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for the Toughest Hunts and the Toughest Hunters,

It’s Just A Better Gun.

product line-up
When you compare APEX against Encore, price to price and feature for feature, you’ll immediately see
APEX Gives You a Great Scope Rail APEX INTERCHANGEABLE 4
APEX Gives You a Better Breech Plug that APEX gives you a lot more gun for your money. With an MSRP starting at around $600, the APEX BARREL SYSTEM
One more example of how the APEX gives you more gun for less money
is more than $300 less than the Encore Endeavor. And, in features and quality, the APEX has much
All APEX Muzzleloaders feature our QRBP (Quick Release Breech than the Encore. The DuraSight® Z2 Alloy™ rail base comes standard on SCOUT CENTER-FIRE 6
Plug). With this patent pending system, you can remove the plug more to offer by a long shot. So, we challenge you to compare the APEX to the Encore. You’ll see that
every APEX. All you have to do is choose your rings, mount the scope, and
the APEX gives you better accuracy, more features, a more classic and comfortable stock design and is ACCURA BREAK-ACTION 8
easily with just your index finger and thumb, even after the gun you’re ready to go. Visit to learn more. What mount IN-LINES
has been shot as many as 20 times. This is impossible with T/C’s easier to use – all for a much better price. The CVA APEX, it’s not just a better gun for the money –
does an Encore come with? That’s right, none!
“Speed Breech” system – which requires tools once IT’S JUST A BETTER GUN! OPTIMA BREAK-ACTION 10
you shoot the gun.
APEX Gives You a Better Trigger ACCESSORIES
Our “neutral center of gravity” design is smooth, crisp,
APEX Gives you a Better Barrel In 14 Calibers
and clean. And it’s fully adjustable, giving you the
All APEX rifles feature premium Bergara Barrels™ in 416 stainless steel – which are among
flexibility to adjust your trigger from 3.0 to 4.75 lbs.
the most accurate production barrels available in the world. One look with a bore scope and
Go ahead and compare it to the Encore trigger.
the superiority of a Bergara Barrel is obvious – smooth, clean, and consistent. Bergara Barrels
The difference is night and day.
are manufactured on the most technically-advanced barrel production machinery available
today, and they are guaranteed to outshoot any T/C Encore factory barrel of the same caliber
and contour. Visit to see how Bergara Barrels are made.

APEX Gives You a Better Recoil Pad APEX Gives You a Great Sling
When it comes to the amount of recoil you feel, the Every gun needs a sling, but you’ll need to buy one if you choose a T/C Encore. The APEX
APEX’s CrushZone® Recoil Pad is unsurpassed. It makes comes standard with a matching Quake® CLAW® Sling. CLAW Slings are the most technically-
even the heaviest calibers comfortable to shoot. When you advanced slings on the market because their ALL GRIP, NO SLIP™ design is not only extremely
compare it to the old-style ventilated pad on the standard comfortable, but performs perfectly in the worst weather conditions you’ll ever face. Visit
Encore, there is no comparison. to learn more about Quake’s full line of hunting accessories.
T/C, Encore and Endeavor are registered trademarks of Thompson/Center Arms, Inc.

Our QRBP can be

removed by hand
The APEX® is, quite frankly, the best break-action, multi-barrel interchangeable rifle system on the market today. Just by shouldering the APEX, the
serious shooter will notice a vast superiority to its competitors in both balance and fit. But the real test comes with the shooting. And it is in the
shooting that two very important features make the APEX really shine. First, every APEX barrel is made by Bergara BarrelsTM , which are among the
most accurate production barrels made in the world today. Second, APEX’s ambidextrous butt stock is designed specifically for scope shooting, with
a comb height that positions the shooter perfectly in line with the optics. The result is a rifle that shoulders and points as naturally as your favorite • 416 Stainless Steel, Fluted, BERGARA CR4013S/.45 Stainless Steel/Realtree® APGTM HD $699.95
BARRELTM 27” in Muzzleloader, 25” in
shotgun – just like it’s an extension of your body. Center-Fire CR4012S/.50 Stainless Steel/Realtree APG
® TM
HD $699.95
• 1:28” Twist for Muzzleloader, 1:9”-1:20”
for Center-Fire, 1:16” for Rim-Fire
CR4011S/.45 Stainless Steel/Black $619.95 I SHOOT CVA.
As for versatility, the APEX can be quickly and easily set up with a wide range of Bergara Barrels in 14 different muzzleloading, center-fire, and rim- • Ambidextrous Synthetic Stock with Rubber CR4010S/.50 Stainless Steel/Black $619.95
Grip Panels – Black or Realtree® APG Camo

