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Mill Diaphragms

Headquarters/Germany Foundry/Austria
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Technology and Know-how
Don’t settle for
just any solution.
Accept only
the best.

Nobody knows better

than you that the
grinding of raw material
requires a lot of energy -
more than any other
production steps in the
raw material industry.
A solution to this problem
is the highest challenge
for us all.

Christian Pfeiffer has

brought changes to the
market for grinding
systems for decades with
innovations to increase
performance capacities,
decrease energy con-
sumption and improve
product quality and
further developments for
greater productivity. Our
concepts have made us
the technological market
leader we are today.

Granted, you may re-

ceive offers for products
that seem cheaper, how-
ever, not all of those
offered products pay off
for you in the end. Our
solutions do. Every day
and for many years.

The Monobloc® structure: You will Why should
not find a more intelligent concept you decide on
a Pfeiffer
According to latest developments in techno-
Monobloc ®
logy, the Monobloc® structure is the most
fully developed solution for modern Because you can rely
grinding systems: A self-supporting on the fact that we
unit with a U-ring for axial fixation continuously implement
on the mill tube - highly stable, innovations of our own
long lasting, and especially research and develop-
resilient. Other essential parts ment into our products.
include the transport lifters
that are curved in material Installing a
conveying direction, a
guarantees many years of
diaphragm centre with high grinding plant availability
integrated material flow and continuous finish material
control, slotted plates quality.
designed for the highest
productivity, and the solid
plate cross for support. All
in all, the best you can have
in a grinding system under
extreme thermal, mechanical,
and abrasive conditions.
Pfeiffer Monobloc® with material
flow control of 3rd generation Naturally for our wealth
of experience and know-
how gained from the long
Ideal hold by “Floating Fixation“ tradition of our company
Reliable stabili-
in the industry.
Floating fixation is a • no relative movements Floating fixation ensures oval-shaped mill cylinders sation by closed
feature you can only find and deformations a longer lifetime of the making the installation of construction Or simply because we
with Christian Pfeiffer. inside the diaphragm mill cylinder, mill dia- a Christian Pfeiffer dia- have installed more than
This design limits load structure phragm, and related phragm, with its precise The stable construction Intermediate diaphragm in segmented construction 5,000 mill diaphragms in
transmission variables parts. fitting, possible. of a Monobloc® sub-
grinding systems of
which allow the interac- • even distribution of structure supports the
renowned cement manu-
tive load influences be- forces This feature will mill cylinder and prevents
facturers world-wide!
tween diaphragm struc- accommodate even older, large deviations of the
ture and mill cylinder to • stabilisation of ideal round mill shell
be calculable. It therefore the mill cylinder form resulting from loads
demonstrates the follow- of up to 300 mt of ball
ing advantages in com- charge. The Christian
parison with other Pfeiffer intermediate
types of fastening: diaphragm counteracts
such deformation and
• noticeably less tension therefore decreases
between diaphragm dynamic material strain
structure and mill of the mill shell.
cylinder Pfeiffer Monobloc®

4 Generation
Milestones of
Since 1925, again and
4th Generation
again Christian Pfeiffer
has set milestones in the
The 4th generation of development of machi-
Pfeiffer mill diaphragms ... nes, components and
Through transport lifters At the same time, wear at systems for the cement,
in the diaphragm, materi- grinding balls and back- raw material and mining
al passes by inlet open- side plates is considerably industry.
ings in the central ring reduced.
channel where defined The cooperation with
guiding lifters convey the The material flow can be technical colleges, own
material beneath the air adjusted by regulable research and develop-
flow into the next grind- inlet and outlet openings. ment as well as the exact
ing chamber. An entry of The adjustable opening knowledge of all process
the grinding material into cross-sections allow the steps have made Christi-
the air flow is not further best possible basic mill an Pfeiffer one of the lea-
possible. Material reaches setting and guarantee a ding suppliers world-wide
the ball charge directly long and economical for the realisation of
behind the diaphragm operation of the grinding modern grinding plants.
which assures an optimal plant.
use of the chamber The fabrication of the
length and a most effi- first HEYD separator in

cient grinding process. 1948, the development of
the high performance
separator QDK in 1987
and now in 2003, the
introduction of mill dia-
phragms of 4th gener-
ation into the market is
proof of the excellent
reputation of Christian
Pfeiffer. With this new
development, we have
made another decisive
step to improve mill effi-

