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Media Studies
OCR Advanced GCE H540 Advanced Portfolio in Media Unit G324
Coursework Cover Sheet

Please read the instructions printed overleaf before completing this form. One of these cover
sheets, suitably completed, should be attached to the assessed work of each candidate in the
moderation sample.
Examination session January Year 2011

Centre name The Latymer School

Centre number 12540

Candidate name Bianca Albano Candidate number 4010

Teacher name E.Dymioti

Email dym@latymer.co.uk

Chosen Set Brief (please indicate brief from the specification as well as describing the
Set Brief 1:
A promotion package for the release of an album, including a music promo video, with the following ancillary tasks:
1. A website homepage for the band: http://www.wix.com/latymermediamv3/knyt (linked via student blog)
2. Digipak album cover (hard copy enclosed)
URL for Latymer Advanced Portfolio blogs central hub: http://latymermediamusicvideotemp.blogspot.com/

Skill Area Mark

Planning (max 20) 16
Construction (max 60) 56
Main Task (max 40) 37

Ancillary 1 (max 10) 9

Ancillary 2 (max 10) 10

Evaluation (max 20) 15

Total (max 100) 87
CCS334 Revised September 2009 CCS/G324
Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations

Teachers are reminded that all coursework marking and internal standardisation must be
completed before external moderation can take place.

Internal Standardisation

Where more than one teacher in the Centre has marked the work for a particular coursework unit,
the Centre must standardise the marking in order to ensure that candidates who have
demonstrated the same level of attainment receive the same mark and that the rank order of the
coursework marks for the Centre as a whole is appropriate.

One Coursework Cover Sheet must be completed for each candidate.

Please ensure that all the boxes on the front of the form are completed.

Comments on each skill (Planning, Construction, Evaluation) together with the marks awarded for
each skill should be recorded in the boxes on the back of the Coursework Cover Sheet.

The marks awarded for each skill should be recorded in the appropriate small box on the front of
the Coursework Cover Sheet.

The marks for each skill should be added together to give a total coursework mark out of 100. The
total mark should be entered in the Total box on the front of the Coursework Cover Sheet.

Internal Assessment Mark Sheet (MS1)

The total marks awarded to each candidate must be transferred to the computer printed Internal
Assessment Mark Sheet (MS1) which will be sent to Centres by OCR. Care must be taken to
ensure that all mark calculations and transfers are correct. OCR cannot accept responsibility for
the submission of incorrect total marks on form MS1.

Once complete, the Board Copy of form MS1 should be despatched to OCR no later than 10th
January (for the January assessment session) or 15th May (for the June assessment session).

The Moderator Copy should be despatched to the Moderator using the Moderator’s address label
supplied by OCR by 10th January (for the January assessment session) or 15th May (for the June
assessment session). The completed CCS160 must accompany the MS1 when it is sent to the

The Centre Copy should be retained at the Centre.

Samples of Work

If the Centre has entered ten or fewer candidates for the unit in an assessment session, the
coursework for all candidates should be sent to the Moderator (along with the Moderator Copy of
the MS1 and CCS160 form) by the appropriate deadline (10th January for January session or 15th
May for the June assessment session).

Where there are more than ten candidates entered for the unit, the Centre should despatch the
Moderator’s Copy of the MS1 and CCS160 form to the Moderator, but should retain all coursework
within the Centre. The centre will receive email instructions from OCR noreply@ocr.org.uk
requesting sample of work. Centres should respond promptly to requests for work.

Please note that when submitting work to the Moderator, it is essential that a Coursework Cover
Sheet be attached to the work of each candidate. In order to aid identification, it is useful if every
piece of work that comprises the candidate’s submission is marked with the Centre’s name and

CCS334 Revised September 2009 CCS/G324

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
number, the candidate’s name and number and the unit number and title (i.e. G324 Advanced
Portfolio in Media).

Samples of work should be packed securely to ensure safe delivery. Bulky covers should be
removed as they will increase significantly the cost of postage.

Please note the acceptable formats for coursework set out in the GCE AS/A Level Media Studies
specification (4th edition).

Centres are advised to obtain a Certificate of Posting for samples sent to the Moderator.

Should the Moderator request further samples of work, Centres should respond with the minimum
of delay.

Centres are strongly advised to make copies of any coursework submitted to the Moderator
as part of the sample, since some material may be retained by OCR.

Teachers are recommended to retain coursework in the Centre until after the results of the unit
have been issued.

