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The Bob Beck Protocol is widely mentioned on the Internet as both a

cure for AIDS and a cure for cancer. However, this website rates this
protocol as a "Strong Stage III" cancer protocol, not a "Stage IV"
cancer protocol (which are the strongest of the alternative cancer

What this means is that I do not recommend this protocol as the

primary protocol for advanced cancer patients, most of whom have
had extensive orthodox cancer treatments and have had a great deal
of damage done to their body.

One reason for my rating is that this protocol does not deal with
protecting non-cancerous cells, building the immune system with
natural supplements (though it does build the immune system by
cleaning the bloodstream of microbes), and other key issues.

Having said that, this protocol does accomplish some critical

objectives in treating advanced cancer.

For example, this is a very good protocol to help strengthen the

immune system.

For certain kinds of cancer this protocol may significantly help stop
the spreading of cancer.

In short, there are many benefits to a cancer patient when the

microbes in their bloodstream are removed.


The Bob Beck Protocol started out as an electromedicine treatment

for AIDS / HIV, however, it has turned out to be an excellent cancer
treatment because of the way it builds the immune system.

Two medical doctors, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman, discovered, in 1990,
that a small electric current could disable viruses from being able to
infect cells and multiply, thus rendering them harmless. Other studies
have shown the effectiveness of small amounts of electricity against
bacteria and fungus. The combination of these studies proves their
discovery was one of the greatest medical discoveries in the history
of medicine because virtually all diseases are caused by, or
enhanced by, a microbe (virus, bacteria, and fungus). This combined
knowledge gives us the key of how to cure almost every disease
known to mankind.

But unlike the discoveries of Dr. Royal Rife, the Dr. Kaali and Dr.
Lyman discoveries have not been lost to science. In fact, details of
their discovery are very, very well preserved and protected. However,
even though the technology is very well documented, orthodox
medicine is not interested in their discovery. Orthodox medicine is
interested in "treatments," not "cures," because "treating" a person is
far, far more profitable than "curing" them.

As Dr. Bob Beck used to say: "a patient cured is a customer lost."
Thus orthodox doctors are not allowed to use the discovery (though
more than a dozen patents have been issued which describe and use
their discovery).

Dr. Beck, who held a PhD in physics and had 30 years of

electromedicine research behind him, found out about the discovery
and found a non-invasive way to use their discovery. His early
research had to be done outside of the United States.

His first electromedicine machine replicating the Kaali/Lyman

discovery is called the Blood Purifier or Blood Electrifier. The Blood
Electrifier creates a very small 4 hertz alternating electric current (ie:
the cycle of polarity change happens 4 times a second). The electric
current prevents viruses from infecting human cells (this is what Kaali
and Lyman discovered) which prevents the virus from hijacking the
cells reproductive capacity and multiplying . The body safely excretes
the disabled (i.e. attenuated) viruses.

However, Dr. Beck found out that in some cases the AIDS / HIV virus
came back. He concluded that some viruses were hiding in the body
and were dormant, and thus were not circulating with the blood. He
then developed the Magnetic Pulser to mobilize those microbes. In
other words, the Magnetic Pulser was a product designed to cause
microbes to once again circulate in the blood so that they could be
deactivated by the Blood Purifier.

Whether Dr. Beck knew about microbes hiding inside root canals is
unknown. The fact is that root canals are a safe-haven for microbes.
It is generally advised to have all root canals removed for this and
other reasons. More will be said about this in the Magnetic Pulser

In total, the Bob Beck Protocol consists of four parts. Two of the four
parts of the Bob Beck Protocol (the two electromedicine parts) kill
bacteria/fungus and disable viruses from reproducing (at which point
the body safely excretes them); one of the four parts (colloidal silver)
kills microbes and the other part (ozonated water) either kills the
microbes or the cancer cells (but this is the weakest of the four parts,
so its contribution is unknown, officially it is used to detoxify).

Bob Beck died in 2002, but it is safe to predict that there will be a
race between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine, for years
to come, as to whether this alternative cancer treatment will survive.
The technology will survive, but at least one person has been thrown
in jail for selling Bob Beck Protocol equipment. That is why vendors
are somewhat "gun shy" about making claims about what the Bob
Beck Protocol can do.

