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Read the text carefully and then answer the questions in the section to the right.

The Holiday Maker. Answer Sheet

Here's something else to put on your list of Which person ..

things to get once your rich uncle Fred dies
and leaves you all his money, or when you 1. was sent on holiday to get to know
win the lottery - your own holiday consultant. someone better?
Our travel reporter, Jane Wiggs interviews
Billy Andower who has been a holiday 2. worked while he was on holiday?
consultant for seven years now.

Billy strongly denies that he is just a fancy 3. needed a holiday without travel?
travel agency. 'Every individual is different, (two answers)
and deserves a different kind of holiday.
Before I even think of planning a destination
or an activity for my clients, I spend several 4. was recommended for a cultural
days with them observing their lifestyle, and holiday?
discussing possible alternatives for the
holiday. Often what I suggest is very
5. learned something about the
different from what they had in mind. For
example, I had a client, Mrs Brecon, who had
suddenly come into a lot of money. She was
planning to spend her holiday lying on a 6. had no chance to meet other
beach in Bermuda. But I could see at once people of the same age?
that she was a very active person, and she had
not been working for a while and was getting 7. needed to go somewhere and
restless. So I sent her on an eco-tourism trip relax? (two answers)
to the Galapagos islands. She loved it.

On the other hand, I had another client, Dave

Darmak. Dave's internet company had made 8. wanted something as
him a lot of money, and he wanted to go extraordinary as possible?
snowboarding and hang-gliding in the Alps.
But he really needed to wind down and 9. was really fit after the holiday?
recharge his batteries, so I recommended a
farm in Tuscany not far from the sea, where 10. suffered from stress at work? (two
there was lovely scenery and lots of time to answers)
relax. Of course, that's also the best thing for
people who have recently been ill or injured,
though I don't recommend Tuscany for them
in mid-summer. It's just too hot.' 11. wanted a holiday with excitement
Not all of Billy's holidays cost the earth. He and risk?
once sent Mike Harman and another
executive from the same business on a
cycling holiday in Holland as a bonding
exercise, and even recommended to one
would-be holidaymaker - Terry Balt, an
assistant manager at Vernion Electric - that
he spend his holiday at home.

'He had just finished a big project, and was

really tense. The last thing he needed was
travel to a foreign country and have the
hassle of trains, planes and taxis. So I told
him to use all the money he was saving on
travel and accommodation for eating in the
best restaurants in his home town, and taking
taxis to see the local sights. He's lived in the
town for ten years, and never had time to
relax in the park or see a show in the local

The biggest challenge, says Billy, is families.

Especially when the children and adults want
different things. Fortunately, Billy knows
many places where child-minding is an art.
He suggested to our reporter 'We might take
you to see cathedrals and art galleries in
Paris, while the children go to Disneyworld,
for example. With some recent clients, the
Bellway family, the mother, Sally, wanted to
spend all day, every day on the beach. I knew
her son, Joe, would go crazy with boredom,
as it was quite an exclusive place without
many other kids about. So I arranged for him
to take sky-diving lessons. Once Sally
stopped worrying, everyone had a great time!'

When a Professor Lember came to Billy, he

wanted something really unusual to impress
his friends. Billy arranged for him to spend a
holiday in a scientific undersea habitat near
Florida. He could only do it because Prof.
Lember is a distinguished marine biologist,
whose contribution to research in the habitat
was so useful that he did not even have to pay
for his vacation.

But what about Billy himself? Billy laughs.

'To tell you the truth, I've been so busy these
last five years, I have had time for one break.
But I'd been so many exotic places
researching holidays for other people, that I
took week off at home watching football on
the telly!'.

(Text courtesy of Britalia Airways InFlight Magazine)

Read this text and the paragraphs opposite. Decide where the paragraphs go in the
text, and put the correct number next to each. e.g. (X) . You do not need one of the
paragraphs opposite.