fire calibers. Plus, every APEX features CVA’s patent pending E-Z OpenTM breeching mechanism, which, due to its trigger guard actuation, is extremely • CrushZone® Recoil Pad
• DuraSight® Rail Mount
simple to operate. And its innovative trigger design provides an incredibly clean, crisp pull that is adjustable from approximately 3 to 4.75 pounds. • QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
The Apex Center-Fire is available in .45-70, 7mm-08, .308,
.30-06, .300 Win. Mag., .35 Whelen, .270, .243, .223, .222,
And for ease of cleaning, the APEX Muzzleloader features the patent pending CVA QRBP (Quick-Release Breech Plug); the only such system that • Reversible Hammer Spur
• Quake® Claw® Sling .22-250, 12 Gauge Rifled Slug and 12 Gauge Turkey.
really works after the gun is fired. Every APEX also includes a Quake® Claw® sling and a custom DuraSight® Z2 AlloyTM rail mount. • 7.5 lbs. Total Weight in Center-Fire, The Stainless Steel/Black model has an MSRP of $659.95
8 lbs. in Muzzleloader and the Stainless Steel/Realtree® APGTM HD model
• 40” Overall in Center-Fire,
42” in Muzzleloader
has an MSRP of $739.95.
• 14.5” Length of Pull
4 • Lifetime Warranty 5


Includes a • 416 Stainless Steel or Blued CR4110S/.243 Compact Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
DEAD-ON One-Piece Mount
• 20” Compact or
CR4110/.243 Compact Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
22” Standard Fluted Barrels
$39.95 retail value • 7mm-08 1:9” Twist Compact Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
.35 Whelen 1:14” Twist
All others 1:10” Twist CR4611/7mm-08 Compact Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
• 100% Ambidextrous Stocks CR4111S/.243 Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
The SCOUTTM is CVA’s first ever center-fire only rifle, but what a rifle it is. Sleek, lightweight and an incredible value for the dollar, the SCOUT sets a • CrushZone® Recoil Pad
• DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM CR4111/.243 Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
new standard for affordable single-shot hunting rifles. All SCOUT barrels are fluted and available in either Blued Steel or 416 Stainless Steel. Stocks One-Piece Scope Mount Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
• Reversible Hammer Spur
are 100% ambidextrous – making them versatile not only for all shooters, but for all off-side opportunities in the field. The SCOUT COMPACT .243 • 5.8 lbs. Total Weight CR4610/7mm-08 Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
and 7mm-08 models are compact in design – meaning that the barrel is an easily maneuverable 20” (2” shorter than the Standard model) and the • 38” Overall Length in Standard,
CR4210S/.270 Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
35” in Compact I SHOOT CVA.
stock is 1” shorter than the Standard model stock. Therefore, this gun will be a great choice for a child’s first deer rifle or as a lightweight, quick- • 14” Length of Pull in Standard, CR4210/.270 Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
handling brush or truck gun for just about anyone. Also, a coupon for the purchase of the full-length standard stock is included with each SCOUT
13” in Compact
CR4310S/.30-06 Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
• Alternate Length Stocks
COMPACT gun, allowing up-sizing when the child is big enough for a full-length stock. Other calibers in the Standard SCOUT include .243, 7mm- Available for Up or CR4310/.30-06 Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
Down Sizing
08, .270, .30-06, .44 Magnum, .35 Whelen and 12 Gauge Rifled Slug, that all come with the standard stock and 22” barrel. Plus, they come with a • Lifetime Warranty CR4910S/.35 Whelen Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95

DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM one-piece scope mount, rather than open sights – since most shooters will be inclined to scope this “little jewel” of a rifle. CR4910/.35 Whelen Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
CR4430S/.44 Magnum Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95
CR4430/.44 Magnum Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95
CR4120S/12 Ga Slug Stainless Steel/Black w/Scope Mount $369.95

6 CR4120/12 Ga Slug Blued/Black w/Scope Mount $329.95 7


Includes a
DEAD-ON One-Piece Mount

$39.95 retail value

The ACCURA® V2 is our latest version of the popular ACCURA model. Like its predecessor, the ACCURA V2 provides a level of accuracy
performance that is unequaled by any break-action muzzleloader on the market today – due to its premium, custom quality Bergara Barrel. These
Bergara Barrels, all made of the highest quality 416 grade stainless steel, have quickly become recognized as the most accurate production FEATURES ITEM/CALIBER BARREL/STOCK PRICE
muzzleloader barrels in the world. And at an optimal 27” in length, they provide just the right combination of balance, maneuverability and efficient
• 416 Stainless Steel 27” Fluted Bergara PR3117SM/.45 Stainless Steel/Realtree® APGTM HD Thumbhole $549.95
powder-burning capability. But the new ACCURA V2 has even more features to help you enjoy your hunt. It includes CVA’s patent pending QRBP BarrelTM w/Bullet Guiding MuzzleTM
with 1:28” Twist Rifling PR3116SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Realtree APG
® TM
HD Thumbhole $549.95
“Quick-Release Breech Plug” – the only such breech plug on the market that can be easily removed with your fingers and no tool after the gun has I SHOOT CVA.
• QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug PR3114SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Black Thumbhole $489.95
been fired numerous times. Plus, the ACCURA V2’s stock and forestock have been upgraded with a SoftTouch coating and rubber grip panels – • DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM
One-Piece Scope Mount PR3113SM/.45 Stainless Steel/Realtree® APGTM HD $529.95
making it comfortable and secure even in the foulest weather. • Ambidextrous Solid Composite Stock PR3112SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Realtree® APGTM HD $529.95
in Standard or Thumbhole
The ACCURA V2 is very simple to operate because the breeching lever is built right into the trigger guard, making the ACCURA V2 one of the easiest • CrushZone® Recoil Pad PR3110SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Black $469.95
• Quake® Claw® Sling
opening break-actions on the market, and the entire gun can be disassembled by removing just one screw. The ergonomically designed stock is fully • Aluminum Extendable Loading Rod
• Cocking Spur
ambidextrous and is available in both standard and thumbhole designs. Plus, every ACCURA V2 is equipped with a DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM one- • Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mounts
piece scope mount and a Quake® CLAW® Contour Sling. • 42” Overall Length
• 7.3 lbs. Total Weight
• 14.5” Length of Pull Our QRBP can be
8 • Lifetime Warranty removed by hand 9

Includes a
DEAD-ON One-Piece Mount

$39.95 retail value

CVA has completely redesigned the OPTIMA® – keeping all of the best features of the original while adding or NEW
improving many others. In fact, you’ll find features on the OPTIMA that are only found on other manufacturers’ most
expensive guns. CVA’s OPTIMA includes our QRBP (Quick Release Breech Plug) – the only truly “tool-free removal” FEATURES ITEM/CALIBER BARREL/STOCK PRICE
breech plug on the market today. Even after 20 or more shots, the QRBP comes out with just a twist of the
fingers – try that with any other “speed breech” system. • 416 Stainless Steel, Fluted, 26” Barrel PR2018SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Realtree® HD Thumbhole $379.95
• Bullet Guiding Muzzle
• 100% Ambidextrous Thumbhole or Standard Stock PR2012SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Realtree® HD $339.95

The stainless steel models feature fluted barrels made of 416 grade stainless steel – and that’s REAL STAINLESS STEEL, not
• QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
• Reversible Hammer Spur PR2010SM/.50 Stainless Steel/Black $289.95 I SHOOT CVA.
some nickel plating or spray-on paint. Real stainless steel protects against corrosion on the outside and the inside of the • CrushZone® Recoil Pad PR2010M/.50 NEW Blued/Black $269.95 It’s JUST A BETTER GUN!
• DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM One-Piece Scope Mount
barrel. The OPTIMA also has the same trigger design as our most expensive guns. This “zero center of gravity” design • 41” Overall Length
• 6.65 lbs. Total Weight
concept provides an incredibly light and smooth trigger pull with virtually no creep. The breech opens easily with just a • 14” Length of Pull
touch of the breeching lever, which is located in the front of the trigger guard. The OPTIMA is available in both standard • Lifetime Warranty

and thumbhole stock designs. Both are 100% ambidextrous, and available in either black or Realtree® Hardwoods Green
camo. Both the standard and thumbhole stocks are ergonomically designed for scope shooters with a DuraSight®
DEAD-ONTM one-piece scope mount included as standard equipment. Our QRBP can be
10 removed by hand 11

Includes a
COMPACT Model with 1” shorter stock
DEAD-ON One-Piece Mount

$39.95 retail value

Our recently redesigned WOLFTM has all the features that made the original WOLF the number one selling muzzleloader in the world –
plus many new features. Still lightweight and easy to maneuver, the WOLF even comes in a COMPACT version that is just the right length FEATURES ITEM/CALIBER BARREL/STOCK PRICE
for the youth or small-framed adult, or even for the shooter who just wants a quick-handling gun for brush hunting. The 100% ambidex-
• 24” Blued Barrel PR2112M/.50 Blued/Camo $259.95
trous stocks are available in either black or Realtree® Hardwoods Green camo. The WOLF also features CVA’s new QRBP (Quick-Release • Bullet Guiding Muzzle I SHOOT CVA.
Breech Plug) – the only truly tool-free removal breech plug on the market today. Even after 20 or more shots, the QRBP comes out with just • 100% Ambidextrous Compact or Standard Stock PR2110M/.50 Blued/Black $229.95
• QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug It’s JUST A BETTER GUN!
a twist of the fingers – try that with any other “speed breech” system. Plus, the break-action breech opens easily with just a touch of the • DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM One-Piece Scope Mount PR2610M/.50 COMPACT Blued/Black $229.95
• Reversible Hammer Spur
breeching button, which is located in the front of the trigger guard. The WOLF’s compact and quick-pointing barrel is made of blued steel • CrushZone® Recoil Pad
and is set up with a DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM one-piece scope mount. The WOLF, it’s a lot of gun – but not a lot of money. • 39” Overall Length in Standard,
38” Overall Length in Compact
• 6.25 lbs. Total Weight
• 14” Length of Pull in Standard,
13” Length of Pull in Compact
• Lifetime Warranty Our QRBP can be
removed by hand
12 13




The BuckhornTM 209 Magnum is an ultra-modern conventional in-line, and the heart of this high-tech smokepole
is the precision rifled 24” barrel with a 1:28” twist. It’s powered by an extremely hot 209 ignition system and will
handle 150 grain magnum charges with ease. And in states where 209 primers are not allowed, the Buckhorn can
The CVA ElkhornTM Pro 209 Magnum is the first bolt-action muzzleloader to be easily converted to a #11 or musket cap ignition by simply changing the breech plug and adding the correct
feature a bolt-actuated primer ejector for ease of use never before available nipple. Plus, the Buckhorn comes standard with a thumb-actuated safety, DuraSight® All Metal fiber optic sights,
in a bolt-action muzzleloader. The Elkhorn also comes with an ergonomical- dual-barrel retention points and a Bullet Guiding Muzzle. Another feature that really sets this gun apart from the
ly designed synthetic stock that is well-balanced and extremely comfortable competition is its radical new stock design. The Buckhorn’s unique stock features dotgrip panels to ensure a com-
to shoulder, a Quake® Claw® Sling, a contoured trigger with thumb-actuated fortable, non-slip grip. Not bad for a rifle that retails for less than two Ben Franklins!
safety lever, a 26” fluted barrel and 3-way ignition system (#11, musket cap
or 209), making this gun legal in almost every state.


FEATURES ITEM/CALIBER BARREL/STOCK PRICE • 24” Barrel Length/42” Overall Length PR4300/.50 Blued/Black $159.95
Visit • 1:28” Rifling Twist Rate
• 209 Ignition
• 26” Fluted Barrel with Bullet Guiding Muzzle PR4612/.50 Blued/Realtree Timber HD
® ®
$349.95 It’s JUST A BETTER GUN! • 3-Way Ignition with Primer Ejecting Bolt Face
• DuraSight® All Metal Fiber Optic Sights PR4610/.50 Blued/Black $289.95
• Bullet Guiding Muzzle
• DuraSight® All Metal Fiber Optic Sights
• Solid Composite Stock with Molded-In
for all your • Composite Stock in Realtree® or Black
• Aluminum Loading Rod Grip Panels and Sling Swivel Studs
• CrushZone® Recoil Pad
• Quake® Claw® Sling
accessories • CrushZone® Recoil Pad
• 7.0 lbs. Total Weight
• Thumb-Actuated Safety
• Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mounts
• 14.25” Length of Pull • 14.25” Length of Pull
• Lifetime Warranty • 6.3 lbs. Total Weight
• Lifetime Warranty

14 15

Apex Center-Fire ®

and Muzzleloader Barrels

Item No. Caliber Description Finish Price
DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN CONSULTATION WITH BC4702S .45-70 Government 25” Full Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
BC4602S 7mm-08 Remington 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
BC4510S .35 Whelen 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95

WORLD-RENOWNED CUSTOM BARREL MAKER BC4502S .308 Winchester 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
BC4302S .30-06 Springfield 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
Ed began gunsmithing part-time in 1955. By 1959 he was hooked
BC4802S .300 Winchester Mag. 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
and started his quest to build not only the highest quality, but the BC4202S .270 Winchester 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
most accurate rifles possible. He realized that the manufacturing BC4102S .243 Winchester 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
Apex Rifle Frames with Buttstock

equipment available to him limited the accuracy of his rifles, so in BC4403S .223 Remington 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95 Item No. Description Price
BC4413S .222 Remington 25” Standard Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95 AC4012S Stainless Steel/Realtree® APG HD $450.95
1967 he formed Shilen Rifles, Inc. and began AC4010S Stainless Steel/Black $399.95
BC4423S .22-250 Remington 25” Full Contour Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
producing Shilen custom barrels, triggers and
RB4002S .50 Cal. Muzzleloader 27” Fluted Stainless Steel $195.95
rifles. Over the years he has set 13 world RB4003S .45 Cal. Muzzleloader 27” Fluted Stainless Steel $195.95
records shooting his custom rifles and has been BC4120S 12 Gauge Rifled Slug 25” Fluted Stainless Steel $219.95
inducted into the Benchrest Hall of Fame. In BC4120C 12 Gauge Turkey 25” Standard Realtree® APG HD $219.95
1992 Ed began focusing solely on producing
the most accurate custom barrels in the world.
Now Shilen is working side-by-side with the
Visit Bergara engineers to produce these barrels, and
Apex Forestocks
® he has no doubt that Bergara Barrels will earn a