A report on the outcome of the external moderation process will be sent to Centres at the time that
the results are issued.

General Coursework Regulations and Procedures

General coursework regulations and procedures, including those concerning lost or incomplete
coursework, are detailed in the OCR Administrative Guide and Entry Procedures Folder 2008.

Coursework Enquires

Coursework enquires for Media Studies should be sent to OCR at the following address:

Administrative Officer for Art, Media, Life And Work Team

Progress House
Westwood Way

Correspondence should be marked ‘Coursework Enquiry’.

This form may be photocopied and used as required.

CCS334 Revised September 2009 CCS/G324

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
Planning – comments and mark out of 20
Your blogs demonstrate very good evidence of relevant pre-production research into genre, music video
conventions, album covers and marketing. However, I would have liked more focussed research on r&b
artists, with more explicit links to how your research influenced the production process. Your involvement
(and star lead!) and dedication to the project are evidenced clearly on the group blog, which gives a good
sense of the processes you and the group followed during planning - although you could have posted
further updates/to do lists on your individual blog. You have been fully involved in all stages of
pre-production including location recces, costume research, drawing up planning documents and
developing images from photo-shoots for print-based work. You worked very hard on the project, and
showed good time management skill. With hindsight, your overall production experience may have been
further enhanced if you had challenged yourself with a more proactive attempt at leading the group. 16 /20

Construction – Main Task – comments and mark out of 40

This simple but stylish performance video fulfils the criteria for a sound level 4. Technically, you made a
number of mistakes during the shoot, particularly in relation to lighting but pulled it round during
post-production with some intelligent use of effects and a really sharp, pacey edit. The overall look is
striking, with excellent costumes and distinctive use of colour. You and the singer are both extremely
engaging and professional; well performed! Criticisms relate to lighting, the overuse of the dry ice in the
final section, and the need for a costume change or something different to kick in earlier than it did - there
is a point where you lose the audience's interest, and the variation in style comes a little too late. Your
planning paid off though, with some excellent camera work and a strong sense of genre and form. The 3
of you worked impressively as a team, and demonstrated high levels of determination and equal levels of
contribution throughout the production process. Bianca, your individual input was of a consistently high
standard from the outset, particulalry during post-production and I recall the the many hours of work you
put in to realise the vision on behalf of the group. Your dance performance was confident, carefully
choreographed and well rehearsed. Your colleagues also rated your contribution highly. Well done!

Construction – Ancillary Task 1 – comments and mark out of 10

Your website is looks extremely professional with its strong design features and wide range of imagery
and links. A clear sense of synergy with the rest of your campaign is achieved through the the logo,
graphic style, and colour scheme, and the interested fan is offered a good range of interactive
opportunities from the competition and forum to the various downloads and purchase opportunities. The
many photos of your artist are used well to promote the brand identity and are critical to the 'high concept'
feel - providing excellent range and diversity. However, there is no mention of the record label or how to
contact them, so institutionally the context is not obvious. You made an excellent team contribution to this
task Bianca.
9 /10

Construction – Ancillary Task 2 – comments and mark out of 10

Your album cover works extremely well to promote your artist and his overall brand identity. Your promo
shots are varied, strong and striking, promoting the personality of the artist effectively. These were shot
during one studio session, but with several costume changes and lighting set-ups, reflecting a significant
amount of group effort. There is an clear sense of style running through the entire digipak, and it works
synergistically with the website and video, through the effective use of colour, logo and visuals. There is a
strong sense of form - it actually feels like a debut album cover - as well as genre and musical inspiration.
A high concept, well designed cover. Your contribution to this task was excellent, Bianca.
10 /10

Evaluation – comments and mark out of 20

You cover all the questions well. You include references to the conventions found within the genre and
similar products, but this is rather generalised and lacking explicit examples for contextual detail and
comparison. You explore key theories discussed in class to a good standard, although some theory is a
little underdeveloped (for example, application of Vernallis). Your analysis of audience feedback is
convincing when considering the website, but less so when evaluating the responses to the music video
or album cover. For Q3, identification of your target audience would have been useful. You attempt a
comprehensive overview of the technology used during production, and I really like your presentation on
the tools used post-production, although I would have expected more detail on how you achieved the
more complex effects that characterise your video. You use specialist terminology proficiently to explore
your ideas. A good effort Bianca; this work is solid and you have satisfied the criteria for Level 3. 15 /20

CCS334 Revised September 2009 CCS/G324

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations