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By J. Croft
2011 common copyright, permission granted to reproduce in part or full so long as
attribution is given.

Made in the United States of America, a Republic.

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This is my third attempt at a book.

The first was about 2006-7, when I was over at Rumor Mill News; a new age cast pot
vendor named Valentina Parker (cunt) wanted me to write a book based on my essays. I
countered with an offer to make a series of compilations based on my essays with

additional how-to and other helpful articles, and whatnot. We both liked the ideal and I
started to put together the first Freedom Guide volume with cent signs in my eyes and a
hope to break out into the Patriot bigger league. Selfish? Yeah a bit but if you’ve read
my articles you know I put some effort into my thoughts, therefore I want to get the most
out of my work.

So I compiled-until the issue of how I was to be compensated came up. Ms Parker

wanted to do Paypal and send payments to what would be my account… if I were that
stupid. I explained to her in no uncertain terms that I do cash only and only through a
trusted intermediary-and that was the last I heard from her. (Really I should’ve known
better: I proposed to Rayelan Allen the proprietor [cunt] of that new age claptrap she calls
a website to share metacafe.com money from videos I’d produce to help with the bills for
her bullshit mill. She angrily turned me down-and when someone does that you got to
figure something’s up. It just took me a while longer to see things as they were with her.)
Yeah, that wasn’t going to work out. In fact forget about making money off the
movement. Not just due to privacy issues-and you need to retain as much privacy as you
can-but the fact of the matter is, what is in it to fight for Freedom? Is it to get the job
done? Or is it to make a taxable, traceable buck? Serve God or mammon, that is the
eternal choice.

Choice made, lesson learned.

So a couple years later I got the ideal to write a tome on counter-SWAT operations, and I
actually completed it. About 800 pages filled with everything a Freedom loving
American needed to take on and defeat oath traitors enforcing the enemy’s so-called
laws. Everything from the why(just watch the news)to weapons selection,
marksmanship, how-to manufacture things that got Paladin Press taken to the legal
woodshed, tactics, and most importantly, strategy. Yeah.

It would’ve been sweet; one stop shopping for any American willing to stand up to the
beast, and the Counter-Swat Operations Manual would’ve made them ABLE. I imagine
if it had made it to the net it would’ve really made the enemy shit themselves. Really-I
had everything from bomb making to chemical/biological weapons, individual and team
tactics, how to break out of police cordons-in both city and country….

Yeah, and my dumb ass had to have all that work on one fucking drive-that and I joined
rat stewie’s oath keeper organization(COINTEL operation meant to defuse and diffuse
the Oath Keeper Movement.). I joined and I shelved it, hoping that enough Patriotic
Americans in the Armed Forces and the various local, state, and federal law enforcement
agencies could be raised to coalesce into an effective non-violent resistance. Imagine the
beast’s enforcers not enforcing their legal codes and bureaucratic edicts?

Not to be: after a short time in Oath Keepers I saw what Stewart Rhodes (cunt) was about
as well as his psyop minions. An exchange between myself and oath traitor Rex
McTyrie, and get some aspirin:
Alright Rex, let’s review what I DID say, original statement in italics:
I'll second that.(I was agreeing with you)

Keep in mind, you have to consider the audience.(I’m speaking to Oath Keepers in general) You don't start talking
quantum mechanics to those that can barely comprehend their TV remote beyond the fact it needs batteries every so
often and it breaks-especially if made in China.(That’s called an analogy. I was using this particular analogy to caution
people that someone else probably doesn’t see the world as they do.)
What I mean by that is, 2012 is a open question an esoteric question.(I was bringing this subject up as an example-I
don’t have a personal hard opinion on the subject although I do know we’re headed straight for hell on earth) And
militia talk and threatening lethal force is a big time turnoff to people facing insurgents and MS-13 gangstas with AK's
and IED's(Pay attention here: I was advising people to can the threats. You don’t attract people to your cause with
threats) and Oath Keepers is about attracting active duty military and law enforcement in a stand for the Constitution
and the American People.(Nothing wrong with that statement at all and if there is then the fault lies not with the
statement but with you-does it?) Think about that goal before you type anything.
Yes. Think before you type people. Now let’s review your response, your reply in italics and we’ll analyze what you

Permalink Reply by Rex H. McTyeire 16 minutes ago

I think I have some idea of what Oath Keepers is about.
So do more than a few other people; myself included.
You are missing a few critical stops. Consider: Move your "stand", over to our "stand down"; and the concept is closer
to our mission, and the thoughts after flow quite a bit differently.
That’s a rather wrongheaded opinion given the times. “Stand down” doesn’t inspire like “stand”-and if you’re defying
unconstitutional orders, you are definitely making a stand. It is presumptuous of you to spin a whole arguement on a
term. Then again it’s rather presumptuous to issue a several hundred word arguement to a reply in support of your
orginal statement, but let’s carry on:
We are an organization supporting the US Constitution, further I personally think most of us consider it critical to
survival and recovery from crisis level circumstances.
No disagreement there.
We encourage members from active military units and law enforcement agencies to make the personal decision to
refuse unconstitutional orders, when and if(if?) ever confronted with them in an unconstitutional move against the US
people. If they do not come, then there is no issue,
Huge disagreement: Oath Keepers and Americans in general are confronted with unconstitutional moves against them
on a daily basis. First Amendment Rights are abridged, or denied. Second Amendment Rights are denied-have been
denied-for generations. An argument can be made that asset forfeiture is the descendant violation of Third Amendment
prohibition of stationing troops in private homes, that being a seizure of private property. The lawyers have literally
torn the Fourth Amendment to bits... and if you’ve ever faced the courts you know the rest of the Bill of Rights are but
toilet paper to the shysters who run that racket.
You on the other hand seem to have the ideal that such instances of unconstitutional orders are rare or would be
accompanied by a fell swoop collapse of the Republic; the Republic’s ALREADY COLLAPSED. Those that
perpetrated the theft and destruction of our nation were smart enough to do it in increments using the cover of a
blizzard of unconstitutional law.
and we continue to reach, teach, and inspire; and they continue to deal with your list of bad things about their
working environment.
Trivializing the daily breaches of our Rights and general treason by what is supposed to be OUR government does not
help solving the problems we face.
We intend to teach them what they took an Oath to, improve their understanding of it, what it means, what the loss of it
could mean, and to encourage them to keep their own Oath.
Yes, we need to. Hope we can overcome their lack of comprehension about the crisis we’re in.
I don't see the link to "MS-13 gangstas" and the other bogey men you cite.
Read again my first reply to you, I was using analogy. Dismissing such, even as analogy as “bogey men” doesn’t sway
anyone to your point of view. Certainly not this Oath Keeper.
As an organization, we intend to support them as best we can if they have to take that verbal stand, summarized as
simply: "no". You seem to be taking it somewhere else.
We Oath Keepers, both individually and as a movement, organization, what have you-we do not exist in a political and
social vacuum. We have to and must acknowledge the larger context under which we’ve united in common cause,
namely the destruction of what our Ancestors struggled and died for. Saying “no” in the face of ruthless exercise of
power is noble, but there are times where a simple refusal is counterproductive. Other peaceable measures are
sometimes called for and if that steps outside your particular, antiseptic interpretation of our mission-well, it’s a messy
world we live in. We have to deal with the situation as is, not as we’d like to. That’s reality, so if we talk about say,
educating our fellow countrymen on their responsibility to clean up their local government so the Oath Keepers can
have a much easier job of upholding the Oath or making an occasional demonstration of action in the community
beyond saying no to a general martial law scenario so that the American People KNOW we are on their side... that’s
what Oath Keepers has to do. Because simply stating we won’t cooperate enforcing unconstitutional laws or edicts
won’t cut it; that sentiment threatens to paint us into a corner of irrelevance and inactivity-might as well be the
Libertarian party for all the (in)effectiveness they have.
These times and our People demand more than lip service.

The larger our organization is with good men in key positions known to be prepared to say "no", committed to keep
that Oath and support the constitution..the less likely those orders are to ever come. If they come any way..the less
likely they are to be effective.
And that is our primary mission right now-growth! Not spouting ideals or theories or viewpoints that will turn off our
audience... Oath Takers who see what’s wrong and want solutions... absolutely we must grow our numbers and if a
potential Oath Keeper were to log in and see this wasteful bickering-what would she or he think Rex? If it were me I’d
be thinking “my God they attack their own? Should I be associating with backstabbers?!” Not saying that’s what you
were doing but that’s the potential impression your response to a simple backup of what you were repying to implies.
There is no militia intent or line blurring.
Whoa! Wait a minute here! Don’t insert outside arguments into this. I did NOT mention the milita as what we are-
although that apparently what you’d like me to say. No, I was using that as an analogy in my apparently foolish reply
backing up your argument.
There is no organizational threat of lethal force: implicit or implied.
Again, don’t insert outside arguments in this. I made NO organizational threat of lethal force: implicit or implied. This
is really beginning to read like an attempt to discredit me Rex. I’ll read on... hoping I’m mistaken in this impression:
Errant messages that go there are deleted and the sender talked to. Blog posts that go there are denied initial post,
deleted, or cut when found. Thoughts that go there..like yours..we try to work with.
You’re dying to paint me with the cammie clad militia paintbrush aren’t you?
Not that militia members are the bad guys but that’s the general image painted. They’re for the most part Americans
reacting to the crisis-whether they’re doing it a optimal way is up to debate-I think most of them are stuck in a pre-
OKC bombing world view that’s a tragic illusion, gets them in trouble.
Back to your reply; I find your whole point personally insulting that I would want open warfare in America. If
personal, social and political change-peaceable change-threatens you to the point you disparage and threaten censorship
against whats suposed to be your own side, perhaps Oath Keepers isn’t for you, sir. Take that how you will but I feel
personally insulted.
I'm trying. I assume up front that you are an Oath Keeper, and not a detractor trying to find holes to ferret into useful
seams with word games. If you are in the interested, concerned, but sitting on the fence crowd: I would be happy to
resolve your concerns and questions about the organization and its intent. ( If I had to guess from your input I would
say current LEO, maybe federal level..not Military at the moment, and you don't come across like a troll.) I cannot
promise you (nor can any human running a social linked open message board on this planet) that all comments and
questions by free access board members at all times will be at full battery power.
I am 100% behind Oath Keepers, I view this group as a vital component to any peaceable resolution to the crisis.
Again I must advise, Oath Keepers does NOT exist in a social and political vacuum. If I am not a troll and I’m not
advocating violence, why this slickly worded attack? There-a question for you.
We are training volunteer moderators three deep for 60 plus boards, specifically to guide thinking and comment to the
direction Barbara is talking about, and cut some of the background noise and reduce misinterpretations and
misunderstandings, without denying members conversation and interaction. We are still not going to censor to the
extent some wish. We are not going to declare martial law on the boards. People talking on these boards are just
that..people talking. As I stated above, often extremely concerned people. Many will go all the way from "don't
understand" to "got it" just through interaction on these boards..guided by trained moderators we don't have a full set
of yet. Conversation, interests, fear, paranoia, emotional expression, and conspiracy theories do not change the central
purpose and effort. If the idea was not workable, if the situation did not call for it, there would not be near 30 K people
lined up to support the idea.
180 moderators eh? Wouldn’t simply advising people to consider their audience work-like I advocate? Just how will
these moderators guide-care to make a full disclosure on your training methodology? Will their council include
advisement on our targeted audience-Oath Takers? Three more questions.
No batteries required. No quantum mechanics.
Again you slap me with words I originally intend to support you. You attack someone supporting you and you spend
400 some words dancing around the attack. Ridiculous.
Now what is it I'm supposed to be thinking about..and what are your questions ?
An apolgy would be appropriate. Otherwise I’d be questioning why you joined Oath Keepers in the first place if you’re
going to backstab and attack who are supposed to be your own people. In the military that’s called fragging-and I don’t
appreciate this attempt at getting fucking fragged when I was trying to 1.)lend you support and 2.)offer constructive
suggestions on discussion in a illustrative manner. One would be tempted to question your true motivations-whether
you’re really trying to steer this group, 30 thousand and up of Americans into a brick wall. Yes that’s another question.
I really want to think the best of you Sir. I am hoping this is a misunderstaning but understand: I will NOT let Oath
Keepers or any other movement by Patriotic Americans be sabotaged. Not on my watch.
What say you?
J. Croft

Sabotaged? It was fucked from the start! Yeah: I shelve a book on stopping those tin
badge fucks cold-lose it, and what do I get? Fucking played I was. And, I turn around

and lose the drive with the one and only copy I had!(My fault, I will own up to that and I
will always regret it. Why I’m making amends with this book).

And it was 2009; Obama had just been selected to be President-even though he’s
ineligible due to foreign birth, but if you’re the inbred psychopathic blueblood’s house
slave those rules just don’t apply. What does apply is that I had to face two hard facts
about the very Patriot Movement I devoted five years of my life and sacrificed any hope
of future prosperity to find:

1.)That it’s steered and misdirected by our enemy, in one way or another-through
COINTEL operatives (rat stewie, rayeCUNT Allen, that McTyrie psyop mindfucker), or
through sheer douchebaggery by who is supposed to be one of our loudest voices… Alex
Jones-and wasn’t THAT a bitter pill to swallow! Oh my GOD what was he thinking
-Charlie Sheen and his supposed “interview” with Obama Barry Sotero about
-The infamous Austin Gun Show Rally where with an event already pre-arranged
Mr. Jones and entourage barge in and spend two hours totally disrupting it and
making it into a media event for himself. Watch the YouTube videos where tiny
Catherine Bleish and John Bush repeatedly attempted to engage Alex and try to
get some teamwork… there isn’t an I in team but rearrange the words and you can
find ‘me’.
-Blasting Deborah Medina for keeping 9/11 Truth at arm’s length. Just repeating
the strategy Ron Paul uses but I guess she wasn’t giving Alex enough access or
whatever his deal was-he spent two whole days going demonic on her until she
had NO chance of rallying the awake and aware and win the Texas Governorship
for the Movement.
-Speaking of the Ringer-how come he didn’t take the golden opportunity to call a
spade a spade, and challenge the 2008 New Hampshire Primary vote fraud?
Because he’s a deep cover operative, a plant; Ron Paul’s a freemason. In other
words, controlled opposition to offer an occasional protest, something symbolic to
keep Americans from grabbing their guns or do something else that might actually
be effective. That year, after Ron Paul hustled his many supporters for campaign
funds, you called in to the show offering eyewitness testimony or even proof of
vote fraud Alex Jones would shout you down, accuse you of being a crackpot.
And it’s not just the top that’s rotten; you join We Are Change, there’s a chance the
person who coordinates you is a enemy operative taking down names. You join a militia
that isn’t totally underground; operating out in the open and hasn’t realized that their
heyday ended on April 19, 1995 at about 9AM in Oklahoma City, you’re going to be
talking to a fed operative sooner or later and be on a list. I mean, bravo for taking a
stand but realize that I’m warning you that AT THE TOP the enemy isn’t stupid… the
best way to ensure continued victory is to control your opposition.

And the libertarians! Getting them together is like herding cats but at least cats make
some pretense at showing love-you talk about doing something effective, something that
their head priestess Claire Wolfe hasn’t made canon and they pile on you like a pack of
oath traitor cops. Effective political action like recall elections with full campaign
tickets? Forget it, you don’t have a business plan or you interfere with their fantasies

about ‘gulching’-when the enemy is cracking down on co-ops and those in the militias
like never before!

Even if you join a plain shooting org. like the National Rifle Association, you support a
gun control organization that acts as controlled opposition. Join Appleseed, and you get
in trouble for your shooting range by your local masons-being used as proxy by the feds-
and ‘fred’ will disown you. Hell, try drumming up support for a legal defense fund and
he attacks you. And speaking of legal defense funds, Charles Dyer/aka July4Patriot-I
asked for contributions to his legal defense fund and the oath traitors of rat stewies fake
oath keeper org and Claire Wolfe herself pile on me for it…

The bitch of this is Alex Jones typically does a lot of good with his films, radio show and
website, exposing a lot of truth and energizing people. Organizations are good for getting
like-minded people together to operate much more effectively than they would by
themselves, feeling isolated and perhaps doubting their sanity. That even a out-in-the-
open militia operating as a honey trap to ensnare unsuspecting Patriots willing to take it
to the next level-that the concept is solid and they allow the same pooling of resources
and people noncombatant groups like We Are Change. That you can learn a lot about the
real deal in America from a Libertarian, who would likely start you down the path to
freedom. That signing up to a Appleseed shoot is a great way to not only learn to handle
a rifle out to 500 yards, you are adding to the deterrent that the Unorganized Militia
inherently is to tyranny. And that the ranks of government enforcers and bureaucrats are
not ENTIRELY populated with the spawn of the Antichrist.

And that’s what the enemy counts on to divert and entrap the unwitting.

2.)That even NOT factoring in all the fed operatives, idiots, egomaniacs, and shysters,
that I’m dealing with largely modern day ‘murikans-who just woke up to the monstrosity
we call the “land of the free”. Unmotivated, unthinking, still under a large part of their
conditioning to look for that Man on the White Horse to save the day for them so they
can go back to working way too many hours for maybe 1 dollar out of 20 they generate
for their work… and then have the beast take half of that, bills about 45 cents more-
leaving about 5 cents out of 20 dollars of the labor they generate… I’d be finding a stupid
hobby or blowing it on getting plastered myself. I did in fact.

What I’m saying is, the entire civilization the Illuminati have set up in America, having
planned it from at least since the discovery of the continent, foretold by Francis Bacon in
“The New Atlantis”, has been their show. I say that with the deepest regret. We got
Two Americas-the one in the hearts and imaginations of Mankind, the proffered hope of
Freedom and Prosperity but we as a species got bait and switched with a horrifically
violent, greedy, hypocritical empire-that is actually secretly but a covert component of a
larger structure that conquers through proxy states, hides behind what we hold highest to
steal, murder, and enslave.

…So is it any wonder I publically repudiated Alex Jones for his buffoonery, disowned
that huckster Rayelan Allen and her whackjob mill news, and settled into a nonproductive
funk? I burnt my bridges to save my sanity. I destroyed my place in the Patriot
Movement to shine a light on the sheer fraud of it.

I offer this Second American Revolution Victory Guide as an answer. Take from it what
you will, I did the best I could in the time allotted.

J. Croft
Somewhere in America,


The First American Revolution was a radical break with the past.
Past revolutions or coup d’etats were either power struggles between rulers and
governments, or religions-which amount to still more rulers, more government bodies
ordering people to murder each other. The result-aside from the need to draw new maps-
was the same. Kings, dukes, bishops, knights, priests lording over the People demanding
labor, tithes on Sunday, their bodies as cannon fodder for their constant wars.
And the People suffered. Almost none of the wealth ever came back to the common man
as he lived too short a life and died from a farming accident, or disease, or from a bloody
battle that resulted from one blueblooded inbred getting insulted by some other
blueblooded inbred.
Royal families are all inbred-to keep it in the family and not have any tainted “common
Well, nothing lasts forever; those violent psychotic inbred bluebloods decided to start
looking for new lands to screw up like they did Europe. They came to the Americas-and
conquered the despotic regimes of the Aztecs and Incas, and nearly annihilated them,
setting up the colonies that would eventually become the despotic regimes of Latin
They provided a new market for African slaves, a convenient dumping ground for their
excess population that was straining the resources they bothered to provide the People. So
as millions of Native Americans died out millions of Africans, and Spanish, Germans,
Irish, English, and other European commoners came… to be exploited and expended for
empire-both royal and personal.
Yet, for Empire, there’s nothing more dangerous than a frontier. And America was the
ultimate frontier; a continent with vast stretches of unpopulated territory, virgin forests,
untapped resources beyond calculation. It was too tempting to not exploit, yet expanding
westward was exactly the sociological opening that endangered the inbreds world order.
Because for people who have only known servitude the chance to head west and be their
own master, even with the danger of Native Americans attacking them, that chance at
Freedom was too tempting as well.
With the need to take care of one’s self in the wilderness came the need for firearms.
Rifles. And German blacksmiths came to the frontier, fine tuned their skills and made the
finest rifles of the era. Those rifles didn’t just arm those who chose to head west; they
imbuled a sense of God Given Inalienable Rights. Living independently of any Crown or
Lord with one’s self responsible for their own survival imbuled a self-sufficiency and
ruggedness that made the Frontier Settler as much a alien to being subject as any Native
Tribesman. Regrettably, too many of those people had retained the racist and cultural
supremacist attitudes of Imperial Europe but belief you’re number one and always right is
a universal human affliction.
So, Americans expanded westward and for better or worse engaged the Native Americans
and the half Native/half Spanish Mexicans, and won. And with rifle and plow and pick
axe, under the protection of the Bill of Rights built the greatest Republic, the greatest
Free State in known history.
So what happened?! What drove me to write this and you to read?
I wrote in “The Two Americas” that, yes, there are actually two Americas; the beast, the
imperial machine that culturally, economically and militarily dominates Earth-and the
America the beast and it’s minions have been steadfastly trying to kill… even as they use
OUR America as a disguise, a foil, to commit all the atrocities that have been attributed
to the United States.
The United States government stems from the Constitution that was created in 1787. The
Constitution was NOT the first governing document of the United States-that honor goes
to the Article of Confederation. The first government of America was a Confederacy;
each state having nearly all the attributes of independent nations save for a Congress, a
President, and a Navy. Needless to say that government was very constricted.
Those that came up with our Constitution were known as Federalists; they were the
wealthiest, most educated of early Americans, and being “elite” they did not like the
Articles restricting their power. They sought a government they could more easily exert
influence and control over. To that end they manufactured so much economic and
political havoc among the 13 Colonies that the Continental Congress authorized a
convention to fix the Articles… and in 1787 those Federalists audaciously scrapped the
Articles, and created the Constitution in secret.
Opposition was fierce but slow in response and uncoordinated; they could not defeat the
Federalists but did manage to force in the Bill of Rights to get the Constitution ratified. In
case you forgot, or never learned they are:
*Right of Free Speech, Assembly, Press, and Religion, and to Petition for Redress of
*Right to bear arms.
*Right to not have troops quartered in their homes without consent.
*Right to have their home and personal effects secure from intrusion and seizure. No
warrents issued without probable cause, affirmed under oath and restrictions on time and
*Right to not be forced to incriminate oneself, to not be tried twice for the same crime, to
not be deprived of life or liberty without due process. To not have property seized by the
government without just compensation.
*Right to a jury trial in a speedy and public manner and ability to mount a defense.
*Absolute right of the jury to have verdict stand as final.
*Right to not be cruelly or unusually punished, nor have excessive fines posted.
*Equality of Rights

*All other powers not designated reserved to the States and the People.
It’s these Amendments, these Rights that have impeded the elitist Federalists and their
descendants the bankers, the dynastic political families like the Kennedys, the
Rockefellers, the Foleys. They and their deluded toady bureaucrats, lawyers and police
have mounted a stealth campaign to besiege our Rights. They create problems, cause
reactions and propose solutions that ultimately take away those Rights:
*Free Speech is being restricted in government schools and at political rallies and
protests. Freedom of Religion is violated by the IRS conferring 501(c3) tax free status in
exchange for restrictions of political speech-violations of which are brutally punished.
The Press is either controlled by the beast’s fellow travelers in the corporate media, or in
the case of the Internet there’s plots to destroy it. Petition for Redress of Grievances?
What’s that-who uses THAT?!
*The Right to Keep and Bear Arms DOES NOT EXIST. Except in Vermont, you cannot
openly or carry concealed personal protection. The proper Militias are no more-save for
the tattered remnants of the 90’s Militia Movement, and the beast constantly tries to
demonize those brave souls. Military-level training is largely suppressed save for a few
academies that cost thousands of dollars and the Appleseed Program.
*The quartering of troops in private homes would become a huge factor in wartime-but if
things keep going in this country expect to have some troops kick you out of your own
*Search and seizure laws violate the 4th Amendment on it’s face-it’s dead. Thank the
government manufactured “wars” on drugs and “terror”.
*Seizure laws, again, violate parts of the 5th Amendment. Due Process is increasingly
being violated, and lawyers have conspired to make a true legal defense practically
impossible… unless you’re rich. Trials are stretched out to further ensure bankruptcy of
any defendant, violating in spirit the 6th Amendment.
*Juries have been interfered with by Judges and Prosecutors as to how they’re “allowed”
to vote, by having “troublemakers” eliminated to ensure a guilty verdict.
*Excessive fines, jail time, unusually cruel conditions are universal in America’s legal
system. Ask any pot smoker, street dealer, dissidents, or anyone taking their 2nd
Amendment at face value.
*Certain “minorities” are given breaks and special “rights” that engender racial and social
divisions and conflicts. This keeps everyone’s eyes off of the beast who perpetrates more
conflict as they sieze more Rights as a response.
*The federal government, the beast, exerts power with every grant, every perk, every
loan to the States and the People. Highway funds for deliberately shoddy highways are
denied unless they do everything from unreasonably regulate speed to arresting people
for riding a bicycle with a beer in them. Supply of funds and surplus military equipment
to police forces come with obligations to obey federal mandates. Student loans for
overpriced college education comes with decades of financial serfdom. Federal agencies
of every kind interject and assert unconstitutional authority and power in every facet of
life-government is now 40% of American GDP. Worst of all are agencies like Homeland
Security, ATF, FBI, and the IRS who are destroying our Rights wholesale now that
knowledge of them has disappeared from common knowledge… yet another facet of the

beast’s war on us. So you see, Our America is but a myth-a made in china flag the beast
drapes around it’s criminal actions so that ignorant ‘murkans will go along with the war
on them-not realizing they could be next!
There’s an essay I’m going to reproduce now in its entirety, give you a good ideal on how
thorough their victory over us has been:
Are Americans a Broken People?

Bruce E. Levine

Wed, 16 Dec 2009 20:28 EST

In general, Americans represent a collective battered spouse who hopes that the
batterer will change. Spitting teeth and squinting through two black eyes, they
usually go back for more of the same.

This isn't politics. It's pathology.

- The Devil and Mr. Obama

Can people become so broken that truths of how they are being screwed do not "set
them free" but instead further demoralize them? Has such a demoralization
happened in the United States?

Do some totalitarians actually want us to hear how we have been screwed because
they know that humiliating passivity in the face of obvious oppression will demoralize
us even further?

What forces have created a demoralized, passive, dis-couraged U.S. population?

Can anything be done to turn this around?

Can people become so broken that truths of how they are being screwed do not "set
them free" but instead further demoralize them?

Yes. It is called the "abuse syndrome." How do abusive pimps, spouses, bosses,
corporations, and governments stay in control? They shove lies, emotional and
physical abuses, and injustices in their victims' faces, and when victims are afraid to
exit from these relationships, they get weaker. So the abuser then makes their
victims eat even more lies, abuses, and injustices, resulting in victims even weaker
as they remain in these relationships.

Does knowing the truth of their abuse set people free when they are deep in these
abuse syndromes?

No. For victims of the abuse syndrome, the truth of their passive submission to
humiliating oppression is more than embarrassing; it can feel shameful - and there is
nothing more painful than shame. When one already feels beaten down and
demoralized, the likely response to the pain of shame is not constructive action, but
more attempts to shut down or divert oneself from this pain. It is not likely that the
truth of one's humiliating oppression is going to energize one to constructive actions.

Has such a demoralization happened in the U.S.?

In the United States, 47 million people are without health insurance, and many
millions more are underinsured or a job layoff away from losing their coverage. But
despite the current sellout by their elected officials to the insurance industry, there is
no outpouring of millions of U.S. citizens on the streets of Washington, D.C.,
protesting this betrayal.

Polls show that the majority of Americans oppose U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
as well as the taxpayer bailout of the financial industry, yet only a handful of U.S.
citizens have protested these circumstances.

Remember the 2000 U.S. presidential election? That's the one in which Al Gore
received 500,000 more votes than George W. Bush. That's also the one that the
Florida Supreme Court's order for a recount of the disputed Florida vote was
overruled by the U.S. Supreme Court in a politicized 5-4 decision, of which dissenting
Justice John Paul Stevens remarked: "Although we may never know with complete
certainty the identity of the winner of this year's presidential election, the identity of
the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial
guardian of the rule of law." Yet, even this provoked few demonstrators.

When people become broken, they cannot act on truths of injustice. Furthermore,
when people have become broken, more truths about how they have been victimized
can lead to shame about how they have allowed it. And shame, like fear, is one more
way we become even more psychologically broken.

U.S. citizens do not actively protest obvious injustices for the same reasons that
people cannot leave their abusive spouses: They feel helpless to effect change. The
more we don't act, the weaker we get. And ultimately to deal with the painful
humiliation over inaction in the face of an oppressor, we move to shut-down mode
and use escape strategies such as depression, substance abuse, and other
diversions, which further keep us from acting. This is the vicious cycle of all abuse

Do some totalitarians actually want us to hear how we have been screwed because
they know that humiliating passivity in the face of obvious oppression will demoralize
us even further?


Shortly before the 2000 U.S. presidential election, millions of Americans saw a clip of
George W. Bush joking to a wealthy group of people, "What a crowd tonight: the
haves and the haves-more. Some people call you the elite; I call you my base." Yet,
even with these kind of inflammatory remarks, the tens of millions of U.S. citizens
who had come to despise Bush and his arrogance remained passive in the face of the
2000 non-democratic presidential elections.

Perhaps the "political genius" of the Bush-Cheney regime was in their full realization
that Americans were so broken that the regime could get away with damn near
anything. And the more people did nothing about the boot slamming on their faces,
the weaker people became.

What forces have created a demoralized, passive, dis-couraged U.S. population?

The U.S. government-corporate partnership has used its share of guns and terror to
break Native Americans, labor union organizers, and other dissidents and activists.
But today, most U.S. citizens are broken by financial fears. There is potential legal
debt if we speak out against a powerful authority, and all kinds of other debt if we do
not comply on the job. Young people are broken by college-loan debts and fear of
having no health insurance.

The U.S. population is increasingly broken by the social isolation created by

corporate-governmental policies. A 2006 American Sociological Review study ("Social
Isolation in America: Changes in Core Discussion Networks over Two Decades")
reported that, in 2004, 25 percent of Americans did not have a single confidant. (In
1985, 10 percent of Americans reported not having a single confidant.) Sociologist
Robert Putnam, in his 2000 book, Bowling Alone, describes how social connectedness
is disappearing in virtually every aspect of U.S. life. For example, there has been a
significant decrease in face-to-face contact with neighbors and friends due to
suburbanization, commuting, electronic entertainment, time and money pressures
and other variables created by governmental-corporate policies. And union activities
and other formal or informal ways that people give each other the support necessary
to resist oppression have also decreased.

We are also broken by a corporate-government partnership that has rendered most

of us out of control when it comes to the basic necessities of life, including our food
supply. And we, like many other people in the world, are broken by socializing
institutions that alienate us from our basic humanity. A few examples:

Schools and Universities: Do most schools teach young people to be action-oriented

- or to be passive? Do most schools teach young people that they can affect their
surroundings - or not to bother? Do schools provide examples of democratic
institutions - or examples of authoritarian ones?

A long list of school critics from Henry David Thoreau to John Dewey, John Holt, Paul
Goodman, Jonathan Kozol, Alfie Kohn, Ivan Illich, and John Taylor Gatto have
pointed out that a school is nothing less than a miniature society: what young people
experience in schools is the chief means of creating our future society. Schools are
routinely places where kids - through fear - learn to comply to authorities for whom
they often have no respect, and to regurgitate material they often find meaningless.
These are great ways of breaking someone.

Today, U.S. colleges and universities have increasingly become places where young
people are merely acquiring degree credentials - badges of compliance for corporate
employers - in exchange for learning to accept bureaucratic domination and
enslaving debt.

Mental Health Institutions: Aldous Huxley predicted today's pharmaceutical societyl

"[I]t seems to me perfectly in the cards," he said, "that there will be within the next
generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude."

Today, increasing numbers of people in the U.S. who do not comply with authority
are being diagnosed with mental illnesses and medicated with psychiatric drugs that
make them less pained about their boredom, resentments, and other negative
emotions, thus rendering them more compliant and manageable.

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is an increasingly popular diagnosis for children
and teenagers. The official symptoms of ODD include, "often actively defies or
refuses to comply with adult requests or rules," and "often argues with adults." An
even more common reaction to oppressive authorities than the overt defiance of
ODD is some type of passive defiance - for example, attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD). Studies show that virtually all children diagnosed with ADHD will
pay attention to activities that they actually enjoy or that they have chosen. In other
words, when ADHD-labeled kids are having a good time and in control, the "disease"
goes away.

When human beings feel too terrified and broken to actively protest, they may stage
a "passive-aggressive revolution" by simply getting depressed, staying drunk, and
not doing anything - this is one reason why the Soviet empire crumbled. However,
the diseasing/medicalizing of rebellion and drug "treatments" have weakened the
power of even this passive-aggressive revolution.

Television: In his book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (1978), Jerry
Mander (after reviewing totalitarian critics such as George Orwell, Aldous Huxley,
Jacques Ellul, and Ivan Illich) compiled a list of the "Eight Ideal Conditions for the
Flowering of Autocracy."

Mander claimed that television helps create all eight conditions for breaking a
population. Television, he explained, (1) occupies people so that they don't know
themselves - and what a human being is; (2) separates people from one another;
(3) creates sensory deprivation; (4) occupies the mind and fills the brain with
prearranged experience and thought; (5) encourages drug use to dampen
dissatisfaction (while TV itself produces a drug-like effect, this was compounded in
1997 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration relaxing the rules of prescription-drug
advertising); (6) centralizes knowledge and information; (7) eliminates or
"museumize" other cultures to eliminate comparisons; and (8) redefines happiness
and the meaning of life.

Commericalism of Damn Near Everything: While spirituality, music, and cinema can
be revolutionary forces, the gross commercialization of all of these has deadened
their capacity to energize rebellion. So now, damn near everything - not just
organized religion - has become "opiates of the masses."

The primary societal role of U.S. citizens is no longer that of "citizen" but that of
"consumer." While citizens know that buying and selling within community
strengthens that community and that this strengthens democracy, consumers care
only about the best deal. While citizens understand that dependency on an
impersonal creditor is a kind of slavery, consumers get excited with credit cards that
offer a temporarily low APR.

Consumerism breaks people by devaluing human connectedness, socializing self-

absorption, obliterating self-reliance, alienating people from normal human
emotional reactions, and by selling the idea that purchased products - not
themselves and their community - are their salvation.

Can anything be done to turn this around?

When people get caught up in humiliating abuse syndromes, more truths about their
oppressive humiliations don't set them free. What sets them free is morale.

What gives people morale? Encouragement. Small victories. Models of courageous
behaviors. And anything that helps them break out of the vicious cycle of pain, shut
down, immobilization, shame over immobilization, more pain, and more shut down.

The last people I would turn to for help in remobilizing a demoralized population are
mental health professionals - at least those who have not rebelled against their
professional socialization. Much of the craft of relighting the pilot light requires
talents that mental health professionals simply are not selected for nor are they
trained in. Specifically, the talents required are a fearlessness around image,
spontaneity, and definitely anti-authoritarianism. But these are not the traits that
medical schools or graduate schools select for or encourage.

Mental health professionals' focus on symptoms and feelings often create patients
who take themselves and their moods far too seriously. In contrast, people talented
in the craft of maintaining morale resist this kind of self-absorption. For example, in
the question-and-answer session that followed a Noam Chomsky talk (reported in
Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky, 2002), a somewhat demoralized
man in the audience asked Chomsky if he too ever went through a phase of
hopelessness. Chomsky responded, "Yeah, every evening . . ."

If you want to feel hopeless, there are a lot of things you could feel hopeless about.
If you want to sort of work out objectively what's the chance that the human species
will survive for another century, probably not very high. But I mean, what's the
point? . . . First of all, those predictions don't mean anything - they're more just a
reflection of your mood or your personality than anything else. And if you act on that
assumption, then you're guaranteeing that'll happen. If you act on the assumption
that things can change, well, maybe they will. Okay, the only rational choice, given
those alternatives, is to forget pessimism."

A major component of the craft of maintaining morale is not taking the advertised
reality too seriously. In the early 1960s, when the overwhelming majority in the U.S.
supported military intervention in Vietnam, Chomsky was one of a minority of U.S.
citizens actively opposing it. Looking back at this era, Chomsky reflected, "When I
got involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement, it seemed to me impossible that we
would ever have any effect. . . So looking back, I think my evaluation of the 'hope'
was much too pessimistic: it was based on a complete misunderstanding. I was sort
of believing what I read."

An elitist assumption is that people don't change because they are either ignorant of
their problems or ignorant of solutions. Elitist "helpers" think they have done
something useful by informing overweight people that they are obese and that they
must reduce their caloric intake and increase exercise. An elitist who has never been
broken by his or her circumstances does not know that people who have become
demoralized do not need analyses and pontifications. Rather the immobilized need a
shot of morale.

Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
- Mark Twain

There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is

the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain.
R. D. Laing

Yes, we have been broken. Our America, right now, exists only in our hearts… and our
future actions.
Heart and Action: what is in your heart ultimately become the acts you do and don’t do.
You believe in Freedom, Justice for All, at least the principle of equality under law,
you’ll act on those beliefs, you’ll be responsible in the constant monitoring and correcting
of public servants. You’ll keep and bear arms-and happily teach others in their effective
usage as part of the Militia. You’ll treat each time you’re called for Jury Duty as an
opportunity to use the courts to help free any innocents being persecuted by bad law or
bad government officials. You’ll monitor your local police and government officials
constantly-mounting emergency recall campaigns and even calling up the Militia to
restore good government.
You believe in looking out after Number One and minding which side your bread’s
buttered-and who butters it? Just look at the parasites and scum that consist of the
lawyers, bureaucrats, bankers, and cops.
Lawyers who’ve turned America’s laws into their monopoly, their racket. Bureaucrats
who choke the land and it’s People with millions of more rules and regulations. Bankers
who fleece the People of their money through debt slavery and even go so far as to
illegally use currency unbacked by Constitutionally mandated silver and gold-so they can
debase it at whim. Cops who now set up average citizens for victimless “crimes”-
violations of rules bureaucrats and lawyers make up… and beat, tazer and murder the
innocent when they can.
So you see; your Heart dictates your action or inaction. And in today’s America only
someone with courage and wisdom can hope to have that hard foundation in his Heart
strong enough to bear the actions that are needed-that will be needed.
Our America can only arise and become triumphant IF AND ONLY IF we Patriots can
awaken the True Spirit of America in others. Not just our fellow countrymen, but in all
men that they have God Given, Inalienable Rights.
Ultimately, the heart is our battleground-not just the cities, towns, farms, forests and
mountains, though that will come as well. To succeed, the Second American Revolution
it must be made into a struggle for the heart and soul of every person.
Toward our success, I offer this plan of action.



Rule #1

Never take the government's word at face value-except when they tell you that they'll kill

Government-it's components of career politicians, bureaucratic vermin, and SS ninja

wannabes live, have lied. For a lot longer than you'd think. It's the very job; being part of
an empire wrapped in the cloak of American political traditions of Freedom, that
corrupts. All that power, attracting the most venal along with the most patriotic to defend
America. All that license under ever mutable law written by money whores to lie, steal,
embezzle, blackmail, extort, poison, torture, enslave, murder.

Is it any wonder then that such human scum would get together and work "the system" to
set themselves up as kings, dispensing with the pretty coverings of Constitutional
limitations that trip their crimes like a prom dress? Taking as much as they can, while

Yes: a lot of the blame can be laid on your shoulders, American. You dropped the ball
with going along with not finding the truth about JFK's assassination. Dropped the ball
with MLK, RFK, Malcolm X. Dropped the ball with Vietnam, the air trafficker's strike
that Reagan crushed, Iran-Contra. Dropped the ball with the 92 election-picking that drug
runner and murderer Bill Clinton because he was charming… like a pimp. And boy did
he pimp you out at the expense of Randy Weaver and his family, the 81 casualties at
Waco, the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. You were too busy following Micheal
Jordan and watching Friends.

Then you assholes really dropped it when George W. Bush STOLE the Presidency, with
the media not even allowing a Ross Perot to run. If you would've elected him in 1992 in
fact America could've been saved. BUT, you'd rather take government careerists at their
word and plan your next outing to the mall than save your nation. Save your jobs, your
freedoms, YOUR government.

Now it's gone. The criminals that've systematically taken over YOUR government
they've removed the last vestiges of Constitutional law. Now it's law by the barrels of
their assault rifles in your face-do ANYTHING other than obey in utter fear and you're
dead. Or worse. You listened to their lies for over a century, you and your ancestors-
where has it gotten you? Don't take their word on any "news" they have. Nor take their
advice, their "assistance" their laws at face value because they manipulate everything
they do to screw you.

What you can take their word on is, if you DON'T go along with them screwing you,
they'll kill you for it.

Rule #2


Do NOT tell anyone anything that could get you in trouble. Assume anything can get you
in trouble, because it probably will. Especially with any government official, but anyone
looking to gaining a favor with the state can and will snitch on you. The rat who would
sell you out for his thirty pieces could be:

*A small businessman looking for a in with the state so he can make money a little easier.

*A former friend who's looking to get some revenge.

*Someone desperate for even some food. Times are tough and will get tougher.


Review the remaining rules of surviving MARTIAL LAW with Rule #2 ALWAYS in
mind. Because some rat on two legs you say the wrong thing to WILL snitch to the
"authorities" in exchange for favors or even brownie points… and then you get to find
out how ironclad Rule #1 is.


Rule #3

ANY AUTHORITY FIGURE IS THE ENEMY! Unless you are waging a war of
liberation-gathering intelligence or spreading disinformation or infiltrating-have no
relation with nor voluntary contact with any soldier, police officer, bureaucrat, or anyone
in authority in private life cooperating with MARTIAL LAW. Review Rule #1: they're
all liars, con artists, hustlers, thieves, murderers. Same goes to any fellow travellers in big
business; they and government have been in the same bed for a century.

Stay away from them as much as possible. Tell them lies. Don't do any business with
them. Unless they're sticking a gun in your face don't even acknowledge that they exist.

Shun them, their family and any sycophants that fawn over them for a few favors.

Rule #4


DICTATE! If you're prohibited from having an item that helps you survive, get the item,

If you're prohibited from having extra food, medicine, guns (no brainer) then you will
CACHE your prohibited items in a place where it won't easily be found. Foods, after
properly sealed for storage, and medicines can be placed in hollow spaces in walls,
floorboards, stairs, behind false walls in closets, or even in a hidden underground pantry
dug underneath your foundation or basement.

Firearms are metallic; they can be detected by metal detectors unless you store them deep
underground or in a place they won't think of looking right away… like sealed in wider
metallic tubes, or away from your property. And if you by chance acquire or keep
firearms knowing HOW TO USE THEM(sight alignment, trigger squeeze) and
RELOADING AMMUNITION will be mandatory.

Dry firing a empty gun at a target is one way to practice. Even better is getting a air gun,
paint some targets on a sheet of paper and going at it until you can aim and land every
round in the black as fast as possible.)

Rule #5

While keeping the above rules in mind ALWAYS HELP OUT THOSE WHO ARE
RESISTING! They, unlike you, have decided that there's nothing to lose and therefore
deserve anyone's help who's willing to risk their lives. You think MARTIAL LAW is
going away on it's own? Those bastards in black will have a sudden change of heart and
do something worthwhile for a change and not oppress you? I like to dream too…

The VERY LEAST: have extra food, water for resistance fighters, basic medical
supplies, ammo caches(hint, these should be concealed).

A secret room either built from some closet space or under the home can house a couple
of fighting Patriots. Those who fight will need to keep hidden, yet able to communicate
with fellow fighters. You can be a intermediary.

You have skills, like welding, machine tools, chemistry? You can take that secret room
and make weapons, ammo, other things the resistance needs.

You have inside information? Share it. You have videography experience, tools? Make
how-to videos on resisting the theft of your freedoms. You have medical training? Set up
a underground hospital.

Not all Patriots can or should pick up a rifle and blow a traitor's head off. Riflemen need
ammo, food, a place to rest, medical assistance, repairs for their weapons, intel on their
next target. Most of all they and you need each other because a man alone doesn't stand a
chance. Only by uniting in common cause with all one has to offer can the traitors be
defeated, and Freedom restored to the land.

…If you're not at least giving aid to those helping to liberate you put this article down, go
back to being a victim of government oppression; maybe you can get by being a pathetic
lackey they'll thieve from and occasionally beat or take sex from.

Rule #6

With the utmost care develop a SURVIVAL NETWORK. This is a group of people with
skills and/or resources who can help each other in areas they would be lacking on their
own. It could be anything from extra food, medicine, repair parts, fuel, transportation-

In any given neighborhood you can have machinists(weapon makers), medical personel,
drivers(good knowledge of local roads), gardeners(agriculture knowledgebase).

Petty bureaucrats secretly opposing martial law are prime candidates to spy, steal, or
commit sabotage.

Computer technicians can hack government systems and create surveillance systems and
guidence packages for missiles.

Construction workers can build secret rooms to hide anything from a arms cache to a
secret factory. People in the media can smuggle cameras and work with computer techs
to: bug enemy meetings, produce freedom media that documents sucessful means of
resisting and present government atrocities for the reasons why.

Salesmen can "borrow" merchandise from their stores for use-anything and everything is

Especially useful will be disgruntled cops and military who can provide everything from
intel on raids to weapons to training.

Keep the numbers of your group "small": smaller cells are more difficult to penetrate by
enemy agents and professional snitches. Keeping that in mind, a means of
communication independent from wiretapped phones and audible eavesdropping devices

must be developed amongst you.

Runners can be a athlete or a kid on a bike. They can carry small packages, or notes with
a handy breakable vial of flammable liquid if discovered. With a sealed packet of
potassium chlorate taped to it the gasoline(preferable) will automatically ignite; otherwise
you'll have to actually light that incriminating evidence.

A mail drop can be a home, a hollowed out tree trunk, a hole in the ground, a open fence
pole-anything. Just be sure it's discreetly out of sight of surveillance.

If God's really liking you, one of your group will be a SMART SURVIVALIST. This
will be a exceedingly rare breed, because most in this group were smart enough to begin
preparing for the collapse to begin with. They WEREN'T smart enough to avoid
detection of their awareness and distrust of government. They signed form 4477
registration forms for their firearms, used credit cards and checks for their weapon and
ammunition purchases, registered for weapons permits, or registered themselves with gun
clubs and shooting organizations. These people more than likely got swept up in pre-
dawn raids or got blasted resisting.

No the SMART SURVIVALIST prepared-and kept his mouth shut about those preps. He
or she never signed federal permit forms for purchases or carry license. He or she
presented a "average American" profile or totally disappeared. Get or find one in your
group and you'll have a literal treasury of knowhow and resources to survive… maybe
even start taking back a little?

Rule #7


are and how to avoid them. Know who patrols where, and what routine they follow so as
to avoid contact. Know your snitches and always feed them b.s. if you can't avoid them.

Find ways around checkpoints. Side streets, forest paths, neighbor's yard, railroad tracks,
tunnels; whatever go arounds to getting from point a to point b without a pack of
government troops searching you, checking your ID. I can't and won't go into detail; how
you find your ways is up to you.

Rule #8

AVOID A GOVERNMENT ROUNDUP. It could be from a disaster, a attack, or even

because they've decided to end the pretense and show you what they really think of you
and your "rights". You'll just wind up in a detention camp where your freedom of
movement and resources will be strictly controlled. That means having a place to go
away from your area, a means to get there, and supplies.

Very difficult to do in a martial law situation, with shortages and rationing at gunpoint.
Remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina; how they were set up to be stranded in New
Orleans by the government? How they were constantly baited with false hope of rescue
for a week after the catastrophe? How they eventually were herded by FEMA into

concentration camps?

You disregard Rule #1, you'll find out.

Get a safe house of your own-a friend or a abandoned home, a empty storefront or even a
patch of woods. When the troops start going street to street, house to house have escape
routes by lesser used streets, trails, whatever. You may have to go on foot, so have a light
backpack with a few days worth of nonperishable food, portable water purifier, a first aid
kit, a light sleeping bag-and your weapon. A mountain bike may be a more optimal and
versatile escape mode than your road-dependent car. Better to be on the run, desperate-
and have your freedom-than be imprisoned in a FEMA slave camp.

Rule #9

Find a way you can successfully resist. Probably not with guns or bombs unless you have
the training, but there's plenty of ways you can monkeywrench the basic functioning of
the state during MARTIAL LAW.

If you work for the state you have plenty of opportunities to mess things up, but even
private firms are subcontracted by the government. You know who's just earning a
paycheck, who's backing this war against the people, and who's getting off on "just
following orders". If you can take action, great; concentrate most of your planning on
getting away with the job. Otherwise, get contacts with Patriots and be the most reliable
source of intelligence you can be.

Every bit of drag on the government beast helps-perhaps in botching that paperwork,
breaking that surveillance camera in disguise, or misdirecting that bureaucrat or soldier
cop that act might be the beginning of a butterfly effect of bringing down the state of
MARTIAL LAW and restoring Freedom to our nation. Always keep that in mind. You
must find your own way, but find it you must if you want what was stolen from you back.

Surviving is good, but without the hope of eventual Victory, survival is but a form of
living death. The kind of death prisoners serving life know, or the billions of human
beings that are born, live, and die in the 160 or so dictatorships of varying levels of sqalor
and oppression.
No, mere survival is not enough; the promise of a new dawn for mankind must be
MADE, not dreamed of. That is why I’m writing this follow-on to Martial Law Survival
Guide. Mainly for Americans but I’m certain the lessons can be used by just about
anyone from any society on Earth. Let’s proceed.
What is your destination. What kind of society do you want to live in?
I’ll go ahead and tell you the kind of society we all should live in:
1)Society must serve the Individual; not only in her or his basic needs-protection from
enemies foreign and domestic, the guarantee of Rights, dispensation of Justice but in each

of us encouraging one another to be better, to as Individuals contributing what God has
given each of us. Current models of society wind up having the People serve the state-
either embodied by a god-king or a collective of bureaucrats, agents, professional
politicians and financiers.
This model has caused nothing but endless war and misery for Man. For each and every
person living on Earth the only way to stop the murders, thefts, and subjugation is to
overcome the state and make the Individual fulfillment the measure of governance.
2)That being said, such Individuals, such Free People need a moral guide that
unmistakably comes from God. Because only through a moral baseline lovingly instilled
from birth can the baser impulses of human beings truly be suppressed-not with more
guns, more laws and more prisons.
3)This Society of Sovereign, Free People must have their Rights defended by a basic law,
enforceable by that Individual against the very government that would violate those
The Right to Bear Arms must be guaranteed. So must Private Property without taxation,
the Right to Vote after proving competency, Freedom of Speech, Belief, and Protest. The
greater demands of Justice require that Jury Trial by one’s own peers-once proven to be
competent citizens-be the rule in all cases and that Jury Nullification be enshrined as an
absolute Right.
4)Such a society of Sovereign, Free People require that each Individual be competent in
the handling of such power. One cannot be a full citizen with the Right to Vote and serve
Jury Duty without being fully educated and proven to wield such knowledge with
competence. Of course, racism is about as viable in such a society as belief in flat earth.
5)With these Rights, it must be impressed upon this society of Sovereign, Free People
that it’s constant, eternal defense is everyone’s Responsibility. It’s laws must be
everyone’s Responsibility. It’s enforcement must be everyone’s Responsibility, as are the
conduct of those entrusted with public service as is amendment, removal and punishment
for the slightest breach of Public Trust-for such is TREASON!
And there is only one suitable punishment for Treason-death.
That is a rough sketch of the society I strive for with my writings, which every day bring
risk of who I am being discovered by the beast. The beast of course, is a tyrant and so for
the sake of future generations must be utterly destroyed. That is my goal, and it should be

J. Croft

This is the typical blueprint of a organization:



Your rank and file member is likely your typical modern American whose awake but
lacks due to a lifetime in the enemy’s control grid(collective state schools, corporate mass
culture, government)lacks the tools inside to do much more than voice support, give
money and attend a rally once in awhile.
Your more motivated members will rise to the top. Hopefully not by favoritism, but by
energy, effort, talent; they become the Managers, the Coordinators, Lieutenants,
henchmen-whatever. They control the day by day function of the organization. Which
makes sense because the leadership can’t do it all-they can set course or run the
organization but cannot do both. Should not do both.
Now, the Leader… your leader is going to be someone with a vision, a plan, and ways of
getting others to see their vision and join them. They set the course for the organization.
They lay out for their Lieutenants, their assistants what the goals are, how to get there-if
they’re smart they’re constantly talent searching for those motivated, able to make a
greater contribution and raising them up.
(This is anathema to any true American-that only a few have the vision and the energy
and the rest just kick membership fees and maybe a protest here and there. Yet this is
about the best your typical modern American can apparently generate…)
So, let’s look at that org. again:

The course the organization takes is with this model the responsibility of the leaders, the
general membership provides through their amalgamated efforts the resources which the
middle management sorts out. Hopefully effectively, and ethically…
…Do you see the problem?
Organizations are easily penetrated-or founded to deceive those that join. Organizations
founded by well meaning Americans, that show any, any headway are targeted for
penetration. The enemy has unlimited resources and practically infinite experience at
penetrating and subverting hierarchies and the organization you’re proudly a member of
is most likely compromised.
Penetration agents will gravitate toward the levers of power. Secretarial positions where
they can limit access to leaders and gleam incoming and outgoing information. Offices
such as treasurer offer a great opportunity to compile lists of paying dues members and
contributors, gleam tax information, and from there put them under surveillance. Also,
such offices present the opportunity to sabotage the organization with misdirected efforts,

making certain efforts that are effective fail by deliberately bad leadership or seeding
with other penetration agents.
Worse than the good organization penetrated is one founded by what can best be
described as a deep cover operative: someone posing as a patriot who gets a following,
leads them down a primrose path and either gets them onto effectively a gerbil wheel
going nowhere or leading them into a surprise brick wall of failure-capsizing both the
movement and the morale of those who were fooled into joining. They can also be
honeytraps, gaining intel on those willing to join, what they do, have etc.-the best way to
keep track of your enemy. And the beast has made it plain over the years to those that
have paid attention that we are their enemy.

So… let’s take a look at that org. again:


The original goals-that got the membership in the first place-are on the left(OF THE
PAPER). Now whether it is the lieutenants or the leadership itself that’s traitorous is
irrelevant it will be the lieutenants that will enact cleverly worded, structured ideals and
policies that will carefully substitute the new, replaced, cleverly reworded, ineffective
goals for the original goals. Like below:

original goals-forgotten...



The Leadership and loyal Lieutenants basically bullshit the unthinking, passive general
membership(YOU)that these “amended”… “fleshed out”… “realistic” goals are what
they wanted in the first place. The goals are typically not shifted over at once unless
something catastrophic happens. Typically they’re gradually shifted-“evolved” with some
imagined changed circumstance.
Those that see the con for what it is-and it is a bait and switch-are given derogatory labels
like paranoid, conspiracy kook, tin foil heat wearer. If name calling doesn’t work the
organization is tightened up and they’re shut out.
What to watch out for:

People steering conversations. Good ideals are subjected to personal attacks on the
originator, thus attacking the ideal they couldn’t find an attack to use. Principles are
twisted into corners of inaction. Anyone with the first blemish on them are ruthlessly
targeted. If such types worm their way into becoming moderators, and will outright ban
anyone who approaches anything near effectiveness. Worse is when open debate is shut
down, or otherwise atomized to the point where communication is deemed not worth the
effort for most people. Most people as stated rely on their organization to act for them,
and not seeing an alternative or having invested too much time/effort they go along.
Which is what the penetration agents and their masters bank on. This is happening with
Oath Keepers, Appleseed, and the Tea Party.
Principles, guidelines, goals that lead to nowhere. Any org. whose principles can be
interpreted as a call to inaction or action only under extraordinary circumstances is an
organization that will only sink you back into a state of inactivity. You’re demoralized
and leave. Enemy’s goal achieved. This can be anything from calls to look out only for
yourself, to staying disengaged, to meaningless ceremony, to goals impossible to achieve
with either the current knowledge/understanding of the membership or means. Oath
Keeper’s “leadership” goals to “reach, teach and inspire”-but no more-means that the
current police state will continue along while the rank and file are put in a procedural and
doctrinal sleeper hold that will eventually turn OK into just another symbolic feel good
club that’s good at protesting-and not much else.
Leaders who sabotage their own movement. Someone gets a movement going and they
themselves crash it into a brick wall of failure, lost opportunities and challenges not met,
obstacles not even touched. The movement curdles, people get dispirited, their goals and
aspirations are lowered and a threat is blunted. People go back to a reduced or
nonexistent level of engagement. Happened with the Ron Paul campaign in 08 the
moment he announced he wasn’t going to challenge the vote fraud in New Hampshire
Primary. His campaign staff made life hell for all the local and state initiatives by Ron
Paul Revolutionaries, going so far as to have them arrested. Yet I ask the question if he
was a ringer and they totally spaz on me, still devoted to the quitter. Which he was-I still
don’t know if he was intimidated, really was a deep cover operative or just decided that a
lame ass symbolic campaign was good enough for his supporters… who left their jobs
and gave up their precious time and money for him.
Leadership will NOT support contributing members when the enemy targets them. I can
offer a personal account: a shooting instructor and patriot with a national movement to
promote effective rifle marksmanship was targeted by the feds via a local government
using the most absurd technicalities to shut down, sieze the property he inherited so as to
stop his training Americans. Upon hearing of his troubles I went to the organization he
belonged to, cut and paste an appeal to help… the “leader” a crusty old government
jackboot licker by the name “fred” sent this reply:
You have just been sent a personal message by Fred on
Project - National Headquarters - Volunteers Welcome.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do

not reply
to this email.

The message they sent you was:

J, your recent post seeking help for STRAT out in the NW

has been
removed as "not on mission".

It was not me who removed it, nor my idea, even tho I agree
not part of our mission.

You say, "It’s time to stand and tell the tyrants; 'Hell

And here's where you may have a difference with me in our

understanding of the Appleseed program.

We are into educating our fellow Americans. We are the

of the history and tradition.

We are not the troops. Nor are we the fighters.

We teach. That's all we do. That's all we are supposed to

do, in

I understand, even sympathize with, the feelings stated in

your post.

Theoretically, it's possible every last person on our site

read that post, and donate every dollar they have to
supporting the
fight you want them to fight.

Of course, it's not gonna happen, human nature being human

nature - but if it did, where would Appleseed be?

We've faced this issue from the very first. Siren calls to
involved in this fight, or that one. Preventing or
promoting this or
that piece of legislation.

If we succumbed to those calls, thousands, and ultimately,

millions of Americans would never learn their history and

heritage -
because we'd all be out fighting these temporary fights.

You've heard the expression: Appleseed is not about

elections -
because elections (substitute "legislation" or "zoning
issues in WA"
or whatever you like) are like weather - good today, bad
good the day after, etc.

Appleseed doesn't care about weather, because the Appleseed

Mission is to change the climate.

If you understand the difference, you understand this PM -

you understand why this is not a fight Appleseed should be

I understand you've posted other places, mentioning


I would ask you to go back and edit those posts to take out
reference to "Appleseed".

If you have any questions, any contrary opinions you want to

express, fine - simply PM me back.

It's hard for a lot of people to understand the Appleseed

Mission. It's hard for a lot of people who are in this
because they are people of action to know when to exercise

We're about something far more important than saving a

or defeating a piece of legislation. We're about saving a

That's the ball we must constantly keep our eyes on.

If we don't, it's possible for enemies of this program to

defeat the program by simply creating 'fights' all over the
that will suck in Appleseed volunteers and resources to the

Appleseed itself is left high and dry.

And our fellow Americans are no longer exposed to

to hear from and about the founders - or the story of April

If you disagree, it's a free country, and no hard feelings.

You may disagree to the point you want to leave Appleseed

to put
all your energy into helping STRAT. That's fine too - and
you don't
need anyone's permission - certainly not mine - to do it.

And, I hope, regardless of how you decide, there'll be no

hard feelings.

There are many ways to serve...

Slick… many ways to serve yourselves by throwing your own instructors under the bus
when the government you suck up to targets Patriots because they want their serfs to stay
helpless. No I will not be deleting jack, and I only wish I’d responded to your Benedict
Arnold ass earlier-“fred”…

Oath Keepers did the same thing with July4Patriot/aka Sgt. Dyer when he was arrested
on false charges of child rape brought up by his ex-wife. Threw him under the bus in a
desperate, crude and ultimately futile attempt to appear not associated with the REAL
originator, the REAL founder of Oath Keepers-which isn’t Ron Paul protege Stewart

Found discussion on July4Patriot in the Oath Keeper garbage pile…

Oath Keeper arrested!
• Posted by Thomas Matos on January 18, 2010 at 12:34pm in Closed Message Archive
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Oath Keeper "July4Patriot" out of California has been arrested on rape and weapons
violations. Follow this link to learn more.


Replies to This Discussion

Permalink Reply by Earline Clark on January 18, 2010 at 1:23pm
This is not good if he is indeed an Oathkeeper.

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Permalink Reply by Ray Harris on January 18, 2010 at 2:09pm
Here's the original documentary that made July4Patriot, as well as Oathkeepers, so well

PLEASE watch it before you draw any conclusions....


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Permalink Reply by Earline Clark on January 18, 2010 at 5:11pm
I didn't see him say or do anything wrong or threatening. He just spoke the truth. But the
rape and weapons charge?

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Permalink Reply by Earline Clark on January 18, 2010 at 7:00pm
Jeff I have to agree with you on that. Rape is not accecpatable no matter who does it.

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Permalink Reply by Earline Clark on January 18, 2010 at 7:04pm
Ray, as far as I am concerned the young man said nothing wrong. But the charges that are
supposedly filed against him is what is not good if he is an oathkeeper.

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Well the membership apparently wanted to support Sgt. Dyer but what did Stewart
Rhodes have to say?
Permalink Reply by Stewart Rhodes on January 18, 2010 at 7:49pm
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Just to be sure you know the facts, Charles Dyer never became an actual member of Oath
Keepers. I met him when he attended our April 19, 2009 gathering at Lexington, and
back then I considered him for a position as our liaison to the Marine Corps, but I decided
against that when he made it clear he intended to train and help organize private militias
across the country when he got out of the Marines. I considered such plans to be
incompatible with the Oath Keepers mission and goals, and certainly incompatible with
any leadership position within this org. He understood and agreed with my decision to
not have him become officially involved with Oath Keepers. All of that was long before
we even offered official memberships. So, he was never a member, and never in any
leadership position.

Unfortunately, there are videos of him all over youtube with an Oath Keepers patch and
tab on his fatigues (just as anyone can purchase and wear our patch and tab), but we will
just have to deal with that as his case progresses. However, if anyone asks you, now you
know the facts so you can make it clear he is not and never was an official member.

I certainly hope he is not actually guilty of the sexual offense he is being accused of. I
would like to think he was not capable of such (in our brief time visiting, he struck me as
a young man of principle and honor). We will have to wait and see what happens.