Item No. Description
AC31170C Apex Muzzleloader Realtree® APG HD
to learn more reputation for both superb accuracy and AC31170B
Apex Muzzleloader Black
Apex Center-Fire Standard Contour Realtree® APG HD
unmatched value.
AC31166B Apex Center-Fire Standard Contour Black $39.95
AC31169C Apex Center-Fire Full Contour Realtree® APG HD $59.95
To learn more about Ed Shilen and Shilen Rifles, Inc. visit them AC31169B Apex Center-Fire Full Contour Black $39.95
online at
16 17
Our Rifle/Scope/Case Outfits include a gun with KONUS® scope, mounted with genuine DuraSight® integral CVA offers several of its most popular guns in various outfits. Our Rifle/Accessory Outfits include a Wolf or
mounts, bore sighted and ready to travel in a CVA padded case. Buckhorn rifle with all the accessories you’ll need to get started (except for primers and powder). These outfits
are available with or without a KONUS® scope. Accessories include: tools, PowerBelt® Bullets, bullet starter,
speed loaders, cleaning jag, cleaning patches, Barrel BlasterTM Wonder Gel solvent, breech plug grease stick,
breech brush, instruction manual, and the MUZZLELOADING BASICS instructional DVD, starring
O’Neill Williams and Chad Schearer.


Includes DuraSight® Integral Mount, Mounted and Bore Sighted KONUS® Scope and Soft Case

CR4110SSC SCOUT Compact SS/Black - .243 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40 $459.95

CR4110SC SCOUT Compact Blued/Black - .243 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40 $419.95
CR4610SSC SCOUT SS/Black - 7mm-08 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40 $459.95
(Also available in .270, .30-06 and .35 Whelen calibers)
CR4610SC SCOUT Blued/Black - 7mm-08 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40 $419.95 I SHOOT CVA.
(Also available in .270, .30-06 and .35 Whelen calibers)
OPTIMA® Thumbhole SS/Realtree Hardwoods® Green HD - .50 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40 $459.95
It’s JUST A BETTER GUN! PR2012SSC OPTIMA SS/Realtree Hardwoods Green HD - .50 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40
® ®
to learn more PR2010SSC
OPTIMA® SS/Black - .50 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40
NEW OPTIMA® Blued/Black - .50 Cal. - KonusPro 3-9x40
PR2010VP NEW OPTIMA .50 Cal. Blued/Black Outfit $309.95
PR2010VPS NEW OPTIMA .50 Cal. Blued/Black w/Scope Outfit $369.95
PR2112SC WOLFTM Blued/Camo - .50 Cal. - KonusShot 3-9x32 $319.95
PR2110VPS Wolf .50 Cal. w/Scope Outfit $319.95
Blued/Black - .50 Cal. - KonusShot 3-9x32 $289.95 PR2110VP Wolf .50 Cal. Blued/Black Outfit $269.95
PR4300SC BUCKHORNTM Blued/Black - .50 Cal. - KonusShot 3-9x32 $229.95 PR4300VPS Buckhorn .50 Cal. w/Scope Outfit $279.95
18 PR4300VP Buckhorn .50 Cal. Outfit $209.95 19
CVA’s Shooter Accessory Kits give you the most popular accessories all
packaged together in money saving combos. Our complete Muzzle-
loading Accessory Outfit includes all of our top-of-the-line accessory
items, plus the MUZZLELOADING BASICS instructional DVD to teach DuraSight® Z2® Alloy Stainless Steel Perfect NippleTM
Shooting Patches Fiber Optic Sights AC1422 - 6x1mm CVA $6.95
you how to use them. For the hunter who shoots pellet form powder AC1447 - $3.95 AC1622 $26.95 Concentrates spark, delivering 100% of the
Tight woven and resistant to burning. Helps The ultimate in visibility and durability - these spark to the powder charge. 50% more than
or compressed powder and wants the best of everything to go with improve accuracy. .015 thickness, Qty. 100. sights are guaranteed for life! any other #11.
his muzzleloader, this is it – PowerBelt® Bullets, PowerBelt SpeedClip
Loader, Universal Hollow/Polymer Point Bullet Starter with load-
ing tips, cleaning jag, cleaning patches, Barrel BlasterTM Wonder Gel
solvent, breech plug grease stick, and a breech brush. The Essentials
Accessory Outfit is a scaled down version of the Muzzleloading Ac-
cessory Outfit – featuring just the essentials, and at a great low price.
And lastly, our Scope Kits give you a KONUS® 3-9x32 scope with
DuraSight® integral muzzleloader mounts – giving you everything you AA1716 Slick-Loadtm Sabots Replacement Breech Plugs
AC1563 .50 Cal., 250 Grain AC1679 #11 & musket $11.95
need to scope up just about any in-line muzzleloader, including CVA, AC1564 .50 Cal., 300 Grain AC1678 209 for standard In-Lines $16.95
Thompson/Center® or Traditions.® Pre-Lubricated Shooting Patches 15 Pack $28.95 AC1678A 209 for optima & kodiak $16.95
AC1439A – .50 - .58 caliber $11.95 Horizontal flutes make it the easiest loading Replacement breech plugs are the same reliable
Tight woven and resistant to burning. Brings out the sabot while still providing a perfect gas seal designs and quality that come standard with all
ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE most in accuracy. .015 thickness. Qty. 200. for unsurpassed accuracy. CVA rifles.

