SHADES TIER CURTAINS
ting a media template for later her marriages to hotel heir Con- the Civil War era. Her second 2 Sizes ~ 2 Colors 6 Sizes ~ 5 Colors 3 Sizes ~ 3 Colors
generations of entertainers, Regular $9.99 & 11.99 Regular $59.99 to 75.99 Regular $17.99 to 19.99
rad Nicholson “Nicky” Hilton nomination came in Tennessee
models and all variety of semi- Jr.; actor Michael Wilding; Todd; Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin $8.88 & 10.88 $49.88 to 69.88 $15.88 to 17.88
somebodies. Fisher; actor Richard Burton Roof ” (1958) as Maggie the Cat,
It helped that Taylor was
eminently quotable. Distraught
(twice); then-Sen. John W. War-
ner (R-Va.); and construction
who tries to lure her emotion-
ally distant husband (Paul New-
In Our Custom Gallery
after her showman husband, worker Larry Fortensky. She man) back into bed.
Mike Todd, died in a plane crash met Fortensky in the late 1980s Taylor won the Oscar for her DUPIONI
in 1958, she sought the company at the Betty Ford Clinic while next role, as a call girl named SILK
of married entertainer Eddie both underwent treatment for Gloria Wandrous in “BUtter- LINED
Fisher, whom she later wed.
“Well, Mike is dead and I’m
substance abuse. field 8.” It was a part she never PANELS
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor wanted and claimed to detest
alive,” she said. “What do you was born in London to Ameri- for the rest of her life. She felt Lengths:
expect me to do? Sleep alone?” can parents on Feb. 27, 1932. the studio was trying to profit 84", 96" & 108"
She made more than 60 films Her father, Francis, ran an art from her troubled off-screen
and twice won the Oscar for gallery. Her mother, the former sex life. Assorted Colors
best actress: as a call girl who Sara Warmbrodt, had once been She met Burton, playing Marc
meets with tragedy in “BUt- an actress who trained Eliza- Antony to her Queen of the Nile
Compare $89.00
terfield 8” (1960), based on the beth from her earliest years on the set of “Cleopatra” (1963). to 109.00
John O’Hara novella; and as to be presentable in public, in She and Burton, the dashing,
the braying, slovenly wife of a
professor in “Who’s Afraid of
looks and manner.
The family relocated in 1939 to
Welsh-born actor, flaunted their
off-screen romance by dining
$19.88 $25 REBATE per unit
Virginia Woolf?” (1966), adapted
from Edward Albee’s play about
Southern California.
Her father persuaded a fellow
and sunbathing together.
The Burtons became the
ALL SIZES on Duette Architella Shades
marital warfare. by Hunter Douglas
air-raid warden, film producer world’s best-known couple,
“Virginia Woolf ” was a rare Samuel Marx, to cast Elizabeth smoldering jet-setters that the (Includes motorized & skylight shades)
critical triumph for Taylor, in the family drama “Lassie public loved to follow. Burton’s
whom reviewers often found in- Come Home” (1943), and she advanced alcoholism and infi-
substantial or overwrought. As won a contract at Metro-Gold- delities hastened their divorce We specialize in design consultations FOR SHOP AT HOME SALES

a young woman, she was called wyn-Mayer studios. in 1974, followed by a remar- ADVICE • MEASUREMENTS
“Luscious Liz” for her sensual In “National Velvet,” based riage and second divorce in
at your home or in-store.
figure, bright eyes with long on Enid Bagnold’s horse yarn, 1976. In the 1980s, Taylor be- We Honor All Competitors’ Coupons CALL 1-800-888-0663
dark lashes, ruby lips and mane Taylor had a lead role as a came a businesswoman, lend-
of raven hair. She appeared on country girl who wins a horse ing her name to cosmetics and SO. PORTLAND • 773-9635 BANGOR • 947-8100 WATERVILLE • 872-5634
the cover of Life magazine 14 in the lottery and proceeds to perfume lines. 175 Western Avenue 102 Haskell Road Shaw’s Plaza, Kennedy Memorial Dr.
times, more than any other film victory in England’s Grand Taylor saw herself as a cham- Mon–Sat 9:30am–8pm • Sun 11am–5pm Mon–Sat 9:30am–8pm • Sun 11am–5pm Mon–Sat 9:30am–6pm • Sun 11am–5pm
star. National Steeplechase.Critics pion of the exploited or mis-
Hailed as the most beauti- took notice of a more dramatic treated, including pop singer Sale prices good March 20–26, 2011
ful woman of her generation, Taylor for her performance in Michael Jackson. She helped
Taylor saw herself as one of the “A Place in the Sun,” which was make AIDS an issue of main-

most vulnerable. filmed in 1949 and released in stream concern.
“I’ve been able to wear plung- 1951. The movie was based on In 2000, Queen Elizabeth II
ing necklines since I was 14 Theodore Dreiser’s novel “An made her a dame commander of

years old, and ever since then, American Tragedy,” about an the Order of the British Empire.
people have expected me to act ambitious drifter (Montgomery “You can call me Dame Eliza-
as old as I look,” she said after Clift) whose love for a socialite beth,” she told the media. “I’ve
her first divorce. “My troubles of glistening beauty (Taylor) is been a broad all my life. Now
all started because I have a jeopardized by his pregnant, I’m a dame.”


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Edition: PD Sec/Page: A11 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09
A12 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

RICHARD L. CONNOR, Editor and Publisher Assessing the risks of radiation

Scott Wasser, Executive Editor and VP The events at Japan’s Fukushima are all receiving from other sources
Dai-ichi power station reveal that being so much higher than that one
Dale A.D uncan, Bill Thompson, even with redundant systems and could receive from smart meters,
President and CEO, Kennebec Editorial Page Director intensive regulation, nuclear power I, for one, will assume this inconse-
Journal/Morning Sentinel remains a disaster waiting to happen. quential risk for the small benefit that
Accidents are inevitable with goes with the smart meters.
A nthony Ronzio, Karen Dobbyn, technology as complex as nuclear Edmond R. Pelta
Editor/Publisher, Vice President/Human Resources reactors; there have been more than Topsham
Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel 50 accidents at U.S. nuclear power
M. D. Harmon, Greg Kesich, plants alone. And since commercial
nuclear reactors contain 1,000 times
Ninety trips around the sun
Editorial Writer Editorial Writer as much radioactivity as was re-
leased by the Hiroshima bomb, the
bring reflection – and joy
chance that one of those accidents I was quite moved by Greg Kesich’s
will be catastrophic is unacceptably column paying tribute to his dad on
OUR VIEWS high. the occasion of his 90th birthday. It so
Even the smallest controlled happened the column was published

Yucca Mountain delays

release of radiation from a nuclear on March 16, my 80th birthday.
plant has the potential to cause harm As his dad begins his 10th decade
to human health. The National Acad- I begin my ninth, and as Greg said,
emies of Science’s BEIR VII report at these ages “every trip around the
concluded in 2005 that any exposure

could cost us dearly to radiation can have detrimental

health effects.
Gov. LePage reportedly feels that
Maine is “ripe for a nuclear power
sun is worth celebrating.” Indeed, I
try to celebrate each day with both a
memory of the past and a plan for the
latest of the more than 29,000 morn-
ings I have awoken.
plant.” I urge him to reassess. A num-
Our current system of nuclear waste storage ber of safer, cheaper and renewable
Some days the world seems awfully
dark and troubled. But then I re-
seems designed to maximize the risks. power-generation options exist for member how my mother lived nearly
Maine. None are without their flaws, a century, through the Depression,

hile the world’s attention is fo- So, instead of being buried deep but none threaten human health as
cused on nuclear power – more underground in a geologically stable to complain about. There are unlim- many wars, illness and stress, yet
much as nuclear power. ited things happening right under kept loving and smiling – especially
on its obvious risks than its rock formation, the waste is scattered Paul Santomenna
equally real benefits, at least for now around the country, where it remains Executive director, Maine chapter
your noses that will really give you when she dug into a lobster at her
– it’s a good time to ponder a problem far more vulnerable to either attack or Physicians for Social Responsibility something to worry about. 95th birthday party. And I think of
that won’t go away even if no new natural disasters. Freeport Herb Strout Misha and Natasha, my grandchil-
Cape Elizabeth dren, and the possibility that they
nuclear plant is ever built. Although Congress created a federal
– and others like them – may make
That is the question of what to do mandate for long-term storage as far We can land people on the moon, I have read with some dismay the the world brighter and more peaceful.
with the 71,862 tons of spent nuclear back as 1982, with a deadline for ac- maintain an orbiting space station,
fuel being stored at more than 100 cepting it of 1998, the Yucca Mountain articles on the smart-meter contro- And I experience hope.
build human body parts. Why do we
sites around the nation, including in site wasn’t selected until 2002 and re- versy. It is unfortunate that we still Happy birthday, Veselin Kesich of
not seem able to respond to disasters
Wiscasset, the former location of the mains only partially constructed. have citizens who are ruled by such Scarborough. And, oh yeah, happy
both natural and man-made?
Maine Yankee plant. It’s time to stop fooling around. misguided fallacies and anti-science birthday to me, too.
After watching helicopters dump
The national high-level (dangerously While President Obama supports water on the reactors in Japan, I bias. Norman Abelson
To these people, the symptoms Moody
radioactive) nuclear waste amount is the continued development of nuclear thought there has to be a better way.
growing by about 2,200 tons a year, and plants, which now provide about 20 If nothing else, I am sure we have the they claim are real. No amount of
not only does it comprise a source of percent of U.S. electricity, and has ap- technology to build helicopters that evidence will shake their delusion. It was a joy to read Greg Kesich’s
hazard in case of natural disaster, it is proved guarantees for their construc- would shield the pilots from radiation. The only solution I can see would be March 16 commentary on his dad’s
a potential target for terrorist attack. tion, that pledge contains a huge gap The human race seems incapable to allow such people to opt out and 90th birthday, “The view from 90 in-
The sites are well-guarded, of as long as he avoids a decision on the of adequately preparing for emergen- then charge them for the extra cost cludes more than a few surprises.”
course, but as we learned in Japan, long-term storage of spent fuel. cies. After just about every emer- incurred in manual meter reading. To gain such insight from a long
huge earthquakes and 30-foot tsuna- New reactor designs are capable of gency the question is asked, “How My involvement with microwave life well-lived is a rare and important
mis can make a wreck of humanity’s automatic shutdown without radiation come we don’t have more basic first effects dates back to post-World War thing. The role of family, education
normal precautions. release in case of disaster, and some of responders?” II physiological experiments. Since and culture is made whole in the
But there is a better way. The fed- them would use less hazardous forms Larry Horn then I have tried to keep current on father’s struggles of life.
eral government has spent $9 billion of fuel. Sweden peer-reviewed publications on the But the son should know the great-
preparing a much more secure stor- As long as new plants are resisted, subject. So far I have not read of any est surprise and the best 90th birthday
reproducible effects being observed present must be for the father to see
age facility for the waste at the now- however, we continue to rely on older I have no connection to the power at power levels of much higher than what a fine man the son has become.
famous Yucca Mountain site in Ne- designs that are less safe and efficient. industry except to pay for electric-
vada, but local opposition and political And we continue to accept the obvious ity that I use. I am 95 years old. This
those produced by smart meters. Tom Connolly
influence has kept the facility from hazards of dispersed and exposed With the background radiation we Portland
old body has been subjected to every
becoming operational. above-ground waste storage. kind of electronic radiation known to
man since I was 12 years old. PAT OLIPHANT’S VIEW
It began when I started fooling

Driver’s license controversy around with radio transmitting equip-

ment and all through my working
years in the radio communications
field. It never occurred to me that I

ends with a whimper might be harmed by it.

I built high-power transmitters and
tested them within a foot or so of the
inductors carrying thousands of volts
A new license is in every Maine driver’s future, of electronic radiation, which would
be equivalent to sitting in the middle
and there’s no need to fuss about it. of a kitchen full of microwave ovens
at full power and then some. I worked

emember when it seemed as if siderable weight with lawmakers on and around radio towers of 50,000-
redesigning the state driver’s and public opinion. But now, with al- watt broadcast stations, radars on
license was one of the most most no fuss, a new driver’s license ships, etc.
controversial issues Maine had ever is set to be implemented next week. All human bodies are made of the
confronted? It will debut on a limited basis at same material, so why would anyone
Spurred by a mandate for a form of first with renewals in Augusta, then be different than me? It comes down
identification that could not be eas- with all renewals statewide by June. to the fact that those people who
ily counterfeited, the federal govern- People who want one before their object to the new (Central Maine
ment told states that their licenses current licenses expire can get them Power) smart meters have no idea
had to be redesigned (at significant replaced for $5. about the subject and are either para-
cost) and that they had to include a The licenses resemble the current noid or need to visit a psychiatrist.
variety of security devices. ones, with a large photo on the left I live within 250 feet of three cell Letters to the Editor, The Portland Press
If the states failed to conform to and a smaller one in a hard-to-copy towers, as a matter of fact. It reminds TO OUR READERS Herald, P.O. Box 1460, Portland, ME
those “Real ID” standards, the gov- format on the right. me of the time I was applying for a Letters to the editor should run approxi- 04104-5009.
ernment threatened, their citizens Other security measures are incor- permit to build these towers. There mately 300 words or less. Longer ones Letters that are libelous, obscene, deal
could no longer use the licenses as a porated, but they apparently do not were many similar people making an may be edited for length. They must with personal or private matters or that
form of ID for air travel. contain a chip with personal data, issue of it, saying they would be ir- include the writer’s name, address and have been overtaken by events will not
After considerable resistance, the which was one of the concerns of pri- radiated and their children would be daytime phone number for verification be published.
Transportation Security Agency vacy advocates, who worried about harmed, etc. Now these same people purposes. Maine Voices columns (650-750 words)
standards were relaxed somewhat, disclosures if the licenses were lost have cell phones and all the other Letters may be emailed to: should include the author’s name, address
and some funds were provided for or stolen. Some such chips are also gadgets surrounding them that emit (no and daytime phone and be emailed to:
the transition. Maine was one of the vulnerable to being read remotely, 10,000 times the (radio frequency) attachments) or faxed to (207) 791-6920.
longer holdouts, with concerns over letting their data be stolen easily. energy put out by the meters. Letters are published online. Columns are also published online and
individual privacy and the specter of But one feature won’t change. The So, ladies and gentlemen, cool down Mailed letters should be addressed to: may be edited for length and content.
a “national ID card” carrying con- photos will still be awful. and find something more important


Mideast peace process dead, Arabs rising ... now what?

Israel’s wall of obstacles ABOUT THE AUTHOR ask an active serial thief what Palestinians. Israel’s repetitive
loot he will return, even when Obama, instead of promoting a United Nations brutality is delegitimizing the
could come tumbling down William H. Slavick of Portland the whole world is outraged at Zionist enterprise as Palestin-
if democratic regimes is a retired University of the 2008-2009 criminal assault ultimatum for Israel to leave the occupied ian victimization and nonvio-
Southern Maine professor. on the people and livelihoods lent resistance have won moral
emerge in the Arab world. territories forthwith, has groveled, offering the
He served as coordinator for of Gaza and the murderous flo- high ground and legitimized
Pax Christi Maine from 1987 tilla assault. moon in arms and billions for a settlement pause. their struggle for freedom and
PORTLAND — Maine’s to 2010. Add U.S. mass media’s igno- Refused, he has given up. dignity. Iraq, Afghanistan and
congressional delegation and rance and bias, anesthetizing lock-step support of Israel have
citizenry – and a large Ameri- otherwise decent-minded citi- marginalized U.S. influence.
can majority – continue their habitants at every opportunity zens; European reluctance to Should democratic Arab
sustained indifference to the and invariably putting Israel’s challenge descendants of Holo- Israeli fear of insecurity, and a a United Nations ultimatum regimes emerge, they will not
denial of Palestinian human expansion before Palestinian caust victims, and Arab rulers government determination to for Israel to leave the occupied abet Israel’s repression as
dignity, rights and freedom of rights, justice and peace. trading solidarity and their oil disprove Mitchell’s caveat and territories forthwith, welcome have Mubarak and Jordan’s
60-odd years. Equally essential has been for arms and U.S. support of have security without a Pales- refugees who would return and kings, but demand Palestinian
George Mitchell’s vaunted Israel’s erasure from living their repressive regimes. tinian state. Benjamin Netan- compensate the large major- liberation. They could close the
peace effort has gone nowhere. memory its dispossession and Meanwhile, Israel has built a yahu perfectly embodies these ity who would not be Israeli oil spigot, as in 1973-74.
In reward for self-abasing removal of 80-odd percent of wall of obstacles: a precondi- blocking forces. third-class citizens, has grov- As more nations recognize
U.S. cover for further Israeli Palestinians in 1947-48 and tion that Israel be recognized Instead, Israel mercilessly eled, offering the moon in arms Palestine and Palestinians
outrages, Barack Obama has 1967 – magic largely indebted as a Jewish state, disenfran- subjugates residents of the oc- and billions for a settlement declare a state – or demand Is-
sucked up to one Israeli humili- to public relations founder Ed- chising more than 1 million cupied territories, denying nec- pause. Refused, he has given raeli citizenship and are denied
ation after another. No wonder ward Gottlieb enlisting Leon Israeli-Palestinians and nullify- essary nutrition to millions of up. Again, former-Israeli-lobby- – what prevents the United
justice and peace are still Uris to write “Exodus,” trans- ing the right of return of mil- children, while usurping their ist-in-the-White-House Dennis Nations, which created Israel,
beyond sight. forming Israel massacres and lions of refugees; a continuing land, water and resources. To Ross miscalculated. from encompassing not the 10
These evidences are all con- ethnic cleansing into David vs. occupation that foreshadows accommodate Israel’s colonial Now what? The Palestine Pa- percent of Palestine in bantu-
sequences – foremost, of the Goliath heroism against dirty a demographic nightmare; a millions, millions of native Pal- pers reveal that Israel has been stans and imprisoned Gaza, but
century-old Zionist determina- and swarthy Arab hordes. fanatical settler movement that estinians are ghettoized on less the chief obstacle to peace and 45 percent of mandatory Pales-
tion, at bottom racist, to estab- Likewise critical has been blocks significant withdrawals arable land, in a tenth of Pales- eliminating the sellout-prone tine? Then what?
lish a Jewish state in Palestine Washington’s “honest broker” from East Jerusalem and the tine, or are refugees elsewhere. Palestinian Authority as nego-
by forcibly removing its in- lock on negotiation content to West Bank; a steadily stoked Obama, instead of promoting tiator for millions of resistant — Special to the Press Herald


Edition: PD Sec/Page: A12 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09
COMMENTARY The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 A13


Wisconsin protests right or wrong?

In a Feb. 24 editorial, “Public worker bub, taxes have actually been falling wished for any amount he decided. than in Quebec. In Toronto, the price
protests show system breakdown,” as a percent of personal income since This would be done without a bid of electricity is 66 percent higher than
The Press Herald praises Gov. Scott 1995. Federal taxes as a percent of process. in Quebec.
Walker of Wisconsin, and indirectly income have been falling since 1980. And this is just one example of what “(Cheap electricity) has played a
the billionaire Koch brothers from The vote in Wisconsin and propos- the conniving governor is up to. It is major role in developing our economy,
California who had contributed over als elsewhere, including Maine, are becoming clearer that this person our regions and our society. It is a
$40,000 to help elect him. about consolidating money and power is not what the people of Wisconsin source of wealth that we will rely on to
These three have led the charge in fewer well-manicured hands – at want. His poll numbers are tanking pay down our debt,” Bachand said.
to crush Wisconsin’s public service the expense of the rights of the people and he is becoming an embarrass- Frank J. Heller
unions, even though these unions who actually produce the goods and ment to the state. Other states watch- Brunswick
had agreed to Walker’s demands for services we all enjoy. ing Wisconsin closely have started
cuts in benefits and pay. Interestingly, Constance Bloomfield dropping the collective bargaining
Walker put no such restrictions on the Portland cuts as they can see what it is doing to Maine Turnpike should be
two labor unions that supported him Walker.
for governor.
The Associated Press
Protesters line the Capitol balcony When Wisconsin passed the bill to The crisis you refer to in your edito- run by state, not by MTA
Walker had discussed with Republi- in Madison, Wis., in this March 9 file deny collective bargaining rights to rial is Walker’s doing, not the good
can legislators a plot to plant trouble- people of Wisconsin who don’t want Let’s take a good hard look at the
photo. state employees, they were doing so
makers in amongst peaceful protes- their state hijacked by a man with his Maine Turnpike Authority.
for the sole purpose of doing away
tors in Wisconsin’s capital, but finally own agenda. We know it is charged since 1947
they are partisan supporters of the with unions. Unions have traditionally
chucked this idea, saying that it might Donald A. Smart with “management” of the Maine
Democratic Party. It’s union money supported Democrats both financially
hurt him politically if the public found Damariscotta Turnpike. We know it has 470 employ-
and support the Demos want, not the and by working to get voters to the
out. He voiced no worry that this plot ees and 80 of them make over $80,000
care of you and me. polls. This bill did not save any money
per year. There are 313 toll takers.
would endanger people’s lives, or
public safety, which as governor he is
Using union thug-like tactics, they
display signs depicting Gov. Scott
for Wisconsin.
The union had already agreed to
Vermont taking advantage Employees are housed in new offices
built last year for $18 million. Toll tak-
responsible to maintain.
Walker during his recent election
Walker of Wisconsin as a Hitler or what amounted to an 8 percent pay
cut for employees. This was a bill
of cheaper Quebec power ers are paid more than teachers. All
a Mussolini. One Massachusetts
campaign chanted constantly, “jobs, this to look after 106 miles of road!
congressman called on his followers that had no financial implications Several Vermont utilities have just
jobs, jobs,” but has sent out thousands Contrast that with the Maine De-
to obey this mantra: “Sometimes we that would help balance the budget, signed long-term contracts with
of pink slips to public employees. partment of Transportation, respon-
need to get out there and get blood on as there were not enough legislators Hydro-Quebec to purchase up to 225
Walker has even curtailed the right of sible for 22,000 miles of road. What is
our hands.” present to vote on one that had a megawatts, nearly entirely (98 per-
Wisconsin communities to raise local going on here?
This remark reminded me of Obama financial component. cent) generated from hydropower.
taxes to make up for at least part of It is all about collecting money.
in his campaign speeches, “Get in This bill to deny collective bargain- They will start in 2012 with a starting
the aid to them that he has destroyed. Tolltakers are expensive and that is
your neighbors’ faces.” So much for ing is union-busting pure and simple. price of only 5.8 cents per kilowatt
The Press Herald states that why we are moving to E-ZPass, which
civil rhetoric. Also not mentioned in your editorial hour. This inexpensive electricity will
Democrats had fled the state to block has created additional spending for
The behaviors of the Wisconsin and comment is that Gov. Walker gave a serve approximately 200,000 homes.
Walker’s plans to cap salaries and electronic collection.
Indiana legislators shirking their huge tax break to Wisconsin’s wealthi- The presidents of Central Vermont
benefits, but the Press Herald is The MTA is screaming for a new toll-
elected duty is in stark contrast to our est citizens and if he hadn’t done that, Public Service and Green Mountain
wrong, because the Democrats had al- booth down in York. Not only because
democratic process, and they should he would not have had a problem Power said: “We pride ourselves on
ready agreed to the salary and benefit the existing toolbooth is sinking (built
be recalled, impeached and sent balancing the budget. providing a low-carbon, high-renew-
cuts that he had demanded. on a swamp, we are told) but because
home. The teachers who participated Sheridan Faber able power supply at affordable rates, they want to put in a 65-mph E-ZPass
The Democrats’ protests were to by lying about being sick should be Gorham and this will help us retain a competi-
keep Walker’s (the Kochs’ No. 1 pet lane.
fired. tive position in the region …” The MTA thinks toll dollars come
poodle) paws off their right to bargain These are the true nature of Demo- Your editorial regarding Wisconsin’s Both acknowledged that the start- easy and can be spent as it sees fit. It
collectively. Luckily, a recent na- crats. The fact is the Demos lost and large and continuous demonstra- ing price is about 12 percent lower
tional poll shows that Americans by 60 has an attitude that it owns the turn-
they should get over it. The message tions against the governor’s appall- than existing contracts, prompting
percent to 40 percent feel that states pike, when in reality, it is owned by the
is out there. We do not want you ing attempt to undermine collective Cape Cod’s off-shore wind opponents
should not restrict collective bargain- citizens of the state of Maine.
anymore. bargaining by public employee and to begin lobbying for a similar 26-
ing rights of their workers. MTA would have us believe that it
The voting public wants representa- teacher unions is both in error and year contract at 9 or 10 cents/KwH
It’s too bad that the Koch brothers, does a better job of maintaining the
tion, not your union tactics. biased. – considerably less than the 20 cents
and their pet poodles – Gov. Walker, turnpike than the state does on other
Howard Cutler Overwhelmingly, people not only in expected from Cape Wind. Interstate roads. Not true. The MTA
the Wisconsin Republican legislators, Dixmont Wisconsin, but across the country, fa- Vermont’s move to Canadian power
and The Portland Press Herald – are has its own fleet of trucks for keeping
vor the right to collective bargaining. has been prompted by ongoing com- the turnpike free of snow. This for a
opposed to such a basic American The legislative maneuver in Wiscon- You are incorrect to pin the demon- munity opposition to in-state renew- 106-mile stretch of road.
right as collective bargaining. sin was not a “victory for democracy, strations on pay cuts, something the able energy projects. Particularly vex-
Warden Dilworth Couldn’t the state make more ef-
fiscal soundness and common sense” unions have agreed to. The governor ing has been the protracted struggle ficient use of these trucks and drivers
as a March 14 editorial concludes summarily rejected their offer be- over scenic value as it relates to wind to maintain all the roads in the state?
(“Wisconsin GOP hung tough in vital cause he wants to destroy the unions turbine development. Do you notice any difference in
The true nature of the Democratic dispute”). It was union-busting pure by gutting collective bargaining. Just as Martha’s Vineyard and Cape highway upkeep when you drive onto
Party and its legislators are clearly and simple. The demonstrations are all about Cod have struggled over the appropri- I-295 after paying your toll in South
on display for all to see today. Even How is democracy celebrated when collective bargaining cuts in the ate visual scale of wind farms, so have Portland? What about going onto
though they took a shellacking at a vote occurs while the public is bill. That is something the people the Berkshires in western Massachu- Interstate 95 north of the Gardiner toll
the polls in November, they refuse to essentially locked out? What “fiscal of Wisconsin do not want and they setts as well as northward-looking booth? No, they are both the same.
admit defeat. soundness” is strengthened when the were marching in droves to stop Gov. Vermont. The state of Maine has an opportuni-
Running away in Wisconsin like cow- vote in Wisconsin had no effect on the Walker and the Republican-controlled “The Green Mountains are a beauti- ty to save some big money by abolish-
ards to avoid carrying out their duties state budget and the state’s public Legislature. ful part of their heritage and there’s ing the MTA and turning its assets
to vote and dismissing their oaths of pensions have been well-managed and Walker had hoped to sneak this bill a reluctance to see windmills there,” over to MDOT.
office shows their disregard of the are fully funded anyway? How is com- through and sign it without getting said a Washington staffer of a Vermont Yes, we would have to raise the
democratic process. mon sense advanced by passing tax close scrutiny. Now the people are congressman. gasoline tax to make up the loss, but
Using the ruse that they are for the cuts and then blaming cops, teachers mad and looking at this scheme with a Canadian Finance Minister Ray- not nearly by the amount of money
working people they are supporting and road crews for the state’s budget- jaundiced eye. mond Bachand credits Quebec’s low that it cost us now in tolls plus MTA
the unions, especially the unions that ary woes? The bill is 144 pages long and it is energy costs to its thriving “green” mismanagement.
have ruined our education systems Republicans claim that taxes have filled with a lot more than just deficit economy. The rates Quebecers pay As to out-of-staters paying for tolls,
and forced our states into fiscal debt, never been higher and that budgets reduction. For example, there is a for electricity are lower than almost don’t forget, out-of-staters have to fill
the unions that protect public employ- cannot be balanced on the backs of provision to give Gov. Walker sole con- anywhere else in North America. their gas tanks here in the state, too.
ees. taxpayers. This is simply not true. In trol of the public utilities in the state Electricity prices in New York and William Ambrose
These unions are not for the people, Maine, despite the never-ending hub- and be able to sell them to anyone he Boston are at least three times higher North Yarmouth

