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Instructions for installing & configuring RingMaster Lite

version 4.2a

RingMaster Lite version 4.2a has now been released. RingMaster Lite is an
innovative call management solution for small & medium sized businesses. It
provides a solution for organisations that want a simple to install, user friendly
and competitively priced product. Version 4.2a now includes options for
SwitchMinder Lite real-time alerting & Guest Billing for small hotels & guest
houses. These options are controlled by use of a production or activation

Installing RingMaster Lite

Insert the new Soft-ex CD into the CD-ROM drive.

1. You will be prompted with a menu option screen (displayed above).

2. On the Install menu, click on the drop-down box & select RingMaster
3. The following dialogue box will appear . . .
4. Click “Perform Check”
5. The following message will be displayed. Select “Yes to All”

7. Click next after to confirm your agreement with the Terms & Conditions
to move to the next screen . . .
8. The following screen will be displayed. Click next …

9. File extraction will then begin as shown below …

10. The following dialogue box will appear

11. Select “Yes” to move to the next installation step

You will be prompted to enter a production code. This code can be found
on the cover of the Soft-ex CD. The production code contains information
on what type of software (e.g. RingMaster Lite), country settings & what
size (e.g. 50 ports) was ordered. Select “Next” to move to the next step
12. Enter the production code

13. Select the relevant PBX you will be receiving CDR (call records) from.
Select “Use Custom Settings” to configure how to received CDR from the
telephone system e.g. serial, TCP/IP, file.

14. Configure tariffs. Enter the telephone number of the customer you are
installing the system for.

15. Start Call Charging. You will be prompted to activate your system.
Once activated your RingMaster Lite should start processing live calls
now if the CDR is being transmitted in real-time from the PBX.

16. The installation is now complete.

Configuring SwitchMinder Lite

If your system has an option for SwitchMinder Lite you will need to make
some minor configuration changes in the mail settings tab…..

Click on the “mail settings” tab.

In “Recipient:” enter the email address of the person to receive the alert.

In “Mail Server” enter the IP address or name of the mail server.

SwitchMinder uses the SMTP protocol to send email so no mail client is
necessary to be installed on the RingMaster PC.

Username & password are only applicable is the mail server requires one.
Rules will be checked every hour on the hour.
Click OK to save your settings.
Configuring Guest Billing

Guest Billing is designed as a cost effective billing solution for small hotels,
guest houses and B&B’s. If you have an option for Guest Billing you will need
to configure the extensions & mark-up rates the user wishes to apply. To
configure Guest Billing you will need to take the following steps;

1. Load the Administration module (Start | Programs | Soft-ex RingMaster

2. Login using the Dealer level user.
3. Click on the “Customer Charging Table” icon.

4. Click on File | New. Enter a name for the markup e.g. 200% for 2 times
the carrier (real) cost of the call. See example below….
5. Once you have clicked OK to save, then select the extensions for the
mark-up to apply. To do so, click on the first icon “Accounts” & click on
the relevant extensions.

6. Select the “Customer” option for each extension.

7. Then save & exit from the Administration module
8. In Windows Explorer go to the install folder, normally C:\RM2000. Edit
the file Rooms.txt. using Notepad. From the example you will need to
enter the extensions you wish to bill. Once finished save & exit.
9. Now close & restart the Call Charging & Reporting modules.
10. In the Reporting module, select Guest Billing…
11. Once calls have been made by the guest extensions, the extensions
will appear in Guest Billing…

For information on how to use Guest Billing refer to the RingMaster Guest
guide document included on the Soft-ex CD.