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s With what are SIMATIC WinCC V7.x, V 6.x and V5.x compatible?

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WinCC Version SIMATIC WinCC V7

Software V7.0 V7.0 SP1 V7.0 SP2
Windows 7 x
XP Professional SP2 x x
Microsoft Windows
XP Professional SP3 x x
Server 2003 SP2 x x x
Server 2003 R2 SP2 *4) x x x
Windows Server 2008 SP2 x
*12) VMware ESXi 4.0 x
Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V x
V6.0 SP1 x x
V6.0 SP2 x x x
Microsoft Internet Explorer
V7.0 x x x
V8.0 x
Trend Micro "OfficeScan" Corporate
Edition V8.0
Trend Micro "OfficeScan" Corporate
Edition V8.0 SP1 incl. Patch 2
Trend Micro "OfficeScan" Corporate
Edition V10.0
Virus Scanner
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise V8.5 x
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise V8.7i x x
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
V10.2 (Norton Antivirus)
Symantec Endpoint Protection V11.0
x x
(Norton Antivirus)
*9) *9)
Microsoft Windows NetMeeting x x
Remote Software
Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) x *10) x *10) x *10)
WinCC Configuration Tool x *7)
WinCC Archive Configuration Tool x
WinCC CrossReferenceAssistant x
WinCC Communication Configurator x
WinCC Smart Tools
Variablen Export/Import x
Variablensimulator x
Dynamic Wizard Editor x
Documentation Viewer x
V5.4 SP3.1 x
V5.4 SP4 x
V5.4 SP5 x x
V5.5 x
Edition 2007 HF1 (V7.0) x
Edition 2008 HF1 (V7.1) x
*1, 8)
SIMATIC NET Edition 2008 SP2 (V7.1.2) x
V8.0 (2010) (V8.0) x
V8.0 SP1 x
WinCC/Audit V7.0 x x
V7.0 x
WinCC/Central Archive
V7.0 SP1 x
Server (CAS)
V7.0 SP2 x
WinCC/Change Control V7.0 x x
V7.0 SP1 x
V7.0 SP2
V7.0 x
V7.0 SP1 x
V7.0 SP2
V7.0 x
V7.0 SP1 x
WinCC/ODK V7.0 x x x
V6.0 SP4 *2) x
V7.0 SP1 *2) x
WinCC/ProcessMonitor V7.0 SP1 x
V1.4 x x
Simatic Logon
V1.4 SP3 x
2007 SP3 x
SIMATIC Maintenance 2007 SP4 x
Station 2009 x
2009 SP1

*1) Notice Operating system, entry 9859007

*2) Only for WinCC Singlestation and WinCC Clients
*3) Not used
*4) Standard and Enterprise Edition
*5) Ultimate / Business / Enterprise
*6) or higher
*7) It is not absolutely necessary to have WinCC installed. In this case you cannot read/write
data from/to WinCC. But it is a requirement to install MS Excel 2007 / XP /2003. MS Excel
2007 is released for WinCC V7.0, even if it is not mentioned in the WinCC Information
*8) WinCC is delivered with SIMATIC NET Softnet-S7 Lean
*9) More information on installing and configuring "Microsoft Windows NetMeeting" is available
on the Microsoft sites at and
*10) You can access WinCC systems with a RDC via a console session.
*11) 32 Bit - Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
*12) Only for WinCC Clients

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