Trip abroad leaves Obama weak Recall teaches mayor who’s boss
His jaunt to South America ABOUT THE AUTHOR the House, and with it the rest of A Florida car dealer fed consider reforming the char-
his agenda. CAL ter and allow the public to vote
as bombs rained on Libya up with business as usual
Dana Milbank is a columnist The attack on Libya presented THOMAS on proposed changes.
is close to George W. Bush’s with The Washington Post the toughest test yet of Obama’s rallies voters from across Some pundits and Democrat-
Writers Group. He can be defiance of the news cycle. In a the political spectrum. ic politicians have predicted
‘The Pet Goat’ moment.
contacted at: danamilbank@ USA Today op-ed before his de- that the tea party movement parture, Obama wrote that while to reform government is a
WASHINGTON — After two orman Braman is not flash in the pan and won’t last

the Middle East is important, he
years of being called a tyrant your typical billionaire car sented another county) would through the 2012 election. Nor-
military action. Obama admin- was going to Latin America be-
and a dictator, President Obama dealer. Nor is he your typi- be able to attract Hispanics man Braman begs to differ. He
istration officials calculated that cause “our top priority has to
returns to Washington from a cal establishment Republican, and African-Americans, angry tells me a tea party group in
he would take a hit. be creating and sustaining new
five-day overseas trip to find who too often puts party above whites as well as Democrats, Fort Lauderdale “gave me a
But they appear to have been jobs and new opportunities.”
that he has become a weakling. principle. Norman Braman is Republicans and independents medal.”
surprised by the force of the The administration officials I
Would-be opponents such as the type of person who strikes of various hues is the ultimate The flip side of an energized
weakling complaint, coming not spoke with argued that this, it-
Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and fear into the hearts of every in coalition politics. According electorate demanding that
just from usual suspects such self, was a sign of strong leader-
Sarah Palin had been trying out professional politician who to a recent story in the Miami government not spend more
as Karl Rove but from liberals ship. “To abandon course at ev-
this somewhat contradictory thinks he can say one thing Herald, “Eighty-eight percent than it takes in and that it
such as my Washington Post ery moment of pundit criticism
line of attack for more than a to get elected and then do the voted to oust Alvarez and take in only what it absolutely
colleague Richard Cohen, who is not strength,” said one of the
month, as Obama gave mixed opposite once in office. Seijas in the biggest recall of a needs, respecting the people
saw Obama “quite literally dis- president’s top advisers.
signals about events in Egypt In case you haven’t been local politician in U.S. history.” who earn it, is that increas-
tancing himself from the conse- They pointed to polls showing
and Libya. But the “weak paying attention, Braman led Braman says people should ing numbers of us must be
quences of his own policy.” most Americans continue to re-
leader” charge gained traction a successful drive to recall Re- take one message from his ef- torn away from the public
My own sense, based on years gard Obama as a strong leader,
last weekend as Obama chose publican Mayor Carlos Alvarez forts: “This is not a Republican trough. “You can do it,” rather
of Obamology and confirmed by and they argued that, beyond
to launch the attack on Moam- of Miami-Dade, Fla., and Com- or Democratic issue. It is a than “government will do it
discussions with current and Washington, headlines from
mar Gadhafi’s forces while on missioner Natacha Seijas. referendum for change.” for you,” is the type of think-
former Obama advisers, is that Obama’s trip justified his strat-
an excellent ad-venture in South Their offenses? In a tele- ing that built America and
Obama’s decision to proceed egy. (“Obama’s trip to Brazil key
America with his family. phone conversation, Braman sustained us through wars and
with spring break in Rio comes to N.J. businesses,” reported
SEEING THE SIGHTS less from weakness than from the Bergen Record.) tells me there were many, Increasing numbers of economic downturns.
At about the moment the stubbornness. including, he says, “sloppy us must be torn away Four years ago, the Christian
Tomahawk missiles began to Since his earliest days on the
DISCOVERING THE PERILS bookkeeping, fraud, and Science Monitor reported that,
But the White House is also the mayor’s decision to use from the public trough. according to an analysis by
rain down on Libya, Obama was campaign trail in Iowa, he has
discovering the perils of broad- tax dollars to build a sports Gary Shilling, an economist in
joking with Brazilians about made clear his aversion to the
brush leadership. The latest stadium for the local baseball Springfield, N.J., “Slightly over
Carnival, the World Cup and the flavor-of-the-day news cycle,
Post/ABC News poll found that team” when fiscal challenges The tough part comes next. half of all Americans – 52.6
Olympics. Rather than hearing instead measuring his progress
when Americans were asked for the city and high unem- While the symbolism of oust- percent – now receive sig-
an Oval Office address announc- toward a few broad-brush goals,
who is taking “a stronger lead- ployment were harming the ing two incumbent politicians nificant income from govern-
ing the new war, Americans got such as American competitive-
ership role,” Republicans had local economy. with a recall vote may encour- ment programs.” That figure
word from the president in a ness and America’s standing in
a seven-point advantage over Braman filed a lawsuit in age people who think the is probably higher today. No
scratchy audio recording. the world. If something – such
Obama; three months ago, hopes of stopping construction system can’t work for them, in- wonder many have become
As warheads pounded Libyan as the uprisings in the Middle
Obama had a narrow lead. of the stadium. He lost. The fi- stitutional change will require addicted to the politicians who
forces, Obama was kicking a East – doesn’t fit unambiguously
The White House justifiably nal straw, he tells me, was when scaling a much higher wall. keep sending them checks in-
soccer ball, seeing the sights and within his big goals, his instinct
complains that the criticism of Alvarez and Seijas backed an As the Herald reported, stead of encouraging the able-
watching cowboys in sequins. is to brush it off.
Obama’s Libya policy has been increase in salaries for public the county charter must be bodied to care for themselves.
It was perilously close to George “I know everybody here is on
inconsistent: First he was too employee union members and changed if political business is The United States is seriously
W. Bush’s “The Pet Goat” mo- a 24-hour news cycle,” he told
slow to take action, and now a property tax increase to help not to remain as usual. “Com- and dangerously speeding
ment, when then-President Bush reporters once. “I’m not. OK?”
he’s rushing to attack without pay for it. Braman says he was missioners,” it found, “have of- toward socialism, in function,
continued reading a storybook This worked to his benefit dur-
congressional approval – even enraged because seniors were ten refused to bring proposals if not in name.
with children on Sept. 11, 2001, ing the campaign, when he kept
though Congress is on its own not getting a cost-of-living in- to change the charter before Howard Jarvis led an anti-
after being told the second World his focus on electoral mechanics
10-day spring break. crease and the jobless numbers the public for a vote.” tax revolt over high property
Trade Center tower had been hit. rather than the vagaries of his
But it doesn’t matter if the were growing. The momentum may be shift- taxes in California. In 2011,
Bush later said he was try- opponents’ attacks.
criticism is fair. Obama left a Braman launched a website ing. The commissioners are Norman Braman of Miami
ing to maintain calm; likewise, But as president, his broad
vacuum, and his opponents (www.recallmayoralvarez. set to meet this week to plan could be his successor.
White House officials tell me brushes have not always served
filled it. For a president sud- org) and the campaign was a special election to replace
the decision to proceed with the him well, as when his laser focus
denly called “weak,” such is the on. That a prominent Miami Alvarez and Seijas. There is
South America trip was made on health care left voters with Cal Thomas is a columnist for Tribune
tyranny of the news cycle. businessman who had voted also a good chance, given the
in part to convey that the Libya the sense that he didn’t care Media Services. He can be contacted at:
bombardment was not a major about unemployment. He lost — The Washington Post for Alvarez (Seijas repre- recall results, that they might


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A14 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Edition: PD Sec/Page: A14 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09
Thursday, March 24, 2011
LOCAL & STATE The Portland Press Herald SECTION B


Press Herald Dispatches/B4
‘Harsh and false attacks’ online led ‘Spa day’ doesn’t sit well Deaths/B4-5
Follow us on Twitter
@pressherald to financial woes, official says, B2 with Mainer’s teammates, B2 Weather/B6

Latest LePage order a piece of work

ack in November, long before to meet her father.” bilities so stunning.

B he decided to hide from the

media behind his own weekly
television show, Gov. Paul
LePage sat down along with his
wife, Ann, to chat with WCSH-TV’s
Cut to Ann LePage:
“And my dad looked at me and
said, ‘Ann, you’ve got to be kidding
me! What are you doing with him?
Those white collars don’t know how
For starters, he didn’t think about
his own heritage as a French-
speaking kid growing up on the
rough-and-tumble streets of down-
town Lewiston.
Bill Green. to work!’ ” Panel Seven in Maine artist Judy
They talked about, among other Nor does this one know how to Taylor’s widely acclaimed, 11-panel
things, how they met while they govern. Maine Department of Labor. homage to Maine workers focuses
worked at what was then Scott We won’t waste valuable space Searching for rational thought on the 1937 shoe mill strike in Lew-
Paper Co. in Winslow – Ann had a this morning trying to discern what inside this guy’s noggin, after all, is iston-Auburn.
union job, Paul was a member of was going on in LePage’s head like wandering through an aban- Seventy-four years ago today,
management. when he ordered the removal of doned coal mine without a head- 5,000 of the area’s 6,300 largely
“Scott was battling its unions,” a mural and the names of meet- lamp. French Canadian shoe workers
recalled Green in his set-up. “She ing rooms – all commemorating Besides, it’s the things LePage voted to walk off the job over low
was a union rep from a union family Maine’s deep and rich labor history clearly didn’t think about that make John Patriquin/Staff Photographer
when she took the manager home – from the headquarters of the this latest assault on Maine’s sensi- Please see NEMITZ, Page B4 Colin Stuart of the Portland Pirates,
top, mixes it up with Sean Sullivan of
the Worcester Sharks on Tuesday at the
Cumberland County Civic Center.
State ends Ice hockey
contract fights mar
with Aetna
Thirty-four jobs in South
field trip
Portland will be lost when
the administrative services
are either cut or transferred.
for some
The Portland Pirates’ second annual
Staff Writer
The state has broken off a $7 mil- School Day coincides with a brawl that
lion-a-year MaineCare contract has educators rethinking the program.
with a subsidiary of the Aetna
insurance company, which told By EDWARD D. MURPHY
employees Tuesday that it would Staff Writer
have to eliminate 34 jobs in South For the average hockey fan, fights can be an
Portland. acceptable, even anticipated, part of an ag-
State officials plan to drop some gressive, physical game.
of the administrative services For some parents of the thousands of chil-
provided under the contract and Photos by Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer dren at the Portland Pirates’ annual School
transfer other duties – such as Kristen Stearns, left, a junior at the University of Southern Maine School of Music and Day game Tuesday, a fight that ended with the
managing care of high-cost pa- a member of the USM Chamber Singers, sings alongside Elise Schwebler, a Kennebunk ejection of four players was too much.
tients – to state workers. High School freshman, on Wednesday. The singers are on tour to showcase their school. “We were horrified by
MaineCare, the state’s Medicaid what we witnessed,” Maybe
program, is reviewing all of its said Catherine Ander-
‘‘ ice hockey
contracts because of “fiscal strug-
gles,” said acting director Stefanie
Nadeau. The decision on the $7
million contract also reflects a
long-term plan to manage Maine-
Care more efficiently, she said.
Singers visit schools son, who attended the for primary-age
game with her 6-year-
old son’s kindergarten
class from
kids is not the
Reiche best place to be
School in Portland. taking kids on
“(My son) said, ‘Mom- a field trip ... It’s
“The contract was up for renewal
at the end of the fiscal year any-
way. We were not going to continue
with that service past the end of
the contract,” Nadeau said.
Aetna hopes to find other work
for many of the 34 employees who
to voice their support
They showcase USM’s
my, what’s happening?’ not something
and I said, ‘These men
are acting out of control I think a 5-year-
and they’re making bad old should be
choices.’ And he said, subjected to.”
‘Why isn’t it stopped?’ ”
Observers at the Portland
are affected. School of Music and aim game said the reaction superintendent
“We’ve already begun talking at the Cumberland
to inspire – perhaps to
to them about alternatives,” said County Civic Center to the fights was mixed,
Tom Kelly, president and chief lure – young vocalists. with some students – particularly older ones
executive officer of Schaller An- – apparently not fazed by the action. But some
derson, which is owned by Aetna. By BOB KEYES
Staff Writer
children and parents were upset, so much so
“We’re hopeful we’ll get a bunch of that Anderson said Reiche’s interim principal,
them something else to do.” KENNEBUNK — College Paul Yarnevich, promised her in an email that
Schaller Anderson, which helps coaches routinely hit the teachers would talk to their students Wednes-
to manage Medicaid programs in recruiting trail to encour- day about the “inappropriateness” of the fight-
11 states, is in the third year of age elite high school athletes ing and make the school counselor available to
its MaineCare contract. The com- to enroll at their schools. any who were upset.
pany handles pre-authorization of This week, the University of Yarnevich declined to comment, but Portland
MaineCare claims and provides Southern Maine hit the road Superintendent Jim Morse said he plans to
care management for more than to recruit Maine’s best high talk to principals and teachers who went to
7,000 of MaineCare’s sickest low- school singers. Tuesday’s game before deciding whether the
income patients. The care man- Robert Russell, a choral district will send students to the School Day
agement clients account for about studies professor at USM game next year.
2 percent of MaineCare patients in Gorham, arranged a tour Kennebunk High senior Michael Thyng, left, and USM “Maybe ice hockey for primary-age kids is
and 20 percent of MaineCare’s across southern and midcoast senior Joshua Miller sing during a workshop Wednesday. not the best place to be taking kids on a field
spending, according to Schaller Maine with the USM Chamber USM students also performed for local school choruses. trip,” he said. “It’s not something I think a
Anderson. Singers to showcase their Watch video of the USM singers at 5-year-old should be subjected to. There are
“Their needs are pretty dramat- talents to high school sing- other opportunities in Portland where young-
ic,” Kelly said. ers. Including a performance and encouraged the high He was a junior at Deering sters can experience sportsmanship.”
Aetna’s nurse care managers in at Kennebunk High School school students to consider High School when Russell Team owner Brian Petrovek said people
South Portland work with those on Wednesday afternoon, the the USM School of Music if brought the chamber singers shouldn’t focus on one incident – the fight – to
patients and their doctors to im- USM Chamber Singers gave they are contemplating an to Portland. Haley remem- color their opinion of the School Day program
prove the patients’ health habits, nine concerts in four days at education that includes music. bers the group performing a or hockey. More than 3,600 students from more
manage medications and appoint- schools from Belfast to South “This gives our school a good song called “Cloudburst” by than 20 schools attended the Pirates-Worches-
ments, and coordinate medical Berwick. name, and shows people that contemporary composer Eric ter Sharks game. It was the team’s second an-
care so the patients spend less The two dozen college sing- USM has a great choral pro- Whitacre. nual School Day.
ers demonstrated their skills gram,” said Jeremiah Haley, a
Please see AETNA, Page B3 and imparted their knowledge, senior from Portland. Please see USM, Page B3 Please see PIRATES, Page B3

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at Gorham Savings Bank. MEMBER FDIC


Edition: CY Sec/Page: B1 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 3/08/11

B2 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 LOCAL/STATE

At hearing, pleas for infertility coverage

Opponents say excluding on treatments and often having medical assistance is available, of Maine be- DA
she opposed the controversial surance did study a similar
to give up on their dreams. but financially out of reach. cause it would IN provisions. proposal in 2003 and estimated
some couples is unfair;

“This loss of a basic human de- “Implementing the mandate restrict infer- “I am not sure who wrote this that similar legislation would

others say the bill would sire, to procreate, to create life, will provide these couples and tility coverage language into the bill, but I find represent a 1.4 percent pre-

to married the limit section extremely of- mium increase and it estimated

drive up insurance rates. a child life, created out of love, is their families the help they need

a painful mourning process that to undergo medically appropri- couples and E fensive and discriminatory,” she that it would coincidentally ben-

exclude those HO U said. “If a woman is struggling efit about 1.4 percent of Maine’s
By REBEKAH METZLER simply does not need to be,” said ate fertility procedures, deter U SE B
MaineToday Media State House Writer
Crystal Toothaker of Harpswell. associated mental health issues who are infer- with infertility but has medical population,” said Kristine Os-
AUGUSTA — A panel of law- tile due to sexually transmitted insurance that offers the chance senfort of Anthem Blue Cross
Toothaker said she and her and keep the overall cost of
makers heard story after story disease. to get financial assistance with & Blue Shield. “We simply can’t
husband have been struggling health care down,” Knight said.
of heartbreak Wednesday from “That provision that discrimi- infertility treatments, who is the choose to increase our health
to start a family since 1999. Infertility treatment cover- nates against unmarried indi- state of Maine to judge whether insurance costs at this time.
would-be parents testifying in
“There are treatments avail- age is mandated in nine states, viduals is unconstitutional un- she is married or free of an Insurance doesn’t do any good if
support of a bill that would re-
quire insurance companies to able that offer high success including Connecticut, Mas- der Supreme Court precedent,” STD?” people can’t afford the coverage
cover infertility treatments. rates with our diagnosis with sachusetts and Rhode Island, said Shenna Bellows, executive Representatives from Maine’s to start.”
Many who spoke at the public unexplained infertility.” according to testimony. director of the civil liberties insurance industry also opposed
hearing were unable to control State Rep. Gary Knight, R- But the proposal, L.D. 720, union. the proposal, arguing it would MaineToday Media State House Writer
their emotions as they told of Livermore Falls, a bill sponsor, faces opposition from both the State Rep. Melissa Walsh increase costs for all ratepay- Rebekah Metzler can be contacted at
struggling for years to conceive, said many Mainers needlessly Maine Civil Liberties Union and Innes, D-Yarmouth, a co-spon- ers. 620-7016 or at:
spending thousands of dollars suffer the pain of infertility when the Family Planning Association sor of the measure, also said “The (Maine) Bureau of In-


Elan School
closing as
falls sharply
The owner says the school
has become a victim of
‘harsh and false’ attacks
spread over the Internet.
Sun Journal
POLAND — The controversial
Elan School for troubled teenag-
ers will close April 1.
The private, for-profit boarding
school has been forced to close,
said its owner and Executive
Director Sharon Terry of Casco,
by “declining enrollment and re-
sulting financial difficulties.”
The school was opened in 1970
by a psychiatrist, Dr. Gerald
Davidson, and a businessman,
Joseph Ricci.
Terry, who is Ricci’s widow,
points to an ongoing Internet
campaign by an unknown per-
son who goes by “Gzasmyhero,”
as the cause of much of the
school’s financial distress.
John Patriquin/Staff Photographer The campaign alleges that
The crosswalk at Cleveland Street in Saco, left, where a pedestrian was struck and killed by a minivan last summer, crosses a four-lane stretch of Main the school engages in punitive
Street traveled by 25,000 vehicles a day. This crosswalk and one at nearby Summer Street will be removed as soon as weather permits. tactics like isolating students for
long periods, requiring students

Saco removing Route 1 crosswalks

to scream at other students,
humiliating and restraining
students and limiting teenagers’
contact with their parents.
“The school has been the tar-
get of harsh and false attacks
was hit by a minivan. She died every day. The Rev. David Robinson, spread over the Internet with
A fatality last year spurs the avowed purpose of forc-
from her injuries later that The crosswalks’ removal rector of Trinity Episcopal
action on the four-lane S a c o N ing the school to close,” Terry
day at Maine Medical Center will leave pedestrians with Church, agreed.
span at Cleveland and said in a faxed letter to the Sun
in Portland. The driver, Walter crossing signals about 915 Detail area “It is unrealistic for them
Summer streets. Fleury, 66, was charged with feet away, at the Beach Street Thornton Crosswalks to to put in a lighted crosswalk
Despite investigations by the
manslaughter. intersection, and 425 feet away, Academy be removed there,” he said, describing the
Maine Department of Education
By EMMA BOUTHILLETTE Fleury has been indicted and at Fairfield and King streets, traffic in front of the church as that Terry said have vindicated
Staff Writer Fa 5 Sm
is awaiting trial, and the safety near Thornton Academy. irfi
eld ith “crazy.” the school, “the school has,
SACO — As soon as weather of the crosswalk remains in S 1 “At least the city is doing
When Thornton Academy art u t. unfortunately, been unable to
permits, two crosswalks on question. St. Cla Kin something to make the cross-
built a dormitory close to Main rk
St. gS survive the damage.”
Main Street will be removed. After the accident, Saco’s t. ing safe,” he said. “Gzasmyhero,” says he or she
Street in 2009, the Planning
A city committee has de- traffic safety committee com- While many crosswalks on

