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Тема урока: The Legend of Barbara Radziwill

Тип урока: урок комплексного применения знаний, умений, навыков.

Цель: формирование коммуникативной компетенции учащихся в рамках обозначенной
коммуникативной ситуации.
Прогнозируемый результат: предполагается, что к окончанию урока учащиеся смогут
построить монологическое высказывание на основе прослушанной легенды о Барбаре
- учить школьников полноценно пользоваться английским языком во всех видах
речевой деятельности;
- способствовать овладению учащимися основными способами мыслительной
деятельности (сравнение, анализ, обобщение);
- создавать условия для активного взаимодействия, развития аналитического и
критического мышления.
- воспитывать интерес к истории своей страны.
Задачи для учащихся:
- учиться высказывать свою точку зрения на английском языке;
- учиться применять полученные знания на практике;
- учиться работать в команде.
Методы: коммуникативный, интерактивный, игровой.
- компьютер; экран, проектор, презентация с аудио- и видеоматериалами, таблицы с
опорными словами, дидактический раздаточный материал.

Ход урока
I. Организационно-мотивационный этап
Слайд 1
Teacher (T): Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Good afternoon, dear guests! Glad to
see you here in our studio.
Pupils (P): Good afternoon! We are glad to see you too.

II. Речевая разминка

Слайд 2
T: I’ve got news for you. An online magazine (a webzine) «Belarus» has launched a contest
to select the best articles about the most exciting facts from the history of Belarus. The best
ones will be published on the site of the magazine. So we’ve gathered here to choose the topic
for the article.
P: It sounds interesting.
Слайд 3
T: Are you fond of the history of Belarus? What historical places in Belarus have you been
to? What can you tell about them?
P: I’ve been to Mir, Nesvizh, Polotsk, Novogrudok, Zaslavl.
P1: Zaslavl was built by the grand prince of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavich in the 10th century.
P2: Mir was founded in the 14th century. Now Mir Castle is a great monument to Belarusian
P3: Novogrudok was founded in the 11th century. It stands on Zamkovaya Hill, one of the
highest points in Belarus.
P4: Polotsk is often called “the city of all Belarusian cities” as it was the first capital of
Belarus. It was built in the 9th century. Polotsk is famous for its churches. St Sofia Cathedral is
one of the most famous.
P5: Nesvizh was founded in 1446. In the 16 th century Nesvizh became the residence of the
Radzivill family – one of the biggest and richest families in Belarus. They lived in Nesvizh for
more than 400 years.

III. Сообщение целей урока, его темы

Слайд 4
T: You’re well-travelled. I love travelling too. I’ve brought some photos from my last trip.
Can you recognise this castle? What do you know about it?
P1: It’s the castle of Nesvizh. It became the main residence of rich Lithuanian family
P2: It was built in the 16th century by Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł Sirotka.
Слайд 5
T: Right you are. It’s a hall with family portraits all around. But who is the lady in the
picture? What do you know about her?
P3: I think it’s a ghost of a woman.
T: There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the legend about the ghost of a woman in dark
clothes who is wandering around the castle at night.

Слайд 6
T: How do you think who that woman was? Can you recognize her?
P1: I think she was a princess or a Queen.
T: Right you are. She was of royal blood - the Queen of Poland and the Grand Duchess of
Lithuania. Her parents were a powerful magnate of the Radziwiłł family Jerzy Radziwiłł, and
Barbara Koła. Do you know her name?
P1: I think she was Barbara Radziwiłł.
T: Well done. Barbara was of one of the most beautiful women in Europe. Would you fall in
love with her at first sight?
P2: I think I would.
T: So as you have guessed today we’re going to speak about Barbara Radziwill. We will
learn more about her life. I hope this information will be useful for your articles about
Barbara Radziwill.

IV. Работа с учебным фильмом

1.Подготовительный этап (pre-viewing)

Слайд 7
T: Let’s look through the names. I’m sure you know some of them. Let’s pronounce these
proper names to make them clear.

Francisk Skorina - one of the first publishers in Eastern Europe,

Michael Radziwill Chorny – Barbara’s cousin
The White Lady
Barbara Radziwill - the daughter of Great Hetman Yury Radziwill, one of the richest people
of the Grand Duchy.
Kshishtof Radziwill Sirotka - Michael Radziwill Chorny’s son
Michael Radziwill Rudy - Barbara’s brother
Bona Sfortsa - Zhyhimont August’s mother
Euphrosinya Polotskaya - the granddaughter of a prince of Polotsk, Vseslav.
Stanislaw Radziwill - Michael Radziwill Chorny’s son
Zhyhimont August - the Prince of the Great Lithuanian Duchy and the heir to the Polish
The Black Lady – the ghost of a woman

2. Восприятие видеофильма (while viewing)

Listening for gist
Слайд 8
T: Listen to the legend and answer the following questions. You can make notes while
Michael Radziwill Chorny, Michael Radziwill Rudy, Bona Sfortsa,
1. Who is it about? Zhyhimont August, Barbara Radziwill, The Black Lady
2. What is it about? unhappy tragic love of Zhyhimont August and Barbara Radziwill
3. When did it happen? in the 10th century
4. Where did it happen? in Nesvizh
Zhygimont August met Barbara during a ball and fell in love with her.
5. How did it happen? Then they married secretly. But soon Barbara died.

