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Fakebook Rubric: Julius Caesar Project

This rubric will be used to assess each of the 5 Acts separately.

Content/Profile: Excellent Proficient Average Limited

10 points 9 points 8 points 6 points
Rich, focused,
Content includes all Rich, focused, Little information No biographical
essential includes most is presented &/or information is
Discusses play elements (refer essential information lacks presented
info to project elements focus
Point of Little or no
View/Purpose Excellent grasp Good portrayal Some portrayal understanding of
of point of view of point of view of point of view point of view or
/Characterizatio or character or character or character character voices
n Remains “true voices and traits voices and traits voices and traits or traits evident.
to character”
Facts are 1-2 facts show 3-4 facts are 5 or more facts
Accuracy accurate and inaccuracies inaccurate and are inaccurate
language is true and language is language is and the language
Discusses facts to the time mostly true to somewhat true is not true to the
period the time period to the time time period
Uses first Uses first Mostly uses first Either does not
Status Updates person, writes person, writes person, writes 5- use first person,
10 or more 7-9 status 6 status updates, has less than 5
10+ updates status updates, updates, 2 1 update has a status updates,
total w/3 from 3 updates have updates have comment from a or has no
“friends” comments from comments from “friend” comments from
“friends” “friends” “friends”
Displays 6 or Displays 4-5 Displays 2-3 Displays less
Understanding more “friends” “friends” that “friends” that than 2 “friends”
that accurately accurately accurately reflect that accurately
of Relationships reflect his/her reflect his/her his/her reflect his/her
6 friends relationships relationships relationships relationships
Text/Historical Uses 4 or more Uses 3 quotes Uses 1-2 quotes Uses no quotes
Reference: quotes or or references or references or references
references from from the from the reading from the reading
4 quotations & 3 the reading or reading or or historical time or historical time
examples of historical time historical time period period
research period period
Profile and Profile and Profile and Profile and
Images/Creativit conversation conversation convers. are convers. is
are are attractive in acceptably distractingly
y exceptionally terms of design, attractive, messy or poorly
Good images & attractive in layout, images, though it may be designed. One
attractive design terms of design, and neatness a bit messy or both are not
layout, images, attractive
and neatness
All All but 1-2 3-4 5 or more
Citations/Refere images/quotes images/quotes images/quotes images/quotes
are properly are properly were not were not
nces cited and cited and properly cited or properly cited or
Status updates images are all images were images were not images were not
show Act & copyright copyright copyright copyright friendly
Scene; resource friendly friendly friendly
There are 0-1 There are 2-3 There are 4-5 There are more
Mechanics: errors in errors in errors in than 5 errors in
punctuation punctuation punctuation &/or punctuation &/or
Work is &/or spelling &/or spelling spelling spelling