Customers from all over

the world rely on the
... improves the material transport innovations from Chris-
For the first time, a new other; both components tian Pfeiffer Beckum.
diaphragm construction now follow their defined
has been developed which path and do no longer
separates material flow mix.
and air flow from each
Material flow inside the ring channel of the diaphragm
Process Technology Process Solutions
to suit you ...
Each mill is different.
Therefore, we adapt our
Comprehensive process know-how mill diaphragm construc-
for all comminution steps tion and process technol-
ogy individually to your
For all applications in
grinding system.
the cement and raw
material grinding process,
The integrated material
CPB offers the full range 25 m/s 1,0-1,5 m/s opt. 8-14 m/s 1,0-1,5 m/s opt.8-14 m/s max.25 m/s
flow control of the mill
of mill diaphragms. With
diaphragm is adjusted as
more than 75 years of
a final step to correspond
experience, we control
with your specific grin-
the entire process tech- chamber
Kammer II chamber II ding requirements. Infini-
nological know-how for Two-chamber cement mill tely adjustable slides in
all comminution proces-
ses including the safe The integrated material outside the air flow as- phragm. This is why a safe
handling of high temper- flow control system with sure an even material and stable mill operation
Intermediate diaphragm
atures in preceding drying directly accessible slides level in both chambers, in at optimal efficiency is
of 4th generation
chambers. and the material passage front and behind the dia- guaranteed.

Our machines and com-

ponents are successfully
used all over the world
for grinding of limestone,
ores, coal, alumina, feld-
spar or other basic mate-
rials. CPB presents solu-
tions also for abrasive Conventional diaphragm (competitor) leads to an
raw materials with high insufficient material level. Hence: inefficient grind-
ing and high wear.
quartz content, for exam-
ple, to ensure a safe mill
the diaphragm centre are
set to offer the best con-
ditions for optimal pro-
Christian Pfeiffer suc- drying chamber
Trockenkammer chamber
Kammer II
ductivity and quality.
ceeded in tripling the free
Raw mill with drying chamber and central discharge
area of air passage in the
centre of a diaphragm Material drying to the conveyed through the tions we are able to con-
without negative effects optimal residual moisture open lifter diaphragm trol the high thermal
Open lifter diaphragm
to the stability of the en- is effected in the preced- into the first grinding loads in this area. of 4th generation
tire structure. Pressure ing drying chamber. Then, chamber. Due to our spe-
loss in the mill cylinder is the material is regularly cial construction solu-
decreased automatically.

Diaphragm Lining Dia This material
is really tough
Christian Pfeiffer has
further optimised the
special rolled steel
Better handling due to lighter plate elements material for the lining of
mill diaphragms once
All Christian Pfeiffer mill guarantees a high opera- The plates are smaller,
diaphragms are fitted tional safety over the lighter, and hence the
with slotted and back- entire lifetime due to a assembly is easier com-
side plates of rolled steel. homogeneous structure pared to plates of seg-
Advantages over cast and special heat treat- ment construction.
plates: The material is ment.
breakage resistant and

The mill diaphragm can be adapted individually to each ball volume load due to its
variable centre.
Consistent material flow
due to our special slot form
Typical for Christian Further, clogging is Heat treatment over
Pfeiffer mill diaphragms: prevented and the slot several steps develops a
Cost and material
Plate slots which are form ensures that transfer rolled steel with a mar-
savings by ring segments tensitic structure which,
adapted in width to each conditions from the first
application and also into the second grinding To increase efficiency of Lifter plates reduce the due to its high elasticity,
carefully reduced in their chamber remain nearly the diaphragm lining, we friction wear between ensures reliable breakage
conical form. constant during the developed a slotted plate ball charge and dia- resistance and a hardness
Only sufficiently ground entire period of use. construction, which de- phragm and therefore of more than 52 HRc.
material reaches the pending on mill diameter, assure a longer lifetime of
second grinding chamber. is divided into two to four the diaphragm lining. Your advantage: extra-
rings. The plate rings can ordinary efficiency due to
be adapted to isolate the long lifetimes.
area of greatest wear
according to experience.
Therefore you do not
Higher plate use by conical bolt design replace the entire lining
Conventionally manu- Christian Pfeiffer’s solu- Another interesting detail but only those plate rings
factured cast plates are tion: Bolt fastening with from CPB are the nut that have the greatest
fastened with bolts that a conical design. This holders for wear plate wear.
must be replaced at a form prevents early failu- fixa- tion. The holders are
residual plate thickness re of bolt connections welded on the inner side
of 20 mm due to their and allows efficient use of the substructure
cylindrical form. of plates up to a residual allowing the assembly
thickness of 8 - 10 mm. staff to fasten the plates
quickly and easily.

