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A writer, web-developer, programmer, social worker, artist, and thinker.

“Little drops of water make mighty ocean” this line has
inspired me to write. It has been my dream to write
books; in this regard I have taken this first little step
toward the destination, which is a thousand miles away.

When I look at the condition of people of my Sindh, my

entire country, I become worried. People are so corrupt
and selfish, that they feel no pain of poor; they have
forgotten that those people are also part of their society,
who sleep without eating meal. I wonder how we are
living our lives happily leaving poor on the road! There
must be two reasons, whether we are not humans or we
have the hearts of stone, we don’t have the hearts which
beat! So, the reason I write, is to remind the rich people and rulers of their
responsibilities, to aware the poor to get his rights. So, I am sure my little efforts will
make difference and will make a mighty Sindh, and my entire Pakistan, where no
one will sleep without eating meal, where no one will grow without getting education.

My articles, essays and stories serve many purposes. These help students to be
good at English, these help them differentiate between right and wrong, these give
them new ideas and ways etc.

I write on social issues, topics and problems. I try my best to give people the
alternatives to live their lives to the fullest. No matter if they are poor. Through my
writings and lectures, I try to change the minds of people, convince them to do
something, make them realize that there is some kind of art hidden in every person,
only they need to discover it.

I also do social work, and I request all of the people who think like me, to come and
join me, so that my struggle may become mightier and mightier. As little drops of
water make mighty ocean. Come forward and join me and my struggle, so that we
may make a mighty organization, this will work for the poor, for education, for
awareness, and for welfare.

Let’s live for one another!

Rizwan Ahmed Memon
Email: RizwanAhmedMemon@gmail.com Mobile: 03433846385
Articles Essays & Stories Collection1 is a series of burning, mind-opening and
motivating topics. These articles, essays and stories help everyone to gain grip on writing
skill, to solve their problems and live a happy life, and keep them abreast of prevailing
trends and crises etc.

Hope you have enjoyed and learnt a lot. After reading this collectoin1, you’re thinking to
read collection2, aren’t you? Well, if God wanted soon you’ll have collection2 in your
hands, with different topics, new knowledge and with special ideas. Feel free to send me
your suggestions, comments and feedback at RizwanAhmedMemon@gmail.com you can
also send via sms on 03433846385. Your suggestions, comments and feedback will tell me
at what stage I have reached.
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Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow, use
lessons from your past in your present to enrich your future.
Enjoy your life.

Finally, these special lines for a special person.

People say,” you only fall in love once”. But that can’t be true.
Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.

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