AA1716 .50 Cal. Muzzleloading Accessory Outfit $64.95

AA1720 .50 Cal. Essentials Accessory Outfit $41.95
AA2002 KONUS® 3-9x32 Scope with $83.95
DuraSight® Integral Mounts

to find a
CVA dealer
Apex Tool Kit
AA2002 AA1835 $69.95 Deluxe Cleaning Kit
AA1720 All the tools you’ll need for your APEX AA1800 $64.95
in a deluxe carry case. Complete gun cleaning kit.
20 21

Powder Funnel Top Trophy Powder MeasureTM Titan FlaskTM Rapid Loader 4-In-1 T-Loader
AC1385 for pyrodex® $3.95 AC1609 $12.95 AC1386 $11.95 AC1556-.45 Cal AC1509 $5.95 Magnum Speed Loader
Snap on cap replaces blackpowder lid. Eliminates Large brass funnel swivels over measure to Made of space age polymer that’s lightweight and AC1556A-.50 Cal /AC1556B-.54 Cal $4.95 Clear see-through design that can be used as a AC1617-.45/AC1617A-.50 $3.95
spills as it allows user to visualize pouring. prevent powder spills. Measure 60-130 grains. quiet. Top unscrews with 20 grain spout, holds 5 oz. Straight-through tube allows for loading ball, patch bullet starter, powder measure, palm saver or This loader will handle a magnum load
and powder in one fluid motion. Package of 3. two compartment pre-loader. plus any bullet. Package of three.

CVA Flask Quick-Release Breech Plug

Straight Line Capper Powder Measure AC1400 $20.95 / AC1400A $20.95 Trophy Bore Light AC1610/AC1611 $20.95 In-Line /Sidelock Combo Nipple Pick
AC1407 $6.95 AC1410 $10.95 End cap unscrews for easy, quick and safe AC1606 $9.95 Stainless steel replacement breech plug AC1582 $6.95
All brass rectangular tube eliminates problems with Brass measure adjustable up to 120 grains. loading. All brass construction holds 5 oz. Allows shooter to inspect inside the bore after for 2010 and newer Apex, Accura, Heavy wire mounted in a solid brass handle
tipped or jammed caps. Holds fifteen #11 caps. Convenient funnel swivels to level powder. Field model holds 2.5 oz. shooting and cleaning. Batteries included. Optima and Wolf. works on all blackpowder rifles.

Multi-Primer Capper
AC1680 $12.95 Breech Plug Nipple Grease
Palm Saver Trophy Bullet Starter TM
The only functional multi-primer capper on the T-Bullet starter w/ramrod extension AC1670 $4.95
AC1498 $3.95 AC1558 $4.95 market. Extended neck easily reaches into the in- AC1508 $14.95 Formulated to withstand heat created during the
Simple, inexpensive accessory for easier, Quiet, non-abrasive, non-glare polymer. Short and line breech area. Holds up to seven primers Combo bullet starter and ramrod extension ignition of powder. Prevents nipple and breech
more comfortable loading and cleaning. long starter is recessed to fit over most bullets. and features a built-in decapper. that is a must for field loading and cleaning. plug from seizing up. 2 oz. tube.


