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Do you know….?

1. Which trading (practices) negligence’s turn your income into interest?

2. Which Shariah principles should be kept in mind before making partnershi
p and other contractual agreements?
3. Which matters need to be agreed upon at the time of hiring of an employe
4. In which conditions / circumstances a gift accepted from an agent or a c
ompany becomes a bribe?
5. What are the Shariah rights of the other party in case of defective and
delayed delivery of material or delivery of less or more than agreed upon quanti
Hope you don’t ….?
1. Calculate your Zakat without precision and exact date fixing?
2. Take commission without informing?
3. Confiscate token money? Or write the condition of confiscating token mon
ey in your contracts?
4. Use security deposit in your business and expenditures?
5. Charge your employee in case of material theft or loss?
6. Penalize on any kind of late payment / delivery?
7. Hire a person’s services who doesn’t specify his expected charges rather say
s “What ever pleases you”?

….Hmm Do you do the right thing?

We do buying and selling day and night. We claim Islam to be a complete system o
f life. But do we have answers to the above questions and other questions like t
If we don’t, then we should pay attention to what Allah Almighty and his Prophet (
peace be upon him) say.
1. Illegal Consumption Of Other’s Wealth
O! People of faith don’t consume wealth of each other amongst
Your selves through (by) wrong means. ( Quran)
2. Question Of The Day Of Judgment
A person’s feet won’t move from his place on Day of Judgment until he answer
s the question
“How did you earn your wealth”? (Targeeb Al-Bahiqi)
3. One Of The Signs of Qiyammah ( Day Of Judgment)
A time will come when a person won’t care that whether what he is taking is halal
or haram,
lawful or unlawful. At that time their supplications won’t be accepted. (Musnad Ah
mah, Sahih Bukhari)
4. Devil’s Effort In Momentary Affairs
Shay tan (Devil) and sin become present at the time of buying and selling. It me
ans that shay tan wants to involve buyers and sellers in sin by any means possib
le. (Tirmizi)

5. Loss Of Good Deeds Due To Improper Transaction

And if you are satisfied that “I don’t take interest nor do I give / take bribe then
see what Hazrat Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) has to say:
Wife of Hazrat Abu Sufyan ( may Allah be pleased with both of them) sold a slav
e girl to Hazrat Zayed Bin Arqam (may Allah be pleased with him) . The price of
the slave girl was agreed to be eight hundred Dirham which would be paid later.
Hazrat Zayed Bin Arqam (may Allah be pleased with him) sold back the slave girl
before payment of the previous transaction for six hundred dirham cash.
Now ! in this matter neither interest is involved nor bribe. Nevertheless Hazra
t Ayesha ((may Allah be pleased with her) said to wife of Hazrat Abu Sufyan (ma
y Allah be pleased with him)
“By God! You did a really bad trading and convey my message to Zayed Bin Arqam tha
t you have wasted your jihad which you did with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon
him) until he repents”. (Masla Soud by Mufti Muhammad Shafi)
Have You Learnt The Commandments Of Allah Before Trading
If the good deed of Hazrat Zaid Bin Arqam can become endangered then how can our
ignorance and carelessness be justified. On contrary we as Muslims were obligat
ed to inquire about the desire of Allah Taa’la before doing business.
See ! what Hazrat Umer (may Allah be pleased with him) implemented in Madinah M
unawwarah and announced : “ Only that person is allowed to do business in our mark
ets who has learnt religious ruling related to business.”
And renowned Muslim jurist Imam Malik (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) rules that:
“Testimony of traders is not acceptable until they have learnt rulings related to
buying and selling”
So it is the demand of our time that we wake up from deep slumber of ignorance a
nd recognize our duties as a Muslim and strive fully to change our lives accordi
ng to the commandments of Allah Taa’la.