Board required the school Cle was sent to the Elan School in

cided to remove the pedestrian missioned a study, said Police ve

lan Main Street don’t have signals, 1998, at the age of 16.
to add a pedestrian crossing

crossings of four lanes of traffic Chief Brad Paul. The report dS including the one in front of The most visible Web cam-

light. Paul said time will tell if t.


at the intersections of Cleve- by Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Su City Hall, City Administrator


mm paign was launched about three


that light is effective.


land and Summer streets, in Engineers Inc. recommended er Rick Michaud said they are months ago by “Gzasmyhero,”


response to a fatal accident that unless the city could Orendorf ’s family could not 1
safer because the road is only who argued, “I believe that the

be reached for comment, but a


that occurred in the crosswalk make safety improvements two lanes in those places and internet is our #1 tool for expos-

at Cleveland Street last year. such as additional lighting and recent e-mail from her daugh- the sidewalks “bump out” into ing these horrid blind spots (at

5 Beach
On July 11, Constance Oren- pedestrian crossing signals, ter, Cara St. Louis-Farrelly, to St. the road. the school) for what they are.”
dorf, 74, was crossing Main both crosswalks should be the City Council and The Port- 9 Other online sites focus

land Press Herald said the city


Street, which is also Route 1, removed. Staff Writer Emma Bouthillette can be on Elan, including chats on

on her way to Mass at Trinity Paul said 25,000 vehicles is “doing the right thing” by contacted at 791-6325 or at: and multiple Face-
Episcopal Church when she travel that section of Route 1 removing the crosswalks. STAFF GRAPHIC | MICHAEL FISHER book pages. At,
former students have more
complimentary things to say
about their years at Elan; at, derogatory

‘Spa day’ lands Maine survivor in hot water beauty pageant.”

posts discourage parents from
enrolling their children.
The school, which charges
$54,960 a year for tuition, room,
board and special services,
But Ashley Underwood’s team
Underwood tried to laugh off Shep- accepts troubled teenagers
wins immunity from being pard’s rant, which took up at least a in grades eight through 12 to
voted off the show this week. couple minutes of the one-hour show. participate in a 24- to 30-month
Later, she said to the camera, “I’m program to modify behavior.
By RAY ROUTHIER done with him.” Perhaps the school’s most
Staff Writer Tension and divisions within a tribe notorious student was Michael
Reality TV can expose a person in are important on “Survivor” because C. Skakel, nephew of Robert
ways she might never have imagined. people get voted off the show during Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Skakel
That was the case Wednesday night a “tribal council” near the end of each Kennedy. Skakel was convicted
for Maine’s Ashley Underwood when episode. So if someone in your tribe in 2002 of the murder in 1975
cameras caught her having her armpit doesn’t like you, they have incentive to of 15-year-old Martha Moxley.
hairs plucked by another woman on the get others to vote you off. Both lived in Greenwich, Conn.,
CBS reality show “Survivor: Redemp- But Underwood didn’t have to worry where she was found beaten to
tion Island.” about being voted off on Wednesday’s death with a golf club.
Underwood, 26, survived the episode episode because her tribe beat the Skakel wasn’t arrested until
because her tribe won an immunity other tribe, Zapatera, in the episode’s years later, when two of his
challenge so none of the members challenge. former classmates at the Elan
could be voted off. But whether she can The challenge featured tribe mem- School testified he had con-
live down having her armpits plucked bers using giant slingshots to fire balls fessed to them.
on national TV is another story. into the air, and other members trying During the trial, Ricci de-
This season of “Survivor” was filmed to catch them in nets on sticks. Under- fended the school’s practices
Ashley Underwood, left, appears on “Survivor: Redemption Island,” which as unconventional but effective.
on the beaches of Nicaragua in the fall wood stopped an opponent from catch-
was filmed in Nicaragua last fall. She is a school nurse from Benton. During a hearing in the case,
and began airing weekly on Feb. 16. The ing a ball at one point, but didn’t figure
season began with 18 contestants from witnesses testified that Skakel
perience to defend taking a “spa day” in pard – a member of the Ometepe tribe much in the challenge, as other tribe
around the country vying for the show’s was pummeled by classmates,
the sand with fellow contestant Natalie along with Tenerelli and Underwood. members scored the needed points.
forced to wear a sign that linked
$1 million prize. Tenerelli. The camera caught Tenerelli He was upset that the two women But she did get to take part in the re-
him to Moxley’s murder and
Underwood, a school nurse from plucking hairs from Underwood’s arm- weren’t helping with the various chores ward, a picnic meal served to the tribe.
humiliated by wearing a 5-foot
Benton, was a star on the University pit at one point. needed for the group to survive, includ- For one day at least, they didn’t have to
dunce cap, according to The
of Maine basketball team, topping 1,000 “If you can make yourself more ing making fires and fetching water. hunt and scavenge for food. Boston Globe.
career points. She was also Miss Maine comfortable, why not?” Underwood “I’ve asked you guys four times to Skakel was sent to the school
in 2009. said, facing the camera. “I’m not lazy, I help get firewood and you ignore me,” Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be contacted at
in 1978 after a drunken-driving
On Wednesday’s episode, she men- played basketball and did pageants.” Sheppard said to Underwood. “You’ve 791-6454 or at: conviction.
tioned her basketball and pageant ex- The spa day clearly irked Phillip Shep- laid around here all day. This is not a


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LOCAL/STATE The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 B3

Maine Turnpike officials

oppose Zoom expansion
By STEVE MISTLER alternative for people who can’t
Sun Journal afford cars, remove vehicles
AUGUSTA — A proposal to from the turnpike and reduce
connect the Lewiston-Auburn consumption of gasoline.
area to Portland with an expan- The turnpike authority is op-
sion of commuter bus service is posing the $7 million project in
generating support from alter- part because the quasi-public
native-transportation advocates agency would be largely respon-
and lawmakers from both major sible for funding it.
parties. The service now operates on a
But the bill is getting resis- $320,000 annual budget. Accord-
tance from the Maine Turn- ing to the turnpike authority,
pike Authority, which would about 30 percent of the budget
be responsible for funding the is funded by $95,000 in bus fares.
project. Another $115,000 comes from
The proposed expansion of the turnpike tolls. The rest is funded
Zoom Turnpike Express service through a $110,000 federal allo-
is in L.D. 673, a bill sponsored by cation to the Maine Department
Rep. Bradley Moulton, R-York. of Transportation.
Zoom runs buses on the turn- Moulton’s bill would require
pike between stops in Saco and the turnpike authority to al-
Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer Biddeford and four downtown locate 3 percent of its annual
Professor Robert Russell conducts the USM Chamber Singers at Kennebunk High School on Wednesday, as middle school locations in Portland. revenue to the transportation
and high school students listen. “They used to say that USM is the best-kept secret. We want to counter that,” he said. Moulton’s bill would add department to pay for the ex-
stops along the turnpike in the pansion. The turnpike authority
Lewiston-Auburn region, and collects about $100 million per
The tour also builds cama- of Music.
Continued from Page B1
raderie among the college
In advance of their
“I want our students to see
what the next level looks like.
in Augusta. The expansion also
would extend south, with stops
in Kennebunk and Wells.
year in toll revenue.
Proponents estimate that the
expanded service would cost
It’s exhausting to travel by They’re capable,” Menifield The proposal has 26 co-spon- about $3 million a year to oper-
bus day after day, said Molly European tour, the USM said. “Exposure to the next
“It blew me away, and I knew Chamber Singers will sors, including Republicans, ate. It also would require $3.85
Harmon, a USM senior, also level is the best way for them to Democrats and an independent. million for four new buses.
then and there that I wanted from Portland. perform at 5 p.m. April get there.”
to be a chamber singer and 17 at Immanuel Baptist Proponents say it would provide The bill is scheduled for a com-
“This is my millionth tour, it Caitlin Dalrymple, a Ken- a much-needed transportation mittee vote Tuesday.
wanted to go to USM,” he said. seems like. It’s tiring, but it’s Church on High Street in nebunk High School senior, said
On Wednesday, the USM fun to work with the kids and Portland. Tickets cost $6 she felt honored to sing with the
Chamber Singers shared it helps us cohere as a group,” for the public and will be college students. FREE ACTING
another Whitacre gem, this one she said. available at the door. “We’ve had people come in
called “Sleep.” That’s particularly important and sing for us before, and CLASSES DONATION ONLY
Russell has led high school March 28 and 30 - kids Yoga Classes 7 Days a Week
this spring. In May, the USM school students to give them an we’ve gone to the middle school
April 19 - adults

tours for 32 years. He enjoys Chamber Singers will embark to sing. But it’s nice to have
idea of what it might be like if
sharing the joy of music with on a 12-day tour of Spain, where the singers from USM come
singers of any age, and finds they choose to study at Gor- 854-0065 Dana Warp Mill, Westbrook 170 U.S. Route 1, Falmouth
they will perform in churches here, because they were in our
it especially gratifying to visit ham. The college kids perform
and concert halls. position just a few years ago. Portland’s #1 Comedy & Entertainment Club
with high school students who Any recruiting is inherent in a few songs, then sit among the It’s great to hear how good they
show interest in singing. the work the singers do in the younger students to sing to- are,” she said.
“They used to say that USM schools. There is no over-the- gether in a workshop setting. In
is the best-kept secret. We want top pitch, no pledge form to sign Kennebunk, two dozen middle Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be
school singers joined the group. $10 Advanced Saturday,
to counter that,” Russell said. or even a formal program of any contacted at 791-6457 or at: $15 Day of Show nd
“We do these tours to continue kind. The choral director at Ken- April 2
to spread the word so people Russell and the college stu- nebunk High, Nathan Menifield, Follow him on Twitter at: The ULTIMATE 70s Disco Party Band
CALL TODAY to buy tickets...
continue to know who we are.” dents simply work with the high is a graduate of the USM School this show WILL SELLOUT!

512 Warren Ave., Portland 221-2343

Continued from Page B1
time in emergency rooms and
Kelly said the service has
clearly reduced costs, saving
about $5 for every dollar spent,
and reduced depression, which
often contributes to patients’
health problems.
“We were taken aback by the
decision.” But, he said, “it’s
not unusual when states find
themselves in dramatic fiscal
New Hampshire and Indiana
have also scaled back contracts
in recent years, he said.
Aetna’s prior-authorization
work will end March 31. “Some
of the services will be eliminated
altogether and some of them will
John Patriquin/Staff Photographer
be done internally” at Maine- Independent Distributor

Reiche School kindergarten students Nasteeho Mohamud, 5, and Greta Holmes, 6, attend Care, Nadeau said.
the Portland Pirates game Tuesday at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland. The contractor will continue
care management through April
Susan Allen, a hockey fan work at the civic center during 30. “The care management is

Continued from Page B1
and teacher at Eight Corners
Elementary in Scarborough
who accompanied about 40
hockey games and originally
decided that her grandson, a
fifth-grader, would not go on
going to be preserved. We are
bringing that” into the depart-
ment, Nadeau said.
the field trip. It is clear that care manage-
first- and second-graders to
“This is a physical, aggres- ment can save the state money,
the game, said she made the But his teacher called to
sive game,” he said. “We’re Nadeau said, and MaineCare’s
fight “a teachable moment.” encourage her to send him to
seeing less fighting in our ability to do care management
“I told them, ‘Hockey players the game and said the school
sport. In this case, yes, it went internally will expand over time
are much like first-graders had been “guaranteed” a non-
beyond a normal fight.” because of a new computer
sometimes – they have dis- violent game by the Pirates, so
Petrovek denied reports from system.
agreements and they have con- she relented.
The LePage administration
several school administrators sequences for what they do,’ ” Johnson said she saw other
also is evaluating a new man-
that they were told by a Pirates Allen said. “When the referee students at her grandson’s agement structure for Maine-
official who coordinated the thought they could make bet- bus stop mimicking the hockey Care that will include expanded
event that players would be ter choices, they were allowed fight Wednesday morning, and care management, she said.
reminded that students were back into the game.” then when she read about the MaineCare is a division of the
in the audience and cautioned Actually, four players were brawl, she wished she had state Department of Health and
about aggressive behavior. ejected from the game, but stuck with her original deci- Human Services, which had
Peter Mortenson, principal not the one the Eight Corners’ sion. been preparing to hire managed
of Lake Region Middle School, students were most interested “I’m ashamed of these guys care companies to start running
which sent 225 students to the in. That player, Nick Crawford, and what they did in front of MaineCare as soon as next year.
game as a reward “for their read to the kids at the school these children,” she said. Now, the new management
civil behavior in the building,” a few weeks ago as part of a Other school officials said structure is expected to take
said he was told the players reading program. they didn’t have any complaints effect within the next two years,
were told that “the normal On Tuesday, Crawford traded or issues with the game, includ- Nadeau said, and it’s not clear
aggressive behavior is not ac- ing the principals at Cathedral how much of the operation will
punches with another player in
ceptable.” School in Portland and Sanford be contracted out. “We haven’t
the first fight of the game, and
Petrovek said the staff mem- Junior High School. settled on an exact model.”
Allen said her students were
ber in charge of the School Petrovek said the games are Nadeau said the $7 million
upset that he had to sit in the
Day project told him she made part of an effort “to be good contract with Schaller Anderson
Direct Factory Pool Sale
penalty box for five minutes.
no such assurances, and only corporate citizens,” and noted was MaineCare’s largest, but
“To them, Nick Crawford can
pointed out to school officials it promoted the “5-2-1-0” pro- cutting it off a few months before
do no harm,” she said, adding
who asked that there were no that he waved to the students
gram to get children to eat
their fruits and vegetables,
it was set to expire will produce
only “minimal” savings in the
One Time Limited Offer
fights at last year’s School Day before the game. limit computer and television
game. Risa Johnson, who is raising
fiscal year that ends June 30. In-groundft. In-ground
time, exercise and avoid sug- “Every $100,000, $200,000 or $1 17 ft. x 33 & Above-ground
“Fighting is a part of the sport her grandson and sends him ared drinks. cian Pool Liner
and it’s penalized,” Petrovek to Portland’s East End Com-
million helps,” Nadeau said. Cu m Gre ps!!
EXCLUSIVE with Ste 00 Replacement
said. “That’s a lesson whether munity School, said she was Staff Writer Edward D. Murphy can be Staff Writer John Richardson can be SALE
you’re 5 years old or 50 years “outraged” by the fighting. above-ground $
contacted at 791-6465 or at: contacted at 791-6324 or at:
old.” Johnson said she used to wooden 62" D
g round pbove
Lowest prices 24
(%!2).' !)$3
in over10 years
Reg $3 E
Riding To The Top ,300

(UGE 3AVINGS Therapeutic Riding Center Financing Available


P.O. Box 1928 Windham, Maine 04062
Southern Maine’s largest pool dealer
Serving Southern & Western Maine
Our Rt. 25, GORHAM • 856-1000 HOURS: M-Tu, Th 9-5/F 9-6/Sa 9-4
3HAPIRO Audiology
Hearing !ID
Center /FlCEHOURS- &  20th RT. 302, N. WINDHAM • 893-DIVE (Gorham closed Sun; N. Windham closed
Portland 774-9872 Year (1/2 mile past Wal-mart on opposite side) Wed & Sun)


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B4 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 LOCAL/OBITUARIES
Eva Sandstrom Charles C. “Buz”
Defendant Dispatches
their appeal. He said the counties
Legislature considering bill believe they should be compensat-
Masterman, 99 Hutto Jr.
to refigure excise tax ed for developing record databases FREEPORT — Eva Sandstrom
Masterman died peacefully in her
and maintaining them. BUXTON — Charles C. “Buz”

in slashing Rier named deputy chief

AUGUSTA Every car and truck owner
in Maine would be affected by
proposed legislation that would cut
the state’s excise tax on vehicles.
s l e e p o n
March 23,
2011, at Free-
port Nursing
Hutto Jr. who died on March
19, 2011, is survived by his
mother, Dorothy Force; and
School Board OKs budget
attack: ‘It
was predeceased by his
in education department Supporters say Maine’s excise Home. step-father, William Force.
Jim Rier, who has been head of fi-
taxes are too high and vehicle
owners need a break. Opponents
with 2.2% spending hike Eva was born
in Farming-
nance and operations for the Maine say cuts in excise taxes would hurt The School Board has approved ton on Sept. Lawrence E.
was cool’ Department of Education since
2003, has been appointed deputy
commissioner of the department.
Education Commissioner Stephen
municipalities and shift the tax
burden onto property owners.
The primary aim is for car buyers
the $21 million budget proposed
by interim Superintendent Ken
16, 1911, the
daughter of
John C. and
McDonald (Larry), 75
Associated Press to pay an excise tax based on the The board voted unanimously to Eva Sandstrom O l i v e O . E. McDonald (Larry), 75, of South
Bowen announced the appoint- true cost of a vehicle, not the list adopt the 2011-12 budget Tuesday Masterman Sandstrom. Portland,
NASHUA, N.H. — A man who
ment Wednesday. price, which is often higher than night. The budget would increase She was predeceased by her hus- passed away
admits killing a mother and
Rier will be responsible for man- the actual price, said Rep. Gary spending by 2.2 percent – $447,719 band, Everett “Andy” Master- on March 19,
maiming her daughter in a ma-
aging the day-to-day operations Knight, R-Livermore Falls, co-chair- – over this school year. With an man; and her siblings, O. Harley 2011, at his
chete and knife attack said in a
of the department, with a focus on man of the Legislature’s Taxation expected drop in revenue of about Sandstrom, Eric E. Sandstrom, home with his
taped interview with police that
financial transparency and account- Committee. $270,000, the property taxes to Carl E. Sandstrom, and Thelma loving family
was played Wednesday that he
ability. Excise tax legislation has been support the schools would increase Sandstrom Byron. by his side.
thought the slashing was “cool”
Rier has been responsible for debated and rejected for years. In 2.6 percent. She attended schools in several Lawrence was
and would have killed the girl
implementing the school funding 2009, residents voted down a pro- Board Chairwoman Mary Maine towns and graduated from born in Lubec
if he had realized she was still
law, school facilities programs and posal to slash excise tax rates by an Townsend said no changes were Livermore Falls High School with on Oct. 22,
the school nutrition program. average of more than 50 percent. made to the budget submitted by the class of 1929. A gifted athlete 1935. He was
In a recorded 7-hour state-
ment to police played for jurors Knight thinks some form of Murphy. She said the board went at a time when girls scholastic Lawrence E. the son of
Tuesday and Wednesday, Chris- Plan cooked up to whup legislation could pass this time
because Republicans now control
through the budget line by line and
Murphy was able to respond to all
sports were limited, she was cap-
tain of her high school basket-
McDonald Joseph and
Alberta (Greene) McDonald. He
topher Gribble said he hacked
to death Kimberly Cates and Pennsylvania’s whoopie pie the Legislature. of its questions and concerns. ball team, and was named Miss had nine sisters and three broth-
thought he had killed her 11- The budget would eliminate Basketball for the State of Maine ers.
A South Portland-based radio sta- He moved to South Portland in
1.5 teaching positions: a full-time her senior year. As an adult her
year-old daughter, Jaimie.
“I’m kind of surprised she’s
tion is teaming up with a whoopie- High court to hear counties’ position at Pond Cove Elementary sports participation was restricted 1942. Lawrence attended South
pie maker to create a 500-pound-
alive,” Gribble told police the plus whoopie pie, with the sole land-records access appeal School, where enrollment is declin-
ing, and a half-time literacy teacher
to golf, but she often recounted Portland Schools, he was a Boy
Scout, was in the Civil Air Patrol
day after the Oct. 4, 2009, home that as a young housewife, kids
aim of outdoing Pennsylvania’s A legal fight that could set a new and the U.S. Air Force.
invasion in Mont Vernon. “I kind at the elementary level that has would come to the door to ask if
250-pounder. standard for what public agencies Lawrence married the love of his
of wish she’d died for her sake, been funded with federal stimulus Mrs. Masterman could come out
Wednesday’s announcement can charge for copies of public life, Shirley L. McDermott on
just because she’s going to have money. and play. She’d happily leave the
came as the Maine House approved records is heading to Maine’s high- Oct. 29, 1956; they had four chil-
to live with all that now.” a compromise that would declare dishes in the sink and go join the
est court. dren.
Jaimie suffered 18 wounds and
lost a portion of a foot in the at-
the whoopie pie the state “treat,” Androscoggin, Aroostook, Cum- BANGOR neighborhood kids in a game of
baseball. He was a member of the Chest-
while making blueberry pie the berland, Knox, Penobscot and York nut Street United Methodist
Prosecutors are expected to
state’s official “dessert.” counties have appealed Justice Japanese students idled by She was married for 68 years to
Everett L. “Andy” Masterman Church. He was a coach and was
The measure was approved 107-
wrap up the state’s case today. 34 but required a second reading
Thomas Warren’s decision to give
MacImage of Maine free access to
quake invited to study here who died in 2000. They were a little League Umpire. He was
The 21-year-old Gribble denied married in 1932 in Wilton where also an ASA Softball Umpire and
before going to the Senate for digital copies of deeds and land The University of Maine System a Woman's softball coach.
any involvement in the home consideration. they lived until 1998. At that
records stored in county registries. is organizing an initiative to as- time Eva moved to Freeport to Lawrence was a charter member
invasion during the first three Contrary to Maine’s claim, Penn- sist English-speaking Japanese
hours of the police interview. But Warren ruled that the counties live with her daughter Janis Ben- of the South Portland Recycle
sylvania contends that the whoopie were charging exorbitant fees, university students whose educa- Committee. He was a member of
state troopers kept confronting pie was invented by the Amish. But nett and husband Bill. Eva
which he said violated the Freedom tions have been interrupted by the enjoyed many happy years under the Maine Historical Society, the
him with additional information WMGX program director Randi Kir- recent earthquake and tsunami in
they had learned from others of Access law by restricting access their loving care and compan- Lubec Historical Society, the
shbaum says there will be no doubt to those records. MacImage’s that country. Grand Manan N.B Ca. Historical
involved in the attack. about whose whoopie is bigger. ionship before becoming a resi-
owner, John Simpson of Cumber- The system is inviting students dent of the Freeport Nursing Society, and the South Portland
When Gribble finally began The station is teaming up with enrolled in any Japanese university
detailing the crimes, he spoke land, wants to develop a statewide home in 2008. Historical Society.
Wicked Whoopies to make the clearinghouse of land records. that has suspended or terminated He was an avid sports fan; he
rapidly, but his voice was calm. whoopie pie that will be at least Eva was an active member of the
“It’s a great victory for the classes because of the disaster to Wilton community, and she enjoyed going to Bonny Eagle
“I thought I would feel bad,” twice the size of Pennsylvania’s enroll as visiting students in one
Gribble said. “I’m almost sorry public’s right to know,” said Sig- enjoyed socializing with a wide football games, the Boston Red
current record holder. mund Schutz, an attorney for Preti of Maine’s seven universities for as Sox, Portland Sea Dogs and the
to say I don’t. I thought I would The massive whoopie pie will be circle of friends throughout her
Flaherty of Portland. long as a year. years in Wilton. She was a mem- Patriots. He was also a member of
at least puke afterward or some- assembled and displayed Saturday Japanese students who enroll
thing.” Bryan Dench, an Auburn-based ber of Rebekah Lodge, Wiltona the Maine State Golf Association.
at the Maine Mall in South Portland, attorney, said the counties’ appeal through the initiative will be men- His highlight in golf was playing
“I just felt nothing,” he said. Kirshbaum said. Afterward, it will Club, Wilton Thimble Club, Wil-
is expected to be heard by the tored through the system’s inter- son Lake Country Club and the with Che Che Rodriguez.
Gribble is trying to convincing be cut up by Reps. Paul Davis national student programs and by
the jury he was insane at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court by Wilton Congregational Church. Lawrence worked 44 years for
and Emily Cain, sponsors of the the end of this year. Japanese citizens and immigrants W.D. Matthews Machinery Co. of
time of the crimes. A forensic whoopie-pie bill, and given away in Eva was a meticulous house-
Dench said the counties have who work and attend school in the keeper, a wonderful cook and a Auburn. He retired on March 11,
psychiatrist for the prosecu- exchange for donations. system. Eleven Japanese students
tion who examined Gribble in also filed a request asking Warren loving wife, mother and grand- 2011.
Proceeds will go to send smaller to stay his order until the Supreme are now in Maine universities. He was predeceased by his par-
February said he is a liar and a whoopie pies to Maine troops serv- mother. Eva was a formidable
manipulator who is not insane. Court has had a chance to hear bridge player, an avid reader, and ents; his loving wife, Shirley; a
ing overseas. – From staff and news services
son, John; sisters, Bernita and
a talented stencil artist. Her sten-
ciled tin trays, boxes, stools and Margaret, and a brother, Alfred.
countless other items are keep- Lawrence is survived by his three

PASSAGES sakes treasured by her children children, daughter Shelby Noyes

Mainers rally to support Continued from Page B5

remained an important part of
and grandchildren.
Eva’s hands were never idle: she
mastered macramé, beaded jew-
elry, crocheting, counted
cross-stitch, plastic canvas,
and her husband Terry of
Standish, two sons, James
McDonald and his fiance Adri-
enne Bowden, and Lawrence
McDonald II all of South Port-

LePage budget proposal

the Keefs’ lives over the years.
For the past 25 years, Mr. Keef
and his wife wintered in Florida.
The family also enjoyed spend-
ing time at a vacation home he
built in Eustis, where he enjoyed
embroidery, and fabric crafts.
She also got great joy from play-
ing the piano and organ.
Although in her final years her
ability to communicate was
land; seven sisters, Mrs. Lois
Small of St. Petersburg, Fla., Mrs.
Mary Brown of St. Petersburg,
Fla., Mrs. Gloria Moody of
Gorham, Mrs. Geraldime Rench
servitude to DA
Tarren Bragdon, chief ex- compromised, and the effects of of Portland, Mrs. Belva Carey of
MaineToday Media State House Writer debt they can IN ecutive officer of the Maine fishing, hunting and cross-coun- ill health began to take their toll, Westbrook, Mrs. Virginia Smith

AUGUSTA — About 75 people never repay.” Heritage Policy Center, urged try skiing. she will be remembered as a of Augusta, and Phyllis

held a rally Wednesday at the Bill Hamil- people to call their legislators Mr. Keef was active in the woman whose sweet disposition McDonald of Augusta, two

Windham community. He served


State House to show support ton, 68, a re- and encourage them to “stand and loving nature remained until brothers, Robert McDonald of

for Gov. Paul LePage’s pro- tired sales ex- E up to union bosses and en- on the board of selectman and the end. Westbrook, and Arthur

HO U volunteered for the fire depart-

posed budget, which would cut ecutive from U SE B trenched special interests.” Surviving are her three children, McDonald of Portland; eight
some taxes and reduce Maine’s Standish, “We taxpayers will no longer ment. He was also a member of Everett L. Masterman Jr. and his grandchildren, Shannon, Jodi,
costs for state workers’ pen- said the budget is a reasonable be ignored,” Bragdon said. the Kiwanis Club, the Masons wife Marjorie of Tallahassee, Fla., John Joseph, Ryan, Gracie,
sions. attempt to lower the cost of LePage’s $6.1 million budget and the North Windham Union Janis M. Bennett and her hus- Raquel, Mackenzie, Mason and
In the crowd was John government. “We need to get proposal for the two years Church, where he served as band William S. of Freeport, and Jasmine; three great-grandchil-
Clarke, 62, a tea party activist government under control,” starting July 1 includes $200 deacon. His daughter said he Dr. Leslie J. Masterman and his dren, Mykenzie, Madison and
from Monmouth, who waved he said. million in tax breaks, including believed in giving back to the wife Kathleen of Milton, N.H. Kaelynn; Poptart's favorite little
an American flag attached to He carried a sign that said, lowering the top income tax community. Also surviving are nine grand- girl, Maya Atkinson; and several
a pole made of rolled-up file “Status quo – no. Maine Tax- rate from 8.5 percent to 7.95 “He was a very caring person,” children; 12 great-grandchildren nieces and nephews.
folders, which allowed him to payers – yes.” percent. she said. “He taught us great and two great-great-grandchil- Visiting hours will be begin at
get around a State House se- Others at the rally carried To pay for the tax cuts, the values. He was really instru- dren. 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, March
curity rule prohibiting sticks signs that said, “Don’t buy budget proposes several mental in shaping the moral Her family wishes to thank the 24, 2011, at Independent Death
and poles. Union Lies,” “Tax Relief Now,” changes to teachers’ and state fabric and fiber of the whole staff of Freeport Nursing Home Care, 660 Brighton Ave., Port-
“We need common-sense fis- and “Common sense budget workers’ pension benefits. family. He was such a wonderful for their kind and compassion- land; followed by a funeral ser-
cal responsibility,” Clarke said. keeps us out of the red.” example for us.” ate care of Eva in her last years. vice at 1 p.m. Interment will be
“Paul LePage is committed to The rally was organized by MaineToday Media State House Writer There will be no funeral services at Forest City Cemetery in South
working to make sure our chil- the Maine Heritage Policy Cen- Tom Bell can be contacted at 699-6261 Staff Writer Melanie Creamer can be Portland. To offer words of con-
and internment will be in the
dren and grandchildren don’t ter, Maine Taxpayers United or at: contacted at 791-6361 or at: dolence to the family, sign a
spring. Arrangements are in the
grow up to be in indentured and Americans for Prosperity. guest book and share memories,
care of the Brackett Funeral
Home, 29 Federal St., Brunswick. go to the obituary page at
In lieu of flowers, donations
be walking around with ban- proud of Frances Perkins.” small thing.” In lieu of flowers, donations
Continued from Page B1
dages on their hands, and that
parade in Panel Five (“The
First Labor Day”) would have
Instead, Perkins and all she
stood for soon will come down
off the wall and head for what
“I just want to emphasize
that we were merely looking to
may be sent to:
The Freeport Nursing Home
3 East St.
may be made to:
Grace Bible Church of Gorham
74 Deering Rd.
achieve a little balance” Demer- Freeport, Maine 04032
dissolved into just another end- acting Labor Commissioner itt said. “It’s very minor.” Gorham, Maine 04038
wages, dangerous working
conditions and discrimination,
less September workday. Laura Boyett, in her e-mail to Except it isn’t. SERVICES and
Then there’s Panel Eight, department employees this In fact, coming just a few days
to name but a few of their griev- titled “Frances Perkins.” week, euphemistically called a before Friday’s 100th anniver- VISITING HOURS
ances. Born of Maine parents, “new home.” sary of The Triangle Shirtwaist ADAMS, HERBERT R. - 78, of Scarbor-
ough & Lovell, March 18, 2011. Services,
They shut down 19 shoe facto- Perkins went on to become the Boyett, a 17-year Labor Factory Fire in New York City Norway UU Church, 479 Main St., Nor-
way, April 23, 1 p.m.
ries before it was over, but paid first female member of a U.S. Department veteran who we – 146 young women perished BENNETT, LILLIAN M. - 87, March 20, 2011.
dearly when police and then the
National Guard moved in and
Cabinet – she was secretary of
labor through the 12-year presi-
can only assume is just trying
to hang onto her job (ah, the
that day in what Frances Per-
Graveside service, Calvary Cemetery,
March 25, 1 p.m. Light refreshments,
First Baptist Church, Sawyer St., South SERVICES and
kins later called “the birth of Portland, 2 p.m.
forcibly put down the insurrec-
dency of Franklin D. Roosevelt irony), also explained in that e- the New Deal” – it’s an insult to
of Newry, originally Portland, March 19, VISITING HOURS
and played a lead role in the mail that the rush to redecorate those who over the last century
2011, in Lewiston. Celebration of life,
March 26, 3 p.m., Bethel Church of the KRAUT, JEANNE LOUISE - 83, March 19,
Just a thought, but how many creation of our Social Security stems from “feedback that the Nazarene, Bethel. 2011, in Scarborough. Interment
fought, and sometimes died, for DANYOW-LAMBERT, LILLIAN YOLAND - 82, arrangements pending. Memorial cel-
of those workers do you think system. administration building is not March 20, 2011. No calling hours. Funeral ebration, May 14, 11 a.m., Thornton
the workplace rights we all take Mass, March 25, 11 a.m., Good Shepherd Heights UMC, 100 Westbrook St., South
might have been named “Le- Her lifelong love of Maine is perceived as equally receptive Parish/Most Holy Trinity Catholic Portland. Hobbs Funeral Home, 671 U.S.

Page?” for granted today. Church, Route 1, Saco. Bibber Memorial Route One, Scarborough.
reflected in the Frances Perkins to both businesses and work- Chapel. MASTERMAN, EVA SANDSTROM - March
Nor, speaking of history, Back when the LePages sat 23, 2011. No funeral services. Intern-
Center, on the family home- ers.” DELORENZO, EILEEN M. - 82, of Wells,
ment in the spring. Brackett Funeral
did LePage stop to think that down with Bill Green, Ann March 18, 2011. Memorial visitation,
stead in Newcastle, where Ex- That feedback undoubtedly March 27, 1-4 p.m., Bibber Memorial Home, 29 Federal St., Brunswick.

Taylor’s Panel Three (“The Tex- LePage portrayed the governor Chapel, 111 Chapel Rd., Wells.
ecutive Director Barbara Burt came from Team LePage the DESFOSSES, BRIAN - 43, in Raymond, Nobleboro, March 17, 2011, in Dama-
tile Workers”), Panel Six (“The found herself shaking her head moment it first entered the as the kind of guy who always March 17, 2011. Visiting hours, 2-4 p.m., riscotta. No public service. Private gath-
March 26, Dolby Funeral Chapel, 434 ering at a later date, Christmas Cove.
Woods Workers”) and Panel in disbelief Wednesday at our building. And those Labor De- identifies with the downtrod- River Rd., Windham & funeral service, 4 Strong-Hancock Funeral Home, 612 Main
p.m. St., Damariscotta.
Nine (“Rosie the Riveter”) all “very mean-spirited” governor. partment employees who may den because, as an 11-year-old DUDLEY, MARY - March 21, 2011. Memo- MCLEAN, ALVINA S. - 51, of Portland, in
rial service, Trinity Church, 580 Forest
celebrate eras in which hard- “Unemployment insurance, hold a different view have been who left home after his abusive Ave., Portland, 11 a.m., March 26. Recep-
Portland, March 17, 2011. Graveside ser-
vice, 11 a.m., March 24, Forest City Cem-
tion, Elks Club, outer Congress St.
working Mainers, through their child labor laws, workplace told in no uncertain terms to father put him in the hospital, etery, South Portland. Hobbs Funeral
Home, 230 Cottage Rd., South Portland.
DZIK, ELIZABETH K. - 65, of Limington,
own sweat and blood, made this safety law, the minimum wage shut up and keep working. he’d been there and done that. March 16, 2011, in Scarborough. Private
celebration of life is planned. Watson,
state what it is today. – those are all things that you “Whether or not the percep- “Because Paul had the Neal & York Funeral Home, Cornish. 19, 2011, in Scarborough. Internment at
a later date, Mt. Wollaston cemetery,
FLAGG, DON H. - of Hartford, March 22,
Also lost on the governor is can directly trace back to Fran- tion is valid is not really at upbringing he did,” promised 2011, in Auburn. Graveside service, 1
Quincy, Mass.
p.m., Friday, Edes Falls Cemetery, SMITH, MARGARET HASKELL - of Freeport,
the simple fact that the Depart- ces Perkins,” said Burt. issue and therefore, not open to Maine’s first lady, “Paul will Naples. Hall Funeral Home, Casco. March 21, 2011, in Freeport. Celebration
of life, April 2, 2:30 p.m., South Freeport
ment of Labor, by definition, ex- Removing both the mural and debate,” wrote Boyett. fight for the underdog every H E N R Y , A N N E R A N D O L P H - of Scarbor-
ough, March 20, 2011. No visiting hours.
Church, South Freeport Rd. Kincer
Funeral Home, 130 Pleasant St., Rich-
ists first and foremost to protect Perkins’ name from one of the Expect little more from Dan time.” Memorial service, 11 a.m., March 25, St.
Albans Episcopal Church, 855 Shore Rd.,
Maine’s workers. Department of Labor’s meeting Demeritt, LePage’s communi- To paraphrase her father, she Cape Elizabeth. Hobbs Funeral Home,
230 Cottage Rd., South Portland.
Augusta, in Augusta, March 20, 2011.
The laws and regulations it rooms, Burt said, “is an attack cations director, who achieved a had to be kidding. INGRAHAM, FRANCIS M. - 74, of Fal- Long Funeral Home, 9 Mountain St.,
mouth, March 5, 2011. Graveside service, Camden.
enforces are in place because on something that’s so deeply new level of tone deafness this Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, April 13, WIGGIN, WALTER F. - 58, March 20, 2011,
11 a.m.
without them, those forlorn ingrained in American life that week when he told the Lewis- Columnist Bill Nemitz can be contacted
KEEF, GEORGE A. - March 21, 2011. Memo-
in York Hospital. Memorial service, 1
p.m., March 26, Union Congregational
child laborers in Panel Two it’s almost inconceivable to me. ton Sun Journal that the Labor at 791-6323 or at: rial service, Windham Hill United Church
of Christ, 140 Windham Center Rd., 2
Church, Church St., York Beach. No
calling hours. Lucas & Eaton Funeral
(“Lost Childhood”) would still I mean, Maine should be so Department’s face-lift is “a very p.m., March 27. Dolby Funeral Chapel. Home, 91 Long Sands Rd., York.


Edition: PD Sec/Page: B4 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

OBITUARIES The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 B5

George Keef, 88, environmentally conscious businessman

By MELANIE CREAMER He was married to his wife, Jean Keef,
Staff Writer
PASSAGES for 66 years. They met on Spednic Lake
and Jean
WINDHAM — George Keef, a respected Each day the newsroom selects one obituary near the Canadian border when she was Keef,
business owner who was active in the and seeks to learn more about the life of a 13 and he was 15 – he was sailing and she shown at
community and had a zest for life, died person who has lived and worked in Maine. was canoeing with a friend. They mar- a party in
Monday. He was 88. We look for a person who has made a mark ried in 1944 and lived in South Portland 2007, were
Mr. Keef had an entrepreneurial spirit. on the community or the person’s family and briefly. married for
He started several businesses during his friends in lasting ways. In 1949, the Keefs bought a poultry farm 66 years.
life, including a partnership in Sebago Ba- on Route 115 in North Windham, where They met
sin campground in North Windham and stoves his customers bought, and renting they raised their family. on Spednic
Maine Rental Hardware in Westbrook. bicycles as well as selling them. Lothrop said her parents loved each Lake
In 1976, he founded Frost and Flame, a “He had this grandiose hope that the other and shared a great life together. near the
small retail store formerly on Route 115 bikes would catch on and people would “He always treated my mother like a Canadian
in North Windham. The store sold items give up their cars,” his daughter said. queen,” she said. “They were very com- border
such as bicycles and Norwegian wood “He was hopeful that people would be patible. They had a lot of life experiences when she
stoves. He sold the business in 1984. more environmentally conscious. He was together and were really great friends.” was 13 and
Karen Lothrop of Longwood, Fla., the an idea man. If one thing didn’t succeed, A highlight of their lives was traveling he was 15.
second oldest of his six children, said he would try something else and put his to Norway twice, where they visited Inger
her father took pride in the businesses heart and soul into it.” Myrstad Riley, an exchange student the
he owned. Lothrop said he was always Mr. Keef was remembered by his family family hosted in the early 1960s. Riley has
coming up with ways to improve his on Wednesday as an old-fashioned guy
businesses, such as installing the wood who had strong morals and beliefs. Please see PASSAGES, Page B4 Family photo

To Our Readers Margaret Haskell Herbert R. Adams, 78 George Keef

Paid obituaries are published by Smith A Man Ahead of His Time
SCARBOROUGH — Herbert R. a b o u t t h e i m p o r t a n c e o f
the advertising department of Adams, 78, of Scarborough and empathic listening. Later while WINDHAM — George A. Keef He was an avid environmental-
FREEPORT — Margaret Haskell was born in the Canadian bor- ist, gardener and arborist and
the Portland Press Herald/Maine Lovell, died suddenly at in the publishing busi-
Smith, of Windsor Post Road, der town of Vanceboro,
Sunday Telegram. Maine Medical Center ness, he co-authored a planted at least 36 dif-
Freeport, died on Aug. 12, 1922, to
Complimentary death notices on March 18, 2011. book, “Listening Your ferent varieties of trees
are published under “Services & on March 21, Arthur I. Keef and
Herb was born on April Way to Management on his property. He was
Visiting Hours.” 2011, at home Marion Dodge Keef. He
19, 1932, in Philadel- Success.” a woodcarver and cre-
in Freeport. passed on March 21,
Continued on B4 phia, Pa., to Leander H. Herb was a past presi- ated many artistic
Mrs. Smith 2011, surrounded by
Adams and Helen Rich- dent of the Norway objects for his family
was born on family members who
ards Adams. He was a Paris Kiwanis Club and and friends. He was
Aug. 14, 1920, have greatly cherished especially fascinated
Mary E. Dudley in Newton graduate of Colby Col- various civic organiza-
being a part of this out- with Haida art from the
1931 - 2011 Center, Mass., lege (1954), where he tions in the Oxford Hills
was involved in theatre and Lovell. He had a standing man’s life. tribe of the First Nation
PORTLAND — Mary Dudley, of the daughter George joined the
p r o d u c t i o n s a n d w o n Herbert R. Adams p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t i n of Canada and loved
Portland, died peacefully on of William A. Marine Corps after com-
the Levine Prize for Pub- lakes conservation. George Keef collecting Maine Indian
March 21, 2011, after a long ill- Margaret Haskell H a s k e l l a n d pleting two years at relics. He was a history
Smith Margaret Lin- lic Speaking, and Harvard Gradu- He was predeceased by parents;
ness. Ricker Junior College and was buff and avid reader. His story
coln Barry. She spent her years in ate School of Education (1972). his infant brother, Hampto n
Mary was born in Portland, the stationed in North Carolina. He telling abilities reflected his vast
Newton Center attending local He also studied at Harvard Divin- Adams, and a brother, Jon B.
daughter of Harry and Clara was trained as an aerial photog- knowledge of the past and the
schools. In 1935 she entered The ity School. Adams. He is survived by his wife
(Wilson) Milton. Mary was the rapher and served in Guam. world around him. The tales
Emma Willard School in Troy, Herb had careers in the ministry of 34 years, Mary Ryan Adams;
loving wife of Robert Dudley Sr. George married his sweetheart, were always told with his dry
N.Y., from which she graduated a n d a s a t e x t b o o k e d i t o r a n d his sister, Anne Adams of Lan-
for 55 years until his death in Jean Donahue, in 1944. After the sense of humor that never failed
in 1938. She then attended Smith developer at several companies, caster, Pa.; four children, Ashley
February 2005. war, they moved to South Port- to amuse.
College, graduating in 1942. the last of which was Laidlaw A d a m s o f R o s l i n d a l e , M a s s . ,
Mary worked for many years at land where he worked in real He was closely connected to all
Her summers were spent at the Brothers, a subsidiary of Double- Joshua Adams of Ithaca, N.Y.,
MMC and OHM. She was very estate and for Sears Roebuck’s of his children, grandchildren,
family cottage in Blue Hill, and it day & Co., where he served as Lee Adams of Dayton, Minn.,
civic minded and taught her photography department. The great-grandchildren and many
was in Blue Hill at the age of 16 P r e s i d e n t a n d C E O . H e a l s o and Rachel Adams of Minneapo-
children volunteerism on her c o u p l e m o v e d t o N o r t h dozens of others since he took an
that she met her future husband taught English in public schools lis Minn.; three stepchildren,
own. She was a dedicated Pack W i n d h a m a f t e r p u r c h a s i n g a interest in each one of them, and
Halsey Smith of South Orange, in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massa- Ande Hall of Pratt, Kan., Ken Hill
Mother of Boy Scout Pack 62, a poultry farm. will be greatly missed by all.
N.J. They were married in Trin- chusetts and Maine and served as of Milford, Mass., and Rich Hill
m e m b e r o f t h e P o r t l a n d D i et George became active in the George is survived by his wife,
ity Episcopal Church, Newton a principal of the Middle School o f G e n e v a , I l l . ; 1 2 b e l o v e d
Mission and past president (now community, became a selectman, Jean; and the couples six chil-
Center on Dec. 19, 1942. in the Oxford Hills school dis- grandchildren, Sam Johnson, Jill
known as the Cora L. Brown served as a volunteer fireman and dren, daughters Martha Strout
In 1945, after Mr. Smith’s return trict. Adams, Vanessa Johnson,
Foundation), the Woman’s was a member of the Kiwanis (Ronald), Nahant, Mass., and
from duty in the Marine Corps., Herb began his ministry while R e b e c c a A d a m s , J o n n o H i l l ,
Republican Club, Portland Club, Club. He joined the Masons and K a r e n L o t h r o p ( T o m ) , L o n g -
they settled in Orange, N.J., he was a student at Colby Col- Hannah Adams, Tucker Adams,
and spent many Saturdays at the t h e N o r t h W i n d h a m U n i o n wood, Fla., and four sons living
where they lived until 1951. In lege, ordained by the Fairfield Reuben Adams, Calvin Adams,
Preble Street Soup Kitchen. She Church where he served as dea- in Maine, Daniel (Debora Tan-
September of that year, Mr. M e t h o d i s t C h u r c h w h e r e h e Jenny Hill, Ezra Hill and Nora
also volunteered at the Frances con. crel), Casco, Edward (Sherry
Smith became associated with served on weekends. Later while Hill; five nieces and nephews;
Peabody House as a driver. Mary George had an entrepreneurial S a w y e r ) , O t i s f i e l d , W i l l i a m ,
the Casco Bank and Trust Com- still at Colby, he commuted to and his faithful Boston Terrier,
was a member of the St. Hilda’s spirit and started several busi- Gorham, and David (Johanna
pany and the family moved to Scarborough to serve the Pine Betty Boop.
Guild and Altar Guild for many nesses, including a partnership in Moore), Farmingdale. They also
the Portland area, settling on the Point Congregational Church, Herb enjoyed Heald Pond, his
years at Trinity Episcopal the Sebago Basin Tenting Area in have 13 grandchildren, Aaron
Blackstrap Road in Falmouth. In where he also served full-time summer home of 42 years, golf,
Church. North Windham, Rental Hard- Strout (Melanie), Austin, Texas,
1969 they moved from Fal- after his graduation. He left there fishing, poker, theatre, and jazz
Mary was predeceased by her ware in Westbrook, and inde- J o h n S t r o u t ( L a r r i s s a ) , S i l v er
mouth to Freeport. i n 1 9 5 6 t o s t u d y a t H a r v a r d music. Most of all, he enjoyed
parents; her husband; two broth- pendently founded the original Spring, Md., Heather Strout (Lee
Mrs. Smith was predeceased by Divinity School. spending time with his extensive
ers, Ward and John; and one Frost and Flame store in North B a k e r ) , A u s t i n T e x a s , J a m e s
her parents; her husband; her Later, as a Unitarian Universal- extended family.
grandson, Joey. She is survived by Windham. Lothrop (Suzanne), Philadelphia,
brother, William A. Haskell of ist minister he served churches in Services to celebrate Herb's life
her two daughters, Alice Levesque H e w o r k e d a s a S u r g e D a i r y Pa., Stephen Lothrop (Nadine),
Topsham; and a son-in-law, Ger- Maine, Massachusetts, New York will be held at the Norway UU
and her husband Rino, Lisa Pardi Equipment representative visit- C o l u m b u s , O h i o , M i c h a e l
ald A. Shafts. She is survived by State, New Mexico and Florida, Church, 479 Main St., Norway
and her husband Michael, her i n g f a r m s i n M a i n e a n d N e w Lothrop (Gabriela), Orlando,
her four children, Margaret sometimes simultaneously with on April 23, 2011, at 1 p.m.
sons, Ward, Milton and Robert Hampshire for five years, fol- Fla., Sara Keef, Worcester, Mass.,
Coburn Smith and her partner other posts in teaching or pub- In lieu of flowers, donations may be
and his wife Shirley; 11 grand- l o w e d b y 1 5 y e a r s a s a s h i f t Chris Keef (Angela), Concord,
Sandra Bishop of Landrum, S.C., lishing. made in Herb's memory to:
children; and 12 great-grandchil- supervisor with Fairchild Semi- N . H . , T h o m a s K e e f ( S a n d i ) ,
Karen W. Shafts of West Rox- While in the Unitarian ministry, The West Paris Universalist Church
dren. conductor in South Portland. Westbrook, Sanmukh Jain
bury, Mass., Halsey Smith Jr. and he authored a curriculum for P.O. Box 36
A memorial service will be held I n 1 9 6 3 - 6 4 t h e K e e f f a m i l y (Amanda Keef), Austin, Texas,
his wife Cynthia of Wellington, church schools for the Unitarian West Paris, Maine 04289
at the Trinity Church, 580 Forest hosted an AFS exchange student T r a v i s K e e f ( K a t e ) , G o r h a m ,
Fla., and Ellen Ebert and her hus- Universalist Association Depart- or to the Norway Unitarian
Ave., Portland, at 11 a.m. on Sat- from Norway, Inger Myrstad E m i l y K e e f ( M a t t O l s o n ) ,
band Daric of Freeport. She is ment of Education entitled Universalist Church
urday, March 26, 2011. A recep- (Riley), who on a trip to Maine to S t a n d i s h a n d J e n n i f e r K e e f ,
also survived by six grandchil- “Project Listening,” based upon 479 Main St.
tion will follow at the Elks Club attend her host sister’s wedding, S t a n d i s h . T h e y a l s o h a v e 1 8
dren, Heather Winson of South his doctoral research and thesis Norway, Maine 04268
on outer Congress Street. met and married an American, great-grandchildren.
Portland and her husband Rob,
Brian Desfosses, 43
RAYMOND — Brian Desfosses,
43, died at his home in Ray-
Melissa Sykes of Lynnfield, Mass.,
and her husband David, Emily
Ebert of Burnham-on-Crouch, UK
moved to the U.S. She and her A memorial service will be held
family have remained an inte- at Windham Hill United Church
gral part of the Keefs. George and of Christ, 140 Windham Center
wife, Jean, made two trips to Rd., at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March
and her husband Harry, Nicho- May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Norway, which were highlights 2 7 . A r r a n g e m e n t s a r e b y t h e
m o n d o n las Ebert of Portland, Zachary adored, glorified, loved and preserved In Loving Memory Of
March 17, throughout the world, now and forever. of their lives. Dolby Funeral Chapel.
Smith and Dean Smith of Well- Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St.
Jude, worker of miracles and helper of
George designed and built two O n l i n e c o n d o l e n c e s m a y b e
2011. ington, Fla.; and eight great- the hopeless, pray for us. November 30, 1934 - March 24, 2010
He was born h o m e s ; a s o l a r h o m e i n made to www.dolbyfuneralchap-
grandchildren. Say this prayer 9 times a day for 9 days.
By the 9th day your prayer will be an-
One year ago today the Lord took you
Windham and a weekend home
in Westbrook A celebration of her life will be swered. Publication must be promised.
home but you are always with us.
We love you and miss you.
on Jan. 17, Thank you, St. Jude. --SS in Eustis that became a getaway Donations may be made to:
held on Saturday, April 2, at 2:30 Your loving Wife Catherine
for fishing, hunting and cross
1968, the son and Daughters Kathy and Luana Gosnell Memorial Hospice House
p.m., at the South Freeport IN MEMORIAM country skiing. For the past 25
of Sandra and 11 Hunnewell Rd.
Church on South Freeport Road. In Loving Memory Of
years the couple enjoyed winter-
Eugene Des- Scarborough, Maine 04074
Arrangements are under the care BENJAMIN CHANDLER
ing in Florida where they made
fosses. Brian or via http://www.hospiceof
of Kincer Funeral Home, 130 many friends through their vari-
struggled with
Pleasant St., Richmond. ous activities. memorials-and-honorariums.html
Brian Desfosses a long illness In lieu of flowers, donations in her
and is now at memory may be made to:
peace. Who Passed Away March 24, 2003 To publish and obituary call 207-791-6191.
Freeport Community Services
He loved the outdoors. He 53 Depot Rd. Lovingly remembered by, To place an in memoriam call 207-791-6100.
enjoyed hunting, snowmobiling, Bruce, Candie, Bob and Cindy
Freeport, Maine 04032 For a list of this weeks obituary notices go to
fishing, riding motorcycles, dirt or to Coastal Humane
bikes and anything that had a IN MEMORIAM
Society of Brunswick
motor. Brian was mechanically 30 Range Rd.
In Loving Memory Of
Affordable Prices, Good Service,
inclined so of course he did Brunswick, Maine 04011 Local Funeral Director.
whatever he could to make what Firefighter
he drove go faster. Officers & Members Other low-cost cremation and funeral providers offer “statewide
services” or claim to be “local”. Our funeral director lives in the area,
He enjoyed growing up with his Engine Co. #1

many friends and family in

Westbrook. He later moved to REMEMBRANCES Appointed November 13, 1977
our facility is on Forest Avenue, and we’re available 24 hours a day.
Proudly Serving Central & Southern Maine

Died in Line of Duty March 24, 1980

Raymond and could be found at As A Result of Injuries at Box 53,
his beach enjoying the warmth March 24, 1980 981 Forest Ave, Portland
IN MEMORIAM 899-4605
of the sun and playing ball with FIREMAN'S PRAYER
his dog Kia. Most importantly
In Loving Memory Of
When I am called to duty, God...
Wherever flames may rage...
Brian was loved by his family Give me strength to save some life... Basic & Complete Cremations | Immediate Burials | Complete Funerals
Whatever be its age... On-site State Room | Off-site Memorials | Affordable Preplanning | DHHS Accepted
and friends. He had a heart of Help me embrace a little child...
gold and would light up a room Before it is too late...Or save an older
person from...The horror of that fate...
when he entered. Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest
shout...And quickly and efficiently...
He is survived by his parents,
EVELYN GROFF BANKS To put the fire out...I want to fill my calling
Sandra and Eugene Desfosses of Who Passed Away on March 24, 2005
and...To give the best in me...To guard my
every neighbor and...Protect his property...
Westbrook; his sister, Eileen We love you and miss you and there is
And if according to my fate... I am to lose
my life...Please bless with your protecting
Clark of Windham, her husband not a day that goes by that

Ken, and two nieces, Ashley and

Morgan, whom he loved dearly.
we don’t think of you.

Your Children and Husband,
hand... My children and my wife.

Lovingly remembered by,

Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren
He is remembered and loved by
many other cherished relatives
and friends. M AINE M EMORIAL C O . Lyric
 , the world’s first 100% invisible,

Visiting hours will be held from
2 until 4 p.m. on Saturday, ANN L. MICHAUD
Cemetery extended wear
5.'# !#
March 26, 2011, at the Dolby
Funeral Chapel, 434 River Rd.,
July 22, 1956 - March 24, 2009 Memorials hearing device. 

Windham. A funeral service will

Thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new.
since 1919
I thought about you yesterday,
follow at 4 p.m. For on-line con- and days before that too. Designed onsite by a memorial artist
I think of you in silence,
dolences, please visit our web
site at: www.dolbyfuneralchap-
I often speak your name.
All I have are memories
and a picture in a frame.
767-2233 !))0,*!(%!+!--,'+0*%+00,$!5
Your memory is a keepsake, 220 Main Street, South Portland (Rt. 1)
In lieu of flowers, please consider
with which I'll never part.
God has you in his keeping, Across from Calvary Cemetery,


I have you in my heart. 6

Paul DiMatteo next to Handyman Rental 
!5.'!) 333/,1+$!$2'#%!1$',),&5#,*
donations in Brian’s memory to Missing you, forever in our hearts, CERTIFIED MEMORIALIST %  

a charity of one’s choice. Husband Gary

Affordable, Locally Carved Maine Craftsmanship $ ""#"
Daughters Katelyn, Ashley and Rochelle


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B6 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011

State Forecast
1/ North: Rather cloudy today with a snow shower; breezy
toward Millinocket.
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2/ Western mountains: Clouds and sun today with a snow

shower. A couple of flurries tonight. A couple of snow showers Portland Tides Marine Forecast
A storm system is tracking
south of us early today.
This storm is too far south to
have a big impact around here.
3/ Central/East: Breezy today with
clouds and sun; a snow shower,
except dry at the coast. Fort Kent/ 32°
10.9 ft.
3:02 a.m. 9.5 ft.
3:44 p.m.
From Eastport, Maine, to Merrimack
River, Mass., out to 25 nautical miles in
the Atlantic.
8 Today: Wind east-northeast at 15-25
An inverted trough, or wind knots. Wave heights 4-7 feet. Visibility
Clayton Lake/ 30°
shift line, will be the focus for 4/ Down East: Breezy today 6 under 2 miles in a snow shower.
snow showers today, and pos- with clouds and sun; a snow 0.2 ft.
sibly Friday as well. Any accu- shower, except dry in the -1.0 ft. 9:42 p.m.
Charlie Lopresti 2
Tonight: Wind from the north-north-
mulations should be very light. north. 9:27 a.m. east at 10-20 knots. Wave heights 3-6
Saturday is looking brighter Stormteam 13 Houlton/ 34° 0 feet. Partly cloudy.
but windy. Temperatures will Millinocket/ 34°
remain well below average through early next week. -2
12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Noon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Tomorrow: Wind from the north at 8-
Greenville/ 30° 16 knots. Wave heights 3-5 feet.
Visibility under 2 miles in snow show-
Eastport/ 36° Kittery: subtract 7 minutes for high tide, add 1 minute for low tide
Rangeley/35° Rockland: subtract 8 minutes for high tide, subtract 7 minutes for low tide ers.
Bangor/ 36°

Today’s Forecast
Augusta/ 38°
Bar Harbor/ 37°
North America Weather for March 24, 2011
As heavy snow and thunderstorms push offshore today, cold winds and
snow showers will linger in the Northeast. Much of the Plains and South
can expect a dry day. Gusty winds will buffet the High Plains. Areas of
COAST INLAND Somerville/ 38°/flurries
rain and mountain snow will affect the Rockies and West.
Rockport/ 36°/flurries 40/17 Yellowknife -10s
Lewiston/ 37°/flurries -0s
Waldoboro/ 38°/flurries
Bridgton/ 37°/flurries
Mainly cloudy with Mostly cloudy with Bowdoin/ 36°/flurries Churchill 0s
snow showers snow showers 6/-14 St. John's
Brunswick/ 38°/flurries 33/24
Raymond/ 35°/flurries Shown are noon 10s
Boothbay/ 36°/flurries positions of Vancouver Calgary
37 | 25 37 | 20 Parsonsfield/ 37°/flurries Windham/ 35°/flurries Harbor weather systems
and precipitation.
Saskatoon 26/8
Temperature 24/5 38/23
Extended Outlook Portland/ 36°/flurries bands are highs Seattle Montreal 30s
for the day. 55/41 36/17
Buxton/ 36°/flurries Caribou 36° Billings
FRIDAY SATURDAY Saco/ 36°/flurries 47/26 40s
Minneapolis Detroit Toronto
Sanford/ 36°/flurries 30/16 28/12
Montreal 36°
28/14 New York 50s
Kennebunk/ 36°/flurries 44/28
San Francisco Denver 37/20 60s
Showers 56/46 56/29 Washington

Clouds and sun with Brighter but windy

Today in the T-storms Los Angeles
snow showers and cold Kittery/ 38°/flurries Northeast Boston 38° Flurries
El Paso
68/40 Cold
Albany 34° Snow 78/49
34 to 39 33 to 38 Toronto 28°
Ice Warm
Springfield 38° Stationary
16 to 24 10 to 20 Buffalo 28° Yesterday’s National Extremes Chihuahua Houston
for the 48 contiguous states 88/50 81/62 Miami
Yesterday’s high/lows New York 44°
High: 94 at Laredo, TX
Low: -4 at Stanley, ID
La Paz
Augusta 35 23 Gray 38 24
Pittsburgh 37°
Bangor 38 29 Greenville 30 18 Albany 34 19 sf Charlotte 67 34 s Grand Rapids 30 10 pc Minneapolis 28 14 pc Salt Lake City 53 35 sh
Biddeford* 38 23 Houlton 35 26 Albuquerque 66 37 s Cheyenne 53 27 pc Hartford 38 21 sf Nashville 56 34 pc San Antonio 80 63 s
Brunswick 37 24 Kittery* 39 28 Anchorage 38 28 sf Chicago 37 20 pc Honolulu 83 71 pc New Orleans 78 56 s San Diego 62 54 pc
Washington 56° Asheville 60 30 pc Cincinnati 44 26 pc Houston 81 62 s New York 44 28 pc San Francisco 56 46 r
Caribou 36 25 Sanford 38 25
Atlanta 68 40 s Cleveland 32 18 pc Indianapolis 42 25 pc Orlando 84 60 s San Juan, PR 84 72 pc
Fryeburg 38 18 Portland 37 26 Austin 82 62 s Concord, NH 38 18 sf Jackson, MS 72 43 s Philadelphia 45 26 pc Seattle 55 41 c
*Estimated Baltimore 50 28 pc Dallas 78 58 s Juneau 41 27 pc Phoenix 73 52 s Shreveport 74 49 s
Billings 47 26 c Denver 56 29 pc Kansas City 50 37 s Portland, OR 57 39 c Sioux Falls 36 23 c
Binghamton 30 14 sf Des Moines 40 27 pc Las Vegas 64 49 s Providence 40 25 sf Spokane 50 35 sh

Almanac Statistics from Bismarck 31 14 c Detroit 30 16 pc Little Rock 64 41 s Raleigh 71 35 pc Syracuse 32 17 sf

Last New First Full Boston 38 26 sf Duluth 28 -3 pc Los Angeles 62 50 pc Rapid City 46 26 pc Tampa 78 62 s
Portland Jetport
Mar. 26 Apr. 3 Apr. 11 Apr. 17 Buffalo 28 14 sf El Paso 78 49 s Louisville 48 30 pc Reno 47 33 sn Tucson 75 45 s
through 4 p.m. Burlington, VT 34 19 sf Fairbanks 34 3 pc Memphis 59 39 s Richmond 63 29 pc Tulsa 60 45 s
Charleston, SC 78 48 s Fargo 24 7 c Miami 84 67 s Sacramento 52 44 r Washington, DC 56 28 pc
Charleston, WV 46 22 pc Flagstaff 46 25 s Milwaukee 30 17 pc St. Louis 44 33 pc Wilmington, DE 46 21 pc
Sunrise today 6:38 a.m. Record high 66/1953 Heating degree days yest. 33 24-hour snowfall yest. 0.0"
Athens 63 50 pc Bogota 65 47 t London 61 41 pc Rome 65 46 s

Sunset today 6:58 p.m. Normal high 44 Average this date 29 Month to date 3.2" Auckland 69 59 pc Cairo 67 54 sh Madrid 54 41 r Sao Paulo 81 65 sh
Daylight today 12 hr., 20 min. Record low 5/1934 Total, month to date 722 Normal month to date 9.6" Baghdad 74 50 s Dublin 55 39 pc Mexico City 82 48 s Singapore 85 77 sh
Barbados 85 77 sh Frankfurt 66 47 s Moscow 34 13 sf Sydney 81 64 s
Increase since 12/21 3 hr., 24 min. Normal low 28 Total, season to date 5669 Season to date 74.2" Beijing 57 35 pc Geneva 65 46 s New Delhi 94 65 s Taipei 64 57 sh
Moonrise today 12:22 a.m. Wednesday mean temp. 32 Average, season to date 5969 Normal season to date 59.8" Berlin 55 38 pc Hong Kong 73 58 s Oslo 45 24 s Tokyo 53 40 sh
Bermuda 70 60 r Jerusalem 50 41 sh Paris 64 45 s Vancouver 51 42 c
Moonset today 9:28 a.m. Normal mean temp. 36 Last season to date 5291 Last season to date 37.0" Around the world today W-weather, s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.


Edition: PD Sec/Page: B6 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

Thursday, March 24, 2011
SPORTS The Portland Press Herald SECTION C

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Press Herald Sports
RED CLAWS: West’s BONDS: Friend says
request to be waived he saw trainer hold- Scoreboard/C2
Follow us on Twitter is granted, C3 ing syringe, C4 Business/C7


Loyalty goes a long way

Alumni cheer for their schools. ... Family tradition plays a big role. ...
Long shots become favorites. ... And of course, ‘People hate Duke.’

Staff Writer

uring a recent
visit to the den- SIXTEEN TEAMS remain, including three No. 1 seeds
tist, Brad Crist and some upset specialists. Page C5
Jimmer Fredette, JOANNE P. McCALLIE has Duke in a women’s regional
a smooth-shooting and his dental
practitioner dis- with three Big East teams. Page C5
guard, has put THE NCAA’S decision not to use a timing system
Brigham Young cussed the most timely topic
in sports: the NCAA men’s has caused some problems. Page C6
University in the Sweet
16 for the first time basketball tournament. Crist
since 1981, while the mentioned that he’s a 1999 schools that still have a chance to reach the Final Four.
Duke fans are used to graduate of Brigham Young University, and his dentist Some grew up in a household where a parent or a sibling
this time of year. The immediately commented on the prowess of Jimmer is a fan of a certain program. Others, like Crist, are alumni
Blue Devils, love them Fredette, BYU’s smooth-shooting guard. who have relocated or returned to Maine, bringing their
or hate them, are the Then the practitioner added an aside. school allegiances and some of their traditions.
defending national “I’m an Ohio State graduate, and we’re on the other side Crist, a native of Bountiful, Utah, remembers BYU’s 1996
champions. of the bracket,” he told Crist. “Maybe we’ll see you in the season, when the Cougars won one game and went 0-16 in
title game.” the Western Athletic Conference.
March Madness, the better-known moniker for the 72- “Our team was terrible,” said Crist, a North Yarmouth
year-old NCAA men’s basketball tournament, is a time of resident who is the general manager of Savage Safe
the year when college allegiances are in full bloom and Handling in Auburn. “But Dave Rose, the head coach, has
when money and ink-stained brackets are surreptitiously done a great job of rebuilding the program. The addi-
exchanged in offices across the country. The tourna- tion of Jimmer has helped things, and it’s brought some
ment’s round of 16 teams – affectionately known as the excitement to the program that I haven’t seen since the
“Sweet 16” – opens tonight with four games. 1980s.”
While the University of Maine has never qualified for Some teams become beloved over the course of the
Photo Illustration by the NCAA tournament, you don’t have to look too far for
Jeff Woodbury/Staff Artist college basketball fans in Maine who have allegiances to Please see NCAA, Page C6

Old friend Gendron to enter Gasol and Grizzlies

Pirate hall Saturday night get better of Celtics
peedy Martin Gendron,
a key player during the PAUL
early days of the Portland BETIT Marc Gasol gets help from
Pirates, will become the 14th UP NEXT
member of the AHL team’s HOCKEY former Celtics Leon Powe
hall of fame Saturday night. BEAT and Tony Allen in a 90-87 WHO: Charlotte Bobcats
at Boston Celtics
Gendron spent just two victory at Boston.
seasons with the Pirates, but WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday
out on the wing,” said Hulst, TELEVISION: CSN
he was with The Associated Press
now director of player develop-
the team long BOSTON — The Memphis
ment for the Portland Junior
enough to Grizzlies are still in the playoff with 11 rebounds and Zach Ran-
make a lasting chase, and they’re doing it with dolph had 13 and eight for Mem-
In 120 games with the
impression. a couple of guys who know a phis, which improved to one-half
Pirates, Gendron, who joined
“He was a the Pirates at the start of little bit about the postseason. game behind seventh-place
solid good 1994-95 season, racked up 74 Leon Powe and Tony Allen, New Orleans in the West. The
teammate,” goals and 61 assists to aver- members of the Celtics’ 2008 Grizzlies remained two games
said Kent age more than one point per championship team, returned to ahead of ninth-place Houston,
Martin Hulst, a 2002 game. He still holds or shares Boston on Wednesday night to which beat Golden State later
Gendron hall of fame team records for career hat help the Memphis Grizzlies win Wednesday.
inductee who tricks (5), power-play goals in 90-87 and solidify their hold on Powe, who spent the first three
spent eight seasons with a season (15) and most goals the eighth and final playoff berth years of his career in Boston,
Portland. “Obviously, one of his in a game (4). in the Western Conference. saw little action in Cleveland
strengths was putting the puck “It’s a great feeling to be rec- “When you can come on the before the Cavaliers released
in the net. He had great hand- ognized by the first team you road and beat a great team like him to sign with Memphis on
eye coordination.” started in pro hockey with,” that, and do it on the defensive March 5. He came off the bench
A right wing, Gendron skated said Gendron, who now works end, it’s huge for a young, up- to score 13 points in 17 minutes
on a line with Hulst at left wing as a real estate broker in his The Associated Press and-coming team,” said Powe, – his best game since signing
and Andrew Brunette, another native Quebec. “It’s something Marc Gasol of the Grizzlies falls after he is fouled by Glen who scored 13 points. “That just with the Grizzlies.
Pirate hall of famer, at center. Davis of the Celtics on Wednesday night at TD Garden. Gasol adds to our confidence.”
“It was good to have a sniper Please see HOCKEY, Page C6 had 11 points and 11 rebounds to help Memphis past Boston. Marc Gasol scored 11 points Please see CELTICS, Page C6


Edition: PD Sec/Page: C1 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 3/08/11

C2 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 SCOREBOARD To report results: 1-800-894-0024 or

