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Take Me to Town!!!

A Project of “Perfect” Accessibility

Imagine, for a moment, that you are an aspiring town planner. A local town council
is accepting designs for a project they want to make happen. This town council has
decided to try to create a new town nearby that will be “perfectly accessible” to people
with disabilities. They want YOU to submit a project design for this new town! Here is the
info about the project:

As a town planner, you will need to:

 Think deeply about the idea of “accessibility”
 Design a town with special accommodations for people with disabilities
 Use some of the specialized vocabulary and “people first” language you have
learned in this unit in class
 Think creatively to make YOUR design the most appealing to the city council (you
want YOUR design to be built!)

The Final Design must include:

1. A colorful, detailed city map of your plans

2. A brochure highlighting the accommodations made for people
with disabilities, coordinated to the buildings with numbers
3. A short presentation of your design to the town council

The Breakdown:

Choose at least 3 of the following disabilities:

 Blindness
 Deafness
 Physical Disability (missing arm, leg, paraplegia, etc.)
 Dyslexia
 Cerebral Palsy
 Down syndrome
 Autism
*Note: you must choose at least one “invisible” disability to include with your project.
Your project will target people with these particular disabilities.
The City Map
Your design must be colorful and creative. Each item on your map must also be clearly
labeled. You must draw your map on full-sized poster board.

The town you design must include:

 School
 Housing
 4 main roads
 A few sidewalks or pathways
 Public transportation

Choose at least 7 from the following list to include in your town:

(CIRCLE the ones you are interested in)
 Theatre
 Museum
 Library
 Gift shop
 Gas station
 Hotel
 Bowling Alley
 Art Gallery
 Bookstore
 Restaurant
 Fitness Center (gym)
 Aquatic Center (pool)
 Hospital
 Bank
 Sports fields (baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, tennis courts, etc.)
 Public transportation (buses & bus stops, trains)
Note: You are also welcome to think of some choices on your own!

The Brochure
The purpose of the brochure is to both inform and persuade. You want to inform the city
council and the public about the accommodations you have created for each building in
your design. You also want to persuade people with disabilities to come live there!

Your brochure must include:

 A name for your town
 A paragraph introducing and highlighting your town
 A definition of “accessible” or “accessibility” that you have developed, somewhere
in the context of your brochure (the paragraph would be a good place)
 Some graphics (pictures)
 A description for each building on your map, explaining how it is accessible to
people with specific disabilities (these can be bullet points)
 Titles or headings coordinated with the labels on your map (so it is clear what
description goes with what building)
 8 vocabulary words from this unit, underlined
 3 examples of “people first” language, underlined

The Presentation
When you are finished designing your town, you will present your proposal to the city
council. Your presentation must:

 Be short and professional (5 min or less)

 Highlight a few of the accommodations your came up with in particular
 Be persuasive (you want to win!)
 Be loud and clear!


This project is worth 100 points toward your final grade.

 Planning: 25 pts.
 Brochure: 25 pts.
 Poster: 25 pts.
 Presentation: 25 pts.

Extra Credit For:

 3-D city
 Extra buildings/accommodations
 Phenomenal Artistry/Organization/Creativity

Go Town Planners!!!