Stewart Rhodes

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Permalink Reply by Earline Clark on January 18, 2010 at 8:07pm
Stewart thank you for the heads up. He does sound like a young man that has his head on
right, but the sex charges stuck in my throat. I sincerely hope he is not guilty.

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Permalink Reply by Steven B. Hart on January 18, 2010 at 10:04pm
While in the Marine Corps, we were reminded that we were held to a higher standard that

the public. John Q. Public, when are arrested for a crime is discribed by the media as
"John Q. Public committed that crime". As Marines, we were told that if any of us were
arrested for a crime, the media would say "A Camp Pendleton Marine was arrested
for .........".

Now granted, we have to assume innocence until proven guilty. But there is a lesson here
for all of us in maintaining intergrity of the organization. With numbers rising quickly
approaching 14, 200 members, it is inevitable that at some point, situations like this will

I would also like to point out that there are 435 congressmen/women. Far fewer than the
number of our members, so if the media would like to compare criminal statistics....we
should happily oblige them.

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Permalink Reply by John R McClure on January 19, 2010 at 5:15am
Damn it son... you just made me spit out my coffee.

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Permalink Reply by John R McClure on January 19, 2010 at 5:20am
Let us all remember that no matter how this is played in the media; no American is guilty
until pronounced so by a jury of their peers in a court of law. For now, these are
allegations... all the charges are allegations.

If he is guilty, and the prosecutor isn't an idiot... he'll be found so after trial. If he is
innocent, a lot of damage can be done to a person and the rest of their life because people
ran with the lie and convicted him in the court of public opinion.

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Permalink Reply by Jim Harding 1 day ago
You almost have to wonder what has truly transpired here. I don't want to proclaim
Dyer's innocence or guilt. I do want to point out how quickly the attention of the rape
charges were redirected to illegal weapons/explosives activities. What would a bomb-
sniffing dog have to do with a child abuse case? Nothing. This has all the stink of a setup
to me, perpetrated by a government running scared of a vocal, increasingly high-profile
dissenter. If you see me getting arrested after posting this, it will prove my point. ;) I will
pray that he's justly tried and found innocent, fully acquitted, a public statement of
apology issued by the authorities and that ALL charges will be dropped without lasting
negative impact on his personal testimony or to the groups he endorsed.

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Permalink Reply by Damon 34 minutes ago
Its all bullshit. He is being setup to no end. They are trying to make a poster child out of
him and instead making him a martyr. II pray Oathkeepers will stay next to this great
American until there is a verdict.

Stewart Rhodes made the decision to deny Sgt. Dyer three times before the sun rose-but
he got caught red handed….


This is it-Gossip Boy, now Hate Trackers. Quick to boast aren’t they?
They boast about Stewart Rhodes doing damage control, apparently throwing Sgt. Dyer
under the bus:

So, the ARM-penetrated after all. Gives a nasty confirmation about an earlier warning by
its founder.



By: B.A. Brooks
When I first got active in the patriot movement, one of my goals was to unite all militia
units within The United States under some kind of allegiance with a main purpose of
communication and unity. What I learned was that most militias operating in America are
using the patriot movement to further their own personal agendas which range from many
extreme and radical theologies. Some are pure racists while others are religious radicals,
and then you have the radical religious racists. There are only a handful of actual militias
operating today and I have found the rest to be just a bunch of guys with guns who wear
camo. I would also be inclined to say that 99% of American militias have been infiltrated
by FBI agents and or informants, if not actually being started and run by the FBI.

I have also learned that many individuals within the patriot movement are really
informants/narcs and this is why I have now isolated myself from most people and
organizations. It is not that hard to point out these individuals if you just sit back and
watch what people are doing. Who is always starting trouble within the movement? Who
is always pointing fingers and blame at others within the movement when in reality they
should be focusing on the true political problems we are all facing? Who is always trying

to create infighting within the movement? Who among you is trying to insight violence?
When you start looking and listening, you will see clearly who these people are. I have
found out in life that the person that is constantly telling you they are your best friend and
will always have your back, is the first person to put a knife in your back. I do not talk
about others in the movement but will tell you that a few of these individuals are highly
revered by many and when they are exposed, most will be totally caught off guard and
shocked. Many of you reading this article right now have unknowingly befriended
FBI/CIA/ATF Agents, undercover law enforcement, informants and narcs. This is the
main reason why I have disassociated my self with The American Resistance Movement,
while also isolating myself from most others within the so called patriot or truth

Many of these people are the real deal


but with that said, most have been seriously infiltrated or are actual federal agents.
Learning the truth about all of these things has been very hard for me to accept because I
have been such a huge supporter of A.R.M. and other organizations over the past several
years that I must now walk away from. It was a good idea but it is over now and I urge
you all to move in new directions. You can only really trust yourself, close friends and
family in these Orwellian times.
I have always said that knowledge is power and that you should share your power. What
do you think I meant when I said this? I meant to learn about the truth and share what you
learn. Not to share your personal information with others which they can use against you
in the future. When it comes to your past and personal background, it is always best to
keep these things private, especially if you have had any kind of felony arrest in your
past. When you share knowledge about your personal background, you are giving away
your power and making yourself vulnerable and a possible target of law enforcement.
Keep your private information private. Never reveal too much about yourself or your
family and friends. Loose lips sink ships! Remember that you never really know who you
are talking to on the internet. Even if you have progressed into phone conversations and
even meet-ups, you still never know what is motivating another. Some informants do it
for the added excitement that it gives to their lives, while others do it because they have
been caught up in a felony arrest and have chosen to turn in others in order to save their
own skin.

I have removed the forums and chat rooms from within my website because I will not
stand by while some people with a low mentality end up representing everyone. Some
call these people shills or trolls, and all you have to do is read the comments at most
patriot sites to get a good idea of this mean, childish and hateful speech. Myself, Alex
Jones and a few others within the movement have been the focus of much talk over the
past several months on message boards and comment forums, in an effort to discredit our
work. Mostly verbal attacks using fabricated lies and cointelpro tactics in a clear attempt

to confuse issues and destroy reputations. My own mission is the same as it always has
been, and that is to expose the truth within a world of lies. To stop the new world order
and their agendas dead in their tracks and I will continue to report what I find, continue to
write articles while working on my newest full length movie. I have added a few links
under this article that will demonstrate a little of what I speak of today. Watch your backs

Americans are being set up


Attorney: FBI Trained NJ Blogger To Incite Others


Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI


Turning the US army against Americans


Pentagon Caught Subverting Protest Group


EXCLUSIVE: Defense analyst in spy case was FBI double agent


Hate Trackers gloating about Oath Keepers apparently throwing Sgt. Dyer under the bus
in an attempt at damage control:

The red italics quote:

Note: As militia members are a half an IQ point from being called Corky, we need to
explain that this paragraph in no way says we worked undercover for the ATF as
informants to set up Dyer. Until Saturday after this story was written we'd never
discussed Dyer with any law enforcement agency. At times we have been asked for
information about a certain group, person, or crime and cooperated and that's because you
mother fuckers are some paranoid ass freaks that are far more dangerous in your unstable
states than your meth-enhanced New World Order delusion is.]

These boys have been targeting him for awhile:


Organizations can be useful, even those set up or penetrated by the enemy. It is simply a
matter of circumventing either the agents or the leadership while utilizing what resources
that org. can provide. Basically you keep your counterorganization hidden in the
grassroots until it reaches a critical mass that can shift the entire organization back to its
original course.

First countermeasure is to gather e-mails of like-minded sincere people. You do this

using the networking opportunity the organization provides either through mailing list,
forum, or meetings. You find people who share your doubts-in private you share them but
tell them to go along with a script at the forum or the meetup. What you say public is a
script; you convince the guy his fears are misplaced and he/she goes along with it. The
two of you can stay on, mouth the platitudes publically, pull the doubters aside, do
likewise and adjust the script so it doesn’t look like a script, grow your numbers. With
numbers you will eventually be able to penetrate into positions of power in the org by
convincing those who’ve coopted it in the first place that YOUR agents are with them.

As stated your group penetrates through the grass roots of the organization, stays grass
rooted and begins penetrating upwards to gain access to the organization’s resources
YOUR MONEY bought.

Rebranding-your penetrated organization will start shifting stances, activities away from
what you originally intended. So what you do is to make policy statements, stands, give
support and use the organization as a logo, a stamp so that public perception will force
the leadership to either give in and go along with your stands or make their treason to the
membership plain.

Say you joined Appleseed because a rifle instructor got you excited and active about
developing your marksmanship skills for the country. Say that instructor was targeted by
the local boss hoggs at the behest of the feds to shut down shooting ranges and in
particular teaching “civilians” about rifle marksmanship. …The “leadership” the head
office shuts down all debate, all support for the instructor-basically throwing him under
the bus.

What you do is you and your e-mail chain you make statements of support using the
Appleseed logo, whatever of that organization you can. You have fundraisers in their
name. You make chip-ins, protest, make videos stating that Appleseeders stick by their
own and that anyone who would abandon their own is NOT part of the organization.

Now the head office has a choice-go along and help the instructor out or maintain their
backstabbing posturing and discredit themselves, or the organization.
Or say your friend who got Oath Keepers going he gets in a serious jam with the feds

themselves-getting bogus child rape charges slapped on him. Your leadership decides that
moment that they will screen all debate and posts on the national forum and basically
throw your friend under the bus. This atop other statements of vague noncommittance to
enacting the principles they expouse to keep the organization in basically an inactive state
as far as taking back our Freedom.

So you make statements as Oath Keepers that you are behind your friend the person who
got the ball rolling on the movement in the first place. Form your e-mail chains and using
the appearance the trappings of Oath Keepers go out and protest, raise money and support
your friend. Furthermore whenever someone like Wiley Willis of the Shreveport LA
police department gets reinstated with back pay for the year and a half he was “fired” for
violently assaulting a woman half his weight and editing the assault out of the tape, you
make contacts within that department to get him back off the force-where the fucker
belongs. And if that don’t work you do what you got to so that the good citizens of
Shreve port aren’t “protected and served” by such criminals. More than one way to
Reach, Teach and Inspire…

Another countermeasure that is not as appealing but might be more effective-or have to
rely on if the original organization’s on to your efforts-is to clone the organization and its
purpose/methods into a new noncompromised group using tighter security measures in
the critical leadership positions. Know that your new org. is going to be targeted by the
enemy you have a public face and office that is a shell, leads nowhere and cannot sink
you if its broken into, raided after drugs are planted etc.

Basically this should be done when your efforts to co-op your organization are thwarted
with blanket bans and lockouts by the traitors. You make record of who they are, what
they’ve done and that 1.)you will not stand by and have the cause you sacrificed for be
damaged and 2.)There’s an organization you now have that WILL step up.

One serious issue that comes up is the celebrity who turns traitor. He/she build a brand
name around themselves and their company/organization and basically build a cult about
them. This could certainly be an elected official but it could be any of a number of people
patriot-posing. Linda Thompson the Adjutant General of the Unorganized Militia…
laughingly comes to mind as does Bo Gritz but I use them as illustrations of what to look
for. Basically you have to get the goods on them-solid evidence along with a clear view
of their track record that they are NOT part of the solution and that they either step back,
shape up or get what’s coming to them…


J. Croft

Sacrifice. The ugliest word in today’s ‘murika’-because it means giving up something, to
the point where it’s presently painful. A lot of times not even for your own benefit.
Which is understandable given how we’re literally programmed by mass marketed
consumer culture that we deserve everything we want now-after we’re told what we’re
supposed to want.

Funny thing though, whatever choices you make, you’re already making sacrifices. You
choose to stop reading this uncomfortable article, you’re sacrificing the opportunity to
learn how much you’ve been enslaved. Yes, this is a calculated gambit to spur you to
read on; because the fantasy land known as modern America is being foreclosed and
being shipped overseas by those that have engineered our nation’s destruction. Worse,
that destruction, can be faulted not just at the feet of the banksters-those inbred
blueblooded psychopaths that run the world in secret-not just at their puppet corporations,
their puppet presidents, congressmen, nor just all the millions of wannabe elite
millionaire dickholes who sign on to get a piece of that putrid pie or the millions of
bureaucrats, rat fuck lawyers and tin badge buttholes…

Our destruction can also be laid at your feet-for the decisions you’ve made, the sacrifices
you make.

You’ve already sacrificed watching over your local government-the primary vehicle of
the beast’s tyranny against us all as most politics is local. What did you sacrifice control
over the enemy’s weak point for?(1) Probably watching ball games, dancing with the has-
been stars, or an evening logging on to porn or whatever gets you off. Now you can
sacrifice your Rights as irksome bureaucrats and tin badge gods put you in what they
regard as your place… paying excessive taxes, fines, having your Rights taken away as
they just wait for you to make an objection so they can really make your life hell. Which
is their entertainment.

You’ve sacrificed your financial independence for that bigger McMansion-which is either
being foreclosed on or already foreclosed on because you opted to work for a corporation
that shipped your job overseas than learn to be an entrepenuer. You can kiss that SUV
goodbye as it’s repossessed too-so now you can only take what you can stuff in a bag so
you can also kiss your debt financed possessions goodbye as well.(2)

And what have you sacrificed for being “politically correct”? Let’s go through a brief list:

*Sacrificed Free Speech for being overly sensitive to minorities acceptable to elitists.
Meanwhile, poor whites get hit with the minstrel-like white trash redneck image all the
time. Now we got more latent racism than any time in a hundred years, the tinder for a
engineered race war… thank the social engineers for deliberately doing this.

*Sacrificed your Right to Bear Arms in defense of self, family, neighborhood and nation
for… I can’t think of what you got for giving that up-your enemies just took that away
from you! Blame TV for being made in freedom-hating Chicago, LA and New York City,
blame your teachers and the lawyer class you let rule over you-being educated by
freedom hating marxist professors. Hope you like genocide because after the Marines go

door to door to take the guns they’ll be marching you off to make soap and lampshades
out of you.(3)

*Sacrificed our heritage of Freedom, and striving for a more perfect form of Freedom in
the face of age old prejudices and avarice of those who would continue the sins of their
ancestors. Throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, the p.c. taliban dump on
America’s legacy of Freedom along with this nation’s many sins. I would refer them to
my essay “The Two Americas” at http://freedomguide.blogspot.com but common sense
and the knowledge of right and wrong left them a long time ago.

You sacrifice something. There’s no avoiding choice. There is also no avoiding that
current conditions can change-and they are changing very rapidly as I write this in
December, 2008. In case you haven’t been keeping score:

1. We’ve been through a collapse of the stock market brought about by debt leveraged to
levels beyond insanity that have proven to be no good…. because the same financial
system that created derivatives like Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice in
Fantasia have rigged their global economy to ship all the jobs out. No jobs=no money for
shopping sprees, no servicing all that debt they’ve checkmated Americans into taking on.

2. The federal reserve, in an attempt to stabilize things and head off further collapse… or
more like stage one more ripoff are lining up trillions of dollars-half this nation’s GDP-to
bail out the banks. …Or more like pay for all the bad investments they foisted on
Americans and get them off scot free. Whose supposed to pay? Us. So taxes are going to
go up, but that isn’t the worst of it; the specter of hyperinflation in a collapsing economy
will overwhelm us early next year.

3. Already, the above is having an impact on the Christmas shopping season, the time of
year retailers and the real estate owners the retailers lease from. When the full magnitude
of the economic collapse, the job losses, the hiked credit card interest rates hits home a
lot of retailers are going to close. When that happens kiss commercial real estate

4. The collapse of credit is going to have yet another after effect-farmers can’t get the
fuel and fertilizer to plant next year’s crops. This year’s disastrous weather has also
endangered both food and seed crops. Worse, the government is proactively using
onerous regulations and SWAT teams to enforce those regulations, and they've already
ruined many farms and private co-ops. This is leading to the collapse of the independent
farmer. Without independent sources of food the beast will have a monopoly on food
supply, and with ever increasing socialist control of the economy and transport can shut
off supply of food at will.
So many more points I could make, but do you get the gist?


You do not have much time to get your head straight and act to save yourself-before
conditions deteriorate to the point you won’t be able to. I’ve been writing at my blog
Freedom Guide that things are coming to a head, well we’re at the head now. Now you’re

at the crossroads. Now is the time to decide whether to disregard this essay or start acting
to save yourself… hopefully your family, and maybe even a few trustworthy people.

You can wring what credit and/or cash you got left and get some food stores, seeds,
privately purchased semiautomatic military pattern rifle w/ magazines and web gear,
learn to shoot(www.appleseedinfo.org)a place in the country well away from the cities
with fresh water. If you can’t do it yourself, get together with those who are awake like
you are. At least get the rifle and ammo and as much food as you can. Things like food,
get a co-op going. A place in the country to bug out can be done jointly, although just
moving out and being of use locally is a MUCH BETTER option.

Oh, while we still have something of a free internet, download as much survival how to
and basic 19th and 20th century how to knowledge as you can. Get some portable hard
drive or USB thumb drives and hit the torrents, www.scribd.com , and google search
terms. I’m not just talking about guns and explosives and how to kill a man with your
bare hands; I’m talking how to build a machine shop from scrap(hint), how to grow food
organically in your back yard and in a green house, how to build a underground home,
manufacturing the chemicals and components for ammunition. If you have the brains I’d
download Tesla and Free Energy, see if you can do us all a huge favor and make it work
practically-although you should first get cracking on our own wireless internet nodes the
beast can’t interfere with.

Sacrifices, you willing to sacrifice your free time and playing Santa Klaus for the Truth
and a shot at surviving?

In fact, surviving on your own is not an option, what’s coming in 2009 is going to swamp
even the most prepared-you survivalists who stock up for yourselves and ignore your
unprepared, desperate neighbors will join them in misery as their children starve to death
and they act in desperation. And if they don’t take you out, the government will-take your
guns, take your food stores, take you to that FEMA camp. Someone’s going to snitch to
get some kind of benefit from the beast-rat on you and what you got.

See, a lot of people have sacrificed their integrity for a few scraps at their master’s table.
Americans in general have been bred to put comfort and perceived safety above being
self-sufficient… the basis to being Free. That’s why we’ve been made so decadent. And
that decadence is a weapon against you. Make you ignorant in the first place of watching
out for others-because you would want to be watched out for as well.

You go for the debt, the comfort, the easy way out, “go along to get along”-you’ve made

Past time to Sacrifice willingly what keeps you from doing what we all must to free
ourselves. And I’m not talking about personal preparations, although that is vital because
self-sufficiency is the bedrock of Freedom. It’s past time you took Responsibility-
sacrifice’s better cousin-Responsibility and start cleaning up government so you don’t
have to risk a heart attack running your fat flabby ass from FEMA. The beast has the
national offices pretty much locked up, and the state governments are also no-go’s.

To get the state government, the federal government under control requires a fully
functional national party on the scale of the democrat/republican party.(4) This requires
building from the grass roots up-from your town’s government. Yes, your local
government-if you live in a major city then it’s your precinct-but your mission is the
same: organize and win a local election.

Yes, this will require a lot of Sacrifice on your part, but what’s at stake is whether or not
we could possibly have peaceful change.

First be honest. If you have dirt, any dirt on you, get someone else to run for office. Have
a entire slate for public office because you want to sweep ALL the crooks out.

Have TWO campaign offices; your real operational center you WILL KEEP SECRET
and the “official” office that will be surveilled and probably raided under some bullshit
pretext by the cops.

Know your town. Literally map out, street, house, the population-demographics, voting
record, income, crime. You give the enemy any competition you can bet they’ll pull out
all the stops to win people over.

The local media will of course be in the hip pocket of the establishment’s man so you’re
going to have to be your own media. Internet, pamphlets, door-to-door pressing flesh
with a lot of strangers who are unaware they’ve sacrificed their Freedom and Country by
their instilled lifestyle. Remember how hard a time you had waking up and go with what
they can comprehend.

Your platform will be both a return to Constitutional Republic and flexible in delivery.
You preach Freedom; smaller government, taxes eliminated, incentives and support for
local businessmen, police reform, respect for rights. You alter the approach from person
to person.

Encourage friends and friends of friends to vote. You want help? Offer them help. A job
or gig, a place to sleep, get some groceries, hold a shooting match or otherwise offer
basic marksmanship training, patronize local business. People will back you if they see
you are tangibly helping them out with their problems.

Watch out for the opposition; they’ll use every dirty trick imaginable, from planted drugs,
to slander, to harassment, to sabotage. These “people” aren’t like you and I-they’ve been
eating a lifetime diet of bullshit that because they got a college degree they’re superior to
us and therefore have license to rule us. They’ll do whatever it takes to hold on to that

Most of all watch out for vote fraud! Electronic ballot machines are perfectly hackable,
and even paper ballots can be tampered with. Google “Battle of Athens, Tennessee

You’re asking your prospective voters to Sacrifice their time and leisure to vote for you-
give them good reasons.

You win, carry out your promises to the best of your ability. Grow the Second American
Revolution by city, county and state. (5) Be the Real Life Example we need to illustrate
how enslaved we are-and how Free we could be again.

Or sacrifice your Freedom now and especially later-for what, some kind of comfortable

A existence that is going to end in 2009.

When you lose your job.

When you run out of food, and your kids are screaming at you for food.

When your utilities are shut off.

When your home is foreclosed on and you’re homeless.

When you’re on the street and CPS(6) take your kids.

When you’re fighting with more and more people for less and less garbage to pick
through because the restaurants and grocery stores are closing for lack of business and
less people have food, and you’re starving… you know what it’s like? Never ending pain
as your body consumes itself to keep brain function going; even so you can’t really think
of anything beyond eating so you start eating tree bark, leaves, bugs, worms, rotting
flesh… maybe even a dead body.

That’s what you will Sacrifice changing the direction our nation’s going on for your own
personal comfort, your own delusions given to you by the enemy that wants you dead.

(1) If you’re motivated, and still on the internet look up the voting records for your town
and county elections and cross reference them with the latest population figures… you’ll
find a shockingly small percentage of people bother to make their voices and votes felt.
Vote fraud aside a reasonably popular person could get all his friends and all their friends
to write him or her in the ballot at the next election.

(2) If I were homeless, I’d squat in a foreclosed home in a neighborhood that had a
number of foreclosures. Learn how to lockpick-download the instructions while you’re
on the internet, get or make the tools and practice on your own doors. Tom Brown wrote
a book on city and suburban survival which is a good primer on surviving without
income or regular shelter. Also google “surviving homelessness” there’s a blog written
by a man who was homeless by choice… try keeping your car, or trade for a vehicle
that’s paid for.

(3) The FEMA camps are real; the Bush Administration’s pet megacorporation,
Halliburton(Cheney owns stock and was a CEO)was contracted to build and upgrade
hundreds of “detention facilities”. The camps have been reliably documented, they’ve
been documented by Patriots since the 1980’s. Mena cocaine kingpin Oliver North was

questioned in Congressional hearing about the Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot, and the
camps by a Congressman and he claimed “national security” as to why he wouldn’t give
a straight answer. Hurricane Katrina survivors-after being cut off by FEMA from state,
local and private aid for five days were herded at gunpoint by both military forces and
police, had their arms stolen from them and were detained in toxic FEMA trailer parks
under guard. Whole families were broken up.

(4) The Democrat and Republican parties are at the top a single party with a shared
agenda of consuming and obliterating Our America. Doesn’t matter which party rules,
increased government, increased imperialism both domestically and overseas and our
never-ending diminishment are the shared policies enacted with utter reliability. What
you see on the fiction on TV called the “news” is but a political version of a pro wrestling

(5) The Free State Project and Free State Wyoming are the models I’m basing my plan on
but the aformentioned campaigns are trying to do too much-a state-with too few people.
It will never happen unless prospective voters can point out a town where people are

(6) CPS-Child Protection Services-is a pack of pedophile predators operating under color
of law. They look for excuses to take kids from families. Many reports of sex slavery,
brutality, and rape can be attributed to these... people. If targeted your best bet would be
to hide your children with a trusted relative or friend until the situation can be resolved


J. Croft

It’s a New Year as I type this. Another year the forces of evil have triumphed. Another
year the forces of Freedom found their shorts yanked down to their ankles as they
mounted the field of battle, giving the likes of Biden, Obama, McCain, Bush,
Rockefeller, Rothschild yet more cause to laugh at hapless Patriots. They had us figured
out but good. Obama was their heir apparent and the enemy’s entire campaign to elect
him president was to 1.) discredit Ron Paul and remove his followers as a threat to the
status quo, and 2.) wear everyone down to accepting yet another charismatic fraud as
their messiah with enough political pro wrestling scripted tactics to give Vince McMahon
a headache.

The economic take down of America continued. The subprime collapse, engineered by
the banksters led to more components of the mortgage bubble to be popped. The stock

market, propped up by the government, started its first legs of collapsing itself, taking the
wealth of millions of suckers who were goaded by the likes of Jim Cramer to buy at the
top. With the collapsing financial system credit(debt financing) halts and the real
economy has been all but shut down… what’s left of it.

What’s left of it: after our enemies have systematically stripped America of domestic
industry big and small, and especially start up entrepenurs who get it from literally all
directions. With the television and movies they have reduced the minds of most
Americans into a barely cognizant haze of celebrity gossip, sports, and nebulous fears of
Al Qaeda. Public Schools don’t teach people how to think-they destroy minds. Go to
www.deliberatedumbingdown.com to find out how bad it really is.

All of which is to enslave us, to destroy our Freedom because the American People are
the number one target of the beast-because we are the greatest threat. You, awake and
able to fight back, are the greatest threat to our enemies. If they fail to destroy America
we can and will rise again and our heritage of Freedom will spread to all the Nations of
Earth like no ideology or creed has and the American Revolution will become
worldwide-which shall spell the end of the illuminati. With the inbred psychopathic
bluebloods out of the way we can finally fulfill our destiny among the stars.

This however cannot begin until you truly want Freedom. You want true Freedom, you
have to fight for it-intelligently for a change. How can we start winning more?

Start with some resolutions:


TV is the electronic narcotic that mentally enslaves you. It is the mind prison Americans
are trained to lock themselves in, and as their minds and bodies deteriorate to mush, rob
them of time they’ll never get back, they’re programmed to be the perfect slaves-they
think they’re free!

Is there anything more insidious? Is there any greater reason to stop watching the fucking

Find anything else to do. Anything-like go for a walk. Walking helps circulation, it tones
muscles, helps clear the mind. You’ll meet actual real life people, and not some
Hollywood fantasy. Better would be to actually start working out, AND IF YOU STOP

You could hit the internet more, and start downloading survival and 19th and 20th
century how-to information, learn a trade(I’d go with gunsmithing). I’d also hit
www.infowars.com, www.rumormillnews.com, www.rense.com and learn what’s really
going on.

Learn how to shoot a rifle. The beast especially hates people who can fight back against
their minions. Plus mastering rifle marksmanship instills pride, self-sufficiency and

competence; traits that lead to pursuing self-sufficiency and competence in other areas of
one’s life, which the beast hates. Independent people.

Hit a gun show if it’s the weekend-your sports team’s gonna lose anyway and why
gamble away that money when you can get a rifle and ammo to learn how to shoot.

Look up who runs your town, what laws they pass, why they keep thug cops and
unctuous bureaucrats on the payroll.

Make an assessment of all your friends, family and acquaintances. Be honest, and weigh
them as to not just their world view, how awake and willingness to awaken, but more
important and basic just how reliable they are. I’m talking lying to the cops if they’re
looking for you. I’m talking willing to hook you up with a couch or a room if you need it
until you can get back on your feet. I’m talking willing to come guns blazing to get you
out of life-ending danger. Anyone even questionable you will HAVE to cut out of your
life… especially blood relatives; I know a couple guys who’re going to get their throats
cut when the beast enacts full martial law because their family is going to totally snitch
on them because they’re fucking sheep…

For that matter, how reliable are you? Would YOU be willing to do these things? Can
YOU keep your big mouth shut?


Our food is in the hands of the enemy, who have spent a lot of time and money to poison
us in every possible way. The pesticides are carcinogenic. The seeds are genetically
modified and are having unpredictable side effects on us-none good.

To guarantee a supply of healthy food, form a food co-op; get together with others and
buy/rent some unused land that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides and plant some
heirloom seeds. Or, rent a warehouse and use organic hydroponics-more energy intensive
but you can greatly speed up the harvest cycle plus you can grow year round.

I’d go further and start using natural supplements-be advised that the government is
squeezing sources of supplements and organic farmers and co-ops. Having a legal
defense fund is advisable, but a much better option is to take over the county
government-in particular the Sheriff’s office to be able to block state and federal
enforcement activity. More on that later, but…


America is enslaved to authority! We’re enslaved physically by over-testosteroned armed

thugs when they enforce laws, codes, regulations-whatever… if they’re even honestly
enforcing them, which more and more they’re not. But we’ve been brought up by
television to be in worshipful awe of authority because fucking Adam 12 and TJ
Hooker’s out there in the patrol cars stopping all those evil poop colored people stealing
and raping and murdering. And if they can’t get it done Columbo, or Starsky and Hutch,
or the fat fucker from NYPD Blue’ll take care of it-oh and get all those evil guns off the


You don’t need guns! You’ll put an eye out with that BB gun! You’ll shoot yourself in
your foot or your kid will get a hold of it and kill someone playing The Shield! That’s
why we have the BATFE to put you in prison for ten years for! You being some prison
rapist’s jit rag is well worth the price of a safe society!
That’s why the cops need to be crooked-to catch all the bad guys!

…Three million Americans imprisoned. Many hard core felons, but 90 percent of them
were socially engineered by the very authorities we have foolishly entrust to run
America. Yeah, they’ve ran America-into the ground. Cops, and bureaucrats, and doctors,
scientists, psychologists, analysts, executives, judges, mayors, governors, presidents,

These “authorities” have turned government, media, business, medicine, science into a
vast web of interlocked rackets. They go to the same schools, work together, socialize
together. So of course when that tin badge god pops you with that planted bag of weed
you don’t stand a chance-the courts are rigged by the lawyers, the media won’t tell the
truth how corrupt government is because they’re in bed with the state, and putting your
ass in a disease ridden cell makes money for those milking the beast for cash. Law is a
racket; all lawyers know this but it’s a huge conspiracy(oh God that word)they and the
media keep to themselves. Meanwhile, you don’t have a clue how “authorities” are the
REAL criminals because nobody on the ten CSI shows or the twenty Law and Order
shows acts like real life cops, lawyers, judges, politicians.

So when that puffy chested armed meter maid pulls you over for no reason but for some
lame excuse to jack up his ticket record and systematically violates all those rights you’ve
never been taught you had, and your shyster lawyer is hustling you into a plea deal
because that tin badge fuck planted meth or found that gun you use to defend yourself,
remember this: TV fucking lies to you! The state fucking lies to you, the law is a racket,


The law isn’t made by us, its made by lawyers who operate not just out of greed and lust
for power, but an agenda of breaking down this nation and its people to nothing. Millions
of pages of millions of laws, buttressed by millions of more rules and regulations by the
federal, state, and local agencies charged with enforcing those laws.

Millions of bureaucrats administer all those millions of laws, all those millions of
regulations. Being control freaks, they gravitate to the job. Being cowards, they happily
sic thug tin badge gods to enforce their edicts with a high tech police state, armored
vehicles, and automatic weapons. The mantra is forever drummed into peoples heads by
the media and especially the traitors in government that you can’t fight city hall…

Yet silence, and obedience, equals consent. We may not have the numbers or influence to
change the laws and fire the bureaucrats and thugs, and bar lawyers from public office…

yet… but we can start breaking their psychological domination over us by breaking their
petty little laws.

Stop giving your real address, your home phone number. Move: use another place for an
address, have it as the registration for a mail drop and route your mail that way. Don’t
update your drivers license… more on that unctous card and how to counter it later.

Pick and choose your battles as best you can of course, no need to feed the prison
industrial complex but all resistance begins with small acts. Those acts successfully
carried out embolden the spirit and form the foundation for larger acts of resistance to the
beast-and there are so many anti-American freedom killing laws, and regulations to
break! I don’t have to talk about stealing from the government or lawyers and
bureaucrats… when rural farmers are being hit with SWAT teams and having their lives
wrecked over selling a no-life having snitch raw milk. What small acts can you do to fuel
the spirit of resistance and the Second American Revolution in your heart and actions?


Americans are a people wedded to the moving image. As much as I put into these essays,
I’m fully aware that most folks would rather see a video. A well produced, interesting
video. That they can relate to, yet lead them to start on the path we’re on.

I could curse the beast for dumbing Americans down, but rather than curse corporate
media, we need to step up, come together and ramp up production of our own movies,
our own stories. The internet still offers a golden opportunity to get our message out
whether it be instructional videos, news, or fiction.

Digital cinema has advanced to the point where a decent film-like image can be had with
video cameras. A computer from the store can edit the video and even insert special
effects that even five years ago required the efforts of a major studio. The independent
film… industry, for lack of a better word, is like the rest of America in a state of collapse
so there’s a lot of talent looking for work.

Web series are taking off. A lot like the old serials that played in movie theaters before
television, they can tell a story in sections. Major studios are already showing their
programming on the internet and have commercial advertisement before each segment-so
there’s no economic reason why a filmmaking co-op of Patriots cannot get together on a
story, get advertising dollars to cover production costs, put some of the segments up and
then do a nationwide tour, selling DVDs at showings. There is a dire need to get our
message out, and movies are a prime way to do so.

30 Dollar Film School by Michael W. Dean is the best basic how to make a movie/video
book. An excellent starting point for Patriots.

Got an ideal: since Alex Jones is very busy at his own end, someone should document
how he puts together his media, offer it as classes for others to emulate or even improve
on his techniques. Bear in mind Alex Jones has not only had years of experience, he’s
also had training, so a how-to video would help Patriots step up their game.

So, get a HD editing capable laptop-a thousand dollars can get you one with HDMI input.

A high end consumer HD camcorder(700.00) or lower end prosumer HD

camcorder(2500.00)and a lower end HD flash camcorder(300) for covert shooting, and
AUDIO GEAR! Boom mike and sound recording.

Take some lessons or read 30 Dollar Film School a LOT.

Start producing short web videos. Look at it and if it doesn’t match what you think it
would there’s something wrong. USE A SCRIPT.

Practice, practice, practice! Practice and adjusting to improve makes Proficient.

Americans are visually oriented and Patriots that can communicate visually and activate
them are needed!


Don’t rely on the beast for income or shelter or food or even entertainment. Dependence
is slavery, and Americans in the major cities are utterly dependent on the beast for the
basics. Like the Eloi in the Time Machine we Americans are utterly naïve and clueless as
to how to take care of ourselves as we work for the beast for the money we pay back for
shelter and food.

Become an black market entrepenur. Flea markets, yard sales, direct dealings with
farmers and businessmen for cash under the table. Getting Started in the Underground
Economy by Adam Cash is a excellent primer. Get it at the gun show when you shop for
your guns and ammo.

Get out from your mortgage if you can. Team up with others to rent a home or even
better a place in the country. Or at least use some farmland and start growing your
organic foods. Dig a well or exploit a spring water.

You can also team up for a business that will be successful in a depression/basic level
economy. Machinists can pool their talents and resources and open a factory or shop. A
neighborhood can finance the best businessman among them to start a neighborhood
store. Once enough capital is accrued people can be paid out or even better, the next great
ideal, the next good enough entrepenur can be financed as well.

Develop a basic trade for the coming simpler times. Metalworking, all manner of repair
work, constructing home power systems, gunsmithing, ammunition manufacturing.

Learn how to barter. If you are the seller, high ball with a goal at a lower price, if you’re
the buyer low ball with a goal at a higher price. Know your markets, know what sells,
what don’t, and how much competition you got.

Integrate you and yours with other like minded groups or even better, rural communities.
The more groups, the more communities trading underground, the more independent we

can be. Work out your own local script or values for tangible goods to wean yourselves
from dollars as they’re printed into worthlessness or made useable only if you have a card
to buy or sell.

BEWARE: like I stated above, government agents have been targeting organic farmers
and those selling raw milk-they send in undercover agents and snitches, and when the
sale’s made, just like a drug bust a SWAT team arrests them and destroys everything they
got. Go to www.infowars.com and www.rense.com look it up. You and yours have to
stand together and make a stand or you’re going to have to start over-and you will
probably have only one shot at building a sustainable survivable community.


The current internet is being killed off so we’re forced onto the intellectual concentration
camp that will be known as internet 2; free speech like you’re reading right now will not
be allowed.

Begin constructing redundant wi-fi nodes so we can have our own internet without it
being controlled by corporations or the government. They should be redundant, cheap to
build, have their own power sources, and use off the shelf components and accessed by
current wi-fi transceivers.

Why wait for the beast to kill off our primary form of communication? It’s beyond stupid
to just let the enemy act without countermeasures.

I admit, my knowledge of technology is limited so I’m calling on those that are able to
make the moves now to build up our own internet before we’re not able to.



Guns. The beast hates those in our hands the most. Reason alone to get them.

If you don’t have a rifle, a pistol get them now along with magazines, ammo and web
gear to hold the magazines. Get quality marksmanship and tactical training so you’re
competent in their use.

That’s not enough; you have to have the will to use your guns to defend you and yours…
and your neighbors.

Yes-recall the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when after five days of deliberately holding
back aid the federal government sends in troops and cops from all over America… to loot
the survivors, steal their guns and ship those who weathered the hurricane to camps.
Americans were forcibly disarmed.

No troops refused the orders to wrestle little old ladies to the ground and rip the revolvers
out of their arthritic hands. No cops refused the orders to besiege families with automatic
weapons and disarm them under the penalty of death; guaranteed to be swept under the


It was an exercise in conditioning the military and police to steal guns from Americans-
this was confirmed last year in Kansas when after a series of horrific storms guns were
once again stolen from the People. The government feels confident because Americans
by and large:

1.)Have been conditioned to submit to authority no matter how horribly they’re acting.

2.)Not stand together, armed, lest they be characterized as “vigilantes” or even worse,
“racist militia” to instill dependency on the same authority oppressing and victimizing
them on a daily basis.

Americans won’t fight, let alone fight to defend their neighbors. Yet Americans have a
rich history of successful community defense when they’re willing to stand together,
armed. Against a foe-whether it be the James and Younger Gang in 1876 Minnesota, the
good ol’ boy power structure of Athens, Tennessee in 1946, or Korean businessmen in
Los Angeles during the 1992 Rodney King riots.

Again, defense of you and yours can work only when everyone in your community
makes it their business to defend you and yours-and most importantly, you willing to do
likewise. That means fulfilling your obligation to our country as part of the Militia:

*Buy private sale military pattern rifles, ammo, magazines and web gear-google when the
next gun show’s in your area and take a couple thousand dollars to get started.

*Learning to shoot(www.appleseedinfo.org) a rifle out to 500 yards. No enemy can

withstand people able to hit them that far, there’s no way you can protect everyone
everywhere out to 500 yards. A nation of riflemen can’t be enslaved; our ancestors
proved that!

*Gain military training. Go to www.awrm.org register for the forum(no need for any
truthful info). Link up with other local Militia who will get you and your gear up to

*Get together with like-minded Patriots in your area and form up in secret. Train, get in
shape, get your caches in order, your meetup places, your how to knowledge. That’s the
how to make a machine shop-out of scrap(www.lindsaybks.com); just get a catalog and
you’ll find books on how to make guns and ammo. Hit the internet RIGHT NOW, go to
www.scribd.com get a free membership and start downloading pdf’s using obvious
keywords like “guerilla”, “sniper”, “rifle”, “tactics”, etc. Google those terms adding
“torrent” and use the fattest internet pipe you can. In fact, don’t use your home computer
for any of these searches.

*Watch the attitudes of your neighbors and friends; those that appear to be where you
were when you had your breakthrough, start to convert them over. With the worsening
conditions, a good point will be lots of new recruits. Have loaner military surplus bolt
actions and SKSs to equip them until they can get up to speed.(Think of the movie

“Outlaw Josey Wales” when he escorts that Kansas family to the cabin; there were a rack
full of rifles to defend themselves with. Same principle.) Don’t forget airguns or airsoft
replicas of your guns and lots of targets and pellets for daily training.

*Know your neighborhood, your town, and surrounding towns-that is your Area of
Operation. Figure out where your members are, where would be good places to muster
when alerted. Do a survey of resources-in urban areas this would be sources of supply for
basics, main roads, side roads, places to sneak through or routes for smuggling tunnels,
lots for growing food as natural resources will be at a premium at best. In rural areas it’s
the same principle except you’re going to be more isolated, but the trade off is less
manufacturing and resources.

*Your primary concern will be of course, defense; urban militias have a lot more
potential threats to concern themselves from, mainly from the concentrated presence of
government agencies but also from marauding gangs… the flip side of that being the
potential for a lot more recruits and allies nearby. Rural militias have fewer nearby
threats but will have to concern themselves with outside threats overpowering them so
back up rally points will have to be figured out.

*Call your public militia a neighborhood watch committee or something else just as
innoculous. Be the ones helping people out, offer marksmanship training and what not.
Your militia stays secret and trains in secret.


It’s a trap. The District of Columbia is surrounded by the greatest concentration of

government agencies, plus the shadow government that really runs the country isn’t even
near the place. Media coverage would at best be skewed to the government, more than
likely nonexistent. Even a peaceful protest would get false flag saboteurs to shoot their
fellow government thugs giving the beast a reason to kill/imprison the whole bunch-all
those earnest, naïve Americans cut down.

I wouldn’t even go for the city in wartime as it’s the designated lightning rod for
American rage-and therefore the bait to any trap that would destroy resistance. So forget
Washington unless and until literally every other part of America is taken back from



Changing the adversarial relationship the government has with America means only one
solution: replacing the people in the government. The universal vote fraud, sabotaged
campaigns and corruption give testimony to how ruthlessly these unprincipled people
will hang on to power.

As I’ve stated to the point of ad nauseum at my blog Freedom Guide, a national

campaign requires a national party. A national political party can’t be had unless there are
supporting state parties. Supporting state parties can’t exist unless there are local parties.

Local parties can’t be had unless a critical mass of the People get activated and pointed to
the right directions, the right actions. To do that the People have to see there is a means to
peacefully take their government back.

Therefore, it is critical to the future of the Freedom Movement, the Second American
Revolution, that Patriots concentrate their efforts on a few towns judged vulnerable to a
emergency recall election. We want scandal ridden little shitburgs where the government
has been running roughshod over the People-we should not be wanting for candidates.

You, or your candidates if you can’t pass both the Upstanding Citizen test or the
Electability test(be honest), you must count on your opponents to use every dirty trick to
stop you.

They’ll try and derail your emergency recall campaign…

…Try to dig up dirt on anyone and everyone involved with the campaign and everyone
even acquainted with them…

…Plant drugs at your campaign headquarters for a drug raid, plant surveillance devices,
or simply set a fire…

…Entrap your candidates or those around them, frame them up on bogus criminal
charges, assault them…

…There’s always vote fraud; electronic voting machines, hanging chads.

A good countermeasure would be to have TWO SETS of candidates; the decoy set that
gets all the publicity, and hopefully all the incumbents wrath and the set that hopefully
will go unnoticed until election day. Another is to have your militia, your neighborhood
watch committee not your secret militia, be active in monitoring the election results and
to get everyone to individually record their vote as they cast it and compare that with the
government’s results in a public audit.

Prepare for a legal campaign to challenge the vote fraud. Prepare for a civil disobedience
campaign to drive home that fraudulent, criminal government will not be blindly obeyed.
Prepare your militias in case the beast decides to try to crush any retaking of government
by brute force. Prepare to avenge those that fall because they fight for their Freedom.
Such resolve in the face of the beast is the only way we’ll win.


First thing you need to do is fire ALL the bureaucrats. They’re satraps, government
pharisees who lived being parasites on us all. Send them all to the unemployment lines.

Go over the books-both of them. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report will
contain the true financial state of your town/county. Provided that those investments
haven’t disappeared in the collapse, divest them and cut checks for everyone. Property-

sell it or offer free leases to in-town start up businessmen-NOT THE ESTABLISHED

Go over the records of every cop. Anyone who even gives the air of not being TJ Rooker
good, they get the boot immediately.

You can scrap about 90% of the city legal code, easy.

Taxes… cut them for the People, but raise them on out of town major businesses. Your
town will prosper on its own.

Keep your media team on to advertise on TV, newspapers… more likely the internet…
what you’re doing and how the People feel about the changes. Make DVD and CD-R
copies and distribute them if you can’t get media access. Spread the word that they’re
enslaved, and there’s a peaceable way to free themselves.

Take your campaign team and start cloning it in neighboring towns, counties. With news
of your victory getting more people on your campaign will be easy. Conversely
government resistance will increase, and I can’t project what all they’ll do. Be careful,
but be bold.

Be bold in slashing and eliminating taxes, giving government investments-paid for by

your taxes-back to you. Stage mass debt repudiations, mass drivers license and tag
burnings, mass smoke-ins. Take up the Amish practice of shunning and direct it toward
government workers: don’t acknowledge their very existence, refuse to service them, etc.

By this stage, you can probably start drilling your Militias in the open, unless the beast
decides to answer your taking back your government with Army Combat Brigades, in
which case your Militias won’t be drilling in the open, they’ll be openly fighting.

I’ve written some essay detailing what to do if the beast goes that far:

Martial Law Survival Guide

Message to the Patriot Movement
Second American Revolution Victory Guide
You Are the Militia

…and a lot others at my blog Freedom Guide.

Go to www.awrm.org now, and start studying how to be Militia. Don’t be stupid and
form a 90’s era militia group, you’ll have government provocateurs and spies setting you
up to be busted and you’ll do ten years or more being bubba’s sex sandwich. Train in
secret, train as shooting clubs, self-defense groups, neighborhood watch groups-DON’T



J. Croft

If there’s anything I want you to take from my essays, it’s to be your own leader.

That isn’t however how Americans… or what passes for Americans… are. We as a
society are conditioned from birth to defer all thinking, all the important decisions to
“experts”. Doctors, CEO’s, talk show pundits, cops, bureaucrats, actors, shyster ass
lawyers who have a lock on what is supposed to be our government. They make the
decisions we’re forced to live with.

Doctors poison us with their drugs and we go back to them to take more prescriptions for
more poison to alleviate what their first dosage of death did to us. Doctors long ago
surrendered to the insurance racket known as HMO’s which have about destroyed what
little benefit America’s hospitals had.

CEOs export the American economy, stick us with more taxes and we have to work two,
three jobs and still make less than when we had the factories. CEOs lobby the shysters to
favor them in the laws, kill our Main Streets in favor of their megacorporate superstores
and we have to buy with what little money we have left over after being taxed to death
crap made in China.

Talk show pundits who all but monopolize the key decision making positions bind us to
international treaties that steal our Rights, our land, our wealth and we have to accept that
even if we do keep our jobs, our houses can be stolen by eminent domain or to protect
some mythical ‘wetland’, we have carbon taxes shoved down our throats… when we
exhale carbon… that plants use like we use oxygen. You can thank those walking fossils
for engineering America’s rise as a world-straddling empire and all the blood shed in our
name. You can thank those council on foreign relation member TRAITORS for our
continuing decline into a third world hellhole coming apart at our racial seams.
Meanwhile most ‘murikans pick their noses in incomprehension thanks to the deliberate
dumbing down we as a nation have been subjected to for the past century.

Cops are bullshitted into thinking all the injustices we as Americans are subjected to is
the norm and we’re subjected to many of them scratching the ‘expert’ inflicted wounds,
making the racial and social divides worse. Cops drink the kool aid that they’re
‘exceptional’, that they’re the only ones to exercise the 2nd Amendment, that they’re ‘a
breed apart’, ‘the thin blue line’; we get to experience their overbearing arrogance-at best.
Cops are encouraged to set up innocent people, manufacture busts from traffic tickets to

planting drugs and rusty .25 pistols to justify murder, use their arrest victims to sell drugs
or go to prison; meanwhile we’re conditioned by the twenty Law n’ Order shows that the
cops are dicks but they’re dicks to protect us.

Bureaucrats steal our money in enforcement of their petty rules and we let them.
Bureaucrats attack our Freedoms and we allow them to live. Bureaucrats sic agents and
cops to enforce their bullshit rules on those Americans still willing to make a stand
against their tyranny, and we leave them twisting in the wind-cheer for our oppressors in

Actors… this true for a lot of them… shoot their ignorant mouths off about issues they
don’t understand, and because we’re so dumbed down we get confused the distinction
between TV characters and those that play them; treat them as experts. Actors spit out
their politically correct Freedom thievery, property thievery, lies and because they’re on
the TV we treat every verbal fart of theirs as pronouncements from God. Because the TV
set is our fucking god.

Lawyers… I could write a whole article-wait I did write a article about these shysters:
Kill All Lawyers. Google that. Suffice it to say, we let these motherfuckers write the laws
we meekly obey, even unto the poor house, the jail house, the morgue. We let them
administer their laws which they enforce with armies of cops, agents, bureaucrats and we
block that out as we cling desperately to the TV god we buy at 28%APR. We let them
bring us to trial in their fraudulent courts, submit to their kangaroo trials, where judge,
prosecutor and ‘your’ defense attorney work as a tag team to fuck you.

I can’t believe I almost forgot this, given the recent headlines… the bankers. They’re the
worst fucking ‘experts’ of all; experts at hustling our money from us, multiplying that
many fold. Meanwhile they make us use their fraudulent federal reserve notes as they
decrease the value of them by forever inflating them, so saving what you can is a exercise
in futility, you need a second job, you need to take on debt to finance what your parents
and grandparents could buy out of pocket. Next thing you know you lose your job
because those bankster fucks crash the economy, you lose your job and you lose all the
money you poured into your debts as your house, car and all your goods are repo’d.

Do you get it?

You rely on ‘experts’ to run your life you get screwed. You have been getting screwed.
And you’ve been trained to like it. By ‘experts’.

Our ancestors, who fought and beat the British Empire certainly didn’t rely on so-called
‘experts’. They didn’t rely on cops to bear arms for them, media to form their very
thoughts, bureaucrats to give them permission to fight, actors to emulate and worship,
and certainly not lawyers to interpret law and figure out it was bad. The farmers, workers,
merchants and frontiersmen practiced law themselves, didn’t need to worship anyone but
God, didn’t need cops to defend them. They did need to defend themselves from those
parasitic elements and so do we-more than ever.

Our ancestors, simple everyday folks not so different from a lot of us, drove back the

greatest army on Earth at Lexington and Concord. …Picture 90’s militiamen standing up
to the 100 machine gun equipped ATF army that besieged the peaceable Americans at
Mt. Carmel… Waco to most folks… and driving those back shooting cowards back to
town and laying siege to that town to drive them from there! That is what those
Americans accomplished on April 19, 1775. They formed the backbone of resistance
whether it be valiantly formed into ranks going toe to toe against the redcoats, or much
more intelligently using their rifles and shooting their leaders.

…Okay, there’s one huge difference between those Americans, and today’s 300lb sacks
of diabetic fat-those Americans were willing to FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEIR
FREEDOM. They were so willing to fight and die for Freedom, many of the Hessian
mercenaries imported by the British like Blackwater in Iraq, defected and joined our side.
Freedom is that powerful a concept-which is why it had to be made forgotten to
Americans. That took the lawyers and their bankster masters who took over America with
the 1787 Constitution two centuries to lay the foundation of tyranny in the very structure
of the document; slowly grow their power through obscure clauses and emergencies real
and manufactured; lull Americans to sleep generation by generation through slowly
evolving public education that dumbed them down; evolve and transform the economy
into a industrial plutocracy that favored the money men and crushed everyone else;
introduce gun control to disarm blacks and police to give the appearance of protecting the
people; introduction and expansion of a fraudulent monetary system designed to
systematically impoverish the American People.

The heart of this multi-generation conspiracy? That the government will lead you. The
government will take care of you-just obey and don’t make waves. That’s why you’ve
been dumbed down, lulled into complacency, apathy, distraction, dependency, disarmed-
all the components of slavery. That’s why all the ‘experts’ in your town government,
state government, media, academia, corporations, financial institutions, federal agencies
feel they have license to rule over you. They do.

Again, you are the government’s slaves.

So stop letting others lead you.

Lead yourself. Start making up your own mind about things, and not what others peer
pressure you into, because they’re in lock-step with the mainstream group mind; all the
millions of TV watching ‘murikans who emulate the culture and social ideals presented
by the TV set… Programmed by the very enemies I’ve been warning you about; they
have been slowly disarming you mind, making you apathetic and dependent, in body by
encouraging bad health and pacifism, and spiritually with Santa Claus Christianity. The
world is 180 degrees opposite what the TV depicts which is why your naïve ass is going
to get killed if you don’t wake up.

Lead yourself. Find your own way to God-stop relying on money grubbing blasphemous
televangelists to dictate God to you through that Santa Claus Christianity. They want you
to subsist on a false sense of piety, being apathetic, letting others lead, do the duty toward
your fellow man YOU need to be doing, giving your money and time to some huge,
honking, gaudy megachurch. Ever ask how many homeless families could have been

GIVEN homes with the money and materials WASTED on those blasphemous temples of
vanity? Their so-called prosperity gospel is but a guide for you to be as wasteful, selfish
and gluttonous as any other ‘murikan-only you ask God to bless you for it!

Lead yourself. Find organic foods that are delicious. Grow your own organic food,
liberate your body from corporate gene altered, chemically poisoned garbage. Stop
drinking tap water or any beverage made from tap water-it has chlorine, bacteria,
flouride… flouride is the other reason why so many Americans are so apathetic and
dulled. It’s a poison. Processed foods are poisonous, filled with high frutcose corn syrup,
MSG, other toxins designed to attack your health. Then you get to spend your life’s
savings… or otherwise hock the rest of your life in debt slavery… trying in vain to stop
the cancers, the diabetes ravaging every other adult American with more poisonous
drugs. The same people that sell you your poisoned food, sell you your poisoned

Lead yourself. Get a military pattern semiautomatic rifle, magazines, web gear, essential
spare parts and as much ammo as you can lay your hands on. Get rifle training from
www.appleseedinfo.org and go to www.awrm.org to round out your training as a member
of the Unorganized Militia of EVERY ADULT AMERICAN.(Oh no there’s that
word-‘militia! Pack of racist redneck commandos stroking their guns in the back woods!
Why, I saw on TV how those evil militiamen took over a hospital, and held that red
headed little boy from The Sixth Sense hostage, but Chuck Norris came and saved the
day!) Yeah right. Get over your programmed response to YOU taking up arms, learning
their use and defending yourselves-because Blackwater sure as hell won’t! If you need
further convincing, read these:

YOU ARE THE MILITIA: http://freedomguide.blogspot.com/2008/06/you-are-


Lead yourself. Wean yourself from the beast’s economy; barter, stop consuming crap you
won’t use twice, discover your true skills and find ways to make a living in the free,
underground economy. Because you’ve been herded by the sabotaged school system and
the sabotaged economy that all but bar entrepenurialship and invention into working for
some corporation-right off the bat you take home but a small fraction of what you would
if you were self employed. Then, the government wades in, takes from a quarter to half of
that five percent(maybe) of the results of your labor the corporation might leave you.
Which if it were a dollar is about two cents; and guess what? One cent goes to all kinds
of sales and property taxes, any fines the courts can nick out of you, fees for every last
little thing. That last cent goes to the basics; clothing, feeding yourself, shelter-and if you
have any left over and you don’t have kids, you can drink or get a buzz and try to forget
for a few hours just what kind of wage slave you are. You can be your own boss and keep
all your money when you join the free, underground economy AND starve the beast.

Lead yourself. Network with other like-minded Free Americans, scout out a small,
corrupt town ripe for takeover by Patriots. Stage a Recall Election NOW, don’t wait for

the next election cycle there’s no time. Make that town a example of Free America and
grow the Revolution. Because if you’ve read this far you’ve had it with this fraud of a
country as much as I, so start changing your government. It IS your government, and the
reason those in public service don’t act like it’s YOUR government is because YOU
won’t get rid of those crooks. So, be smart, pick that scandal ridden town where the
government officials waddle about like they’re untouchable, start a recall petition drive
for all of them. Get a slate of candidates people can relate to and rely on to clean things
up. Be smart, take precautions against dirty tricks like losing the petitions, snitches
planting drugs in your campaign office so the SWAT team can raid you, vote fraud, etc.
When you take over, liquidate all the investments you’ll find in the Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report and invest in your town; eliminate taxes, drive out the thug
police, give loans to local start up businesses and build a Main Street economy.

Lead yourself. Support those in the state legislatures that are asserting their sovereignty,
restoring Freedom at the state level. This is a movement that surprised me, but I am
pleased that as of this writing 29 states have binding resolutions upholding their 10th
Amendment rights against the federal government. The beast moved too far and now
there’s a reaction. That is why they’re building an army to handle the Patriots, with the
Army combat brigades fresh from slaughtering Iraqi civilians, why they’re employing
mercenaries, why they’ve spent decades conditioning cops, keeping them psychologically
apart in their own subculture; to treat us as the enemy. Because Free people leading
themselves are the enemy of any tyrannical regime.

Lead yourself. Spread the message of Freedom. Burn DVD copies of Loose Change,
From Freedom to Fascism, Alex Jones’ films. Hand print copies of whatever essays
inspired you. Or make your own if you have the voice to do so, because the more voices
there are to awaken and prepare the American people, the more of this country we can
save and salvage. Perhaps you can come up with the words, the images that will be the
spark that awakens all the millions of walking, spending, eating comatose slaves of the


J. Croft

What do you do that is so important that it keeps you from facing what’s wrong
with America?

What the hell could be so fascinating about some billionaire owned sports club
or some skank celebrity that it keeps you glued to that electronic narcotic
known as the TV set for hours at a time?

Is it that there’s so much wonderful sh!t on that it keeps you from finding out
what’s really going on-like how come cops nowadays are so psychotic they
tazer and shoot children?!

How come voting Democrat isn’t cleaning up the government?! Or stopping

inflation or the continued disembowelment of America’s economy, or stopping
the stage managed drug war?

Maybe it isn’t that American culture is so fascinating, maybe it’s just plain

You’re not alone:

There’s a Working Family; Dad, Mom, maybe two or three Children. There’s
love, but they’re not together. They can’t be. Dad works the night shift at the
auto plant-because his Dad got him in and it was good money(relatively
speaking)for a wage job. Yet Dad’s constantly worrying not only about pleasing
his demanding bosses, but about threats of wage cuts, benefit cuts-kids gotta
have braces and shots full of mercury and viruses, and other modern day
hustles like health insurance.

Mom works through the day, at a diner-dealing with all kinds of customers, the
leering stares of her boss sexually fantasizing about her… not that she’d be
tempted by his slovenly greasy ass. She hates her job, but she needs it, oh so
badly, and that lecherous pervert she calls “sir” knows it. Job performance is
key; it’s a frantic pace serving the lunch rush and screw ups wreck the whole
rhythm of work flow. In the back of her mind Mom worries about her kids, how
much she and her husband haven’t been around for them.

Both FEAR that despite their best efforts they won’t be able to give their
Children the opportunity to go to college and raise themselves up in status-
although that FEAR is never, ever talked about since everybody KNOWS America
is all about equality… unless you’re black or latino, or some other kind of white

There are millions of Americans, of all ages, ethnicities and cultures. They all
get up at a time they don’t want to, travel to a job they don’t care for. They
endure a gauntlet of stultifying work, horrible managers and bosses, and then
commute back and forth hoping they don’t get pulled over for going at the
wrong speed or noticing their taillight’s broke because they had to spend the
money on rent or groceries or gas-the last two items the prices never seem to

fall! They come home and after that physical and mental ordeal they’re so
drained understanding how their nation and destiny have been systematically
stolen is… just not happening.

You think all these Americans don’t have the dread of their bosses deciding
their job’s the next to be outsourced to Chinese slave labor, and their
paycheck-to-paycheck existence will come to a end in a alleyway begging for

Yet, without much hope they set their alarm clocks to get up the next morning
and do it all over again.

There are thousands of otherwise decent folks who made the horrible lapse of
judgement and became government bureaucrats. Whether it’s for the pay or
they perceived they were doing society some good they went to college, took
the requisite pol sci courses with the neo-Marxist professors and whatnot. They
passed their civil service exams. Then they found out the real deal; they found
themselves a part of the beast, the amalgamation of federal, state and local
government that through the tyranny of (supposedly) good intentions robs us all
of our money, our time, our wellbeing, our Lives and our very Freedom. They
work with power hungry little trolls, each of them brainwashed by their college
professors to believing themselves the “intelligentsia” the “elite”, each of
them the king of their own anthill. They work for a caste of neo-marxist
administrators, career politicians-all lawyers, all traitors.

You think these Americans don’t live in constant FEAR that they serve the beast
and it’s sole purpose is to conquer and to consume and to destroy the futures
of our nation, our planet and every person it can? That all the purposely
designed bureaucratic misery they and their kind come down on each and every
one of us-that somehow if they can’t stop it or even slow it down they just
might face judgment for their crimes one day?

Yet without much hope they get up each morning and pick their battles as best
they can without getting fed to the beast themselves.

There are millions of Americans, born in the backwoods, the trailer parks, the
gutted out factory and mining towns of what their-our common-enemies dub
“flyover country”. Born without, they struggle with hunger, with poor health,
poor education. They struggle with trying to make ends meet in a economic
dead zone, that “American Dream” exported long ago. Most of all they struggle
with class and racial bigotry licensed by their enemies-our enemies-through the
culture and official government policy. America’s white n!ggers, the peoples of
the South and Appalachia, if they would wake up, shed their blind loyalties,
their blind hatreds perhaps they and the blacks and all the latinos exploited
like slave labor could forge a new America, truer to what we think this nation
should be.

Except they still hang on to their delusions and prejudices, in FEAR that their
lives truly are that worthless, that the stereotypes are that true. Or even that
they have always been and always will be America’s white n!ggers.

Yet they get up at four in the morning, and get to the factories and coal mines
and try to make their bills.

There are hundreds, thousands of beautiful, talented men and women who
every day attempt to make their childhood dreams reality in the cesspool
known as the entertainment industry. Most are crushed in the attempt at
penetrating what amounts to a racket that demands you sell out-put out on the
casting couch-to a ideology and a lifestyle that does great harm not only to
themselves but to the nation as they’re used as pawns for social engineering
and thought control. A few actually make it. Most don’t and either head back
home to salvage what’s left of their lives or use themselves up salving the pain
of having their dreams crushed with drugs. Some are in a hellish no man’s land
of being one great project from success yet so terrifyingly close to oblivion-and
time is not on their side. They’ve made horrible mistakes or twists of fate and
they try to struggle on, but as much as their friends and family support them
those that run the entertainment industry treat them like plutonium… as if
their scandals and treasons don’t deserve the death penalty. They’d love to
blow the lid on the whole sordid thing but know their voice would never be

You think these men and women don’t have their fears, and dread how
inevitable they are?

Yet they go from one audition to another, not giving up, going for Greatness
irregardless of their past failure, the tragedy that hangs over their head like a

There are Police Officers who stay true to their oaths to protect and uphold the
Constitution. These lone souls do their best to protect the People from not just
the criminal element on the streets, but the criminal element that has
entrenched itself in positions of power. Daily they walk a tightrope between
doing what’s right and being able to do their jobs amidst the sneers of those
that love their jobs, love their power, love that no matter what happens to
America they’ll most likely keep their jobs as massah state’s overseers.

You think the brave cops that work in that enviroment don’t have moments of
fear, of despair?

Yet they strap their bulletproof vest and gun on every day and face their own
mission impossible.

There are millions of Americans-probably a lot like you in some ways yet
different. The existence they live doesn’t have nearly the opportunity to work
a 9 to 5 job for the reward of maybe 5% of the effort they put into it. No, these
Americans are stuck in economic and social dead zones, trapped by poverty,
lack of opportunity and culture. These Americans could just say the hell with it
and resign themselves to being without, being beaten or shot for the crumb
they struggled to get. Most do, but some don’t; they band together and
however way they can… even if it means hurting you… they struggle against
their circumstance, against the power structure oppressing them. All to even
TRY to grab a peace of that American Dream that’s promised on the TV.

You think these gangbangers, these criminals, these Designated Urban

Boogeymen don’t have their moments of despair, of FEAR it’s all futile?

Yet they get up every morning and do what they got to, against us, because the
rest of us ceded control of our Nation to those criminals in three piece suits
that proclaimed themselves “experts”.

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who remember what that meant
once. Remember in their hearts and minds our history, our true purpose. Not to
die with the most toys but to help kindle the flame of Freedom, to be an
example to the rest of Man to emulate, to even improve on. They write, make
videos, pass out flyers, get on the low powered nearly unnoticed college radio
station week after week. They wage a herculean struggle against the socially
engineered apathy, resignation, and most of all, the FEAR of nearly everyone
around them. Apathy enough to tune out the in-our-face treason, resigned
enough to settle for perhaps enjoying the weekend ball game as the sum of
one’s purpose, fearful enough to forget that together, united as one voice they
still have the power to say NO!

This collective psychological surrender is what those hundreds of thousands of

Patriot Americans struggle against. You think for one second they don’t reckon
with the certain knowledge that they’re playing with fire by speaking out? I
know for a fact I struggle with that FEAR of futility, of being brutally and
permanetly silenced.

Yet, we still lay their hands on the keyboard. Grab the latest bunch of flyers,
our camcorders, sit by the mikes and at their assigned time thousands of
people listen to them for the Truth, hoping that they remain on the air, that
they don’t burn out and quit, or worse be silenced by massah state.


It rules our lives, our thoughts.

FEAR has shaped us, molded us into worker bees for massah corporation and

massah state. Molded us into overseers. Molded some of us into resisting being
enslaved by massah by either criminal activity or practically accepting a vow of
poverty and a perpetual set of crosshairs on our foreheads by assuming the
lonely, despised title of Patriot.

FEAR is what most Americans grow up with. FEAR of being hit by Mom and Dad.
FEAR of being punished by those entrusted with what’s known as “education”.
FEAR we’ll violate some infraction and suffer the wrath of authority… which
dovetails nicely into the slots massah state and massah corporation had
planned for us all along. FEAR that, if we’re not “productive citizens” that not
only will we not partake in the cruel, increasingly fleeting mirage known as the
er, “American Dream”, that we’ll even wind up as homeless, or common

FEAR of exclusion-which the homeless and common criminals face every day.
Of being socially exiled into a underclass in a nation trained by college
“educated” social scientist to both think in terms of class, status and at the
same time hold oh so desperately onto the mortgage, the no interest lease on
the family land yacht, the slave labor made baubles that once upon a time,
fucking Americans made for themselves!

Yeah, if you’ve followed my writings at http://freedomguide.blogspot.com

www.apfn.org http://indymedia.org and now at www.rumormillnews.com I’ve
written repeatedly and at times excessive length about how enslaved we are.

Enslaved by a century of government and corporate policy in how we gain our

sustenance, how we shelter, clothe and feed ourselves. Enslaved by the
opinions and thoughts of others that out of deliberately engineered childish
ignorance we adopt as our own because it came out of that electronic narcotic,
the TV.

Most of all, we’re enslaved by simple, craven FEAR. Animalistic, natural FEAR
of being dependent on a inherently evil system, of losing what little we’re
permitted by it. And that reaction is counted on by those social scientists that
prostitute themselves to the beast, to massah state and massah corporation.

We are owned by massah, slave-mind, body and soul. That is the root of your
FEAR-that you’re really a slave.

Well, you are. So am I.

We’re property; our birth certificates are filed with the goddamn federal
department of commerce!

Massah state owns the land your mortgaged home sits on. Want to dispute that,
try not paying the rent-er, property tax for a single year. Try it and then you

can experience just how wonderful being dirty, hungry, cold and a constant
target of thugs and thug cops is.

We have millions of miles worth of PUBLIC ROADS we paid taxes to create, yet
we have to apply to massah state for permission to use them with a car that
they can revoke at any time.

We have a Constitutional Right to Bear Arms except where prohibited by law

and by what type.

More and more places you can’t smoke. Social drinkers become the target of
DUI law racketeering that feeds back to the court, the prison system and the
lobbyists that get a piece of that action.

Nazi-ass “political correctness” chokes free debate-there are certain subjects

that can get you labeled a “racist” or “radical” or “kook”. You know which
ones; like the FACTS about 9/11, or how many people really died in Nazi
concentration camps during World War II, or who really shot Kennedy. People
have literally been imprisoned for saying the wrong thing.

Want to exercise your religion? Better be a minority because the nazi-assed

ACLU will jump down your throat for any “public displays” if you’re a
mainstream Christian. Have a church? That had better be registered by the
internal revenue service if you want it tax free-and then there’s “political
activity” that you’re prohibited from engaging in.

You can forget about a fair trial even if the enemy doesn’t declare you a
“terrorist” and “rendition” you to a foreign country to be tortured.

All your other Constitutional Rights are simply not recognized by massah-and do
you even know what the hell they are?! When’s the last time you read YOUR
Bill of Rights?

We have what’s bullshitted to us as a representative government yet most of

these clowns are related to each other by ancient bloodlines. It’s the truth:
Google BURKE’S PEERAGE. They certainly act like royalty spending our money
and at the same time stealing our rights until we’re now keeping quiet in
honest fear we’ll be picked up on suspicion of terrorist activity. And spend the
rest of our lives being tortured for that suspicion.

You’re afraid all the above and a lot more are true, which is why you willfully
hide from facing the terror every day. Just keep working fo’ massahs an’ bide
your time for the weekend where you can hit the bar or watch the game or
take that road trip or whatever else nonsense you keep yourself occupied with
to unwind while your nation-OUR NATION-is systematically destroyed.

Guess what slave? Things will never, ever get better until you make up your
mind to face your FEAR.

Nothing of consequence to restore what’s been stolen from us will be gained

until we are willing to sacrifice our comfort, our very lives in order regain our

That means facing our FEAR.

Funny thing about “fear”, it’s like a schoolyard bully; it’s a real menance, and
looks like it’ll crush your ass and go grab a six pack for all it’ll think of you. You
face it down and give it a good asskicking and it don’t come back.

Oh, the troubles will certainly still be there but it’s the FEAR that is the central
pillar that supports the structure of tyranny that keeps you and me enslaved.
Yes massah state and massah corporation are formidable but take away that
central, supporting pillar of FEAR and their whole house comes crashing down
upon them. It’s just that massah’s still in business because not enough people
have faced their ingrained fear down.

How do you face down your FEAR?

Good question, because the answer’s different with every individual.

Some will FEAR having to change their views… okay a lot of people will. Fools
of all ages, vocations and colors hold onto their timeworn prejudices like family
heirlooms. If you consider your great grandpa’s ball and chain from slavery a
priceless heirloom you could make that argument.

For what? You really think, white people, that to keep hating blacks is going to
lift you out of your home grown third world hellhole called Appalachia? Or save
your dying Middle America-murdered by the same pack of blueblooded traitors
that run our nation into the ground like it’s a birthright?

You really think, black, that every white person’s a Klan member? You KNOW
how fucked up America is, the shafting that’s the real deal. You think blame all
whiteys is going to lift you out of the home grown third world hellhole called
the inner city? Or save your dying dream of making it in Middle America-
murdered by the same pack of blueblooded traitors that run our nation into the
ground like it’s a birthright?

You really think, latino, that you’re going to pull off this “reconquista”
daydream-or at least get even from those greedy enough to exploit you for
seven bucks a day(is it lower?) You think-considering you pull off the impossible
and make it past all the millions of Americans who will fight you to the bitter
end, and make a blood enemy for generations to come-that this “Aztlan” is

going to get you Freedom? Prosperity? Consider whose running the campaign;
all they want is a empire of their own so they too can exploit you for seven
bucks a day.

See the hustle of race hatred? It’s perpetrated by the very people you’re
taught-programmed-to look up to. They try to frame America in the ideal of
race or even to a safe point for them, class. Those are lies-America is a IDEAL
of Freedom brought into reality. Freedom is for everyone and while THIS
America has truly betrayed Freedom, has done it’s utmost to kill it and get
away with it, OUR America will rise again… or could if you’d get over your

Maybe loss of your most cherished hatreds isn’t your problem… maybe it’s what
you think you have:

Some will FEAR losing what they perceive as their friends. Americans make
“friends” way too easily so they don’t value people, just like they’re trained to
not value anything else. What you need to truly fear is not having anything you
hold precious, that means something. What in your miserable lives is worth
more than living free in a land clean of toxicity, in a society that upholds that

Some will FEAR losing their jobs, their lifestyle-your lifestyle’s slavery! Wake
the hell up and know that the five percent of the fruits of your labors massah
corporation kicks to you for all your sweat and tears, government takes half,
and your mortgage, car loan and credit cards bills take the rest. All of it
benefiting a few thousand way too rich old white men that control the
corporations, the government. What is it about being dependent on massah is
more attractive than freeing yourselves from their chains and learning how to
sustain yourself and work for yourself?

A whole lot will FEAR the time and effort it will take liberating yourself-it
might mean missing your favorite shows on TV. Thirty seconds into watching
that damn thing your mind essentially falls into a sleep-like state… so ask
yourself what is it about allowing our enemies to literally PROGRAM you that is
worth more than taking time away from TV worship to waging a peaceful

…While we still have a political system we can affect change with?

Some will FEAR losing what they reckon as their “freedom”. First off, you know
you’re really not Free; otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far! To massah
state you’re sure as hell not free to:


*work one’s profession
*bear arms in defense of one’s self and theirs
*conduct business
*buy or sell

without massah’s tax or license. Certainly not without the blessings of massah’s
army of bureaucrats and agents and thugs who exploit that we won’t stand for
our rights. Certainly not unite with others being oppressed like cr*ckers or n!
ggers or b&aners who’s being crushed by massah when they get uppity.

And certainly, everyone will FEAR losing their lives. Know this: your body’s
genes will make more mistakes than can be fixed and you’ll wear out, but you,
your soul is eternal. Everyone’s going to face death someday and the only cure
for that is to have a purpose from God to set things right. Again:


And no I’m not talking about that bucktooth douche Joel Osteen’s self
indulgent me generation pandering garbage. You people have had enough of
being made to feel good. You feel so good it’s killing you; everyone going
through bankruptcy now, or are gonna, you think they don’t regret not facing
reality before the party ended?

Your party will end too. You know this, otherwise like I stated, you wouldn’t
have read this far.

I’ll spell your purpose out to you: it’s to help reclaim the America we’ve all let
go of for the false promises that have made you a debt slave. That have made
you forget one of the most important lessons of history… you can’t count on
your enemies to respect what’s yours. It takes fire and spilled blood and
inflicting unbearable tragedy and death to secure what’s yours. And yes, that’s
NOT a lesson taught in the state run publik skools and the megacorporate
owned media and cultural outlets. Teaching Freedom doesn’t make for good

Two centuries ago brave men, some of them rich, gave all to gain Freedom. I
have some examples here, cribbed from a favorite book of mine, Hologram of
Liberty: Signers of the Declaration of Independence…

FRANCIS LEWIS had his home burned and his wife tortured by the British for two
years. She died shortly after her release.

JOHN HART’S home was looted and burned, his ailing wife died and his 13
children scattered. He eluded capture by sleeping in caves.

The 1,000 acre estate of LEWIS MORRIS was ransacked and burned. His home
was destroyed, his cattle butchered, and his family driven off.

RICHARD STOCKTON was imprison and repeatedly beaten at the brink of

starvation. His home was destroyed, his papers burned.

CARTER BRAXTON saw virtually every merchant ship he owned sunk or

captured. He was forced to sell off his land.

THOMAS NELSON, JR. led 3,000 Virginia militia against the British. Redcoats
took refuge in his own home, so he turned a cannon on it.

Doesn’t sound like you or me does it?

I’ll tell you the truth: the only difference between them and us is they realized
that there are Ideals worth fighting for that are more precious than their own
loved ones lives. That to struggle for a Future of their own design is worth
more than all the gold, all the land and businesses and ships and goods they
could ever hope to acquire. www.hermes-press.com has some more
philosophical thoughts about the greater need of humanity has to overcome
one’s own intolerable losses. Yes the struggle for Freedom will get this ugly.

Order Hologram of Liberty at www.javelinpress.com learn how a pack of

bankers and lawyers hijacked the American Revolution-OUR Revolution and
turned it into the beast we all struggle with every day. Then order Boston’s
Gun Bible.


Yes-a SMART, hopefully PEACEFUL Revolution but I’m not counting on our
enemies to be peaceful.

See, elements in government actually WANT a armed uprising of some kind

after they’re done using this country up to forge their “new world order”.
Collapse the economy when the Americans are no longer needed or wanted as
consumers and soldiers.

Being without the knowhow to fight properly or even just to survive, millions
will starve helpless. Millions more will throw themselves blindly at government
forces, guns at their hips blazing away wasting ammo as the TV taught them
that gosh, the good guys shot this way and the bullets hit the bad guys why
ain’t this work-ugh.

Millions more will toady up to their enslavers, now fully unveiled for the beasts
they are hoping for another piece of bread to fuel their starving bodies in
another day of abject slavery.

Yes, millions will die when the financial props holding the corpse of America’s
economy are kicked out from under us… with all the factories gone, everyone a
debt slave to keep up the appearances of prosperity, our military stretched to
a breaking point so it’ll destroy itself destroying the rest of the planet… So that
means learning some basic trades, like repair work, metallurgy, agriculture.
Google Lindsay’s Technical Books, spend a couple hundred bucks and then find
something that matches your temperment. Kurt Saxon also has some good info
in his Survivor series-order that at www.survivalplus.com . Also, check out
www.survivalblog.com for a lot more articles.

As for guns… violence will be unavoidable-it’s the enemy’s plan and sooner or
later somebody will snap and wage war on the government. At that point
martial law plans will be implemented and that hapless rebel will be used as a
domestic Osama Bin Ladin-a straw man to justify the government finally being
honest in how much they hate us. All the patriots who think just buying some
gun show special SKS, some clips and taking their marksmanship lessons from
the TV set are going to be easy pickings for all the over testosteroned
psychopathic cops and agents massah state has been psyching up for decades…
to take YOU out.

More fools tricked into thinking they’re superior for some stupid neo-marxist

So if you want to stand a chance, learn how to shoot. Go to www.rwva.org the

Revolutionary War Veterans Association. Keep the rhetoric to yourself and
concentrate on learning how to shoot. Then hit a gun show to buy
unpapered(unregistered to the government) firearms and ammo and TRAIN.
SWAT shoots a thousand rounds a week in training-what’s your excuse, Real
World Denver on?

Make five quality friends that you can depend on with your life. Make them
EARN your friendship for a change-hopefully they’ll do likewise. Fast “friends”
will become fast enemies when everything is gone.

Get a mountain bike and extra chains and innertubes. The fuel will be cut off.
Be prepared to abandon your worldly goods and become a nomad to stay Free.

Stock up on hand tools, basic 19th and 20th century technical books, basic
foodstuffs, seeds. This society’s designed to implode easily so you’ll have to
sustain yourselves. Get land near a small town with adequete mix of goods and
services well away from the highways and cities. Start growing your own food.

Learn a basic trade or three or more. Survival won’t be the best hunter,
trapper, or nut gatherer it’ll be the person who can weld, machine, cook,
repair, shoot or train others to do likewise.

Go for some road trips. Find some abandoned homes half collapsed, or some
caves nobody uses. It could be in the country on in some cracked out ‘hood.
You might piss off massah and will have to make a run for it.

Find a militia unit on the internet and train with them, learn. Do it now while
you still can associate relatively freely.

of poisons into us to make us dull and lazy. Eating organic as God intended will
clean you out-I speak from personal experience.

Learn how your local government works, who runs it, and look for ways to take

I could go on all day but the Revolution must be a peaceful one if possible. Go
to my blog, look up Message to Mr. and Mrs. America, it’s my basic plan to
retake our nation peacefully through self reliance and team work in taking over
government from the grassroots.

But the Revolution must first start in your heart. You must face down your
faults, your prejudices, your FEAR before you’re able to stand against the
coming storm and be counted as worthy of Freedom.

You can’t-you won’t-be able to stand unless you’re truly right with God.

Don’t’ roll your eyes I’m not talking about joining a church. In fact I say avoid
them. They preach lies and being IRS approved will get down on both knees for
massah state.

No, your true church is in your heart, your soul. Jesus said the Kingdom of God
is within.

Ever take the time to just tune everything else out and just feel your heart?

Hint: that’s where Our Father lies. Take time, make some silence, or just
cruise in your car that’ll work and just listen.

Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be changing your diet, you’ll be exercising, stop
watching TV.

You might even start figuring out your true talents, and what it would take to

do what you’re meant to do.

You might even stop working so much at massah corporation’s peon job-
which’ll cut into your shopping budget but you’ll be selling off all that crap
you’ve accumulated as a salve.

You might even start challenging all those “authority figures” you’ve been
trained to think are good in spite of being so rough. You might start thinking
“no they’re not overworked they’re just assholes” and fight for your rights.

You might start going to websites like www.awrm.org,

www.americanminuteman.net and www.rwva.org and start asking for advice
on how to properly arm up. You might start hitting all those evil gun shows,
start looking for tables with prices with no cents or “private seller” signs. You
might start acquiring a couple good firearms like a FAL, HK-91 type, or M-14, a
dozen or more magazines, web gear to hold your mags, spare parts and all the
cased surplus .308 you can lay your hands on. And a good fighting scope and
mount. You might sign up for an Appleseed shoot and learn how to use your
new purchase properly out to 500 yards(if not more!)

You might actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You might start
going to your local city council meetings, and quickly becoming the local
political hacks worst nightmare. You might start raising awareness of others-
not all at once because that didn’t work for you either and the person who
tried came off as a babbling kook… but only because you were so ignorant.

No, you might start at points the average ignorant FEARFUL ‘murikan can relate
to, like how jobs have become America’s number two export(behind weapons
and wars)and how illegals are imported to further depress your slave wages.
Then you might go into how corporations are run and how the CEO’s and the
Boards of Directors are also on other corporations and subsidiaries Boards,
revealing how all the corporations really do work in lockstep.
www.theyrule.net gives a graphic Flash presentation.

You might go further next time you talk with your mark and talk about how
those CEO’s are all lawyers and not only that, of old line royal blood, and how
their cousins and whatnot also dominate national and state politics like it was
their royal birthright. You might go on and state with all that power that they
control how these “royals” could NOT POSSIBLY REFUSE TO RIG THE RULES TO

You might start telling your new friend just how fearful he’s become-how fear
has been inoculated into his very psyche by the very centrally controlled
American culture. How FEAR controls him, rules him. Or her. You might even
go so far as to state the only way to get rid of your FEAR is to face it, with
COURAGE-and that you’ve found the only source for that in a nation of fearful

sheep is by communing in a quiet place directly with God, Our Father.

You might make some new friends. Together, you might start training together
as one of those (gasp)UNDERGROUND militia units. You might start becoming
active in your local town’s politics; getting candidates for all the offices and
aldermen. You might run on a platform of radical reduction in taxes and
revelation of your town's true finances with the Consolidated Annual Financial
Report www.cafr1.com which shows where your tax dollars truly go to make
more cash by investing in massah corporation(they and massah state truly are
one and the same!) That and ending corruption and firing bully cops.

You might win. You might actually keep your election promises and turn your
town into a example of Freedom. The People might actually become inspired,
make pilgrimages to breathe some Freedom into their starved souls, and
inspired replicate what you’ve done in their community.

You might be the one who starts a snowball of profound political change-a
political revolution of many individuals and parties working together to secure
a common goal; the bottom-up transformation of the American political
structure to what the common folk of the First American Revolution fought and
died for-and had cruelly stolen from them by the ancestors of the bankers and
lawyers that have been laying siege to Our America for the past 220 years!

You might be able to do all that-but only if you will face your FEAR! Only with
God given COURAGE to say NO MORE! and be willing to sacrifice as our
forefathers did will you and your children have a chance to live Free.

If you’re on the internet here’s a quick test of how willing you are to struggle
for your Freedom; go to Edit, click SELECT ALL, then click COPY. Go to all your
favorite message boards and whatnot and PASTE this essay, or some other
essays that inspire you. Or COPY and PASTE the link from wherever you read
this. Or, if this doesn’t quite do the job PLEASE write something that will! I
don’t write these essays for myself, but for the hope that people will learn to
overcome their FEAR. That everyone will in their own way lead themselves and
us all to Freedom.

J. Croft


J. Croft

Hello, how are you doing today Mr. and/or Mrs. America.

Are you content, satisfied with your life and all the toys you've hocked the rest

of your life's labor for? Does your work at that megacorporation you bust your
hump for fulfill your desires?

Do you have enough time for your loved ones with all the bills you have to
make? Be able to give them the love and attention and guidance we all need?
Do you even have energy to spend a few minutes to play catch? Read a book?
Share a hard-learned life lesson to them, so they can do better than you? How
'bout a hug?

Do you have enough to live on-even so much you don't have to borrow? Can you
enjoy a trip somewhere for the weekend-you can get away from that office and
your barely human overseer-er, manager, can't you? Do you have anything to
set aside for, in case of your car breaking down, or you lost your job?

Do you feel at ease with the society you live in? The increasingly difficult
struggle to make ends meet, the invasion of illegals, the ever increasingly
choking presence of law enforcement, the decreasing availability of quality
jobs you can live on? Can you honestly say to yourself that all the advertising,
all the programming in the magazines, the papers, the television-that push for
you to just consume, consume, consume and for God's sakes don't ask hard
questions-that doesn't bother you as you sink ever deeper into debt trying to
live up to expectations?

Do you go to church? Do you watch those televangelists on TV? Are you at ease
with what they preach-restricted as they are by their 501c(3) corporate status
that restricts how and what they can talk about if they want to retain their
tax-free status? Did you know that under corporate status they are regulated by
the Internal Revenue Service as far as political speech, social issues, and
anything that may be construed as "anti-government" and get shut down?
Reading that, do you think they would tell the truth about what's going on,
even in their own ranks? Is it okay to ignore the outright use of religion like a
truck stop whore to push for more war, more murder of God's creation-your
fellow Human Beings?

Do you think your public servants are truly there to protect you? That they'd
honor your Constitutional Rights, and never target you for speaking your mind
about what's wrong? Do you think your tax burdens at approaching 50%, are fair
and just? That all the laws, the YARDS of bookshelves filled with the U.S. Code,
that the bureaucrats and lawyers generate are there to preserve our liberties
and our way of life? That you can take a politician's election night promises as
gospel truth? That they're all altruists, and don't have any ulterior designs for
more power?

Do you trust the police without question-that those that accuse the cops of
abuse of authority and brutality are liars or just wrong? That cops are really
there to protect us all, from the poorest to the richest? That when they pounce

on you on the roads out nowhere, charging at you at dangerous speeds and
making you jump and temporarily lose control of your vehicle, that it's just to
look out for you?


You're in danger-you, I, and every other American-of losing it all. Already being
content and satisfied with our lives and our society has become a dim memory,
a fleeting wish. Nostalgia. We can't possibly be content when we have to work
much harder for much longer hours, for much less to live on. Our jobs, our
labors only satisfy and enrich the mega rich we work for.

We work for others, and most of the fruits of our labors go to others-if not the
mega rich who own/control the megacorporations then the government, in all
it's manifestations and taxes. For us, a small pittance; enough for us to make
that monthly payment on that debt millstone called a mortgage. Auto loans,
credit cards-that we're programmed as "consumers" to enter into like lemmings,
like idiots when we see something advertised on the TV-that electronic
narcotic. It is a narcotic because watching the boob tube for more than a few
seconds stimulates your right brain into producing pleasure hormones, even if
you're watching a crap ass reality tv show.

Yes we've been made into idiots, admit it. Our education system is not made to
educate, it indoctrinates with just enough educating for us to read the big
lettered offers on loans and credit. Just enough education to ignore the fact
that that offer comes with terms of payment on the fine print that'd make a
loan shark envious. Just enough education for us to not question where exactly
we got that impulse to buy that bigger TV, or that bigger SUV half of us can't
seem to handle on the road. (hint, the idea probably came from that TV you
want to replace with a plasma screen) Critical thinking, an awareness of our
history, a basic sense of right and wrong-what's that to you as you heed the
battle cry: "Let's go to the mall!"

So, we're consuming idiots for what little compensation we're allotted for our
labors. And the sorry excuse for the money we use seems to have less and less
purchasing power year after year. Yet we work ourselves all the harder to keep
up the programmed expectations of having that bigger plywood and sheet rock
home, the cars, and all the other junk sold to us by our American Idol, the TV.
Television's the source of our programmed desires, our beliefs as modern day
Americans. And that TV's content is created by a interlocking network of
basically a handful of megacorporations-owned by a few rich old white men.
The gatekeepers that somehow sing the same tired tune on up to 150 channels.
Same WAY too rich old white men who benefit from the status quo as the
government… the status quo that's killing you. Rigging the economies of the
world so you're forced to work yourself to death(if they haven't sent that work
to Mexico, China, or India). Work so much you wind up alienating your spouse,

your children, making them dependent on the TV set for the attention you're
denying them.

That's the slow death; there's also the quicker, more painful death that we're
increasingly at risk from, thanks to generations of traitors that we've allowed
to run this great nation of ours. Traitors are everywhere folks!

Traitors who know that when you put tax and regulatory barriers to
entrepeneurs, when you ship good, even decent wage paying jobs overseas you
force people out on the street when they can't make their mortgage or rent
because they have to eat. Or when you steal their legal livelihoods you create

These traitors are everywhere you find power, and it's all because we've
ALLOWED ourselves to be put to sleep by the TV and that chimera pushed as
the American Dream and all it's petty trinkets that has only pushed us into
chains of debt slavery to their banks!

So who are these traitors? How are they so powerful that they can manipulate
generations of people like this? As far as I've been able to determine by study,
"they" are a group of interbred-inbred really-megarich, violent sociopathic
bluebloods who literally think they own the world and that their actions to
literally dismantle America and the World, are just consolidating their power.

You may have read or heard rumors about their names: Rockefeller, Rothschild,
Bush. You'll occasionally hear about their organizations like the Council on
Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones.
I'm sorry to say the rumors are true, and they're the rich old white men who's
lackeys acting as the cultural and media gatekeepers made the title "conspiracy
theorist" a slur even worse than "enviromentalist wacko", "right wing extremist"
or "n*gger".

Sounds crazy to you? Want to stop reading? Want to label these words as the
products of one of those conspiracy types: the kind who run around in
cammies, toting gun show special tec-9's, picking their nose, oogling their
kinfolk, and claiming microchips are implanted up their ass?

Ever ask yourself where that automatic impulse to make those snap
judgements, to think those thoughts without any consideration of their truth
came from?

The culture. More specifically that TV you spend hours in front of. And, thanks
to that electronic narcotic you paid hundreds for at a nice interest, and forty
bucks a month for the cable, you're conditioned so that when someone
presented by "them" is labeled a "conspiracy theorist", you immediately
discount anything he or she has to say, no matter how true.

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince people that he doesn't
exist. "They" have done the same thing; owning all the levers of human power,
they get their dupes to get their dupes, dupes to implant in the media they
directly control that conspiracies are for kooks, not kids or anyone else.

Someone brings up valid critiques of how the Warren Commission report was
pure crap? Have Peter Jennings host a crap ABC News Special using patently
erroneous data, or the Mythbuster dorks go by that erroneous data and staged
a patently botched and biased test.

Government story on 9/11seem like lies? (and they really are lies)All the media
you're likely to take in outside of the internet will paint the same brief story;
we "weren't prepared somehow" the greatest military power in history: then
show the World Trade Center go down, and then cut in with some video of our
troops on some wild goose chase in the middle east. More people question it?
Have your stooge who controls Popular Mechanics do a purge of his writing and
editorial staff and do a state approved whitewash.

Here's a example that you'll have to relate to: ever wonder where all the jobs
went? You'd think there wasn't a problem at all except you not consuming more
by watching the teleprompter readers at CNBC having a heart attack about
America having a "service economy"(financial traitors like them and their
masters getting rich hustling their share to your dumb ass at peak prices).
Meanwhile, you want any pictures of what their treasonous service economy
has done to deindustrialize America: if you're too cowardly to roll through
Detroit, LA, Buffalo, Flint, NYC, or Pittsburgh, try hitting the temp services, or
catch a Feed the Children special at 1am.

But hey; the TV's never lied to me!

There are conspiracies folks. And America's got the greatest tangle of them
controlling our very perceptions of reality. "They" really are in control; the
puppetmasters, the hidden hands of history, they've used as many front
organizations and bad guys(and "good guys") as required to:

1)Keep Human Civilization repressed and ignorant, and dependent on their

institutions, their resources and technologies. Why else would we be stuck with
20mpg SUV's after a hundred years? Explain the crappy space shuttle that takes
a minor miracle to complete a mission? Explain Microsoft?

2)Occasionally cull this "herd" with wars pitting their front men against each
other-using us all as their cannon fodder.

It's a hidden history. A good primer can be found going through the articles at
Rense.com. Also, go to silver-investor.com and look up their archives;

specifically the articles by Charles Savoie about the Pilgrim Society. Also
infowars.com and rumormillnews.com are good background sources on "they".

They're the "they"-and "they" have been sucessful in hiding their agenda for
generations. As you'll find out, "they" have long ago infiltrated universities-
where our educators, our lawyers, our sucessful businessmen, our politicians,
our military commanders, our bureaucrats, our media gatekeepers go through.
They go through college and from day one are comprehensively and
systematically brainwashed in a ideology that turns high school kids into
unthinking elitist puppets. Puppets who've been twisted into pushing whatever
part of the Agenda they've been trained for. Slaves.

…Yet, these puppets, these robots, these slaves, they either have no ideal what
they're helping to push or they've become so twisted by the traitors, they're
now traitors themselves.

Our Educators-most of them so far up Karl Marx's ass they couldn't be surgically
separated. They push a vague form of American brand socialism that's created
the colossus of government choking us like kudzu. They're trained to churn out
all the unknowing and knowing socialists that comprise all the other classes of
college graduates, who take socialism as American as apple pie.

…And almost none know of the treasonous programming they indoctrinate us


Our Lawyers-who also become our judges and politicians. They're also trained
in this anti-American socialism and push for more laws, more regulations
drafted by their "comrades" and enforce these tyrannies on us all. And charge
us hundreds of dollars a hour to be represented by them in their courts. Where
they steal more of our hard earned money with judgements of fines and
confiscation and jail time.

…And almost all are aware that "they" want it to be like this, and if they want
the power and the petty comforts being their tools allots them, they will
continue to oppress their fellow man with this insidious form of slavery.

Our Businessmen-churned out by business schools, they manage the massah's

megacorporations that market us to death with their shoddy products that
don't last or become obsolete, and poison our air, land and waters in the
process. Poison us as well. These megacorporations have taken over
everything, and driven private entrepeneurs, family farms, and flag waving
American companies out of business or overseas. They're interlocked so in
essence they're one vast incorporation-that's owned in part by the Federal
Government when their stocks collapse and the government goes in and buys
the stocks to keep Wall Street going! A many-faced monopoly that mutually
owns each of it's components, a devious form of communism but with a Armani

suit. These corporate suits, these traitors think nothing of cozying up to a
tyrannical federal government, and advancing the beast's agendas. Just think-
their labors help steer the slave galley all of us are cooped up in as we're
pushed to row faster and faster for less bread and water.

…And all have long ago sold out to the beast so they can have that wannabe
mansion in that gated community.

Our Military and Police-deserving to be lumped together because they've

become one Habeus Corpus violating entity. Our armies "peacekeep" and
enforce government will like cops, and our cops are suiting up like punk ass
ninjas with military ordnance and armored vehicles, like they were the a-team.
Strutting around on a power trip many of these people are nothing but puppets,
many of whom who have no ideal what freedom is and how precious it is, go
about enforcing the massah's many, many enslaving edicts as if on a mission
from God. Open season on average citizens to harass and intimidate? Taser
little kids repeatedly and cuff em' up? Knock around some(fill in preferred
slur)? Ambush folks after the bar even though they're driving safely? Expose
decent citizens to the homosexual rape palaces known as our prisons for
exercising their Constitutional recognized Rights to Free Speech, Assemble,
Petition for Redress of Grivences, and Bearing Arms for our God-Given Right of
Self-Protection? No problem, just another day taking out the trash. Many of
them would literally wear a swastika armband as long as they get to carry that
badge and gun and mess with ordinary folks all day.

…And one day, a few of these traitors in black will have their jackboot on your
throat, or pump fifty thousand volts of electricity into your kids or your
grandmother. Maybe they'll just pump 'em full of lead.

Our Bureaucrats-a lot of them think they're serving "the public" but to a
bureaucrat(or a cop)it's a nebulous term that envelops the People, yet at the
same time doesn't include us as Individuals. Really, it's more of a synonym with
the State, which has in America grown into the greatest socialistic tumor in
history. Global in reach now, it's self-imposed borders of authority entrench
themselves deeper and deeper into American life like kudzu. Kudzu's a plant
that was imported from Japan into the South that not only grows at a
prodigious rate, choking all around it, it's roots can extend down to a hundred
feet-bogarting nutrients and sunlight from all around it. That's the American

…And our "public servants" serve this cancer in order to have a secure job, a bit
of that "good life" falsely promised to all of us if we just "went along". All at
the fifty percent tax burden you're forced to shoulder, and the unending
regulation of what's supposed to be a "free society".

Our Media-some of the most obnoxious socialists outside of a university

political science department work to shape our culture, our views, what we
buy, wear, drive, live in, think and say. They have vast power and have a
effective monopoly thanks to the megacorporations that own it. These house
slaves preach the supremacy of the state, the chimera known as the American
Dream that enslaves all that aspire for it in debt in a vain attempt to attain it.
And it's not like the trash they sell us is worth watching or reading or wearing-
there's literally all sorts of programming that keeps us asleep. Asleep to all the
traitors running around, destroying this great nation of ours. It also
subconsciously lowers our expectations of ourselves and others as our media's
insidious mediocrity is pushed as virtues, and it's hurt us so badly. Few anymore
even think about excelling, because a People who think about excellence also
tend to think about things like Freedom and Prosperity. No. "They" can't have
that so part of the literal programming of our TV softened minds is the lifting
up of being mediocre. Just do your job good enough to keep it. Play on the
weekend. Obey the laws without so much as a thought of protesting their
justness in a supposedly free society.

…And they all know the real scandals, the buried bodies, the missing, the
abuses of power. And also they also know it's suicidal to try and expose the
corruption we've all let metasize in this country.

…And yes-there are good folks still, in all of these controlled institutions, but
they're in the minority-pining away just like you for a hero to save the day.

There isn't a organization existing now that'll do that. The Republican Party
machine has been taken over by a pack of people either planning armageddon
so they can get to heaven or want to profit off the manufacturing of war
materials. The Democrats would do the same thing, only under a United
Nations government that would make ours, as bad as it is, look like a paragon
of small governance.

There isn't a person in power that'll do that now. Remember JFK? He started
making noise about pulling out of Vietnam, détente with the Soviet Union, and
dismantling the Federal Reserve-and he got blasted in broad daylight. He sure
as hell ain't riding back from his grave on a white horse, and neither is anyone
else gonna jump on that pony ride, or in a red striped black van that's gonna
save the day for you. Mr T ain't gonna bitchslap some sense into the cops
before they taser the next toddler acting out because she hates that crappy
day care center she's stuck in by her overworked parents. Face Man isn't gonna
run for Congress and win, and singlehandedly push laws through to dismantle
all the agencies and their agents that choke Americans and their efforts.
Hannibal Smith isn't going to your kid's university and chase all the idiot marxist
professors out by firing his assault rifle at their feet. And Howling Mad Murdoch
sure as hell isn't going to steal a Army gunship and use all those traitorous
CEOs, bankers and politicians rolling in their limos for target practice.

It's going to be up to us. You. We are going to have to be our own heros. We
are the ones ultimately who are responsible for our society by our actions and
inactions, definitely, and so it's up to us to clean it up.


I know your frustration. Struggling against a entire society going "wheee" as it's
flushed down the toilet is a daunting challenge, and from what you've been
taught in those public schools and the TV you've gotten "their" message that the
only thing to do is to go with the flow. Those are lies.

It's also a lie there isn't a thing you can do about it. There's EVERYTHING you
can do, you've never been shown a concrete plan of resistance and victory.
Read on, if you truly desire Freedom.

What you can do as an Individual

Before an athlete can compete in a game he must be in his best possible shape.
To win the war for our freedom, you too must be in the best possible shape-
physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. You must clean up your own
house before you can clean up your neighborhood, so to do that you must clean

A house, a person is only as good as the foundation, and that foundation isn't in
your material wealth, your health, or the soundness of your mind. Your
foundation is your soul, for without righteousness, without truth or love,
nothing else you'll do will be certain. So let's start with:

God-in spite of what your pastor might've told you, or Pat Robertson, God
expects us to do battle against evil wherever we see it, especially in ourselves.
Love God and others like you do yourself-it's because we as Americans have
been conditioned into thinking strictly about ourselves, being selfish, and that
taking responsibility sucks that we're losing our nation. Love God, because He
loves you enough to have let you come into this world as a free agent, a Human
Being in a society of relative affluence-as corrupted as it is.

So,why did He make you as a American in 2005, and not a Brit or Russian or
Somalian or Iraqi? It sure as hell wasn't to await some "rapture" and let our
traitors destroy our planet and civilization. It sure as hell wasn't to damn 5
billion, seven hundred million people to death so YOU can have some imagined
get-out-of-the-apocalypse-free card. It sure as hell wasn't to pursue that
masterstroke of marketing called the "American Dream" of shoddy, imported
megacorporate junk.

No! We're here as Americans at the dawn of the 21st Century because God puts
us here for a purpose-to fight to get back the Nation and Freedoms our

ancestors fought for. To be equal under the law, free to do as one will without
harming others, with no corporate tools poisoning the enviroment, hypnotizing
us with their ceaseless advertisements, or having their lackeys push us into pre-
arranged wars of conquest. Taking back control over America's direction, stop
fighting bogus wars, and avert a global Holocaust that's slated to kill off most
of the human race.

A holocaust "they" have been laying the groundwork for at least the past
century if what I've studied about them is accurate. How else could the elites
turn around and progressively strip America of it's economic strength and
spread our forces out over the entire globe like a more insidious form of
imperialism. Almost all the nations of Earth have our troops stationed there.

And yet our borders are wide open. We have the greatest debt levels in history.
China was sold our nuclear weapons and high tech secrets by Clinton and Bush,
who took their money and invested in corporations who literally strip America
of it's industrial strength and ship it over to them. So have all of the super rich
living today.

Reading that, "their" game plan's obvious; one more ruinous global war-
between America and China. This time, America will not be victorious; we have
been used and abused and we shall be tossed to the side-violently. China will
probably still stand, but all the nations of Earth will be so ravaged by this
coming conflict, we'll all be ready to accept anyone's proposal to fix things.
And "they" have such a plan; you might have heard of it whispered, it's called
the "new world order". Which is nothing more than "them" controlling
everything and everyone through a choking high tech bureaucracy. America will
be broken up into a bunch of dependent states-resource colonies where the
remaining assets, the land, the trees, the minerals in the ground, our homes-
our very lives will be used as collateral to pay back the debts our leaders took
out as we all slept.

"They" have made a fatal mistake though. Fatal to them.

It may have been "their" true plans for America to use this nation to build a
"new world order", but in their hubris they unleashed ideals dangerous, lethal
to them; the expectations of Freedom and Prosperity. Because never before in
human history have there been such a codification of the Rights of Man as in
the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Religion,
Speech, Assembly, Bearing Arms, Secure in your Home and Property,
protections against self-incrimination, a speedy trial, bans on cruel and unusual
punishments, and strict boundaries on government authority with the
advantage going to the People.

Those ideals of Freedom come from God ultimately; why else would God make
us individuals, with free will? For those "founding fathers" however, who were

attributed with their origin, they owned and traded slaves. Washington,
Jefferson, Franklin-all had plantations and never freed their "property" while
they were alive. They were the elite-part of the "they" back in those days who
sought a "new atlantis", a mercantile empire. So, why the First Revolution? The
obvious answer, knowing history, is to provide the British elite with a eventual
enforcer state to spread and enforce their own fortunes through their
corporations, especially after "they" got done exhausting Great Britain proper
and make it a dependent state. They needed a excuse, to get the People to go
along with no longer being British subjects, but Citizens of a independent

So, in a conspiracy with elites in the British Homeland they staged a war that
constantly saw the British Army lose in European style warfare-just enough for
the third rate regular Colonial Army to survive and fight another day. For
cannon fodder "they" sought to recruit the common folks for their War of
Independence. Same common folks that they were constantly putting a squeeze
to in Colonial America by sewing up the legislatures and the laws, and rigging
the economics to benefit themselves-and keep everyone else dependent on
them. For these Colonial rich to get them to fight "they" had to inflict what's
known as the dialectic on them. The British Crown raises taxes and imposes
regulations on economics and travel beyond the Appalachian mountains on
people wanting a new life and opportunity, which frustrates some into open
revolt. Most just wanted the Empire to be reasonable but they were
unknowingly being herded into rebellion. A few "radicals" in league with "they"
take the rebellion to the next level. They in effect launched a civil war and
wrapped the whole cynical thing under the banner of Liberty.

"They" played a most dangerous game; unleashing those ideals to people

armed, to raise their expectations-to go from subjects to a king to being
virtually kings of themselves and the government the subject. "They" got their
American Revolution alright. It also took decades of fighting off a number of
rebellions after the war, against "their" foreclosing farms for debts, their taxes
on whiskey(which launched the federal agency ultimately known as the ATF)
and the imposition of the 1787 Constitution and Bill of Rights to put a leash on
what they unleashed from Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box is still open, however. No matter what their descendants have
done in using America as a tool for world domination, no matter how they've
used America as a whore for their designs, the concepts they've unleashed can
and will never be unlearned. And now, in 2005, it is up to you Mr. and Mrs.
America, to finish the American Revolution. Finish fighting these all too rich
elitists for our world.

That's why God's put you here, now. Not to have that job you prostitute
yourselves for, and yet not even see a tenth of the fruit of your labors for. Not
to have that mortaged-for-life five bedroom "mansion". Not to have that SUV

you can barely drive, or afford to gas. Not those 18%APR VISA cards you use to
get that garage full of crap you probably used maybe twice. Certainly not to
have obnoxiously authoritarian bureaucrats running around imposing yards
worth of books filled with regulations on every conceivable aspect of life so
that the People are mired in red tape. Or worse, stage murderous raids on
those seeking to be outside of their tyranny-tyranny they desecrate the
American flag with by wrapping their foul deeds in it.

You're here to forge a better world for you and your children. You're here to do
that by doing what's necessary to liberate America from the chains of the "soft"
slavery that bind us mind body and soul. Starving the corporate made consumer
culture of the demand for it's junk. Breaking the back of the government and
it's lackey corporations by denying it dollars in the form of taxes from what you
spend and what you report. In doing so stopping it in it's tracks from installing a
permanent police state here, and smashing third world nations over false

Fight, you must instead of fretting over what game to watch or what you're
gonna grill up for the weekend. But to do that you must be ready for the fight,
and the very first thing you've got to do is get right with God.

First, make some time to be alone, and with absolutely nothing going on but
your thoughts. No music, TV, or interruptions. Let all the stresses and worries
of your life slip away. Let your thoughts slip away until the only thing you feel
is your heart.

Your heart does more than pump blood. It feels, and those pangs of
consciousness, that voice that's told you to do the right thing-that's God talking
to you.

So pay attention to your heart and listen to what God has to say to you. Direct,
and not what some pastor or that scam artist Benny Hinn says God says.(I'd like
to see that blow dried creep follow Jesus' teaching and sell all he has, give the
proceeds to the poor, and quit with that ridiculous doo)

God's gonna surprise you, I'll warn you right now. Somehow you came across
this message, and somehow something inside you got you to read this message.
Guess what? That's God, and the good news is you listened so you're already on
the path. You got to keep going though, because you're already in a war
declared against you by the rulers of this sorry world. You're already in the
war, and further acquiescence, further submission to their evil is not only
futile, it should be insulting, shameful, degrading-beneath you! Dying? This
body dies, as does everyone's, but after that we're all in God's hands, and what
we-you do now and for the rest of your life in this world WILL matter.


We do what God would have us do. Reading the Bible, you'll find different
books and authors contradict each other a lot-a lot saying you should "obey
your masters and government" and whatnot. Consider who wrote what, because
if for nothing else it was men that put together the bible. Mostly the type that
are Roman Emperors, bloodthirsty conquerors looking to legitimize their
crimes, and false prophets who claim God sent them but turn around and
contradict everything.

So you have to consider what most likely came from God and Jesus and go from
there, weighing the author and his words against God. The closest that is would
be the Gospels at the beginning of the New Testament, although Christ didn't
write those. This is Christianity we're talking about, so assuming that the four
gospels containing Jesus Christ's words are accurate you weigh the rest of the
Bible on that.

So what does Jesus say we should do? We heal the sick, help the homeless find
a home, free the prisoners(and we're all prisoners on our own planet by the
way-think we Americans have it bad?), expand the frontiers of Freedom, fight
evil and prevail wherever we find it and crush the demons literally and
figuratively. Jesus DID all of that-and got executed for it!

But first we must be right. It's not important to God that you have a lot of junk-
in fact, a childish need for the trinkets the megacorporations push on us gets in
the way of the essentials of life. It IS important to God if you do right. So if
you're not to be trusted with secrets because you're a gossip, quit trash talking
about your neighbors who don't deserve it. If you borrow things and never
return them, that's stealing. If you don't spend time with your kids because
Survivor or American Idiot is on, well what's more important?

God wants us to love ourselves and love our people as ourselves. He also wants
our love as well, but religion, in service to "they", always wind up painting God
as a celestial crackhead frothing at the mouth for our suffering-when they're
not asking you to tithe. That's actually the devil's propaganda, a subliminal
message that makes God repellant to folks. What you get for a religion that's
been in the hands of evil men for two millennia.

No. God wants our love because God is love. And if you love, you'll express that
love as action. You'll defend yourself and yours; your family, your home, your
neighborhood, your town, your country and your culture. Only people who have
God are capable of this; those in positions of power certainly don't have God in
their hearts-why else would they attack us and destroy our lives as they do?

God wants you-needs you to do your part because you're already in a war for
yourself and your world. So you might as well join the battle.

The point is, if your heart ain't right you won't have the inner strength to
withstand what's coming, let alone resist it. You'll collapse, give up, take the
"easy" way out, betray your friends when things get tough. Being a traitor;
that's not something I'd want to carry around for eternity.

Next: learn what's really going on. You sure as hell won't learn it by watching
CNN or Fox. The internet's the way to go, as it's the last bastion of independent
voices that have a wide reach. Go to Rense.com as it's a warehouse of
information… how much of it's valid well, that's for you yourself to determine.
Take personal responsibility for what you believe in. Some other good sights
are DailyReckoning.com, Gold-Eagle.com, for straight talk about the economy.
Another website I would recommend you think about is RumorMillNews.com.

Start getting alternative views-a lot of them are right. You find out what's
going on, and while you're not on the internet: get the hell out of debt and that
slave wage job you're working like a chump. Most of the fruits of your labors
either your employer keeps or the government taxes away-and then like a
genius you turn around and spend what's left on crap you'll have to replace
because it's engineered to break down or otherwise become obsolete.

Now, you must take steps to prepare yourself financially; you can't get political
freedom if you're still dependent on the same economics that has you like a
mouse in a wheel for our enemies.

Stop buying crap you don't need! What you got should be fine. In fact you
probably got extra-sell it! Then, take that money and start paying off those
credit cards. At 18%, it makes me wish I owned a bank. You'll immediately
notice you have more money in your wallet.

Sell that SUV, and get a somewhat older decent car that you can pay for up
front: kiss that 300 a month loan payment goodbye! You can barely handle
driving that monstrosity anyway. There are auctions in the paper all the time,
giving you a even bigger savings. Having 300 bucks more a month not tied up in
debt payments gives you more options-like liberating yourself from debt.

Scale down your domicile; sell that huge house and that huge mortgage
payment for a smaller home that you can own free and clear. Having at least a
grand a month of cash to do as one needs is liberating.

The end result? You are debt free, with no obligations other than your taxes
and to feed and clothe you and yours. You're no longer stretched to the limit
trying to juggle bills. You, with a purpose and free time and money can now
take the next step; finding your purpose.

Economically freeing yourself, now you can ask this question: what's your
purpose? Well, what is it in your heart that you want to do? Not what career's

being promoted to get you to get training for. What is it that you've wanted to
do when you were/are a young adult?

Do it!

In doing it, and talking to God about it in your heart, you should be able to
discover what it is about it that will serve others. In effect, what you like doing
and how you're meant to do will in some way that help others. The larger
permutations and consequences you should leave up to God to worry about;
like I said, we're in a war and He's trying to set us free, not annihilate us, so we
have to have faith.

So you find your purpose(s) and in doing that with a debt free lifestyle you
should be able to make a living on it. You will have effectively a small business-
you'll get to keep all the fruits of your labors…

…wait, I gotta talk about taxes.

Having in effect a small business, you're required by the state to register as a

"corporation", report sales tax, and all the regulations bureaucrats love to lash
onto you to be permitted to operate. Reclaim your freedom; stay small, stay
hidden, deal strictly in cash or barter items or work. The state and it's
bureaucrats have long ago proven they don't deserve our tax dollars by the way
they've ruined living in America. Deny them the fruits of your labors, keep it
underground and black market. Starve them of money.

Furthermore, those dollars in your pocket, on your checks and in your

accounts-they're not really dollars at all; they're debt notes. IOU's denominated
in dollars by a private banking cartel that loans these insturments to the
government at interest. Our money is supposed to be gold and silver as
mandated by the Constitution, but until a economic crash occurs and the
dollar's printed into toilet paper this is but trivia.

But what isn't trivial is how we're all addicted into judging almost everything by
dollar worth. And it's through using these dollars that the state taxes and fines
us to death. No matter what we buy, there are taxes tied to it. So in your
dealings cut down on the usage of their funny money. Don't consume. Trade,
borrow, lend, barter among others who want to be free. Anything's preferable
to feeding the beast.

Next step to take to make yourself ready for the fight; life insurance. Not some
policy from a insurance firm, but preparations you take as being responsible for
yourself and yours. What are you preparing for? The shutdown of America and
it's way of life as a engine for consumption and debt based economics. As
you've discovered by your cutting back we Americans have been trained to be
the most hoggishly wasteful society in history. This was not by accident. With

our consumption comes cashflow for the megacorporations that set this system
up after WW2, so the logical outcome is the extreme wastefulness that goes on
today. We're trained to get the shiniest new junk they pump out, even at the
expense of a lifetime of debt slavery. We're dependent on being wasteful.

This wastefulness makes America extremely vulnerable; just cut off the flow of
oil and the flow of goods and services comes to a halt, and with most of us
living in urban sprawl with few outlets of basic goods within walking distance-
think of the August 2003 blackout, and picture it going on.

And on.

And on.

And on for weeks, months, probably years.

People will run out of food within a couple of weeks. Crime will skyrocket
before that, and when that last dusty can of green beans is consumed cold
desperation and panic will set in. And the blood will flow. Blood will flow-
probably from you if you're unprepared-when that low income neighborhood
next to yours starts running out of food.

That's just one scary scenario, and it's not even close to being the worst case.
Nuclear attack, a restaging of a 9/11 style operation, mass terror strikes using
stolen briefcase nukes, North Korea lobbing ballistic missiles at our cities. A
civil rights crisis involving abuse of illegal immigrants galvanizing the estimated
20 million illegals in America into reacting violently.

Then there's what the government will do when they drop the hammer on our
Constitution and Bill of Rights and institute Martial Law; think those ninja
suited madmen will stop at incinerating a few backwoods churches and cabins?

You've read this far so here are some things you can and must do to protect
yourselves physically:

Look at a map of the United States of America. You'll see all the major cities,
the clusters of suburban towns that cluster around them like grapes, and the
interstates that connect the urban areas like vines. Now, look at the clear
areas(not in the southwest, that's desert!) You'll find some areas pretty far
from the urban areas and interstates that have towns-move there, or have a
second home or relations, or even a trailer on a patch of cheap land. Those
towns, those rural areas will become the new redoubts of Freedom in America,
because "they" have their power in the major urban areas and military bases.
Seek towns that could survive a breakdown of the economy. Plus, they're cheap
to live in.

Have some spare fuel for your car-rotate it out every six months because
gasoline's formulated to break down. Get some 55 gallon barrels, some 5 gallon
jerry cans and a hand pump to have as a emergency reserve. Take the jerry
cans to the gas station and fill them up each time you gas your car, then fill
your barrels. Have your barrels in a separate shed, like a tool shed, and when
they're full, draw fuel from them to gas your car up and replenish as needed.
It's not to take advantage of price spikes, it's to have a emergency reserve.

Get a generator. A gasoline generator would be more compatable with your

fuel storage but lower powered. Diesel generators are more powerful and has
the advantage of there being a recipe for brewing a biofuel out of vegetable oil
generator however can power tools, a computer for internet access,
refrigerators-it's better having electricity than not having it of course.

Have what they used to call a pantry. Buy extra food you'll eat, and rotate that
out like I described with the gas storage. Buying in bulk saves cash in the long
run anyway. And what's even better is growing your own food naturally; having
your own food supply and a few items to trade will keep your food costs low.

To learn a LOT more, get the following magazines and their back issues.

The old MOTHER EARTH NEWS, up to about issue 80. These you'll have to look
for at garage sales and flea markets.

LINDSAY TECHNICAL BOOKS CATALOG. Everything you need to know about to

restart a industrial civilization after the apocalypse, they have it-but don't wait
until after the hammers dropped on us to get at least a basic battery of books.

BACKWOODSMAN. Small publication, but has a lot about basic living and old
frontier knowledge. Having back issues makes a good start to a survival library.

BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE. Like the Backwoodsman, but they have all their
back issues on CD's to view on your computer.

Learn how to use a weapon-preferably a rifle, because life in America can

become very basic, very easily and at best the desperate and the criminal are
going to do what they got to. Worse, is a out of control state being unleashed
in a martial law(no law but what's dictated at the end of a muzzle) scenario.
They can shoot kids in the back, burn and poison whole families alive, so they'll
have no problem capping your middle class self. So if you want to keep what's
yours, learn to use a rifle in a combat situation.

Quick firearems overview

Pistols you carry on you when someone brings a fight to you-they allow you to

fight your way to your rifle, which is much more accurate and powerful. You
always have your pistol on you, or beside you within reach. Automatics are
preferable over revolvers. You can always go to a gun show and find a Glock, or
1911 type. Also common are Browning Hi-Powers, Sig Sauers, and Smith &
Wessons(last resort). Stick with 9mm, .40, and .45 auto calibers as they're
cheap and common. Have extra magazines and ammo and practice shooting
live ammo and dry fire/reloading.

Shotguns are good in a limited sense. Home defense and a car gun in a combat
situation in moving vehicles, a spray of buckshot allows a greater margin for
error. Riot type shotguns with the magazine going the full length of the barrel
are preferable. Fit the weapon with rifle sights.

Rifles are the PREFERRED weapon to have in a gunfight. And the preferred type
of rifle to have is one made to fight with in the first place. That means assault
rifles that traitors in government have nightmares about. If you have the
money, and being middle to upper class you should have the money, get a M-
14. It's accurate, has a nice trigger pull, and shoots the hard hitting 7.62mm
NATO round. It's also gonna cost you about 2,000 bucks to properly provide for
it with extra magazines, ammo, and spare parts. It and it's ancestor, the 30-06
WW2 M-1 Garand are used in the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This course
will teach you how to shoot and hit out to 1,000 yards(and how it's survived
over the years is something of a miracle). Sign up and learn how to use a rifle
in combat.

Second choice is the FN-FAL-it has a pistol grip, but it's sights and trigger are
crappier. The HK-91 is the most reliable rifle of all, but has even crappier
sights and trigger, is the most expensive, and it'll kick like a elephant gun. Stay
away from the "clones" cobbled together from parts kits, unless you want to
learn gunsmithing to get them running properly.

If you're broke or just cheap, war surplus bolt actions like the Enfield and the
Mauser are cheap and ammo's currently plentiful-but look for .308 versions of
these guns. You can buy several and have them to arm friends and others who
tag along in a pinch.

Where to get these weapons? First, look around for any gun shows; you can buy
privately without filling out federal forms that register you and your gun with
the government. You'll get the widest variety of weapon and ammo selection at
these weekend shows, plus good advice from folks who know what they're
talking about.

If no shows are around you, or you're in need of a gun quick, you can look
through the classifieds. Someone's always got something for sale, though it
probably won't be what you're looking for.

A third option is to cruise garage sales and flea markets, but that's a crapshoot
and your odds of getting ripped off if you don't know what you're doing go way
the hell up.

Gun shops? Nice for buying ammo and getting your gun serviced, and they're
the most reputable, but you'll have to sign that form and get registered with
the government and have a background check. And why go through that if
government's the problem in this country? You're only free with a gun when the
government doesn't know you have one.

Having a gun is a great responsibility-it's your responsibility to never point the

muzzle of your weapon at something you don't want to destroy. It's also your
responsibility to become proficient in it's use. That means practicing
marksmanship. Find someone who knows how to show you the basics. Also, get
a bb gun and "plink" at targets in your backyard or hallway. It would also help if
you took up paintball, which will teach you what combat's like. If you're able,
sign up for one of the premium firearms academies like Gunsite, or Thunder

Here are some resources for you to continue your quest for personal

PALADIN PRESS-they have a large selection of books on firearms and how to use
them-among other no-no topics like bomb making and guerilla warfare.


by "Fred" who's trying to promote old school rifle marksmanship; being able to
shoot and hit with a service rifle out to 500 yards. The principals can be taught
at 25 yards with a backstop.

SNIPER COUNTRY.COM-this is a knowledge base for those hungry enough to

want to learn to shoot out to a thousand yards or more.

SUBGUNS.COM-another longtime message board. It's like being in a online

version of one of those old gunshops. They'll answer any question about guns or
government you got.

Now, with you out of debt, having stopped being a slave of frivilous
consumption and overtaxation, and possessing the basic means of self-
sufficiency and personal defense, it's time and your responsibility to become
personally responsible for others. Now you're ready to join the fight for our


Share with them what you've discovered and have gained. Get copies of the

text, files and video that made you aware of the truth and share them. Just
keep in mind the slow learning curve that you went through, being at one time
as conditioned as they are. Patience, tact, and a minor miracle are needed to
get through to the standard right or left wing American. Patience as in not
giving up, ever, to educate. Tact as in not making them as the enemy-they're
the ones who engineered our entire culture and society into it's current sorry
landscape. You don't win over white collar types by getting in their faces with
black crusted bare feet, bell bottoms, a hemp shirt and a week without a bath.
Likewise, you don't win over the millions of "lower class" Americans at the local
bar watching nascar by trying to engage them in a analysis of the government
backed manipulation of the precious metals markets. You have to get people to
relate to you so they will listen-that's just how Americans are trained.

Find out who they are. Find out what their buttons are. Corrupt, traitorous
bosses, dirty "brother cops", dirtbags making their neighborhood a hellhole,
their jobs getting sent overseas-there's enough illuminati generated miserey to
go around for everyone. You'll find some topic that's got them by the balls…

…and then, the miracle is up to God-does this person have a open enough
heart, enough love so that God can get this guy to listen to you? Have faith;
God works in ways the devil and his legions cannot comprehend. He's got a
million plans for victory for every one they labor to put together, but what He
needs is your actions to get through to others. Osmosis only works with
bacteria folks; we want Freedom, we're gonna have to fight side by side with
God Almighty to do it, not watch the spectacle from our living rooms on CNN.

It's gonna be slow going; we Americans are a closed minded lot, and it takes a
lot for us to not trust our lifetime friend the television. But if you keep at it,
and even the failures will give you lessons on how to reach others better, our
numbers will increase. You might even make a few new friends. And getting
more people in the fight is vital, because with many, a lot more can be


With others with you, even in your neighborhood you can enhance your own
personal defense-you extend the zone you're capable of securing from outside
threats by protecting each other like you were protecting yourselves. That's the
attitude you have to have with all group efforts.

Doing things as a freedom loving group has definite economic advantages-ever

heard of group buys? Pooling together cash for bulk purchases allows you to buy
a lot more. Just about anything outside of luxury items can be had for a better
bargain when you can hand the merchants more cash.

Also, a group of self-sufficient individuals who are honest with and trust each

other will almost automatically create a localized economy in their
neighborhood or extended group. Services and items are bartered, rendering
such untaxable and therefore free from state theft. One guy does metalwork,
one guy continually trains the group in self-defense, one woman can grow
herbs, one guy maintains computers. More than one can open up a quality,
private homeschool for their children, as the public schools paid for by your
property taxes do little beyond program us to be unthinking slaves. It's
communal, but definitely not communist as you rightfully keep the fruits of
your labors.

As your duty for expanding freedom, you simply must phase out federal reserve
notes(you know as cash)-they're the financial insturments of our slavery to the
state. Do barter items, labor, knowledge, and silver and gold for currency.
Silver and Gold are suppressed because they are real money and cannot be
inflated at will by the state, which is why prices always go up.

It is not enough to just save yourselves. As you've liberated other individuals, so

you as a group must help other individuals and groups to liberate themselves.
This helps expand freedom in general, and create more groups for mutual
trade, defense and cooperative political activities. The composition and
strengths of each group will vary as to their nature; you'll have a old enclave of
survivalists sharing long accumulated knowledge and training.

A rural town that's always loved freedom that knows how to survive hard times-
because they're already in hard times. Rooted, grounded folks who know how
to take care of themselves as a close knit community will have a lot of hard
won experience to share.

A middle class suburban block group that's become motivated to take care of
each other. Not only that, they offer sanctuary to persecuted freedom fighters
and access to the community as acceptable citizens. Also, America's middle
class has in their neighborhoods experts from every field and will have the

You'll have a geographically disconnected but unified secret group of decent

Freedom loving street cops and soldiers providing some much needed stability
and direction(and firepower). These folks if they have any sense will be among
the most motivated to get people to work for change. They need to be because
Americans have been trained to take authority figures at their word… and
Freedom fighting street cops and soldiers ARE "authority figures".