Johns Hopkins 15, Thomas 8
Southern Maine 7, MIT 4
at Bridgeport, Conn.
Sports Digest
Friday’s games
Minnesota-Duluth vs. Union, N.Y.,
MIT 103 000 000 – 4 7 2 3 p.m.
So. Maine 101 031 10x – 7 11 1
Vaughan, Dama (5), Ockner (7),
Yale vs. Air Force, 6:30 p.m.
Saturday’s game Pro football’s Chad Ochocinco begins tryout
Minnesota-Duluth-Union, N.Y. winner
Brown (7) and Hyatt; Perry, Powers (3),
Stanton (8) and Berthiaume.
WP—Powers (1-0). LP—Dama. Save—
vs. Yale-Air Force winner, 6:30 p.m. with Major League Soccer’s Kansas City club
Stanton (2). 2B—SM, Chadwick, White; WEST REGIONAL
M, Perez. HR—SM, Chadwick, Eaton. at St. Louis NFL star Chad Ochocinco started his trial with Kansas
Repeat hitters—M, Karson; SM, Chad- Friday’s games
wick 3, Eaton, Mackey. Records—MIT, Semifinals City of Major League Soccer.
9-2; Southern Maine, 6-4. Michigan vs. Nebraska-Omaha, 5:
30 p.m. Ochocinco began his four-day trial on Wednesday,
Boston College vs. Colorado College, moving fluidly on the field on a cold, blustery day. More
NCAA TOURNAMENT Saturday’s game than 40 media members were on hand to watch the
EAST REGIONAL Michigan-Nebraska-Omaha winner
THIRD ROUND vs. Boston College-Colorado College locked-out NFL player, who spent much of the morning
Saturday, March 19 winner, 9 p.m. TV/RADIO COVERAGE NBA getting individual instruction from assistant coach Zoran
at St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Fla.
Kentucky 71, West Virginia 63 NORTHEAST REGIONAL Savic.
Sunday, March 20 at Manchester, N.H. TELEVISION EASTERN CONFERENCE 76ERS 105, HAWKS 100
at Time Warner Arena, Charlotte, N.C. Saturday’s games ATLANTIC DIVISION Ochocinco, a wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals,
North Carolina 86, Washington 83 Semifinals 10:30 a.m. — Golf: EPGA Open de Andalucia, first round, TGC W L Pct GB M.Williams 5-10 6-6 16, Smith 12-20
y-BOSTON 50 20 .714 – 6-7 30, Horford 4-12 0-0 8, Hinrich 6-11 is a six-time NFL Pro Bowl pick.
at Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland Miami (Ohio) vs. New Hampshire, 1:30 p.m. — Auto racing: F-One Australian Grand Prix practice, SPEED 0-0 16, Johnson 6-15 2-2 16, Crawford
Ohio State 98, George Mason 66 4 p.m. Philadelphia 37 34 .521 13 K
Marquette 66, Syracuse 62 Merrimack vs. Notre Dame, 7:30 p.m. 3 p.m. — Golf: PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational, first round, TGC New York 35 36 .493 15 K 4-9 0-0 10, Pachulia 2-4 0-0 4. Totals: He started playing soccer when he was 4 but stopped
39-81 14-15 100.
at The Prudential Center, Newark, N.J. Sunday’s game New Jersey 23 47 .329 27 in high school to focus on American football.
5 p.m. — Major Leagues: Preseason, Chicago White Sox vs. Cubs, ESPN2 PHILADELPHIA (105)
REGIONAL SEMIFINALS Miami (Ohio)-New Hampshire winner Toronto 20 50 .286 30 Iguodala 5-11 5-8 16, Brand 6-15 1-1
Friday’s games vs. Merrimack-Notre Dame winner,
6:30 p.m. — Golf: LPGA Kia Classic, first round, TGC SOUTHEAST DIVISION 13, Hawes 5-12 0-0 10, Holiday 5-11 With the NFL in a lockout and a court fight looming,
North Carolina (28-7) vs. Marquette 8 p.m. W L Pct GB
0-0 12, Meeks 5-6 0-0 15, Battie 2-3 0-0 Ochocinco has said now is a good time to check into
(22-14), 7:15 p.m. 7 p.m. — Men’s college basketball: NCAA Division I tournament, regional x-Miami 49 22 .690 – 4, Young 7-12 2-2 16, Turner 0-1 0-0 0,
Ohio State (34-2) vs. Kentucky (27-8), MIDWEST REGIONAL x-Orlando 46 26 .639 3K
9:45 p.m. at Green Bay, Wis.
semifinals, San Diego St. vs. Connecticut and Duke vs. Arizona, CBS
Atlanta 40 32 .556 9K
L.Williams 5-8 5-7 17, Nocioni 1-5 0-0 2. another sport. Sporting Kansas City Coach Peter Vermes
Totals: 41-84 13-18 105.
REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday’s games 7 p.m. — NHL: Canadiens at Bruins, NESN Charlotte 28 42 .400 20 K Hawks 28 31 21 20 —100 said he tried to use the practice to help Ochocinco get
Sunday’s game Semifinals Washington 17 52 .246 31 76ers 30 23 21 31 —105
Semifinal winners North Dakota vs. Rensselaer, 1:30 p.m. 7:15 p.m. — Men’s college basketball: NCAA Division I tournament, CENTRAL DIVISION 3-Point Goals—Atlanta 8-18 (Hinrich acclimated to something new. Ochocinco also said he
Denver vs. Western Michigan, 5 p.m. regional semifinals, Florida vs. BYU and Wisconsin vs. Butler, TBS W L Pct GB
SOUTHEAST REGIONAL Sunday’s game y-Chicago 51 19 .729 –
4-6, Crawford 2-3, Johnson 2-6,
M.Williams 0-1, Smith 0-2), Philadel-
encountered no resentment from the established players
THIRD ROUND North Dakota-Rensselaer winner vs.
Denver-Western Michigan winner, 5:
RADIO Indiana 32 40 .444 20 phia 10-18 (Meeks 5-6, Holiday 2-3, when he showed up. Knowing he’ll eventually return to
Saturday, March 19 Milwaukee 28 42 .400 23 L.Williams 2-4, Iguodala 1-2, Nocioni
at The Verizon Center, Washington 30 p.m. 7 p.m. — NHL: Canadiens at Bruins, AM: WVAE-Biddeford (1400), WBAE- Detroit 25 46 .352 26 K 0-1, Hawes 0-2). Fouled Out—None. the Bengals when the players and owners settle their
Butler 71, Pittsburgh 70 Portland (1490), WZON-Bangor (620) Cleveland 13 57 .186 38 Rebounds—Atlanta 45 (Smith 12), Phila-
at St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Fla. FROZEN FOUR delphia 46 (Brand 11). Assists—Atlanta differences, Ochocinco said he would be content to just
Florida 73, UCLA 65 at St. Paul, Minnesota 9 p.m. — NBA D-League: Maine at Utah, FM: WJJB-Portland (96.3) WESTERN CONFERENCE
at The Pepsi Center, Denver Thursday, April 7 SOUTHWEST DIVISION
22 (Hinrich 8), Philadelphia 22 (Holiday
5). Total Fouls—Atlanta 17, Philadelphia
be a squad man and practice with the club.
BYU 89, Gonzaga 67 Semifinals W L Pct GB
10. A—15,199 (20,318).
at The McKale Center, Tucson, Ariz. Midwest champion vs. West champion, x-San Antonio 57 13 .814 –
Wisconsin 70, Kansas State 65
at New Orleans Arena
5 or 8:30 p.m.
Northeast champion vs. East cham-
pion, 5 or 8:30 p.m.
New Orleans
17 K
Today’s games Saturday, April 9 EASTERN CONFERENCE SPRING TRAINING Houston 38 34 .528 20
Granger 11-19 9-11 33, Hansbrough
Florida (28-7) vs. BYU (32-4), 7:27 p.m. Championship, 7 p.m. ATLANTIC DIVISION AMERICAN LEAGUE NORTHWEST DIVISION
8-10 8-9 24, Hibbert 5-7 3-3 13, Collison UFL: Former NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer was hired
Butler (25-9) vs. Wisconsin (25-8), 9: GP W L OT Pts GF GA W L Pct. 2-7 3-3 7, George 3-5 2-2 8, D.Jones 2-4
57 p.m. x-Philadelphia 72 44 19 9 97 232 195 Seattle .......................... 13 7 .650
W L Pct GB 2-4 7, Rush 4-8 0-0 11, McRoberts 2-3 as head coach and general manager of the Virginia De-
REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MEN’S LACROSSE Pittsburgh 73 42 23 8 92 213 181 Detroit........................... 18 10 .643
Oklahoma City 46 24 .657 – 0-0 4, Price 1-7 0-0 2, Foster 1-1 0-2
stroyers. The Destroyers will begin play this season, the
Bowdoin 13, Keene State 11 Denver 42 29 .592 4K 2, Stephenson 0-1 0-0 0. Totals: 39-72
Saturday’s game N.Y. Rangers 74 40 30 4 84 216 179 Kansas City................... 14 10 .583
Portland 41 30 .577 5K
Semifinal winners Gordon 10, UNE 2
St. Joseph’s 15, UM-Farmington 1
New Jersey 73 34 35 4 72 155 186 Minnesota..................... 14 11 .560
Utah 36 36 .500 11
27-34 111.
third year of existence for the United Football League.
N.Y. Islanders 74 29 33 12 70 208 235 Cleveland ...................... 12 11 .522
SOUTHWEST REGIONAL NORTHEAST DIVISION Toronto.......................... 12 11 .522 Minnesota 17 54 .239 29 K Jackson 4-9 2-2 11, Diaw 0-0 0-0 0, A veteran of 30 years of NFL experience as a coach and
PACIFIC DIVISION Brown 6-10 4-7 16, Augustin 5-13 6-7 17,
Los Angeles .................. 13
Tampa Bay .................... 12
.500 W L Pct GB Henderson 4-14 4-4 12, Thomas 3-6 0-1 player, Schottenheimer has a career coaching record of
Saturday, March 19 Gordon 12, UNE 10 BOSTON 72 40 22 10 90 217 176 y-L.A. Lakers 51 20 .718 – 6, Livingston 6-9 3-4 15, White 2-4 2-4 6,
at The Pepsi Center, Denver Montreal 74 40 27 7 87 200 187
Baltimore ...................... 11
BOSTON........................ 12
.444 Phoenix 35 34 .507 15 Carroll 1-2 0-0 3, Cunningham 1-5 0-0 2. 205-139-1 (.596).
Richmond 65, Morehead State 48 WOMENSLACROSSE.COM BUFFALO 73 36 28 9 81 216 208
Sunday, March 20 Rookie of the Week: Katie Griffin, fr., Toronto 74 33 31 10 76 195 225
Texas............................. 10 13 .435 Golden State 30 42 .417 21 K Totals: 32-72 21-29 88.
Pacers 23 31 33 24 —111
He coached Cleveland, Kansas City, Washington and
at The United Center, Chicago A, Colby. Oakland ......................... 11 15 .423 L.A. Clippers 27 44 .380 24
Virginia Commonwealth 94, Purdue 76
Ottawa 73 27 37 9 63 167 227 New York....................... 10 14 .417 Sacramento 18 52 .257 32 K Bobcats 28 25 19 16 — 88 San Diego, taking a Chargers team that was 4-12 in 2003
SOUTHEAST DIVISION Chicago............................ 9 16 .360 x-clinched playoffs. 3-Point Goals—Indiana 6-14 (Rush 3-4,
Florida State 71, Notre Dame 57
at The BOK Center, Tulsa, Okla. SOFTBALL GP W L OT Pts GF GA NATIONAL LEAGUE y-clinched division. Granger 2-4, D.Jones 1-2, George 0-1, to 12-4 and the division title in 2004.
Kansas 73, Illinois 59 Hamline 14, Bowdoin 8 x-Washington 74 43 21 10 96 203 180 W L Pct. Tuesday’s games McRoberts 0-1, Price 0-2), Charlotte
at The Alamodome, San Antonio Trinity 8, Southern Maine 0, 5 inn. Tampa Bay 73 39 23 11 89 216 222 San Francisco................ 18 9 .667 Chicago 114, Atlanta 81 3-10 (Carroll 1-1, Augustin 1-3, Jackson
Friday’s games
Kansas (34-2) vs. Richmond (29-7),
Western Conn. 1, Bowdoin 0, 9 inn.
Wis.-Whitewater 10, So. Maine, 1, 5 inn.
Colorado ........................ 15
Philadelphia .................. 17
Atlanta.......................... 14
Portland 111, Washington 76
L.A. Lakers 139, Phoenix 137,3OT
Wednesday’s games
1-5, Henderson 0-1). Fouled Out—None.
Rebounds—Indiana 48 (Hibbert 14),
Charlotte 40 (Brown 9). Assists—Indiana
WIS.-WHITEWATER 10, Indiana 111, Charlotte 88 20 (Hibbert, Collison 4), Charlotte 21
7:27 p.m.
SOUTHERN MAINE 1, 5 INN. WESTERN CONFERENCE Milwaukee .................... 14
Cincinnati...................... 14
.560 New Jersey 98, Cleveland 94, OT (Diaw 7). Total Fouls—Indiana 24, Char- VOLTA OF CATALUNYA: Alberto Contador won the third stage,
Florida State (23-10) vs. Virginia Com-
monwealth (26-11), 9:57 p.m. Wis.-Whitewater 104 50 – 10 14 0 CENTRAL DIVISION St. Louis........................ 13 11 .542 Philadelphia 105, Atlanta 100 lotte 25. Technicals—Thomas. Flagrant taking the race’s overall lead a day before cycling’s gov-
REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Southern Maine 001 00 – 1 7 2 GP W L OT Pts GF GA New York....................... 13 13 .500 Memphis 90, BOSTON 87 Fouls—Foster, Henderson. A—14,703
Sunday’s game Deroche and Davis; Kessler and Detroit 74 43 22 9 95 238 211 Washington .................. 12 12 .500 Miami 100, Detroit 94 (19,077). erning body decides whether to challenge the decision
Semifinal winners Eichenold, Schobert (7). Chicago 73 40 25 8 88 238 202 San Diego...................... 11 13 .458 Sacramento 97, Milwaukee 90
WP—Kessler (2-0). LP—Deroche (1-4). Nashville 74 39 25 10 88 193 173 Chicago.......................... 11 16 .407 Oklahoma City 106, Utah 94 KINGS 97, BUCKS 90 to clear him of doping.
Orlando 111, New York 99 SACRAMENTO (97)
WEST REGIONAL 2B—WW, Seamon, Eichenold. 3B—WW,
Krueger. Repeat hitters—WW, Fisher,
Columbus 73 33 29 11 77 199 223 Los Angeles .................. 11
Florida ............................. 9
.391 Houston 131, Golden State 112 Garcia 1-7 0-0 2, Cousins 6-11 1-2 13, The three-time Tour de France winner set the pace
THIRD ROUND St. Louis 73 32 32 9 73 202 216
Saturday, March 19 Ramirez, Krueger, Gaza. Records—Wis.- NORTHWEST DIVISION Pittsburgh..................... 10 16 .385 Toronto at Phoenix, 10 p.m.
Washington at L.A. Clippers, 10:30 p.m.
Dalembert 5-10 1-2 11, Udrih 8-16 9-11
25, Thornton 9-19 7-8 27, Greene 3-8
in covering the 114-mile mountain stage from La Vall
at The Verizon Center, Washington Whitewater, 8-1; Southern Maine, 2-7. Houston ........................ 11 18 .379
Connecticut 69, Cincinnati 58 y-Vancouver
74 48
17 9 105 240 173
Arizona.......................... 10 20 .333 San Antonio at Denver, 10:30 p.m. 0-0 6, Thompson 2-5 1-2 5, Jeter 1-4 de’n Bas in Spain to Vallnord in 4 hours, 45 minutes, 31
TRINITY 8, NOTE: Split-squad games count in the Today’s games 0-0 3, Jackson 2-3 1-2 5. Totals: 37-83
at The McKale Center, Tucson, Ariz.
San Diego State 71, Temple 64, 2OT SOUTHERN MAINE 0, 5 INN.
Calgary 75 37 27 11 85 227 216
standings. Games against non-major Minnesota at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. 20-27 97. seconds. American Levi Leipheimer and Italian Michele
Minnesota 74 35 31 8 78 185 207 New Orleans at Utah, 9 p.m. MILWAUKEE (90)
Sunday, March 20 Southern Maine 000 00 – 0 0 2 Colorado 72 28 36 8 64 203 254
league teams do not.
Tuesday’s games Friday’s games Delfino 12-20 1-2 30, Mbah a Moute 4-6 Scarponi finished 23 seconds behind and were in second
at Time Warner Arena, Charlotte, N.C. Trinity 202 04 – 8 9 0
Edmonton 73 23 40 10 56 176 240 Washington 3, Houston 1 Sacramento at Indiana, 7 p.m. 3-4 11, Bogut 7-13 1-1 15, Jennings 2-7 and third.
Duke 73, Michigan 71 Morse and Davis; Anderson and Berry.
WP—Anderson. LP—Morse (1-4). PACIFIC DIVISION N.Y. Mets 7, Detroit 4 New Jersey at Orlando, 7 p.m. 2-2 6, Salmons 3-14 1-1 8, Sanders 5-7
at The BOK Center, Tulsa, Okla.
Arizona 70, Texas 69 2B—T, Nardella. 3B—T, Stoltenberg. GP W L OT Pts GF GA Baltimore 6, N.Y. Yankees 2 Charlotte at BOSTON, 7:30 p.m. 0-0 10, Brockman 1-1 2-2 4, Dooling 1-6 Contador tested positive for clenbuterol on the Tour,
HR—T, Nardella. Repeat hitters—T, San Jose 73 42 23 8 92 211 191 Florida 3, Minnesota 0 Detroit at Cleveland, 7:30 p.m. 0-0 2, Boykins 2-7 0-0 4. Totals: 37-81
at The Honda Center, Anaheim, Calif.
REGIONAL SEMIFINALS Stoltenberg, Nardella. Records—South- Phoenix 75 40 24 11 91 215 208 Philadelphia 5, Toronto 4 Philadelphia at Miami, 7:30 p.m. 10-12 90. but was cleared of wrongdoing by the Spanish cycling
Milwaukee at New York, 7:30 p.m. Kings 25 28 22 22 — 97
Today’s games ern Maine, 2-8; Trinity, 4-3. Los Angeles 73 41 26 6 88 199
Anaheim 73 41 27 5 87 208
Seattle 9, Chicago White Sox 5
Milwaukee 7, San Diego 0 Memphis at Chicago, 8 p.m. Bucks 32 24 18 16 — 90 federation. The International Cycling Union (UCI) says
San Diego State (34-2) vs. Connecticut
(28-9), 7:15 p.m. Dallas 73 38 25 10 86 206 206 L.A. Dodgers 2, Chicago Cubs 1, 10 inn. Minnesota at Oklahoma City, 8 p.m.
Washington at Denver, 9 p.m.
3-Point Goals—Sacramento 3-11
(Thornton 2-3, Jeter 1-1, Garcia 0-2,
it will decide by today whether to appeal. The World
Duke (32-4) vs. Arizona (29-7), 9: x-clinched playoffs. Oakland 10, Cincinnati 8
45 p.m. TRANSACTIONS y-clinched division. Cleveland 7, Arizona 3 New Orleans at Phoenix, 10 p.m. Greene 0-2, Udrih 0-3), Milwaukee 6-18 Anti-Doping Agency has three more weeks to decide on
Tuesday’s games Tampa Bay 7, BOSTON 4 San Antonio at Portland, 10 p.m. (Delfino 5-9, Salmons 1-4, Dooling 0-2,
Saturday’s game Washington 5, Philadelphia 4, SO L.A. Angels 14, Kansas City 6 Toronto at Golden State, 10:30 p.m. Jennings 0-3). Fouled Out—None. Re- its appeal.
Semifinal winners BASEBALL Colorado 5, Columbus 4, SO Wednesday’s games L.A. Clippers at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m. bounds—Sacramento 58 (Dalembert 12),
American League BOSTON 4, New Jersey 1 Tampa Bay 4, Philadelphia 1 Milwaukee 41 (Bogut 9). Assists—Sac-
at Reliant Stadium, Houston
Steve Holm and OF Jeff Bailey to their
minor league camp.
N.Y. Rangers 1, Florida 0
Carolina 4, Ottawa 3
BUFFALO 2, Montreal 0
St. Louis 5, N.Y. Mets 3
Houston 10, Pittsburgh 6
Atlanta 4, Florida 4, tie, 11 innings
Division Leaders in bold
ramento 21 (Udrih 6), Milwaukee 23
(Jennings 6). Total Fouls—Sacramento
14, Milwaukee 23. Technicals—Sac-
NEW YORK YANKEES—Claimed LHP ramento defensive three second 2,
Saturday, April 2 N.Y. Islanders 5, Tampa Bay 2 Cleveland 8, Kansas City 7 Pct. Pct. SONY ERICSSON OPEN: Juan Martin del Potro advanced to the
East vs. West champion Jose Ortegano off waivers from Atlanta Nashville 3, Edmonton 1 L.A. Dodgers 6, Chicago White Sox 2 Œ-Chicago....... .729 “-Indiana...... .444 Salmons, Milwaukee defensive three
Southeast vs. Southwest champion and optioned him to Scranton/Wilkes- Toronto 3, Minnesota 0 L.A. Angels 8, San Francisco 0 -Boston........ .714 ’-New York ... .493 second 2. A—14,122 (18,717). second round in Key Biscayne, Fla., beating Ricardo Mello
NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Barre (IL). Phoenix 2, St. Louis 1 San Diego 10, Cincinnati 7 Ž-Miami ......... .690 ‘-Phila.......... .521
Monday, April 4 SEATTLE MARINERS—Optioned Wednesday’s games Chicago Cubs 3, Oakland 1 -Orlando ...... .639 -Atlanta ..... .556 ROCKETS 131, WARRIORS 112 6-4, 6-4.
INF Dustin Ackley to Tacoma (PCL). Vancouver 2, Detroit 1 Arizona 9, Texas 8 BUBBLE TEAMS: Charlotte, .400; GOLDEN STATE (112)
Semifinal winners
Reassigned C Steven Baron, INF Sean Chicago 4, Florida 0 N.Y. Yankees 5, Toronto 3 Milwaukee, .400. Wright 14-21 3-4 34, D.Lee 9-19 1-1 19, Kevin Anderson also advanced, beating Nikolay
Kazmar, OF Gabe Gross and LHP Fabio Minnesota 5, Baltimore 2 Udoh 4-7 1-2 9, Curry 7-16 0-0 16, Ellis
NIT Castro to their minor league camp.
Anaheim 4, Dallas 3, OT
Calgary at San Jose, 10 p.m. Seattle vs. Colorado, 9:40 p.m.
5-13 4-4 15, R.Williams 2-6 0-0 5, Law
Davydenko 6-4, 6-3.
Tuesday’s game
National League Today’s games Today’s games Œ-San Antonio .814 “-Memphis... .556 1-2 1-2 3, Amundson 4-5 1-5 9, Thornton In women’s first-round play, Bethany Mattek-Sands
Colorado 81, Kent State 74
CHICAGO CUBS—Optioned RHP Justin Montreal at BOSTON, 7 p.m. Atlanta vs. Toronto, 1:05 p.m. -L.A. Lakers. .718 ’-N. Orleans . .563 1-2 0-0 2, Radmanovic 0-1 0-0 0, Adrien
Wednesday’s games
Berg and LHP Scott Maine to Iowa Atlanta at N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m. Minnesota vs. Philadelphia, 1:05 p.m. Ž-Dallas ......... .700 ‘-Portland..... .577 0-0 0-0 0. Totals: 47-92 11-18 112. earned a 6-1, 6-4 victory over Sofia Arvidsson. Mattek-
Wichita St. 82, College of Charleston 75
(PCL). Assigned RHP Angel Guzman and Ottawa at N.Y. Rangers, 7 p.m. Tampa Bay vs. Houston, 1:05 p.m. -Okla. City ... .657 -Denver ....... .592 HOUSTON (131)
Sands will face top-ranked Caroline Wozniacki today.
RHP Todd Wellemeyer to their minor Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. BOSTON vs. Florida, 1:05 p.m. BUBBLE TEAMS: Houston, .528; C.Lee 10-16 0-0 25, Scola 7-16 6-6 20,
Alabama 79, Miami 64
league camp. St. Louis vs. N.Y. Mets, 1:10 p.m. Hayes 5-11 3-7 13, Lowry 3-11 6-8 13,
Northwestern (20-13) at Washington
Edmonton at St. Louis, 8 p.m.
Anaheim at Nashville, 8 p.m. Kansas City vs. Seattle, 4:05 p.m.
Phoenix, .507.
Martin 12-21 6-6 34, Patterson 3-8 2-2 8,
Kimiko Date-Krumm, at 40 the oldest player in the
State (21-12), 11 p.m.
Cesar Carillo outright to Oklahoma
City (PCL).
Toronto at Colorado, 9 p.m. Milwaukee vs. L.A. Angels, 4:05 p.m.
Dragic 4-5 4-6 14, Carroll 0-0 0-0 0, Hill
1-2 0-0 2, Harris 1-1 0-0 2. Totals: 46-91
women’s singles draw, beat Zuzana Ondraskova 6-4, 6-3.
Tuesday, March 29 Columbus at Phoenix, 10 p.m. Colorado vs. L.A. Dodgers, 4:05 p.m.
MILWAUKEE BREWERS—Acquired San Jose at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. Texas (ss) vs. Cincinnati, 4:05 p.m. March 27-35 131.
at Madison Square Garden, New York 25 . . . . . . . . . . Charlotte . . . . . 7:30 p.m
OF Brett Carroll from Kansas City for Friday’s games Oakland vs. Arizona, 4:10 p.m. Warriors 33 24 28 27 —112
Colorado (24-13) vs. Alabama (24-11),
cash considerations and assigned him to New Jersey at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m. Chi. White Sox vs. Chi. Cubs, 5:05 p.m. 27 . . . . . . . . at Minnesota. . . . . . 7 p.m Rockets 36 30 34 31 —131 – From news service reports
7 or 9:30 p.m. 28 . . . . . . . . . . at Indiana . . . . . . . 7 p.m
Nashville (PCL). Florida at BUFFALO, 7:30 p.m. Washington vs. Detroit, 6:05 p.m. 3-Point Goals—Golden State 7-15
Wichita State (27-8) vs. Northwestern- 31 . . . . . . . . at San Antonio . . . . . 8 p.m
NEW YORK METS—Optioned 2B Justin Washington at Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore, 7:05 p.m. (Wright 3-6, Curry 2-3, R.Williams 1-2,
Washington State winner, 7 or 9:30 p.m.
Thursday, March 31
Turner to Buffalo (IL).
Vancouver at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m.
Carolina at Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m.
San Diego vs. Texas (ss), 9:05 p.m.
Cleveland vs. San Francisco, 10:05 p.m. 1 . . . . . . . . . . at Atlanta . . . . . . . 8 p.m
Ellis 1-3, Radmanovic 0-1), Houston
12-26 (C.Lee 5-8, Martin 4-7, Dragic
LHP Lee Hyde off waivers from Atlanta Friday’s games 3 . . . . . . . . . . . Detroit . . . . . . . . 6 p.m 2-2, Lowry 1-9). Fouled Out—None.
Semifinals winners, 7 p.m.
and optioned him to Syracuse (IL). Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay, 1:05 p.m. 5 . . . . . . . . . Philadelphia . . . . 7:30 p.m Rebounds—Golden State 50 (D.Lee 9), EAST CONFERENCE EASTERN CONFERENCE
Placed RHP Stephen Strasburg on the PLAYOFF STANDINGS N.Y. Mets vs. Florida, 1:05 p.m. 7 . . . . . . . . . . at Chicago . . . . . . . 8 p.m Houston 55 (Hayes 14). Assists—Golden
60-day DL. Atlanta (ss) vs. Philadelphia, 1:05 p.m. 8 . . . . . . . . . Washington . . . . 7:30 p.m State 25 (Wright, Curry 6), Houston 35
American Association Baltimore vs. Minnesota, 1:05 p.m. 10 . . . . . . . . . . at Miami . . . . . 3:30 p.m (Lowry 12). Total Fouls—Golden State
SEMIFINALS AMARILLO SOX—Signed OF Fehlandt Pts Pts 11 . . . . . . . . at Washington . . . . . 7 p.m x-Erie 29 16 .644 4K PORTLAND 69 43 18 6 2 94 251 202
Seattle (ss) vs. Chicago Cubs, 4:05 p.m. 27, Houston 17. Technicals—Ellis. Fla-
Wednesday’s games Lentini. Traded OF Chase Porch to Windy Œ-Philadelphia ... 97 “-Buffalo.......... 81 L.A. Dodgers (ss) vs. Arizona (ss), 4 p.m. 13 . . . . . . . . . . New York . . . . . . . 8 p.m grant Fouls—D.Lee. A—16,623 (18,043).
Fort Wayne 21 25 .457 13 Manchester 73 41 23 3 6 91 234 193
Creighton 82, UCF 64 City (Frontier) for a player to be named. -Washington ... 96 ’-N.Y. Rangers . 84 San Diego vs. Cincinnati, 4:05 p.m. End of Regular Season Dakota 17 28 .378 16 K Connecticut 71 37 26 2 6 82 197 190