The Theory of the Bob Beck Protocol and Cancer

What the Bob Beck Protocol does is kill or disable from multiplying,
every microbe circulating in your body. When a microbe that is in the
bloodstream is killed or disabled, the body will remove it. For many
diseases that is all that is required for a cure. For cancer, it is a little
more complicated than that.

There are many things that can start the chain reaction that leads to
cancer, but no matter what starts the chain reaction, the final step in
the process is that a microbe gets inside a normal cell, thus breaking
the Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain (ETC). This makes the
once normal cell anaerobic, and an anaerobic cell is defined to be

Only the presence of a microbe inside a cell can maintain the cell's
inability to restore its Krebs Cycle and ETC. See "The Theory of
Cancer" article for more information about how cancer forms and the
large amount of research that relates cancer and microbes.
The Theory of Cancer

If the Bob Beck Protocol removes all of the microbes from the body,
except the ones inside of cancer cells, how does the Bob Beck
Protocol cure cancer?

The Bob Beck Protocol removes all of the microbes from the body
(except the microbes inside the cancer cells) and allows the person's
immune system to be relieved of its constant battle against circulating
microbes and can then focus on the cancer. This makes it seem

Consider this analogy:

Suppose there was a large pond that was filled with all sorts of algae,
and other single cell plants, plus microbes and slime. In fact, there
are so many algae, etc. that the fish in this pond are very sick, plus
they cannot see each other and rarely are able to reproduce.

What shall we do to save the fish? We could design new fish food for
the fish. After much research we could design foods that might allow
them to live longer. Or perhaps we could figure out some way to do
surgery on the fish that may extend their lives.

But obviously the best solution would be to get rid of the algae, slime,
microbes, etc. Once the fish were living in pure and clean water, they
would return to health.

In this example, the fish represent our immune system. The algae,
microbes, slime, etc. represent the microbes in our body. The best
solution to fixing our immune system might not be pills, but getting rid
of the microbes in our body. That is exactly what the Bob Beck
Protocol does!

It has been known for many decades that the immune system
communicates with electrical signals. It is as if each white blood cell
has a radio transmitter and receiver. However, microbes also are
electrical in nature and it is possible that it is the electrical nature of
microbes that interfere with the abilities of the immune system to
communicate with itself.

Bob Beck believed that his treatment, which clearly removes every
type of microbe circulating in the blood of a person, is a potent way to
restore the immune system of that person. He felt that that was a
large reason his treatment had been so successful on cancer

Removing all microbes may allow the immune system to restore in

quantity many of the 2,000 neuropeptides (nerve proteins), among
which are the well-known interleukin and interferon, which are known

The bottom line is that with the Bob Beck Protocol it is the immune
system which kills the cancer cells. The Bob Beck Protocol
"supercharges" the immune system.

The Diet To Use During This Treatment [Very Important]

Attenuating microbes is only half of the story of getting rid of the

microbes. Consider this example:

Suppose you are in a row boat many miles from shore. Suddenly
there is a hole in the boat. You have one bucket to scoop up the
water and throw it overboard. Will you get to shore before the boat

The answer depends on the relationship between the size of the hole
and the size of the bucket. In this analogy, the size of the hole is the
environment inside your body (i.e. your "inner terrain"). The size of
the bucket is the Bob Beck Protocol.

Microbes, under ideal conditions, can multiply unbelievably fast.

Fortunately, the inside of your body is not an ideal place for microbes
to breed. However, the inside of your body can be a very good place
for them to multiply or a very bad place for them to multiply.