phragm Lining
Modern Production Modern CAD/CAM for
safe production
All production steps at
Christian Pfeiffer are
CAD/CAM-controlled with
Plate production with CNC- Highly wear resistant plates the following advan-
controlled machines through multiple heat-treatment tages: safe production
process, high product
At CPB, all components At the heart of the pro- Your investment in a
of a mill diaphragm are duction process at Chris- CPB mill diaphragm is the
manufactured with the tian Pfeiffer is one of the decision for a safe and
most modern machinery. most modern heat treat- long-lasting stable opera-
The fabrication is effi- ment plants in Europe. tion of your grinding
cient and accurate using Through the multiple heat plant.
CAD/CAM. treatment process, the
diaphragm plates are At Christian Pfeiffer, all
The plate blanks are pre- hardened for high wear production steps are
cisely manufactured to resistance. The plants' documented acc. to ISO
size on the CNC machines control system assures a 9001. Protocols regarding
which guarantees highest precise temperature regu- dimensional and accuracy
quality and smallest tole- lation during all heat controls as well as
rances. In a next step, the treatment steps. Heating, hardness testing are
quality and economical
bolt swages are manufac- cooling down and tempe- always available.
Modern CNC machine productivity.
tured in one clamping; ring of the plates form a
this ensures an optimal The components for the material structure with a For several years, CPB is
Standardised components
fitting of the plates on mill structure are also homogenous and non- internationally certified
or individually designed
the diaphragm structure. manufactured on the CNC warping matrix. and herewith ensures a
parts according to cus-
The machining of the sur- machines. This ensures continuously high quality
tomer requirement - all is
face profile for lifter high accuracy and finally in all production steps.
possible. But what always
plates is done in a secon- short assembly times in
remains the same: the
dary working step. the mill.
entire CPB know-how
influences the construc-
tion and production. Each
Precise works project is calculated with
for all most modern 3D-CAD
production steps units and is constructed
as economically as possi-
The conically designed ble. Accurate technical
plate slots are cut by data is furnished directly
robots; the groove in the to the production depart-
slot area is precisely ment.

One of the most modern heat-treatment plants in Europe

Precise plate manufacture at Christian Pfeiffer in Beckum
Diaphragm Types and Services Diaphragm PFEIFFER has
many advantages
to offer in addition
to our products
One advantage is our
The Intermediate The Open Lifter The Double Outlet The Discharge comprehensive service.
Diaphragm Diaphragm Diaphragm Diaphragm
Optimal efficiency for Designed to withstand Perfect in centre dis- Only sufficiently fine
existing grinding systems: every strain: The open charge mill where pressure material passes:
The Christian Pfeiffer lifter diaphragm is instal- comes from two sides: The The Christian Pfeiffer
Intermediate Diaphragm led between the drying Christian Pfeiffer Double Discharge Diaphragm is
fulfils the most important and the first grinding Outlet Diaphragm allows individually adapted to

From individual rec-

ommendations, detailed
planning, up to reliable
installations. Even after-
wards, we are there for
condition for an increase chamber. It is prone to the material ground to the existing mill and fixed you if questions arise, or if
in mill efficiency. It divides high thermal strain from pass from both head sides on the inside of the you require anything, and
the tube mill into two one side and to large axial of the mill through the mill head. The ground naturally for maintenance
grinding chambers with pressure from the other.

centre of the mill length. material is permitted to and inspection.
different grinding ball Christian Pfeiffer offers The special retention rings pass to the separator
sizes and maintains a you the best technical ensure sufficient material while the grinding balls If you would like to have
material level in the first solution for such a load in each of the are retained in the more information on our
chamber for optimal problem area: Steel types grinding chambers. As chamber. Thanks to the products and services...
pre-grinding. Additional matched for their thermal with all Christian Pfeiffer exchangeable centre Call us. It will be a
safety is created limiting and mechanical properties diaphragms, the plate piece, the open centre of pleasure for us to assist
the largest grain size result in an open lifter division in two to four the diaphragm can be you.
by allowing only the fine diaphragm best fitted for rings pays off because adapted to the individual
material to pass. This way these conditions. such division allows for ball filling rate (volume
the material to be ground In addition, special the exchange of only the load can vary between
is crushed in energy- fastening elements are linings within the main 25 % and 35 %).
saving manner in two used to safely absorb the wear zone possible.
steps: first it is crushed, high axial forces.
then it is ground fine.