Boise State (22-12) at Oregon (18-17), EL PASO DIABLOS—Signed LHP Ž-Boston............ 90 ‘-Montreal....... 87 L.A. Angels vs. Oakland, 4:05 p.m. MAGIC 111, KNICKS 99 Maine 16 29 .356 17 K Worcester 71 33 26 4 8 78 194 218
10 p.m. Rosalio Gomez. -Pittsburgh...... 92 -Tampa Bay.... 89 Cleveland vs. Milwaukee, 4:05 p.m. ORLANDO (111) Springfield 13 33 .283 21 Providence 70 31 33 3 3 68 181 228
GARY SOUTHSHORE RAILCATS— Detroit vs. Atlanta (ss), 6:05 p.m. MEMPHIS (90) Turkoglu 6-14 0-0 16, Bass 3-9 9-9 15, Sioux Falls 10 35 .222 23 K Springfield 72 30 37 2 3 65 204 233
(Best-of-3) Signed RHP Scott Shaw. 76. St. Louis vs. Washington, 6:05 p.m. Bridgeport 70 23 36 4 7 57 184 241
Monday, March 28 LINCOLN SALTDOGS—Signed LHP WESTERN CONFERENCE Houston vs. N.Y. Yankees, 7:05 p.m.
Young 4-11 2-2 11, Randolph 6-13 1-1 Howard 11-15 11-13 33, Nelson 6-10
3-4 19, J.Richardson 5-13 0-0 12,
Creighton (22-14) vs. Boise St.-Oregon Pts Pts 13, Gasol 5-9 1-4 11, Conley 1-9 6-8 9, W L Pct GB
Nolan Chestnut, RHP Sean Potter, RHP Toronto vs. BOSTON, 7:05 p.m. Q.Richardson 1-3 0-0 2, Duhon 0-2 0-0
winnner, TBD John James and RHP Brendon Smith. Œ-Vancouver .... 105 “-Anaheim ....... 87 San Francisco vs. Kansas City, 9:05 p.m.
T.Allen 4-10 0-0 8, Battier 0-3 0-0 0,
0, Anderson 1-3 0-0 3, Arenas 3-5 2-2 9,
x-Tulsa 31 15 .674 —
Wednesday, March 30 Frontier League -Detroit............ 95 ’-Nashville....... 88 Texas vs. Colorado, 9:40 p.m.
Arthur 5-9 0-0 10, Mayo 5-11 0-0 11,
Clark 1-2 0-0 2. Totals: 37-76 25-28 111.
x-Rio Grande Val. 30 16 .652 1 70 51 18 0 1 103 228 157
TBD EVANSVILLE OTTERS—Signed OF Ž-San Jose......... 92 ‘-Los Angeles.. 88 L.A. Dodgers (ss) v. Seattle (ss), 10 p.m.
Vasquez 2-2 0-0 4, Powe 5-6 3-4 13.
NEW YORK (99) x-Reno 29 16 .644 1K Hershey 72 42 23 2 5 91 229 189
Friday, April 1 Chris Weimer. -Phoenix .......... 91 -Chicago ......... 88 Arizona (ss) vs. Chi. White Sox, 10 p.m.
Totals: 37-83 13-19 90.
Anthony 6-12 10-11 24, Stoudemire x-Bakersfield 27 17 .614 3 Norfolk 69 36 19 8 6 86 232 185
TBD BUBBLE TEAMS: Dallas 86, Calgary 85. BOSTON (87) Charlotte 72 39 25 2 6 86 232 217
FLORENCE FREEDOM—Signed LHP Pierce 6-10 8-8 22, Garnett 3-9 4-4 6-20 1-3 13, Turiaf 4-5 1-2 9, Billups 5-12 x-Utah 26 18 .591 4
Binghamton 71 37 27 3 4 81 228 201
Shawn Schaefer. Released RHP Brandon 10, Krstic 2-6 2-2 6, Rondo 2-12 2-3 6, 4-4 17, Fields 2-7 0-0 5, Jeffries 0-2 0-0 Idaho 21 25 .457 10
COLLEGE INSIDER.COM Albany 70 30 35 1 4 65 188 235
Forshee, INF Patrick Rose and RHP
Everett Saul.
BRUINS SCHEDULE MLS R.Allen 4-10 3-3 14, Davis 5-11 2-2 12, 0, Douglas 7-14 0-0 17, Sha.Williams Austin 20 25 .444 10 K
Syracuse 70 27 36 3 4 61 174 219
MARCH Green 4-7 1-1 10, West 3-4 0-0 7, Mur- 2-7 1-2 6, Mason 2-5 2-2 8. Totals: 34-84 Texas 20 25 .444 10 K
QUARTERFINALS GATEWAY GRIZZLIES—Signed RHP Adirondack 69 24 35 4 6 58 162 221
Today. . . . . . . . Montreal . . . . . . . 7 p.m. phy 0-0 0-0 0, Bradley 0-0 0-0 0, Pavlovic 19-24 99. New Mexico 18 27 .400 12 K
Tuesday’s games Adrian Garza to a contract extension. Magic 28 27 24 32 —111 x-clinched playoffs. WESTERN CONFERENCE
26 . . . . . . . . . N.Y. Rangers . . . . . . 1 p.m. EASTERN CONFERENCE 0-0 0-0 0. Totals: 29-69 22-23 87.
East Tennessee State 82, Ohio 73 LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS—Signed RHP
Iona 78, Buffalo 63
27 . . . . . . . . at Philadelphia . . . . . 7 p.m. Grizzlies 20 24 23 23 — 90 Knicks 25 34 19 21 — 99 z-clinched conference. NORTH DIVISION
Alberto Rolon to a contract extension. 29 . . . . . . . . . . . Chicago . . . . . . . . 7 p.m. W L T Pts GF GA Tuesday’s games
Celtics 15 30 25 17 — 87 3-Point Goals—Orlando 12-25 (Nelson GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA
Santa Clara 95, San Francisco 91 Signed RHP Eric Gonzalez. 31 . . . . . . . . . . . Toronto . . . . . . . . 7 p.m. D.C. 1 0 0 3 3 1 Erie 113, Fort Wayne 104
3-Point Goals—Memphis 3-6 (Young 4-6, Turkoglu 4-8, J.Richardson 2-7, Lake Erie 71 38 25 3 5 84 199 185
SEMIFINALS APRIL Sporting K.C. 1 0 0 3 3 2
Friday’s game BASKETBALL 2 . . . . . . . . . . . Atlanta . . . . . . . . 1 p.m. Philadelphia 1 0 0 3 1 0
1-1, Mayo 1-1, Conley 1-3, T.Allen Arenas 1-1, Anderson 1-2, Q.Richardson
0-1), New York 12-28 (Douglas 3-6,
Springfield 113, Sioux Falls 106
Tulsa 97, Austin 94
Manitoba 71 38 27 1 5 82 197 183
Santa Clara-San Francisco winner at National Basketball Association 0-1), Boston 7-15 (R.Allen 3-7, Pierce Grand Rapids 72 35 27 2 8 80 216 224
4 . . . . . . . . at N.Y. Rangers . . . . . 7 p.m. New York 1 0 0 3 1 0 2-4, Green 1-1, West 1-1, Davis 0-1, Billups 3-8, Mason 2-3, Anthony 2-3, Utah 112, MAINE 77
SMU (20-14), 8 p.m. HOUSTON ROCKETS—Signed F Mike Toronto 73 35 28 1 9 80 207 199
6 . . . . . . . . N.Y. Islanders . . . . . 7 p.m. Chicago 0 0 1 1 1 1 Rondo 0-1). Fouled Out—None. Re- Sha.Williams 1-4, Fields 1-4). Fouled New Mexico 104, Bakersfield 100, OT
Saturday’s game Harris to a 10-day contract. Hamilton 69 36 26 1 6 79 194 175
NEW JERSEY NETS—Recalled G Ben 9 . . . . . . . . . . . Ottawa . . . . . . . . 1 p.m. NEW ENGLAND 0 0 1 1 1 1 bounds—Memphis 52 (Gasol 11), Boston Out—None. Rebounds—Orlando 53 Wednesday’s games
Iona (24-11) at East Tennessee State Abbotsford 69 34 26 4 5 77 168 187
Uzoh from Springfield (NBADL). 10 . . . . . . . . at New Jersey . . . . . 3 p.m. Houston 0 1 0 0 0 1 41 (Rondo 11). Assists—Memphis (Howard, Turkoglu 11), New York 44 Sioux Falls at Dakota, Postponed
(24-11), 2 p.m. End Regular Season Rochester 70 30 34 3 3 66 188 223
NBA Development League Toronto FC 0 1 0 0 2 4 17 (Conley 5), Boston 24 (Rondo 11). (Stoudemire 7). Assists—Orlando 17 Idaho 115, Rio Grande Valley 92
Columbus 0 1 0 0 1 3 (Turkoglu, Nelson 4), New York 20 (An- WEST DIVISION
RIO GRANDE VALLEY VIPERS—Reac- Total Fouls—Memphis 16, Boston 17. Austin 120, Iowa 111
WOMEN’S BASKETBALL quired G Matt Janning. WESTERN CONFERENCE Technicals—Memphis defensive three thony 9). Total Fouls—Orlando 26, New Bakersfield at New Mexico, 9:30 p.m. GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA
Milwaukee 70 38 19 5 8 89 196 171
NEWBA ALL-STARS York 22. Technicals—Orlando defensive
First Team: Jules Kowalski, sr., F,
second, Boston defensive three second.
A—18,624 (18,624). three second. A—19,763 (19,763).
Today’s games
Fort Wayne at Erie, 7 p.m. Houston 73 41 26 1 5 88 208 188
Colby. Los Angeles 1 0 1 4 2 1 MAINE at Utah, 9 p.m. Texas 71 37 24 4 6 84 194 189
Vickie Johnson assistant coach.
Second Team: Courtney Cochran, jr., F, Vancouver 1 0 0 3 4 2 THUNDER 106, JAZZ 94 Okla. City 72 36 26 2 8 82 214 211
Southern Maine. FOOTBALL SONY ERICSSON OPEN Colorado 1 0 0 3 3 1
MIAMI (100) UTAH (94)
Friday’s games
Iowa at Erie, 7 p.m. Peoria 71 37 27 2 5 81 198 195
United Football League ATP-WTA TOURS Real Salt Lake 1 0 0 3 1 0 Kirilenko 1-5 0-0 3, Millsap 6-10 6-8 18, Chicago 71 36 26 3 6 81 235 229
at Key Biscayne, Fla. James 8-16 3-4 19, Bosh 6-11 11-12 23, Texas at Tulsa, 8 p.m.
NEWBA SENIOR CLASSIC VIRGINIA DESTROYERS—Named FC Dallas 0 0 1 1 1 1 Dampier 1-2 1-2 3, Bibby 2-5 0-0 5, Wade Jefferson 14-18 4-5 32, Watson 3-4 2-2 Reno at Sioux Falls, 8 p.m. San Antonio 70 37 28 3 2 79 208 215
Marty Schottenheimer coach and MEN’S SINGLES
Saturday, 1 p.m. at Springfield, Mass. Chivas USA 0 1 0 0 2 3 7-13 10-12 24, Miller 4-8 2-2 13, Jones 10, Miles 2-12 6-7 11, Hayward 1-10 4-6 Saturday’s games Rockford 70 29 32 4 5 67 181 218
general manager. First Round
MAINE SCHOOL PARTICIPANTS San Jose 0 1 0 0 0 1 2-5 3-5 9, Anthony 0-0 0-0 0, House 1-3 7, Bell 1-3 0-0 3, Evans 1-3 2-2 4, Price Idaho at Austin, 1 p.m. x-clinched playoffs.
Ivan Dodig, Croatia, def. Andrey Gol-
Dark team: Katie Bergeron, Bowdoin; HOCKEY Portland 0 1 0 0 1 3 2-2 4, Magloire 0-1 0-0 0. Totals: 31-64 2-4 2-2 6, Elson 0-0 0-0 0, Fesenko 0-0 Rio Grande Valley at Tulsa, 8 p.m. Two points for a win, one point for
ubev, Kazakhstan, 6-7 (7), 6-4, 6-0.
Carrie Bunnell, University of New National Hockey League Seattle 0 2 0 0 0 2 32-39 100. 0-0 0. Totals: 31-69 26-32 94. Reno at Sioux Falls, 8 p.m. overtime loss or shootout loss.
Mikhail Kukushkin, Kazakhstan, def.
England; Jules Kowalski, Colby. ANAHEIM DUCKS—Activated G Jonas Three points for victory, one for tie. DETROIT (94) OKLAHOMA CITY (106) New Mexico at Springfield, 8 p.m. Wednesday’s games
Jarkko Nieminen, Finland, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.
Hiller off the injured list. Pablo Andujar, Spain, def. Bernard Friday’s game Prince 5-12 2-3 13, Wilcox 5-6 0-0 10, Durant 7-12 13-15 29, Ibaka 6-11 3-4 MAINE at Bakersfield, 10 p.m. Toronto 5, Grand Rapids 1
CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS—Recalled F Tomic, Australia, 6-4, 3-6, 7-5. Houston at Seattle FC, 10 p.m. Monroe 5-10 4-6 14, McGrady 3-6 1-2 15, Perkins 2-4 0-0 4, Westbrook 11-17 Sunday’s games Connecticut 3, Springfield 2
NCAA TOURNAMENT Marcus Kruger from Djurgardens (Swed- Kevin Anderson, South Africa, def. Saturday’s games 7, Hamilton 9-16 7-8 27, Daye 1-4 0-0 8-9 31, Sefolosha 1-2 0-0 2, Collison 1-1 Iowa at Erie, 2 p.m. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 2, Albany 1, SO
PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL ish Elite League). Nikolay Davydenko, Russia, 6-4, 6-3. Portland at Toronto FC, 2 p.m. 2, Stuckey 3-8 3-4 9, Villanueva 2-5 2-2 2-4 4, Mohammed 5-8 0-0 10, Harden 3-9 Utah at Dakota, 4 p.m. Binghamton 6, Syracuse 3
SECOND ROUND DETROIT RED WINGS—Recalled G Joey Vancouver at Philadelphia, 4 p.m. 7, Maxiell 2-3 1-1 5, Gordon 0-1 0-0 0. 4-4 11, Maynor 0-1 0-0 0, Cook 0-1 0-0 0. Rio Grande Valley at Texas, 4 p.m. Norfolk 2, Adirondack 1
Julien Benneteau, France, def. Daniel
Tuesday’s games MacDonald from Grand Rapids (AHL). New York at Columbus, 4 p.m. Totals: 35-71 20-26 94. Totals: 36-66 30-36 106. New Mexico at Fort Wayne, 5 p.m. Rockford 5, San Antonio 1
Gimeno-Traver, Spain, 6-4, 6-3.
at Gampel Pavilion, Storrs, Conn. Placed G Chris Osgood on injured list. Sporting Kansas City at Chicago, 4 p.m. Heat 21 32 20 27 —100 Jazz 25 20 24 25 — 94 Idaho at Austin, 6 p.m. Today’s games
Marcel Granollers, Spain, def. Benjamin
Connecticut 64, Purdue 40 LOS ANGELES KINGS—Recalled F D.C. United at NEW ENGLAND, 4:30 p.m. Pistons 27 28 26 13 — 94 Oklahoma City 32 18 28 28 —106 MAINE at Bakersfield, 7 p.m. No games scheduled
Becker, Germany, 6-4, 6-7 (4), 6-4.
at Comcast Center, College Park, Md. Oscar Moller from Manchester (AHL). Los Angeles at Real Salt Lake, 9 p.m. 3-Point Goals—Miami 6-19 (Miller 3-Point Goals—Utah 6-16 (Watson 2-3, Friday’s games
Paolo Lorenzi, Italy, def. Ivan Ljubicic,
Georgetown 79, Maryland 57 American Hockey League San Jose at FC Dallas, 9 p.m. 3-7, Jones 2-5, Bibby 1-3, House 0-1, Bell 1-1, Hayward 1-3, Kirilenko 1-3, Charlotte at Connecticut, 7 p.m.
Croatia, 7-6 (7), 6-1.
REGIONAL SEMIFINALS BRIDGEPORT SOUND TIGERS—Re- Xavier Malisse, Belgium, def. Ryan Colorado at Chivas USA, 10:30 p.m. James 0-3), Detroit 4-13 (Hamilton 2-6, Miles 1-5, Price 0-1), Oklahoma City RED CLAWS SCHEDULE Bridgeport at PORTLAND, 7 p.m.
at The Liacouras Center, Philadelphia turned F Jan Bourbeau to Odessa (CHL). Villanueva 1-1, Prince 1-3, McGrady 4-10 (Durant 2-4, Westbrook 1-2, Harden MARCH W-B/Scranton at Binghamton, 7:05 p.m.
Sweeting, United States, 7-6 (3), 6-4.
Sunday’s games GRAND RAPIDS GRIFFINS—Signed F 0-1, Stuckey 0-1, Daye 0-1). Fouled 1-4). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Utah Today. . . . . . . . . at Utah . . . . . . . . 9 p.m. Manchester at Norfolk, 7:30 p.m.
Somdev Devvarman, India, def. Potito
Connecticut (34-1) vs. Georgetown 38 (Jefferson 12), Oklahoma City 42 26 . . . . . . . . at Bakersfield . . . . 10 p.m. Providence at Worcester, 7:30 p.m.
(24-10), noon
Mike Hedden.
Starace, Italy, 6-2, 6-4.
Alex Bogomolov Jr., United States, def.
SPORTS HISTORY Out—None. Rebounds—Miami 38 (James
8), Detroit 44 (Monroe 12). Assists—Mi- (Ibaka 13). Assists—Utah 16 (Bell 4), 27 . . . . . . . . at Bakersfield . . . . . 7 p.m. Hershey at Adirondack, 7:30 p.m.
DePaul (29-6) vs. Duke (31-3), 2: ami 20 (James 7), Detroit 28 (Stuckey Oklahoma City 15 (Westbrook 5). Total 31 . . . . . . . . . Fort Wayne . . . . . . 7 p.m. Albany at Syracuse, 7:30 p.m.
Lebler to Elmira (ECHL). Victor Hanescu, Romania, 6-3, 4-6, 7-5.
30 p.m. Fouls—Utah 23, Oklahoma City 24. APRIL Lake Erie at Rochester, 7:35 p.m.
Marsel Ilhan, Turkey, def. Tobias
Kamke, Germany, 6-2, 6-1.
ON THIS DATE 6). Total Fouls—Miami 21, Detroit 26.
Technicals—Bibby, Miami def 3 sec, Technicals—Utah Coach Corbin, Utah def 2 . . . . . . . . . . . at Erie . . . . . . . . 7 p.m. Chicago at Milwaukee, 8 p.m.
DAYTON REGIONAL March 24 3 sec, Perkins. A—18,203 (18,203). End of Regular Season San Antonio at Peoria, 8:05 p.m.
Favot. Juan Martin del Potro, Argentina, def. 1970 — Jerry West of the Los Angeles Detroit def 3 sec 2. A—22,076 (22,076).
SECOND ROUND Central Hockey League Ricardo Mello, Brazil, 6-4, 6-4. Hamilton at Rockford, 8:05 p.m.
Tuesday’s game Lakers wins his only NBA scoring title, Abbotsford at Manitoba, 8:30 p.m.
ALLEN AMERICANS—Announced F Igor Andreev, Russia, def. Santiago accumulating 2,309 points in 74 games NETS 98, CAVALIERS 94, OT
at JPJ Arena, Charlottesville, Va. Grand Rapids at Texas, 8:30 p.m.
Oklahoma 88, Miami 83
Bruce Graham was recalled by Lake
Erie (AHL).
Giraldo, Colombia, 6-1, 2-6, 6-1.
Denis Istomin, Uzbekistan, def. Donald
for a 31.2 ppg. average.
1979 — Indiana State, led by Larry Bird,
Morrow 3-11 2-2 10, Humphries 6-14 ARENA FOOTBALL LOCAL EVENTS Oklahoma City at Houston, 8:35 p.m.
REGIONAL SEMIFINALS FORT WAYNE KOMETS—Announced Young, United States, 6-4, 6-3. 6-6 18, Lopez 7-21 4-7 18, Farmar 2-10
at Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio advances to the NCAA championship
Saturday’s games
Chicago (AHL) assigned D Matt Krug Igor Kunitsyn, Russia, def. Robert game by squeezing past DePaul 76-74. 6-7 10, Vujacic 7-14 0-1 18, Gaines 0-1 NATIONAL CONFERENCE BASEBALL PIRATES SCHEDULE
to the team. Kendrick, United States, 5-4, retired. Bird has 35 points, 16 rebounds and 0-0 0, Petro 1-3 0-2 2, Wright 0-5 5-6 5, WEST DIVISION College MARCH
Tennessee (33-2) vs. Ohio State WOMEN’S SINGLES Outlaw 6-13 5-6 17, Gadzuric 0-2 0-0 0. 25 . . . . . . . . . Bridgeport. . . . . . . 7 p.m.
(24-9), noon SWIMMING First Round
nine assists.
Totals: 32-94 28-37 98. W L T Pct PF PA Bowdoin vs. Benedictine, at Auburn-
26 . . . . . . . . . . Charlotte . . . . . . . 7 p.m.
Oklahoma (23-11) vs. Notre Dame USA SWIMMING—Named Talia Mark Arizona 2 0 0 1.000 117 83 dale, Fla., 1 p.m.; Colby vs. Otterbein (2),
Bethanie Mattek-Sands, United States, CLEVELAND (94) 29 . . . . . . . . . Providence. . . . 6:30 p.m.
(28-7), 2 p.m. marketing manager, Emily Silver athlete San Jose 2 0 0 1.000 136 105 at Terry Park, Fla., 10 a.m.; Southern
def. Sofia Arvidsson, Sweden, 6-1, 6-4. Gee 4-11 2-3 10, Hickson 5-15 7-8 17, 30 . . . . . . . . . Bridgeport. . . . 6:30 p.m.
relations manager, Amanda Rost mar- Maine vs. Wis.-Stevens Point, at
SPOKANE REGIONAL keting manager for corporate services
Peng Shuai, China, def. Greta Arn,
Hungary, 6-1, 6-2.
LATEST LINE Hollins 2-5 2-2 6, Sessions 7-15 7-10
21, Parker 3-10 1-2 8, Gibson 3-8 1-2 8,
1.000 72 36
.000 48 76 Auburndale, Fla., 11 a.m.
. . . . . . . . at Manchester . . . . . 7 p.m.
SECOND ROUND and Matt Whewell public relations and CENTRAL DIVISION
digital communications coordinator.
Chanelle Scheepers, South Africa, def. Samuels 3-10 2-4 8, Harris 2-7 1-2 5, LACROSSE 3 . . . . . . . . at Connecticut . . . . . 3 p.m.
Tuesday’s game
at Cintas Center, Cincinnati
Polona Hercog, Slovenia, 5-7, 7-5, 6-2. NBA Harangody 3-6 1-2 7, Eyenga 2-4 0-0 4. W L T Pct PF PA College men 5 . . . . . . . . at Worcester . . . . . 7 p.m.
Louisville 85, Xavier 75
SOCCER Yaroslava Shvedova, Kazakhstan, def. Favorite Points Underdog Totals: 34-91 24-35 94. Chicago 2 0 0 1.000 111 69 Colby at Castleton State, 4 p.m. 6 . . . . . . . . . Manchester . . . 6:30 p.m.
Major League Soccer Sara Errani, Italy, 6-3, 5-7, 7-6 (5). DALLAS .......... 14K (209)....... Minnesota Nets 17 22 23 20 16 — 98 Dallas 2 0 0 1.000 117 86 College women 8 . . . . . . . . at Providence . . 7:05 p.m.
REGIONAL SEMIFINALS Varvara Lepchenko, United States, def. Cavaliers 22 20 20 20 12 — 94 9 . . . . . . . . . . at Albany . . . . . . . 7 p.m.
CHIVAS USA—Loaned F Chukwudi New Orleans .... 1K (191)................ UTAH Iowa 0 1 0 .000 28 58 Bowdoin at Keene State, 5:30 p.m.;
at Veterans Memorial Arena CoCo Vandeweghe, U.S., 6-2, 6-3. 10 . . . . . . . . . Springfield. . . . . . . 4 p.m.
Chijindu to the L.A. Blues. Traded the 3-Point Goals—New Jersey 6-19 Kansas City 0 2 0 .000 103 113 Southern Maine vs. Wellesley, at
Spokane, Wash.
rights to D Yamith Cuesta to Chicago for Julie Hampton, United States, def. Ajla NHL (Vujacic 4-9, Morrow 2-5, Outlaw Tulsa 0 2 0 .000 87 117 Clermont, Fla., 10 a.m.; St. Joseph’s vs. End of Regular Season
Saturday’s games Tomljanovic, Croatia, 3-6, 7-5, 6-0. Favorite Points Underdog
a 2012 supplemental draft pick. 0-2, Farmar 0-3), Cleveland 2-12 Thomas, at Deering H.S., 4:45 p.m.
Gonzaga (30-4) vs. Louisville (22-12),
RED BULL NEW YORK—Signed D Tyler Elena Vesnina, Russia, def. Gisela NY ISLANDERS Even-1/2 ............ Atlanta (Parker 1-2, Gibson 1-2, Harangody 0-1, AMERICAN CONFERENCE
9 p.m.
Lassiter. Dulko, Argentina, 6-1, 6-3. BOSTON.............. 1/2-1 ..............Montreal Eyenga 0-2, Harris 0-2, Gee 0-3). Fouled SOUTH DIVISION SOFTBALL
Stanford (31-2) vs. North Carolina
(27-8), 11:30 p.m. COLLEGE
Anabel Medina Garrigues, Spain, def. NY RANGERS .... 1-1K ................ Ottawa Out—Hollins. Rebounds—New Jersey 69 W L T Pct PF PA College QMJHL
Ksenia Pervak, Russia, 6-1, 6-2. PHILADELPHIA .. 1/2-1 ........... Pittsburgh (Humphries 23), Cleveland 70 (Hickson Orlando 1 0 0 1.000 47 34 Bowdoin vs Wis.-Whitewater, at
CENTRAL COLLEGIATE HOCKEY AS- Kimiko Date-Krumm, Japan, def. Zu- ST. LOUIS ........... 1/2-1 ............Edmonton 17). Assists—New Jersey 20 (Farmar Georgia 1 1 0 .500 110 118 Clermont, Fla., 9:30 a.m.; Bowdoin vs.
DALLAS REGIONAL SOCIATION—Announced the resignation zana Ondraskova, Czech Rep., 6-4, 6-3. NASHVILLE ....... 1/2-1 ..............Anaheim 10), Cleveland 15 (Parker 4). Total Jacksonville 1 1 0 .500 123 112 Luther, at Clermont, Fla., 11:30 a.m.; PLAYOFF SCHEDULE
SECOND ROUND of commissioner Tom Anastos, who will Agnes Szavay, Hungary, def. Zhang Toronto ............ Even-1/2...... COLORADO Fouls—New Jersey 26, Cleveland 26. Colby vs. Elmhurst, at Clermont, Fla., #9-MONCTON VS. #8-LEWISTON
Tuesday’s games become hockey coach at Michigan State. Tampa Bay 1 1 0 .500 82 112 x-if necessary
Shuai, China, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. PHOENIX ............ 1/2-1 ............ Columbus Technicals—New Jersey Coach Johnson, New Orleans 0 2 0 .000 74 93 11:30 a.m.; Colby vs. Washington &
at Ferrell Center, Waco, Texas ARKANSAS—Named Mike Anderson Virginie Razzano, France, def. Alize LOS ANGELES Even-1/2...........San Jose Jefferson, at Clermont, Fla., 1:30 p.m.; Friday’s game
Cleveland defensive three second 2. EASTERN DIVISION
Baylor 82, West Virginia 68 men’s basketball coach. Cornet, France, 6-3, 6-1. Moncton at Lewiston, 7:30 p.m.
at Intrust Bank Arena, GEORGIA TECH—Named Ryan Bamford Sania Mirza, India, def. Arantxa Parra COLLEGE BASKETBALL A—18,923 (20,562). W L T Pct PF PA Southern Maine vs. Buffalo State, at
Clermont, Fla., 9:30 a.m.; Southern
Saturday’s game
Wichita, Kan. associate athletic director for internal Santonja, Spain, 6-2, 6-4. Favorite Points Underdog Philadelphia 1 1 0 .500 86 114 Moncton at Lewiston, 7 p.m.
Thursday’s games Pittsburgh 1 1 0 .500 110 86 Maine vs. Elmhurst, at Clermont, Fla.,
Wisconsin-GB 65, Michigan State 56 operations. Lourdes Dominguez Lino, Spain, def. Tuesday, March 29
1:30 p.m.
at Auburn Arena,
Auburn, Ala.
LOUISIANA TECH—Fired men’s basket-
ball coach Kerry Rupp.
Arantxa Rus, N’lands, 6-4, 6-7 (7), 6-4.
Timea Bacsinszky, Switzerland, def.
Florida ...............3 (149) .................... Byu
0 0
2 0
.000 0 0
.000 72 111 SWIMMING
Lewiston at Moncton, 6 p.m.
Wednesday, March 30
Georgia 61, Florida State 59 NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF Vesna Manasieva, Russia, 6-3, 6-2. Wisconsin .........5 (124) ................ Butler Friday’s games College Lewiston at Moncton, 6 p.m.
at CenturyTel Center, TECHNOLOGY—Named Sergio Gonzalez Barbora Zahlavova Strycova, Czech, San Diego St .....1 (129) ....... Connecticut NASCAR SPRINT CUP Spokane at Iowa, 8:05 p.m. NCAA Division III Championships at Friday, April 1
Shreveport, La. women’s soccer coach. def. Sloane Stephens, U.S., 6-4, 6-2. Duke ................ 8K (147)............. Arizona UPCOMING RACES San Jose at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Univ. of Tennessee x-Moncton at Lewiston, 7:30 p.m.
Texas A&M 70, Rutgers 48 NORTHERN ILLINOIS—Named Mark Anna Tatishvili, Georgia, def. Olga Friday’s games x-non-points race Saturday’s games Sunday, April 3
REGIONAL SEMIFINALS Montgomery men’s basketball coach. Govortsova, Belarus, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3. NCAA TOURNAMENT March 27 — Auto Club 500, Fontana, New Orleans at Jacksonville, 7 p.m. TENNIS x-Lewiston at Moncton, 3:05 p.m.
at American Airlines Center, Dallas RPI—Named Tim Landis football coach. Anastasia Yakimova, Belarus, def. Alla North Carolina 4K (150)........ Marquette Calif. Utah at Orlando, 7:30 p.m. College men Tuesday, April 5
Sunday’s games UTAH—Promoted interim women’s bas- Kudryavtseva, Russia, 6-3, 6-1. Ohio St ............ 5K (140).......... Kentucky April 3 — Goody’s Fast Relief 500, Sunday’s game Colby vs. Augustana, at Orlando, Fla., x-Moncton at Lewiston, 7 p.m.
Georgia (23-10) vs. Texas A&M (29-5), ketball coach Anthony Levrets to coach. Angelique Kerber, Germany, def. Edina Kansas ........... 10K (136)........ Richmond Martinsville, Va. Cleveland at Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. 9 a.m.
4:30 p.m. WASHINGTON STATE—Reinstated F Gallovits-Hall, Romania, 6-4, 6-4. Florida St ......... 3K (132)..... VA C’wealth April 9 — Samsung Mobile 500, Fort Monday, March 28 College women OTHER SERIES
Baylor (33-2) vs. Wisconsin-Green Bay DeAngelo Casto to the men’s basketball Dinara Safina, Russia, def. Jelena Home Team in CAPS Worth, Texas Arizona at Tulsa, 7 p.m. Colby vs. Augustana, at Orlando, Fla., Today’s game
(34-1), TBA team. Dokic, Australia, 6-4, 6-4. TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC. April 17 — Aaron’s 499, Talladega, Ala. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee, 7:30 p.m. 9 a.m. Halifax at Montreal, 7:05 p.m.


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SPORTS The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 C3


West Chara, Bruins ready
leaves to battle Canadiens
Claws The Associated Press
Zdeno Chara sat calmly at his
locker, concerned more about

Pacioretty will be able to re-
sume training with contact by
early or mid-April, according
to Coach Jacques Martin. And

for home
beating the Montreal Canadiens there’s a chance he’ll be back
in the tight division race than during the playoffs after early
getting beat up by them. fears that the injury might be
Tonight’s rematch comes 16 more serious.
days after Max Pacioretty suf- “(Chara) can take care of him-
fered a severe concussion and self,” Boston’s Milan Lucic said,
Maine waives Mario West a fractured vertebra after a “so if they want to go after him,
so he can go home to hard check by Chara knocked good luck.”
him into a padded stanchion
Atlanta to help care for a
supporting a glass partition be- NOTES: The Columbus Blue
sick family member. tween the teams’ benches. Jackets recalled left wing
Might the Canadiens seek ret- Maksim Mayorov from Spring-
ribution on the ice? field in the AHL. ... The Los An-
Staff Writer
“I don’t know,” Chara said after geles Kings recalled right wing
PORTLAND — Mario West, practice Wednesday. “We’ll see.” Oscar Moller from Manchester
the Maine Red Claws’ most rec- Montreal’s Ryan White thinks of the AHL.
ognizable player, was waived for his team has more important
personal reasons Wednesday. business to handle. Boston WEDNESDAY’S GAMES
West, 26, asked to be waived leads the Northeast Division CANUCKS 2, RED WINGS 1:
so he can go home to Atlanta with 90 points with 10 games left. Daniel Sedin scored twice and
to take care of a sick family Montreal is second with 87 and Roberto Luongo made 39 saves,
member. eight games remaining. There’s leading Vancouver to a win at
The team, which was officially a decent chance they’ll meet in Detroit.
eliminated from playoff conten- the first round of the playoffs.
tion on Tuesday night, granted “We need two points,” White BLACKHAWKS 4, PAN-
his request. said. “We’re not going to go in THERS 0: Corey Crawford
West played 53 games with there and try and do anything made 23 saves for his fourth
Maine over the franchise’s first stupid and get him back or any- shutout of the season, and Brent
two years and was etched into The Associated Press thing like that. If you ask (Pacio- Seabrook and Patrick Kane had
team lore when his likeness was Atlanta’s Josh Smith goes up for a shot as Philadelphia’s Spencer Hawes defends retty), I think the biggest thing a goal and assist each to lead
handed out on a bobblehead last Wednesday night. The 76ers opened the fourth quarter with a 25-6 run to beat the Hawks. right now is for us to win. We’ve Chicago at home.
month. given ourselves an opportunity
“I was trying my best to wait to catch these guys.” DUCKS 4, STARS 3: Teemu
until the season was over,” said
West. “I didn’t want to take away
from the team (trying to fly back
between games). This gives
someone else the opportunity
to play.
Wade, Bosh lead rally Chara is focusing on stopping
a team that is 4-1 against Boston
this season.
“We all know it’s a big game for
both teams,” he said.
Selanne scored the tying goal
with 5.4 seconds left in regula-
tion and Cam Fowler netted the
winner 1:42 into overtime to give
Anaheim a win at Dallas.
“And, also, family is first.
“I don’t want to seem like I’m
selfish. You are kind of stuck in
a hard place, and hope the team
and organization understands.
“Beyond basketball, you only
as Heat get by Pistons
The Associated Press were 8-9 after losing to Atlanta Iguodala hit two free throws to
play this game for so long. I
AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — on Nov. 27. clinch the win.
would hate to look back and say,
‘Man, I wish I would’ve been
there for my family.’ ”
Dwyane Wade scored 24 points
and Chris Bosh added 23 to help
the Miami Heat rally for a 100-94
112: Kevin Martin scored 34
Russell Westbrook scored 31
of the
The Red Claws will retain the
win over the Detroit Pistons on points, Chuck Hayes got his first points, Kevin Durant added 29
rights to West if he returns to
Wednesday night. career triple-double and Hous- and host Oklahoma City pulled
the NBA Development League
LeBron James had 19 points, ton beat visiting Golden State away in the second half.
next year.
eight rebounds and seven as- for a fifth straight victory. Al Jefferson had 32 points and
He could, however, play in Eu-
sists for Miami, which has won 6 Hayes had 14 rebounds, 13 12 rebounds to lead the Jazz.
rope or another league. Photo fro
West, a former Georgia Tech
of 7 following a five-game losing points and 11 assists for the Worcester Sh m Portland Pirates vs.
streak. arks Saturday
walk-on, has played in 156 NBA Rockets, who remained two PACERS 111, BOBCATS 88: , Jan. 15, 2011
The Heat trailed by 11 late in games behind Memphis for the Danny Granger scored 33 points
games with the Atlanta Hawks.
“It’s too early to decide. I don’t
know what’s next for me,” West
the third quarter before Mike
Miller made a 3-pointer in the fi-
nal seconds. Miami then scored
final playoff spot in the Western
Dorell Wright led the Warriors
and Indiana created breathing
room from one of its closest Is this you?
said. “That’s not even really a
thought process right now.”
West was the first member of
the first 15 points of the fourth to
take an 88-81 lead.
Detroit had the ball down by
with 34 points.


competitors for the Eastern
Conference’s final playoff spot
with a win at Charlotte, N.C.
If so, you’ve won!
the Red Claws to earn an NBA Tyler Hansbrough added 24 Call us at 791-6600 to make arrangements to get your prize.
four in the final minute, but Greg Kris Humphries grabbed a ca-
job when the Hawks signed points and Roy Hibbert had 13
Monroe missed a layup, forcing reer-high 23 rebounds and made
him in the middle of the 2009-10 points and 14 rebounds for the
season. He finished that season
the Pistons to foul.
Richard Hamilton led Detroit
several big plays in overtime,
leading New Jersey to just its
Pacers, who moved three games TODAY’S PRIZE:
with Atlanta. ahead of Charlotte and Milwau-
with 27 points. fifth road win in a matchup of
West, best know for his ability
to slash to the rim and find open two bad teams winding down
kee for eighth place by complet-
ing a four-game season sweep.
MAGIC 111, KNICKS 99: miserable seasons.
shots, returned to the Red Claws
this season and was a veteran
presence in a young lineup.
Dwight Howard had 33 points
and 11 rebounds, and visiting
Jordan Farmar’s two free
throws with 3.8 seconds left
KINGS 97, BUCKS 90: Mar-
cus Thornton scored 27 points,
He registered his first career
triple-double in a 117-94 win
Orlando won its fourth straight,
sending New York below .500.
Jameer Nelson added 19
helped seal it for the Nets.
Humphries, Brook Lopez and
Sasha Vujacic scored 18 apiece
Beno Udrih added 25 and Sac-
ramento won at Milwaukee to
on March 13 against the Fort damage the Bucks’ fading play-
points, Hedo Turkoglu had 16 for New Jersey.
Wayne Mad Ants, with 27 points,
points and 11 rebounds, and off hopes. 1 Pleasant Street
10 assists, and 10 rebounds.
Brandon Bass chipped in 15 76ERS 105, HAWKS 100: Lou Milwaukee (28-42) fell three Portland, Maine
In his 53 games with Maine,
Williams scored 17 points, and games behind Indiana for the
West has averaged 13.7 points
points for the Magic, who held
Amare Stoudemire to his worst Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus eighth and final spot in the
and 3.1 assists.
game this season and beat the Young each had 16 to lead host Eastern Conference with 12 left
General Manager Jon Jen- to play.
Knicks for the sixth straight Philadelphia over Atlanta.
nings was unavailable for com-
time and 13th in the last 15. The Sixers opened the fourth
Carmelo Anthony had 24 quarter on a 25-6 run to send the
Staff Writer Jenn Menendez can be
contacted at 791-6426 or at:
points for the Knicks (35-36),
who lost for the seventh time
in eight games and are below
Hawks to their second demor-
alizing loss in two nights. The
Bulls won in Atlanta 114-81 on


.500 for the first time since they Tuesday night.

Bulletin Board
Lauren Faulkner, IYCA certified
youth fitness specialist and
cheering conditioning coach,
is holding a one-day clinic
at the Saco Community
Center, in Saco. Faulkner
will be instructing cheer

athletes on improving
presentation, showmanship,
core strength, and flexibility
Q   "(%!%-+)-,, *+%%+'-'$,+*'" 1' *+
as well as offering specific
workouts and drills to
Q  ))* % ++(*$ +*,+"++#( +,*. %"+
improve performance and '"%(. +
reduce injury. The clinic
will be divided into two Q   
 ('$+(',$'-  "(%!& *#'$+
sessions. The first is for both
dancers and tumblers ages
('/$', *& *#'$+ 
7-10 on April 6 from 6-6:30
p.m. is free of charge. The
second session will be over    

the following four weeks

split into cheer dance at 5  *'(-,+) $%+.$'"+)*(&(,$('+
p.m. and cheer tumble at 6 . ',+'&(* +,# 0#)) '
p.m. To register call Lauren
Faulkner at 370-2348 or go
to www.AthleticRevolutionGr

Saturday, March 26th 4:00–6:00pm
Beverages & Hors d’ouevres (-, 

Learn About: (-, 

* '%' 

Memberships • Leagues
Clinics • Lessons (-,   +, '(' 
We are looking forward to a 0' (*(*(-"# 

great 2011 Season!


304 Gorham Rd, Scarborough


Edition: PD Sec/Page: C3 Rundate: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Modified 5/05/09

C4 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 24, 2011 SPORTS

Bonds’ friend:
I saw trainer
holding syringe
Barry Bonds’ former order at the ballpark, said
business partner, however, Bonds’ body changed in this
period – prosecutors allege the
says he never saw Bonds transformation was caused by
get injected. steroids.
“His shoe size just got bigger,”
The Associated Press Hoskins said. “His glove size
SAN FRANCISCO — Barry changed. ... His body weight
Bonds looked at the witness changed. He got heavier and
stand with a blank expression bigger.”
as a childhood friend and former Bonds, in a lighter gray suit
business partner described how than previous days and a striped
baseball’s biggest star walked tie, took copious notes during
into the master bedroom at his the testimony of Hoskins, who
spring training home along with followed federal agent Jeff No-
trainer Greg Anderson, who had vitzky to the stand and became
The Associated Press a syringe with a needle. the second witness in a trial ex-
Teammates and trainers rush to pitcher Roy Oswalt after he was struck on the neck by a line drive by Tampa Bay’s Manny A few minutes later, Bonds and pected to last about a month.
Ramirez in an exhibition game Wednesday in Port Charlotte, Fla. An MRI showed Oswalt only suffered a bruise. Anderson walked out. Both prosecutors and the
Steve Hoskins testified in defense played for the jury por-
federal court Wednesday that tions of a recording Hoskins

Gonzalez works on his swing

he never saw Anderson inject secretly made of a conversation
Bonds. The question for the that took place in front of Bonds’
jury will be whether Hoskins’ locker in 2003. Hoskins said he
description, which the defense put an Olympus digital recorder
began to challenge later in the in a pocket and recorded An-
day, is a path toward convicting derson “to show Bobby actually
The Associated Press Gonzalez has only 16 plate ap- his forearm. from making his next scheduled Bonds of lying when he told a what really was going on.”
FORT MYERS, Fla. — Boston pearances in Grapefruit League Manager John Farrell is hope- start. grand jury seven years ago he “That was the only way to
Red Sox first baseman Adrian games this spring as he con- ful Morrow will return by mid- “He’s all right. X-rays said never knowingly took steroids. prove it to him,” Hoskins said.
Gonzalez went 3 for 6 in a Triple- tinues his rehabilitation and is April. Speaking softly and fidget- Hoskins never played the con-
he’s all right,” Manager Charlie
A game Wednesday as he keeps batting .143. He was held back ing a bit in the witness chair, versation for Bobby Bonds, who
Manuel said. “When he got up
working his way back from early in camp as the Red Sox YANKEES: Center fielder he was OK.” Hoskins gave the first dramatic by 2003 was ill with cancer and
offseason surgery on his right monitored his progress. Curtis Granderson might not be testimony in the trial of Bonds, died that August.
The Phillies said Oswalt did who faces four counts of making Much of the recording was
shoulder. Gonzalez, a three-time All- ready for opening day because not lose consciousness and was
Gonzalez was the third batter Star, originally hurt his shoulder of a strained muscle on his right not dizzy before leaving in the false statements and one count first released by the prosecution
in each of the first six innings while playing for San Diego last side. of obstruction. in February 2009. At one point,
fourth inning of a 4-1 loss. Hoskins said he witnessed Anderson is heard discussing
against a team of Tampa Bay May in Houston, diving for a foul n Major League Baseball and “Fortunately it was not driven
minor leaguers. He singled ball. He had surgery in October the players’ union announced in a manner that could have re- scenes of Bonds and a needle- what the government alleges
three times, scored a run and bearing Anderson entering a are designer steroids he sup-
and the Red Sox acquired him in the 20 best-selling jerseys from ally caused some damage,” Rays
drove in one. He did not play bedroom once or twice each plied to Bonds. “But the whole
a winter trade with the Padres. last season and Derek Jeter Manager Joe Maddon said. “Our
the field. spring training for three straight thing is ... everything that I’ve
Gonzalez expects to play in headed the list, followed by
guys were very concerned up on years starting in 2000. been doing at this point, it’s all
“It went well,” Gonzalez said. most of Boston’s remaining ex- Minnesota’s Joe Mauer and
the dugout. I liked the fact that A partner with Bonds in a undetectable,” he said.
“The shoulder’s been feeling hibition games. It’s planned that Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay.
our guys were applauding for memorabilia business, Hoskins Hoskins said earlier that
really good. I know for (head he’ll miss today’s game against
said Bonds asked him to inquire Bonds became angry when
trainer) Mike (Reinold) it was Florida in Jupiter and Sunday’s PHILLIES: Pitcher Roy Os- him as he walked off the field,
about the effects of the steroid speaking near the ballpark bat-
playing back to back. For me, game against Baltimore in Sara- walt was knocked to the ground you never want to see that hap-
Winstrol in 1999, at around the ting cage in 2002 because “Greg
it was more getting my timing sota. by a line drive to the neck in an pen.”
time Bonds was having left el- would not give Barry a shot.”
down. exhibition game against Tampa
RANGERS: Right-hander bow surgery April 20. Hoskins “Barry just said that if Greg
“The first couple of days I NATIONALS: Washington put Bay.
Brandon Webb was scratched said he went to Dr. Arthur Ting, wouldn’t give him the shot, he’d
was just hitting, just looking pitcher Stephen Strasburg on Oswalt stayed down for nearly
from a scheduled bullpen ses- who is expected to testify later give it to himself,” Hoskins said
for a fastball. And then the last the 60-day disabled list as he re- a minute. Then, he rose to his
sion because he was unable to in the trial, and brought a sheet under questioning from Assis-
couple of days I’ve been trying covers from elbow surgery last feet and walked off the mound
get loosened up to pitch. of information back to Bonds. tant U.S. Attorney Matthew A.
to actually have at-bats. It hasn’t September. on his own. Parrella.
Webb was scheduled to throw Hoskins said he planned to go
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