A self-unionizing factory whose workers know how to make things. These are
the people who will lead the economic struggle to rebuild America from the
many decades of treason. In the meantime, their knowledge will enable
freedom loving groups to be self sufficient and integrate trade and industrial

A secret group of freedom loving bureaucrats and politicians working as a
intelligence gathering agency, letting us know when raids are planned, more
oppressive laws enacted. They more than anyone will know who the traitors
are and where they'll hide.

A group of computer technicians, hackers and independent filmmakers

documenting our successes, the evils of our common enemies, and creating
hard hitting news and how to DVD's and text. We're going to need a backup
communications system when the internet's sabotaged-and these people will
know how to build it.

We all don't need to agree on everything. What we all need to do is to act in

common cause against our main enemies-the hydraheaded government-
corporate composite organization that's enslaved us. Only with it's destruction
will we have the luxury to have a civilized, peaceful debate between the
WASPS, the poor, the minorities, the cops, the enviromentalists on how things
should be-and I'll bet that without Illuminati manipulation and sabotage Human
Civilization can and shall make great leaps and bounds.

We have to defeat them first. That's going to require united political and
possibly military action from all of these disparate groups. Question is, do you
love freedom enough to unite in common cause with folks you've been
programmed to hate?

When you've got a group that's liberated themselves from the state's controls,
you can expect a lot of negative attention from their bureaucrats and house
slave cops. Don't expect any relief from the state's bureaucrats by using the
state's courts; even more than you were, these clueless souls have been
enchanted by the pseudo-freedom illusions of the satanic entity they serve.
Yet, to fight a government, you need a government, or… take over the
government persecuting you!

Taking back the government-peacefully!

This is the preferable manner of us as groups reclaiming our Freedom. To be

effective, one must have a understanding of America's political system as it
relates to our cause. We have a president, a vice-president and their agents, a
congress, a federal judicial system, and the duplication of this political layout
among the states. Beyond that you have the many thousands of county and
local governments. So what will work best?

Take over the presidency?

It's long been proven that unless you have the blessings of the two official
parties of this nation, you cannot seriously run for president. The closest

independent candidate was Ross Perot back in 1992, and even being a
billionaire didn't shield him from getting shredded by the media.

So, assuming the voting machines are honest(not)and the media's fair(not) you
need the machine of a major party backing you(won't happen).

And the president can only do so much; America's system of government is

extremely compartmentalized, so that unless you have a common ideology and
party mechanism guiding and controlling the various components, it's
impossible for one man to dictate policy. So a independent party president,
one lone person against the rest of the hydra headed federal monstrosity is not
only impossible, it's retarded even planning such a thing.


Congress is made up of 540 members-100 senators and the rest in the house of
representatives. All are elected in staggared election cycles so it would take
approximately a decade of successful nationwide campaigning to create a
majority party. Yes, congress writes the laws and taking it back is essential in
our struggle, but even factoring out the two official parties and their political
machines the structure of this body demands a massive political machine of our

Massive organizations that have a heirarchial structure have been penetrated,

subverted and corrupted by our enemies since the beginning of time. It's a
process that to them is a natural as breathing. Then there's all the fundraising
that will be needed and we're not rich-the only ones with money in America are
the same pack of vampires who've been sucking us dry. So a singular, national
organization will not be sucessful.

Independent and rogue candidates however do have some success. Bernie

Sanders of Vermont, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Ron Paul of Texas, and at one
time James Trafficant of Ohio sadly represent the successes. Most candidates
are attorneys who've long ago prostituted themselves. They whore themselves
to the political machine that will take them where they want to go. All they
want is power and in exchange have legislated the monstrosity American
government has become. The democrats and republicans, their bosses for all
practical purposes appoint these elitists their congressional seats and they're
prepared to spend whatever cash it takes to take or retain that seat. Vote
fraud of course is part of their arsenal.

There are no rich left in these times who would willingly sacrifice their lives,
their fortunes and their sacred honor-they're either sold out or scared. So any
candidates for congress will have to be raised and funded by us. That means we
have to do it in a grass roots manner. We have to build not one political
machine, but a army of political machines that are independent of one

another, yet cooperative.

Many small parties, one common agenda

This form of political resistance lends itself naturally to our groups. It will go
like this:

The group helps other groups form. They in turn during the next local election
cycle turn out and get the candidates they choose elected in town and county

Much of the oppressive laws plaguing us are drafted and enforced locally.
Taking over local governments will not only give the freedom groups relief from
local law enforcement harassment, it will give us the tools to revoke and
repeal such things as:

Property taxes that allow the government to sieze that home you're working a
lifetime to pay for if you miss one "rent" installment. Those in power whine
that property taxes are for the schools and the children-isn't that what their
gambling rackets known as the lotto are for? And they're willing to make you
and yours homeless for the children… such evil makes me just want to shoot
them. But let's try not to go there yet.

All those damned zoning restrictions, regulations, speed trap traffic laws
designed to churn up "tax" revenue, laws criminalizing all sorts of things and
actions that bother nobody. Think of any local ordinance that seems to have
been drafted by a neurotic control freak… the list would be endless really!

Un-Constitutional, pro criminal gun control legislation. A big part of their

program's disarming us so that we're helpless and have to rely on them
exclusively for protection, establishing dependence. Not that the cops are
legally obligated to your personal protection of course.

Anything that pledges cooperation with state and federal authorities, at least
until we take our nation back!

Another book recommendation: HOW TO WIN A LOCAL ELECTION. Should be in

your local bookstore.

When we take back a local government and bring that jurisdiction back into
line with the classic tenants of American government, it will be a beacon of
light, an example of successful peaceful resistance. It will immediately inspire
and launch similar efforts in neighboring communities. Each composed of small,
decentralized groups working together on the big problem, so that one day
they can afford to bicker on the small stuff-that the Libertarians,
Constitutionalists, Christian Patriots and Conservatives currently do. So

together, with control of enough cities and townships, the combined efforts of
those groups can take over counties. With control of enough counties, an entire
state can be taken over by our groups.

Why take that next step? The list of things we can do when we take back our
local governments is vast, but then there would be the call to centralize
governmental control with state and federal authorities. So when this begins
we must be as aggressive as possible-being examples to others, advising, and
CAN DEBATE AFTER WE RETAKE OUR LAND! Backbiting will be exploited by our
enemies, it will be our biggest downfall.

And if we can take the nation back…

There are many things we must do immediately, as soon as we can take back
control of America's destiny.

(1)Secure our borders from any further infiltration. Whatever that takes,
whatever manpower's available, we must find a way to seal up thousands of
miles of hinterland border, and many thousands of miles more of coastline.
This will take bringing our troops and ships home, and in effect end America's
era of being used as a tool of global empire. It will be good, as being number
one just makes you the one everyone else wants to take out.

At the same time, a heightened state of alert must be maintained if another

power were to take advantage of our transistional phase and attempt some
economic or military adventure against our interests. America will be painfully
contracting from it's global economic empire as we attempt to revive a self-
sufficient free republic and the last thing we'll need is for Muslims seeking
revenge against the Empire, or China rolling the dice on a military adventure
against us.

(2)Impose a flexible series of tariffs so that no matter where on Earth a

imported good is made, it's cost after going through customs is just a few
percent more than one made in America-with all the taxes still imposed. This
must be implemented by law for I'd calculate twenty years; because this is the
minimum time required to rebuild America's manufacturing economy. The rest
of the world's just going to have to learn to live economically without the
American consumer, and the American consumer is going to have to learn basic
economics. It will be a horrifically shocking adjustment, and lead to a
economic collapse-of the megacorporations. It's the bitterest medicine, but
America and Americans have become almost terminally sick with the current
system imposed upon us and those that don't immediately take steps to save
themselves will need some hard lessons quick to bring them back to reality.

This adjustment wouldn't be nearly so horrific if we'd acted thirty or even

twenty years ago when the traitors began dismantling our economy wholesale
to finance their "new world order". So, with this bitter medicine a depression is
guaranteed, but unlike the last one, we won't have a Federal Reserve to keep
the money supply tight and the economy depressed-keeping the depression
going until World War Two could be engineered. No, because:

(3)It's time to dismantle the

private "federal" reserve banking system. Central banks have been the main
culprit behind destabilizing economic boom and bust cycles by printing or not
printing "notes" that have the backing of nothing. Left alone, a economy will
gently expand as a result of increasing population and innovations in
technology. However, the economy has been constantly and continuously
tampered with, and the key to t
he tampering is a "flexible" currency. Silver and Gold boullion are by their
nature inflexible-and thus STABLE-because precious metals are difficult to dig
out of the ground, process, and form into coins and bars. Because of that
difficulty in introducing new metals into the economy you could count on a
ounce of silver or gold, or a gold backed dollar to buy the same fifty years from
now as it did fifty years ago. Also, back in the day there were numerous state
and private issuers of money, all backed by silver and gold; the ones who
engaged in issuing fiat or inflated their notes by overprinting didn't last.

That system was killed by those way too rich old white men. They ended the
use of silver and gold. Our "federal reserve notes" have been greatly inflated
since the foundation of the federal reserve system in 1913; the dollar's
purchasing power has fallen by 99%! All because of a printing press and a
monopoly on currency. If we're to have a stable currency, we must abolish the
Fed and bring back precious metals backed money.

(4)Apprehension and immediate trials of all persons responsible for the

christmas list of treasonous acts that have brought our nation and our world to
such a perilous state of emergency. Mainly I speak of the mega rich. They
cannot be allowed to remain free to sabotage our efforts to avert their
armageddon, with their vast, hidden fortunes. Everyone DOES have a price and
these traitors to the human race have accumulated literally most of the world's
wealth, so they're capable of bribing all but the most Godly. Their lackeys and
tools also must be brought to justice before they can carry out orders and
sabotage our Revolution. Their assets can be distributed among our poorest
first so they have something to help contribute to rebuilding our Republic.
Beyond that, financing a economic renaissance in our poorest areas, like the
inner cities, former factory towns, Native American Reservations and
Appalachia must be made by grants from seized assets.

(5)A one time jubilee must be declared; the biblical version where all debts are
forgiven. Those debts being owed to a few multinational banks tied to the
private federal reserve banks. When the banking cartel's smashed, it will make

no sense, nor be just to let them keep imposing debts on the people they've
been hustling. The People keep clear title on what they've been paying on; it
will be just punishment for all the crimes the bankers have committed against
us. Their excess assets not claimed by any person or company they foreclosed
on can be distributed amongst our poorest for rebuilding purposes.

(6)Review of all laws on the books; any that don't minimally guarantee freedom
and individual safety as proscribed within strict Constitutional limits-abolish.
The entire tax code is to be scrapped and overall tax rates slashed to no more
than ten percent. The IRS is to be abolished, and it's personnel subject to
review of their conduct for potential prosecution.

(7)A immediate and thourough review of all judgements and sentences of every
incarcerated person. There are a LOT of people who've commited no crime
against their fellow man in prison, and many are completely innocent. They
must be immediately released and compensated for their false or malicious
prosecution by the state. All persons involved in malicious prosecution must be
brought to justice for their crimes. All persons committing atrocities against
incarcerated persons must be brought to justice.

(8)Immediate open review of all government projects and operations. Any

found harming American Citizens and the Republic must be ended, the victims
compensated, and all persons involved in treasonous acts brought to justice.

(9)Some of the confiscated assets must be earmarked for grants to restart

private industries of all kinds and for education; a manhatten project to rebuild
America's intellectual base from grade school to colleges to vocational training.
Privatizing public schools as practical, ending the government monopoly and
degredation of education. People will learn according to their aptitudes,
desires and speed of completion of the basic curriculum and standards as
practiced a hundred years ago. The regimented public schools must be made
into a thing of the past. Engineering, technology, the arts, history; all the
forms of learning that will rebuild us as a free nation must be pushed and
offered for free. Most importantly, a imperative of constantly guarding our
Freedom and Safety must be taught, as well as the ultimate form of that
guardianship; effective usage of military arms to secure it.

(10)A deregulation of access to media must be done to allow freedom of speech

and access to media to all.

(11)Immediate shutting down of all activity that poisons individuals and the
nation. This will involve everything from dumping waste into rivers to putting
flouride in the water to additives like asparatame and msg into our food. Any
found practicing these treasonous acts shall be punished, their assets seized.

(12)Rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, using seized assets to finance.

(13)Rebuild the United States Constitution so that the abuses and
manipulations inflicted upon us for all of our history will NEVER be repeated!

This is a huge workload and will require the participation of the entire nation.
America will, if the Revolution is successful enter a period of reconstruction
and restoration. It is a necessity that all of us not engage each other over petty
differences while the period of restoration takes place. We must be able to
afford debate on the issues that divide all of us that love Freedom, and we
can't afford it. Certainly not now, and certainly when we're engaged in the
herculean tasks described above that will consume us for a generation.

So: will we be ALLOWED to complete this Revolution peacefully? Will we be

able to complete it at all?

I don't know if we'll be a hundred percent successful. More than likely, as

hundreds of small local citizens groups make a impact the temptation by the
powers that be to stage a 9/11 and throw this nation into martial law and
suspend normal political activity will be irresistable. I hope and pray they just
become panicked, like deer in headlights but I know that's just wishful
thinking. They'll try to shut down the political process rather than hand it over
to a grassroots revolution. Barring a pro-freedom military and police coup,
martial law will happen.

When that happens, all of us will be targets of the government, literally.

Banded together in common defense however and possessing the basic tools of
civilization and the knowhow and will to use them to wage war, a second civil
war will erupt.

Small bands of freedom fighters will dot the landscape, HOPEFULLY aided by
breakaway government forces. We probably won't be able to rely on any
foreign assistance. This worst case scenario will be bloody, but it will
eventually rend most of the federal beast apart. America will break up for
awhile into several areas of varying degrees of unity and political composition.
There will be strong entities both forged by us and still retained by vestiges of
the elite and federal government. There will be hundreds, thousands of tiny
enclaves relying on each other for sustinence. America will look like Germany
after the Thirty Years War in the 17th century-a map so convoluted with
autonomous territories it will give anyone looking at it eyestrain.

We would however gradualy reunify, as the common bonds of Freedom and the
heritage of being an American will win out over the efforts of the elites to
bottle the genie they unleased in a attempt to use America as the disposable
tool of their plot for world control. Liberty is a flame that once unleashed
cannot be quenched no matter how much made in China crap, how many zero
down payments, how much they put Paris Hilton on the TV. The human desire

to be free shall win out.

…At the cost of millions dead of starvation, disease, bullets, perhaps radiation
from fallout. A peaceful transistion is imperative if we want to avoid that.

Time is of the essence if we want this Revolution to be relatively peaceful! It's

now June of 2005 as I write this; the next series of elections is in 2006-GET
COMMITTED AND GET TO WORK NOW!! If you want back what you've lost to
these bastards and get it back without a decade of civil war, we must do this
now and have a united national platform with a strong across the board
grassroots base supporting it by the 2008 elections. This must be in conjunction
with MASSIVE peaceful protest and citizen action to monitor government
election officials whenever even a whiff of vote fraud is detected. We are
Americans-we CAN do this if we'll show just the courage of the Minutemen
patrolling our southern border.

Our enemies would like us to stay ignorant til' they drop the hammer on this
country. Failing that, they'll take misdirecting our anger, and our energies. We
must stand as one if we are to free ourselves and our world. God and our
Children are counting on us.

Additional reference works for you to read and learn. Hey, use your brain; if it's
on the internet DON'T USE YOUR OWN COMPUTER! "They" keep track of
everything these days and if you're careless they'll build a profile of you on
"their" files-and you don't want that! Use someone elses, preferably some one
else's that lots of other people use. Think "public".

INVISIBLE RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY by Jefferson Mack, Paladin Press

The inspiration for this rather long essay, Invisible Resistance is a primer on
how we Americans can fight back.

HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY by Kenneth Royce, Javelin Press

Royce does the research on how the 1787 Constitution was subtly sabotaged by
the elites of the day to produce in time for their descendants the many faced
tyranny we're shackled to.

RICH DAD POOR DAD SERIES by Robert Kiyosaki, any bookstore

A "entry level primer" this series when looked at not for it's sometimes bogus
financial advice shows the parasitic nature of the rich in America; going so far
as to rewrite the laws to maximize their benefits. We working class people are
nothing more than "income streams" for them.



Good starting points to search for the truth about who we are, where we came
from and where we're being steered toward.

BOSTON'S GUN BIBLE by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

The basic primer on firearms today. Advice on weapons, tactics, dealing with
hostile law enforcement, "their" never ending crusade to take them away from
you. Most informative are his consumer report on the five common Main Battle
Rifles; he shot them extensively and made his notes for you to make a informed

BOSTON ON SURVIVING Y2K by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

Although the Y2K bug was a nonevent, this is for an overall view of how to
survive any collapse of the American economy.

YOU AND THE POLICE by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

Boston T. Party by being a American Freedom Fighter is at the razor's edge of

this war-consequently he's had more than his share of run ins with the police.
So here's an expert's advice. Take it.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES by John Ross, Accurate Press

Nominally a fictional work, Unintended Consequences goes through a century

of ever more government enroachments on freedom and public safety, leading
ultimately to a band of rogue agents being confronted as they're planting
evidence by a Righteous Man. After that it turns into a fictionalized primer on
how to wage a low intensity guerilla war campaign against the traitors and win.

POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND SERIES by Kurt Saxon, kurtsaxon.com

This infamous series of book(also on CD-ROM) goes beyond rifles and shows you
everything you need to know about how to kill folks. Seriously scary stuff-or
empowering, depending on how you want to look at it.

BULLETPROOF PRIVACY by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

Want to order all these fine books, but don't want people to know who you are?
Want the government to not know who you are? Get this book and begin
liberating yourself from the government's intrusions in your affairs. I lived for
several years under a different identity and address and let me tell you the
peace of mind knowing the government didn't know where I really was at…
Freedom! I never felt so secure.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE by William Cooper

A overview of the beast and it's plans, it's author was assasinated by corrupted
cops during a raid. When they kill you, that just shows you were right, right?



Adam Cash gives us a thorough overview of the underground(free)economy and

how to participate in it. And let me tell you having my tax burdens drop to next
to nothing… it feels GREAT not having half of my labors supporting the system
that keeps trying to press it's jackboot on my neck.


Marksmanship basics from a civilian standpoint, Mr. Van Zwoll has hunted
everything and this book is a great starting point to mastering your Main Battle
Rifle. When you've sucessfully absorbed this work you can get:

THE ULTIMATE SNIPER, by Major John Plaster (Ret), Paladin Press

Major Plaster in this much larger work goes beyond basic field marksmanship
and into how the military and paramilitary forces shoot at unsuspecting foes-
which may well be us all. Something to always bear in mind.


Read why there was a American Revolution in the first place.


J. Croft

Our Father, the father of everything, everyone, the creator, loves us.

See, Creation is an act of love; an ideal is mulled over, sifted, tested, given form in

thought. Created. Love is giving. Love is sacrifice-your time and energy and thought-for
something else. A new creation.

Normal people when they have a child together experience such joy in their creation, that
9 months of swollen bellies, doting, back pain, biting tongues, mood swings, sweating the
numbers on how they’re going to take care of this kid; all that passes away when they
hold their child for the first time. That is how Our Father feels about His Universe. Every
galaxy, planet, species, every creature, the very atoms and subatomic particles that so
ghostly, sparsely make all of us and everything God loves.

Our Father loves His Creation. Loving parents rejoice when their children grow, learn,
advance, exceed themselves and most of all do as they did and have children of their
own-and they grow, learn ,advance and exceed their parents.

Inventors engineers, architects, builders and artists of all kinds show their love when they
design and build devices, buildings, machines that make life better for their fellow man
without unduly damaging the world God so graciously gave us. Their love-put to form in
their inventions-that make all of our lives better is a reflection of the building blocks God
gave us. God approves of invention, of His Children making their lives better, to not be
dependent on how many game animals are in a territory, of dependence on the sun, rain,
the seasons.

Those that have seen the heart of God, seen enough of creation to see that Man deserves,
needs to be able to grow, learn, advance, exceed previous generations and sought to make
certain they could-they reflect the love of Freedom God has, and the need to shoulder the
Responsibility of jealously safeguarding that Freedom. God approves of people such as
the American Minutemen who faced down the British Army at Lexington and Concord.
People such as Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson who saw beyond
themselves, saw what Man could be if despots, tyrants and their sycophant agents and
thug soldiers could be swept aside by the righteous uprising of the People. God approves
and loves people like the returning G.I’s of Athens, Tennessee who in 1946 saw corrupt
government-loathsome creatures not fit to be called men who used their positions of
public service for personal profit at the expense of everyone. Those veterans did the right
thing and sought to use the ballot box to sweep THEIR government of those that betrayed
the public trust-and when the ballot box was literally stolen at gunpoint by those despots,
their sycophant agents and their thug soldiers they once again did the right thing. They
brought arms and took back their ballot box, their government by righteous force.

Freedom fighters of all walks, of all races are the apple of God’s eye. He sees people who
will not succumb to the demons that long ago consumed the current rulers of this world
make their stand and He approves. God approves those that will not back down to the
psychotic control freak sycophants that must enforce every rule every law passed. God
approves those that challenge those despots who cling onto public office as if it were
their own fiefdom to drain the People of all. God approves those great and small that
bring the truth of our situation to those that don’t know, even those that don’t want to
know because they are afraid that by facing what they quietly fear their carefully crafted
little illusion will shatter, never to be put together again.

They’re right.

They would have to face their Responsibility to make our world better for their children.
Today that means not just inventing, building, creating. It means fighting:

*Fighting those that use public office for their own personal gain at the expense of
everyone else. That means everyone from the tin badge god who won’t wake up, gets off
rousting whoever they think they can get away with assaulting and ruining their lives, to
the chiefs of police who hire the thugs, who slavishly follow an agenda of conquest-
conquest of us.

*Fighting city and county officials rubber stamping agendas by dark forces so long as
they rule, so long as they can get a cut of the taxes and rule their little fiefdoms. Rule
with their property taxes, hiding them in investments that could eliminate the need for
taxes… but taxation is control.

*Fighting the state and federal office holders and bureaucrats who view their power over
the American People as absolute. Arrogant state troopers, arrogant DMV clerks, arrogant
bureaucrats, arrogant agents and tactical teams with military hardware-all waging wars of
conquest against each of us.

*Fighting the scientists, engineers, inventors who give no thought as to what they make
nor how it is used against their fellow man. Everything from surveillance systems
integrated into our computer screens to killer robots portending the Terminator, to
bioweapons that could exterminate us all. These idiots give no thought as to how their
creations are used. None.

*Fighting the lawyers, and career politicians who make ruling us from both Corporations
and Congress their personal privilege. Rockefeller, Clinton, Bush, Biden, Schultz,
Kissinger, Foley, Kennedy and many other names although their numbers are few they
wield near absolute power over the power structures they and their ancestors built.

*Fighting the clans of banker families and so-called royalty that have made the thrones
and offices of the Nations their personal property. Operating in secret, controlling
uncountable wealth-wealth that could instantly turn this planet into paradise-they have
been squeezing Man for centuries. They are the hands that wield the strings of their
puppets… all the traitors you just read about. All to maneuver us into destroying
ourselves so they can have the Earth to themselves as a paradise.

Our Father isn’t looking for the genocide of Man.

No one who can create universes yet fret over each and every creature, each and every
child would-could-give license to murder, conquest, the greed of violent inbred
psychopathic bluebloods and their demented minions. No one who cheers on parents,
inventors, artists, those that fight for their People would want government drug
trafficking and a fraudulent drug war that fuels a prison-industrial complex. Want
trillions of dollars blown on gold plated weapons systems when children go cold and
hungry. Want America-warts and all-the greatest triumph of Free People disappear in a

global tyranny.

“So, what’s God going to do about it” you ask. You ask to see the hand of God in
defeating all these enemies of Man. I’ll tell you something that’s probably a secret to you
yet is so obvious you won’t believe it.

You want to know how Our Father works? He works through us; we are God’s Hands,
with our actions both great and small. Unfortunately God is pretty much suffering a
stroke because we won’t do what’s right-we don’t even know what we’re supposed to do
because we’ve been so lied to. God’s work isn’t done because NOT ENOUGH OF US

Dirty cops keep victimizing us because nobody cleans out the corrupt little shitburg
government that hires those thugs. Nobody will get together and stop them from abusing
their power.

Corrupt, greedy lawyers keep dominating the writing of law, administration of the law,
judging the law because nobody gets together to systematically clean out their
governments-starting at the local level because most politics is local.

Demented bureaucrats drunk with power keep wrapping us in red tape, taxes and thug
enforcement agents because nobody is systematically cleaning out their governments,
making these cretins find real work.(Getting a hint here? That maybe you should start the
cleanup in your own town?)

Inbred ‘elites’ use the Nations as their toys-build them up and smash them against each
other for their sick thrills, because we won’t compare notes, get together and chase them
down to the ends of the Earth, and exterminate them.

“My pastor says to leave things in the hands of God. And that government is constituted
by God so we should obey it.”


I assume you’re Christian. I’ll also assume you don’t literally worship your pastor and
bust your bank so he can put more gaudy decour on his megachurch.

First, he’s been co-opted by the federal government to pacify you. He’ll use the authority
you gave him, his relationship with you as a so-called ‘authority figure’ to preach
Romans 13 and get you to disarm.

Which leads me to Second…

Christianity is about God and His Son Jesus, correct? Correct.

So if Jesus is the Son of God then it is Jesus’ word we should heed first-because Jesus is
God’s Son and would know God’s will better than Abraham, better than Moses, better
than Paul, correct? Correct.

So how come in the Christian religion Jesus’ words have only survived in tattered
fragments in four thin Gospels-sandwiched between the Jewish Torah and the writings of
Paul, which upon closer examination contradict Jesus on more than a few points? Why
am I making an issue out of this, why do I see a discrepancy? I’ll tell you; because what
Jesus told, or what has survived in the Biblical Canon contradicts what the Torah and
Paul say what is God’s Will.

For example, Paul stated in Romans 13 to basically submit to authority, even if you’re a
slave. From the four Canonical Gospels, Jesus had Peter arm himself with a sword. Jesus
took a bullwhip and assaulted the bankers(moneychangers) at the temple, endlessly
abused the Pharisees and Sadducces-the lawyers of Judea.

Paul discriminated against women. Jesus sought out the company of not only women, but
criminals, lepers, children, and saved His discrimination against those that thought
themselves holy-like a Pharisee like Paul did.

Paul does not deserve to be labeled any kind of disciple; he bragged that he deceived, put
truer followers of Jesus’ teachings to death at the hands of the Romans. Its hard to judge
from two millenia and scant written records but it seems that Paul went way out of his
way to defuse the radical equality and Freedom Jesus tried to preach. Unfortunately Paul
was quite successful because the Roman Empire has survived in one Empire or another.

I mentioned the Torah, the Old Testament, contradicting Jesus. It’s true.

Jesus asked His Disciples who they were praying to, and they stated they were praying to
God, and Jesus told them He didn’t know the God they were praying to, that that wasn’t
the Father but the devil himself. Which fits the old testament god yahweh(no
capitalization intended)as it terrorized “his people” with forced marches through the
desert, random murder, using them as foot soldiers in wars, imposing the maniac Jewish
religion on them and when they ‘backslid’ sent foreign armies to murder and conquer
them. Charming.

You didn’t know that Abraham was Sumerian? True. It’s also true that the first five
books, the Pentatuch, are an heavily edited version of the Sumerian creation texts? That’s
true too. yahweh exploited and twisted Sumerian history to an ignorant underclass-
Abraham’s descendents-to gain Earthly followers. You know the 40 year trek through the
desert, the random punishments… or you should. Read your Bible, I’m not lying. yahweh
had no respect, certainly not love for either the Hebrews nor the Egyptians who got
systematically terrorized. After the Hebrews got led to the ‘promised land’ and stole it
from other people, committing genocide against them you had the saga of a thousand
years of yahweh coming back every so often to make certain the Levite priests kept his
people in terrified obedience. Or sent the Assyrins or some other empire to crush them.

So, we’re back to Paul-actually Saul-and he was a Pharisee, and Saul was damn good at
his job. Saul had some ‘conversion’ via a ‘bright light’ and became a Christian.
Whatever. But what can’t be dismissed is Saul’s co-opting of Jesus’ message; twisting
just about everything around back to what the pattern of most organized religion is.

Patriacal, overbearing, underspiritual, dominating, always wanting more money and
power and then it degenerates into just another power cult. But that’s one of the Bible’s
many charms, you can twist it into anything you want, I suppose. What you get for a text
sewn together literally at sword point by the emperor Constantine to reunify the Roman
Empire. The Canonical Bible was sewn together like a frankenstein monster-a
psychopath god, a cunning deceiver wrapped around just enough of what tattered rags of
Jesus’ teachings to twist folks into obeying inbreeds. Look up the Council of Nicea-326

Organized religion is in the hands of powerful men with their own agendas. Always has
been. Jesus warned us not to have organized churches-we got churches everywhere
sucking in the wealth of billions. For what? To pay pedophiles and perverts. To build
gaudy stadiums of worship-for the pastor. To invest just like every other corrupt entity on
Earth to turn those dollars over. Meanwhile, that sweet old granny who just dived into her
rent money to salve the megachurch induced guilt is going to be throw out on the street.
Get any help from her megachurch… I dare you to hold your breath.

The Roman Catholic Church of course, needs no explanation.

Jesus hates hypocrites. Priests, lawyers-those that hold themselves most sacred drew the
most wrath. Why don’t we emulate Jesus and do likewise?

Jesus would not tolerate the bankers looting the Nations of Earth, impoverishing the
People, co-op their governments to institute war and a global police state to stifle the
expected dissent.

Jesus would not tolerate the likes of John Hagee, Paul and Jan Couch, Pat Robertson et al
in virtual blackface for murdering men, women and children because they’re Palestinians.
In virtual blackface for the beast which is for all intents and purposes making what’s
known as biblical prophecy come true… all to exterminate us and leave the planet for the
inbred psychotic blueblood ‘royalty’.

Jesus stated none are good but the Father. Jesus also said you talk to Our Father in a quiet
place, alone, where you quiet yourself until you can hear Him.

Our Father is in our hearts. You pause and quiet everything else and you focus on your
heart you’ll hear Our Father.

Our Father doesn’t want empty promises, He demands action. He demands that you see
the suffering of your fellow man, and do something, anything. Because the beast and its
minions are at war with us, have been at war with us since the very beginning, since long
before the rise of Sumeria.

America represents the last, best hope of Man to right what has been wrong with this
planet. Unfortunately we Americans have forgotten ourselves, trusted the beast, which
assumed the form like that of Our America but like Paul’s fraudulent theology is a
twisted funhouse mirror fraud. The illuminati inbreeds have turned America, the land of
the Free into history’s greatest, most horrible practical joke.

Wake up. Clean your body, your mind up. Pray to Our Father in a quiet place and listen
for His voice. Start helping others out, not expecting reward but especially in secret so
that only you and Our Father know. Heed Jesus’ last commandment to get arms and
know how to use them. Fight for what is yours, starting from your town hall and work
your way up. In fact, don’t let those traitors sit one more day in your offices-begin a
recall election now and remove them! Spread the Second American Revolution across the
land, then across the Earth.

We don’t have to have an apocalypse-even if it was written in a text cobbled together by

a debauched Roman Emperor who was just looking for a ideology, a religion to reunite a
debauched, murderous Roman Empire. A loving creative God doesn’t wish your
extermination. He wishes our enemies gone so we can build a truly free human
civilization that fulfills our destiny in the stars.

MY 9/11

J. Croft

Waking up about 9:30 or so in the AM on September 11, 2001 I thought it’d be

just another day off:

Go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Eat, shower, get in my ride and cruise around town in the afternoon. Maybe see
a movie.

Do some shopping, go out and drink in the evening.

…But sometimes you can’t get back to sleep. So I turned on the electronic
narcotic that manages to rob me of my time…

What I wound up turning on was the live news coverage that day. I stared at
the TV, and my first thought was “must be some kind of disaster movie.
They’re spending a lot of money cuz they got the World Trade Center on fire
and everything-but why is it in broadcast news video?”

Then it hit me that 9:30 in the morning’s a rather odd time to show a faux live
drama… maybe some programming executive was doing some way out of
character experimenting.

THE N it hit me-this is really happening! A jet really did crash into the World
Trade Center!

I start flipping through the channels: all the networks, both Foxnews and CNN,
all the Turner channels, MTV, CNBC-all were covering the crash.

Then the second plane hits.

This is an attack.

Has to be terrorists hijacking the airliners, yes.

Then news comes of the Pentagon getting hit.

The Pentagon? ! Wait a second, where the hell’s the Air Force?! They intercept
small planes going off course all the time, and they miss three hijacked

From the initial news accounts they came out of Boston and flew jagged,
obviously off course flight paths. Commercial jetliners aren’t exactly the
fastest things in the air, and America’s eastern seaboard’s dotted with not only
SAC air bases, but Air Force tactical wings and the National Guard squadrons as

…Where the hell were they? That was what was going through my mind as I
watched the World Trade Center and Pentagon burn.

I join my parents at their place, as one of the towers suddenly collapses-you’ve

seen the video. It was kind of like watching a rocket take off, only it’s form
smoothly compresses and disappears amid a violent explosion of dust and

I pace back and forth, angry beyond belief we were being attacked.

Then my father, says something that helped me put it back into perspective:

“You’re angry aren’t you?”

Yes, I said. Oh yes.

“That’s what you’re supposed to feel.” To him, he saw this was a setup of

colossal proportions. Not thinking clearly at the moment I argued with him
about the planes taking the buildings down, as he in frustration shook his head,
reminding me they found bombs in those towers.

I went back to my place. Out of a useless, but primeval need I checked, made
certain my pistol and my military pattern semiautomatic rifle(of which I had
been properly trained in it’s use) were ready… but ready for what? Jihadists to
roll through my town shooting up the neighborhoods in drive-bys shouting
“Allah Ackbar”?

So I watched television some more: just about the only channel not putting it’s
spin on that darkest day was Turner Classic Movies. That pox on God known as
TBN was spinning it like it was “prophetic”; I turned the channel before I did
something stupid to the set, as I had just gotten it for Saturnalia-er, x-mas.

It was coming out that there were 19 Arab hijackers that were responsible. 19
Arabs who kamikaze the whole world into World War III. The teleprompter
readers on all the networks were all of a sudden introducing new buzzwords:

“War on Terror”

“New Normality-get used to it”

“Homeland Security”.

And the way they trotted those words out, it was like that too was scripted-

-Scripted?! This whole attack, scripted?! I had to get the hell outta the house. I
couldn’t think.

So I drove, listened to the radio as they too were tripping over that day.
Everywhere I went there was this universal feeling of violation, of outrage, of
wanting to go to war. Still had a hard time thinking through the raw anger that
was burning inside me, yet the clues were jumbling around in my head. The
absence of our trillion dollar air defenses, the reported bombs by cops and
firemen before the towers imploded like they were demolished(which they
were), the rollout of new slogans to help paradigm shift Americans thinking.
The reports on the internet that I was slowly recalling about shadowy deals
with the Taliban that fell apart about oil pipelines, about warnings of terrorist
attacks scattered throughout the media.

Rolling on by the gas stations, seeing the long lines for gas-some stations were
out. Hearing reports of greedy gas stations jacking the prices all the way to 4
dollars a gallon(a outrageous sum at the time).

It was too much, so I hit the bar to drink(the same bar I had inspiration to go to

about a year and a half later to have that talk with that traitor).

Everyone was in as much a state of disbelief and anger as I was. Everyone…

…Everyone except this short, stout, well built, buzzcut dude. I believe his
name was Mike, but it’s been five years, so who knows. He was actually
grinning of all things, like this was fucking x-mas for him!

Over beers, we talked.

I fingered him as being in the military-he stated he was a Army Ranger and that
he’d be going over to Afghanistan soon.

They were that certain? Or was his mission already planned before 9/11?

Yes he was excited, as he had been anticipating this himself.

I was cautious. I had my doubts-not only about the true nature of the events of
that day, but of our ability to win if we’re going into the Middle East and
Central Asia-a place as far removed from America’s ocean based power as you
could imagine.

Didn’t even faze him: “Hell, we’re worse than the Germans! There’s nothing
worse than Americans pissed off!” Trying to work the pissed off patriot angle,
all I saw was how thoroughly the planning for WW III, how deep the
brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers,
and friends in the military.

He went further: “We’re going to have to give up some rights, some Freedom in
order to win this”(the way he said it, it was like we’re loosing our Freedom no
matter what kind of false flag operation had to be executed)

“No way!” I shouted, “No way in hell the American People would accept such a

That traitor shrugged his shoulders, smiled at me, like he knew better about
such things.

That was five years ago. Seeing how things have deteriorated, how the war in
Iraq has been proven a fraud, how average folks have rolled over for massa
state when they grope their wives and kids privates, how much more
surveillance, how much more law we’re subject to… well, he did know better
about such things.

I left. I called my people alerting them to fill up their gas tanks fearing a
shortage-which didn’t come.

Over the next days, weeks I scoured the Internet; a whole lot of chest beating
and flag waving oh yes, but also a lot of numerological coincidences started
coming out. There are a lot of astrological and numerological “coincidences”
that occur throughout human history, through the design of America’s symbols,
architecture. 9/11 was a day that had been in planning for a VERY long time.

I had also been visiting copvcia.com, the website of the now self-exiled Mike
Ruppert who had participated in the fraud that was the drug war-busting street
corner gangstas for drugs Bush, Clinton and Ollie North smuggled in. He was
one of the first on the internet to call bullshit on the day’s events, at least as
far as intent goes.

Over the years I read hundreds of internet reports on 9/11, printed out
thousands of pages documenting the vast, murderous fraud that the shadow
government perpetrated. Same shadow government that people get persecuted
for if they talk about it-like if they were talking about UFO’s or Santa Claus.

The mainstream culture has kept a lid on the 9/11 truth movement, kept the
brain-deadened, craven, materialism-enslaved, cowardly ‘murikans asleep.
That movement has just about had it’s day, and with the upcoming operations
against Syria and Iran I suspect any leeway we’ll have to seek out the truth and
do something about it-peacefully-will evaporate when full martial law is in
effect and soldiers go door to door looking for those on that “red list”.

Stop looking for "leaders" to lead you out of the death spiral of this once great
nation. Learn to lead yourselves-at least get together some basics like stored
food, firearms and training, ammo, fuel. Better yet, move to a small
community with a balanced locally self-sufficient economy, water resources
and hopefully locally generated electricity form a party and take over the local
government. Deconstruct the beast in your own backyard and become a
example of what Freedom is, so that others can be inspired and encouraged to
do likewise. Form militias to resist and repel the inevitable backlash that will
come... this won't be the start of a civil war because we've BEEN in one-it's just
that nobody's fought back yet against the beast that perpretrated 9/11.


Note: I have more respect for the inbreeds than most of the lazy, programmed sheeplike
clowns comprising the so-called "freedom movement". Perhaps our enemies can teach us
a few things on how to conduct ourselves...

From Rense.com:

20 Things The Illuminati
Can Teach You
By Stefan Fobes

Today I again, write here about a vast, sprawling movement which comprises a dedicated
part of the population who work day in, day out to bring great changes to this world.

In this arena, the majority does not see intelligence, courage, honor, decency, skill, as
great things. They speak of these in glowing terms, yes, but the reality is just the
opposite. Your worth is decided strictly, by most people comprising this "underground",
by the resources you have at your beck and call, and how many worshippers, clones and
mindless thralls you have sloshing saliva in your path at the moment. The naive
neophytes are fed upon by hungrier, slicker fish who lie, and think of nothing other of
their own self-aggrandizment, no matter what the cost to anyone else. Who will take them
for everything they are worth and go home and eat fabulous dinners and sleep quite well.

Independently creative thought is generally at a minimum. Raw recruits sit back, read
their prepared daily briefs, and follow the included orders from the bigger fish. The
reptilian brain by and large, runs the show here.

I'm talking about the malevolent, cutthroat world of Illuminati rituals and their secret
society network?

No. I write of the conspiracy research arena.

I see this grotesque attitude permeating what should be the nexus point for the kindest,
the wisest, the toughest. What really should be a gathering place for the best of the best.
But instead I see constant desperate struggles, by the so-called awakened just as in the
world of so-called sheeple, to try to grab power over others and see themselves as better
than everyone else around them. The reptilian brain rules.

I see instead of dynamic individual minds who are so in speech and in deed, joining ideas
instead of easily infiltratable groups, just innocent lambs waiting to be eaten by the next
Illuminati agent with a fancy, cleverly worked out website and a loud enough voice
booming with fake intensity.

I see penis measuring contests on who has the biggest hits on Alexa instead of
brainstorming on what actually works and then simply going out and doing it.
And so, from a guy who comes from an Illuminati family himself, here are 20 things the
Illuminati can teach you. This is not an endorsement of them.

1. They are voracious in their infoseeking. If it takes all night long, or weeks, or
years, they will look and look till they get what they have been looking for.

2. Whenever one of their associates or slaves needs something for a mission,

Illuminati members make sure this person or persons get the material resources
they need to get the job done, whether it be by contributions or whatever. Even if

the person is disliked, all that is necessary is that the person has the skills for the job
and the plan be workable. No whining on forums, no silly speeches, just gets done.

3. They know how to conserve their resources. They do not throw out all their chips
all in on one go.

4. They trust their instincts.

5. If they see an opening, they do not hesitate to take advantage and exploit it.

6. They do not go into deep dark depressions just because they had one minor
setback. They use everything they have to find out exactly what went wrong, and
correct the problem.

7. They know how to organize themselves.

8. Among them, concepts of color, sexual orientation, and fame are meaningless.
The goal goes first.

9. They know what TV is and does - they introduced it, you know! The goal comes
before the TV or any of their other mind control devices, such as video games.
Watching all those hours every day and being "awake" are like matter and anti-
matter. They cannot be in the same place at the same time.

10. They know to not let anyone take what they have. If someone tried to CPS their
kids there'd be hell on all involved in trying, even the person who made the call.

11. You can insult them all you want, call them anything, and they do not take it like
Joe and Jane Public would. This is because they have absolutely no pride or morals,
but anyone who does with intelligence can easily integrate this into their minds.

12. They would NEVER, under any circumstances, sell out themselves out by giving
their family secrets out to the public for peanuts, like so many of the commoners do
by selling out their countries and spying on and black opping their fellow humans.

13. In the public eye, wanting a lot of material resources is seen as something to be
ashamed of. It is a damn good thing! Everyone should have all the material items
they need to do everything they need to do, and should feel pride in having the self-
love for holding that perspective and moving with it. This is the mindset the
leadership of the Illuminati hold.

14. When information is placed before them that is obviously a threat to their well-
being, they immediately take action about it and do not go rushing to drown life
circumstances in a TV or bag of takeout, even if they do not know precisely what to
do at the moment.

15. Even if all hope seems lost, and the odds are against them, they still keep on

working at it 110%.

16. They know the value of building up networks.

17. They feel no guilt about defending themselves from legal, physical, or other
attacks. At times I read about people I see acting nice to their agents, saying sorry to
them, when it was the agent who had infringed upon their rights. Never be sorry
and apologetic to them. It's a clear cut sign of victim mentality and is asking for

18. They are flexible, to an extent, and do not work with the controlled by them
mainstream science and know the reality and value of homeopathy, energy and
herbal healing, and do not hesitate to take full advantage of these using all the
resources they have at their disposal.

19. They have always understood that they have their livelihood to defend, which is
their pyramidal control system and all the luxury that comes with it. Humanity will
learn from this, whether it be gently through information like this article, or the
hard way. Everyone must understand that their livelihoods are also being
threatened, and act upon this via exposure of the agenda.

20. They know to set aside their petty differences when business needs to be taken
care of.


Nonviolent stratagems and tactics that work

J. Croft

Riots in the greater scheme are a half measure between protests and open warfare, and
half measures seldom work. A riot without immediately progressing to fully armed
struggle is a go signal to government thugs everywhere to conduct batting practice on
your heads with their nightsticks, and a court’s wet dream as they work you through the
legal system and bleed you of your money and time. And Freedom.


Some twit working for the beast commits one offense too many sends too many people at
once over the edge and they start marching in the streets screaming and ready to do
worse. Unfortunately the beast is also ready with thugs in riot gear getting hard at the
prospect of hurting men, women and children. And if it’s a protest that’s peaceful they
have undercover agents to pose as anarchists to false flag a incident so that protest can be
declared a “riot” and the troops roll in and get some batting practice on your head. Or

your loved one. Hell they even pepper spray infants.

Worse, the media is owned by the beast, is part of the beast. They will trash you to the
TV zonked American public. You will be called thugs, kooks, terrorists. Your cause gets
pummeled in the minds of Americans along with yourself. The tin badge gods get new
stories of how they pepper sprayed your infant. The inbred psychopathic bluebloods get a
laugh at the carnage they engineered and their agenda to do us all in advances. More
people want to have guns but are ineffective because they won’t get trained and in shape.
When martial law’s declared they are but sport for the tin badge gods.

No, riots don’t work. Ever. Avoid them.


Suppose you’re out and some twit working for the beast does something like shoot a 5
year old in the back. It’s happened. It will happen again as long as Americans won’t take
responsibility and clean their government out of the scum that run it. Something happens
and people see it and get agitated. The cops gathered get ordered back so there’s no
authority figure to stifle peoples natural reaction to their latest atrocity.

Get the hell out of there-now!

Keeping away from the gathering cops, you see where the crowd’s gathering and you go
anyplace else. Just leave. Leave-even if you have to abandon your car and march out on
foot, it’s better than getting pummeled, tasered, fried by microwave cannon, pepper
sprayed, shot, corraled into jail and into the beast legal system.

When a riot comes toward you get the hell out of there! In fact, leave town at any start of
a riot. Secure your home otherwise and repel all boarders.

The best advice for avoiding a riot? Make better forms of protest known.


The thing the inbreeds, their pedophilic minions and their tin badge gods and shyster
lawyers fear the most is NON-COMPLIANCE. Not individual but MASS NON-
COMPLIANCE to their authority. This can take the form of bullets but that just allows
the enemy to slaughter everyone, which is what they want in the first place. No, the way
to go is to refuse to submit, and there are many forms of peaceful non-compliance that,
even if 10% of the People take a certain form, with all the forms being taken can bring
the beast to its knees.


You don’t fix their houses and cars. You don’t do their laundry, serve their food, take
their phone calls. You don’t acknowledge their very existence in public. They are not
there. They’re not even ghosts or have names.

Shunning works. The Amish practice it and in their tight knit communities it’s the Kiss of
Death. A town out west gave the feds being pricks about their farms and businesses a
taste of shunning and they stopped being pricks. So much. Shunning can be done by
anyone; you encounter a tool of the beast about you don’t take their order, look at them.
You utterly ignore them. Unless they’re a tin badge god and go to arrest you, what can
they do? Feel damn uncomfortable that’s what. Make them reconsider their career path.


This is a big next step-but it’s just one step.

You submit to asking the state permission to drive, fish, boat, buy guns, practice your
trade, fix your home, exercise your Constitutional Rights, travel, and a lot else. Worse,
you submit to asking private corporations for permission! When you ask permission you
give up Rights for privilege. So stop asking permission.

Stop renewing your drivers license. In fact have a mass protest where you burn your
drivers license and plates in a huge bonfire. Same with your boating licenses.

Stop submitting to filing out ffl forms to buy guns.

Stop applying for licenses to be able to practice your trade.

Stop applying for permits. That’s for everything from peaceful protest to installing a
patio. You’re Americans-act like it!
Certainly don’t ask a private corporation for permission for anything. Who the hell are
they to tell you what to do?!


If you don’t ask for permits from the state and corporations because they’re evil the next
logical step in freeing yourself is to stop paying taxes… which is going to be a lot
tougher than simply not applying for permits and licenses. But it is possible.

Income taxes, social security(tax), etc. Work for cash/barter in the underground economy.
Swap your registered domicile for a place that isn’t in your name. You keep your money,
and you disappear from the beast’s control grid. If even 10% did this-what could they do?

Property taxes…. only two ways and one of them involves the militia in a armed
confrontation. The other is to stage a emergency recall election for… anything. Clean out
the scum running your town, clean out your town’s consolidated annual financial report
of investments. No more property taxes.


I’m not talking about personal debts to the local Mom and Pop or your friends and loved
ones. Debt repudiation is for the banks, the major corporations, and most of all the federal
reserve system. Its all fraud, and contracts made under fraud are null and void. Besides

you got everything better to do with all the money you ply on interest.


You could say the above steps are a form of permanent general strike against the system
but for those who still live in homes they’re registered for, work jobs that withhold or
otherwise pay taxes and their debts this is the most powerful nonviolent protest.

You don’t go to work. You hang out, have a party, play games, make love, fish, hunt, hit
a Appleseed shoot and get some rifle training. You do this for weeks, months even.

…How do you support yourself?

Buy enough food for a few months. You should have a pantry anyway. Have enough cash
for a few months living without a job. You should have savings anyway. Consider this a
extended vacation but you live cheap. Just make certain the utilities stay on-and you
should be investing in getting off the enemy’s grid in the first place.

You should be looking for the first excuse to stage a general strike; it’s a vacation with
the purpose of shutting down the economy until demands are met. Taking the other steps
outlined above are of course the ultimate expression of the general strike.


J. Croft

Once upon a time in America, the police officer was a part of the community. An agent
of the state, yet a cop had more allegiance to his fellow citizens than to the bureaucrats
and career politicians.

Times have changed-been changed-by a elitist political, economic and social movement
that seeks to destroy the America we still hold dear in our hearts and transform it into part
of a neo-communist empire. I say neo-communist because the policies the government
pursues come straight out of the ten planks of communism(1) The state is supreme, and
since these TRAITORS are imbedded within the state they get to control that supreme

A key component is control of the guns-force. Can’t get people who’d resist having their
homes stolen from them for nonpayment of property taxes without force.

Can’t tax people via meticulous monitoring of their daily driving performance without

Can’t stop people from organizing resistance to being oppressed without force.

Can’t protect the state from the people without force.

Can’t enforce all the edicts from the bureaucrats and politicians and judges without force.

Get the picture people? Despite your personal relationship with certain cops the police
are not and never have been on our side; police forces are standing armies trained to
“keep the peace”. Their “peace” is YOUR SUBMISSION! And they are lavishly
equipped for the job:

*A vast, ever expanding legal code designed to entrap the people and give the state’s
agents the license to steal from them and kill them.

*Weapons-from aluminum nightsticks, pepper spray, TASERS, and handguns to assault

rifles, sniper rifles up to .50 caliber, high explosives, armored fighting vehicles, even
military aircraft. A standing army indeed.

*A subculture that’s kept insulated from the mainstream, a cult of authority and power
that never ceases to glory in it’s affectations of self-righteousness, it’s prowess against
ignorant, hapless victims. Drawing from those that naturally gravitate toward
authoritarianism, cops today are molded into the state’s enforcers, robotically and
sadisitically enforcing laws written by lawyers, judged by lawyers.

“But, the police are here to protect and serve.” The police are NOT required to protect
you. Want proof? Look at the Columbine Massacre in 1999; the police, heavily
outmanning and outgunning Eric Harris and Darren Klebold, simply laid siege to the high
school and as everyone self-evacuated the police ROUNDED THEM UP AND

They didn’t lay a hand on Harris and Klebold-they simply kept shooting until their meds
drove them to suicide instead of mass murder.

Ruby Ridge, Waco; federal agents wielding automatic weapons, body armor and armored
vehicles just like the hero cops that didn’t do jack in Littleton, Colorado went all out on a
backwoods family and a small communal Texas church. Women and children were
openly targeted and MURDERED.

Isolated examples you say? Crack open your paper, look around, observe YOUR
PUBLIC SERVANTS in action. Do they remotely act like the hollywood cops you see on
TV every night? If you’ve ever been harassed over a “infraction”, profiled, or worse you
know the right answer. Today’s cops are NOT like Sgt. Joe Friday, T.J. Hooker, or any
cop character Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson played.

As Boston T. Party so eloquently wrote in “You and the Police”, the police work for the
state and the state is looking for bodies.

Yours will do just fine.

IF you get stopped and you will sometime, have a voice recorder going. Yes you have to
identify yourself and present ID and proof of insurance-what you get for letting
professional politicians and their lobbyist pimps write the laws rather than you getting

You can refuse search requiring a warrant but the cops will do a inventory search
anyway-have any valuables and other no-no’s locked in a place secured to the car.
Something that will require Probable Cause to get a warrant to open.

Probable Cause-in your encounter, you must deflect your public servant’s ideal of a
Reasonable Articulable Suspicion. Basically he’s looking to justify his finding a excuse
to stop and detain you on your normal business into a reason to arrest you. If you look
like a ordinary person with no obvious criminal activity in a jurisdiction that doesn’t have
harassing everyone they can get away with as their sole preoccupation you… may have a
chance of continuing about your normal business.

And for God’s sake, watch your temper. A lot of cops are just itching for a provoked

fight and will think nothing of putting you into the hospital. Some would just love to add
another notch on their gun and put you in the ground.

And yes, race too has a impact on this. No arguing there.

If you’re lucky you get a ticket and a date with a traffic court and some fines. Otherwise
you get arrested with extreme risk of bodily harm to yourself, even death. You’re thrown
into cells designed to inflict a low grade form of chronic torture by discomfort. You’re
surrounded by a ruthless criminal element deliberately cultivated by the state to terrorize
you into continued support of their All-American tyranny… maybe you’ll make some
new friends and avoid being raped.

You get some court appearances. You’ll be compelled to plea bargain for a “reduced
sentence”. You’ll be compelled to hire a lawyer to defend-for lack of a better word-you,
presumably against fellow lawyers who prosecute you and judge you on laws they wrote.
Usually they work out a “script” beforehand, in spite of your innocence or guilt, or the
fault of the law being enforced.

Getting a jury trial? Getting even one person who understands that JURIES CAN
NULLIFY THE LAW amounts to something of a miracle as such knowledge is actively
suppressed by the legal system.

And it all costs a lot of money, as the legal system is a racket and lawyers measure their
time by the hundreds of dollars-per-hour. So no wonder the numbers of acquittals are
small. No wonder 1 out of 100 Americans are now in the system in some way. Like I
said, it’s what you get for letting professional politicians and lawyers run YOUR

So what do we do?

First, you have to protect yourself.

I know this is supposed to be a Free Country BUT, try not to look or act like a “dirtbag”.
Sad to say it, but middle class, mainstream American “conformists” are “less” likely to be
harassed than others. Rich looking people are the least likely of course to be confronted
by the police.

Make certain your car is up to code. Nothing broken, nothing that suggests “dirtbag” to
cops. Some cars are automatically “suspicious” like those “gangbangers” gravitate

Certain times you’re at greater risk for busts. Always be careful at night. If you see a long
line of cars, and in the opposite lane there are cars at regular intervals, there’s a
roadblock; immediately find a alternate route to your destination or you will be stopped.
Be careful around schools as well, and any place that may remotely look like a speed
trap. Any area where bars are at you’ll have cops fishing for busts for any reason they can
come up with.

Wire up some tiny spy cameras and microphones in your car; in the front and back with a
hidden activation switch to get evidence of evidence planting or police brutality. With the
police officer also being an officer of the court, his mere word is considered as evidence,
so you’ll need solid proof of your innocence. Only video makes that standard these days.

Perhaps you can travel in a group-safety in numbers. One guy gets stopped the rest stop
as well.

Just about any behavior can be labeled “suspicious” by cops. Watch what you do. Any
sideways glances, any uppity attitudes can and will be squelched by weak people with too
much power who’s sense of person is dependent on how much authority they can wield
on others.

For further reading, Boston T. Party’s “You and the Police” is available at
www.javelinpress.com and I highly recommend it. It has everything you need to know to
defend yourself against your average power hungry cop short of violence.

Better to be able to change the law and eliminate the dirty cops. This is politics so you
must enter the political arena. You want change in the laws and the way the laws are
enforced you have to get in a position to make those changes.

“How to win a local election”-written by lifelong political hacks provides a textbook to

spring off of, but mostly you’re looking to get elected by finding your locale’s hot
buttons and pushing them as long and hard as possible. This book you’ll find at your
local bookstore in the politics section.

You want to change the cops you have to change your institutions-you have to actually
take over the decision making process from professional politicians and parasitic lawyers.
Local towns-not big cities-are the achilles heel of the beast’s political system, and the
United States Government is part of the beast that’s turned this once greatest of nations
into it’s absolute opposite.

Local town government is how most government power is enforced upon the People.
These are shady, small minded cretins for the most part who revel in their power over our
lives. They gladly go along with the status quo of taxes and regulations and current
American political thought in order to profit for themselves.

Inevitably, they piss people off about something. That is what you use to inflame
opposition-opposition enough to get people to the polls on election day.

You could have a election sooner than you think. Look through your town’s local laws
for anything allowing a emergency recall election. Follow the procedures.

Organize your campaign; get your candidates, get your volunteers. Know your
demographics; what kind of people live where, where your support’s at where your
opposition’s at. Most likely you’ll have the poor areas and middle class to support you
while the rich will want the status quo-but that’s a rule of thumb.

Have your red button issues. Hammer on them relentlessly. For those that retain that
American attribute of hapless apathy, remind them that THEIR POLICE wouldn’t harass
them for all kinds of stupid stuff if they were ORDERED not to. BEWARE OF THE

Come election, and your slate wins you and your people will actually have political
power. Now that you’re in the driver’s seat it’s time to take care of some election
promises. Cut some taxes. Eliminate property taxes and allow full alloidial title so that
the People truly own their homes and land and be secure in their ownership. Create tax-
free zones in all those boarded up downtown buildings for local small businesses. Go
over your town’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and see where your town’s
invested in… maybe that money would be better spent on schools or tax breaks.

And to get back to the point of this article, clean up your police department. Get a copy of
their departmental procedures and start some very heavy editing. Clean YOUR POLICE
DEPARTMENT of any and all law enforcement officers who have betrayed the trust of
the People. Get input from any decent Peace Officers whether on your force or not. Your
police department can’t be of the People unless it’s run BY the People.

ANY piece of equipment “donated” by the federal government MUST BE RETURNED!

Under federal guidelines, accepting federal assistance puts YOUR POLICE
DEPARTMENT UNDER FEDERAL CONTROL! And you spent a lot of time and
money to get elected just so you could rein in your rogue cops.

What of the laws coming from the county government? First you have to take over
enough small communities in your county to win a county-wide election. That means
duplicating your success in surrounding communities, preferably at the same time.

Taking control of county government is a bigger goal, but if you free your town from the
current crop of socialist, elitist parasites it will become a beacon, an example of Freedom
that other communities will see, and duplicate. Taking control of a county means running
your candidate for Sheriff-this is big because the Sheriff is the highest ranking law
enforcement authority… he can even prohibit state and federal authorities from operating
in “his county” without permission.

Taking over a whole county… instituting government deconstruction and return of

Freedom and assets back to the taxpayers will go a long way toward greatly improving
the quality of life in your community; politically, economically, socially, and would
greatly reduce the need for police.

See the logical conclusion? Take over enough counties and you have enough grass roots
political muscle to usurp the Democrat/Republican party lock on your state’s
government. Run your candidates and with the examples of your community, and your
county(PROVIDED YOU CAN KEEP THE ELECTIONS FAIR)you could win control

Win control of your state government and you can disband your state’s highway patrol,
on the general principle that I’ve never heard of a state trooper who wasn’t a programmed

law enforcing robot. You can also bring your state’s finances under the same scrutiny you
did your local community. Start scrapping laws and create tax-free enterpeneur zones for
the poorest in all those boarded up city storefronts. You’ll see an even bigger
improvement in quality of life, which will mean of course less need for police.
Win enough states and now winning the federal government is within reach. I advocate
it’s utter dismemberment and replacement with something… a hell of a lot smaller.

This of course is contingent on there being elections and a Constitutional government,

which would be null and void in a martial law scenario or when the “elites” realize their
plans of integrating America, Canada and Mexico into their “north american union”. In
either case, there will be no elections and your local police will truly be unleashed.

J. Croft

1) 1-Abolition of property in land and application of all rents to public purposes

Unless you possess Texas property with alloidal title, you “own” Real Estate-you pay a
yearly property tax to the county. You miss your tax you lose your land in a tax forfeiture
sale. I myself tried to take advantage of this communist policy and get a house and flip it
for ten to twenty times what I’d pay out but that’s a racket that already has big fish in it…
or they get a lot of people in on the bid so they can max out the profits.

2-A heavy progressive or graduated income tax

Federal, state and local taxes, are rated according to income but unless you’re homeless
you’re going to dish out at least 40% to some kind of tax scheme. Medieval serfs paid

3-Abolition of all rights of inheritance

Ever heard of the estate tax?

4-Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels

You leave America and renounce citizenship the government takes your property and/or
make you pay taxes for three more years. You try resisting the government in self-
defense they take your property. The forfeiture laws make a broad sweep and any excuse
the government can make to take what’s yours they’ll do it.

5-Centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state
capital and an exclusive monopoly

When the Constitution was signed, there was a standard of coinage of silver and gold that
anyone was allowed to follow to legally coin their own money.

Two attempts at a national bank were defeated in the 19th century and America enjoyed a

decentralized banking system with a stable money. With the fraudulant passing of the
16th ammendment we now have a heavy, progressive income tax and a privately owned,
centralized credit and money issuing system with a monopoly on issuing money.

6-Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state

The FCC requires a license to transmit over airwaves. Licensing-permits form the state-
are required to use public roads.

7-Extension of factories and insturments of producitons owned by the state; the bringing
into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance
with a common plan.

Basically the zoning laws, and regionalism.

8-Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for


A national draft for non military needs has been proposed and will be enacted during
martial law. Conscript labor is already a reality in the nation’s 3 million prisoners.

9-Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the

distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population.

Corporations, with much of their outstanding stock owned by the government control
most agricultural land in the US.

10-Free education for all children in public schools. Combination of education with
industrial produciton.

Public schools run under the Marxist NEA have dumbed down Americans for
generations. Most people are “guided” into “careers” to be useful to the govenrment and
corporations instead of receiving a balanced education.


J. Croft

Patriot Activists today are God’s prophets to America. Everyone from the 14 year old
passing out 9/11 pamphlets and DVDs at school to Alex Jones making movies and
spending hours every day on air are sounding the warning, the call to action.
Unfortunately our enemies the inbred psychopathic blueblooded “elite” hear you as well.
Given the deliberate destruction of America and the world so they can consolidate public
over our graves you can expect your lives to occasionally go to hell. So, the following:



As Robert Ringer stated in Winning by Intimidation, you need to believe you’ll make the
sale of Revolution… that’s what you’re selling… but at the same time you expect to fail
selling Revolution to the next person you talk to, who sees your work. Keep swinging;
every pamphlet, video, person you talk to is a blow to the beast, so enjoy your work. You
are Blessed to be alive at this time!

