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Credit & Debit card Security using Mobile


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Today the number of debit and credit card users has grown at an
enormous rate due to flexible policies by banks and the kind of
versatility and convenience they provide, such cards have really made
our life easier and organized, but at the same time there are lots of
frauds and cheats who with their craftiness cheat the users and the
users have to loose their hard earned money.

As the credit & debit cards are convenient for users to use same way
they are also convenient for robbers to rob, once the card is in wrong
hands nothing can be done immediately to prevent its misuse. Some
times its takes months to discover that you were a victim of card
fraud, only after you receive hefty bills, till then the robber has gone
beyond the reach.

Card frauds are a serious threat to the society and needs to be

answered urgently, there is a need for a solution which can prevent all
this and notify the owner every time his card is used.

To overcome the problems discussed above we intend to build a

solution where in when ever the card is used a confirmation message
is sent to the owner’s cell phone asking him either to allow the
transaction or no, the transaction takes place only after a positive
response is sent, if the owner replies no then the transaction is
canceled, this will stop the card frauds as the owner himself has to
authenticate every transaction.


AIM of Project
Card frauds are a serious threat to the society and needs to be
answered urgently, there is a need for a solution which can prevent all
this and notify the owner every time his card is used.

Build a solution where debit and credit card frauds can be stopped and
hard earned money of innocent people is protected.

User of the System

Since the system is related to banking the users of the system will be
all the bank account holders who use either credit card or Debit Card
and the administrator and banking will be used by the bank staff.
Therefore users are:
1. Credit Card Holders
2. Debit card Holders
3. Bank Staff

Functional Requirements
The functional requirements of the proposed system are:
- It should accept input from Credit/Debit Card.

- It should transmit data to the server.

- It should verify the validity if the card
- It should transmit the transaction information to card holder’s cell
- It should receive authorization from the card holder
- It should complete or decline the transaction based on the user

Nonfunctional Requirements

All the Application is built on the four element architecture shown above. The elements
· A human interface that covers how the Software looks, and how it communicates with

· Cases which contain the image processing information, which may be client and product
specific Information, general information, or any other type of Information.

· Modules which provide the application with additional functionality, from saving and
reading images, to interfacing with your own systems.
· A management interface which allows you to know what the application is doing, what
operation it is running.

Hardware & Software requirements

Hardware requirements:
 1 GB RAM
 2 GB of free hard disk space
 Intel P4 or Higher
 Java enabled cell phone

Software requirements:
 Java development kit 1.5.0(jdk1.5.0) or above
 Apache Tomcat server
 MS SQL Server 2005

• Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
o Java Server pages.
o Java Swing





Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform by: Calvin Austin &
Monica Pawlan.
Java 2 Complete Reference.
CodeNotes for J2EE by: Rob McGovern

Every now and then we come across card frauds and we too are not
safe, it hurts when some one cheats you for your hard earned money,
this project comes as a relief and peace of mind for every smart card