Naafey is a consultancy organization whose objective is to “revive commandments of
Allah Almighty in the fields of business and trading”. The hurdles which Naafey f
aces in achieving this objective are as follows:
1. Limited Concept Of Religion
Most of the Muslims consider Islam to be limited to a set of specific rituals an
d they are not only ignorant about the Islamic injunctions regarding business/ t
rading but are also unaware of the severe consequences of this ignorance.
2. Lack Of Attention Towards Modern Day Problems
With the passage of time, due to change in circumstances, trading and business h
ave acquired new forms. Due to lack of awareness of basic principles of Shariah,
common Muslims are unable to identify problematic areas in these new forms.
3. Practical Hurdles In Implementing Islamic Injunctions
Muslims who are aware of Islamic injunctions to a certain extent face a number o
f hurdles in implementing Islamic injunctions in their business. e.g.
- Lack of time
- Unable to identify Shariah problematic areas in their running business.
- Inability to properly supervise system and staff.
4. Communication Gap Between Scholars And Business community.
The reason for the gap is inability to present their ideas to each other due to
unawareness of technical terminologies of counterpart’s field.

Who Is Naafey?
- Naafey is an organization which operates under the supervision of Islami
c scholars.
- Naafey is a combination of religious experts (Scholar , Mufti) and techn
ical experts ( Business /Finance professionals and academic experts)
- Naafey has working relationship with faculty of worldly academic institu
- Naafey has advisory relationships with country’s renowned DarulIftas ( Isl
amic ruling centers)
- Naafey is a facilitator, who facilitates Shariah compliancy.
What We Offer At Naafey
1. Complete Business Analysis
If you want to know which areas of your business are not Shariah compliant then
Naafey can do a complete business analysis of your system and identify affairs w
hich are not Shariah compliant .
2. Shariah Compliant Solution Provision
If you are concerned about Shariah compliant solutions for business then Naafey
with your co-operation can suggest possible Shariah compliant solutions which ar
e also viable.
3. Solution Implementation Supervision
If you are facing hurdles in implementing Shariah compliant solutions in your bu
siness then Naafey can provide you with supervisory services for implementing th
ose solutions in your system . Further more training programmes can be designed
and conducted for your staff, so that their negligence may not corrupt your hal
al income.
4. Auditing And Monitoring
Naafey also offers services to judge the quality of implementation of Shariah Co
mpliant (SC) solution and ensure continuation of that implementation through aud
iting and monitoring.
5. Lectures , Workshops And Seminars
If you want to inculcate a sense to distinguish between right and wrong and at
the same time learn Shariah injunction about modern day business then Naafey can
arrange seminars , lectures and workshops for you.
Profits Of A Profitable Business/Trading
Naafey’s desire is that each and every Muslim of Ummah may become able to deserve
the blessings and bounties of Allah Almighty, which he has promised on righteous
ness of business /trading practices.

Abundance Of Earning
Who so ever will fear Allah. Allah will open ways for him and will provide him e
arning from where he hasn’t thought of. (Quran)
Resurrection With Prophets
A trader trading truthfully and honestly will be with prophets and martyrs (on J
udgment Day) ( Tirmizi)
A trader trading truthfully will be under the shadow of Allah’s Almighty throne on
judgment day. (Kanz-ul-Ammal)
Best And Most Blessing Earning
What is the best way of earning ? It was replied : Trading in a right manner and
earning of one’s own hands. ( Majma-e-Zawaid)
Who earns wealth safeguarding its rights, he is given Barakah in his wealth and
who earns wealth neglecting its rights, so he is like a person who eats but his
stomach is not filled. ( Muslim )
Means Of Paradise Admission
Nothing can stop a truthful trader from entering paradise . ( Kanz-ul-Ammal)
Halal earning is jihad. ( Kanz-ul-Ammal)
Allah’s Sight Of Pleasure
Allah sights the hardship of Halal earning with pleasure. ( Kanz-ul-Ammal)

Do You Desire That…?

Your business / trading really becomes profitable so it becomes a source of Bara
kah in this world and of Allah’s pleasure and paradise in next world. So Naafey’s se
rvices are at your disposal to provide you assistance in your blessed effort . P
lease contact us at:
Address: 5-L Gulberg 2 , Lahore , Pakistan
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