Unless you’re hidden like the mythical Osama Bin Ladin, being alone and out in the
public invites danger. There’s safety in numbers. There’s support in numbers,
encouragement, resources, perspectives. Have as many circles, as many people as
possible. And part of having a circle is giving. Give your time, your good will, your
laughter, your support. God gives back what’s given to the Cause. You’re an activist-be
the part!



Save the pot smoking until after the Revolution’s won. Likewise don’t be out at the bars
every night-the beast keeps them open to draw people out, get them drunk and high, and
bust them for everything from bar fights to being drunk. Certainly don’t do stupid stuff
like… just about anything these days. It literally takes nothing to get one of the beast’s tin
badge gods on your ass. They want you in the system and they love having your
loudmouth ass in the joint. So stay sober in public, stay behaved, come correct. Don’t be
a casualty due to a moment’s weakness.


That’s plural-have cameras on you. Your own cameras. Cameras born by others around
you. Always be ready to shoot(your camera) because news could happen right in front of
you-like some tin badge gods trying to stop you from passing out The Obama Deception.
Decent enough digital cameras for daytime start at $50. DSLR w/ video capability can do
much better at night than similarly priced flash camcorders due to their much bigger
sensor and so should be used at night.


Yes, I wrote “Kill All Lawyers”. Lawyers as a group have done about as much as the
banks in ruining America. Have a Patriot Attorney that’s proven in the courtroom when
you get arrested. You WILL get arrested. You WILL need someone who can put up
battle, and you WILL need to not be alone so be known among your fellow Patriot
activists so you have a defense fund.


If you can have passive cash flow as taught by Robert Kiyosaki in his “Rich Dad, Poor
Dad” series… but amended for a deliberately destroyed economy. If you can’t quite do it,
have as low stress a job as possible because you cannot do this grinding your teeth
worrrying if your boss will fire you or even dwelling on crap you endured on the job.
Getting Started in the Underground Economy by Adam Cash is a good start on finding
cash flow to fund your activism.

The epitome of self-supporting activism is of course, Alex Jones. His websites

www.infowars.com, www.prisonplanet.com offer swag, a membership where you can
view exclusive content, and he’s not boring. In fact he’s about the most dynamic
personality in the media today. A lot of people hate on him for making money-don’t hate,


This should be everyone’s priority.

As long as you live where you’ve registered with any corporation or government entity
you can be hit up for business, arrested, served court papers, get raided for guns, for your
kid having a scrape on your knee, being an activist asshole to the potbellied pedophiles.

Swap houses with someone. Anyone. Trade places and equivalent bills. Park your car
well away from your new crib. Better yet, have a Patriot friend chauffeur you about. Or
take the bus. If you’re not where you’re registered the government can’t find you or the
person you traded places with… unless they’re looking for both of you, so trade with
multiple people. If everyone played a shell game with the govenrment their entire GPS
census spy grid is made usesless. That’s another paper but I mention it for your
operational security.

As an extension, stop accessing the internet from a terminal registered in your name at
your own place. Use public wi-fi with a lot of traffic, or a public access computer you
don’t have to register with ID to use. Use pre-paid phones. Stop using credit cards,
checks. Use cash, barter, money orders.


Something will go wrong even with the last recommendation and you will need a place to
hide out. This safe house needs to be run by a covert Patriot whose never ever:


*publically expressed opinion on the internet beyond what movie they liked and such

*bought a gun through a ffl or with a check/credit card or anything else the inbreeds don’t

*felony record


NOT BE PUBLIC WITH THEIR BELIEFS. Most won’t listen to you-so be it-but
someone WILL see what you’re getting at and will see their mission as to be a secret
shelter in times of need. Be certain to make sure they’re not foreclosed on before you or
one of yours needs a place.


You will burn out. You will get tired. So take a break. Have a bonfire. Play some first
person shooter video games. Get some shooting in. Tend your survival garden. Study a
new trade. Make love. Write a story. Exercise. Pray to Our Father. I wish all of you out
there the very best. Certainly we are going into the worst of times but if we keep
swinging, keep our eyes open, keep sight of the goal of Freedom we can and will win. In
the meantime, we have to fight. Fight smart and win.


The Photo above is from a Durham, NC SWAT raid of a "suspected" crack house.

No drugs were found yet the police treated the incident as a "success"; because a
"message" was put out that such activity "won't be tolerated".

So, is "sending a message out" worth THIS?!!

Your answer should tell you just how conditioned by the beast you are to your
Don't think you can hack being a 3 percenter, a Oath Keeper, a Patriot with your 350lb fat
ass keeping your beer mug from spilling while waving your wii around.


J. Croft

20 Questions
If your spouse ran into the room and said her brother - a state trooper - just called to warn
that raids under the new Federal assault weapons/domestic terrorism laws were beginning

1) Would you flee, assuming that you believed yourself to be "a person of interest"?

2) Whether your decision was to flee or to stand, what would your spouse and children

3) What would you and your family use as money and travel documents?

4) Would you have an adequate bag or two suitably packed and ready to go for each

5) Would you have all medical necessities addressed for you and your family (e.g., teeth,
immunizations, mitigation of any preexisting conditions, adequate supplies of
maintenance drugs, etc.)?

6) What about three-season (fall/winter/spring) clothing for you and each family

7) What would you use for transportation?

8) What would you use to refuel your transportation?

9) Where would you go?

10) By what route(s)?

11) Upon arrival, where would you stay and for how long?

12) What would you use for communications (both receive and transmit)?

13) What would you tell your employer?

14) What would you tell your neighbors?

15) What would you tell your friends and family?

16) What would you use to buy what you need while in flight (fuel, food, transport,
bribes, etc.)?

17) How would you alter your and your family's physical appearances while in flight?

18) Who would be your allies trustworthy enough to guard your life and the lives of your

19) How would you contact your allies?

20) What are your three alternate plans for each of the preceding questions?

Anonymous said...
I would tell my wife to leave with the children for wherever she wants to go, get my gear,
and go after THEM. I'm sick of this runnin' crap.

March 31, 2009 2:49 PM

Anonymous said...
1. Don't go anywhere, just use the things that you have already prepared. If you had any
intelligent brain material at all, you would have had a way to defend yourself, a months
worth of food and water and a network of friends that you can call on that would be
willing to ambush the traitors before they ever get near your home.

March 31, 2009 4:13 PM

pops1911 said...
Good list - it requires much thought now if not already done. When you realize you need
to know the answers, it may be too late - plan ahead for the coming problems &

March 31, 2009 7:26 PM

Anonymous said...
I wouldn't run. I'd rather stand and fight..to the death if need be. I've already told my
family, if this sort of thing ever comes to pass..get out of the house and away from the
neighborhood. My only hope is that my neighbors will help out by catching the invaders
in a cross fire...and I think they would.

March 31, 2009 8:59 PM

Anonymous said...
I would go directly to my psychiatrist's office as I clearly have been listening too long to
the tinfoil hats.

I'm not saying they aren't out to get you, and won't come for you at some point, but don't
you have plenty of other shit to worry about?

March 31, 2009 9:25 PM

streetdog said...
What did our Founding Fathers do after Paul Revere and William Dawes spread the
alarm? I suspect that most thoughtful patriots who visit this website already have a good
idea how they are going to react. May God save our Republic!

March 31, 2009 10:35 PM

Anonymous said...
"If your spouse ran into the room and said her brother - a state trooper - just called to
warn that raids under the new Federal assault weapons/domestic terrorism laws were
beginning tonight:"

I think that we'd know far in advance - this thing simply would have to be too big to hide,
esp. when a lot of people in all branches of government are on our side (even if they
aren't making the decisions). IOW, I think that this particular premise is a bit flawed...

...though the general question of "what will you do if..." needs to be answered by each
individual or small group, and done so in a thoughtful and realistic manner. In that sense,
this is an excellent post. It gets everyone to thinking...and the more that lots of people
begin to formulate responses, whether they post them or not (such as "I'm going hunting"
and the like), the less likely it is that such responses will be necessary (which is, I believe,
the whole point of this and similar posts here and elsewhere - they are the rattlesnake
shaking his tail for all he's worth, telling the world to leave him the F alone, OR ELSE).

March 31, 2009 10:39 PM

Anonymous said...

Your kidding, right?

What would you do if it were a bunch of chinese invading and taking your weapons?

What is the difference in enemies foreign or domestic?

April 1, 2009 1:32 AM

Concerned American said...
There is "flee" and then there is "flee".

Defending fixed positions gets you dead, especially with (tactically) inferior numbers and

A lot of good folks are going to die learning that lesson.

April 1, 2009 1:36 AM

Anonymous said...
There's always Hit & Run Tactics.

Your main party continueson to safe havens that have been agreed to beforehand.
As the Men make some Pain. Then Pull back and wait & Hit again.
Will create intimidation.
Why? Your pursuers will not know when you are gonna strike at them next, or from
Will slow them down.

April 1, 2009 1:59 AM

Anonymous said...
Well, this house to house raiding isn't going to happen. Too many kooks like myself
around, and the lessons of places like Stalingrad to dwell upon for military/police locked
in to any grand conspiracy.
One, cops are more patriotic than most. They won't abide by this kind of nonsense.
Second, many nations have overthrown dictators without any arms in public possession.
The Romanians took them from the army and police, and as soon as they saw the furry of
the masses the army and police went in to hidding. What is best to remember is that doing
nothing is the worst thing possible. Gun owners should organize large armed protests and
put some fear back in to the system, some respect for the worker bees is what's needed by
these damn politicans.

April 1, 2009 6:42 AM

Anonymous said...
Well, this house to house raiding isn't going to happen. Too many kooks like myself
around, and the lessons of places like Stalingrad to dwell upon for military/police locked
in to any grand conspiracy.
One, cops are more patriotic than most. They won't abide by this kind of nonsense.
Second, many nations have overthrown dictators without any arms in public possession.
The Romanians took them from the army and police, and as soon as they saw the furry of
the masses the army and police went in to hidding. What is best to remember is that doing
nothing is the worst thing possible. Gun owners should organize large armed protests and
put some fear back in to the system, some respect for the worker bees is what's needed by
these politicans.

April 1, 2009 6:44 AM

Anonymous said...
Yea, what's the difference between foreign invaders or domestic traitors? Treason is
treason, and Invasion is invasion. Who cares what they say they are doing. UN troops
from Canada just helping out with the domestic problems? Or, part of a plan for treason?
The British sent some poor smucks to disarm some tribal folks in Afganistan recently and
guess what, they all got killed. Fact is, the last ones were holding out pictures of their
familys begging for their lives when they got shot.
Seems that disarming the natives was reconsidered after that incident. Go figure.

April 1, 2009 6:51 AM
Anonymous said...
Concerned American, there are worse things than death. Like flee, you hide, I will fight.

April 1, 2009 2:02 PM

Concerned American said...
Dying in place at the address the FedGov has for you is neither brave nor patriotic.

"Flee" simply means not being where your 4473s show as your home.

There's going to be enough unpleasantness w/o freedom-loving folks signing up to die


April 1, 2009 5:50 PM

Anonymous said...
And when you get tired of running? What then? Do you then choose to stand? With all
respect, it appears you are not as fed up with all of this mess as I. I was born here, I am
old, tired and angry and I will not flee from any tyrranical gov., foreign or domestic. Just
as David of old, I will go to meet the enemy and there it will be done. It is not about
bravery or patriotism, it is about being fed up with being tread on. I will say no more
concerning this matter.

April 1, 2009 10:29 PM

Ya Basta said...
I think Waco showed pretty clearly what happens to small armed groups that stand and
fight. The good souls at Waco won the first day. They let the ATF agents retreat. The
next day fed goons came back with reinforcements and a tank. Members of MOVE in
Philadelphia were winning their standoff before the PD used a helicopter to drop a bomb
on them. For all practical purposes, the State possesses unlimited resources.

Maneuver is key to any civilian resistance. Guerrillas don't fight from fortresses, they
shoot and move, winning the sympathy of non-combatants and exhausting their larger,
more cumbersome adversaries.

April 2, 2009 2:59 AM

Concerned American said...
In addition, if people understood Boyd's Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) loop, they
would understand that not only does the OpFor not have the resources to hit all places
simultaneously, but they also do not have the ability to react when folks think faster that
they can.

Hit 'em where they (the pointy-end of the spear) ain't.

Again, people who are freedom-minded need to get out of the "it's my castle and I will
defend it" mode.

April 2, 2009 4:37 AM

Anonymous said...
I just stumbled upon this article through Steve Quayle's website and find your discussion
very interesting. Having been in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 6 years, literally. I only
go home for 2 weeks every 4 months. I found an author who clearly understands guerilla
and insurgent warfare. His name is Poole. He has authored several books on ht subject.
Start with "The Last Hundred yards" to find his works on Amazon. They are all well
worth the read and to keep for reference. Best of luck to anyone who decides to stand and

April 2, 2009 8:42 AM

Anonymous said...
I'm an old single gay man. I don't have to worry about kids or women.

Gee, kinda of an exciting question. I mean, been victimized all my life by the system

Well, I've been preparing for this kind of blantant treason. I mean the writting been on the
wall for a while now.

Cached some stuff in the highways and byways. Left a map for a special person in case I
die. I've prepared with food, and am building a bunker, just in case. Hey, I don't have the
hassles of the rest of you. I do what I want.

I sold a few guns to a previously dead guy, so technically I don't own but a couple.

So, you say some old flame calls and warns me these idiots are making a go at treason in
the open?
What do I do, what do I do?

Well, I'm gonna go and get the guns I own and say goodby to them.
Here ya go Mr. Traitor. I never really wanted them anyways. I just got them because I'm
old and afraid. It's a such a relief to finally not have to worry about all those guns on the
street. Bye, bye now, look out for the IED's.

Afterwards, well, I'm going shopping. I'd sure like to get my hands on a new XM29, and
how else is that going to happen. Thanks for bringing one to my neighborhood. It makes
shopping so much easier.

Any ideas when the shopping might start? The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. I
don't want to die before all the fun starts.

April 2, 2009 1:21 PM

Anonymous said...
You guys are kidding yourselves if you think it’s going to play out in any of the scenarios
described. The comparison with Afghanistan is completely bogus. The Afghans have
been at war forever, they live in a tribal society, are heavily armed and prepared to fight,
and have just about nothing to lose except a life spent in poverty and misery. This
country is full of pampered and deluded people who don’t want to lose their HDTV’s and

Starbuck’s frappucinos.

If the government wants your guns they’ll first create a pretext by staging a false-flag
terrorist op or creating some other kind of “national emergency.” Gun owners will be
marginalized as a threat that must be neutralized for the “good of the country.” They’ll
announce a grace period for everyone to turn in their guns to be followed by the
imposition of a draconian penalty.

They may even claim it is going to be temporary and guns will be returned after the
emergency. They may go through the charade of inventorying your weapons and giving
you documents with which to reclaim them “after the emergency is over.” That’s all it
will take for most people to turn in their guns. Let’s not forget that the media has been
demonizing guns and gun ownership for decades now, and there are millions of your
countrymen who think you’re a dangerous wacko for even owning a gun.

Those hold outs left with guns will then be part of a very small minority that is perceived
as a threat to the country (after all, since you didn’t obey the law you’re now a
“criminal”), requiring good “patriotic” Americans to turn them in to the authorities, with
the understanding that they will be rewarded, while if it is discovered they knew and
didn’t report it they will also suffer a draconian punishment. That mother-in-law, cousin,
brother-in-law, uncle, neighbor, etc, that doesn’t like you or your politics won’t even
need the incentive of a reward to turn you in.

If they think it is still necessary at this point, when it looks like they’ve got all they’re
going to get this way, they’ll pick someplace where there are a lot of registered gun
owners (remember, they’re going to have records that allow them to estimate the hold out
ratio), or some community that has been vocal about opposing confiscation, and stage a
sweep there. They’ll give everyone an opportunity to surrender their guns and then go in
using full military force. Anyone who resists in any way will be exterminated. After that,
all except the most hardcore diehards will turn in their weapons.

As far as running goes, run to where, with what, living how? This country is already
locked down tighter than a drum. In the kind of scenario we’re talking about you’re going
to need special ID’s. People will be told to be suspicious of people paying in cash, and
especially of anyone using gold or silver, and people from out of town. You have
children –then why aren’t they in school? Work places will be required to report people
who don’t show up for work and people seeking employment. If you join a group
somewhere you’ll be even easier to identify and eliminate, ‘cause at this point they’ll be
taking out “militant groups” with predator drones. You won’t last a week on the run
unless you can get out of the country and are prepared to live abroad.

Virtually no one with a family is going to fight. You fight and your family is dead. That
leaves old people and young singles. Maybe a few old couples will go down together
fighting, and a few single males with romantic notions of glory or nothing to lose. Let’s
not forget that not one person resisted turning in their guns in the aftermath of Katrina,
and the same logic that rationalized that will rationalize cooperation during a national
confiscation –that it will be temporary, only until the emergency is passed, and it’s not
worth dying for.

April 3, 2009 4:13 PM
Anonymous said...
When people start dropping like flies.... that is when the confiscation would start. I am
amazed that adding 2 + 2 seems to yield 6 today.

If you bother to add all the clues into a single formulation, it is not required that a rocket
scientist interpret the data. The wording of congressional bills, the preparations of
national groups such as FEMA etc..., the preparedness of "vaccines" to epidemics which
have not even happened with, to the impossibly accidental contamination of flu vaccines
with h5n1 bird flu (a level 2 or 3 bio-hazard material).... I said "impossibly accidental"
since flu vaccines are not produced in a bio-hazard lab handling such lethally dangerous
viruses to begin with, let alone the same room designed specifically to prevent viral or
bacterial escape from the room! DUH!

Understand please, that all concerned know full well that the number of gun owners in
the US FAR outnumbers the combined personnel of BOTH the police and all branches of
the armed services combined. In fact, we have more gun owners in the US than the
standing army of CHINA! If one out of 10 managed to hit 1 aggressor, they would run
out of troops long before the US ran out of gun owners.

Simple fact.

Now, they also know that a determined effort by a small percentage of those would crush
opposition, even considering force multipliers, such as helis, planes, tanks, APC's, and

Too many people would initially "shop around", as some people have already hinted.
There is also to be considered the stated movements of military and police personel,
which would defect to the cause of the citizens, and bring their own supplies....

To be blunt, not even a stupid and arrogant aggressor would try such facing what is
evident, unless they believe that there would be no cohesion to the forces opposed.
Which, from what I have seen from all the hillbilly mentality (watch your own back, let
everyone else fend for themselves garbage), might actually be the case.

If that time ever comes, quite simply you must stand united, or die separately. A house
divided against itself cannot (and will not) stand.

I personally hope that time never comes within my lifetime, but I do know that such
mentalities as what have been cooking up these schemes are cold and completely

United, 5% of the population took on a much larger, much better equipped and trained
fighting force, and won.

We became a nation united then, hopefully we can remain one now.

April 4, 2009 11:49 AM
Anonymous said...
"United, 5% of the population took on a much larger, much better equipped and trained
fighting force, and won."

This is mythology, not history. There is no comparison between the situation then and
now. We had significant material support from France, who was at war with Britain.
Most importantly, both sides had roughly the same weapons capabilities.

There's not going to be any militia fought revolution in this country that is anything like
the revolutionary war. All you need to do to see what's going to happen is look at Gaza
and Iraq. There are no battles with US or Israeli forces that don't result in annihilation for
the enemy. That's why the other side uses rockets and IEDs and suicide bombers.

If you want to talk about the military being on our side, yeah, that's a different equation.
But I think you're underestimating the kind of demonization process that's going to take
place before anything like this happens, and the controlling infrastructure. This isn't
going to happen tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Think Globally, Act Locally: 20 More Questions on "Let's Win"

Victor Davis Hanson lays out the overall tactical situation here. Sample section below,
but do read the whole thing:

...Stimulus, Stimulus and Not a Drop…

A “stimulus” of nearly a trillion dollars was proposed, without which we were told,
unemployment would skyrocket and credit would tighten further. Six months later —
unemployment having risen even higher than the administration’s forecast would have
been the case had their stimulus package not been implemented — now the same
proponents of massive borrowing demand a second stimulus to accomplish what the first
’successful’ borrowing apparently did not. If you fail, then try the same thing to fail even
bigger the second time — while calling for more success to follow the earlier success?

The Larger Agenda

Note here I mean something quite different from the accustomed notion of “accomplish.”
You see, I think the point was never much to build more bike paths on borrowed money
or just bail out GM, but rather more to reengineer the tax code, as part of a grander vision
of creating a new equality of result in America.

Soon we will all end up after each April 15 about making the same, driving the same sort
of cars and using the same sort of mass transit, living in about the same sorts of houses,
and having about the same sorts of “”they will take care of it for me” philosophies — all
overseen by brilliant, but highly ranked and exempt Platonic Guardians who suffer on our
behalf as they jet and limo at breakneck speed ensuring our welfare.

Gorging “the Beast”

We are beginning to sense the debate is not about “stimulus” (politicians did not even
read the various bills that they rammed through and care little about the fiscal impact
from them). Rather, we are witnessing an inversion of Reagan’s sort of playing chicken,
once called “starve the beast” (which I thought was a wrong notion), a philosophy of
cutting taxes to cut revenue to starve the federal government’s excessive spending in the
face of spiraling deficits.

Under Obama’s “gorge the beast” version, America will simply write so many bounced
checks, run up such an enormous $10 trillion debt, that taxes will have to rise on “them”
— and wasn’t this really the point of it all anyway: to “spread the wealth around” and
“never let a crisis go to waste”? Since new programs never shrink, but, like Johnson
grass, grow with impunity, and since Democrats, even more so than wasteful
Republicans, don’t worry about deficits, taxes must escalate to avoid catastrophe.

The Bad Guys

Ponder a simple fact: The Obama administration is dispersing income lavishly to those
who do not pay taxes and it will have to be paid for by those who do. For all the talk of
that awful percentile who make over $200,000, this administration has not distinguished
the hyper-rich 1% that make untold money (e.g., the Buffets, Soroses, Turners, Gateses,
Kerrys, Gores, etc.), from the much more demonized, larger 5% of the population whose
income does not come from investments and insider influence and deal-making, but
rather from providing more tangible goods and services — the family doctor, the
plumbing contractor, the small lumber company owner, the car dealer, the local family-
held insurance company, the airline pilot, the car-leasing firm, the patent attorney, etc.

“Their Fair Share”

Last fall we heard that this percentile was unpatriotic, did not wish to spread the wealth
around, and had made off like bandits under Bush. But the fact is, to quote Mayor Gavin
Newsome’s ‘like it or not’, they are precisely those who decide most dynamically

whether to hire, fire, expand, contract, buy/sell goods, etc.

And the results of the Obama war against them are threefold: 1) in major key states, the
productive minority’s state income taxes will near or exceed 10%; their federal rates will
go to 40%; the abolition of caps on FICA will ensure 15% plus of most their income will
go for new Medicare and Social Security bites; and they may well be eligible for a newly
proposed punitive health-care surcharge tax of 4-6%.

Add It Up

1) If one were to add all that up (forget rises in sales taxes, inheritance taxes, luxury
taxes, etc.), then one can get to 70% of one’s income. So right this minute, the electrical
contractor is thinking:

‘I made $412,000 last year due to Saturday jobs, overtime, risky bidding, gambles on new
equipment, and new lines of credit, but under Obama I will pay maybe $50-80,000 more
of my income to the government. In other words the cost of, say, hiring two more entry-
level electricians, or the cost of outfitting an entire new van with boom and equipment, or
what I cleared every Saturday last year — all that will go to the government.”

Ripples of Doubt

And that means rippling throughout this key sector of the economy — even before these
taxes have been enacted — are hesitation, stasis, and ultimately constriction — at first for
psychological reasons, soon confirmed by the actual facts of less money. In short, very
bright people will be thinking how to hide income, how to barter, how to slow down and
not produce goods and services, rather than blast full speed ahead and enrich angry

A Certain Paranoia

2) Do not discount again the psychological element. This putative electrical contractor
also knows that after handing over his profits to the new government, and delaying or
ending his plans for enlargement, he will not be praised, but continually demonized (I
scanned CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and NBC the other evening, and all the stories had a
common theme: the “rich” (yes, you see, ACME Electric is now about the equivalent to
AIG and Citibank) will have to pay their “fair share” for all sorts of “overdue”
necessities: cap-and-trade, nationalized health care, education grants and freebies, and
new social programs.

You Owe Us

So our electrician senses that despite his newfound, sizable contribution to the public
good, he will a) not be thanked but only further ridiculed; b) see his money diverted from
his own wise use of it, to anonymous agencies’ liberal expenditures of it: the money will
not be just lost, but invested in things that will make things worse, not better, through
subsidies of failed programs and the destruction of incentives; c) see that the world under
Obama is now unfair in Orwellian fashion: the Citibanks and AIGs, in Robert Rubin

fashion, are so well connected to both parties that they will suffer little for their mistakes;
the Ivy-League and Washington technocratic class that is to run all this is happy with its
government perks and does not think new taxes and compliance apply to themselves (cf.
Dodd, Rangel, Geithner, Daschle, Murtha, etc.).

You Never Needed All That Anyway

3) Finally the now chastised and ossified electrician will begin to see that his new truck,
his boat, his vacation home, all these are somehow immoral in carbon, political, cultural,
racial, and social terms. And he senses that others, who do not pay any income taxes
(approaching 50% of the population), see themselves at war with him: the more he pays
in taxes, the more others see that his compliance with such new burdens is proof of what
he “really” owed all the time, and a sign that he can pay even more next round...

Vandam gives us the strategic outlook here; money graf:

...The great principle of America is that free people pursue their interests freely and the
government attends only to the irreducible commonalities. That has already been eroded
to the point where Americans, one way or another, stand in line in the government
cafeteria. This presidency is adding bars to the windows even as it sucks the air out of the
room. It’s going to be a dreadful experience. It will be everything that the most self-
loathing of Americans have long wanted but didn’t have the initiative to emigrate to Cuba
and get it straight up for themselves...

We also know what the price was to crack the national government's will in a much more
virile America, circa 1968. By the end of that year, 36,152 American troops had been
killed in the Vietnam conflict. That fact led to a change in the national government,
which in turn sued its opponents for peace.

Goethe has supplied an operational concept.

So let's ask another "20 Questions", using the following assumptions:

- Two of the three branches of the Federal Government, along with most of their
constituent agencies and bureaucracies, have been captured by totalitarian statists who
routinely violate the limitations on their power expressly required by the US
Constitution/Bill of Rights;

- The so-called "opposition party" is only marginally less statist than the incumbents, and
in fact sponsored many of the most egregiously unconstitutional programs when they last
held power;

- State and local governments are so financially dependent on Federal transfer payments
that they are de facto mere departments of the national government, rather than the
separate sovereigns envisioned by the Founding Fathers; and

- All rational prognoses are for the situation to grow worse with each passing quarter for
the foreseeable future.

1) Do you know, if you deem such actions to be both moral and necessary, which targets
in your area-- both materiel and otherwise -- you would select for political action?

2) Do you have the means (i.e., the tools and materials) needed to engage each of those
targets successfully?

3) Do you have the skill sets and mindset needed to engage each of those targets

4) Do you have the operational support needed to engage each of those targets

5) Having engaged those targets in your area successfully, do you have the

- means,
- skill sets,
- mindset, and
- operational support

to evade investigation, capture, interrogation, and sentencing, so as to be capable of

future missions against different targets in your area or elsewhere?

6) Do you have the means and skill sets to properly and safely exploit your successful
missions for maximum propaganda value via YouTube and other media?

7) Do you have the resources to help others execute steps 1-6 in your area without
compromising your own operational ability?

8) Do you have the ability to relocate successfully to other parts of the country as part of
your post-mission exfiltration/recovery period?

9) Do you have the funds and personal items (essential medicines, etc.) that you would
need if you suddenly had to relocate?

10) Do you have viable forms of alternate identification?

11) If you have alternative identification, do you know how reliable it is?

12) Do you have Spandoflage headwear as part of your mission kit?

13) Do you have viable gloves that will be usable in tactical situations yet unobtrusive
during both your ingress and egress?

14) What steps -- in detail -- have you taken to avoid the standard crime scene rule that

"everyone leaves evidence behind, while at the same time takes evidence away"?

15) Have you been dedicated in your physical training?

16) Have you considered the very-close-work operational utility of a snubnose .38
revolver with a dehorned hammer?

17) Have you considered the close-work operational utility of the rifled slug (12 or 20
gauge) fired from a short-barreled shotgun?

18) Have you considered all of the wonderful ways that modern statist technology is
vulnerable to the creative application of force/friction/heat/cold/electrical current/water,
both as a standalone event and as a triggering event for a subsequent response?

19) Are you morally squared-away for what you are about to do?

20) Have you practiced your tactics and skills so that you have a realistic assessment of
your own strengths and weaknesses, and have your plans been modified in light of that

Special bonus question:

21) Do you understand that, with the millions upon millions of vulnerable, unarmed,
government-paid collaborators and Quislings at the local, state, and Federal levels, let
alone all of the government-owned property in every jurisdiction of this huge country just
aching for traditional American political action, one of your biggest problems (after the
initial decision and commitment, of course) will be in focusing your efforts so as to
achieve maximum effect with minimal exposure to you?

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Anonymous said...
We are very close to the brink now. I truly hope folks have their affairs in order.

July 15, 2009 6:15 PM

Anonymous said...
outstanding....need to get this onto flyers and get it disseminated into the public

July 15, 2009 6:43 PM

Atlas Shrug said...
Very good stuff.

With more "mainstream" folks like VDH writing such things, more shreds of figurative
clothing are stripped from this evil emperor.

Of note in this vein. I was layed up sick yesterday and heard lots of radio, including
Limbaugh and Levin. Both of these guys were pointing out very clearly that the Obama
regime is doing and getting exactly what it wants, while the obvious failures in doing
what it says are not enough to slow things down.

No, they don't go to the next step and talk about what needs to be done to stop this
(although Levin gets closer). However, the talk is getting out there and may be laying
some groundwork to help many make some connections on their own....

Keep your powder dry,


Feedback on "20 More Questions": Accomplices and Collaborators

Got a call from a friend who was offended by question #21 in our recent "20 More
Questions" piece:

21) Do you understand that, with the millions upon millions of vulnerable, unarmed,
government-paid collaborators and Quislings at the local, state, and Federal levels, let
alone all of the government-owned property in every jurisdiction of this huge country just
aching for traditional American political action, one of your biggest problems (after the
initial decision and commitment, of course) will be in focusing your efforts so as to
achieve maximum effect with minimal exposure to you?

At issue was the implication that every single employee -- armed and unarmed - of the
combined local/state/Federal Leviathan was a legitimate recipient of political action,
however each individual American defines that activity.

Here's the thing -- every last one of those government employees is subordinate to you,
the individual American citizen -- at least according to one of our system's central articles

of faith.

In cold reality, compared to private-sector workers and business owners (who, not
coincidentally, pay the taxes that feed and house each government parasite's family), they
are your betters -- more pay, better benefits, greater job security, shorter hours, more
vacation, and much better retirement plans.

In short, all government workers know that you, the American taxpayer, are subordinate
to each and every one of them -- from the newest-hired Motor Vehicles drone to the
tenured government schoolteacher to the uniformed police officer who just pulled you
over for a local revenue opportunity....uh, I guess they still call them "speeding tickets".

And before any readers get their knickers in a twist -- yes, there are dedicated
government workers who go above and beyond the call of duty...

And still enjoy better benefits and better retirement perquisites, along with more vacation,
than their private-sector peers in equivalent positions.

But that's not the real reason why all government employees should face the wrath of free

The real reason is much more simple: each civil servant is a cog in Leviathan's machine.

As Vanderboegh pointed out the other day, if you want to break a windmill -- simply
throw a wooden shoe into its mechanism.

Ergo, if you want to hobble Leviathan, simply provide creative incentives for the cogs to
absent themselves.

If a cog doesn't report to its proper place, the tyrant's infernal machine will grind on, but
nearby cogs will notice the absence.

If several cogs no longer are in their assigned positions within the mechanism, the
machinery will start creak and shudder.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And make no mistake: each and every one of those cogs in every government agency
chooses every single work day to climb into his or her cubicle and serve the omnivorous
beast Government, because doing so is in each cog's best interests.

Engaging Government successfully therefore simply requires a new calculus of self-

interest to be created and effectively disseminated to the governing hordes. As
Solzhenitsyn said in the The Gulag Archipelago:

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if
every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain
whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods

of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire
city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the
downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing
left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people
with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very
quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of
Stalin's thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

So don't fret about Leviathan's civil service whores. They've already made their choices,
and each has elected to make a career from leeching off the productivity of their former
fellow citizens.

So be it.

It's now time for all freedom-lovers to make their choices.

Submission -- or action.

Your call.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Anonymous said...
Of course, most work for the government directly or indirectly. They have a desire to
meet Solzhenitsyn in person, yearning for his gulag.
Of course, Solzhenitsyn is dead.

July 17, 2009 5:20 AM

chris horton said...
Best one yet. And exactly what I've been thinking of late.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Several outraged reactions have been posted thus far to this piece discussing the
vulnerability of government workers to political action by freedom-lovers.

Read all of the comments, but a few things need emphasis:

1) Oath-Keepers: I was an early supporter of this fine organization founded by Stewart

Rhodes earlier this year, both in this space and elsewhere. Unlike many, I traveled (along
with Mike Vanderboegh) to Lexington Green on April 19th, renewed my oath, and
participated in the Oath-Keepers' truly inspiring event. I applaud every single Oath-
Keeper's commitment to personal freedom, political liberty, and the restoration of the
American Republic. I commend all Oath-Keepers for their unwavering commitment to
The Ten Orders We Will Not Obey, and I will stand and fight besides the good men and
women of that organization, do or die.

But remember Admiral Stockdale's Paradox?

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never
afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current
reality, whatever they might be.”

The most brutal facts of our current reality are as I posted in comment reply last night:

Re Oath Keepers:

Presumably, every Oath Keeper who is honest will acknowledge that:

a) they are paid via taxes collected through the threat of force from American citizens;

b) as such, they are, by definition, subordinate to the people that pay them, both by virtue
of who is actually the productive party in the taxpayer/tax parasite relationship and by
virtue of the guiding principles of the American Republic (see comment above);

c) all of the current and former oathtakers since 1916 or so have failed in their duty to
defend the Constitution from domestic enemies such as Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ,
Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and the Kenyan, along with the respective
Congresses from 1916 forward; and

d) they are well overdue in actually doing something (other than talking) about reversing
that abysmal 93-year record of failure in actual, effective oath-keeping.

Re Anon and his point re target ID, amen. I do not truly believe that every .gov employee
is my enemy.

But boys and girls, it is no-shit well past time for those men and women of good faith
within government to start linking up with the Resistance and getting as much info and
materiel out to the freedom team as possible. Every day that you folks sit on the sideline,
the more each of you is tarred forever more with the indelible fecal smear of Comrades
Soetero, Pelosi, and Reid.

Maybe I should have titled the essay "Collaborator, Quisling, or Undercover Operative?
Time to Choose".

Know my rules?

1) The man or woman shooting besides me at the enemy is my friend;

2) The man or woman shooting AT me (or helping others shoot at me) is my enemy; and

3) Anyone not in groups 1 or 2 (unless they are feeding me information/materiel/other

logistics support) is, at best, a high security risk.

Make sense?

Now, to be honest, in the light of day, I regret that reply.

More specifically, I regret that I left the philandering Jack Kennedy off the list of
American Presidents who have successfully violated the Constitutional limits on their
power, based upon his undeclared wars in Cuba at the Bay of Pigs and in a little place
called Vietnam.

Everything else stands.

Note that I said nothing derogatory whatsoever about Stewart's organization.


What I did say is the simple and bitter truth -- that since 1916 straight through today,
everyone who has taken an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution and
its express limitations on Federal power has failed completely in their oath-bound duty.


Myself included.

Has failed.


Anyone who doubts that painful fact need only look to today's Leviathan, comparing the
scope and scale of the combined Federal/state/local apparatus to the minimalist structure
mandated by the Constitution.

If you need any additional proof, run your copy of the fundamental human rights
enshrined and "guaranteed" by the Bill of Rights against the everyday and unaccountable
actions of Leviathan's agents everywhere across this country.

If you have the courage and the intellectual honesty to do so, you'll weep. I know I have,
on multiple occasions.

I've wept for what has been lost, and I have also wept for how few men and women in
today's America are willing to do what it will take to stop the totalitarian bastards who
continue, even as I write, to use all of their energy and all of their power to eradicate the
country and the principles in and by which I was raised.

So what to do when you get knocked on your tail?

You get up and do whatever it takes, by any means necessary, to

- stop the enemy, including his allies, accomplices, collaborators, and Quislings;

- reverse his gains;

- destroy his fighting ability; and

- hold any surviving enemy forces fully accountable for their actions.

So, my fellow oathtakers and Oath-Keepers, let's get busy. We've got 93 years of defeats
to avenge.


2) Fundamental Principles: The next part of my comments was inspired by the late Bill
Hicks, a brilliant comic who performed, flamed out, and died in the Nineties. His advice
to marketers and advertisers in the following video segment is my advice to every
government worker, be it at the Federal, state, local, or tribal level, who does not
understand the following basic principles:

a) You live off the tax dollars stolen by force from every productive non-government
worker, business owner, and saver in this country; and

b) As a government worker in the American system, you are, by definition, subordinate

to your true bosses -- the taxpaying non-governmental American citizen. As long as you
remain as a government worker -- from new hire, all the way up to President of the
United States -- you remain, regardless of rank or job description, subordinate to every
single taxpaying non-governmental American citizen.

I know that there are many (most?) government workers who understand, accept, and
even celebrate these fundamental principles of the dying American Republic. For those of
you in the audience who do not, I commend to you the same actions as Bill Hicks
suggests for marketers and advertisers in this video clip (caution: harsh language):

Really -- I am not kidding. Do it now.

And you're welcome for the advice.

3) "Terrorist Organization": A commenter called the essay "a sure fire recipe for failure
for your "freedom team" since it will be considered a terrorist org. by anyone except
radical Atlas Shrugs toting anarchists."

Well, chiefie, everyone's entitled to his opinion. My opinion is that everyone who comes
to this site is already pinged for special treatment as a thoughtcriminal. Rather than deal
with that fact and acting accordingly, you and your ilk are wasting precious time trying to
figure out how to be nice to statists so that they won't hurt you.

Guess what? Leviathan will eat you too.

So sorry.

And besides, I'll bet you haven't even read Atlas Shrugged. You should -- it might clean
some of the mush from your skull.



J. Croft

Have you ever noticed that America is scizophrenic-of two minds, two ideals,
two ideologies that contradict? How much American rhetoric doesn't match up
with American actions?

Notice how there are so many laws in what's sold to the world as the "land of
the free?" Speaking of that slogan, it's ironic how many dictators we support as
"allies", isn't it?

We protect our freedoms by letting them be taken away. We secure our

country by waging war against others, and leaving our borders unguarded,
selling our ports to foreigners. We let "free trade" be promoted for the richest,
while letting more and more taxes and regulation, and a inflationary imbalance
choke and kill the dreams of all Americans as we're priced out of
competitiveness with the rest of the world. We let the government "promote
the General Welfare"-as is it's charge in the U.S. Constitution-by letting it
clandestinely ship in drugs with one branch, as proven by Terry Reed and
Michael Levine(1), and then waging a "war on drugs" that locks otherwise
peaceful citizens for possession of some pot. Degrading them and warping them
into more criminals by a prison system designed to spawn more crime, more
fear, more pressure for more laws and more government authority, more
power... which they turn around and DON'T use when honest disasters like
Hurricane Katrina hit.

We think we're free, yet we cower in the face of abusive authority that seeks
more power and more people to label as "criminals so they can ticket and taser
and shoot at and lock up. We think we're prosperous, yet we tremble in fear of
losing our slave wage job and joining the ever-growing ranks of the damned
known as the homeless. We engage in cowardly double-think to keep ourselves
in line with "mainstream though"-as we lose our nation.

How can we be so warped about ourselves and our nation? How can Americans
embrace such diametrically opposite concepts simultaniously? Are we as a
people scizophrenic? Is Freedom scizophrenic-no, that can't be it!

It's something else, something far more insidious.

There are two Americas.

There's the America most of you reading this actually believed in-or still
believe in. That America is the fabled "land of the free, home of the brave".

That America was founded on the principles of Freedom, limited authority, a

free hand to make your own destiny in this life with what talent and smarts you
were able or willing to bring forth from yourself, on a legal, social and
economic level playing field. That America was the place where your individual
beliefs were respected, was where anyone from anywhere could come and
start over with the same opportunities as a person born here from a family
going back ten generations.

That America was a land and people who had a limited, representative
government that guarded them and their Freedom, and more importantly, was
held in check by a document known as the Constitution, that enshrined an
article called the Bill of Rights-which didn't deliniate individual rights so much
as made boudaries beyond which the government could not trespass.

Now reading that, think; do you live in this America?

No. You, me-we all live in a different America.

This America, in reality a kind of federal empire, drapes itself in the trappings
of the America we were all taught was the way this nation was as a form of
ideological disguise. We were lied to. This America, the fabled "land of the
free, home of the brave", uses that quote as a slogan, a sugar coating on the
many poison pills of lawyer-made laws, regulations, taxes, fines, agencies, and
the corrupt ruling class that wields all that power for its own good.

In this America, Freedom is a sugar coated lie to get us to accept the many
political and social controls imposed upon us. This America's ideal of "freedom"
is actually license-for example do you freely own and operate your automobile
without government approval and permission? No? Then explain that chain of
slavery known as your driver's license-you applied to a government agency for
PERMISSION to drive, when nothing physically stops you from hopping into your
car and driving safely anyway. Explain the vast bureaucracy that cloaks itself in
"public safety" yet has the effect of taxing permission, taxing even harmless
driving habits, even so far as taxing the condition of your vehicle in some
areas-and I'm not talking busted headlights, I'm talking about having just a
little rust-and you get fined!(Someone actually snapped and killed two cops
over this-google "Carl Drega"... the state is becoming overbearing in it's
arrogance and reach)

You also don't have Freedom of Assembly; go to a church and it's a 501(c)3
incorporation under IRS rules that PERMIT it to operate without paying taxes in
exchange for the church's keeping quiet on the real important issues of the
day. Keep going on about personal sin and pumping the myths that the America
we believe in is the America we live in, and you can rake in all the tithes you
want. Rail about government abuses, and the IRS will bust a audit-like what
happened to a "liberal" Californian church last year when they criticized the

Plan a protest? State doesn't recognize your 1st Ammendment Rights: gotta get
a PERMIT or you'll be labeled a riot, and have troops have a gay ol' time pepper
spraying and caving your head in with their nightsticks.

Want to get together in private and work toward peaceful, positive change?
One paid snitch lying under oath is all it takes, and the government will come
down on you under anti-terror laws, say you're "conspiring".

Need to protect your person against the outlaw class the government's
cultivated through free trade econmics and barely covert racism over the past
half-century to terrify you into accepting more overt control and restrictions?
Depending on where you live, who you know, you likely have to get a
PERMIT...PERMISSION from the government to exercise your RIGHT.
...Depending on where you live, GETTING CAUGHT carrying a gun makes YOU a
criminal too. And trust me, those government minions you come across in those
types of jurisdictions are as small minded, as greedy, as ruthless and without a
moral compass as the government manufactured street trash they deal with. A
peacable "productive citizen" is nothing more than another bust, another

Want more examples on how your Freedom's a nice myth meant to keep you
pacified? No-too bad; your Fourth Ammendment Right to protection from
"unreasonable" search and seizure has been reasoned out of effective usage by
a federal government that reasons it can keep taking more of our rights so long
as it's non government partners in the media and big business can keep us plied
in cheap Chinese goods gotten by cheap enslaving credit. Yes-the very credit
you put your ass into lifetime debt slavery for, congragulations on that brand
new blow up playset your materially spoiled, emotionally neglected kids will
use maybe three times. So enjoy your borrowed junk before the government
"reasons" an excuse to raid your home and trash the place.

( Speaking of money-it's supposed to be silver and gold specie-coinage, and

notes redeemable in precious metals. Since 1913 it's been "federal reserve
notes"-issued by a nongovernment organization you think is the government's
central bank. It's privately owned by the inbred elites that've run this country
and they've made a 1913 dollar worth FIVE CENTS as of my writing this in 2006
by overprinting dollars-that's why everything keeps going up in price!)

Same principle with the Fifth Ammendment-the one you hear those nasty
criminals on the hundred TV cop shows the media puts out use to duck the
righteous street cop's interrogation. Make it the province of scumbags and
bullshit us with the state-lover's principle that "if you have nothing to hide you
have nothing to worry about". DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OTHERWISE INNOCENT

What has your encounters with the police, agents and other bureaucrats been
like? Danny Glover(Lethal Weapon) pull you over just to tell you to fix that
taillight that just went out before some no life having prick with too much
authority and a gun ruins your day and your meager budget with a court
appearance and fines?

Kim Delaney(NYPD Blue) ever conduct self-defense training courses, because

the cops can't or won't come to your aid in time-like someone can't pull a
trigger before you dial 911... like Mel Gibson's(Lethal Weapon, again) gonna
come out of that phone speaker like Alladin out of a lamp, guns blazing?

Stephanie March(Conviction)gets your case-y'know the one where a

bureaucratic busybody's seizing your house because you're on land some eco-
geek's called a "wetland"-and decides to prosecute the liar who proclaimed
your dry, grassland backyard instead?

Craig T. Nelson(The District)decide to stop police harrasment of people forced

to live on the street-without real jobs they can live on, homes, drug
detoxification, help them find a reason to go on, hope?

Michael Chiklis(The Shield)operate a table at a gun show selling privately

owned firearms under the table to a nation in desperate need of the means of
self-protection enshrined in the Second Ammendent?

More than likely, no.

Most people in government, they learn to live with the yoke of federal tyranny
they're mandated to enforce-it's their power. Many of them are of such small
minds they to love the power trip, the open display of guns in a nation that's
been programmed to surrender their own right to bear arms for self-protection.
The worst of them commit their own crimes-theft, drug dealing, rape, murder;
they are the ones most likely to be promoted.

Promoted by criminals in three piece suits, known as career politicians.

These criminals in three piece suits unfortunately operate not a

Constitutionally limited government, but a hydra-headed monster of a
government that masquerades itself as many federal, state and local

institutions. This monster's tentacles never stop reaching for more power, more
authority, more of YOUR MONEY AND LIFE'S WORK, seizing it and stealing it
from YOU! In fact, this monstrous federal government's reach into our lives is
so pervasive, so overwhelming, only the largest of corporations can operate in
the country with any degree of latitude.

At the pinnacles of power there is a small group of inbred elitists who regularly
go back and forth from private life as CEO's and Directors in the corporate
boardrooms to positions of power in government. They are greedy and corrupt
beyond description, and have perpretrated literally every act of treason against
us-and gotten away with it. You need a visual on this go to www.theyrule.net
and you'll see this is fact!

You want power, that so-called good life? You either have to be born in the
right family, or know somebody-"it's not what you know it's who you know" as a
insider once told me at a chance encounter at a bar. This piece of shit with too
much money and power was about 35, dressed like a frat boy, and exuded a
self assurance and confidence that told of a person who's always had their way.
He breezily talked about him being in this bar in this suburb in this nowhere
town because he had a swearing in ceremony the next morning-after that, all
he had to do was produce a signature and it would be used as a license for
some kind of niggling bureaucratic license. This walking, talking elitist filth
told how his family "in politics since the the Revolution" went further, stating
he'd next get a congressional seat in a few years. So I asked him about getting
voted out of his "destined seat" by competitors, and he said it doesn't matter,
he'd get it.

"Well," I asked, "what if some Ross Perot type runs against you, with a billion

"Doesn't matter. We'd outspend him. ...It isn't what you know, it's who you
know." And then the rat bastard tells me not to be "cynical", to "have faith in
'your' leaders".

The entire political system's rigged like this folks. Get anywhere beyond a
village council seat, and you gotta be accepted by "insiders" who own the
game. For all practical purposes, in this country, if you don't go along with the
way things are, you'll lose. And if you do win somewhow, because we have a
federal, republic form of govenrment there are all kinds of checks to you doing
any reform, all sorts of ways you can be corrupted and compromised... and if
you still prove to be a danger, do a seance of JFK-ask him what the elites of
this country do to reformers. Go to apfn.org. Go to infowars.com. Start reading
up on how these "elites" really are-you'll find the truth is they're literally
satanic, which explains their predatorial behavior.

So, two Americas; one's a illusory piece of propaganda genius, and we're stuck

in the one with no level playing field, no limited representative government,
no guarantee of Rights. It's a insider's game and conditions have been ratcheted
to squeeze out as much initiative, drive, intelligence and resources out of the
American People as possible.

The state-it doesn't serve We the People, it serves the Elite(2)-a pack of three
piece suited hereditary criminals who have been exploiting Americans of all
walks of life since the first footfall of Europeans on this continent. Africans and
poor Europeans as slaves, indentured servants, wage workers in hazardous
factories, soldiers to be shot to pieces in wars they set up. Those rare
individuals that exhibited some talent and drive that allowed them to move
upward were either regulated or taxed into oblivion, or exploited when they
sold out.

And what of this Constitution that's the supreme law of the land? What of our

I'm afraid that too is a illusion, a "Hologram of Liberty" as Kenneth Royce put it
as his title to his groundbreaking book. Order it from javelinpress.com or hit a
gun show while you're still allowed... His premise, and our history has proven it
correct is the Constitution was made in secret sessions by the very aristocratic
ancestors of the pack of elitist inbreds running this country. The Constitution
was engineered to have a veneer of limitied republican government while
actually being a legal trojan horse of government power in service to the
elites. The Bill of Rights was thrown in to appease enough people to BARELY
get it passed, yet written to eventually get them nullified with technicalities
and enroaching government power.

We live in the "land of the free"? That slogan's a LIE! A great deception to
appease us, keep us distracted, disinformed, asleep as the elites of this nation
consolidated power-slowly, just enough to not wake up a armed, self-
sufficient, intelligent Free People. Get them caught up with wasteful
entertainments, sell them shoddy foreign slave labor made trinkets, wave that
flag in their faces...

...And keeping that flag waving they've dismantled the American nation:

*Made private entrepeneurship nearly impossible with megacorporate

competion, regulations, a ever debasing currency.

*Expand federal, state and local power to take away rights to private property,
travel, freedom of speech, your right to arms, a real education, a level
economic field.

*Force everyone to resort to wage labor to keep up that materialistic "American

Dream" that turns everyone into a corporate or state tool, then ship the jobs

overseas thanks to taking down tariffs that leveled the playing field with
nations with no regulations that used literally slave labor. Without jobs that
sustained their lifestyles, mentally crippled by government schools and a elitist
controlled media, Americans are sold on getting into lifetime debt slavery to
keep up with the Joneses.

This didn't crop up in the past 20 years either! No; the seeds of our destruction
were laid two centuries ago when a people who fought a Revolution against the
British Empire chose to let themselves be deceived into accepting a new
Constitution that laid the groundwork for the theft of Freedom. Go to
javelinpress.com and order "Hologram of Liberty", but basically the people who
crafted the 1787 Constitution were lawyers and bankers agents. They stood by
while the real Patriots fought and died, pulling strings on both sides because it
was England's war to win-and they bungled the job so completely.

History books talk of the many miracles of the American Revolution, but it was
actually all to a plan; the Continental Army had it's few victories, and our
Riflemen using guerilla warfare and marksmanship had the potential of winning
if they played by their rules... but the generals chose set piece battles with the
British Army and got asswhipped in straight up confrontations from New
England to Georgia. See our enemies controlled the top ranks of both sides of
that conflict; being monied interests they've ALWAYS controlled both sides
surreptitiously in a grand game of problem-reaction-solution... the dialectic
that's meant to artificially transform human societies-our attitudes and beliefs-
through their induced inputs of money and violence.

For example, slavery could've been abolished upon independence, but the
writers of the 1787 Constitution kept it in-80 years of slowly building outrage,
racism, the selfish interests of the minority of plantation owners who
controlled Southern politics and you have the flammable social conditions that
led the the Civil War. With the conclusion of that conflict, States Rights, a
bulwark against tyranny was removed, the states humbled and the Federal
Government became the dominent power in America. Blacks remained a hated
underclass and were the scapegoats for the beginnings of unconstitutional gun
control laws. Furthermore, as they were suckered by bankers and industrialist
from fleeing the raw deal of southern farms to working the factories of the
north, those same blueblooded bastards were plotting to eventually move
those factories overseas for "free trade"-cheaper labor with less attitude. Those
Blacks were trapped in the older part of the cities, and being promoted by the
elites as a hated underclass; discriminated against, subject to harsher
treatement by law enforcement, denied opportunities their part of the town
eventually disintegrated, decaying into the ghettos we all know and loathe
today... except for clueless young wiggers who foolishly think being broke and
socioeconomically doomed is a cool thing.

Everyone's been screwed over by the elite's dialectic. Everyone's been worked

and molded into either good little worker drones, criminals to scare the little
worker drones into going along with getting screwed, or cast aside, gulaged
into prison or homelessness as a "example". Having lost their self-reliance
Americans have lost their courage, and having lost their courage, they've
cowered for the past century as the bankers and the blue bloods and the
traitorous social engineers have had their fun with America; building a united
global empire using American might abroad to bludgeon the world into
surrendering... as they play a brilliant balancing act of consuming this country
and it's people as they build their "world order".


As it stands as I write this, the job's about done. Everyone's a materialistic little
debt slave-a nation of sheep herded to the slaughterhouse. When war breaks
out with Iran and China, you can count that the final pretenses will be set
aside, and America will become a fully militarized totalitarian state dedicated
to total war. The Constitution-as rigged for the ruling class and flawed in it's
protections as it is-will be scrapped and the full power and authority of the
state will be felt by everyone.

Armored vehicles and machine toting state thugs, finally unleashed under
martial law on a unsuspecting, unprepared, asleep America. They'll make a big,
terrifying show and then psyching out you adult sized children, give you an
"out"; obey them at all times, spy on your fellow countrymen like you were
living in East Germany(remember that country?), or perish. Food will be
rationed-think you'll be able to dissent and still eat-or do you know how to tend
a garden, get seed? Maybe you'll luck out and catch a bullet right there and
then... or more probably, you'll be shipped to a "detention camp";
concentration camps have long been a dark side of American history people!
The Japanese-Americans knew of them during WWII. The Native Americans
know them as "reservations", Blacks have their "inner city ghettos".

Is that what you want? Be freed of Freedom, free of being personably

responsible? Are you THAT developmentally arrested that you want a mommy
and daddy into your old age? You really want that America, the one our
enemies have been building into our prison so long as you have your barbecue
grill and NASCAR, and Christina Aguilera's new album?

Or do you still yearn for the America we were promised, the "myth" as they put
it behind our backs, that keeps us docile, compliant, asleep? Do you have the
courage to be responsible for yourself-Freedom does require you be
independent, self-reliant, resourceful, wise... not the things Ameicans are
conditioned for by the elites "popular culture" and educational institution-plus
there are all those laws... still yearning to be Free? You willing to take the
certain confrontation with the government to secure your Freedom-you willing
to say NO to bowing before them for permission and license to practice what is

your Right?

Do you have what it takes to make the America we believe in-that's currently a
illusion used by the enemy to pacify us-into reality? Will you stand, even alone
if you must, even pursued relentlessly by the enemy's jack booted thugs for
even peaceful noncompliance?

Would you even have the guts to give a Freedom Fighter even a morsel of food
you were gonna consume-getting fatter and fatter on your couch, as American
Idol rots a few more of what brain you have left?

Are there ANY Americans left that value their Freedom over their borrowed
comforts? That would rather live in truth than enslave themselves to lies for
some false promise of "safety"?

As I write this I wonder if we ever had that America we were promised... and I

...I have to say we have had that America in the past.

We've had that America when escaped slaves and indentured servants of all
races moved beyond colonial authorities into the Appalachians and the Great
Plains, risking their lives to have a place of their own, a place they could be
Free. To keep their Freedom those brave, shining examples of Humanity picked
up the rifle, learned the fine art of rifle marksmanship and fought for their
freedom from both the British Crown and our own nation's native born inbred

We've had that America when Abolitionists helped escaped slaves make it out
of the South, risking everything they have in disobedience to a corrupted
government flush with plantation and factory owner bribes.

We've had that America when millions of women rose up, risked arrest and
imprisonment and ruin to gain their Right to vote.

We've had that America when millions of Blacks rose up, and shook off the
overt racism of Jim Crow.

We've had that America with the brave defenders of the Alamo-Americans and
Mexicans wanting Freedom from a corrupt Mexico.

We've had that America with the brave citizens of Athens, Tennessee in 1946,
who witnessed the horrors of World War Two and found they could not accept
the homegrown tyranny of a pack of corrupt traitors-using the weapons from a
local armory their taxes paid for these Patriots routed them after a attempt at
vote fraud.

We've had that America when in 1998 at a "town hall meeting"(remember
those?) in Columbus, Ohio, Madeline Albright and a couple other elitist tools
were foolish enough to have a question and answer session with average
Americans-trying to sell a Iraqi invasion! Left and Right, Veterans and Peace
Activists got their heads together on the spot and like Real Americans made
those warmongerers regret even trying to sell that war... they had to wait
about four years after they blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
to scare us into World War III.(3)

We've had that America with every worker intitiated strike, with every
government employee who tries their level best to contain their employer's
destructive reach and appetites, blow the whistle when the corruption is
wafting in their face, when the thugs that government likes to have get set to
ruin innocent lives.

We have that America, in the hearts of those who cherish Freedom.

It's not enough to have our America in our hearts however, we must make our
America a reality in our land if we are to save ourselves from the techno-feudal
police state that threatens to stunt and enslave humanity for all time. We must
ACT and take back authority from those who conspire with that America-the
enemy of all men that oppresses and taxes at home and wages war abroad,
that has promoted every evil under the sun while clothed in the image of the
America we Free People love and cherish.

We MUST have Our America if we're to survive!

How? First off it's up to you. You have to want it enough to sacrifice-whatever
sacrifces it takes to be Free, that's the commitment you and yours has to make,
or you won't even begin.

If you do, it will amaze you what one person can do. Know your limits, as the
state's more than equipped enough to handle individuals. A small group, the
state's equipped to handle...

...Spawn many individuals, many groups-all independent yet all working toward
a common goal and the state will be as a hapless cattle in a field full of fire

But start with you. You've got to flush your head gear of the propaganda and
conditioning that's damned you, cleanse your body and mind of the poisons that
are killing you. Mentally and physically prepare for your struggle, because this
the Devil's world and we were put here to Liberate it.

Find your destiny. What you're good at. Believe in yourself and your cause.

Don't look for examples, BE the example, survive, and that will be success
enough for others to join you.

First off-getting your head straight: while you still have unfettered internet
access visit these sites, and LEARN:

www.rwva.org-learn how to use a rifle, because the Armed Citizen is the

foundation of a Free America.

www.gold-eagle.com, www.silver-investor.com, www.thedailyreckoning.com-

learn how messed up our economic policies have been, and then protect what's
left of your assets by buying silver.

www.javelinpress.com-Boston T. Party is a Libertarian author I like to refer to.

His Hologram of Liberty should be required reading as to the corrupt origins of
this nation. Also there are links to his Free State Wyoming project-a effort to
peacefully take over a Wyoming county and build a real-life working model of a
Free Community. I also write about this at my freedomguide.blogspot.com, in a
article titled "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America."

www.infowars.com, www.prisonplanet.com-Alex Jones has late breaking news,

and has himself infiltrated elitist gatherings and taken video of the pagan
ceremonies they perform. No, these people are NOT church going lovers of

www.hermes-press.com-important source of info on the true state of America

and aspects of it's darker origins.

www.theclairefiles.com-Claire Wolfe is another Libertarian, and her message

board's a great place to meet other freedom-minded folks.

www.rense.com-THE motherlode of alternate information on the internet. A

cyber Grand Central Station of Truth. Take a few weeks, go through the
archives, read all you can-if this site doesn't wake you I don't know what will.
(Warning: UFO's are among the wilder topics tackled here.) Also check out
www.rumormillnews.com, www.batr.org, www.arcticbeacon.com.

indymedia.org-More leftist, and I think the Left lets themselves be ruled by

their gatekeepers too much, but these people are expressing themselves and
their struggles and doing a good job. Network with them, learn, teach, get
together on the big issues because only united under the cause of Freedom will
we stand a chance.

freedomguide.blogspot.com-I write extensively on the above subjects and I

encourage you to read through my essays. I don't write for soundbytes though.

Get some education, then DO:

*Cleanse yourself. Stop eating corporate made, government approved

processed foods-they're killing you! Eat organically, in fact go on a vegan no
meat/dairy diet for a couple months coupled with abstaining from the TV and
actually working out. I've done it myself and you'll be amazed at the
difference. Stop drinking tap water and using fluoridated toothpastes, they
poison your body and dull your mind, making you more suggestible and weak

*Store up food, herbal medicine, candles, fuel, batteries for when the elite get
done using Americans as the economic engine of their global plantation and
crash this country.

*Pray to God directly. Our Father the Creator will hear all who find a quiet
time, a quiet place, and quiet their minds. Our Father's voice is a quiet humble
voice and not knowing how to commune with Him(thanks to all the deceptive
religions meant to spiritually enslave us)... it will take time and practice and
perseverance but Our Father WILL help you, believe me!

*Get a anonymous server. After you educate yourself take the essays and
articles that have influence you the most and copy and paste them
everywhere. Go to sports sites, fan sites, message boards of all types and post
like crazy. Get the message out!

*Find out when the next gun show is. Then start shopping for a military pattern
semiautomatic rifle in .308, a supply of magazines, and a case of 7.62x51NATO.
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Look for people walking around or a table with a
private seller even numbered prices. Get a FAL or a M1a/M14, or even a HK-91.
Stay away from the AR-10's, they malfunction and parts are hard to come by.
Get spare parts too. The effort will cost about $2,000. You can do it-sell that
extra SUV, or have a yard sale-whatever it takes. If not, then find a bolt action
war surplus in .308-a mauser or Indian enfield, otherwise you'll have to spring
for several cases of obsolete ammo.

*TRAIN! Get some targets and the Guide from Fred's(rwva.org) and go shooting.
Shoot until you can hit a 1 inch target rapid fire at 25 meters-you'll be good out
to 500 meters after you figure out how big a man looks out that far, and you'll
be a threat to tyranny. Get some airsoft guns and practice close in tactics.
Camp for a week at a time; wean yourself of the cushy mainstream lifestyle
that's enslaved you mind and body to the system. Being self sufficient and
independent is the only antidote to the cultural and social poisons we've been
pumped with our entire lives, and the key to being self sufficient is self
sufficiency protecting yourself.

*Get activated politically! Find a cause that gets under your skin and get
involved! Work with others, with their causes, be a good example of yours as
yous selflessly help others and you might gain a recruit.

*Get out of debt. Stop being a slave to consumerism. Pay off the car, the
house, the credit cards. Sell that house if you have to but stop being a slave to
your job and to the elite bankers who enslave you with the childish materialism
they've conditioned you with with their media your entire life! Find a new
place to live, even renting, in the country where you will survive a staged
economic collapse or a nuclear 9/11.

*This will be tough... try to talk to someone not like you. For example, if you're
a relatively successful(by wage earner standards)blue or white collar guy, start
a conversation with that gangbanger looking dude as you both watch the ball
game at the bar. Urban folks are oppressed and are more likely to be aware. Or
if you are a rural type, the next time you have to help one of those yuppie
types who can't figure out how to change their own tire, take the opportunity
to wake them up. If you're a good Cop next time you pull someone over you
should make some blunt comments on how their vegging in front of their big
screen TV's allows crooked politicians and traitorous social engineers to pass
the laws he or she enforces. Part of the enemy strategy is to keep us divided
along race and class lines-we are all countrymen who have sat and watched
helplessly as Our America has been waved in our faces to keep us decieved, as
it has been slowly killed.

*When you actually get people listening and motivated work together start
preparing for the worst. America's consumer economy is run by a thin margin;
that is, if the trucks stopped rolling in two weeks FAMINE would hit this
country. So build up food stocks. Group by ammo by the case at gun shows.
Train together. Better yet, get involved in local politics. Take over a local
government and start dismantling the federal beast! I go into detail about this
in my essay, "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at freedomguide.blogspot.com

God's put us as Americans in this time for a reason. America's being used for
global domination in a process designed to destroy it in the process-because
the enemy used ideals dangerous to them in creating this nation. Our Father
WILL win this war against the enemy and their scheduled apocalypse, but He
will have a much easier time of it if YOU will join him in Liberating this world.
Besides, you're going to die sooner or later and face Him; what are you going to
face Him as, a made in China flag waving couch potato "patriot"?

(1)Terry Reed, Compromised: Bush, Clinton and the CIA-this is the suppressed
truth about our last three Presidents; how they commited acts of treason with
their drug running. A dangerous book if you like keeping your illusions about
this country's ruling class. A companion volume, more dealing with the South
American side of the drug game is The Big White Lie by Michael Levine.

(2)You know that all our Presidents are related?! It's true; Burke's Peerage
traces the ancestry of all the men who became President-they're all related to
Charlemange. What are the odds this is coincidence? Folks on the internet talk
of a "new world order"? These "royals" trace themselves back to the Roman
Empire-some try to hustle us to believe they're descended from Jesus Christ!
"New World Order"?!
We've been living in this rotten old world order for thousands of years!

(3)9/11 was staged. There's no way modern high strength steel skyscrapers will
collapse demolition style neatly into their own property, not tipping over, after
relatively lightweight aluminum and composite jetliners crash into it, and burn
out their kerosene fuel-which can't begin to melt heavy construction steel! And
a collapse certainly wouldn't produce all the volcanic style outgassing of
vaporized concrete and steel and send steel beams weighing thousands of
pounds shooting out sideways like someone detonated a really powerful
bomb... not by aluminum jetliners crashing into buildings designed to
withstand such a event, not by jet fuel that burnt out a hour beforehand. And
where the fuck was the U.S. Air Force for two hours as four jumbo jets were
lumbering across American airspace off course, with their transponders shut
down? Trillions spent on air defense during the Cold War and we can't track nor
intercept jetliners with our state-of-the-art mach 2+ interceptors?! Who staged
this monstrous fraud? Neoconservatives in their "Project for a New American
Century" called upon a "new Pearl Harbor" attack to scare the American People
into transforming the U.S.A. into a empire. It's worked.


J. Croft

Time is short. Agendas pushed by evil men are rapidly coming to fruition; each advance
cuts shorter the time you have left to hang back and let others fight the problem. The
economy implodes, martial law is being implemented more and more blatantly, the
nations are maneuvered into war, new diseases are unleashed, the enviroment collapses
under the poisons generated by century-old polluting technology. The luxury of you
pawning off your Responsibility to fight evil however you can has long passed but we are
in critical times.

Ask yourself this: what excuse will you try to tell God when you die and you just minded
your own business? Just going about your personal business as our nation-having been
undermined in every possible way for the past century-collapses from economic
starvation, imperial overreach, and moral decomposition is not going to win you any
points in Heaven. Far from it. If you’re one of those waiting for some televangelist-
promised Rapture ask yourself, and be honest; you think God wants you to wait for a free
ride to eternal life as millions starve, millions are murdered, and the whole sorry Human

Race suffers under a multi-generational tyranny… and you do nothing but wait for some
promised escape?

And don’t be in denial! Those that have set America up for the hardest fall in history are
showing their faces now: stealing trillions of your tax dollars; putting the finishing
touches on the most brutal, powerful police state in history. The rot in America is on the
surface, and no amount of mortician’s wax and makeup can cover it up. Your loved ones,
neighbors… or you… have been squeezed by a dollar that buys less than less, taxes on
every act and every thing. Our grandparents were lured from the small townfarms, self-
owned businesses and self-sufficiency to the cities. Became dependent on corporations
for wage jobs that seemed to deliver more money than working a farm or small town
general store but that was nothing more than luring them into the bridle of wage slavery.
Like a horse; you bait it with their favorite treat and once you got the harness on your
theirs. That slavery was bred into your parents, and then into us… but as stated the
economic rug was pulled out from under us.

What we do matters. Because the fate of the Earth and the Human Race is precariously
balanced upon what you do. What we do. Americans demonstrated this recently on 9/12:
two million of us marched on OUR CAPITOL to make it plain to the beast we’ve finally
drawn a line in the sand. No amount of lying corporate spin could hide the magnitude of
the event, and what a powerful meeting of minds and will it was. Could not have
happened soon enough, but we have to work with what we got. Are.

Yet, that “tea party” was but a demonstration; nearly 1 out of 100 Americans holding
signs, shouting, listening to speakers does not by itself translate into meaningful social
and political change. Demonstrations by themselves are not ACTION. ACTION is what
is needed-ACTION that produces REAL LIFE RESULTS and not just some vague
feeling of hope and well being as you trundle back to the couch, potato.

What can you do?

You can start with yourself. Have to anyway, you’ve been programmed by the beast to be
lazy, apathetic and that programming is deep.

You need get in shape, cleanse your body of processed foods by eating organic, exercise,
and develop a relationship with Our Father. Note I didn’t say develop a regular tithing
schedule with your favorite televangelist. Ouly Our Father is in our hearts. Jesus
instructed us to pray to Him in a quiet, isolated place, and to simply still the mind and
will ourselves to listen to God. He will speak, and you really need to listen; not nearly
enough people do, which looking on the surface of that statement doesn’t make sense as
God’s omnipotent and good. Then of course, you remember how the culture, media,
education and religion are in the hands of those that have compelled me to speak out
against them and its no wonder people don’t know this.

Get your house in order: get out of debt, eliminate as best possible your dependence on
the enemy; get out of debt, stop indulging in their addictions and I’m not just talking
about drugs but their television, their music, their gambling and spurilous entertainments.
Grow your own food, get a group of like-minded individuals together and prepare


Begin to make yourself as anonymous as you can. Move if you can to a place-it could be
a rental you don’t register or you can swap houses with someone like minded, which
would actually work better with families. Don’t update your information with anyone-not
the government, not corporations, not even your bank. Use a rental box to receive mail,
have all correspondence routed through that so that when you move to your anon home
you can keep appearances up. You don’t have to make a display of resistance; living
anonymously and quietly free is the best revenge against the beast.

Someday-can’t say when-that will not be enough. Get a rifle while you can, a military
pattern semi-automatic, with spare magazines, ammunition, spare parts, and gear to hold
the spare mags and ammo on you. Get a airsoft replica of your rifle and going to
Appleseedinfo.org learn the basics of making the shot, carefully analyzing and correcting
for errors made. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can expand your training to
tactics; get in a good shooting school-be warned that once you do register with a class the
government will also know you’re taking this kind of training. Perhaps one in your group
can “take one for the team” and register, then train the rest of your group. You will NOT
survive being alone. Nobody does.

Yes, your group can do more than get together and survive. Once you’ve helped
yourself(how can you help others if you need help-that’s an old saw for a reason)you can
get involved with helping take this planet back from those bent on destroying it. Where to

You can spread the truth: alternative news sites on the internet. Perhaps you can
brainstorm, compare how you woke up and use that to adjust what you put out to get
more people woke up.

Get together hundreds of like-minded individuals and pick a small town. Put up a full
slate of candidates and find a reason to call for a recall election. This is a subject that
deserves its own essay, so I wrote two of them.

It’s Time

Recall Election: Obstacles to Overcome

It would be prudent if you got support, so do a test run of the takeover by taking over the
small town church. You join, make a majority, and when the pastor and/or board step out
of line find an excuse to fire them.


J. Croft

Know what you want. Know what you need.

If you don’t know what you need, I’ll tell you; you first need a Constitution Rifle, a
weapon you can strike the enemies of Freedom down at hundreds of yards away. This
and the mastering of the technique and art of rifle shooting is the foundation of our
Constitutional Republic and of Freedom-the means to defend our Republic, our Freedom.
Beyond that there are the needs for every day home and personal defense-those can be
met with pistols, shotguns, and even semi-automatic “assault” rifles. .22s for target
practice, plinking and small game.


Know your guns. Know each type, know the models, their strong and weak points, what
to look for. Can you get spare parts, is it rare and collectible or total junk. Can you get
ammo for it, how badly does that particular weapon treat it’s brass. Check to see if parts
are intolerably loose.


Most sellers are going to be adult mainstream American males. Dress and act acceptably
to them, but not in a way that suggests you’re patronizing them. KNOW ABOUT GUNS
because these guys certainly do and are mostly Law and Order types. Remember, they
don’t have to sell to you so don’t act like it’d be a bad ideal to sell to you. Be:

*A hunter looking for a new rifle

*A decent, hardworking family man looking to protect his family

*A collector starting out(REALLY know history)


Yard sales, flea markets, etc.

A source for a gun-probably not what you’d like but it beats nothing. Also, it takes some
additional legwork. Its pot luck; there could be a drought of guns, or there could be ten
guns, or it’s ten guns that are useless.

Gun Stores-yes for parts, ammo and accessories, otherwise hell no! Why? Federal
registration form 4477

Used to be yellow, you could orbit the tables at gun shows and it’d be obvious who had
the forms-who was a dealer. A couple years ago they changed the color scheme to white,
which makes it look just like all the other paperwork dealers like to lug around.

I can refuse to buy guns off dealers on principle: they KNOW by obeying illegal federal
edicts to coerce you to submitting to registration via the 4477 they’re laying the
groundwork for confiscation. I mean, anybody remember that scene from “Red Dawn”

where the Nicaraguan general gives orders to hit the local sporting goods stores and
gather up those forms? Anybody remember where all those gun owners wound up? The
concentration camp.

Now we got home grown communists, and they’re going to do the same thing-because
people are too soft to not boycott anyone that makes them submit to becoming targets.

Gun shows

My God do I love gun shows! One of the last vestiges of unfettered Freedom-Americans
walking about, armed. Aside from that, gun shows are one stop shopping for not just
guns, but bulk ammunition, web gear to secure your extra magazines, manuals, training
videos. You will meet many people a lot like you who are preparing for the worst, or just
enjoying their Freedom. That being said, there are downsides to a open air arms market.

Junk gun sellers and other hustlers.

More than a few guns are junk from the design board. More than a few guns that aren’t
junk from the design board are manufactured poorly. More than a few guns that aren’t
junk when they were new become junk when substandard parts are substituted, or the
barrel wears out, or the weapon isn’t taken care of. These guns should be labeled as parts
guns and priced accordingly but there are more than a few sellers out there who will…
misrepresent what they got.

So don’t be a mark: know your guns, how they work, what to look for. Check out the
headspace with a caliber gauge, feeler gauge for the HK/Cetme rifles, and a bullet for the
muzzle-if it goes all the way in it won’t shoot right. Know where to check for excessive
wear, cycle the weapon to make certain it won’t bind or is too loose, check the feed and
function of the magazine with dummy rounds. Use those same dummy rounds to make
certain the weapon will feed, extract and eject. Check the sights-make certain they’re
aligned, and tight. Study up especially for the Cetme and M1Garand/M14 rifles as they
require specialized knowledge. Know who are the scumbags, who will slip a bad gun in
once in awhile, and who you can trust.

Times are tough, but there’s no excuse for conning Americans.

Licensed dealers versus private sellers

Next thing is to spot and avoid licensed dealers, because the same rules apply to them as
gun shops; you buy from them you’re registering yourself with the federal government as
a gun owner. Like I stated above, gun ownership is a Right that cannot and must not be
subject to license as said license will inevitably be taken away by the beast. So, walk
around, orbit the tables. Look around at the seller’s area and if you see paperwork with
the white 4477 sheet smile and move on. Trust me you’ll find a private seller for anything
you need.

F-troop and their lame ass traps

Unfortunately the BATF loves gun shows too; they swarm and look to entrap people, and
profile everybody who they talk to, looking for violations of their unconstitutional, arcane

One time, I had this 400lb fat slob of a agent come up to me, showing interest in a
Enfield bolt action rifle I had bought. He rudely grabs it out of my hands and trying not to
retch from his fetid breath tries telling me that it’s a “assault rifle”. The fucker comes at
me tries to sound like he’s part of the gun culture and it’s just so obvious.

Another was when this skinny 5 ft loser comes to me, wants me to straw purchase a Mini
Uzi for him off this one dude I used to buy guns off of regularly. There’s a low grade
predator/vulture vibe with these people that coupled with their obvious lack of knowledge
about guns, obvious lack of respect and love for them that comes across. Exit the
conversation with them as quickly as possible and never, ever speak or acknowledge their
existence again. Tell others so they to can shun them and hopefully their lack of
performance can get them fired, or at least demoted.

There ARE skilled BATFags out there, that are good at entraping Americans with their
rules. When they do, it’s going to be you against the beast and the rules are rigged for you
to lose. They decide to bust you those fucks will strong arm you into becoming one of
their snitches-you’ll be running around trying to get people to straw purchase a gun for
them, or buy a machine gun off of you, or some other bullshit.

What to get as of October, 2008

Military pattern semi-automatic main battle rifles in 7.62x51 NATO. They offer the best
optimum of range, cartridge and firepower. With them you can engage and hit your
enemy past 300 yards, well past most troops marksmanship training and well past the
effective range of fully automatic assault rifle fire. You have the small arms advantage,
so keep your enemy beyond your battle sight zero. I have experience with all of the
following rifles, save one. I will list them in order of personal preference.


Development of the M1 Garand of WW2/Korea, with a greatly improved gas piston

that’s self regulating and a detachable 20 round magazine. This incredible rifle is
accurate, reliable, the 7.62mm NATO round is devastating. The iron sights ramp up to
1200 meters allowing fire from several trained riflemen to fall on enemy targets like
machine gun fire. The front sight is sized so that the average width of a soldier matches
the width of the sight at 250 yards-battle sight zero. That means you can fix your sight on

a traitor and if he’s the same apparent width as the sight you just squeeze the trigger. If
he’s ¾ the width of your sight, ramp up the elevation knob to 400 meters and shoot. If
he’s ½ the width, ramp up to 5. Past that you’ll need some kind of range finding device as
the size of the target becomes too small to judge accurately enough to get a range-but you
can hit him with the M14. Every M14 is threaded and tapped for a scope mount, but you
must shop around for the best one to get; getting one, you can employ modern rifle
scopes with rangefinding and bullet drop compensators which will allow shooting past
500 meters, and much more accurately.

Especially if you use a proper shooting sling; the M14 was designed to utilize a shooting
sling that loops around your support arm. Marksmanship standards for American soldiers
was much more stringent back when the M14 was made. Join the Appleseed program at
www.appleseedinfo.org learn what has been forgotten, so you can use your M14 to its
maximum potential.


This rifle was the competitor against the M14 in the 1950s. We went with the 14 but most
of the rest of the Free World went with the FAL. About as long as the M14 it’s not nearly
as elegantly balanced-although it boasts a pistol grip and a break open disassembly which
spares the muzzle crown from potential abuse. The controls are easier to operate and
some models have a last round bolt hold open device which peels valuable seconds off
reload time like the M14. Most don’t. The triggers vary from decent to grinding horror,
the rear sight is inexcusably crude-a simple ramp that goes just to 600 meters and
wobbles to boot. There is a aftermarket M16 type sight produced by DSA Arms that
largely rectifies that design flaw. The weapon has a adjustable gas regulator, and can take
a M1907 shooting sling fairly well once you get a front handguard you can put a Harris
bipod M16 adaptor into. Sadly, I had to sell mine due to economic difficulties.

M1 Garand

I learned how to shoot with one of these. Eight shot .30-06 semiautomatic. Most things I
stated about the M14’s shootability apply to the Garand except you cannot mount a rifle
scope directly over the receiver-you need a offset scope or a scout mounted option. Buy
HUNDREDS of the eight round en bloc clips as you will lose them in battle. .308 barrels
exist to convert the Garand.


German design meant for mass production, this rifle will work as reliably as an AK-47
and is unique as it employs a roller delayed blowback operation. Which means it will
KICK-unless you’re shooting a CETME as it’s just different enough that the recoil
impulse is ameliorated. The HK91 just has a recess for the cocking handle to engage to
hold the bolt back, meaning it takes valuable time to cock the handle fully back to seat a
round in the chamber-time you could get killed in. HK91 has an atrociously heavy trigger
that makes precision shooting very difficult, so get a CETME trigger pack and buttstock
and put them in. HK’s are well made and reliable. CETME was well made and reliable
when they were produced but when Century Arms imported them in the late 90’s and put
them into new receivers to be legal… they botched a lot of them up. I got one for $250
when they were cheap and it took a second rifle to cobble the parts into a functional,
shootable rifle. The ergonomics blow, the rear sight is even cruder that the FAL, the
barrel at 18 inches is a little too short for the .308, but it WILL shoot and shoot very
accurately. Get a scope mount and a Burris Fullfield II with ballistic plex sight and you’re

good out to 500 meters.


This is the one .308 MBR I haven’t owned nor shot. That’s because I have a dislike for
the design itself as it blows gas directly into it’s action where Eugene Stoner has lots of
critical, small, sometimes fragile parts that the gasses and debris will inevitably clog up…
or sand, or muck from the outside. My rifles need to be able to handle abuse as they will
see combat and the AR series has proven that without a modification to use a gas piston it
will not. Original magazines that hold the bolt open are still expensive and the M14
converted mags won’t keep the bolt hold open.

.50 BMG rifles

You NEED to get one of these! the .50 BMG cartridge offers a whole new world of target
engagement; you can make kills out to 1000 meters or more, engage lightly armored
vehicles the tin badge gods will use to gun down Americans, even engage helicopters.
Their downsides are that it takes practice and skill to effectively use one, they’re long,
heavy, they’re very expensive. They are worth the cost and effort to master. They are also
the most difficult arms to get private buys on as the cops and BATfags watch buyers of
these arms like a hawk so make arrangements to transact away from the gun show.

Single shot rifles start at about 1200 dollars. Some models you have to take the bolt out,
cram a round into the extractor claw on the bolt then reassemble the bolt. Some models
you can literally chuck the round in and slam home allowing a decent rate of fire. Some
break open like a shotgun but most use a bolt action.

Some bolt action models utilize a magazine, allowing a potentially greater rate of fire so
long as you have spare mags and a assistant to keep them loaded.

The Barrett Model 82(M107) is a semiautomatic 10 round .50 BMG rifle. It even boasts
iron sights graded out to 800 meters. This rifle is huge, heavy but since it’s semi auto
could be used to engage helicoptors. Not quite as accurate as the bolt action .50’s.

Extremely accurate bolt action rifles

These are your sniper grade rifles made by Remington, Savage, Winchester, Sako, AWG,
etc. They shoot .308, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, and a few other proprietary
long range sniper rounds. They all will shoot a dime out past 300 meters and really are fit
for master shooters as only they can wring out the most from them. They really are
marvelous weapons and I wish I had the time to refine my skill to justify purchasing one.
All of them will use rifle scopes as expensive as the weapon itself. These will have a
rangefinding recticle known as the mil-dot, have target knobs and be very rugged.

“Assault rifles”

These will be semi-auto only versions of true full auto assault rifles. They still have their
place as they are more compact, or can be than full power battle rifles, and do offer more
rounds to use.

I don’t like the AR’s and never will-the M4 craze is going to go by the bye when people
discover how hard it is to use all those kewl CQB optics and forgrip to engage targets
past 200 meters when ammo is scarce, and they have to fuck with cleaning a forever
jamming rifle.

The AK series rifles are rugged but require more refined technique to use its crude sights
and trigger, but folding stock models can fit inside a duffel bag. They are also more
reasonably priced and I cannot see myself paying over 500 dollars for a carbine when I
could use that money to get a .308.

The SKS has developed a cottage industry of aftermarket accessories to try and upgrade
it. Ten shot internal magazine, 7.62x39mm it’s typically better left as is because all the
zytel duckbill magazines suck. The SKS-D that feeds from AK-47 magazines is another
story, as it’s more than a match for the AK’s. A Liberty Trainer version, configured like a
Garand is a good option for low cost Rifleman Training. Go to www.appleseedinfo.org
for more information on the modification.

Military surplus bolt action rifles

Mausers, Enfields, Mosin-Nagants: these three are currently cheap to get and have
reasonable stocks of ammunition. All of them have iron sights graded out to 1-2000
meters because that’s the 19th century heritage of volley fire of whole companies onto
targets to achieve a machine gun effect. All of them feed from stripper clips holding 5
rounds generating a decent rate of fire. They’re accurate enough to hit a man sized target
at 500 meters and can be gunsmithed into much greater accuracy. Mausers are the easiest
to load but the bolt can be clumsy, the Enfields have 10 round magazines and extremely
rapid bolt throw but the rimmed rounds jam unless loaded staggered in the clips. Mosin
Nagants require effort to press the stripper clip down, and the bolt requires manipulation
by the palm of the hand, not the fingers like other rifles-but they’re the cheapest and steel
core ammunition can be had by the case.

American bolt action rifles, the M1903 Springfield and M1917 Enfield are much more
expensive, but feature much better aperture sights and were designed to shoot accurately
using a shooting sling. Enfields are above 500 dollars and Springfields much more than
that. Unless you get lucky your money’s better invested in a semi auto rifle.

Swiss K31 rifles are straight pull bolt action rifles, incredibly accurate but the round it

shoots is scarce in the USA and converting it to fire 7.62mm NATO is extremely
difficult. Too bad because otherwise they’d be the perfect bargain rifle.

Swedish Mausers fire a 6.5x55mm round. In the 90’s both rifle and ammo could be
bought by the crate but they rapidly disappeared. The round is devastating and the rifle
itself is very very accurate.

Can commercial rifles cut it?

In a pinch. Hunting rifles are made for lightweight carry and are reasonably accurate-but
their recoil can make them uncomfortable to use. Also, many civilian hunting rifles are
usually well made, but some parts just aren’t up to military standards of ruggedness and
reliability. Also, do you think you can find your caliber five years after martial law is
fully enacted and there’s no more ammunition to be had?

If that’s what you got and all you’re going to have for the foreseeable future, get spare
parts or consider a trade up to something else above. Otherwise, have spare, extended
mags if it feeds from a detaching magazine or learn to grab four-five cartridges at once to
more rapidly reload instead of grabbing for your ammo pouch several times.

.22 training rifles

Need to target practice, train, hunt small game, have a relatively quiet rifle and the .22
fills that niche. The Ruger 10/22 has detaching magazines and can be configured into a
target rifle, a folding stock for discreet carry, or as a Liberty Trainer to save on centerfire
ammunition expenditures. The Marlin 60 is rugged, costs nearly half as much, feeds from
a 18 round tube and is more accurate than a standard barrel Ruger. Very easy rifle to find.
Numerous bolt action and pump action 22 rifles exist as well.


You use these when you’re attacked. You use these to fight your way to your long gun.
You use these in home defense, or very close quarters. Because to facilitate their small
size the cartridges they fire have to be much weaker than rifle or shotgun rounds. That
being said, handguns do have their uses.

No revolvers if you can help it!

They’re bulkier than automatics, are limited in capacity, clumsy to reload. The .38 special
will live on in snub nosed revolvers because you can store them for years loaded. The .
357, .41, .44, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, and the .500 S&W are handgun hunting rounds-they
recoil violently taking time off from shot recovery and the muzzle flash and blast are
tactically debilitating. .44 magnum and more powerful revolver rounds might have a
specialty use for those wanting to punch through soft vests and have repeat shots, but if
so a folding stock AK in some kind of luggage might serve better.

Short list of semi-automatic handguns

The following are handguns I’ve owned-tried.

A .22 like the Beretta/Taurus is good for summer carry but hit for the head! Any other
guns in this class are junk, I’ve tried them. .25 is the same story.

The Ruger .22 automatic is a great target pistol and it’s quiet action is favored by those
that fit suppressors.

In the .380 auto the Makarov is a sensible gun in price and reliability given the power of
the cartridge. Reloading is clumsy given the heel release.

The CZ 52 in 7.62x25mm gives a handgun user the potential to penetrate soft body

armor. Eight shot magazines, awkward balance and the need to replace the issue cast steel
firing pin with a aftermarket forged pin are the bad points on this pistol.

With the latest hollowpoint rounds I consider the 9mm, the .40 S&W and the .45 ACP to
be close enough-they’ll do the job if you’ll do yours and shoot to kill. Less common
cartridges like the .357 Sig and 10mm are semi auto pistol rounds with .357 magnum
power. No I don’t care for Desert Eagles they’re too big.

Glocks are reliable-except there’s no manual safety. You grab the gun its loaded and
ready to fire. The trigger isn’t the best, but the target model triggers are good-but you
MUST BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL. I’ve owned the 9mm 17, 17L longslide and the
10mm model 20 and I must say the 10mm equipped with extended capacity magazines in
a submachine gun pouch makes for a most potent handful of firepower. Close behind it in
combat capabilities are the new .357 Sig chambered Glocks-you can use standard .40
mags with them.

I like the Browning Hi-power 9mm once you remove the magazine disconnect. Fits better
in the hand and extended magazines are around. Get modern high profile sights because
the 1930’s era notch and blade are difficult to pick up even target shooting.

I don’t care for the Smith & Wesson models. Just something bleh about their accuracy
and reliability. Rugers are even worse in their reliability and their ergonomics suck.

Beretta/Taurus 9mm are solid handguns, they never jam but they are wide at the grip.

I like the M1911 series handguns once quality iron sights are installed. They’re called an
expert’s gun and I agree; the light trigger pull and pointability allow more precise
shooting than with other models. I would practice and shoot with extra magazine stuck
between the fingers of your support hand and practice swapping magazines out of your
gun so you can keep up with the 15+ round 9mm and .40 handguns out there. Plus in a
ammo-short world full metal jacket might be all you can get so that swings the advantage
back to the .45 ACP.

Haven’t tried the new Springfield Armory series of Croatian handguns but I’ve heard
good things about them.

I detest the Tec 9. Someone designed it to fail yet make it kewl enough for them to be
popular. All they do is jam up. You can’t holster them, their sights and trigger suck.

The M-11 could be a much better handgun with quality magazines and sights but as is-
no! I’ve owned four of them and they’ve all failed to feed with the original zytel
magazines. When they do feed and fire however, they can be surprisingly accurate. The
threaded barrel allows attachments. Still a 9mm so get the pistol version. No decent
holster options exist.


These are useful for a few shots or maybe a few magazines. I’m talking about the Hi-
Point series of handguns-oversized blowback pistols that fire 9mm, .40, and .45. Don’t
expect them to last anywhere near what a Glock can, but if you perceive a need for a
handgun you can afford to lose they’re not bad.

Jennings, Lorcins, etc. just pass on them. Don’t even waste your time.


They carry relatively few shells, but a 12 gauge can do a lot of damage no matter the

load, even birdshot when used very close, but you want buckshot for shot that will
penetrate up to 25 yards and slugs out to 100 yards-if you have sights instead of a bead.

Single shot shotguns can be reloaded quicker if you grab shells and keep them in your left
hand as you operate. Double barrel shotguns with internal hammers can keep up and even
exceed the fire rate of pump and semi-auto tube fed shotguns if you keep shells in your
left hand.

Tube fed shotguns have the advantage of being able to be reloaded as you shoot, but for
rapid reloading requires some kind of tube speedloader. For pump action the Mossberg,
Remington and Winchester is the short list and is good for basic home defense. Semi
autos the Browning Auto 5 is no longer produced but is reliable. The new Mossberg 12
gauge semi auto was accepted by the Marines.

They could be better… The Saiga 12 gauge shotgun is an AK-47 modified to fire 12
gauge rounds from a 5, 8, 10 round box magazine. Aftermarket 20 round drums make it
even more devastating.

Here’s the whole problem with shotguns: even with slugs they’re out of their element
after 100, even 150 yards. Fit a rifle bullet in a sabot you still have the problem of
stabilization so you need to induce spin-but will the weapon’s design allow for accurate

I have an ideal for a solution; three or four fin stabilized elongated projectiles loaded in a
standard rifled slug. You can find the design here: INSERT LONG RANGE


I’d look for the gun shows to be banned soon. Open air arms bazaars are not compatible
for the technotronic society the beast is about set up for us. Slaves and guns don’t mix. In
fact all private sales will be banned.

A new wave of gun control legislation thanks to the Second Amendment destroying
Heller ruling by the 9 old pedophiles in the ‘supreme court’ have stripped the last vestige
of the Bill of Rights from us. A new assault weapons ban will be passed.

Quiet efforts to quietly round up those that resist will escalate.

Sooner or later, we are going to wake up to find troops kicking in our doors in a hot
martial law to seize guns. Most will give them up valuing their soft lives than Freedom
and so will lose their soft lives anyway. Have spares of your guns, ammo, gear stashed

Ask yourself are you willing to defend yourself from the beast with a gun. Ask yourself
are you willing to give everything up, even your family, even your own life in a war for
your Freedom. If you cannot resolutely answer yes then at least provide comfort and arms
to those that will say yes.


J. Croft


Really, why should you? This is coming from a regular citizen-some Jane or
Johnny Paycheck blowing off some steam at all the taxes they have to pay, the
ever increasing body of laws, rules and regulations they must suffer. Suffer the
ever increasing contacts with government officials of all types enforcing the
millions of pages of law-or is it millions of laws-that they require us all to obey.
The article itself even looks long-like it’s some kind of overblown
antigovernment rant. Well, it is.

Who do you think wrote this diatribe? Was it some useless Berkely liberal: no, it
must be some “right wing” rant-like from these unwashed government-hating

So I guess for you it’d be okay to stop reading this, throw it in the trash and get
on with your job…

…and that’s the problem all of us have to face as Americans. You just doing
your job as mandated by your superiors enacting government policy is
destroying living free in this country. IS destroying this country. Has just about
destroyed it to tell the truth. Millions of pages, I’ll repeat, of local, state and
federal dictate enforced by an army of government power-loving
lawyer/politicians, socialist social workers, some naïve do-gooders, and a lot of
crass careerists who know who butters their bread.

You love your job, your pay, your benefits, your power. Especially your power.
Yet while you love your job, we’re hurting under the oppression of your
collective efforts. If it isn’t taxes it’s regulations, or court rulings, or some
whim by a rogue bureaucrat.

“Rogue bureaucrat”? That’s a person in government service who thinks they’re

above the People-that they’re supposed to serve and protect… so far above
they regard We the People as nothing. Not just the obvious corrupt types but
also the ones who heartlessly enforce all the laws, rules and regulations
pumped out by lawyers over the years that that exclusive group has had
exclusive control over what laws are made.

You’re wanting to say something like “can’t make a omlette without breaking
some eggs” or “we gotta have rules or there would be anarchy” or something
to the effect? Some defense of the beast as being a better civilization than
none? Guess what? To those that control the beast we’re all going to be
omlettes. Sooner or later, one of your superiors will decide to break you.

You know it’s happened. You’ve probably seen it. You’ve closed your eyes to
the havoc you do to us all in the name of being the bitch of the federal
government by repeating to yourself that you’re doing this for the United

States of America. You’re not, and you need to awake from that delusion
before your job completely steals your soul. I know in your quiet moments you
worry about it-you should.

Read this: http://freedomguide.blogspot.com/two-americas.htm and know the

true state affairs with the beast and our Nation.

“So what the hell can be done?!”

Damn good question. The political process is sown up by those really in charge
of this nation-the scripted banality reminds me of a pro wrestling show if it
were produced by C-SPAN. Which is intended of course to discourage political
participation by a “people” of dumbed-down, civically ignorant, anesthetized
sheep. That is, when they could be pried from their couches watching Paris
Hilton perfect the art of practiced stupidity.

See, the degeneration of the American People into adult-sized spoiled children
kept busy making money for the few way too rich old white men who run this
Nation into the ground for world domination-it wasn’t a overnight affair.
Americans didn’t one moment decide to take on a lifetime of debt, trust big
corporations with their financial future and see how fat they can get instead of
maintaining themselves, their own finances and what’s supposed to be THEIR

It was a process-a kind of (mostly)non-military form of social war, waged with

skill, subtlety, patience on many fronts that has victimized many generations.
Think about it: you think the 19th century American, who knew and practiced
law on his own, could fix or make most things on his own, could run
successfully his own business, grow his own food, school his own children, knew
how to use guns and wasn’t afraid to turn them against the bad guys-you think
such People would sit still for a second for:

*Being subject to millions of pages of law that NOBODY ON EARTH would have a
hope in hell of knowing, and being subject to knowing perfectly that titanic
body of “law, yet being held accountable as if we were a nation of Rain Men?
Maybe we’re all idiots-sans the savant.

*Stolen elections using rigged computer systems with untraceable paper ballot
readouts manufactured by corporations whose CEO’s are allied with one of the
presidential candidates? Who run regularly with some Supreme Court

*Federal agents-just like you-assaulting and murdering peaceable men, women

and children with automatic weapons and flammable CS gas that when ignited
becomes poisonous cyanide? Have you seen Waco: the Rules of Engagement and
seen the forensic pictures of CHILDREN bent backward, incinerated?

*Drug and gun running by two Presidents through Arkansas; murdering anyone,
including children who stumble upon their operations, turning the inner cities
of America into crack central? The punchline being one of those drug smuggling
fatherfuckers has the gall to open a office in one of the communities he helped
pollute with his smuggled drugs?!

*Federal invasion and eavesdropping of their private communications, with the

fig leaf excuse of “we’re fighting a ‘war on terror’”, a excuse that could mean
anything from insurgents we make in Iraq when our Troops driven crazy by war
pop caps into innocent people and their relatives want revenge, to naïve fools
attracted by false-flag Al Qaeda(the toilet seat), to seven dumb angry Blacks
getting entrapped by the same breed of criminal scum that would plant drugs
or murder mothers with their infant children in their arms?

*Theft of up to half of their earnings through every tax scheme imaginable,

claiming there was a budget shortfall-yet their consolidated annual financial
reports indicated investments worth multiples of the debts incurred-so that the
taxes remain high and we all struggle?

*Using money that is unsound, backed by nothing, is worth less and less each
year do to “inflation”? The issuing of that inflating, depreciating currency by a
cartel of private banks that’s never ever held accountable for the credit booms
and economic busts it deliberately manufactures for the sole benefit of the
richest-while everyone else-YOU INCLUDED-suffer?

No. The 19th century American-who could and WOULD defend himself-wouldn’t
stand for it. Didn’t stand for it… at first. But “they” the inbred psychotic
blueblooded “elite”, the masters of the beast, managed to tame their
descendants-slowly, incrementally, over several generations of slow “progress.

Kept them distracted as they snuck in their laws, careful not to go too far too
fast and arouse their enemy.

Kept raising the standard of living, while making everything more expensive.
Kept sneaking in fees, licenses, permits, regulations, laws nobody held their
Representatives accountable for anymore because they became too engrossed
with living in this modern day bastardization of what America was supposed to
be about. Freedom, instead of the permitted liberties that get more and more
curtailed with each act of state terrorism. Pursuit of happiness, instead of the
vapid pursuit of shoddy material crap manufactured by Chinese slave labor(we
should be ashamed!) borrowed at 18%APR and a shattered domestic economy.

Now, the 21st century “murikan”, between working for both massa corporation
and massa state, and anesthetizing his seared body and soul with mind numbing
alcohol and TV. Any people who’ve endured the losses we have, yet still seem

eager to put their Nation down even further just to keep the good times going-
such a craven, “lazy”, cowardly people probably deserve all the crap that you
and your compatriots in federal service have planned. Don’t they?

I mean, world war, economic collapse, deliberately bungled post disaster

recovery operations-you’re just waiting for the orders to finish communizing
this once gloriously free nation. Gather all those fat ignorant sheep wandering
around in a daze when the power’s gone, the malls are closed, the restaurants
close, there’s no more gas, the gangs are roaming the streets ruthlessly
scavanging for whatever’s left.

Your bosses feed you some lines about you really being in charge when such a
worthless people let themselves get herded into those Halliburton built
“community centers”? Get to be the concentration camp guards as you take
that broken people and mold them into obedient worker slaves?

Isn’t that what Americans are now? Obedient worker slaves-but with too much
license to get fat of bad food, too much leisure time, too much Freedom
“permitted”? No reason to fear; you’re here to save the day for “the people”-
which really means the state, it’s corporate partners and the way things are-or
are planned to be.

Born in the Land of the Free and get spend the best years of your life as a
communist apparatchik. If you knew when you applied for your job what you do
now, what would you do?

Seriously. Would you just “go along”?

If you’ve read this far, and all that repressed anger’s welling back to the
surface and you’re ready to cut loose with some righteous rage, I think you’d
fight back.

I know you want to fight back now, if only you had a way of overcoming the
beast. How the hell does one do that when it’s effectively tamed and all but
enslaved what was at one time the freest People to ever walk the Earth?

You know the beast has had the lawmaking processes secured since about Day
One. Secured enough through cronyism, ideological conditioning, media control
and the sheer costs of election campaigning that only the corrupted attain
office. The corrupted can be controlled well enough.

You know the beast has the courts secured. What are judges but politicians in a
different branch of government? ALL of them are lawyers-a breed that’s been
given way too much leeway in influencing American life. A giant racket the
law; they write the laws, make more rulings in the courts about the law-or in
spite of it-and their guild gets to profit off of both prosecuting and defending

those that get drug before it-like the poor bastard who got entrapped by ATF
agents into making a 18 inch shotgun barrel into a 17 inch or so unlicensed
short barreled weapon-a National Firearms Act violation. To feed his starving
family living in a ramshackle mountain hovel the poor bastard nicks less than a
inch of steel off a single shot shotgun and the whole weight of the federal
government comes down, murders his son, his wife and his infant child.

You know the beast controls the strings of power in the various military, law
enforcement and intelligence agencies. The beast always has it’s corrupted and
compromised where it needs them. Those that are permitted to office are as
corrupted as those in Congress and the courts.

You know the beast controls the state and local governing bodies and agencies.
All the wannabes toadying along with the party line, hoping for a shot at the
big time federal league of politics; if they can just be the one with the thickest
coating of brown on their nose. They got their handlers, their enforcers to keep
them in line-as if they already weren’t brainwashed by the universities they go
to, that the beast controls through it’s communist puppets in the “left”,
preaching state power over all.

You know the beast’s minions are everywhere in government-that they watch
your movements, your attitudes to various tasks that destroy average
American’s lives. Watch you-comrade federal agent-just as if you were living in
North Korea, Romania, East Germany, the Soviet Union… any misstep in
thought or action that might advertise you as one of those unwashed populist

You know the beast isn’t just in government; it’s minions run the corporations,
especially the media. TV, movies, music, celebrities-all are used to keep a
People being robbed of everything drowsy with petty materialism and trivia.
Like those minions in government, the beast’s minions in the cultural
institutions get indoctrinated in college by the same funky tenured useless idiot
marxists that feed the crap to the future bureaucrats, politicians, and you the
federal agent that you are some kind of “elite”.

You know the beast is efficient when dealing with dissenters. If they can’t be
kept asleep they’re steered into easily controlled front groups that run them in
circles with useless acts of protest that only satisfy their egos that something
gets done. Fed lies and half-truths and otherwise kept ignorant so that nothing
they think of as a solution will work because it isn’t rooted in the truth of the
situation. These efforts are sufficient for the average dissenter until they tire
of the real sense of lack of progress and go back to being obedient “productive

Politics is structured-scripted-so that there’s a “left” and a “right” of hot

button issues to divide folks, to distract folks, as they’re taxed and legislated

into slavery. Racism? It isn’t so overt, at least in front of “mainstream ‘murika”
to maintain that “politically correct” front, but it’s planted as subtly cultivated
attitudes in the culture. Promotion of the most ignorant of celebrities, with
drugs, with deliberate neglect of the cities, with mismanaged funding for all
those dependant on government so that the generated inequalities make Black
and White and Brown blame each other instead of those that should be
responsible-those who make policy.

Those that cause trouble in spite of these efforts to brainwash are subjected to
everything from ridicule by the beast’s tools in the media and academia, to
harassment by you, the federal agent. There are enough laws that it’s
impossible to live a normal life without breaking them. Those that persist even
after threat of loss of their lives, possessions, family, career and liberty, the
beast eliminates.

You know the beast actually WANTS someone to snap. Yes, provoke them to do
something desperate and attempt a resolution by force-so that the majority of
Americans it’s already conquered mind, body and soul will approve of the
government’s preplanned “solution” of martial law and the final foreclosing on
what Freedom remains. That they would willingly go along with literally, your
jackboot on their necks so long as they can retain their borrowed comforts of
the lazy boy, the plasma screen parading Christina Aguilera and their six pack.

The charade cannot go on forever, that someday people will run out of credit,
the world will tire of being America’s economic and political bitches, the
“elite” will have set their final war in motion and don’t need America as the
consumer suction pump of the world’s wealth-as that model of economic
exploitation will be obsolete when the nukes fly and the markets crash. Hell,
the country’s already been de-industrialized, what’s left but to dismantle what
can be foreclosed and sold to Asia?

So why the hell not provoke the Patriots into a futile last stand and wipe them
out in one fell swoop, leaving a distressed, docile, and decimated slave
population to exploit?

Sounds too far fetched? Read the following you can track the government’s
logic in this strategy and why it would attempt it:

There are roughly 70,000,000 (legal) gun owners in this country-that’s all 85%
of them are, they just own a gun without the knowledge of how to properly use
it in combat… let alone would. The fifteen percent that could conceivably be a
threat-police officers, veterans, seasoned hunters, hard core patriots and
survivalists… most are brainwashed that things are hunky-dory as the average
American. Many are even as conditioned as you being government employees.
Most of the rest, that see things as they truly are, have at best rudimentary
training in military operations, marksmanship, primitive survival. A few

isolated, lonely groups; nothing enough soldiers can’t overcome given enough

Of those, how many have sufficient knowledge of guerilla warfare, propaganda

and counter-propaganda, logistics, basic weapons manufacturing? Who among
them has a clear picture of the Problem, and the Many Steps that could lead to
a Possible Solution given enough time and success? Who among them has the
vision and strength of Washington, Simon Bolivar, Cromwell, Che Guerverra,
Lee, Alexander to pull such a incredible coup as to take down the beast?

No wonder you think it safer to go along with the beast to get along-going along
and destroying your fellow countrymen. Who can stand up to such a behemoth
and even survive…


Think again! Think back to what you’ve read: the beast is made up of people-
like you or worse, or better.

Each of those persons, like you, can be persuaded, given enough information
and enlightenment. Each of those persons could lose their health, or their job,
or become a victim of the beast themselves.

Each of those persons can realize that yes, you can and probably will lose
everything in struggling against the beast, including their lives.

Each of your fellow Agents can also realize these Truths:

1.)We’re all going to die sooner or later. Sooner or later the DNA in your cells
deteriorate, break down, start making more mistakes than the rest of the body
can compensate for. Your hair starts to turn gray, your skin starts to sag, you
start losing muscle mass, your metabolism slows down. You grow fat, frail, your
faculties start to fail, your mind fogs, you can’t see so sharp or hear so good,
you lose control of your bowels at the worst possible moments, you fall and you
can’t get up. Without cellular renewal, entropy is inevitable, and hence, old
age homes and death. Which leads to:

2.)What will people remember you for? What actions that you do or do not do,
how will that make their lives better? How do you justify taking part in
monstrous manipulations, conspiracies, murder with leaving the world in a
better shape than you entered in? What in the way of Freedom, a society that
uplifts the Individual, a livable planet, a civilization that will carry Man into the
future will your personal efforts to help the beast suppress everyone from
political dissenters to inventors of devices that threaten government and
corporate domination bring? Ultimately:

3.)What if there really is a God I’ll have to answer to for my life’s work? Or lack

Somehow everything came into existence-everything came from something.

The Universe, from the structure of the largest of it’s galactic supergroups to
the smallest of subatomic particles reveals a intricacy, vibrancy, and most
importantly a design of such wonder we will never catch the full measure of.
Since it’s God, Our Father’s Creation, we are all of us Our Father’s Children.

How have you treated Our Father’s Children, Federal Agent of the United
States Government? How have you treated the society they’ve been brought up
in? How have you personally treated those of Our Father’s Children who don’t
share your color, your culture, your ideology, your class or income level?

And, having done what you’ve done in your life, how do you think Our Father
will treat you WHEN, and this is an ABSOLUTE, WHEN He gets his hands on you
after your shot, worn out body takes it’s last breath?

That WILL come, and it won’t matter how many church appearances you made,
how many fifty dollar bills you stuffed into the Salvation Army kettle on
holidays, how many self-congratulatory awards you get for your years of loyal
service to the public(or in a way you don’t realize, it will)…

…What will matter to Our Father is whether you helped out that woman the IRS
is trying to steal her home, business, and future over a tax mistake.

…Whether you disregarded personal danger in stopping the beast’s minions

from pressuring a desperate backwoods “undesirable” to sawing a inch of steel
off a single barrel shotgun, averting a frightening show of force by them.

…Whether you did your best-even if meant career suicide-in averting a

massacre of women and children by being simultaniously burnt alive and poison
gassed to death.

…Whether you tried to warn agents, police officers, those in authority who still
hold themselves accountable to the People of a plot to stage a false flag
terrorist operation-even if you had to do a end run around the official channels
and risk your very lives against the beast if but to foil a plot to whip up yet
another war started for false reasons.

…Whether you decided yourself to seek out those Americans still owning
themselves, still willing to gamble all they have like their ancestors have done
for Freedom. Help them however way you can, with training, advice, intel. To
warn them when the beast decides to wage the final offensive against those
that would be Free, enact martial law and wage another civil war in order to
wipe out the last vestiges of Freedom… even with the approval of all they’ve

sucessfully enslaved.

That you did or did not these things and more, THAT is what will matter to Our
Father. Your Father who loves you and would love to see you STAND as a FREE
MAN in common cause with your Brothers and Sisters, even against the beast
that runs this country and runs it into the ground in a last, great effort to
consolidate it’s control over us all.

You can be Free.

You can, standing with others intelligently, resist.

You, especially being a federal agent, can help slow the beast down, and
together we could slay it.



What do you really need to live and be happy? That half-million dollar plywood
and sheet rock millstone you and probably your kids will spend the rest of your
days paying on? That huge, honking SUV your spouse can barely handle in
traffic? That collection of credit cards that you’ll never pay off because you
just gotta hit that mall for more crap made by slave labor you’ll use maybe

You’ve brown nosed to the beast for all that crap, it’s tainted with the blood
and suffering of innocent people.

Besides, being so craven and cowardly should be embarrassing to a big,

strapping lawman.

Point is, no matter what choice you make you’re gonna lose something-you can
keep serving the beast and lose your Freedom, forever. Or, you can lose your
fear-among them losing the materialist chains of debt slavery that keep you
dependant on the beast and it’s trinkets it loans you for some mirage of

So if you’re committed to the Cause, it’s time to do a gut check. You can’t
have freedom of action if you’re tied down with debt payments and love of
comfort. Truth is, your life is going to get damn uncomfortable from here on
out, no matter what choice you make, you might as well make the choice
that’ll guarantee a real future for your children.

You do have children, a spouse, right? You’ll have to have a big sit-down with

the little debt slaves-in-training and share your epiphany.

THEN, provided your loved one doesn’t speed dial their attorney to begin
divorce proceedings you get to figure out a plan to wean yourself of the false
trappings of success you ignorantly bought-borrowed-into:

*Turn off the TV. All it does is lie and hustle for your money-after the
government’s done shaking you down. Soon you’ll discover you can actually
think for yourselves, you’ll start spending “quality time” with your family and
you’ll see how things really are in America today.

*Sell the house. As of July, 2006 there’s still a housing market. SELL NOW!! Sell
while there are still buyers dumb enough to believe the hype on CNBC and FOX.
Sell and rent a older home in the country, where there will be some degree of
safety when the preplanned collapse is triggered.

*Get rid of the SUV if you haven’t paid it off. You’ll take a loss on it anyway,
but the point is to get out of debt and get out of gas hogs your 100lb wife or
300lb husband can’t handle. Get a older car that’s reliable-it’s possible.

*Cut up the credit cards. Debt obligations masquerading as “cash on hand”. In

fact, go cash only for all, any purchases.

*Go out a hell of a lot less to eat. Find and patronize a organic food store, eat
natural food, drink non flouridated spring water and notice not only how much
weight you lose, but also how much healthier you feel, how better you can
think, how less apathetic more free spirited you are, and how much more cash
you have in your pocket. Stock up on extra food in case of something going to
hell with the food supply.

*Find a way for your family to start becoming “self-employed”; under the table
cash only business. It’ll teach business and money handling skill that’ll benefit
yours the rest of their lives. Plus add another stream of cash flow or two.


You know that speech you gave to your family before you rescued yourselves
from being debt slaves? Give a condensed version to the next person you
encounter-could be on the job. Could be at a bar. Could be at the

The Average American still looks up to authority figures, and to hear the
unvarnished truth from a Federal Agent about how things really are could wake
some people up. Some-because the educational and cultural programming of
the sheeple by the beast is rock solid. Truth be told, the average ‘murikan’s
mind has been so debased, so miseducated, so devoid of character or internal

strength that they’ll mentally tune you out or change the subject. Nobody likes
being told their life’s been a fraud.

Some will listen; it’s up to you to help organize them into effective political
and self-defensive groups.


Standing alone is for the suicidal, the stupid, or the desperate. Acting
together, with a plan while doing your best to not be exposed works.

Get involved with citizens working intelligently with local politics, or start your
own local group. Plenty of issues to address.

Cover each others asses when the beast gets set to crush some more of your
fellow citizens.


You know perfectly well that those people represent the best, most patriotic
Americans left. Sadly they are a handful, and need your help badly. Besides,
WHEN the beast targets you…and it will… you’re going to need some stone
reliable folks to back you up.

Help the Militias infiltrate government positions with new members so that
they can be a fifth column-keeping in mind to keep these infiltrators off any
“official” militia circles.

Help the Militias form front organizations. Why? To take over town and village
governments, start dismantling the beast at the local level-it’s where the
fucker is most vulnerable while we still have a multilevel representative form
of government. When they build a working, real world example of Freedom and
use effective propaganda to spread the message, a thousand more liberated
towns will spring up.

I go into detail about this at http://freedomguide.blogspot.com



What the hell is this about-isn’t this a plan of action in the real world?

It is, and you and Our Father reuniting is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.

Men lie. They do it every day. Men ordained in religious doctrines made by men

lie whether they know it or not, because the religious doctrines they preach-
propagandize actually-were made by men. There’s a lot of power, money,
control in religion. It’s a racket used by states throughout history to corral,
control the very thoughts and beliefs of Man.

Religions-especially Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, are contrary creations of

different teachings and doctrines by different people with contrary motives.
Some actually wanted a better world. Most just wanted loyal followers to
enrich themselves with, to control, to use as cannon fodder in the next war.

If the Universe was created-and it’s getting harder with each discovery to
discount that-then there’s a Creator.

A Creator of the Universe has to be by nature a intelligent and loving being

because creativity requires intelligence, love, and the catalyst of inspiration.

So if Our Father was inspired to create a sentient being-us-that could commune

in spirit with Him, has(in theory)intelligence, capable of love, can be inspired
to do great and noble things-WHERE IN THAT STRING OF LOGIC COULD OUR

To be murderers, of ourselves and Our Father’s Creation for the sake of some
manmade paper entity’s bottom line?

To enslave, when it is Human Desire given freely by Our Father to be Free, and
at the same time take it upon ourselves to personally guarantee other’s

To stealing from others, including everything they’ve worked for their entire
lives because some bureaucrat decided that was appropriate for a hundred fifty
dollars, federal reserve notes that are worth less and less each year?

To regulating a person in every part of his and her life to the point where
Freedom becomes another vague word?

To subjecting the youth to life destroying state run “public schools” that take
people full of energy, creativity and curiosity and after 13 years of grinding
down turn out brain dead consumer slaves-‘murikans.

To use the holy ideals of Life, Freedom, the Pursuit of Happiness, a responsible
representative government as fig leaves for conquest, genocide, plundering,

Our Father would NOT want that!

When YOU realize that, then and only then can you accept the example of

Jesus as laid out in the Gospels when encountering the bankers
(moneychangers) and lawyers (pharisees)-they got not one moment’s rest.
Jesus wasn’t about pacifism, Jesus and Our Father were about reacting in the
strongest possible manner to tyrants and the other ilk that toadies to them.

When YOU realize that, and that the conclusion is only YOU can forge YOUR
OWN CONNECTION to Our Father, and that THAT is the path to your salvation…

…that only your actions count as only actions are worth anything in this world…

…that only by standing with others like minded in being awakened, aware, and
willing to pay the price for their Freedom…

…only then does Man have a chance of Salvation, for themselves and the world
we’ve all helped trash because of the evil of foolish, craven men and the
demons of power and greed that rule them.

How about you?


Winning the peace

As far as the Second American Revolution is concerned your first battlefield is… You.
What you believe in.
What you can do-physicality, talents, knowledge, network of friends and colleagues.
What you and others can do together…
Get the idea?
As a chain is only as strong as its links, and it’s up to YOU to be the strongest link you
can. And make certain those around you are strong as they can be as well.
If you can master yourself, and surround yourself with others who are doing likewise, and
act on what you believe in, you can get things done.
Our Ideal is Individual Freedom-and that society must be constructed around the
restoration of Individual Freedom so each person can have the opportunity to achieve
their maximum potential, which in the end contributes to the society; Real Freedom from
enslaving ideologies, from enslaving government and corporations. Towards taking this

Freedom, many steps must be taken-many of them will be painful. But such is the price
of taking one’s Freedom.
Those steps start with you. They have to because you… YOU are the foundation of the
Second American Revolution and if you personally are not in order then anything you
attempt is in danger of being sabotaged or simply failing due to some personal weakness
or another.
More importantly, you must be ready and willing to take your Freedom back. Do
whatever it takes to take it back, because if you’re reading this you know damn well it
won’t be handed to you.
To become Free you must go through the steps. Those steps are:
Physical-getting in shape, becoming self-sufficient and capable of defense of one’s self
and others; need it be stated that a physically strong, fit person automatically commands
more respect than someone who cannot even manage one’s own body? Anyone can at
least do exercises, walk. A basic weightlifting set, dumbbells, a chin up bar can be used
if used regularly. If you let yourself slip, well discipline is a mental muscle and
Americans are not a people raised to have self-discipline. Stop beating yourself up and
get back up on the horse.
RECOMMENDATION: P90 exercise series of DVDS is a great way to build strength,
stamina, and speed.
Take responsibility for yourself and purify your body of all the garbage the enemy puts in
the food and water. The food itself is deficient in nutrition due to overtaxed soil so one
must take nutritional supplements to make up the deficit that causes you to be lethargic
and dumb.
Learn how to fight-take combat courses so you can be counted as part of the Unorganized
Militia every able-bodied adult belongs to. There are plenty of martial arts fighting
systems, so choose the ones that are geared for combat.
As for firearms:
Appleseed Project-teaches basic rifle marksmanship as was once done by the US Army
before World War Two, before the needs of filling ranks caused a dilution of training.
Go through the fundamental steps of a shot, you will be able to hit a seen target out to at
least 500 yards. Yes the enemy bobs, weaves and ducks behind cover at times, but that’s
war. They are steadily expanding their numbers but beware: “fred” will NOT come to
your aid if you get in trouble with the feddies for promoting rifle marksmanship. The
enemy wants incompetent foes to provoke to be used as a excuse to clamp down.
Close and Midrange Combat-Gabe Suarez will hate me for mentioning him but he has
some of the best training courses and DVD’s on just about every weapon system out, plus
he’s willing to train lowly civilian sheep like you, ya uppity tax slave you. Be advised
that Gabe has no patience for “tin foil” of any brand, and if you’re not useful(make
money for him) he has no use for you. Just the way he is.
Jeff Cooper also had a lot of things to say about combat.
Wayne Van Zwoll-he has some videos on the net and his book “The Hunter’s Guide To
Accurate Shooting” is a must read on practical field rifle marksmanship. This book is a
good complement to the Appleseed Project.

John Plaster-“The Ultimate Sniper” is an excellent resource on precision marksmanship.
I’ll tell you this: all the training in the world is useless if you don’t have the will to use it.
What separates those that do from those that dream and don’t are willpower and sacrifice.
That means ruthlessly eliminating addictions, dependencies on the beast and its many
mental traps, self-disciplining, self-reliant and being your own leader. The willingness to
make sacrifices, to wield your will over yourself and as needed, others-though as
someone who not just believes in Freedom but lives that every day you respect others.
There’s no getting around being willing to SACRIFICE. There’s a reward for those
JOURNEY BACK TO OUR FATHER. Because only having Our Father in your Heart
will give you the strength to say NO, to find out the truth of our situation, to summon that
willpower to make that sacrifice to rebuild yourself as a foundation of the Second
American Revolution. Nothing less will do. Nothing else will remake you but for a
spiritual transformation as you connect with Our Father in Heaven-who lies within in
your heart.
All you need do is find a quiet place where it’s just you and your thoughts and your heart.
Close your eyes.
Quiet your mind-Americans in particular have their minds full of this and that so this
stage, of stilling your mind so you can hear your heart, that will be difficult; when you do
however you will hear a still, kindly(usually) voice. That’s God. God has perfect
perspective and only wants the best for all of us so it would be a good idea to start
listening when you do hear Him. He’ll guide you the rest of the way.
Freedom, in today’s debased America, is an alien concept. Americans are trained from
infancy to believe they’re free while actually being the most comprehensively controlled
people in history:
*Television, content controlled by our enemy, propagandizes and conditions us into a
learned dependency, helplessness toward the government, major corporations, and other
institutions and individuals. Self reliance, individualism, intellectualism, a sense of
national identity-our history, political purpose-are diluted, ridiculed or just not talked or
depicted. Even worse, the technology used operates on 60 cycles per second meant to
induce a hypnotic state… you ever start watching TV and you find yourself just watching
ANY thing so long as you’re watching-that’s the effect.
*State schools take 12 years to teach(poorly)what could be learned in maybe 3. The main
lessons these indoctrination centers drive into us are APATHY and OBEDIENCE. Go
past the approved lessons, the approved pace, help out others and you’re punished.
Attacked by the budding goons and thugs these schools generate and you’re treated the
same as your assailants-so that you can be victimized by the state when you graduate.
Protest and you’re crushed-as according to them you’re a “minor” without Rights.
* The largest, most stifling, unforgiving, oppressive legal code in recorded history. No
people that is truly Free would have so many laws, rules, regulations governing them. In

fact a direct relationship can be established between the growth of the nation’s legal code
and the decline of domestic non-financial economic activity alone… that’s businesses,
the arts, invention-you know, all the activity that grows a nation. This gargantuan body
of legalese grown across America like kudzu stoked on fertilizer has been one of the few
things that have grown-along with all the bankruptcies, the prison population for
nonviolent offenses that weren’t a hundred years before.
*The banks. They hustle the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment on a
Christmas Eve night in 1913 by 3 traitor Senators(they were allowed to do so by their
rules)stole our lawful money and replaced it with credit based currency…debt… they can
issue at will and brought the terror of the Internal Revenue Service into the lives of all of
us-or nearly all of us, I’ll get to that soon enough. What you must keep in mind is that
the banksters-Rockefellers, Warburgs, Vanderbilts, Rothschilds-had effectively all the
money they needed to buy up America and buy off all the Americans they needed to…
such as your public servants. Your public servants got us off gold and silver so that those
federal reserve notes would be the only-illegal-currency.

Look closer at the top left…

“This note is legal tender for all debts public and private, and is redeemable in lawful
money at the United States Treasury or at any federal reserve bank”.
That’s what those notes used to say and if you ever run across an old federal note you
will see this isn’t something photoshopped.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild had it correct: control a nation’s money and it doesn’t matter
who is in office. Because you can print all the money you need to buy them off, buy up
industries and ship them overseas because your paid for politicians rewrite the laws in
favor of exporting the industries you got Americans dependent upon for their sustenance
with your ruthless business practices.
This war we’re in isn’t one waged with jackbooted thugs, surveillance devices, and a
byzantine legal code enabling our enemies near unlimited freedom of action while
binding us in a legal straightjacket. This is a war waged with education, with a
centralized and highly controlled media, with religion.