For example, if you live on soda pop (regular or diet), the acidity of
the soda pop will create a superb environment for the microbes to
breed quickly. Many other foods, such as sugar, meat, white flour,
etc. also are very acidic and can create an ideal place for microbes to
breed. (Note: AIDS patients using the Beck equipment should eat
meat, but cancer patients, who are not very weak, should not eat

The bottom line to all of this is that during the Bob Beck Protocol the
person should have a very alkaline diet. A person should follow this
cancer diet at least 80%. The other 20% should be vegetables, which
are high in glucose, or fruits:
The Cancer Diet

It is also recommended that you eat as much whole, raw foods as

possible, in other words, as much "live" food as possible, especially
via juicing. The reason is that live foods provide electrons to the body
which are important for the Magnetic Pulser.

As always, do not eat too many green vegetables because they

contain vitamin K, and can cause blood clots in some people.

Comments About What Can Be Taken With the Protocol

All following comments about restrictions in regard to use of the

Blood Electrifier in the Beck Protocol apply only to using 4 hertz as
the blood electrification frequency. That is because very low
frequencies cause the blood cells to easily absorb strong chemicals
(synthetic drugs or strong natural medicines) and become toxic. This
results in feeling very sickly with a killer headache and can even
cause death in extreme cases.

Traditional Beck blood electrifiers allow only 4 hertz as the frequency.

Newer versions allow higher frequencies for reducing and/or
eliminating the high-absorption effect. Beck called the effect
"electroporation" but really that is a word that is used by scientists to
describe an extreme cellular poration acheived by application of near
1000 volts to a test tube containing a cell culture so that they will
quickly absorb whatever the scientists have mixed in with the culture.

A better term is "transfection" which is what happens at much lower

potencies of applied alternating current such as blood electrification.

The Biophysics Journal, vol 58, reported that close to 1 hertz caused
the greatest amount of transfection, 4 hertz caused 11% as much,
and 10 hertz and above caused none. The graph can be seen at:

So herbs, vitamins and drugs pose no threat when doing 10 hertz

blood electrification, although with strong drugs it is best to use 40
hertz and do the electrotherapy each day before taking any drugs.
See the links at the bottom of the page for a supplier of a 4/10/40
hertz Blood Electrifier.

In a moment there will be a long list of foods and other things that
cannot be used with the 4 Hz Bob Beck Protocol. Many supplements
and herbs, and even some mild drugs, can be taken with the Bob
Beck Protocol as long as they are taken soon after the
electromedicine treatments are finished for the day.

In other words, by taking them after the electromedicine treatment is

finished for the day, there are many hours for the body to use them
before the next electromedicine treatment begins, which will be on
the next day.

In other words, transfection (ie; an electrically induced increase of

cellular permeability which allows many substances to be absorbed
by healthy cells) dies down very quickly after the treatment is over,
allowing a patient to take herbs or some mild drugs soon after the
electromedicine treatment is finished for the day (e.g. 15 minutes
after). Because it will be at least 20 hours before the next
electromedicine treatment begins (and transfection begins), the herbs
and mild drugs should have left the bloodstream. The rule of thumb is
that at least 95% of the items should be out of the blood stream
before the next days electromedicine treatment begins.

Time-released drugs, of course, should be considered independently.

If you feel there are things you must take during the Bob Beck
Protocol, you can experiment to see if they will conflict with the Bob
Beck Protocol. For example, 15 minutes after the end of the Bob
Beck Protocol for the day, take a small dose (i.e. 1/10th of a normal
dose) of the substance you need to take. If you do not feel ill on the
next day during the Bob Beck Protocol, you can increase the dose
slightly (by another tenth).

This constitutes a buildup to see what dose you can tolerate during
the Bob Beck Protocol. A gradual buildup will provide a safe early
warning system that this substance should not be taken with the Bob
Beck Protocol.

Highly potent drugs, such as chemotherapy, absolutely should NOT

be experimented with. They simply should not be taken during the
Bob Beck Protocol. Only fairly mild drugs, supplements and herbs
should be experimented with.

Those who have been on the Budwig Diet (i.e. cottage cheese and
flaxseed oil) should continue the Budwig Diet during the Bob Beck
Protocol. It is considered food, so it doesn't matter when you take it.