Fancy a cuppa Java? Answer Sheet

While tea, cocoa and fizzy drinks are popular, few 1. It was soon found that the
other beverages approach the popularity of coffee. It technique used by the espresso
is estimated that the people of the world drink more machine extracted the finest and
than a thousand million cups of coffee every day. freshest oils from the coffee, and
this soon became the favoured
drink of the coffee connoisseur.
(A) The story began about nine hundred years
Achilles Gaggia took the process a
ago, somewhere in Ethiopia, when a shepherd
step nearer perfection by using
noticed that his goats became much livelier when
high pressure to produce a thick
they went to a particular area to feed.
froth on the coffee which is called
the 'crema'
The berries were very strong and bitter, and after a
while the people of the Arabian peninsula
2. It is from here that we get the
discovered that the best way to take them was to first
nickname 'Java' for coffee. The
cook them slowly over a fire, and then boil them in
island of Martinique started the
water. They called this drink 'qahwa'.
tradition of coffee growing in the
Caribbean, and today Jamaican
(B) From there it spread slowly westward, with Blue mountain coffee is reckoned
the Italians being the first European people to to be the finest in the world.
become enthusiastic coffee drinkers.
3. The roasting of the coffee is a
specialist job, and all coffee
(C) John Lloyd's coffee house in London soon
manufacturers have their own
became a regular meeting place of the city's
technique. It is the roasting and
businessmen, and so many deals were done there
type of bean which gives each type
that the shop slowly changed from a coffee shop to
of coffee its own flavour.
one of the best known insurance firms in the world.
As these European businessmen traded and
4. It was almost another four
colonised much of the rest of the world, they took
hundred years before it spread to
their coffee with them. It arrived in the Americas
the Mediterranean world, by which
almost as soon as the first English immigrants did,
time coffee was being drunk and
while the Dutch started to grow the crop
traded in the city of
commercially in the East Indies.

(D) 5. After looking more closely, he

realized that this was because they
Brazil also became a major coffee producer, and in were eating the red berries on a
fact produced so much coffee that it became particular bush. He tried the
necessary to find a way of dealing with the surplus. berries himself, and observed that
they made it easier for him to stay
awake for evening prayers.
However, a true coffee fanatic will avoid instant at
6. The Swiss firm Nestle solved
almost all costs. For the coffee lover, Italy once
the problem in 1938 when they
again led the world in the early part of last century.
invented instant coffee - this is
Dr Illy developed the first automatic espresso
now the most popular kind of
machine for those busy citizens who preferred not to
coffee with millions of cups being
wait while their coffee brewed.
drunk every day.

(F) 7. The rest of Europe was quick to

A form of coffee which has recently become very
popular is cappuccino, named after the 'little hood' of
milk which of frothy milk which is poured over the
espresso. Companies such as the Seattle-based
Starbucks coffee house have made this a truly
international drink.
Read this text and the questions opposite. Then select the best answer to each question
from the four choices below it. You cannot select more than one answer per question.

Rough Riders. Answer Sheet

Today we are accustomed to seeing huge 1. Which is not given as a fault of SUVs?
SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) crowding
a They block up the roads.
our urban streets. Many loathe these
vehicles for the environmental damage and b They use a lot of petrol.
congestion which they cause. Yet there
c They can be unsafe.
was a market for this type of vehicle long
before they became a status symbol for the d They are over-powered.
aspiring middle classes.
2. What was the main strength of the Jeep?
The original off-roader was a hugely over-
a It was versatile.
powered motor car which was developed
by the US army to do anything from b It was very powerful
pulling light artillery to taking troops
c It could drive off-road.
across difficult terrain. Because they could
do almost anything, these vehicles were d It could pull light artillery.
called General Purpose Vehicles, which
soon became shortened to G.P. and then to 3. Rover's plans for the Landrover were
'jeep'. intially ...
a Pessimistic.
When the second world war ended in 1945,
jeeps were sold off in huge numbers as war b Unrealistic.
surplus material. Because they could drive c Long-term.
off-road and carry all sorts of loads, they
became a popular utility vehicle with d Unambitious.
farmers. But the powerful engines put a
huge strain on other parts of the motor, 4. Advertisements for SUVs today will
such as the gearbox. By the end of the probably stress ...
1940s, the world's jeeps were starting to a Their safety features.
wear out.
b Their exotic image.
Two British engineers saw this as an c Their off-road ability.
opportunity. In the post-war austerity, there
was not much demand for motor cars, and d Their wide range of uses.
workers at the Rover factory were
underemployed. So in 1947 Maurice and 5. How does the author feel about modern
Spencer Wilks designed the first Land SUVs?
Rover. This vehicle had the boxy shape a He admires their ruggedness.
which was to be associated with
Landrovers for decades after, but it was b He thinks they are too luxurious.
built with aluminium because steel was in
short supply. The steering wheel was in the
c He feels they are misused.
centre of the vehicle to help the farmer line
up his plough, since another function of the d He really dislikes them.
Landrover was to serve as a replacement

Rover expected to produce about 50

vehicles a week for a few years, after
which production would be abandoned.
But the Landrover turned out to be a great
success. Only 8,000 were produced in the
first year, but in the second year demand
had risen three-fold, and it kept on rising.
Now, almost 50 years later, the Landrover
is still in production and millions of them
have been built and sold all around the

Another reason for the Landrover's success

is that it replaced the jeep as a military
general purpose vehicle. It was not long
before armies and police forces all over the
world adopted this rugged vehicle which
could get them into places which other
motorcars just could not reach. The
Landrover was also used by explorers,
emergency medical teams and
peacekeepers of the United Nations, which
gave it a kind of glamour which the sellers
of today's SUVs still trade on.

Recently the market for off-road vehicles

has exploded. Today almost every
manufacturer of motor vehicles produces
their own brand of off-roader. Most of
these are not sold to farmers or explorers,
but to the urban affluent. These new
purchasers value the SUV for its image and
because they believe that these large solid
vehicles are safer - though statistics have
shown that this is not the case. The higher
wheelbase of an off road vehicle means
that the car is more likely than a street car
to roll when an inexperienced driver takes
a tight corner too fast.

Nevertheless, unless there is a dramatic

rise in the price of petrol (SUVs have a
notoriously high fuel consumption), the
fashion for commuter off-road vehicles
seems set to remain. This has forced
Landrovers to change to keep up with the
trends. The Spartan vehicle of yesteryear
has been replaced by a car with internal
air-conditioning, smooth lines and built-in
holders for coffee cups. Many of them use
their powerful six-litre engines for little
more than taking kids to school on a
suburban road. But you can be sure that
occasionally the mum behind the driving
wheel fantasises about taking her car
through the Amazonian jungle or the
mountains of Tibet.

Modern Some people can't understand why teenagers often seem

unhappy. After all, they have more luxuries and
opportunities than previous generations. We asked eight
Teens modern teens about their most serious problems.

Read this text and the questions opposite. Then write the letter next to each extract in
the appropriate box on the right. When two answers are required you can put them in
any order.

A. Mick (aged 14) E. Frank (aged 17) Which person

Well, its has to be I met this girl on holiday, Is being bullied? 1.
schoolwork, hasn't it? she's from a town twenty Is caught between
Everyone keeps telling you miles away. We really like cultures? 2.
that your exams are going to each other - actually we are Resents
affect the rest of your life. in love. But our parents babysitting? 3.
And there are so many won't let us stay over at Is worried by
pressure from 4.
subjects, and none of the each other's houses. So I've friends?
teachers worry about how got to take a bus every
Wants more
much homework the others Saturday to meet her, responsibility? 6.
have given you. I reckon because my parents won't Has problems with
that I spend more time drive me there. We only teachers? 7.
doing my work than my have a few hours together 8.
mom and dad with theirs. every week, and I'm Has problems with
And we are expected to do worried she'll meet transport? 9.
sport twice a week at my someone in her own town. Would most like a
school as well. It does not My dad thinks that its just holiday? 10.
give you time for much else, something I'm going Which titles would go best
does it? through. He doesn't with each extract?
understand. Not here or there. 11.
B. Elaine (aged 17)
Let me grow up! 12.
Of course I hate school, but F. Allison (aged 14)
it's not that I'm against Its everything. I mean my Too seldom
together. 13.
education. It's other stuff. I'd body's changing, and I find
like to get a boyfriend, but it hard to control my
the boys at my school are so moods. All my mates are
shallow and stupid. I keep in so fashion conscious and
with some of the other girls, they make fun of you if
but they can get really nasty you have the wrong jumper
sometimes. Like smoking. I or trainers, and some of
don't want to smoke. It's so that stuff is so expensive.
unhealthy, but all the other My mum says I should just
girls in my group smoke, ignore them and wear what
and they don't like it if I I like, but you can't, can
don't. I mean, what am I you? And I want to be a
supposed to do? doctor, but you are
supposed to know
C. Fatima (aged 16) chemistry, and I just can't
Its not easy for me right do it. Sometimes I think
now. I was born right here my chemistry teacher hates
in this town, but some me.
people still treat me as a
foreigner. Not to my face, G. Joe (aged 15)
mostly, but you see it in the There's these two boys,
looks you get. And I like all ever since I came to the
the stuff that kids my age school they have hated me.
like, music, parties and all They play stupid tricks on
that, but my parents keep me, and try to get other
saying kids don't behave people to do it too. I don't
like that at home. They think they are really
mean their home. I'm just popular, but everyone is
not sure where I belong. scared of them. It's hard to
D. Sam (aged 14) make friends, because
It's got to be my family. My everyone knows that if
brother is older than me, so they are friends with me,
he gets to go anywhere he they are a target. I know if
likes and comes home late I complain to my parents or
and no-one cares. But if I the school it will just make
am five minutes late coming me more unpopular.
home, my mum won't let me
hear the last of it. And when H. Cathy (aged 16)
she goes to the shops, guess I hate being treated like a
who has to look after my little girl. That's what my
little sister? My dad keeps dad calls me - his little girl.
on at me about getting better I'm not. I'm almost old
marks at school, but wants enough to vote. But I have
me to help around the to be home by eight every
house. I just want them all night, and every time my
to leave me alone. parents hear that I'm going
out with a boy they make
such a fuss. Why can't they
trust me? I don't even get
pocket money. If I want
something I have to ask my
mom or my dad for it. It's
not that they won't let me
have it, it's just that they
always have to control me.
I hate that.
Here you can see an example of Question 1 of the writing test. Click on Example essay
to see an example of an essay and the examiner's comments.

You are the film critic for your college newspaper. Below are the three films
appearing at your local cinema. You have a brief description of each film, and have
written your own comments underneath.

Use this information to give your overall impression of each film. Say what kind of
person each film is suited for, and why. Write about 250 words.

Dangerous Ransom

Starring Josh Chandler

A band of elite government agents battle against the clock to prevent a ruthless
band of terrorists from blowing up a nuclear power station. A real action thriller.

One day in June

Starring Margery Bateman, George Willum

Period drama set in the 1890s. A young man returns to his family estate in England,
and wins the heart of the landowner's daughter. But what is the dark secret in his

Starring Sally Maercs
Something is not right in the little town of Elmer's End. Why does the apple tree
bloom in September? Why doesn't anyone ever use the children's playground? The
town's new schoolteacher starts investigating.

Here you can see an example answer to question 1. When you have read the
essay, look at the exam notes afterward

This week at the cinema, you will certainly find a film to enjoy.

The film I was really looking forward to, “Dangerous Ransom”, is a

disappointment. Josh Chandler, the big star, only appears at the start of
the film. Perhaps he was too embarrassed to stay for the ending, which is
not at all believable. Also the other actors are not very good and the
story is so complicated that it's hard to understand what is happening. If
you like action films, this one is silly but enjoyable; but if you like good
acting or serious films, stay away!

I really liked the next film – “One day in June”. I expected a love story,
but it's not just a love story. I don't want to give away the story, but let
me tell the boys that they and their girlfriends will both enjoy this film.
The girls will like the romance and the wonderful costumes, and the boys
will like the exciting story. And both will enjoy the humour – some parts
of this film are surprisingly funny.