*The churches have all been brought under the control of the government through the
501(c) 3 incorporation scheme by the IRS, tricking churches already tax exempt into
filing and thus entering into contract. Contracts are binding and the IRS makes certain
you are bound. The churches have most certainly been bound politically-once centers of
populist(their term)political organization the first peep of protest and they seize the
church-land, bank accounts, everything. Besides there’s more than enough money in
televangelism-either through “prosperity” preaching where you wish yourself into
wealth… to keep the likes of bucktooth Joe Osteen paid, or you listen to Jack Van Impe’s
crazed rants cheering on a thermonuclear holocaust because then you will be “raptured”
because you claim Jesus as Lord and Savior. Or likely you listen to both-wish yourself to
prosperity, pray for billions of sandniggers and kikes to obliterate themselves so you will
go to Heaven and do all the ungodly shit you do now-cheat on your spouse, boast about
your goodness, pop legal narcotics, beat and terrorize your kids because they’re the only
ones in your life without any authority over you, ignore all the poverty and injustice
because you’re “in” and they’re “out” and being a Born Again Churchgoer is the ultimate
in because you can do whatever you want and just say a prayer to Jeezus and it’s all
good. Except that you serve both Satan and your enslavers with that belief.
*The government employs legions of go-along-to-get-along types even if they aren’t
churchgoers. Many of them are tripping off the lowest levels of Freemasonry thinking
they’re “in” on the levers of power. Perhaps locally where most tyranny in this country is
still administered… until those locales and states go bankrupt and enter into federal
receivership and control. These fools refuse to see the big picture and instead see you as
someone to tax, regulate, rule over, imprison if so desired.
*Our very food and water is drugged, poisoned to keep us docile, dumbed down, sick.
The health care industry through our ingested poisons, the lawyers, the insurance
companies is a tax on Americans-one sixth of the economy.
*Wars are set up to keep the patriotic blaming and fearing outsiders instead of the very
government that has enslaved them. There hasn’t been a single war in the past hundred
plus years that hasn’t been some kind of false flag(9/11), provocation(World War Two)
or outright conquest. World population is kept in check, economies are kept under
military/industrial control… out of control of the People… people browner than Conan
O’ Brien are killed, money by the hundreds of billions flows into our enemies coffers.
Wars are also set up to maneuver the nations of Earth like so many chess pieces into
destroying themselves so that they can replace this one last wargame… the coming
World War Three… with a more consolidated world order. Could be a unitary state.
Could be a few blocks a la George Orwell’s 1984. Whatever the final form the fact of the
matter is your death is needed for them to build that order.
All that is but scratching the surface… What is most important to remember is that your
average American-on whom the future of this planet hinges on-is either ignorant of these
facts or go along with their lifelong conditioning to treat these facts and those that present
them as “conspiracy”.
Only when the cocoon of debt slavery is busted open by the loss of their jobs, their
401k(another ripoff), as has been happening, and they’re out on the street homeless-all
the trappings of their middle class lifestyle seized from them will they understand. Then
however, they’re homeless, street trash-shunned by most people because they don’t want
that misfortune rubbing off on them, and constantly oppressed by police and government

regulation meant to keep them down and under control. Little late then for them to do
anything at all as they struggle to survive and avoid . And more Americans join them
every day in homelessness.
Or, maybe you can find an argument an approach that doesn’t trigger their conditioning.
New turns of phrases, new approaches to showing them the truth of our situation. Most
likely not this work, this will likely not appeal to someone who expends most of their
mental energy figuring out their fantasy football lineup. Of course you can try…
A meme is an ideal or concept, song, device, or cultural bit that gets imitated, repeated,
and worms its way into your thoughts. If you can encapsulate the ideals, methods,
whatever, into your message or product that others will imitate, you will come up with a
powerful tool for Freedom. A cartoon explaining the concept of the meme from Virus Of
The Mind-The Revolutionary Science Of The Meme And How It Can Help You:

Once someone builds a spoked wheel or makes a recording of Beethoven’s

Fifth Symphony, those physical objects serve as vehicles tospread memes—in
this case, the spoked wheel meme and the ta-ta-ta-TUM meme—indirectly to
new minds.
Note how the object and the tune are paired in tandem to create an effect?

If memes are our internal programming, we can draw on decades of research
in psychology to look at how we get programmed—how memes get
transmitted into our minds. Once programmed, we behave in complex ways
that spread memes indirectly. So while it may sometimes be illuminating to
use the term vehicle to describe behavior or an artifact that tends to infect
people with a meme, more often the existence of a meme will trigger a Rube
Goldberg–like sequence of actions that only indirectly causes spreading of the
meme. The wagon wheel and the commercial advertising on TV programs are
the exceptions as meme-spreading
vehicles; the rule is more complex.

A Working Definition
We want a definition of meme that gives us access to understanding cultural
evolution, as in the biological definition. But we want to be clear that memes
are internal representations, as in the
psychological definition. And we want to look at memes as ideas—as our
software, our own internal programming—that produce an effect on the
outside world, as in the cognitive definition. The result is the definition I use
in this book, a definition similar to the one Dawkins adopted in his 1982 book
The Extended Phenotype:

Definition of Meme

A meme is a unit of information in a mind whose existence influences events

such that more copies of itself get created in other minds.

How about ta-ta-ta-TUM, the famous motif from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony?
As it’s stored in my brain, Charles’s, and Kusnick’s, it is a meme. I’ve just
infected you with a copy of it. If you
hear the music, or hear anyone talk about Beethoven’s Fifth in the next few
days, you’ll have no choice but to associate it with this discussion. If you then
start up a conversation and say, “Hey, that’s odd! I just read about ta-ta-ta-
TUM in this book Virus of the Mind, and do you know it’s a meme?” you will
be spreading some of the memes from this book that you’re already infected
The point is, in your propaganda-which it is-you embed a concept or action with two
other things… music, visuals, objects, actions that can be replicated, you will make a
meme. The movie Red Dawn is a meme; high school kids repel Soviet invaders. The
word militia was turned into a meme of violent, racist, anti-American rednecks by
constant association in all the corporate media. Now the word itself is an anti-American
meme. Facts being otherwise, but irrelevant.
NLP is the science of using words, sound, images to convey a subtextual message to alter
behavior. It’s used by the major media all the time to manipulate you so understand how
it’s used. An example would be this statement. Go ahead and read it aloud:
“You have the right to keep and bear arms”.

Sounds straight forward enough, right? Now, say it again but instead of an affirmative
tone, you’re going to use a tone of voice meaning you don’t. Say it that way now…
…Tone makes quite a bit of difference even with that plainly worded statement doesn’t
it? Now let’s add some weasel-wording our enemy loves using and say this out loud
using the same negative tone:
“While you do have the right to keep arms it is in the public interest to regulate the use
and possession of small arms for public safety reasons.”
Get it?
This is how the enemy screws with our heads.
Through their lock on media content and distribution the enemy bombards us with
thousands of hidden messages, through every available form. Understand how the enemy
uses NLP and it can be pointed out, exposed, or used to change hearts and minds.
There are many aspects of Freedom-however many people being introduced to them will
not understand them, and so will tune you out. Therefore, it’s vital to know who you’re
talking to and what they’re ready to hear. So, I’ve divided the common Patriot themes
and ideals that have been expoused over the past half century into separate categories
based on common knowledge and ability to be accepted upon first contact.
These are what average uneducated folks can readily grasp and agree with in a
conversation: food, gas prices, jobs, taxes, fashion, sports, music, games, movies and
toys-both for children and adults.
FOOD-Prices are fueled by both inflation and at times scarcity. Quality is now an issue
as the effects of GMO food, ingredients such as aspartame and high fructose corn syrup,
and the use of MSG to make food chemically addictive. One viewing of the documentary
“Supersize Me” should be sufficient education. If your audience is receptive, the cause
of our weaponized food-the government and corporations-can be broached. The fluoride
issue should be used a little later after it’s accepted that the food’s poisoned.
GAS PRICES-Price manipulation by artificial scarcity as well as a effective monopoly of
energy source is easy enough-we’ve had gasoline and the internal combustion engine for
a century and all it does is suck us into wars masked by goading dictators into invasions
and false flag attacks. The suppression of alternate fuels whether by willful
mismanagement or outright sabotage can then be brought up, which naturally leads to the
source-government and corporations.
JOBS-We’re dependent on the same government and corporations that willfully poison
our food and water, and jack around with the gas supply and prices. Same government
and corporations that have systematically exported the corporate salary and wage jobs
we’ve become dependent on over the past century. Starting a business in America is
fraught with all manner of taxation, regulations.
TAXES-Does this need any explanation? Yes: talk about Consolidated Annual Financial
Reports… talk about your town’s report. Talk about how corporations and investors have
all the tax breaks and avoidance schemes while anyone starting a business or working for
a corporation gets boned. Like this:

FASHION-Ho boy… you can tell your audience their clothes are designed and pushed by
a industry that has to get you to spend at least a thousand (2010) dollars a year…
preferably much more than that. They’ll listen when their good times are through-when
they’ve lost their jobs and/or retirement.
SPORTS-Aside from mentioning how insane the tax breaks the major sports team owners
get, how many jobs could have been generated with the money shoved toward the
stadiums-if someone is talking non-stop about their sports then they’re not going to be
open about discussing more adult matters… although the fraud that is major sports does
make for a good opening discussion if they are ready. Like when they get laid off.
MUSIC, GAMES & MOVIES-Like fashion and sports people with their heads wrapped
up in these distractions aren’t typically going to be open to a more serious discussion…
now if you send music, games and movies with a Patriot theme worked in it, that’s
another thing-modern entertainment is used to introduce thoughts and ideals by the
enemy so in theory you could to. Except the enemy has a lock on mainstream media so
we’re forced onto the internet… not even the so-called indie scenes have much tolerance
for those not “politically correct”. Ironically that’s a good thing: use your truly outlaw,
independent cred generated by the gatekeepers(the whole industry…)use that street cred
generated by their rejection to join or start an underground music scene, a underground
film scene, build games with Patriot themes. There’s still money and groupies for
artists… one example I know of is the writer, musician, filmmaker and blogger Michael
W. Dean.

TOYS-BOTH FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS-People wrapped up in the cars, bling,
appliances, boats, whatever-they’re thinking things are still good. It’s when they’ve lost
their job, their income, their life savings that you can point out all the junk that was
marketed toward them to 1.)Take what little was allowed to them in the first place and
2.)Distract them from how we’ve all been hustled by the American Dream.
They should be delivered in a way that entices them to find out what causes them-which
will lead them to the intermediate ideals. They should be rooted in answering everyday
problems that lead to a truer vision of what’s wrong.
A word on presentation-of yourself: it’s typically best to approach your audience as a
mirror image of what they see as acceptable. By that I mean if you’re going up to say,
some yuppie in a bar a little deeper in thought it’s best to come at him in a suit-that suit
should work in most circumstances-except for the outlaw subcultures. If he’s from say, a
ghetto someplace then the suit ain’t going to work. Regular clothes that state that you’re
from roughly the same circumstances does… if it’s a gang member though watch your
colors and how you wear your clothes. Get the point?
And be as well-spoken as you can-or have material that does the speaking for you if you
can’t. Tracts, DVDs work well and there’s no reason why you can’t make them using the
principles stated below, from Principles of Patriot Propaganda:
Critical that they’re designed to provoke, to lead those that read it to begin to ask
Pamphlets should first be inviting to read, fun, enticing. One sheets should have graphics
on one side and print on the other that begins to get people to think.
Another is a folded pamphlet with either three or four folds, but you’ll need Microsoft
Publisher or something like it in Apple.
Another kind of pamphlet that has been widely successful is the Chick Tract-this is a
miniature comic book that tells in about 16 tiny pages a provocative message that gets
you to consider exploring further. They’re compact, and have an irresistable cuteness that
you can literally slip out of your pocket, and it’ll get swept up into someone else’s
pocket. They just take more effort to make. There’s a eye catching, provocative cover,
then 14 pages to tell your message and then the back cover where contact info and
websites should be.
To make a “chick tract”, you need a duplex printer; partition a standard sheet of paper
into eight sections of 2 1/2 inch by 4 ¼ inch. Lay them out like this:

You’re going to divide your page into cells. Because of the need for formatting, your
tract is either going to be 14 or 30 pages, so plan well ahead what your tract’s going to
be, it’s layout.

Go into Table along the top bar. You want Number of Columns to be 2 and Number of
Rows 4. Be certain your margins are exactly the same left to right, top to bottom or your
tract will be misaligned.

Each page fits into a cell. They go in a specific order. For a one sheet, 14 page(not
including front and back cover)tract:

For a two sheet, 30 page(not including front and back cover)tract:


Each page must be 4.7 by 2.7 inches. You set those in Paint by going into Image menu
along the top and selecting Attributes. Select for Units in inches and type in the Width
and Height fields 4.7 inches wide and 2.7 inches height.

From there you can use Paint to insert pictures, draw, draw and insert, type or copy text

to the page. When done, choose a file name and Save.


Keep the diagrams above in mind you select the page number you want and put it in the
correct cell. Go to Insert along the top bar, click Picture, then From File; click on the
image you want and click Insert.


Keep in mind you’re going to have an overhang of one extra page from the cell table
formatting, and if you simply hit the Print icon you’re going to ruin most of your
subsequent copies.

So, go into File. Select Print…

In Number of Pages, select 1-2, or 1-4 depending on tract size.

Go into Properties and select Duplex printing-it’s vital that you’re able to print on both
sides of your paper.



If you don’t have a dedicated paper cutter you’re going to need a very steady hand. Cut
along the rows, you’ll have 4 or 8 strips of the same kind. Start stacking the top row atop
the next row, atop the next row etc. until the tract is assembled. Using a long enough
stapler to reach the center bind them and be neat. Fold firmly and be straight with the


You may have to play with the margins to get a proper print. Use the rulers in Word and
play with the margins, making single test prints until the tracts come out perfect.

Unless you’re able to use a company or school or library printer, you’re going to need to
invest in cartridges and paper.

Pamphlets can be printed up by the thousands on your desktop computer and passed out
everywhere. People don’t need to fire up a computer, it’s in their hands.
Pamphlets need to start where people are at and shock them into starting on their own
journey to where we’re at.
We have lots of books, and a good amount of video, but most of our current material is of
intermediate to advanced level of awareness and knowledge. Among them are the fine
works of Alex Jones, who sets the standard for quality in the Patriot movement. Doesn’t

mean someone else can’t do better, they can and probably will-maybe that person will be
What we need is video that like the pamphlet, is watchable, fun, and at the same time
provokes people into further exploration of things they’ve spent their lives in blissful
ignorance of.
We need some internet web shows, web series of episodes about five to ten minutes each
for however long it takes to tell the story-the more the better. Stories about Patriots
getting screwed by the beast and its minions and machinations and in a almost how-to
fashion show ways to resist within the context of the story.
We need of course, more full length DVDs but don’t bite off more than you can chew.
For internet video:
Get some practice handling camera, and writing script, even for a documentary, or
straight propaganda piece. Do some short stories, learn your craft.
Write your story-write it in a way so you can actually make it with what you can
realistically get a hold of if you do it tomorrow. Don’t hold out for a re-enactment of 9/11
because Uncle Bob’s scratching that lotto ticket or your cousin Kyle knows someone who
knows someone who performs homosex acts for Stephen Spielberg. Remember, your
hero must be relateable yet as confused as your audience. There will be no problem
portraying the beast as the enemy.
At the end, your audience must be motivated to find out on their own and seek out the
truth. Direct them to the body of Patriot literature and video that’s been produced up to
now, they ought to be ready.
Internet video like this should be produced so that a DVD with film quality video and
audio can be compiled. Get you in the discipline of doing the best you can-because you
need to.
SCRIPT-Make this as tight as possible. If a narrative fiction, study the screenwriting
books. Get DEEP into your characters, know them like you know your family and closest
friends… all their faults.
ACTORS-Match your actors to your roles as best possible. REHEARSE!!! Take a month
like a theatrical production to get your actors ready… don’t be like a lot of independent
filmmakers and have like, a day or something to rehearse. Take the time to get the
CAMERA-High Definition cameras that can deliver a progressively scanned film-like
image at 24 frames per second are available for rent or purchase. Television is at 29.97
frames per second, and interlaced with half the frames scanned then the other half.
Consumer types at Best Buy are the American NTSC television video quality. European
PAL format have the 25 frames per second rate that’s easier to down convert in your
computer to 24 frames per second. One from Aiptek is $130 but has a chintzy digital
zoom. Sanyo-if you can find them in the stores-have a optical zoom, and record in mpeg4
format that you can directly download to your computer. Canon, Panasonic, Sony and
JVC have cameras in the 900-1500 range.
Higher end “prosumer” HDV camcorders from JVC, Panasonic, Canon and Sony have 24
fps progressive scanning, but the HDV format is highly compressed to fit onto a miniDV
cassette. That technology’s obsolete as some of these cameras can download the full

uncompressed, or nearly uncompressed output directly onto hard drives, some have
interchangeable lenses that allow much superior film camera optics to be fitted. YOUR
The new generation of HDSLR cameras such as the Canon Rebel xi2, Lumix GH-1 can
record 24P HD video. Camera and lenses can be had for under $2000(October, 2010
prices). You will of course need separate audio equipment.
An article on HDSLR filmmaking:

DSLRs For Feature Films

From Bollywood To Hollywood: Director Snehal Patel
and cinematographer Rodney Charters, ASC, take
advantage of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II’s small form
factor and monster-sized sensor to create the epic short
film Indian Gangster
By Neil Matsumoto

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Editor’s Note: As HD video proliferates the DSLR world, more and more still

photographers are trying their hand at moving images. Vincent Laforet’s Reverie opened
the floodgates, and the torrent has flowed forth. Cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II
in their stock configuration are being used for projects like Reverie as budding
cinematographers take advantage of the relatively low cost and the cinematic look that
the DSLRs’ large image sensors give. Bigger projects also have been in the news as the
general-interest press has been captivated by the notion of a DSLR being used to make a
Hollywood movie. It’s certainly true that cameras like the 5D Mark II are being used for
these projects, but it’s important to put things in perspective. Filmmakers are tricking out
DSLRs with special adapters and, in some cases, doing entire firmware reprogramming
for their needs. Some of the 5Ds in Hollywood are just 5Ds in the way that James Bond’s
car is just an Aston Martin. In this article, HDVideoPro magazine editor Neil Matsumoto
tells the story of the short film, Indian Gangster, which is being made with Canon EOS
5D Mark IIs.

With the end of HBO’s The

Sopranos, filmmaker Snehal
Patel felt the timing was right
to create his own mob series,
which became the premise for
his recent short film, Indian
Gangster. “The story is actually
fantastical because there’s no
such thing as Indian gangsters
in L.A.,” says Patel, with a
chuckle. “I thought it would be Cinematographer
cool to show a different type of Rodney Charters, ASC
character for South Asians in (operating camera),
America.” and director Snehal
Patel (behind
To generate industry buzz, he Charters) observe a
decided to shoot a short pilot as scene.
a pitch. With the help of FOX’s
24 cinematographer, Rodney Charters, ASC, Patel employed a Canon EOS 5D Mark II
DSLR to shoot his ambitious short, which involved low-lit interiors, moving-car scenes
and gun fights.

Born and raised in Chicago where he went to film school and then produced and directed
commercials, Patel took a big step and moved to India to pursue directing a feature film.
Once there, he found himself working in marketing for a production company, and it was
there he saw how the Bollywood system operated.

“Up until now, it was basically private entities investing in filmmaking,” explains Patel
about the country’s prolific movie industry. “As you can imagine, their budgets are very
low compared to the corporate structure we have here. They do a lot with very little
money and they really push their laborers. They also work really fast.”

As the HD revolution began in the U.S., Japan and most of
Europe, the transition was a little slower for India. According to
Patel, it wasn’t until file-based camera systems like the Silicon
Imaging SI-2K appeared (which shot much of Slumdog
Millionaire) that high-def cameras began shooting. Still,
Bollywood turned out to be a great training ground for Patel
when he returned home three years ago.
For the film, Charters
“We have so many things we can do here in America,” says
had Panavision build
Patel. “I can use a crew of 10 people and put together a music
him a special PL
video that looks amazing. In India, it’s practically impossible to
mount in order to use
do anything with 10 people. As soon as you call a light on set—
a Panavision 10:1
like a 1K baby—a guy comes with it, so the crew grows
zoom lens.

In terms of finding a cinematographer, Patel did a lot of research on DPs who were
shooting digital. Even though they had no previous relationship, Patel called Rodney
Charters “out of the blue” and the busy DP agreed to meet him for breakfast. “I wanted to
find someone who could really shoot an action thriller,” says Patel. “Since Rodney is on
24, he’s already doing guns and cars blowing up, so my project should be easy.”

This Article Features Photo Zoom

As the two talked shop about

cameras, Charters suggested
they shoot the project with the
5D Mark II. Although Patel
was originally planning on
shooting with RED cameras, he
thought the camera’s small
form factor might benefit the
production in terms of speed,
since the shoot was only
scheduled for two days. The According to Patel,
director and DP took a day the small size of the
aside before the shoot to film a Canon EOS 5D Mark
test in which they shot Patel’s II enabled the crew to
lead actress. Both were very set up a suction-cup
impressed with the results. “We car mount in less than
flattened out the image and 10 minutes.
played with the color in post to
see what kind of latitude we were getting,” explains Patel. “I was amazed because I had
just produced a short film two months ago on a RED camera, and I was looking at the
image side-by-side, and for the size and cost of this camera, it really is approaching the
kind of quality you’re getting out of the RED. You might not get the color space, but the
kind of look it’s given me for a $2,500 body and the fact that it can hook up with
practically any lens out there is amazing.”

For the production, Patel and Charters had two 5D Mark IIs on set. They outfitted their
A-camera with a Panavision 10:1 zoom lens, which also had a 1.4 adapter in order to
achieve a higher level of shallow depth of field. For their B-camera, they used a variety
of Panavision prime lenses, as well as Canon tilt-shift lenses for the car work. When not
working on a tripod, they were shooting handheld using the Redrock Micro eyeSpy rig
with a follow-focus device attached.

Working handheld or on a tripod, getting proper focus is a major obstacle for many
filmmakers working with the 5D Mark II’s full-frame image sensor, which is closer to the
size of 65mm motion-picture film. Because Patel and Charters were predominantly using
Panavision zoom and prime lenses rather than DSLR lenses, it made the job of focus
pulling a little easier. With cinema lenses, the extra-large lens barrel spins nearly 360
degrees, which makes it possible for a focus puller to hit critical marks within inches
rather than feet. Similar to a film shoot, they also employed a first and second AC on
each camera like a professional movie production.

Lighting-wise, the production carried a relatively small lighting package, mostly

consisting of Kino Flos and small HMIs to punch through windows. Patel says that with
very minimal lighting, Charters was able to create an amazing look for the film. Although
the 5D’s large sensor gave them the ability to shoot in a lot of available light, Patel feels
that if you’re seeking a look with rich colors, you still have to light accordingly. He also
stressed how elements like filters, costumes, art direction, etc., can enrich the

The small form factor of the 5D Mark II helped Patel’s direction of his actors since the
small camera enabled his DP to move in close when he wanted a more intimate feel.
Also, the setup time for his car mount couldn’t have been done with any other camera.
“This mount just slapped on the hood of the car—just two suction cups,” says Patel. “The
beauty of having such a simple tool is that you can just put it anywhere. You can use this
for your A-camera with the big lens, but you can take that lens off, put a small lens on it,
slap it on the car and you have a car mount within 10 minutes. Come on, what’s better
than that?

“It was also good for the talent because the energy we built up for that first run in the car
is still going in the second run, which keeps the talent on their toes and excited.
Remember we had a lot of material to cover in two days, so the fact that the actors were
able to deliver so consistently had a lot to do with how quickly we were able to set up and
be ready for the next shot.”

This Article Features Photo Zoom

In terms of post, Patel feels that working with video DSLRs isn’t that different from other
digital formats. The production had a DIT (digital imaging technician) on set who was
handling the workflow of moving video files off of the CompactFlash cards onto hard
drives. “I’m from the tape world,” says Patel, “so we always had tape at the end of the
day, but now we do a triplicate on set in which we back up three times. We keep one
copy on the laptop and then two hard drives, every day. I would watch all of the footage
at home at night from one of these copies.”

Working with Final Cut Pro, Patel transcoded his H.264 Canon EOS 5D Mark II files
into ProRes 422, which is a full 1920x1080, 10-bit, 4:2:2 chroma sampling video codec
that lets you perform layering in post if needed. One of the current issues working with
the 5D Mark II is that the camera only shoots in 30 fps, not the standard 23.98 fps usually
seen in narrative filmmaking. Still, Patel was impressed with the image. “We did color
correction at Hdi RAWworks,” explains Patel. “I took off all the filters that I put on in
Final Cut Pro and gave it to them clean and flat. Just like on the RED camera, you have
to shoot flat with low contrast, so you can make more decisions with color in post.

“The serendipity on this project was one good thing after another,” concludes Patel. “I
think that when you make the effort to do quality work and really take care of your
product, people see that and they want to help out and be a part of it.”

DSLRs For The Big & Small Screen

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the new EOS
7D DSLR cameras have taken the movie
industry by storm with many professional
filmmakers and cinematographers adopting
video DSLRs to deliver stunning cinematic
images. The EOS 7D features dual DIGIC 4
image processors and a large APS-C-sized
CMOS sensor, while the EOS 5D Mark II
features a single DIGIC 4 image processor and
a larger full-frame CMOS sensor, which allows
amazing shallow depth of field.

For the new season of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, the crew used both 5D Mark II and
7D cameras to capture the opening title sequence, which captures “living” portraits of
each SNL player as he or she parties it up in New York City’s exciting nightlife. Since
the producers wanted a spontaneous look in which they also could move quickly to
various locations, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the 5D Mark II and 7D were the perfect
fit due to their small form factor and ability to shoot in low light.

The entire title sequence was shot and edited in a week and was shot in 30p on the 5D
Mark II and in 60p for slow-motion footage with the 7D. The crew also employed a small
Litepanels MiniPlus on top of the camera to give a small eye light to the performers in
exteriors. They also used two Kino Flo lights to light a dimly lit interior bar location.

Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC (Terminator Salvation), recently shot The Only
Easy Day Was Yesterday (working title), which is a Navy SEALs feature film produced
by Warner Bros. To capture footage of the SEALs going to battle, Hurlbut carried 13 5D
Mark II bodies that were outfitted with a number of accessories typically seen only on
motion-picture digital or film cameras. When he wanted to put the audience in the eyes of
the SEALs, the crew created a helmet cam on which they rigged a 5D Mark II in order to
put the viewer in the heat of the battle. In terms of lenses, Hurlbut employed Panavision
Primo prime and zoom lenses, which gave him 1.5 stops more detail in the blacks and
another 1.5 stops of detail in the highlights.

“Catching the action is what the camera was made for,” says Hurlbut about shooting with
the 5D Mark IIs. “Imagine a camera that weighs 2.5 pounds in the palm of your hand and
that delivers 65mm depth of field. This is an action camera. It moves in a visual style of
handheld that we’ve never seen before.”

For more information, visit the film’s website at www.indiangangster.com.

AUDIO-You have to have a excellent audio person with the equipment, because sound is
a larger part of your effort than the actual video.
On site audio capture
Requires boom pole with microphone(you can literally use a mop handle with some grip
tape). Also, lavelier microphones are used if they can be concealed. A mixer is also used
and the audio person can do that himself, or you can do it in post if you’re a one man op.
Post Production
Use the same computer you’re editing your video with. In fact Sony Vegas works fine
with Acid and Sound Forge.
This is adding sound effects as close to what is on your actual footage as possible. This
is done in the same environment as music being made, with the sound dampening
materials on the walls. Actors recreate their dialogue, everything from leaves crumpling
from under your feet to gunshots are recorded. Better to get good field audio if possible.
This is the theme music and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Annoying Orange, or Infowars, or
the nightly news, or especially your feature film-this is your audio identity. For
narratives having special theme music for significant characters is sometimes used-more
so for some anime like Dragonball Z or Inuyasha.
COMPUTER-Buy the best computer you can. Just do it. Because HD video files are
huge. The minimum would be the intel core duos but getting core quad would be much
better. Have two high definition screens; one for the video, one for your editing program.
Adobe, Avid, Pinnacle, and for strictly Apple, Final Cut Pro are all HD capable
programs. Sony is an excellent, intuitive program that can be scaled up-it’s what I use.
Some resources that go into much more detail than I can:
SCREENPLAY, by Syd Field.
30 DOLLAR FILM SCHOOL by Michael Dean
Find a local filmmaking club and get under the wing of some film students who’ve spent
a lot of money and time learning how to do this. Yeah they’re typically “liberal” but
come at them with cash when you’re ready, they’ll do it-and learn something.
Look where you’re targets at; that average Joe Six Pack who only thinks about his
fantasy football team or that next trip to the mall, or sweating whether to buy groceries

and eat or gamble at the local convenient store for a little extra cash to cover gas-or get
another payday loan because their credit cards are maxed out. Or worse, out of a job, out
of a home and looking for answers. Have them. Be the hand that reaches out to them.
Know how they think, and give them something that will surprise them, get them to read
or view it. Get them to see that they’re being exploited and oppressed in the first place.
And that’s it for those introductory pieces. Leave links or titles for further exploration.
When they’ve put it together themselves things are not what they’ve been told, that the
liberal/conservative paradigm is a deceptive framework and that the same hands hold the
puppet strings that control both “sides” they’re ready for the bulk of Patriot Media that’s
been produced.
I must state here that people are usually only ready to hear the truth when they’re ready to
listen-that is when the world model they operate off of can’t explain how their life is so
messed up. They struggle until they reach a epiphany, where all the little doubts in their
minds come together in a perfect storm, and they awake. I’ll repeat this happens when
they’ve lost their jobs, investment, get their car repossessed… although a few people
have these epiphanies when they’ve realized they’ve been sold a lifetime being encased
in for all purposes one of those wheels rodents are put in that they keep running in-to
Our introductory ideals must be constructed to artificially induce this perfect storm that
will crack open the programming the corporate ran mass culture and government schools
have bathed the average American their entire lives. They must be outwardly simple,
easy to grasp and attract the attention of the average American’s childlike mentality, yet
once viewed or read engineer the epiphany they’ve long needed. Fortunately this is 2010
and it is apparent even to a retarded person this country’s off the proverbial rails.
Yes, see what average folks are bitching about and start there. Show them the beginning
of the rhetorical rabbit hole as the source of their problems-yet hint that there’s a lot more
to figure out.
Examples? Hmm, that’s a good one, because there are so few-I don’t know if any exist.
They’ll have to be made in the first place. But let’s figure out what the average
American’s worried about:
*Keeping their jobs-but their traitor bosses are cutting benefits, pay, or just shipping them
to China. We’re in a open depression now-instead of the “covert” depression
economically and politically engineered by our enemy, covered over by Madison Avenue
and Hollywood for the past 40 years-their Potemkin ‘Murika.
*By extension, keeping their homes they’ve worked all their lives for. Their cars they
need to get to work and everyplace else. That little bit of borrowed prosperity they’ve
sold their and their children’s future for.
*Try to provide food for their families-but all their food is poisoned, as is their water. If
the quality of their food is even on their own radar.
*Give their children an education-but they can’t add or know their history, or mentally
function, but they can follow state school indoctrination and be good little Hitler Youth.
*Save for their retirement-but don’t know insurance is a fraud, their 401k’s are a fraud,
even keeping their money in a bank is a fraud. The government has claimed for itself the
“right” to tax and hold onto what is supposed to be your money, just like your wages.

*Keeping safe in a dangerous society-but don’t know government engineers the crime
and the criminals to create a problem, their crimes cause a reaction which leads to the
public accepting the government’s plans to take their Freedom.
This will be the standard issues we in the Movement struggled with, that which form the
entrance to that rabbit hole analogy. It’s important not to expose the Recruit until their
mind is receptive to understanding and accepting them. Fortunately most Patriot literature
fills the need in this department-it’s just that we’ve lost sight of where most folks are at
and that we’re trying to teach the equivalence of quantum physics to people who can’t
answer 2+2 correctly. It usually takes something bad to happen to a person from the beast
to slap them awake. Some reach an epiphany on their own as stated.
I myself have tried to bridge that gap but long form essays-who reads? I’ve also tried
with video and God willing if the internet is still up (is as of November, 2010) then
maybe that will do better-except you have to get people to see the thing in the first place.
That is the key; getting your targeted audience to read/watch your propaganda in the first
place. Good luck.
These will be the ultimate motivation to the Recruit to join the Struggle. Spiritual,
because this struggle is ultimately a struggle for the souls of every person. That people’s
lives have to have purpose! Purpose! We as Americans have been placed on Earth at this
time not to be spectators to Armageddon, but to STOP IT! Nothing less than the destiny
of the Human Race is dependant on each of our decisions to wake up and fight.
We're here as Americans at the dawn of the 21st Century because God puts us here for a
purpose-to fight to get back the Nation and Freedoms our ancestors fought for. To be
equal under the law, free to do as one will without harming others, with no corporate
tools poisoning the enviroment, hypnotizing us with their ceaseless advertisements, or
having their lackeys push us into pre-arranged wars of conquest. Taking back control
over America's direction, stop fighting bogus wars, and avert a global Holocaust that's
slated to kill off most of the human race.

A holocaust "they" have been laying the groundwork for at least the past century if what
I've studied about them is accurate. How else could the elites turn around and
progressively strip America of its economic strength and spread our forces out over the
entire globe like a more insidious form of imperialism. Almost all the nations of Earth
have our troops stationed there.

And yet our borders are wide open. We have the greatest debt levels in history. China
was sold our nuclear weapons and high tech secrets by Clinton and Bush, who took their
money and invested in corporations who literally strip America of its industrial strength
and ship it over to them. So have all of the super rich living today. Obama’s just here to
finish the job.


America’s mainline culture is a marvel of social control and debasement. The beast has
managed over a period of a century to debase the greatest, most free people in history and
turned them into cowardly, greedy, materialistic slaves. Slaves.
Americans are now so self-centered, so uncaring they’re literally watching people dying
and not doing anything to help, they’re the first to snitch to the government against
innocent people-over nothing. Such people will only care about keeping their sad little
lives as the beast’s slaves going. I see no hope for such individuals. It’s those who are
repulsed at a basic level by these attitudes that are our hope.
Finding like-minded, motivated individuals
The most obvious place(and you need to hurry while it’s still permitted to operate)is the
internet. Go to popular web sites, hit the Forums and Message Boards. Start talking about
(1) Introductory Ideals applied to (2) local issues and people that can be related to. It will
be obvious what those will be. Go where they’re at-go where people gossip about
celebrities, sports, etc. Craigslist is a great place, you can get about anyone there.
There are lots of frustrated people-but most will be too apathetic to do much more than
bitch online and then go back to their lives of quiet slavery. The first test of the
prospective recruit will be actually meeting up. If they make a date and show up, it’s
downhill from there.
Downhill in varying degrees based on who you meet; maybe you’ll find someone who’s
studying, learning, trying to prepare like you. Then you can work as a group, and a group
is much more powerful than the sum of the individuals.
The counterrevolutionary danger of course is that you’ll be targeted by the government as
a dangerous fringe group. So try to keep it quiet, small, and each person having their own
Persuading those who will listen to introductory ideals-well that depends on whether
they’re interested.
Most people are content with their slave wages, their debt-fueled fraudulent lifestyle.
Rather watch the game on TV than wake up to how they’re “American Dream” is really
their nightmare. Subconsciously knowing they’re in a nightmare they go into denial,
desperate to keep blissfully asleep so they can just kick back, crack open that beer and
just enjoy themselves…
People are awakening. They’re awakening at varying stages. Some are noticing how
prices of food and fuel keep going up while the TV lies to them that inflation is still
Some are noticing that America’s turned into a police state-how the laws, the cops have
become the oppressors of the People.
Some notice on election day how their votes are changed, that candidate x can win even
though they’ll get together and they all voted for y.
Some notice how the same cast of greedy rich old men get recycled in and out of
positions in government and the corporations.

Some notice how America’s economic, political and military strength has been harnessed
for empire and profit-even at the expense of deliberate sacrifices of soldiers at Pearl
Harbor and ordinary people on 9/11 to create pretext to go to war.
So your approach is obvious; engage those who are ready to listen by where they’re at.
FIRST ask them what they think is wrong; they’ll tell you… then you let them know it’s
much worse than they thought.
…But you don’t give them too much, or go too deep into how bad things are. You’ll
overload them, plus their mainstream cultural programming will kick in and they’ll
mentally shut down-call you a kook.
So you engage them where they’re at. And you have to let them connect the dots
themselves-connect the dots to where they see that 1) you know what you’re talking
about and 2) they need to ask a lot more questions than you can answer at first contact.
So get together with them again, and if you got a Friend, have them tag along if you can.
Keep expanding their knowledge FROM WHERE THEY’RE AT.
Keep stoking their fire-for knowledge. Keep stoking their anger, keep them motivated to
learn more.
Keep leading them not just to the Truth, but also, solutions. Solutions that will actually
work will be what will keep your recruits, and motivate them to transform themselves-
and that is where you should be having them direct their efforts. You don’t throw raw
recruits into the battlefield, without training or physical, mental, spiritual preparation.
Especially with a long term Revolutionary struggle, a battle to the death against the beast.
Get them to eat right-organically. Get them to kick the TV habit. Get them to start
walking, or some other introductory physical conditioning.
Invite them to go shooting with you; if they’ve never used a gun before this is the Golden
Opportunity to instill good shooting skills and good shooting habits. Then take them gun
shopping, based on their available money. Ideally they have about 1-2000 dollars to
spend on a M-14 and accessories.
So, take your recruits to the range. Turn them into riflemen. Take your recruits into the
woods, turn them into Militia.
Develop your friendship-by then you should be friends. Forge a relationship with them,
help them become what they’ll need to be to stand fast for the struggle to come. AND
Revolution cannot afford is a traitor.
Eventually they’ll be ready to start downsizing their lifestyle to a form that will survive
what’s coming.
They’ll be looking for land in the country, by a small town with a balanced economy,
fairly self-sufficient if need be, near other Patriot enclaves and defensible.
Counterrevolutionary resistance
The beast is forever monitoring, cataloging, catagorizing, assessing. The beast profiles
each and every one of us-through our social security numbers, driver’s licenses they can

So, any behavioral changes your recruit will show, any shifting of their spending habits,
what they watch, buy, do will show up and be interpreted by agents of the beast. If you’re
already under increased scrutiny, being monitored, tracked, so will they. And if the beast
is good at anything is intimidating.
They might even be so bold as to arrange a encounter where they can scare off your
What to do?
Train your recruit on privacy, proper spending habits and rapidly dropping out of the
beast’s system. In short:
*Stop using credit cards-not just as insturments of debt slavery but also because what
they spend on can be tracked. Same with checks. Cash and money orders are the only
acceptable means of payment for the Revolutionary.
*Downsize their home down to a rented apartment. Sell all that junk-they should have
done this already-and use the proceeds to liberate themselves from debt slavery.
PRIVATELY! No need to tip the beast off there are more gun owners. Hit the gun
shows-while they’re still around-and get them their rifles, ammo and gear. Scour the yard
sales if the need’s urgent and the flea markets. Make sure none of you come off as
“street”; most sellers are straight arrow law and order types.
*Have a private place to shoot in someone’s back woods. Train them there. Go over the
basics of rifle and pistol shooting until they can hit consistently out to 500 yards. Get
some Frontsite, Gunsight and Thunder Ranch training videos and practice the techniques.
Paintball… valuable close combat simulation training.
Cultural, and social barriers to these steps are going to be intense. Friends, coworkers and
most tragically family are NOT going to understand. Friends come and go, you get new
coworkers when you shift jobs. Family… they will be the biggest stumbling block for the
recruit. You’ll lose recruits from spouses or parents overpowering their awakening. Kids
will rebel-wanting to keep their friends and lifestyle.
Or, you may get especially angry recruits, because they realize the beast has cost them
their loved ones. They’ll probably be among the first to start shooting. You’ll have to
keep a close eye on these.
Or, you may get more recruits via their family. You may hit the jackpot and get a few
friends and coworkers. Just be discerning, okay?
And if you get too successful recruiting, the government will notice when it’s no longer
just you or a couple of people-you’ve got a group-and now you’ve got a “cult” or a
“terrorist cell”. Which is when you have to split up and each of your fellow Patriots starts
recruiting themselves.
In all of this you have to see yourself as, say, a Master-of being Free-and your recruits as
Apprentances, because this is a continuing journey for all of us.
You cannot do much on your own. Unfortunately you’re asking people to abandon the
beliefs-false as they are-that they cherish and keep them functional as slaves. Besides
you cannot even survive on your own.

Make new friends
This means getting out and talking to people… and find those who’ve come to the same
conclusions as you. Maybe you’ll luck out and find such among people you already
know but to save your own sanity I’d stick with lead-in topics. Americans are
programmed to automatically dismiss and ridicule the truth, and tar and feather the
Use the internet, but don’t solely rely on it. Go out and meet people in public. Start a
conversation about nothing at a ball game, bar, mall-whatever. Wherever. However, but
don’t be miserable; don’t let the truth drag you down. Because nobody likes being
around depressing people always delivering bad news. Have some good news for your
new friend-and that is exactly how you must treat each and every person until they give
you cause to reconsider.
Look at this short graphic novel I put together a couple years back….

You DO however get a good idea of how NOT to approach people; I leave it up to you to
figure out your own way TO approach people.

When you do, you go as fast as they can accept the truth, and no more. Help with their
learning curve but that is something they have to handle. Remember that.
Once you do get the ball rolling they will go out and network and in theory your network
grows. In reality, with the enemy still in control of major media and the free internet
threatened with replacement with corporate media 2.0, you will quickly exhaust ordinary
Americans willing to listen. You WILL find lots of people who understand things are a
mess-but only because they’ve been touched by the beast in some way. That’s your best
bet to gain numbers but they likely will not have resources, as they’ve likely already been
Building the Free Economy
Trade among your friends and shun corporate goods and services. Flea markets, swap
meets, Craigslist, newspaper classifieds, yard sales, co-ops, mom and pop stores are the
alternatives we need to support. Because if you don’t think Wal*Mart is the enemy
you’re reading the wrong book.
No credit cards, no checks, nothing that goes through a bank. Banks are the enemy, they
enslave us with debt-shunning them is a no brainer.
Building the Free Culture
Write books (yeah I know people don’t read much) and graphic novels (big now), make
music and movies. And buy what Patriots put out.
Better would be to find your muse and put out your own media. We need our own
novelists, painters, photographers, filmmakers, actors. We also need Patriots to come
together and support our artists-finance their projects, buy their work, spread the word.
I covered earlier on Patriot Media what equipment you can get, it’s a matter of coming up
with stories and characters that connect and deliver our message.
Countering hyperinflation with our own Constitutional Dollars
Wrote an article about this:

This isn't a treatise on economics, its a treatise on survival. Who will define what a dollar
is-because the future of America depends on the answer

J. Croft

…Or rather, who will we let define what’s a dollar. Because the private banksters of the
private federal reserve banking cartel, who have with their illegal central bank have
through their ever weakening counterfeit dollar wrecked America. See, the value of a
constitutionally correct dollar-the one mandated to be of silver and gold specie-held
constant. It held constant due to the scarcity of silver and gold and the difficulty of
extracting the rare metals from the earth, crushing the ore, smelting, refining, casting.

Before the 1787 constitution the United States had both Continental dollars and currency

issued by each State. Given the huge debts incurred by the Revolutionary War, the classic
and futile tactic of printing more money without backing caused inflation… when each
dollar buys less because there’s more dollars circulating in the economy. The constitution
mandated gold and silver as the lawful money of the land preventing hyperinflation. This
was the case until the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln had the Treasury start printing
Greenbacks to fund the Union Army and win the war. The Greenback was not backed by
precious metals, it was simply issued. When Lincoln was killed the US went back to
silver and gold.

It was in1913 that the banking elite looting the planet today set up the tool of our
destruction; they snuck through on Christmas Eve both the Federal Reserve Act and the
16th Amendment ratifying an illegal income tax. Now, pay attention how the federal
reserve system works:

The US treasury weaves the cloth, prints the ink, cuts the “federal reserve notes” dollars
then ships it to the federal reserve system for them to LEND BACK TO THE US
GOVERNMENT TO ISSUE OUT AT INTEREST. Then, on every April 15th we pay
taxes to the internal revenue service which sends the money to pay the interest to the
federal reserve central bank.

Because these notes-for debts public and private and not to be used as lawful money as
originally printed-had nothing but the “full faith and credit of the United States” backing
it, the banksters now had the means to inflate the money supply… making everything
cost more and more. It’s surreal to hear old folks talk about how little everything cost. Go
to the movies for a quarter. five cents a gallon of gas. A brand new Mustang for 5000
dollars. Buy a home for 20,000 bucks-a lot of times up front. Just insane how much a
dollar could buy back then… because it COULD!

You could work a single job, your spouse could stay home take care of the kids and you
still had more than enough money to take a couple vacations a year… own a boat and/or
small airplane… go to college… start a business or buy a small apartment building…
invest.. That was what I call America’s first golden era and the banksters cultivated that
period to lull Americans into complacency. A people who’ve had it good for awhile can
be further lulled into distraction with television. A people who watch seven hours of TV a
night can be systematically programmed to whatever attitudes, belief systems that the
programmers want. And the programmers ultimately work for the banksters-because
through sitting on many corporate boards they can dictate both government policy and
the policies of the major corporations.

So to milk more money off of us-because we obviously had too much for them-they
printed more and more dollars. Since the banksters through their minions controlled
educational policy they worked to gradually dumb down each class of Americans for the
past century. Dumbed-down Americans don’t understand economics, are conditioned by
the Prussian model public schools to view economics and knowledge in general as
boring, so they can lie about their debasing the dollar pawning it off as the consequence
of “economic activity”. The Women’s Liberation movement, good for equal rights for
both sexes but it was exploited by the banksters to double the tax base as inflation was
ramped up.

So now both husband and wife have to work to keep up a lifestyle they could easily
sustain with only one person working ten or twenty years earlier. The banksters start
sending factories overseas through currency manipulation and making it government
policy to deindustrialize America, so the economy itself enters a depression… but it isn’t
called a depression. A depression hidden from the American People, never called that,
but the factories have disappeared, it costs eight bucks just for a movie ticket, two to four
dollars a gallon for gas, a Mustang costs over 30,000 dollars, houses were bigger, but not
as well built and cost over ten times what their parents paid. And starting a business,
buying commercial real estate and investing are milionaire’s games… or you have to
spend the rest of your life paying off the mortgages.

To do ANY of the things I just wrote now takes debt-credit cards for food and fuel, loans
for cars, mortages for a home. Taxes have grown from 2% during World War Two to
30% and above for income tax, Social Security is at least another 10%. There are
property taxes you pay or you lose your home anyway for missing the rental payment to
the beast. Sales taxes for everything, on everything just further increase the tax bite-to
over 60% now in the Obama era. Oh yeah; the banksters have designated We the People
as the ones who are going to pay to them the money they stole from us.

And that’s how paradise was lost.

To get it back we need our own dollar.

What’s a dollar again? A sheet of rag paper with some ink on it. What gives a dollar it’s
power? The perception that it is a symbol of worth. Those sheets of green rag paper you
use to trade for goods and services are backed only by a commonly held belief in their

Get that? The dollar is only backed by acceptance by people that it is of worth, not
because it is intrinsically worth anything beyond the time, effort and material to issue
them by the trillions.

So, to get back our nation we need our own dollar-one that has worth.

What is “worth”? Worth can be perception of something’s usefulness, or the observed

results of something’s worth. A car has worth because the machine can transport you far
faster than you can walk, carrying far more than you could, even with a pulled cart. Seeds
have value because you plant them, tend them they produce your food. A rifle and
ammunition has value because it enables killing blows at hundreds of yards distance.
Books have value for the knowledge they contain, as do more advanced media but they
require electricity and a machine to read and display the data they contain. Coal, oil,
natural gas and their processed byproducts have worth for their utility as fuel. Wood,
stone, iron have worth as building materials. Silver and gold have worth due to the rarity
of the material, the effort needed to refine the material from the ore and it’s use as a
measurment, a measuring stick to gauge the worth of everything else.

People have worth for the work they do; farming, building, guarding, administrating,

investigating, planning, healing. Now with people that worth is a variable as to their
capability as well as their character. A person can do a mediocre job but if you can rely
on him to do that mediocre job on a consistent basis then that is how much worth that
person has. On the other hand a person who is capable of doing a good job but is for
whatever reason inconsistent in when he does it or underperforms or is angling to defraud
you-then that person’s worth is actually lower than the reliable mediocre person. Because
you can’t rely on him. Worth is something you rely on. Worth has to be something

Barter is the trade of things of worth. Say, a jerry can of gas for a basket of food. It is
simple enough if two parties have what each other wants but barter becomes a pain if one
party hasn’t what the other needs-then they need to find someone else, or establish a trade
wth a third party who does have what is needed. That third party may not be available.

Script is a sheet of paper promising a good or service from the person issuing it. Script is
dependent on the issuer’s ability and willingness to deliver on it. It’s a promissory note.
Personal money, and its shortcomings are about as bad as barter-except you can trade that
script if the person issuing it is reliable. If they’re reliable and talented then that person’s
script becomes something of higher value-like a Front Sight firearms academy’s grey

Silver, gold, trade items are of a intrinsic value, a worth that can be gauged. The goods
and services traded for it can vary in their worth depending on needs and wants. For
example, a day at an amusement park is highly valued in times of economic prosperity,
but in times of economic famine people are going to be forced to find cheaper
distractions from their problems.

Money then, is script issued by a social association(country)that is accepted by all, that is

a universal substitute for trade goods and services. So the issue for Americans wishing to
be Free is to create a dollar that has worth recognized by all without the advantage of a
central, relatively trustworthy institution like a treasury issuing it as such is impossible
with separate bands trying to hide and strike back against a occupying hostile power.
Like the United States government.

Making a citizen dollar-a dollar truly issued by the People, for the People

A common design and value will have to be agreed upon by separate groups, individuals.
Everyone will in essence be an issuing bank. This will be dependent on the issuer’s
ability, trustworthiness, the value of their goods/services to each other. A citizen dollar
therefore is going to rely on trust-but doesn’t the federal reserve note rely on our trust of
it’s worth? Establishing trust in something someone calls a dollar will be the biggest
hurdle, but fortunately it is the first hurdle. As more people leap that hurdle and trust the
citizen issued dollar the momentum towards a true money will increase, and with it vital
economic activity in a free(underground)market that can and will counter the invasive,
centralized, debt slavery based control grid of the enemy. Eventually as the Second
American Revolution progresses, towns will issue dollars, then counties, states-once
Americans have taken back their national government constitutionally proscribed dollars
can be issued. That will be at the end of the journey back to Freedom sadly…

We have to start the journey; how then do we back a citizen issued dollar? The answer is
obvious-what do each of us have to back it up with?

Backing with work

This will be gauged by known reputation at first. If the issuer is known to be reliable,
their dollars will be relied to hold their power. If the issuer is unreliable, or worse a crook
then their dollars will be worse than worthless-they will drag down the value of dollars
that are issued by reliable people. Such parasites must be eliminated. The worth of citizen
issued dollars will also be gauged by the quality of their work, giving more value to their
dollars for how needed or good their work is. Of course, the more work they can do the
more dollars they can issue. The one thing each American must remember is to issue
dollars for their work only as much as they can provide the service demanded for that
dollar. Print more dollars than you can deliver work for, then your dollars-everyone’s
dollars-will fall in value and fall hard. Something we can’t afford.

Backing with silver/gold

Silver and gold are rare, with silver rarer and more valuable than gold for people
surviving due to its use as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral agent. Silver and gold will still
continue to be recognized as money so the citizen dollar will have these in part as a peg
to stabilize its worth. The exact worth will just have to be determined as we go along….

Backing with finished goods and commodities

Everything from wheat to wood to coal to nails, nuts, paper, fuel, and ammunition has
worth of some sort and therefore can be used to back citizen dollars in lieu of work or
silver and gold, or better yet, along. Issuance will be based partly on demand for ones
goods and commodities and their worth.

Government opposition-enforcement

Of course the federal reserve shareholders aren’t going to stand for this one bit-individual
Americans acting as their own bankers?! They’ll want to crack down, shut down the
American People’s mint-except they will have to shut down hundreds of individuals
acting as their own mint… then thousands… tens of thousands… Maybe millions but I
suspect the citizen dollar will have become the new de facto money of America by that
time, displacing the fraudulent federal reserve debt note and any multinational or global

Growing the underground economy-getting acceptance for our dollars

The key is enough reliable people surviving and thriving, attracting others and helping
them do likewise for mutual benefit and profit that the ideal will take on a life of its own,
with the People as self-governing enforcers. A common standard of making citizen
dollars will have to be agreed upon, as well as mutual enforcement of honoring and
maintaining value of said citizen dollars. Penalties must be real-one way or another, if the

citizen dollars issued aren’t honored or able to be honored they become a debt that must
be repaid. Somehow.

Repudiating the 14th Amendment making the national debt a matter not to be questioned.

The national debt is something no American approved or voted for. The national debt is
the creation of the federal reserve shareholders who have an agenda to systematically
destroy America. Since the federal reserve was born in treason and deception it is
fraudulant and so are their debts. Citizen dollars and their users/issuers will dodge that
issue once political gains are made-that is, actual territory taken back and held. Debts
held over Americans with the federal reserve notes will be as worthless as the notes really
are-citizen dollar acceptance will become a de facto jubilee of debt forgiveness for

Citizen dollars will become accepted as federal reserve notes are hyperinflated into toilet

Since 1913 the federal reserve has been issuing more and more debt notes, debasing the
currency with more and more notes in circulation. Since 1973 when Nixon took the
federal reserve note off any backing of gold the rate of inflation has increased
exponentially. This is a process that will go into a parabolic nightmare of hyperinflation,
making economic activity with federal reserve notes impossible. Citizen dollars on the
other hand are backed by goods and works and will retain their value in a underground…
free economy that rejects bankster toilet paper. As people look for the things they need
they will gravitate to the sources… the free markets where they will see much fewer
citizen dollars needed for items than the wheelbarrow of federal reserve notes. Issuing
their own dollars for work or goods will beat having to give up precious survival items…
the hardest part will be establishing one’s reputation for their work-trust will be hard to
earn but once won and maintained then one’s citizen dollars will be as good as the next
Free American’s.

The economic glue, bonding of a nation is its money. For too long Americans have let
their sworn enemies define what a dollar is, and it’s led to our national demise. To
resurrect America, for Our America to vanquish the beast we need a common front, a
common purpose and a common currency. Money is a valuable tool and prerequisite of a
civilization. When a civilization’s money is debased so is the civilization, ultimately
leading to its destruction as it cannot sustain economic activity. That is where America is
now and it is up to us to save our own nation. Our enemies the federal reserve
shareholders certainly won’t.

Generating power is as essential for our victory as food, clean water, and weapons. There
are several avenues available to us:
*Biodiesel, which can be processed from pressed plants, used fryer oil from restaurants.
This was the fuel Henry Ford originally intended for his Model T, and is a good point to

*Water… there’s more energy in water than in petroleum fuel-remember that water is
Hydrogen (fuel) and Oxygen… to burn fuel you need oxygen. An in-engine hydrolysis
process can unleash this technology, which is why it’s been suppressed.

It is suggested you try this out to begin with on a second vehicle you own, one that you
don't need to live with everyday, until you perfect this technology.

Do-it-yourself plans allow the individual (that's you and me, folks) to make a difference.
This is the easiest and lowest-cost way to convert your car to run on (relatively) free

Now, with existing technology, anyone can stand up and make a difference by reducing
the local automotive pollution, eliminate gasoline expenses, help restore our atmosphere,
and breathe a little easier.

In putting these plans into operation, you will be making use of your entire existing system
except for the fuel tank and the catalytic converter.

The Plan
Build and install a low-cost alternative method for running your vehicle (internal
combustion engine) on tap water, using off-the-shelf components.

This is simply an efficient way to convert ordinary tap water into gaseous hydrogen and
oxygen, and then burn these vapors in the engine, instead of gasoline.

This "minisystem" runs easily from your existing battery and electrical system, and it plugs
into your carburetor with simple off-the-shelf fittings.

You will be installing a plastic water tank, a control circuit, a reaction chamber, a hipressure
carb/FI fitting, and 3 gauges, and then hooking into your existing carb/FI.

The simplicity comes from its being an "on-demand" system requiring no fancy storage or
plumbing. You crank the gas pedal or throttle, and you electrically create more vapor for
immediate consumption, on demand; low-high flow rate as needed, from idle to maximum
power. The only real change is that you are using tap water as fuel, instead of the
traditional petroleum-based fuel.

Given a choice, which way would you choose?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it really work ?

A: Yes; this is well-established technology dating back to stainless steel. But be sure to
follow these instructions using the proper mechanical and electrical assembly techniques,

as this plan incorporates the best qualities of several techniques.

Q: How does it qualify as "free energy"?

A: If you're paying someone for the water you use, then it is not strictly free. But the
alternative is to keep buying into expen$ive ga$oline and its resultant hydrocarbon

Q: Is it safe?

A: Technically, it is safer than running on fossil fuel because you are no longer choking on
your own emissions (health-wise). In general, it is practically as safe as your current
gasoline arrangement. You will be installing a few simple safety devices, using current
automotive standards.

Q: What kind of performance can I expect?

A: Properly adjusted, your modified vapor-only fuel system will run cooler, and at a
modestly higher power level. The mileage performance expected from this design ranges
from 50-300 mpg (of water), depending on your adjusting skills.

Q: Can I do the modification myself?

A: Why not? If you don't have any mechanical skills, and you know someone with basic
mechanical and/or electrical skills, you can even delegate some of the construction. If you
are using a fuel-injected engine, you may have to get a mechanic's opinion. [There will
have to be an adapter inserted into the fuel-injection system, just as you would have to do
if you were going to run on propane, hydrogen, or natural gas. Ed.)

Q: What is the environmental impact that my vehicle will have?

A: It will be producing H20 steam (water vapor) and unburnt O2 (Oxygen). Hence, it will be
cleaning the environment, rather than dumping nauseous toxins into it. Plus you will be
helping to save our dwindling supply of atmospheric oxygen. Any excess vapor in the
reaction becomes either steam or oxygen. You can also expect to be receiving more than
casual interest from those around you.

Q: Isn’t this really a steam engine?

A: No. Really. Exceedingly high temperature and pressure are not used. This is strictly an
internal-combustion engine (burning orthohydrogen) with residual steam in the exhaust as
a by-product.

Read This

There are a few things you should know about gasoline:

Gasoline as a fuel is not necessary; it is optional.

Gasoline versus Water

There is a lot of thermochemical energy in gasoline, but there is even more energy in

water. The DOE (Department of Energy) has quoted about 40%, so it is probably much
more than that.

Most people are unaware that "internal combustion" is defined as "a thermo-vapor
process" — as in "no liquid in the reaction." Most of the gasoline in a standard internal
combustion engine is actually consumed, (cooked, and finally, broken down) in the
catalytic converter after the fuel has been not-so-burnt in the engine. Sadly, this means
that most of the fuel we use in this way is used only to cool down the combustion process,
a pollution-ridden and inefficient means of doing that.

How It Works

Exceedingly simple. Water is pumped as needed to replenish and maintain the liquid level
in the chamber. The electrodes are vibrated with a 0.5-5A electrical pulse which breaks
2(H2O) => 2H2 + O2. When the pressure reaches say 30-60 psi, you turn the key and go.
You step on the pedal, you send more energy to the electrodes, and thus more vapor to
the cylinders; i.e. fuel vapor on demand.

You set the idle max-flow rate to get the most efficient use of power, and you're off to the

In the big picture, your free energy is coming from the tap water in an open system, as the
latent energy in the water is enough to power the engine and hence drive the alternator
and whatever belt-driven accessories. And the alternator is efficient enough to run the
various electrical loads (10 - 20 amps), including the additional low current to run this
vapor reaction. No extra batteries are required.

STEP BY STEP CONSTRUCTION (Please refer to diagrams)

OVERVIEW - Here is the suggested sequence of steps:

1. Install the CHT (or EGT) gauge and measure your current operating temp range
(gasoline), for comparison.
2. Build and test the controller to verify the correct pulse output.
3. Build the reaction chamber and test it with the controller (i.e pressure out).
4. Install the tank, controller, chamber, and pressure fittings.
5. Run engine and adjust the control circuit as necessary for best performance.
6. Install the stainless steel valves and get the pistons/cylinders coated with ceramic.
7. Coat the exhaust system with ceramic without the catalytic converter (or let it rust out
and then replace the whole dang thang with stainless steel pipe sections).
• plastic water tank with pump and level sensor.
• control circuit, wiring, connectors, and epoxy.
• reaction chamber with electrodes and fittings.
• 3/8" stainless steel flex-tubing, fittings and clamps.
• carb/FI vapor-pressure fitting kit. - pressure, CHT (or EGT), & level gauges.
• stainless steel valves.
• copper mesh junction.
• ceramic surface treatment for cylinders & pistons.
• stainless steel or ceramic treated exhaust assembly.
• drill, screwdriver and pliers

• hole cutter
• wire-wrap, solder-iron and clippers
• DVM and oscilloscope.
Construct as shown in the diagrams. Use a section of 4" PVC waste pipe with a threaded
screw-cap fitting on one end and a standard end-cap at the other. Make sure to drill-andepoxy
or tap threads thru the PVC components for all fittings. Set and control the water
level in the chamber so that it well submerses the pipe electrodes; yet leave some
headroom to build up the hydrogen/oxygen vapor pressure. Use stainless steel wires
inside the chamber or otherwise use a protective coating; use insulated wires outside.
Ensure that the epoxy perfects the seal, or otherwise lay down a bead of water-proof
silicone that can hold pressure.

The screw fitting may require soft silicone sealant, or a gasket; its purpose is to hold
pressure and allow periodic inspection of the electrodes. No leaks, no problems. Make
sure you get a symmetric 1-5mm gap between the 2 stainless steel pipes. The referenced
literature suggests that the closer to 1mm you get, the better. You will want to get your
chamber level sensor verified before you epoxy the cap on.

Make your solder connections at the wire/electrode junctions nice, smooth, and solid; then
apply a water-proof coating, e.g. the epoxy you use for joining the pipes to the screw cap.
This epoxy must be waterproof and be capable of holding metal to plastic under pressure.
You will want to get your chamber level sensor verified before you epoxy
the cap


The diagrams show a simple circuit to control and drive this mini-system. You are going to
make a 'square-pulse' signal that 'plays' the electrodes like a tuning fork; which you can
watch on an oscilloscope. The premise given by the literature is: the faster you want do go
down the road, the 'fatter' you make the pulses going into the reaction chamber. Duty
cycle will vary with the throttle in the vicinity of 90%MARK 10%SPACE (OFF/ON).
There is nothing sacred about how the pulse waveform is generated; there are many ways
to generate pulses, and the attached diagrams show a few. The diagram shows the
NE555-circuit approach from the referenced patent. The output switching transistor must
be rated for 1-5 amps @ 12VDC (in saturation).

Go with a plan that works for you or your friendly neighborhood technoid or mechanic, and
go get all the circuit elements from your local electronics store, such as Radio-Shack or
Circuits-R-Us, including the circuit board, IC sockets, and enclosure/box.

DigiKey has better selection, service, and knowledge; plus they have no minimum order.
Be sure to use a circuit board with a built-in ground plane, and to accommodate room for
mounting 2 or 3 of the gauges. Mounting the reaction chamber in the engine compartment
will require running a stub to your pressure gauge where you can watch it.

You can easily make 30-gauge wire-wrap connections between the socket pins and thruhole
discrete components having wire leads. Also make sure to get spec sheets on any IC
you use. More details of the best circuits to use will be announced pending prototype
testing. You will want to get your chamber level sensor verified before you
epoxy the

cap on.

Throttle Control

If you have a throttle position sensor, you should be able to access the signal from the
sensor itself OR from the computer connector. This signal is input to the circuit as the
primary control (i.e. throttle level = pulse width = vapor rate).

If you don't have such a signal available, you will have to rig a rotary POT (variable
resistor) to the gas linkage (i.e. coupled to something at the gas pedal or throttle cable
running to the carb or FI. If you make the attachment at the carb/FI, be sure to use a POT
that can handle the engine temp cycles. Don't use a cheezy-cheapy POT; get one rated
for long life and mechanical wear; mount it securely to something sturdy and stationary
that will not fall apart when you step on the gas.

