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"Know How to Catch Your Dream Before it Fades

into Obscurity!"

"You're Only Three Seconds

Away From Discovering The
Key to the Meaning of Your
Dreams, Hidden From You...
Until Now"

A Practical Session

Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of this exciting series
where you'll learn what to do about bad
and ugly dreams.

The Bible says in James 1:22:

"But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,

deceiving your own selves."

So, we're taking a little break this week. Time to go

into a practical session... on how to handle unpleasant

Here we go.

Dream #1 - sex in the dream

It is a disaster to have any form of sexual intercourse

in the dream. This is the work of a spirit called
spirit husband or spirit wife.

Their main purpose is to control, rule, dominate,

abuse, manipulate, plunder and dispossess the victim
of every good thing earmarked for her/him by God.

By their activities, one's marital, social, business

and financial life will be in shambles!

Yes, they have that kind of power. And if you allow

this in your life, they will neutralize your prayers
on legal grounds - because you're married to them,
whether you know it or not! Please don't be deceived
that they sometimes take on the appearance of your
husband or wife.

What to do

You have to rebuke him/her in the name of the LORD.

Attack this spirit with all the weapons you know
about. Bind and stop the spirit from visiting you again.

Please be sure that you are NOT engaged in the sin

of fornication or adultery - even in your heart.
These 2 sins act like magnets, helping to attract
them to you.

Dream #2 - one recurring dream

If you have discovered that anytime you want to

touch or start something good, a partcular dream
comes up which always results in rendering all your
efforts futile, you are suffering from what we call "The
Demonic Stabilizer."

This dream stabilizes you and keeps you at the same

level. You must use the weapon of praying and

This stabilizing influence may not affect your entire

life, but it is a hindrance to your progress and
fulfilment in life. You need to break the yoke
behind it and set yourself free.

Dream #3 - wedding dress

If you dream of people stealing your wedding dress, or

soiling it (like stained with blood or in rags), it is a
vicious attack on your marriage.

You must go into fasting and prayer very quickly and

command the wedding gown to be returned. Then go
ahead and claim God's promises for your marriage.

Dream #4 - being naked

If you find yourself naked in the dream, it is a sign of

disgrace or insecurity (i.e. the enemy is planning to
disgrace you publicly).

You must ask the Holy Spirit to clothe you and remove
any object of disgrace from your life.

Dream #5 - traffic jam

If you drove your car in the dream in a traffic jam

which stood still until you woke up, it is symbolic of a
major plan to hinder you from getting what God
wants to give you. This is the kind of dream that
shows you the devil's strategy against your life.
Ask the Holy Spirit to send His troopers there
and clear the way for you.

Dream #6 - funeral service

If you frequently see yourself in funeral services, the

enemy is pursuing you with the spirit of death, period.

What to do

You have to disband the funeral service and 'deal

with the priest who is conducting it. You should also
withdraw yourself from the service. It is not of God.
The people who are there are only pretending to be
your relatives or church members. They are all satanic

Dream #7 - eating in the dream

If you find yoursef eating in the dream (no matter

what it is) it shows you that your spiritual life is being
poisoned. You may even be eating human flesh (Ps
27:2) without knowing it. This is how terrible diseases
are introduced into the lives of people - when they
are asleep and maybe even spiritually dull!

What to do

You have to ask the Holy Spirit to purge you

immediately. This is where you need to learn to
activate the cleansing power in the blood of Jesus,
and use it aggresively!


Listen carefully. If you are a child of God, you should

NOT experience these kinds of dreams. But most
Christians are still having them as a result of
ignorance, carelessness or prayerlessness.

You may be asking: "But I've had these types of

dreams for so many years without doing anything
about it. Can I still rectify things and undo what
Satan has done?"

I have good news for you. The answer is: "Yes, you

Next week is special. It is for women only...

Don't read it if you are not a sister, ok?

Weekend Prayer Assignment

For the kind of information I'm sharing with you to

help you at all, you must commit yourself to prayer.
Nothing else will cut it. It is possible to "know"
the secrets here and still continue to suffer
harassment, attacks, defeats and affliction through
the dream.

Unless you commit to the following steps:

1. You must give your life to Christ and experience the

new birth. When you take this step (genuinely) you
will experience a major transformation from the
level of defeat to the level of dominion.

2. You must learn to pray fervently and violently.

Prayer changes things. This type of prayers will
change your dreams. In fact, it will remove the
hand of the devil from your dreams.

3. Get personal practical help. In most cases, you

may need person-to-person counseling. But only
go to those who understand spiritual things, not
just anybody with a big church title.

Here are the prayer points for this weekend:

A. (Start by praising and worshiping the LORD) -

5 minutes

B. (Ask the LORD to forgive you where you made


C. Ask the blood of Jesus and the fire of God to

sorround you.

Then pray these 7 prayers out loud:

1. Every dream attack against my destiny, fall down

and perish in Jesus' name

2. Every power of darkness using my dreams to

manipulate my life, loose your hold, fall down and die
in Jesus'

3. My dream life, receive the fire of God, in the name

of Jesus

4. My life will not follow any evil pattern, in the name

of Jesus

5. Every power of failure working in my dreams, die

now in Jesus' name

6. Every power of demotion working against my

destiny, die by fire in the name of Jesus
7. O God arise and scatter every enemy of my
prosperity in the name of Jesus.

(Close the session with thanksgiving unto the LORD).

Be sure to look out for the next email. I'll give

you some more next week.

More important, I'll tell you exactly what to do.

Let me know what you see in your dreams after

praying these prayers. And you know I encourage
people to pray at night.

That's when you get the best results.

Until next time,

Be an Overcomer,
-- elisha

PS: I have compiled a list of 91 common

dreams along with 111 prayers to deal with them...

For more details please visit:

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