If you know director Craig Carstairs, you know what to expect when you
go to “Nightschild”. Terror! Don't go to this film if you are a nervous
person, or if you want to sleep well afterwards. This film starts slowly,
but by the end it is really, really scary. Sally Maercs and the other actors
are good, and the special effects are horrific. I loved this movie, but it's
really for horror fans.

Exam notes

It's important to note that you are not asked to describe each film, but you will lose marks
if you do not fully answer the question by giving your impression, and saying who this
film is for and why.

Here, the impression of the films is given as 'a disappointment', one that the writer 'really
liked' and one that is 'really, really scary'. It says that the first film is suited for people
who like action films, but for no-one else because the plot and acting are too bad.
The second film is good for boys and girls, because it has a good story, romance, and
The third film is suited for horror fans, but other people might not like the terror or
horrific special effects.
This essay is exactly 250 words, but you can go slightly over or under this amount. But
you must make sure the register is correct - here it has to be chatty, and slightly informal.
Organization of the essay is easier than it will be for some other questions, but it is
important to use the notes as a guide to your impression rather than just repeating what
was written. The essay will also be judged on whether the person whom it is intended for
will get the information required. Here this is whether a particular film will be a good one
to go and see.

The grammar does not try to do too much, but the sentences use contrast and comparison
appropriately, and have some range of vocabulary and grammar ('horrific' , 'you know
what to expect' 'both will enjoy')

Here you can see examples of the questions in Part 2 of the writing test. Answer one of
the questions in about 250 words.

2. You have been asked to write an article for your college newspaper entitled My view of
public transport in my country This is part of a series on public transport in different
countries, and each article is written not by experts, but by the people who use the


• Remember this is for a magazine. It should be a relaxed style, but not slangy.
• You are being asked to give a mixture of facts and opinions, so do this.
• Say how good you think the service is, and whether it is value for money.
• What kind public transport is most used? Trains/ busses/ taxis?
• Is there any public transport people are sentimental about?
(For example the British are sentimental about black cabs in London and steam
• Is there a lot of debate about public transport and its quality?
• How, in your opinion, does it compare with other countries?

3.You saw this advertisement :

The Circus is Coming!

Full of action and excitement! See clowns, thrilling acrobats and fierce
animals! Fun for the whole family.
In fact the circus was a huge disappointment. Write to a friend telling him about it, and
why you feel let down.


• You are writing to a friend, so your style should be relaxed and informal.
• Remember in a letter you should start by some general comments.
• Get on to your subject on the second paragraph.
• Explain that you were looking forward to the circus, and why.
• What was wrong with the circus?
(For example - unfunny clowns, no animals, boring stunts.)
• Who did you go with, and how did you and they feel?
• Did you do something else to make up for it?
• Warn your friend not to go to that circus, and say goodbye.

4. A friend wants to cook a traditional meal from your country for a dinner party. Give a
description of the food, and some of its history, saying on what occasions it is eaten, and
include a brief description of how to prepare it. Also give a summary of the culinary
tradition in your country.


• Start by congratulating your friend on the idea.

• Then you can describe what kind of food is preferred in your country.
• Say which food you have chosen and why.
• Remember to explain when it is eaten.
(For example roast beef and baked potatoes are usually eaten in England for
Sunday dinner.)
• Give some cooking instructions, but remember to be brief
• Stress the most important thing about preparing the meal
(For example with roast beef the length of cooking time is crucial)

5. You work for a motor car sales company that wants to open an office in London. You
have been asked if you would like to work there as assistant manager. Write a letter to
your boss explaining why you think you would be suitable for the job


• Remember to write this as a business letter.

• Explain the situation (Position in London offered to you).
• Remind your boss what you are doing at the moment.
• Explain your experience and why this makes you a good choice.
• Explain why you want to go to London
• How well do you know London, the English, the British car business?
• Who can take your place in the office where you are now?
• Finish by saying how much you want this opportunity.