Because the Bob Beck Protocol does not rebuild the cell walls of a
cancer patient, cancer patients who go into remission should go on a
one-year "Remission" treatment after the Bob Beck Protocol. See:
Remission Article

Why Some Patients Cannot Use This Treatment

Unfortunately, not every cancer patient can use the Bob Beck
Protocol. There are many restrictions to using the Bob Beck Protocol,
but the main restriction, in almost all cases, that cannot easily be
overcome, is that no one using any type of strong prescription drug
can go on the 4 hertz Bob Beck Protocol until they are able to safely
get off of their strong prescription drugs before they start their

Virtually everyone who has been under the "care" of orthodox

medicine is on many prescription drugs, most of which are to treat the
symptoms of the main prescription drug. This is by definition,
because that is what medical doctors are taught to do - sell things for
the pharmaceutical industry.
In most cases, by doing your homework, within a few days or few
weeks, it is possible to get off of your strong prescription drugs.
However, there are some cases where this is virtually impossible to
do. If you cannot figure out a way to get off of your strong prescription
drugs, with your doctor's permission, then you will not be able to go
on the 4 hertz Bob Beck Protocol. It is that simple.

As mentioned above, only mild prescription drugs can be

experimented with. If during the experimentation you have a
dangerous or very painful reaction, you must stop the Bob Beck
Protocol immediately. Do not resume the Bob Beck Protocol unless
you have waited at least 48 hours after getting completely off the

There is a fine line between which drugs are totally forbidden and
which ones can be experimented with. This is up to the patient, family
and their doctor. More will be said about this issue later.

The Rules For Using the Bob Beck Protocol

Generally speaking: NO OTHER alternative cancer treatment or

orthodox cancer treatment that produces strong side effects can be
used with the Bob Beck Protocol. They must be STOPPED or
reduced at least 2 days prior to starting the Bob Beck protocol. The
cesium chloride protocol should be stopped at least 2 weeks before
starting the Bob Beck Protocol.

The reason for this rule is detoxification. The Bob Beck Protocol by
itself will create a great deal of detox symptoms. To add more debris
from another cancer treatment may create far more detox than the
liver and other organs of the body can handle.

However, because the Bob Beck equipment may not all arrive at the
same time, you should wait until all of the equipment arrives before
stopping your current cancer treatment(s). Then wait at least 2 whole
days before starting the Bob Beck Protocol.

The Bob Beck Protocol generally has been used by itself because it
can create a significant amount of detox symptoms. (But that can be
limited by limiting the treatment times to just enough to create a
limited amount of detox that you can handle without getting sickly.)

The Bob Beck Protocol creates a lot of debris (regardless of hertz),

but it does not cure cancer quickly because it does not kill cancer
cells directly. By allowing the body to rid itself of microbes, the
immune system will be able to supercharge itself. But this takes time,
and many cancer patients don't have much time to live, thus they
have no choice except to take some risks.

Thus, for a cancer patient who has months to live without any
treatment, they should not take any risks and they should not take
any other supplements, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs,
other alternative cancer treatments, etc. with the 4 hertz Bob Beck
Protocol. The exception is the Budwig Diet and other food-based

The more advanced a cancer patient is, the more important time
becomes, and the more risks should be taken. But the risks should
not be done blindly. The concepts in this article should be followed.

Standard List of Things Forbidden with 4 hertz Beck blood purifiers:

1) NO orthodox cancer treatments - NONE,

2) NO other alternative cancer treatments (see above),
3) NO prescription drugs (see above),
4) NO pain killers,
5) NO blood thinners (e.g. Coumadin),
6) NO herbs (including NO seasonings),
7) NO garlic or anything closely related to garlic!! (especially no
8) NO strong over-the-counter medications (e.g. no aspirin, no
9) NO vitamins (especially no vitamin A),
10) NO supplements, including NO enzymes,
11) NO alcohol, "recreational" drugs, coffee, tea, etc.,
12) NO smoking,
13) NOT for pregnant women,
14) NOT for those with pacemakers,
15) etc. etc.
Only healthy foods can be used with this treatment (but no garlic, no
onions, no spices with 4 Hz treatment). You should drink a lot of
water (this includes the ozonated water) to help rid the body of
deactivated microbes. It is not advised to drink soda pop. Soda pop
dehydrates the body and taking it would require that you drink more
water (obviously, do not drink anything with aspartame - e.g.
NutraSweet, Equal, etc.). Soda pop is also very acidic.

To make sure you understand this: This treatment CANNOT be used

with chemotherapy or radiation!!

Here is a quote from Bob Beck on this issue of 4 hertz treatment:

* "First, for several days prior to starting this program, you must
avoid ingesting anything containing medicinal herbs, foreign or
domestic, or potentially toxic medication, nicotine, alcohol,
recreational drugs, laxatives, tonics, garlic and certain potentially
toxic vitamins, because blood electrification will cause
electroporation, ..., which is lethal. You can read "Electroporation, A
General Phenomenon for Manipulating Cells and Tissues," by J.C.
Weaver, Journal of Cellular Biology, Book 51, page 426 (1993),
Harvard/MIT. "
[Interview with Dr. Beck, 1997]

Transfection will allow substances to enter cells at a rate 20 to 30

times HIGHER than they normally do. This is why so many things are
absolutely forbidden. For example, taking 2 aspirin during the 4 Hz
treatment is really the equivalent of taking 40 to 60 aspirin, as just
one example!!!

These severe restrictions have no room for error because of 4 hertz

transfection. These rules should be enforced for at least two days
prior to starting the Bob Beck Protocol.

The rules do not apply to the colloidal silver or ozonated water.

However, the colloidal silver should be taken after the two
electromedicine treatments are finished for the day.

If you skip a day (using the electromedicine equipment) in the middle

of your treatment, you still need to follow the strict rules.
If you have a health problem, such as a brain seizure, and have to
take medication, then you need to immediately stop all use of the
Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulse Generator until you can go two
days without any medications and begin the treatment again.

The Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol includes four independent treatments, all of

which are designed to do one thing - disable microbes in the body
(i.e. stop their ability to reproduce) or kill them (in the case of colloidal
silver and to a lesser degree ozonated water).

Details on each of the four treatments will be given below (actually in

different articles), but for now here is an overview of the treatment:

Blood Electrification

This treatment disables microbes as they float through the

bloodstream. This is an important part of the protocol, even though
most cancer cells, which contain many of the microbes that need to
be disabled, do not float around in the blood.

Once the microbes are disabled, they are harmless and the body will
eventually excrete them.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)

The purpose of this treatment is to dislodge microbes that are not

floating around in the bloodstream, but are "hiding" in root canals, the
lymph system, the stomach area, etc so that they enter the
bloodstream and are deactivated by blood electrification. This is a
very important part of the protocol for cancer patients, because to
supercharge the immune system all of the microbes outside of the
cancer cells need to be attenuated!!

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is an antimicrobial nutrient and is perfectly safe for

humans, pets and plants. If the colloidal silver is absorbed by a
cancer cell, it will probably kill the microbe inside the cell, thus
allowing the cell to revert back into a normal cell. However, its main
purpose is to kill the microbes in the blood and most of those in

Drinking Ozonated Water or Ozonated Water

Ozone is well-known for killing microbes and killing cancer cells. The
only thing that is not known is whether there is enough ozone in the
water to kill the cancer cells or the microbes inside the cancer cells.
However, like the colloidal silver, it is designed to kill the microbes in
the blood and those in hiding.

If you have root canals, it is important to let some of the ozonated

water sit inside the mouth. In other words, fill the mouth with
ozonated water two or three times per treatment, then let it sit in the
mouth covering your root canal teeth (for a couple of minutes each
time). In this way some of the ozonated water will get inside the root
canal teeth and kill some microbes inside the root canal teeth and be
a catalyst for the Magnetic Pulser inside the teeth.

Since killing cancer cells can create inflammation, swelling and

congestion, if you start to get inflammation, swelling or congestion
during this treatment (which becomes dangerous), stop using the
ozonated water and continue with the other items which cannot kill
cancer cells.

The official main purpose of the ozonated water is to detoxify the


The Order of Taking These Things

It is important NOT to use the Magnetic Pulser at the same time as

the Blood Electrification equipment. The Magnetic Pulser, if
accidentally allowed to magnetically pulse the blood electrifier, could
damage it.

It would be best to use the Magnetic Pulser before using the Blood
Electrification equipment. The reason is that the Magnetic Pulser may
break apart colonies of microbes and release them into the
bloodstream where the Blood Electrification equipment can disable

The Blood Electrification treatment should be started about 15 to 30

minutes after the end of the Magnetic Pulser. Again, they should NOT
be used at the same time.

When to take the ozonated water is discussed later in this article.

It would be wise to take the colloidal silver about 15 minutes after

finishing the two electromedicine treatments. The reason is that the
electromedicine items will "open up" the cells and any colloidal silver
in the bloodstream may go inside of non-cancerous cells. This will not
create any kind of danger, but it is best to maximize the amount of
colloidal silver available to go inside of cancer cells.

In the links at the bottom of this web page, there is a link to a VHS
tape called: "Beck Video Part 2 - VHS." It is critical you buy and
watch this video because the lecture will include a demonstration on
how to use the equipment and will discuss many of the safety issues.
See the links below.

The Side-Effects

If you follow all of the safety precautions, the only side-effects you will
have will be related to the detoxification. The "build-up" is designed
specifically to minimize the detoxification side-effects. The
descriptions below include a "build-up" for all four of the treatments.

There may be a lot of toxins in your body that need to get out of your
body, and no matter what you do they will need to find a way to get

Perhaps the most distressful symptom is when a puss oozes out of

your body. It can ooze out of your body anywhere. It can happen on
the top of the head or the face, or anywhere else. THIS IS A GOOD
SIGN!! It is a sign the treatment is working!! These toxins and
disabled microbes have to get out of your body, and it is a good thing
when they do get out of your body. Let them come out, don't try to
stop them from leaving your body, they need to leave the body!! It is
better that the disabled microbes exit your body through your skin
than pass through your liver.

There might even be some swelling caused by puss which has not
yet found a way out of the body. In most cases, this too is a good
sign. However, if it is swelling caused by your diet killing cancer cells
(and the immune system attacking the dying cancer cells), then it
may not be a good sign.

However, when any serious side-effects are noticed, the treatment

should be stopped immediately and started over again from the
beginning, using a "smaller and slower buildup" (i.e. the build-up
doses should be smaller and the build-up times should be longer).
The reason for stopping the treatment and starting over has to do
with your key organs, especially your liver and kidney.

Another important issue is the "friendly" bacteria in the digestive tract.

These are important for food digestion. It is quite possible the
colloidal silver and ozonated water will kill them. Be prepared to add
some probiotics, or other digestion products, to your diet to replenish
the "friendly" bacteria.

A Sample Daily Schedule

This would be a typical daily schedule for someone who could start
the treatment at 5:00 PM. Remember that all purified or spring water
should have one or two teaspoons of sea salt put in them to add the
necessary electrolytes, which are needed by the Magnetic Pulser.
The exception is when making colloidal silver, which has its own rules
for what can be added.

5:00 PM - Drink ozonated water (e.g. 1/2 gallon or less), must have
electrolytes (e.g. sea salt),
5:30 PM - Drink more water, must have electrolytes (e.g. sea salt),
6:00 PM - Start Magnetic Pulser (this begins the electromedicine part
of the treatment)
8:00 PM - Finish Magnetic Pulser (some time is lost because of the
Magnetic Pulser being turned off because of heat) and then Start
Blood Purifier
10:00 PM - Finish Blood Purifier (this ends the electromedicine part of
the treatment)
10:15 PM - Drink Colloidal Silver and take all other supplements

It is important to wait until after the two electromedicine treatments

are completed to take supplements and colloidal silver. These are
concentrated items and need as much time as possible to get
absorbed by your body before starting the Bob Beck electromedicine
treatments (which would start at 6:00 PM on the next day). This
provides about a 19.75 hour time period for your body to absorb the
supplements and colloidal silver before starting the electromedicine

While this treatment does take a lot of time, the fact is that you can
continue most of your activities during this schedule.