Слайд 9
Make the right step.
T: There are some sentences but I don’t know whether they’re correct. If the sentence is true,
take a step forward. If the sentence is false, take a step backward. (Pupils stand in a column.
Say true or false sentence about the legend.)

1. Barbara Radziwill lived in a castle in Vilnius with her two brothers. (False - Nesvizh)
2. She lived in Nesvizh with her parents. (False - two brothers)
3. Zhyhimont and Barbara married secretly. (True)
4. When Bona Sfortsa found out about their marriage, she was very happy. (False - angry)
5. Barbara Radziwill died very young of a serious illness. (True)
6. The castle of Nesvizh has been visited by the ghost of the beautiful woman - the Black
Lady. (True)

Watching for detail

Слайд 10
T: Well done. Now watch the video and remember the characters’ appearance and
relationships between them.

Слайд 11
T: Can you describe Barbara’s / Zhyhimont’s / Bona Sfortsa’s appearance?
P1: Barbara was beautiful, quite tall, had a slim, well shaped body, dark hair and grey eyes.
P2: Zhyhimont was tall and very handsome with dark hair and blue eyes.
P3: Bona Sfortsa was quite tall, slim, she had fair hair and grey eyes.
T: What relationship was between Barbara and Zhyhimont?
P6: When Zhyhimont saw Barbara, he fell in love at first sight. Though Barbara’s brothers
and Zhyhimont’s mother, Bona Sfortsa, were against their love, they still continued to see
each other and then married secretly.

T: What relationship was between Barbara and Zhyhimont’s mother?

P7: Queen Bona Sfortsa hated Barbara as she thought that Barbara wasn’t a good match for
the future king. When Bona Sfortsa found out about their marriage, she was very angry and
decided to kill Barbara. She gave her a poisoned ring.

Слайд 12
T: Character study
Let’s work in groups. You should choose the adjectives that you associate with one of the
characters and explain why you think so.
Bossy unhappy charming cruel brave clever selfish honest friendly faithful
e.g. To my mind Bona was cruel (selfish) because she wanted to kill Barbara.
In my opinion Zhyhimont was brave ( faithful, loving) because he married Barbara against
his parents’ will. I think Zhyhimont was unhappy because his wife died very young. I’m sure
that Barbara was charming (friendly, loving) because Zhyhimont fell in love at first sight.

V. Физкультминутка

Слайд 13
T: Oh, I see that you’re a bit unhappy because you’re tired. I’ve got something interesting for
you. Come here, please. Let’s make a circle. I’ll give you cards with verbs from the story. You
should make up a sentence with one of these verbs (lived, took care of, was held, fell in love,
continued, married, found out, gave, died, was buried, asked, couldn’t touch, disappeared,
has been visited).
e.g. lived – Barbara lived with her two brothers.

Continue the process until all the cards are in circulation, pupils are asking & answering.

Thank you, let’s return to work. You may take your seats.
Change your partner, please.

3. Послетекстовый этап (post - viewing)

Слайд 14
T: I’ve got sentences from the legend, but they’re mixed. Help me to match the sentences with
semantic parts of the text.
Plan: 1. Barbara’s life in Nesvizh (9)
2. A ball in the castle (5)
3. A Secret marriage (8)
4. Barbara’s serious illness and death (4,3)
5. Invoking the ghost of Barbara (6,2)
6. The Black Lady (7,1)
Sentences: (9) Barbara Radziwill lived in a castle in Nesvizh with her two brothers, Michael
Radziwill Chorny and Michael Radziwill Rudy. (5) Zhyhimont, the king of Poland, was
invited to the ball. (8) Barbara’s brothers and Zhyhimont’s mother, Bona Sfortsa, were against
their love. (4) Bona Sfortsa gave her a poisoned ring. (3) She was buried in Belarus but her
grave was never found. (6) The magician agreed but said that Zhygimont couldn’t touch the
ghost of Barbara. (2) At night, when Zhyhimont saw Barbara, he couldn’t keep his word. (67)
Since that time the castle of Nesvizh has been visited by the ghost of the beautiful woman. (1)
People call it the Black Lady.

T: On these pieces of paper there are sentences with missing words. In pairs you should fill in
the gaps, then together put the sentences into the correct order and make a line.
Change your partner, please.

VI. Развитие языковых навыков и умений устной речи.

T: Слайд 15
Do you know what it is? It’s a dubbing studio – a place where actors sound films. And only
today it is free for us. We have only four minutes to sound our film here.
Слайд 16 Get ready to sound this video using the plan.
Слайд 17 Let’s watch video and sound it by chain.
Who will try to sound the whole video? The others will evaluate your colleague’s story. I’ll
take it into consideration.

VII. Подведение итогов

Слайд 18
T: I hope this information about Barbara Radziwill was useful for you, wasn’t it? Let’s see.
What new facts about Barbara Radziwill have you learnt?
P1: It was interesting for me to know that …
P2: For me the most exciting fact was that …
T: Have we achieved our goal? Can you write an article according to this legend?
P3: Sure. I think I get down to work right now.
P4: I’d like my article to be published on the site.
P5: It’s so exciting to write a Belarusian legend in English.

VIII. Предъявление домашнего задания

T: Your task is to write an article about Barbara Radziwill an online magazine «Belarus».Use
the plan for help.

IX. Выставление отметок

Слайд 19
T: Thank you for your work. Your marks are… .
Have a nice day. Good-bye!