Control Range. The full throttle RANGE (idle-max) MUST control the vapor rate, i.e. pulsewidth
(duty). The resistor values at the throttle signal must allow the throttle signal voltage,
say 1-4 Volt swing, to drive the VAPOR RATE. You will be using this voltage swing to
generate a 10% ON 'square' pulse. The patent implies using a 'resonant' pulse in the 10-
250 KHz frequency range; but it is not explicitly stated so.

In this circuit, you will simply tune to whatever frequency makes the most efficient vapor
conversion. You will have to get into the specs for each IC you use, to insure you connect
the right pins to the right wires, to control the frequency and pulse width. You can use
spare sockets to try out different discrete component values. Just keep the ones that are
spec-compatible in the circuit, and get the job done.

You crank up the throttle signal and put more electrical energy (fatter pulses) into the
electrodes; verify you can get 10% duty on the scope (2 - 100 usec on the horizontal timebase).
Your averaging DVM will display the 90%-10% DC voltage across the output
transistor (Vce or Vds or Output to Ground). Set and connect DVM in the supply current
and measure .5 - 5 amps, without blowing the DVM fuse. Now verify that you got
everything you wanted.

Verify your wiring connections using your DVM as a continuity detector. Check your wiring
1 at a time and yellow line your final schematic as you go. You can best use board-mount
miniature POTs for anything you want to set-and-forget. The LEDs are there to give you a
quick visual check of normal vs abnormal operation of your new creation. You will want
to get your chamber level sensor verified before you epoxy the cap on.

The diagram also shows that fittings are required to the carb/FI l. There are ready-made
kits (such as by Impco) available for making your pressure fittings to the carburetor or fuelinjector
as the case may be. You will necessarily be sealing the built-in vents and making
a 1-way air-intake.

The copper mesh comprises the inadvertent backfire' protection for the reaction chamber.
Make sure that all vapor/duct junctions are air-tight and holding full pressure without
leakage. Your new 'system' is considered successful and properly adjusted when you get
the full power range at lower temp and minimum vapor flow without blowing the pressure
safety valve.

CHT (or EGT)

Monitor your engine temp with the CHT (cylinder head temp) or EGT (exhaust gas temp)
instead of your original engine temp indicator (if any). Your existing gauge is too slow for
this application and will not warn you against overheating until after you have burnt
something. Make sure that your engine runs no hotter than in the gasoline
arrangement. VDO makes a CHT gauge with a platinum sensor that fits under your spark
plug against the cylinder head (make sure it is really clean before you re-install
spark plug (as this is also an electrical ground).


Get the valves replaced with stainless steel ones and get the pistons/cylinders ceramictreated
ASAP when you have successfully converted and run your new creation. Do not
delay as these items will rust, either by sheer use or by neglect (i.e. letting it sit). You
could make max use of your current exhaust system by using it with your new deal until it
rusts through, then have your mechanic or welder friend to fit a stainless steel exhaust
pipe (no catalytic converter is required). But it could be easier and cheaper to send your
existing exhaust system out for the ceramic treatment, and then simply re-attach it to the
exhaust ports.

1. Do not discard or remove any of the old gasoline setup components, e.g. tank, carb/FI,
catalytic converter, unless necessary. Better to always leave an easy way to revert
back to something that at least runs, just in case. Some people are leaving their
gasoline setup completely intact, and switching back and forth at will, just to have a
backup plan.

2. Set your throttle circuit so that you get minimum vapor flow at idle, and maximum
vapor flow at full power without blowing the pressure relief valve. In this way, you
control how 'lean' your mixture is by the strength of the pulse (i.e. “fatness” at the
optimum pulse frequency).

3. If you just don't get enough power (at any throttle setting), it means that you need to (1)
change the pulse frequency, (2) change the gap between the electrodes, (3) change
the size (bigger) electrodes, or (4) make a higher output pulse voltage (last resort).
Always use an output transistor, such as a MOSFET, that is rated for the voltage and
current you need to get the job done. OK so you might have to play around with it
some. Isn't that where all the Fun is anyhow?

4. If you get any engine knock our loud combustions (not compensated by adjusting the
timing), it means that you need to install an additional coil in the chamber, and drive
the coil with an additional pulse signal (about 19 Hz on the .1sec time base (see
diagram). Here, you will be slowing down the burn rate just enough so that the vapors
burn thru out the power stroke of the piston. Be sure to include a board-mount POT to
set the correct strength of this 2nd pulse signal into the coil. This is a stainless steel
coil of about 1500 turns (thin wire) that you can arrange like a donut around the center
pipe (but NOT touching either electrode), directly over the circular 1-5mm gap. You
want no knocking at any power/throttle setting; smooth power only, but also no
excess hydrogen leftover from the combustion.

5. Build the canister(s) as tall as you can without compromising your ability to mount
them conveniently near the dash panel, or in the engine compartment, as the case
may be. This way, you can always make the electrodes bigger, if necessary without
undue hardship. Remember that anything in the engine compartment should be
mounted in a bullet-proof, vibration and temperature tolerant fashion.

6. If you have to drill a thru-hole for wiring or plumbing thru metal, make sure to also
install a grommet for protection against chafing. Always watch your chamber pressure
range from IDLE (15-25 psi) - FULL POWER (30-60 psi). Set your safety-pressure
relief-valve to 75 psi and make sure it's rated for much higher.

7. Shut OFF the power switch and pull over if there is any malfunction of the
system. Your engine will last longest when it still develops FULL POWER+ at some
minimum temperature that we are sure you can find, by leaning back the Royal Vapor
Flow and/or by making use of the water-vapor cooling technique (see diagram). Keep
good mpg performance records, and periodic maintenance/inspection. Keep it clean;
save some money; clean the air; heal the planet; happy motoring; tell a friend; enjoy
your freedom and self-empowerment.

8. There lacks documented material for perfecting this vapor system thru a fuel injector;
there may be some details you will discover on your own as working prototypes
progress. For example, you may be restricted to inject the hydrogen/oxygen vapor
without any water vapor, as it may rust the injectors. If engine temp and CHT is a
problem, then you will want to re-think your plan, e.g. ceramic-coating the injectors.
There is always “replacing the FI system with a Carb.”

9. If you install the water-vapor system (for lower operating temp/stress), you will want to
lean the mixture (vapor/air) for minimum vapor flow rate to achieve any given throttle
position (idle - max). Make sure that you get a minimum flow for IDLE and a modestly
sufficient flow for MAX, that does the cooling job without killing the combustion.

10. If you cannot find stainless steel pipe combinations that yield the 1-5mm gap, you can
always regress back to alternating plates of +/- electrodes.

11. If you are concerned about the water freezing in your system, you can (a) add some
98% isopropyl alcohol and re-adjust the pulse frequency accordingly; or (b) install
some electric heating coils.

12. Do not let ANYONE ever compromise your dream, your freedom, your
independence or your truth.

Stephen Chambers 'Apparatus for Producing Orthohydrogen and/or
Parahydrogen' US Patent 6126794, uspto.gov
Stanley Meyer 'Method for the Production of a Fuel Gas' US Patent 4936961,
Creative Science & Research, 'Fuel From Water', fuelless.com
Carl Cella “A Water-Fuelled Car” Nexus Magazine Oct-Nov 1996
Peter Lindemann “Where in the World is All the Free Energy”, free-energy.cc
George Wiseman “The Gas-Saver and HyCO Series” eagle-research.com
C. Michael Holler “The Dromedary Newsletter” and “SuperCarb Techniques”
Stephen Chambers “Prototype Vapor Fuel System” xogen.com

COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT #285714: All rights to the use and duplication of these
plans are hereby reserved for the People, in their efforts to heal and restore the
environment. Dare to express your uniqueness and environmental ideals. This technology
is an exercise in responsible self-determination.
DISCLAIMER: The Spirit of Ma'at LLC and the Spirit of Ma'at ezine and the author of this
document assumes no liability for the use or misuse of this information; which is made
available as public-domain information and free of charge, for the purposes of education,ecology,
health, well-being, freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Solar-need the sun. Its possible to build your own, though no matter what they’re a
highly visible, easily damaged generator technology.
Steam-Once upon a time automobiles were powered by both gasoline and steam.
Gasoline won out because of Big Oil, but steam engines, you can use anything that burns
as a fuel, plus they’re easier to construct than the solid engine block of an internal
combustion engine.
One way to have a economically constructed steam engine is to use a Tesla Turbine:

Geothermal-drill down deep enough into the Earth and you can simply pump water down
a pipe to heat it up to steam, which can turn a turbine/generator as long as you keep water
flowing down the pipe. If you can’t drill, you will have to find a geothermal hot spot,
which aren’t that common in the USA.
Wind-try not to rely on the wind… if you can build a biodiesel, water fueled engine,
steam engine, drill a geothermal well you don’t need a wind powered system. If you
can’t, well…
There are technologies out there that are suppressed-allowing the extraction of electricity
from the earth… we can get it from the sun so that’s not too far fetched. Free energy
ideals must be explored. We need to experiment with those ideals as the only way we
can advance is to consider and explore what seems ridiculous. It is exploring the
seemingly ridiculous that technology advances in the first place, and we’re going to need
every advance we can lay our hands on.

Count on the enemy to use the law to use or make excuses to block any and all initiatives.
Mostly, resistance will come from LOCAL governments as they tax and regulate local
economy to favor local power families and corporations. Of course, the state and federal
government are very active in suppressing everything from organic food co-ops to

Appleseed ranges to alternative energy technologies. It’s all about control and the enemy
will not let go without a fight. Probably a literal fight.
To safeguard our initiatives to retaking our Freedom we must become involved in the
political arena. It’s an inevitability anyway so embrace that struggle-it’s OUR America
they’ve stolen from us.
Nationally the TEA Party has made some significant inroads into the
Democrat/Republican charade. They have some seats in Congress and some state offices.
That’s nice but as observed most of our opposition is at the local level, so it is at the local
level that we must free ourselves. Anyway, with our numbers we can’t gain a majority
nationally or even in most states. Americans haven’t a clue how enslaved they are so we
must show them. We must show them with one town and a lot of media coverage what
Freedom really is. One town is likely all we can manage but that will be enough. We
only need one success story to ignite the wildfire of Freedom.
Campaign Organization
Your candidate should concentrate on selling himself as a candidate. Have a campaign
manager and support staff to run his campaign, strategize, figure out where they can get
the best results for resources, fundraising.
Targeting the “right” community
This won’t be easy, there will be many, complicated and even contradictory
considerations to make.
Survivability in case of the worst case scenarios(all out war, civilization collapse) must
be considered. Are there enough basic resources to make the town or area self-sufficient?
I’m talking water, land for farming, fuel, sources of raw materials. Are these resources
nearby? Easily accessable?
Is the town geographically defensible; is it on hilltops? Are there water barriers like rivers
and lakes where land traffic is channeled into narrow strips of land or bridges? How far is
it away from major cities and interstate highway networks?
Is there a mix of industry? Machine shops, lumber yard, a junkyard? Small, independent
Just as important, how are the people? Is there a reasonable mix, is there several groups?
What are the demographics; how many rich, how many middle class, poor?
Who runs this community? Is it a group that’s been in government forever? Do they hand
off to each other offices, or is it like Boss Hogg-a single oligarch?
What have they done to piss people off-are they pissed off enough for someone to
galvanize their anger into resolve to replace them with you?
Community factors-and how to stoke them to a roaring fire
Working class people are the most numerous, but they have the least time to devote to
change as they are waging a daily battle to survive-that they’re slowly losing. Pointing
this out to them will kill their hope things will “get better in the end” as we know they
won’t by themselves.

“Minorities”-I hate using that word, but racism is used by the enemy to create racial bias
against those that have been discriminated against feel they can strike at. Fighting the
battle they can win-but they have to see they’re losing the war with such thinking.
Small business owners not affiliated or related to the local power structure are a resource
for funds and supplies for a campaign. They’ll know how city hall really works.
Disgruntled workers at the country clubs and the fancy restaurants overhear a lot of
secrets, and are in positions to plant surveillance devices.
Waging the election battle-sweeping them all out.
The model you will need to use is the one used by the GI’s of Athens, Tennessee. In
1946, after enduring years of abuse from the Cantrell criminal (political) machine…
shakedowns, ambushing and arresting people coming out of bars-remind you of our
situation-the GI’s had had enough. They organized a full campaign ticket of candidates
to do a proper job of sweeping out the crooks.

I recommend using the emergency recall election option instead of waiting on the next
election cycle; not only do you get rid of the enemy sooner, the process puts an
exclamation point on the need to get rid of those crooks in the first place.
A couple of articles I wrote and promote when I can:

Time to begin the Second American Revolution. Time to take that first step-and take
back a town!
J. Croft
Before I proceed I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support for my
essays these past four years. Your encouragement means more than I can express. It’s a
good thing when you come up with thoughts, ideals, put them to words and people out
there understand what you’re saying. So I hope you’ll agree that taking action and getting
results are more critical than ever. Because I’m going to ask you do something; get
together with others as sick of just protesting, talking yourselves blue about change and
burning precious hours in endless circular arguments on the net. Because I am, too.
Time to put the ideals I’ve given you into real life results. We’re going to take over a
town, kick off the Second American Revolution with a Recall Election.
We’re going to come up with a list of candidate towns; these will be based on the
following criteria:

*Good geographic distance from major urban areas. Keep the mindless urban hordes at
bay, reduce political influence of urban and state governments.
*Mix of local industry, resources, agriculture, potential for independent power
generation. If a collapse goes forward, the more the candidate town can be self-sufficient,
the better.
*Potential defensibility. Expecting trouble is prudent. Terrain can work with us like, say,
in Appalachia, out West, the Ozarks. Towns in the Great Plains are like France in 1940; a
flat expanse asking for assault. Plus local populations in mountain communities stand a
chance of not being completely gelded.
*A review of that town’s Consolidated Annual Financial Report; a lot of what we’re
going to do rests on just how much that town has bilked Americans for their taxes just to
invest it. Given the current economic climate, yes there may not be much left-or there
may be enough land, buildings, assets, cashable investments, etc. to give that town a
economic rebirth.
*Political vulnerability of existing local government. This is the most important criteria.
So important that I personally would be willing to compromise on other criteria if we can
find a corrupt little shitburg whose people are ready for change-that we will give them!
We’re not going to get our Second American Revolution at the national level-we tried
that, we don’t have the numbers, media penetration, or political strength. We have to
build that strength one state at a time. Which means we have to build up our strength to
take over that state one county at a time. Which means we have to build up our strength
to take over that county one town at a time-and we as a movement have to take that first
step, because with our numbers and relative strength concentrating, taking over a town
and using it as a real world showcase for our ideals and showing Americans what
Freedom really is is the only way we can penetrate the enemy’s cultural and media grip
on them.
So which town will that be?
Help choose that town. Use your God given intelligence, mull the criteria and give us
some candidate towns that need our attention first. Go to this message board:
We’ll post candidate towns, gather intel, have lots of arguments about where to
concentrate our efforts. It’ll be worth even the effort, but victory and emulation as our
Revolution spreads like Ebola across America… can you picture it? Yet we can’t take
that journey until we take that first step-that first step beyond mere internet theorizing and
flaming each other because we’re all understandably frustrated we can’t get our message
out. A Second American Revolution in a corrupt shitburg and transforming it into a
model community of Free Humanity, and publicizing the results in a never ending stream
of news reports will get the message out.
So if you’re into actually doing something about the way things are going spread this
message to the four winds! We’ll go from there, narrow our choices to a few towns or
even one town. Then, establishing legal residencies-a mail drop in a house will do-we’ll
begin with that town and states applicable emergency recall petition rules. We’ll select
our candidates and begin our campaign as I’ve outlined in my articles.
It’s time. Let’s do it already!

J. Croft
There is no need for Patriots to wait for a full election cycle to replace corrupt
public officials and take back YOUR government! Use the power of a Recall
It worked in 2003 in California to replace Grey Davis… except that it was a op to get
Arnold Schwarzenegger in who otherwise couldn’t have gotten elected.
We can use this! Gather all the Patriots in your state, pick a town that’s corrupt. File legal
residency, and start a recall petition. Usually, you have 90 days to get all the names.
Then stage your election. Take precautions to have duplicate offices, have squeaky clean
candidates who won’t sell out.
When you get in… you’ll know what to do.
Recall of State Officials
March 21, 2006
Recall is a procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before
the end of a term of office. Historically, recall has been used most frequently at the local
level. By some estimates, three-fourths of recall elections are at the city council or school
board level. This brief, however, focuses only on the recall as it applies to state officials.
Recall differs from another method for removing officials from office - impeachment - in
that it is a political device while impeachment is a legal process. Impeachment requires
the House to bring specific charges and the Senate to act as a jury. In most of the eighteen
recall states, specific grounds are not required, and the recall of a state official is by an
Eighteen states permit the recall of state officials:
New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island

The District of Columbia also provides for recalls. Virginia is not listed as a recall state
because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, allows a recall trial rather than an
election. In at least 29 states (some sources place this number at 36), recall elections may
be held in local jurisdictions.
Ala. Code §11-44-130 - 11-44-134
Municipal commissioners and mayors
No restrictions on when a recall petition may be commenced
No specific grounds are required
No time limit for gathering signatures
Signature requirement is number equal to 3% of the inhabitants of the municipality
according to the last federal census who are qualified to vote for a successor (§11-44-
130). Signature requirement is number equal to 30% of those who voted in the last
election (§11-44E-16
Const. Art. 11, §8
AS§29.26-240 et seq.
All elected public officials in the state, except judicial officers
Recall may commence after first 120 days in office.
Grounds for recall are misconduct in office, incompetence, or failure to perform
prescribed duties.
Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for that office in the last
regular election.
Const. Art. 8
Every public officer in the state holding elective office, either by election or appointment
Recall may commence after 6 months in office.
No specific grounds are required.
Time for gathering signatures is 120 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for that office in the last
regular election.
Ark. Code §14-47-112, 14-48-114, 14-61-119, 14-92-209
Mayor, member of board of directors, commissioners of suburban improvement districts
(for the latter, a petition triggers a recall hearing, rather than an election)
Recall may commence after 6 months in office

No specific grounds are required
No time limit for gathering signatures
Signature requirement for mayors and directors is number equal to 35% of ballots cast for
all candidates for the office at the preceding primary at which the officials were
nominated or elected; for commissioners of suburban improvement districts requirement
is number equal to 25% of the owners of realty within the district
Const. Art. 2, §19
Election Code §11000 et seq.
Elective officer of a city, county, school district, community college district, or special
district, or a judge of a trial court
County and city charter provisions providing for recall are not affected by state
Recall may commence after 90 days in office. Recall may not commence if officer has 6
months or less left in term.
No specific grounds are required.
Time for gathering signatures is 40 - 160 days (depending upon the size of the
Signature requirement varies according to the number of registered voters in the
jurisdiction: 30% if registration is less than 1,000; 25% if registration is between 1,000
and 9,999; 20% if registration is between 10,000 and 49,999; 15% if registration is
between 50,000 and 99,999; 10% if registration is 100,000 and above.
Const. Art. 21, §4
CRS §31-4-501 et seq.
Elective officers of any county, city and county, city and town
Cities, counties and towns may provide for the manner of exercising the recall, but cannot
require a petition be signed by more than 25% of the entire vote cast in the last election
for the office subject to recall.
Fla. Stat. Ann §100.361
Any member of the governing body of a municipality or charter county
No recall may commence until official has served at least one-fourth of his term
Grounds for recall are malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness,
incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, and conviction of a felony
involving moral turpitude
Time for gathering signatures is 30 days
Signature requirement varies according to the number of registered voters in the
jurisdiction: 50 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of
fewer than 500 electors; 100 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in
a district of 500-1,999 electors; 250 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is

greater, in a district of 2,000-4,999 electors; 500 electors or 10% of the total electors,
whichever is greater, in a district of 5,000-9,999 electors; 1,000 electors or 10% of total
electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 10,000-24,999 electors; 1,000 electors or
5% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 25,000 or more electors
Const. Art. 2, §2.4
Ga. Code §21-4-1 et seq.
All state and local officials who hold elective office
No recall may commence during the first or last 180 days in office.
Grounds for recall are conduct which relates to and adversely affects the administration
of his or her office and adversely affects the rights and interests of the public; and act(s)
of malfeasance, violation of oath of office, failure to perform duties prescribed by law
willful misuse, conversion or misappropriation of public property or funds.
Time for gathering signatures is 45 days for a petition requiring 5,000 signatures or more;
30 days for a petition requiring fewer than 5,000 signatures.
Signature requirement is number equal to 30% of the electors registered and qualified to
vote at the last regular election.
Const. Art. 6, §6
Idaho Code §34-1701 et seq.
Every public officer in the state of Idaho, excepting the judicial officers. Specifically
includes: County officers–members of the board of county commissioners, sheriff,
treasurer, assessor, prosecuting attorney, clerk of the district court, and coroner. City
officers-mayor, members of the city council. Special district elected officers for whom
recall procedure is not otherwise provided by law.
Recall may commence after 90 days in office.
No specific grounds are required.
Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 20% of the number of electors registered to
vote at the last regular election at which the officer was elected. For special district
elected officers, requirement is 50% instead of 20%.
Const. Art. 4, §3
KSA §25-4301 et seq.
All elected public officials in the state, except judicial officers
Recall may not commence during first 120 or last 200 days in office.
Grounds for recall are conviction of a felony, misconduct in office or failure to perform
duties prescribed by law.
Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 40% of the votes cast for the office in the last

Const. Art. 10, §26
La.R.S. §18:1300 et seq.
Any state, district, parochial, ward, or municipal official except judges of the courts of
Recall may not commence during last 6 months in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 33 1/3% of the electors of the voting area,
unless fewer than 1,000 electors reside within the voting area, in which case the petition
must be signed by at least 40% of those electors.
Const. Art. 2, §8
MCL §168.951 - 168.975
All elective officers except judges of courts of record
Recall may not commence during last 6 months in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the persons voting in the electoral
district at the time of the last election for governor
Minn. Stat. Ann. §351.14 - 351.23
Any public official who is elected to countywide office or appointed to an elective
countywide office, including county attorney, county sheriff, county auditor, county
recorder, county treasurer, soil and water conservation supervisor, county commissioner
elected or appointed from a commissioner district or a soil and water conservation district
supervisor elected or appointed from a supervisor district
Recall may not be commenced in the 180 days immediately preceding a general election
for the office which is held by the officer subject to the recall.
Grounds for recall are malfeasance or nonfeasance in the performance of official duties
during the current or any previous term. Prior to circulating a petition, there must be a
court hearing to determine if there is probably cause for the grounds for recall.
No time limit for gathering signatures.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the persons who voted in the last
election for the office which is held by the official named in the petition
MRS §77.650, 78.260
any elective office in a third class city
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office
Grounds for recall are misconduct in office, incompetence, and failure to perform duties
prescribed by law.

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the total registered voters in the city
MCA §2-16-601 et seq.
Every person holding a public office of the state or any of its political subdivisions, either
by election or appointment
Recall may not commence during first 2 months in office.
Grounds for recall are physical or mental lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of oath
of office, official misconduct, or conviction of a felony offense
Time for gathering signatures is 3 months.
Signature requirement for county officials is 15% of the persons registered to vote at the
last county general election; for municipal or school district officials requirement is 20%
of the persons registered to vote at the last election
NRS §31-786 - 31-973 and 32-1301 - 32-1309
Any elected official of a political subdivision and any elected member of the governing
bodies of cities, villages, counties, irrigation districts, natural resources districts, public
power districts, school districts, community college areas, educational service units,
hospital districts, metropolitan utilities districts, and sanitary and improvement districts.
The recall procedure and special election provisions apply to the mayor and members of
the city council of municipalities with a home rule charter notwithstanding any contrary
provisions of the home rule charter.
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office or within 6 months prior to the
incumbent filing deadline for the office
No specific grounds are required.
Time for gathering signatures is 30 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 35% of the total vote cast for that office in the
last election except that a) for an office for which more than one candidate is chosen,
requirement is 35% of number of votes cast for the person receiving the highest number
of votes for that office in the last election; b) for a member of a board of a Class I school
district, requirement is number equal to 25% of total number of registered voters residing
in the district; c) for a village officer, requirement is 45% of the total votes cast for the
person receiving the most votes for that office in the last election
Const. Art. 2, §9
Every public officer in the State of Nevada is subject to recall from office by the
registered voters of the state, or of the county, district, or municipality which he
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the persons voting in the last election

New Hampshire
RSA 49D:3(e)
Charters adopted by towns, cities, village districts and unincorporated places may provide
for recall.
Provisions vary by jurisdiction’s individual charter.
New Jersey*
Const. Art. 1, §2(b)
Any elected official in the state or representing the state in the United States Congress.
Includes local officials.
Recall may not commence during first year in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 160 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the registered voters of the district
New Mexico
Const. Art. 10, §9
Elected official of a county
A recall election cannot be conducted after May 1 in a calendar year in which an election
is to be held for the office subject to the proposed recall.
Grounds for recall are malfeasance or misfeasance in office or violation of the oath of
office during the official’s current term. Prior to circulating a petition, there must be a
court hearing to determine if there is probably cause for the grounds for recall.
No time limit for gathering signatures.
Signature requirement is number equal to 33 1/3% of persons who voted in the last
election for the office
North Dakota*
Const. Art. 3, §10
Any elected official of the state, of any county or of any legislative or county
commissioner district
Recall may be commenced at any time.
No specific grounds are required.
No time limit on gathering signatures.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the those who voted in the last election
ORC §705.92
Any elective officer of a municipal corporation
Recall may not commence during last 190 days in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 15% of the total votes cast in the last regular
municipal election

Const. Art. 2, §18
ORS §249.865 - 249.880
Every public officer in Oregon
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 15% of all votes cast in the electoral district for
governor at the last election
South Dakota
SDCL §9-13-29 - 9-13-35
The mayor, or any commissioner or any alderman in municipalities of the first and
second classes with or without a city manager
Recall may commence at any time.
Grounds for recall are misconduct, malfeasance, nonfeasance, crimes in office,
drunkenness, gross incompetency, corruption, theft, oppression, or gross partiality
Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 15% of registered voters in the municipality,
based on the total number of registered voters at the time of the last general election
Tenn. Code Ann. §6-31-301
Members of boards of education, city council members
No recall election may be held during the 90 days before or the 90 days after a municipal
No specific grounds are required.
No time limit for gathering signatures.
Signature requirement is number equaling 66% of the total vote cast for the candidate
receiving the highest number of votes at the last election
Const. Art. 1, §33-34
RCW §29.82.010 et seq.
Every elective public officer of the state of Washington expect judges of courts of record
Recall may not commence during last 6 months in office. [effective until July 1, 2004]
Grounds for recall are acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office or violation of
oath of office
Time for gathering signatures is 180 days. [effective until July 1, 2004]
Signature requirement for city officers of cities of the first class and county officers of
counties of the first, second and third classes is 25% of total votes cast for the office at
the last election; for all other political subdivisions, requirement is 35% of total votes cast
for the office at the last election

West Virginia
WV Code §8-12-4(3)
Any city may be charter provision provide for the recall of an elected officer.
Recall may commence at any time.
No specific grounds are required.
No restriction on time for gathering signatures.
Signature requirement is number equaling 20% of the qualified voters of the city.
Const. Art. 13, §12
WSA §9.10
The qualified electors of the state, of any county, city, village, town, of any
congressional, legislative, judicial or school district, or of any prosecutorial unit may
petition for the recall of any incumbent elective official
Recall may not commence during first year in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.
Signature requirement for county officials is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for
governor in the county the county the officer represents; for a city, town, village or
school district officer, requirement is 25% of the votes cast for president in the district the
officeholder represents
Wyo. Stat. §15-4-110
Any elected officer of a city or town operating under the commission form of
Recall may commence at any time.
No specific grounds are required.
No restriction on time for gathering signatures.
Signature requirement is number equaling 25% of all registered electors in the city or


J. Croft

Newsweek had on its cover “we are all socialists now”; first off what the fuck is this
“we” crap?! My stuff-what little there is-ain’t yours and it certainly ain’t some human
sized turd with a government job. I got bad news for you, the “socialists” are communists

and they’ve been cultivated in the universities for generations now. Whether they’re
Barack Hussein Obama or the five bubbas running your little shitburg’s city council
voting in a SWAT team that’ll just be used to terrorize everyone, they’ve been filled with
a lot of BS about how they’re the “intelligentsia”. How they’re better, smarter than you
and therefore have to rule you. By the time they graduate they’re all power hungry,
insufferable little shits.

And then they get to law school. Become lawyers and therefore license to “practice law”;
whether arguing cases in America’s kangaroo courts, or presiding as judge, or writing
and enacting the laws in the first place. The lawyers have made America’s political
system into their own racket-all in service to the foreign financiers that are liquidating
what’s left of America. Do they care? Have they ever?!!

Their monopolization of political power through the farce of the two party system alone
is enough to seek to remove the traitors from office. Those that have eyes to see and ears
to hear… hopefully they will have the brains to comprehend what they’re reading here,
and a pair to actually do something. Something needs to be done; the federal government
is reaching down and taking over the state and local governments so we need to act to
start taking back what is supposed to be OUR government-NOW!

So target your first town with care. Go over the criteria I laid out in my essay “It’s Time”
at my blog. That and search for the most corrupt little shitburg that fits.

After that, there are three obstacles we’re going to face.

The first obstacle? All the Walter Mitty lip service “patriots” who’d rather shoot down
ideals, start fights within their own ranks, and stroke the actions on their semiautomatic
weapons than actually doing something about the tyranny that is now in full bloom.
While we still have some form of elected government at the local level we can easily
defeat in a recall election.

Yes: many in the freedom movement are posers, cammie clad serfs with as much
credibility in their actions as some rich white teenager claiming on the internet he’s some
bad ass gangsta. Unfortunately they’re the norm for most of what passes for Americans;
let someone else handle the problem so long as they can watch the ball game on the
weekend. Rather argue arcane bits of some dead person’s philosophy, or pick a fight with
those who are supposed to be on the same side-over nothing-than do something about the
enemy that has radicalized them in the first place. Unbelievable thinking about it, but oh
so true.

Look, finding patriots in a land of TV lobotomized debt slaves is challenge enough, but
you’ve got the additional problem of all the TV lobotomized debt slaves taking on the
airs of Free Men without the understanding of what that means. So look at their actions,
or lack of. Perhaps some will see that this is a God given opportunity to make amends for
being do-nothings but most won’t. All you can do is persevere, keep putting your
message out until it finds audience in for-real Patriots who will click with the ideal of
taking their government back.

So, you’re going to put together your campaign staff. Have your candidates-MAKE
the enemy is going to have the resources to do an investigation, don’t make their job any
easier. If dirt does come up, or is manufactured pray to God your candidates have the
force of personality to make the dirt moot. Better to get new candidates and try in a
different town though.

Gather your forces. Depending on the town and your numbers… or lack… you and yours
should establish legal residence in your target town before your petition drive. Ideally
they should be people known in the area, or know the area well enough to be accepted by
the local townsfolk. Being accepted is very important as people will listen to those like
them more readily than “outsiders”. Don’t believe me? Ask a office type when leftist
protestors rumble in and start yelling and a few still have sense to engage in dialog-see if
they don’t think they’re off-putting. Cultural similarities go a long way toward bridging
the ideological gap we have with the rest of modern America.


CLEAN!!!! These criminals are like cockroaches you have to get rid of them all, or
what’s the point? This will deliver the message that you and yours are serious about
cleaning up your government. Each person must have a facet of the campaign that
reflects them and yet complements the ticket at the same time.

You’re going to need to delegate. Someone needs to run the phone and pamphlet staff.
Someone needs to handle the bills. Someone who knows what dirty tricks the state will
pull needs to run security. You’ll need two campaign offices; an official office and the
office you’re going to keep secret so that you opponents don’t plant drugs and stage a
SWAT raid.

Cash will be needed, to print pamphlets, pay for the utilities, events, etc. Hopefully,
patriotism will drive your staff to volunteer part time, in which case you’ll potentially
need double the staff so they can support themselves. Yes most Americans can hardly
scrap enough cash together to pay the bills, so you’re going to have to find other means
than dollar bills to acquire what you need, get who you need. Offer a room to stay in for
campaign work, or someone can fix something, or offer training in some skill or cut their
lawn or whatever. Barter still works.

A media saavy crew is vital. Fortunately HD cameras and HD video capable laptops are
in the price range of a small town campaign. Finding media saavy Patriots? Hit the
message boards. Hit craigslist. Lots of college age kids are looking to DO something.
You get to provide that. If they’re hard up, offer room and board.

You’ll need Militia undercover-NOT THE WALTER MITTY GUN STROKERS-to

covertly provide security, in case of the worst… I mean we need men of action who
know how to stay hidden and are willing to do whatever is necessary.

All these people are going to have to be recruited, largely from the patriot movement…
who are willing to provide the time and effort. Like I stated there are too many lip service
patriots so you’d better start your recruiting and vetting process now, right after you read


All right-all that was to address the FIRST obstacle! The second obstacle is going to be
the recall petition process itself. Keep in mind that it is going to be the same pack of self-
serving gangsters in office garb you’re seeking to remove from power that will be
administering your recall petition. Given the proven, outlandish history of vote fraud in
America this will be a challenge.

So-first thing after you set up your campaign is to begin the propaganda campaign; you
selected this particular town to take back because of the especially obnoxious manner in
which those “public servants” crush and squeeze the people. Air their dirty laundry, slap
the people in their faces with how they could expose their loved ones, friends and
neighbors to tyranny.

Use video. Professionally produced spots work best in a TV enslaved America, I hate to
say. But whatever the means, get that dirty laundry aired. Our enemies will have dirty
laundry, or they wouldn’t have been targeted in the first place.

Never, ever miss an opportunity to confront your opposition, even if they’re not doing
anything. Confront their bully boys when they harass people, confront them in
restaurants, in church, at the mall. Confront them with their own Consolidated Annual
Financial Report when they make excuses at town hall meetings for more taxes. Have
your own film crew whenever you do this…

Everyone must record writing their name on the petition. The government will do
anything to state that the recall petition didn’t go through-not enough votes, disqualified
votes, whatever. For that matter everyone voting for your ticket must record their vote
and all the records must be compiled to be able to challenge any vote fraud in court.
Because you must count on the enemy hacking the black boxes, messing with hanging
chads or absconding with the paper ballots behind locked doors and armed guards.

Your last and most formidable obstacle will be the very residents of your target town.
Your election campaign rests on activating enough people to swamp those ballot boxes
with votes for your candidates. Typical small town elections don’t have high vote counts
because politics is boring… until those politicians do something that affects Americans
personally-and that’s the conumdrum we face. A lifetime of TV programs, mind
enslaving state schools and peer pressure not to speak out, not to be smart makes
‘murikans an easy flock for our opponents to fleece and otherwise manage. They’ve
suffered from Stockholm Syndrome for so long, it’s ingrained into them that they suffer
“authority” even when they throw families out onto the street for a $200 property tax.

Take your film crew and ask these people hard questions. Structure your questions in a
way that starts relatively easy but that will lead your target to an epiphany. We need to
cause as many epiphanies as possible, because only through crisis will Americans
change, start taking back their nation. It’s the only way this will work and we’ll all pay
the price for this character flaw. Best start the process now while it’s under our terms.

In review:

Get your group together-good luck with all the lip service patriots and walter mitty gun
strokers, they are legion and worse than useless. Good news is there still are Patriots
worthy of the name, they just need a purpose. Know what your campaign will need and
fill the needed slots.

Target your town, using the criteria laid out in my essay “It’s Time”; same blog you
found this one. I’ll get into that deeper in my next essay. Know your enemy, the dirt, the
issues the locals have with them. That will form your campaign. Know the demographics.
Know the rules regarding recall petitions and monitor them.

Don’t let up on the campaign! Pamphlets, videos; make it short and to the point, attacking
each issue, each opposing candidate. Confront citizens, ask them hard questions on why
they’d let their family and friends be exposed to such tyranny-shake them out of their
Stockholm Syndrome.

Monitor the election; independently record each and every vote, compile them and
compare with the official stats; any fraud, hammer em.

Have some for-real Patriots to covertly provide security.

We can do this.

You can do this! Your family and friends are counting on you to save them from tyranny,
whether they know it or not.

J. Croft
Keep your campaign office well out of the jurisdiction you’re campaigning for! You
WILL be raided, and evidence planted, and that will be it for you.
Pamphleteering, going door to door-any activity in the town you’re trying to free, have
somebody with a video camera ready to record any abuse of power by the local PD.
Hammer relentlessly on the corruption, the heavy-handed authoritarianism, the cash
register “justice”. Hammer on the crooks that exploit public office for personal power.
Keep yourselves squeaky clean! Don’t give the enemy an opening! Don’t go out to bars,
don’t do anything that could possibly be construed as “controversial”, that can be used
against you.
The closer you get to election day, the worse the pressure.
On election day, you better have monitors to ensure no votescam fraud is happening.
Hopefully, they won’t be too sleazy-maybe they’ll be overconfident, or incompetent.
IF THEY ARE… and you lose, you could try recourse through the courts, but I wouldn’t
count on a win. Have people with cameras, document each and every vote and voter
independently and raise hell.

Otherwise, you should win, because only a few hundred to a few thousand people, a
fraction of the total of eligible voters, vote in these local elections anyway-THAT’S THE
After the Victory:
Liberating the town. There’s a lot of socialist scum to clean out, but once the job’s done
you’re going to see immense changes.
SCRAPPING LAWS AND TAXES-There are hundreds of laws designed by lawyers for
their own benefit when they take people to their own courts. Impose a ban on lawyers
serving in public office. A lot of regulations designed to draw in income through fines-
out. Slash taxes, and how to bridge the budget gap? Divest all investments…
RECLAIMING CAFR INVESTMENTS-That’s Consolidated Annual Financial Reports.
Nearly every town has sunk tax dollars into for profit ventures and investments, while
whining for more levies and scheming to impose more fines. Selling land and buildings,
stocks, and other investment vehicles and returning the money to each resident.
RECLAIMING THE SCHOOLS-Kick out the feds and the NEA. Be certain to line out
the reasons why as there’s a cult of… lack of thought… about the need for the state
schools to be the way they are; dumb people down and is generally designed to turn out
workers for the corporations and government. Have a curriculum designed by home
schoolers. It’s not feasible to have every child home schooled but schools with a
curriculum designed to bring out the individual’s very best can only result in immediate
and immense change.
REIGNING IN THE POLICE-With the wholesale scrapping of laws, the cops aren’t
going to have a lot to do, and they were doing way too much beforehand. With a new
chief or sheriff fire everyone and hire Patriot veterans or ex-cops who wouldn’t go along
with the corruption. Any and all funds and equipment gotten from the federal government
MUST BE RETURNED as any money or equipment obligates local governments by
contract to bow to federal authority.
FORMING VOLUNTEER MILITIAS-or “city of _______ volunteers” to sell it to
people sold on the militias being the automatic bad guys, or call it a neighborhood watch
with military training at the newly liberated police department if you like, so long as
Americans are empowered and prepared to defend their newly liberated town. Militia
service is as much an obligation toward maintaining good government as attending town
hall meetings and paying taxes.
TOWNS-For your own Revolution to succeed you absolutely must continue the
momentum you got off your victory by encouraging those able and motivated to move to
neighboring towns and replicating what you have accomplished. Your town’s greatly
improved enviroment will attract a lot of negative attention, and one person or one town
standing alone will get taken out. So that alone means your survival will depend on
spreading the Revolution as aggressively as possible.
only shield to federal power is the Sheriff. This means winning enough town
governments to ensure a election victory, which means you really can’t afford to be
satisfied with cleaning out the state loving scum in your own town because the feds will

come a knocking. With the Sheriff though, the feds cannot even enter the county without
permission. And without permission, your county, your town once liberated from state
and federal tyranny will become ground zero for expanding the Revolution. Yes,
surrounding counties will try to stop your efforts, so it’s imperative that the next counties
you infiltrate you strike so that several town Revolutions happen simultaniously.
MANAGING REVOLUTION-targeting efforts for best overall prospects of final victory
There are more factors regarding sucessful Revolution than merely which locales are the
most corrupt. Towns and counties can be isolated and cut off economically-could your
county sustain itself? Can your county be self-sufficient in food, power, basic
manufacturing, can it stand a chance of defending itself militarily if need be? Probably
not-not by it’s own, further necessitating the maximum aggresiveness in spreading the
Second American Revolution.
This aggresiveness must be coupled with an eye for America’s internal geopolitical
reality. This is a nation made interdependent on other regions and foreigners. In many
areas, perhaps some form of independence could be cobbled together, but in other areas,
this struggle will be much more difficult, maybe impossible until the final cleansing of
the beast from the land.
What areas would be more conductive to Revolution? Putting aside purely political
considerations which would mandate the inner cities, Appalachia, the Indian Reservations
and much of the South be the more successful candidates, economics and geography must
be factored.
The Northeast generally won’t be a good first choice, as there’s too much population
within easy reach of the eastern seaboard cities, which likely will be the last areas of
America to be liberated. Not to say that the Free State Movement in New Hampshire
hasn’t done a lot, they just haven’t focused on bringing their ideology to life in one town
to show the rest of the state what they’re about. What can be said is that the region
overall is more socialist than much of the rest of the country, which means government
resistance is already fierce. A concentrated effort on reforming one town? Who knows
what kind of government thunder might be brought down upon them but they’re already
receiving massive resistance from years of sporadic activism. They’re a known threat.
Their only hope is as near a simultanious massive Revolution-which upon some govt.
tool reading this will be planned against. So their turn will have to wait.
Appalachia, if their apathy can be overcome, will make a good base for Revolution. Good
farmland, climate, terrain, there’s some development but enough for self-sufficiency as a
region? Appalachia is the most defensible area east of the Missisippi. The problem is the
people just want to live their own lives more than most regions so corruption is
entrenched. An economic, political and social backwater since before the American
Revolution, Appalachia’s people have more than enough on their plate getting by so
finding motivated Americans is going to be more difficult. The region’s nice and if you
can get past the clannish nature, find a particularly loathed local government to target
some real gains can be made. Show people something can be done.
Great Lakes region encompass rural areas as well as the rust belt cities. These are
dominated from Chicago, so a hundred mile area around that bastion of government
tyranny will have to be written off for starters. Northern Michigan has promise-lots of
rural, independent minded folk, but keep in mind the area is isolated by both water and a
lot of territory not friendly to people like you. Much of Indiana and Ohio has hilly terrain
and lots of towns with some potential for self-sufficiency; the rural and outer fringes of
the suburbs you can find a good town to target. Corrupt government flying under the
public’s radar can get a good racket going for decades. Going west, especially in the
vicinity of Chicago, the land is flat, undefensible. The region is positively blessed with
the Great Lakes; I suspect recent efforts to reform local governments in locales like
Cleveland into regional communitarian(communist) bodies may have to do with
politically locking the area down. State slave mentalities have really taken root, so
prospects near urban areas are as stated, dim.
The South could do it-if they don’t erupt in racial violence. I wince at all the energy
wasted between people in the same situation over skin color and culture. That being said,
it was in Tennessee that the GI’s of Athens, Tennessee in 1946 pulled off the model that
you need to emulate. Lots of self-sufficient types, decent climate, and they’re already
enured to a deprived lifestyle. Problem areas are much of Florida and Atlanta, plus other
urban areas like Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth.
The Midwest will be among the last to be liberated, as the terrain is too easily taken, too
few people spread out and therefore easily isolated, there’s few resources, and there’s too
much dependency on centralized power grids and roads. Though if you want to take a
chance, there are literally whole towns just asking to be literally bought for a
comparatively few dollars….
The Rocky Mountain region is just west-and just west of the enemy strongholds of
Denver and Cheyenne will be the strongest base for Revolution, but they’ll need to
overcome crippling communications problems, energy, and isolation between bastions
due to terrain and population sparcity that will likely wind up with a lot of besieged
towns. Though if the region can be politically taken it does offer good defensibility.
Read the Tri-States series of books by W.W. Johnstone as he basically wargamed that
scenario(they lost) as well as Molon Labe by Boston T. Party(they won w/ nuclear
weapons). Neither scenario fits well or is too realistic but a general ideal can be had….
Montana has legalized firearms and ammunition manufacture without approval from the
BATFE while Wyoming is the home for Boston T. Party’s Free State offshoot.
The Pacific Northwest, not counting the Seattle-Tacoma vicinity can be counted with the
Rocky Mountains in potential, though the region is focused economically on Portland and
Seattle. Idaho is practically a white separatist enclave. The coast is rainy, but bracketed
between the sea and potentially active volcanoes while the interior is barren, sparsely
California north of Sacramento can be counted with the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific
Northwest. From Sacramento-San Francisco south you must calculate as you would the
Eastern Seaboard but with desert and mountainous terrain-lots’ of power centers and
thoroughly socialized populace. Los Angeles and San Diego are becoming culturally part
of Mexico, though any iteration of that country that emerges from its drug fueled civil
wars has no hope economically or militarily of holding onto those cities without taking
literally the entire Southwest. Something that won’t happen-certainly not before the
aqueducts and power lines leading from the mountains and Hoover Dam are cut.
Take over a few towns, make them examples of what Freedom really is and how much
has been stolen from us by the beast. Spread like wildfire throughout the hinterland, and

when strong enough geographically and politically begin encircling the cities, eventually
besieging them. Politically and economically that is.
POLITICALLY taking the cities will be dependent on political structure. Regionally
integrated cities will be much more difficult as the regional government will be hard to
penetrate and have resources to respond. Fractured metropolitan areas-cities and town
govenrments not politically united-will offer much better prospects for infiltration and
takeover, gradually until efforts can be made in the major city itself, however it’s
organized. Regionalized governments will require a much greater effort to politically
infiltrate the lower offices such as aldermen or council members, and a metropolitan
area’s governments may decide to unite politically to deny Patriots piecemeal victories.
Prospects of a peaceful Revolution?
You go for a political and economic solution because a civil war waged with modern
weapons is a nightmare scenario-best to expect and prepare for the worst-martial law.
Because power corrupts and these people we struggle against have had it their way for
far, far too long. They’ll use every resource at their disposal to thwart the People taking
back THEIR government.
Certainly, if the People awaken a lot of these criminals can be driven out of government
office. But the beast won’t go down quietly; if it is willing to burn and gas women and
children at Waco, wage war against innocent peoples and nations for a fraudulent war,
they’ll sic their thugs on our Revolution. Plant drugs, create scandal, perform tax audits,
or maybe just send a SWAT team at the “wrong address”.
Certainly, if those that serve the beast feel the system is finally being used against them,
they’ll change the rules of the game; suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and
rule with naked force.
There will be no choice then but to fight back.


Who was Captain Isaac Davis? Who was Abner Hosmer? Who was James Hayward? And what was
Concord fight? What did they fight for, and what did they win? These were Massachusetts Province
militiamen, not in these good, quiet, piping times of peace, but in 1775, at the very dark,
gloomy outbreak of the American Revolution.

Let us turn back to the bloody annals of that eventful day. Let us see, as well as we can
at this distance of three-quarters of a century, just how matters and things stood.

General Gage had full possession of this city. The flag that waved over it was ... the flag
of that hereditary despot, George the Third.

And if there had been no Isaac Davis or other men of his stamp on the ground on that day,
the flag of the crouching lion, the flag of Queen Victoria, due successor to that same hated
George the Third, first the oppressor, and then the unscrupulous murderer of our fathers, --yes,
I know what I say, the unscrupulous murderer of our fathers,-- would still wave over this
beautiful city, and would now be streaming in the wind over every American ship in this

This city was in full possession of the enemy, and had been for several months. General
Gage had converted the house of prayer, the Old South Church, --where we met a few days since, to
sit, delighted auditors, to that unsurpassed Election Sermon, --into a riding-school, a drilling-

place for his cavalry. The pulpit, and all the pews of the lower floor, were, with vandal
violence, torn out, and tan brought in; and here the dragoons of King George practised, on their
prancing warhorses, the sword exercise, with Tory ladies and gentlemen for spectators in the

Information had been received from most reliable sources that valuable powder, ball, and
other munitions of war, were deposited in Concord. General Gage determined to have them. Concord
was a great place in '75. The Provincial Congress had just suspended its session there of near
two months, adjourning over to the 10th of May, with Warren for their president, and such men as
old Samuel Adams, John Hancock, John Adams. and James Otis as their advisers. Yes, Concord was
the centre of the brave old Middlesex, containing within it all the early battlegrounds of
liberty, -- Old North Bridge, Lexington Common, and Bunker of the Province, the seat of the
government of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay.

And Concord had within it as true-hearted Whig patriots as ever breathed. Rev. Mr. Emerson
was called a "high son of liberty." To contend with tyrants, and stand up against them, resisting
unto blood, fighting for the inalienable rights of the people, was a part of his holy religion.
And he was one of the most godly men and eloquent ministers in the colony. He actually felt it to
be his duty to God to quit that most delightful town and village, and the most affectionate
church and people, and enter the Continental army, and serve them as a chaplain of a regiment.

What a patient, noble-hearted, truthful, loyal, confiding, affectionate generation of men

they were! And remember, these were the men, exasperated beyond all further endurance by the
course of a deluded Parliament and besotted ministry, who flew to arms on the 19th of April,
1775. These were the men who then hunted up their powder-horns and bullet-pouches, took down
their guns from the hooks, and ground up their bayonets, on that most memorable of all days in
the annals of the Old Thirteen Colonies, -- nay, in the annals of the world, --which record the
struggles that noble men have made in all ages to be free!

Yes, to my mind, Mr. Speaker, it is a more glorious day, a day more full of thrilling
incidents and great steps taken by the people to be free, than even the Fourth of July itself,

Why, sir, the 19th of April, '75, that resistance, open, unorganized, armed, marshalled
resistance at the Old North Bridge, that marching down in battle array at that soul-stirring air
which every soldier in this house must remember to this day, for the tune is in fashion yet, -- I
mean "The White Cockade," -was itself a prior declaration of independence, written out not with
ink upon paper or parchment, but a declaration of independence made by drawn swords, uplifted
right arms, fixed bayonets ground sharp, cracking musketry, -- a declaration written out in the
best blood of this land, at Lexington first, and finally all the way for eighteen miles from Old
North Bridge to Charlestown Neck, where those panting fugitives found shelter under the guns of
British ships of war, riding at anchor in Mystic River ready to receive them; a declaration that
put more at hazard, and cost the men who made it more, after all, of blood and treasure, than
that of 1776.

It cost Davis, Hosmer, and Hayward, and hundreds of others equally brave and worthy, their
hearts' blood. It cost many an aged father and mother their darling son, many a wife her husband,
many a Middlesex maid her lover.

Oh, what a glorious, but oh, what a bloody day it was! That was the day which split in
twain the British empire, never again to be reunited. What was the battle of Waterloo? What
question did it settle? Why, simply who, of several kings, should wear the crown.

Well, I always thought ever since I read it when a boy, that if I hadfought on either side
it would have been with Napoleon against the allied forces. But what is the question to me, or
what is the question to you, or to any of us, or our children after us, if we are to be ruled
over by crowned heads and hereditary monarchs? What matters it who they are, or which one it
shall be?

In ancient times, three hundred Greeks, under Leonidas, stood in the pass of Thermopyloe,
and for three successive days beat back and kept at bay five million Persians, led on by Xerxes
the Great. It was a gallant act; but did it preserve the blood-bought liberties of Greece? No. In

time they were cloven down, and the land of Demosthenes and Solon marked for ages by the
footsteps of the slaves.

We weep over it, but we cannot alter it. But not so, thank God, with "Concord Fight;" and
by "Concord Fight," I say here, for fear of being misunderstood, I mean by "Concord" all the
transactions of that day.

I regard them as one great drama, scene first of which was at Lexington early in the
morning, when old Mrs. Harrington called up her son Jonathan, who alone, while I speak, survives
of all that host on either side in arms that day. He lives, blessed be God, he still lives! I
know him well, a trembling, but still breathing memento of the renowned past, yet lingering by
mercy of God on these "mortal shores," if for nothing else, to wake up your sleeping sympathies,
and induce you, if anything could, to aid in the noble work of building over the bones of his
slaughtered companions-in-arms, Davis, Hosmer, and Hayward, such a monument as they deserve. Oh,
I wish he was here, I wish he only stood on yonder platform, noble man!

"Concord Fight" broke the ice. "Concord Fight," the rush from the heights at North Bridge,
was the first open, marshalled resistance to the king. Our fathers, cautious men, took there a
step that they could not take back if they would, and would not if they could. Till they made
that attack, probably no British blood had been shed.

If rebels at all, it was only on paper. They had not levied war. They had not vi et armis
attacked their lawful king. But by that act they passed the Rubicon. Till then they might retreat
with honor, but after that it was too late. The sword was drawn, and had been made red in the
blood of princes, in the person of their armed defenders.

Attacking Captain Laurie and his detachment at North Bridge was, in law, attacking King
George himself. Now they must fight or be eternally disgraced. And now they did fight in good
earnest. They drew the sword, and threw away, as well as they might, the scabbard. Yesterday they
humbly petitioned. They petitioned no longer. Oh, what change from the 19th to the 20th of April!

They had been, up to that day, a grave, God-fearing, loyal set of men, honoring the king.
Now they strike for national independence; and after seven years of war, by the help of God, they
won it. They obtained nationality. It that day breathed into life; the Colony gave way to the
State; that morning Davis and all of them were British colonists. They became by that day's
resistance, either rebels doomed to die by the halter, or free, independent citizens. If the old
pine-tree flag still waved over them unchanged, they themselves were changed entirely and

Old Middlesex was allowed the privilege of opening the war, of first baptizing the land
with her blood. God did well to select old Middlesex, and the loved and revered centre of old
Middlesex, namely, Concord, as the spot, not where this achievement was to be completed, but
where it was to be begun, and well begun; where the troops of crowned kings were to meet, not the
troops of the people, but the people themselves, and be routed and beaten from the field, and
what is more, stay beaten, we hope, we doubt not, to the end of time.

And let us remember that our fathers, from the first to the last in that eventful struggle,
made most devout appeals to Almighty God. It was so with the whole Revolutionary War. It was all
begun, continued, and ended in God. Every man and every boy that went from the little mountain
town of Acton, with its five hundred souls, went that morning from a house of prayer. A more
prayerful, pious, God-fearing, man-loving people, I have never read or heard of. If you have,
sir, I should like to know who they are, and where they live. They were Puritans, Plymouth Rock
Puritans, men who would petition and petition and petition, most respectfully and most
courteously, and when their petition and petitioners, old Ben Franklin and the rest, were proudly
spurned away from the foot of the throne, petition again; and do it again for more than ten long,
tedious years. But after all they would fight, and fight as never man fought; and they did fight.

When such men take up arms, let kings and queens take care of themselves. When you have
waked up such men to resistance unto blood, you have waked up a lion in his den. You may kill
them, -- they are vulnerable besides on the heel, -- but my word for it, you never can conquer

At Old North Bridge, about nine o'clock in the forenoon, on the memorable 19th of April,
1775, King George's troops met these men, and, after receiving their first fire, fled. And the
flight still continues, -- the flight of kings before the people.

Davis's minute-men were ready first, and were on the ground first. They were an élite
corps, young men, volunteers; and give me young men for war. They were to be ready at a moment's
warning. They were soon at Davis's house and gun-shop, and they waited here till about fifty had
arrived. While there some of them were powdering their hair, just as the Greeks were accustomed
to put garlands of flowers on their heads as they went forth to battle; and they expected a
battle. They were fixing their gun-locks, and making a few cartridges; but cartridges and
cartridge-boxes were rare in those days. The accoutrements of the heroes of the Revolution were
the powder-horn and the bullet-pouch, at least of the militia.

And Concord Fight, with all its unequalled and uneclipsed glory, was won, by the help of
God, by Massachusetts militiamen. Some were laughing and joking to think that they were going to
have what they had for months longed for, -- a "hit at old Gage." But Davis was a thoughtful,
sedate, serious man, a genuine Puritan, like Samuel Adams; and he rebuked them. He told them that
in his opinion it was "a most eventful crisis for the colonies; blood would be spilt, that was
certain. The crimsoned fountain would be opened; none could tell when it would close, nor with
whose blood it would flow. Let every man gird himself for battle, and not be afraid, for God is
on our side. He had great hope that the country would be free, though he might not live to see
it." The truth was, and it should come out, Davis expected to die that day if he went into
battle. He never expected to come back alive to that house.

And no wonder that after the company started, and had marched out of his lane some twenty
rods to the highway, he halted them, and went back. He was an affectionate man. He loved that
youthful wife of his, and those four sick children, and he thought to see them never again; and
he never did. There was such a presentiment in his mind. His widow has often told me all about
it; and she thought the same herself. And no wonder he went back, and took one more last,
lingering look of them, saying -- he seemed to want to say something; but as he stood on that
threshold where I have often stood, and where, in my mind's eye, I have often seen his manly
form, he could only say, "Take good care of the children;" the feelings of the father struggling
in him and for a moment almost overcoming the soldier. The ground of this presentiment was this.
A few days before the fight, Mr. Davis and wife had been away from home of an afternoon. On
returning they noticed, as they entered, a large owl sitting on Davis's gun as it hung on the
hooks, -- his favorite gun, the very gun he carried to the fight, a beautiful piece for those
days, his own workmanship, the same he grasped in both hands when he was shot at the bridge,
being just about to fire himself, and which, when stone dead, he grasped still, his friends
having, to get it away, to unclinch his stiff fingers.

Sir, however you may view this occurrence, or however I may, it matters not. I am telling
how that brave man viewed it, and his wife, and the men of those times. It was an ill omen, a bad
sign. The sober conclusion was, that the first time Davis went into battle he would lose his
life. This was the conclusion, and so it turned out. The family could give no account of the
creature, and they knew not how it came in. The hideous bird was not allowed to be disturbed or
frightened away; and there he stayed two or threedays, siting upon the gun.

But mark, with this distinct impression on his mind, did the heart of that Puritan
patriarch quail? No; not at all, not at all. He believed in the Puritan's God, -- the Infinite
Spirit sitting on the throne of the universe, Proprietor of all, Creator and Upholder of all,
superintending and disposing of all, that the hairs of his head were all numbered, and not even a
sparrow could fall to the ground without his God's express notice, knowledge, and consent. He
took that gun from those hooks with no trembling hand or wavering heart; and with his trusty
sword hanging by his side, he started for North Bridge with the firm tread of a giant. Death!
Davis did not fear to die. And he had the magic power, which some men certainly have, -- God
bestows it upon them, -- to inspire everyone around them with the same feeling. His soldiers to a
man would have gone anywhere after such a leader. After about two miles of hurried march, they
came out of the woods only a few rods from Colonel James Barrett's, in Concord, and halted in the
highway, whether discovered or not (this road came into the road by Barrett's, some twenty rods
from Barrett's house), looking with burning indignation to see Captain Parsons and his detachment
of British troops with axes break up the gun-carriages, and bring out hay and wood, and burn them
in the yard.

They had great thoughts of firing in upon them then and there to venture. But Davis was a
military man; and his orders were to rendezvous at North Bridge, and he knew very well that
taking possession of North Bridge would cut off all retreat for this detachment of horse, and
they must be taken prisoners.

In a few minutes more he wheeled his company into line on the high lands of North Bridge,
taking the extreme left of the line, -- that line being formed facing the river, which was his
place, as the youngest commissioned officer present in the regiment, -- a place occupied a few
days before by him at a regimental muster of the minute-men.

A council of war was immediately summoned by Colonel James Barrett, and attended on the
spot, made up of commissioned officers and Committees of Safety. The question was, What shall now
be done? The Provincials had been talking for months -- nay, for years -- of the wrongs they had
borne at the hands of a cruel motherland. They had passed good paper resolutions by the dozens.
They had fired off their paper bullets; but what shall now be done? Enough had been said. What
shall now be done? What a moment! What a crisis for the destinies of this land and of all lands,
of the rights and liberties of the human race! Never was a council of war or council of peace
called to meet a more important question, one on the decision of which more was at stake. Their
council was divided. Some thought it best at once to rush down and take possession of the bridge,
and cut off the retreat of CaptainParsons; others thought not.

Here were probably found in battle array over six hundred troops, standing there under
arms. Colonel Smith and Major Pitcairn were in plain sight, with their red coats on, their
cocked-up hats and their spyglasses, inspecting from the old graveyard hills the gathering foe;
for they came in from all directions, suddenly, unaccountably, like the gathering of a summer
thunder-cloud. Of course it was admitted on all hands that they could take

possession of the bridge, but it was to be expected that this skirmish must bring on a general
engagement with the main body in the town. The Provincials would be in greater force by twelve
o'clock m. than at nine. And if the whole British army of eight hundred men should take the field
against them in their present number, most undoubtedly the men would run, -- they never would
"stand fire." Their officers thought so; their officers said so on the spot. They gave it as
their opinion, and it is probable that no attack at that hour would have been made had it not
happened that, at that moment, the smoke began to rise from the centre of the town, -- all in
plain sight from these heights, -- the smoke of burning houses. And they said, Shall we stand
here like cowards, and see Old Concord burn?

Colonel Barrett gave consent to make the attack. Davis came back to his company, drew his
sword, and commanded, them to advance six paces. He then faced them to the right, and at his
favorite tune of "The White Cockade" led the column of attack towards the bridge. By the side of
Davis marched Major Buttrick of Concord, as brave a man as lived, and old Colonel Robinson of
Westford. The British on this began to take up the bridge; the Americans on this quickened their
pace. Immediately the firing on both sides began. Davis is at once shot dead, through the heart.
The ball passed quite through his body, making a very large wound, perhaps driving in a button of
his coat.

His blood gushed out in one great stream, flying, it is said, more than ten feet,
besprinkling and besmearing his own clothes, these shoe-buckles, and the clothes of Orderly
Sergeant David Forbush, and a file leader, Thomas Thorp. Davis when hit, as is usual with men
when shot thus through the heart, leaped up. his fall length and fell over the causeway on the
wet ground, firmly grasping all the while, with both hands, that beautiful gun; and when his
weeping comrades came to take care of his youthful but bloody remains, they with difficulty
unclutched those hands now cold and stiff in death. He was just elevating to his sure eye this
gun. No man was a surer shot. What a baptism of blood did those soldiers then receive! The
question is now, Do these men deserve this monument, -- one that shall speak?

Davis's case is without a parallel, and was so considered by the Legislature and by
Congress when they granted aid to his widow. There never can be another.

There never can be but one man who headed the first column of attack on the king's troops
in the Revolutionary War. And Isaac Davis was that man. Others fell, but not exactly as he fell.
Give them the marble. Vote them the monument, one that shall speak to all future generations, and

speak to the terror of kings and to the encouragement of all who will be free, and who, when the
bloody crisis comes to strike for it, "are not afraid to go."

At the base of the Acton monument may be seen the rude gravestones that stood in the
ancient burial-ground seventy-five years before their removal to their present location.

Their quaint epitaphs, chiselled before the result of the sacrifice was realized, are of
interest, in that they tell the story before time had afforded an opportunity to arouse the
sentiment of later days.

I Say Unto all Watch