for all your
accessories CVA Shoot-N-C Target Pack
Hollow Point Bullet Starter #209 Capper / Extractor Tool Rifle/Pistol Nipple Wrench AC1624 5 qty. $14.95 Hunter Nipple Wrench
AC1435 $16.95 209 Shooter’s Necessities Kit AC1677 $4.95 AC1488 $5.95 See where the bullets are hitting without a spotting AC1602 $7.95
Comes with separate attachments to fit most hollow AA1813 $14.95 Allows for easy capping and removal of #209 primers. Has removable cap with nipple pick. Ideal for scope. Patented material highlights bullet impact so Four-position, stainless steel wrench functions in
points. Allows starting without bullet deformation. Basic set for loading and cleaning. Works on any brand of in-line muzzleloader. cleaning fouling from nipple. Not for in-lines. you can easily see where your shots are grouping. tight quarters. Perfect for scoped rifles.
22 23


Barrel Blaster
Extendable Ramrods Lifetime Range Rod Barrel Blaster Wonder Gel Solvent
AC29330/24” AC29320/26” AC1633 $28.95 Ramrod Accessory Pack Parts Soaker AC1684 4 oz. $12.95
AC29326/28” AC29328/29” $11.95 Made of solid steel and brass. AC1466A-.45 / AC1466B-.50 / $6.95 AC1686 4 oz. $9.95 Ammonia-based cleaning gel keeps the cleaner
Aluminum replacement rod with screw-out The only range and cleaning rod you’ll Cleaning brush, cotton bore swab and Use to soak breech plugs and nipples, or any right where you want it for the removal of lead,
extension in four lengths. ever need - guaranteed. cleaning jag/loading tip. other small heavily fouled parts. copper and plastic fouling.

Barrel Blaster Barrel Blaster

Cleaning Patches Barrel Blaster Solvent Spray Quick Clean Patches
AC1455A QTY. 100 $5.95 In-Line Breech Brush Set Cleaning Brush Rust Prevent Patches AC1685 12 oz. $10.95 AC1687 100 qty. $9.95
AC1455B QTY. 200 $7.95 AC1612 $3.95 AC1463A - .50 AC1463B - .54
AC1689 100 qty. $8.95 Use to wet cleaning patches for swabbing the Cleaning patches that are pre-saturated with
The final step in the Barrel Blaster cleaning barrel or with a parts cleaning brush Barrel Blaster Solvent for quick easy cleaning
AC1455C QTY. 500 $14.95 Designed to loosen powder fouling that accu- $2.95
process protects the bore from corrosion. to remove fouling from gun parts. of your barrel at the range or at home.
Two-inch cleaning patches are a perfect fit mulates after shooting. Large brush cleans breech Wire cleaning brush to loosen the
over a CVA cleaning jag. area while small brush cleans breech plugs. toughest fouling.

Barrel Blaster
Foaming Bore Cleaner Breech Plug Anti-Seize Stick
AC1688 8 oz. $11.95 AC1682 $5.95
Fiberglass Ramrod Absolutely the easiest way to clean your muzzleloader! No more mess while taking care of a very impor-
AC1470 Universal, $8.95 Cleaning Jags Trophy Ramrod Spray the foam into the barrel and leave in the barrel tant step. Stick applicator allows you to apply the
AC1473 .50 $11.95 AC1462A - .50 $2.95 AC1531Univ. $11.95 for a minimum of one hour, then swab foam out of the Anti-Seize directly on the threads without getting it
Flexibility to bend without breaking. Three foot length AC1657A - 3” Extension Jag - .50 $6.95 Five times stronger, non-abrasive ramrods are not barrel and you are done! on your hands.
for you to custom fit. 11/32” diameter. 10-32 threads. Brass cleaning jags fit all CVA ramrods. affected by water, oil, alcohol, salt, or most acids.
to find a
CVA dealer Barrel Blaster
Rust Prevent Spray
Barrel Blaster Cleaning
System Value Pack Barrel Blaster
Range and Cleaning Rod Nylon Cleaning Brush Universal Ramrod Loading Tip AC1681 2 oz. $7.95 AA1850 $39.95 Rust Inhibitor Plug
AC1530 $15.95 AC1683 $2.95 AC1693 $2.95 A liquid rust and corrosion preventative for The top five items from the Barrel Blaster System AC1691 $14.95
32” ramrod threaded on both ends with a T-Handle, The perfect follow-up brush to wire brushes. This loading tip will not damage protecting the metal on your gun during storage together in one kit. The perfect answer for easy Put one in every gun while in storage
making it great for cleaning and range use. Removes the smaller fouling particles. polymer-tipped bullets. or foul weather. cleaning of your muzzleloader. to keep barrel from rusting.
24 25
IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDERS CVA makes every effort to ensure that the information in this
catalog is correct and accurate. However, continuous prod-
PowerBelt Rotoload 5-in-1 Field Loading Tool

BEWARE OF LOADING GIMMICKS uct refinements and design changes may result in revisions to
Many new shooters are coming into muzzleloading and with models that may not be shown in this brochure. We reserve Just as the name indi-
the constant changes in terminology, it is more important than the right to make changes in specifications, models, features, cates, the PowerBelt
ever for all muzzleloader users to understand how to safely materials and colors at any time. Any and all errors in prices, Rotoload 5-in-1
load and shoot their muzzleloader. descriptions and photos are subject to correction. State and Loading Tool is liter-
Never Use Smokeless Powder In Any Muzzleloader. local laws and regulations may affect or govern purchases of AMERICA’S #1 MUZZLELOADING BULLET WITH ally five key muzzle-
loading tools in one
Some manufacturers, including CVA, are now offering guns that items in this catalog. Please consult with your state and lo- FOUR PERFORMANCE GRADES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS compact design. The
are designed to shoot heavier than standard powder charges cal authorities. All prices shown in this catalog are suggested
and/or projectiles. New shooters may become confused by the retail prices. Rotoload will hold 3
advertising for these rifles and attempt to use heavier charges magnum powder and
and/or projectiles in older guns, which were not designed to VOLUNTARY RECALL REMINDER projectile loads to
handle the resulting high pressures. Even some experienced In August 1997 CVA implemented a Voluntary Recall of In- ensure quick reloads
shooters have made this mistake. Some have also used what is Line rifle models with serial numbers ending in -95 or -96. when it counts the most. It also stores 209 primers in an
known as a “duplex load,” which is a mixture of blackpowder If you have a CVA In-Line model with such a serial number easy access compartment. Plus, the PowerBelt Rotoload
and smokeless powder. Any percentage of smokeless powder do not use or allow anyone else to use the gun. If you have is also a short starter, palm saver and 209 de-capper as
platinum AEROLITE copper pure lead
in a duplex load may create pressures almost equal to pure one of these rifles, call CVA immediately at 770.449.4687 for well, all in one compact tool that can be carried on its
smokeless charges and could cause a blackpowder gun to ex- complete details and a free replacement gun. lanyard around the shooter’s neck, attached to your belt
plode. Make no mistake about it — THESE LOADING Example Serial#: XX-XXXXXX-95 or XX-XXXXXX-96. TRUST YOUR HUNT TO THE BULLETS THAT HAVE or carried in your pocket. AC1502
PRACTICES CAN BE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS! In May 1999 Blackpowder Products, Inc. purchased the as- MADE SABOTS OBSOLETE
sets of Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc. and now operates under
All shooters need to fully understand the recommended loads the trade name of Connecticut Valley Arms and/or CVA. Any
for each blackpowder gun they own. If you have any claims relating to the above described Voluntary Recall should
questions, call the CVA TECH-LINE at 770-449-4687 or watch be addressed to Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc. not Blackpow-
Blackpowder 101 at der Products, Inc. Blackpowder Products, Inc. assumes no li-
Be safe, not sorry. ability for any products manufactured prior to January 1, 1998.

To order parts, submit your order with product numbers, name, Get Zeroed. Stay Zeroed. Slings and Accessories Built as
Support, Repairs & Parts
CVA has a highly trained team of gunsmiths and Customer address, city, state, zip and daytime phone number along with Tough and Rugged as Montana.
Service Reps to serve your needs. Should your gun ever need payment by check, money order or credit card information FEATURING 50% STRONGER THAN ALUMINUM
(Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express). Please in-
any repairs we will do our best to make sure you get it back
and it shoots just like new and in time for your next hunt. Even clude shipping and handling charges with your payment. You
for problems resulting from abuse or accidental damage and can mail your order and payment to: CVA 1685 Boggs Road, All-Terrain Seat
Suite 300, Duluth, GA 30096, 770.449.4687, With four independently
Visit not covered by the CVA Lifetime Warranty, we can make the
necessary repairs for a very reasonable charge. Fax: 770.242.8546, email: adjustable legs, it will remain I SHOOT CVA.
level and stable on sloping With our complete inventory of replacement parts, our ex- SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGES terrain. Includes a new 360o
perts can repair all CVA in-line rifles, bringing them back Order Amount Shipping swiveling seat and folding
for more to their original specifications. In addition to the specified $10 to $30 $5.00 backrest. 90000-9
repairs, each gun receives a thorough inspection. Follow- $30 to $50 $7.00
trophy pictures ing repair, your Lifetime Warranty is reactivated in full. We $50 to $80 $12.00
also make every effort to handle your repair request in a $80 to $110 $17.00
timely manner. CVA will pay the return shipping charges on $110 to $200 $22.00 DEAD-ONTM One-Piece Rail Base/Ring System
warranty repairs. Unsurpassed repair service is just one more $200 to $500 $28.00 Medium or High
reason to choose CVA. Over $500 $35.00
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