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Website: http://www.anacondacosmica.


- a Shipibo healing center in the
Amazon rainforest, Peru.

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Welcome to a stay at this special place, surrounded by plants, animals and magic,
situated in the middle of the rainforest. Here you will find not only amazing experiences
with nature but also the opportunity to dive deeper into a highly developed healing tradition
that has existed for thousands of years. The knowledge is carried by the shamans who is
trained and taught not only by other master shamans but by the plants through their
energy and spirit.

Many people in our world are suffering and can't find a way out of their pain, out of
conditions that no medicine can heal. Many are searching and are interested in
ancient or natural traditions of medicine. It is our experience that in many cases our
knowledge of the traditional amazonian medicine can give an answer and bring
healing where there was no solution.

Anaconda Cosmica was founded by Shipibo healer and shaman Guillermo Arévalo,
Kestembetsa. Now several other shamans are also deeply involved in the healing work in
the Ayahuasca ceremonies, including his son, Hames Arévalo. We also have many
Shipibo women who perform traditional massage, joint manipulation and prescribing
necessary plant healing remedies in the daytime.

The Ayahuasca Ceremony is a unique experience
you donʼt want to miss. It is a healing ritual where
the shamans perform their art on the patient. The
shamans use the Ayahuasca to open their vision,
mind and senses to information that most of us
normally donʼt have access to. They open their
inner eye to the spiritual dimensions where they
can see and sense the condition of the patient as well as make a diagnosis and do the
healing work.

In the beginning og the ceremony you are invited to also drink the Ayahuasca, if you wish.
After we all have drunk we wait in silence for the effect and the trance to begin. This can
be from 20 minutes up to one hour. After this the shamans open the ceremony through
chanting and a form of whistling. In this way we enter into the World of the Medicine.

Before the ceremony you have the chance to converse with the shamans mainly to inform
them about your situation, condition or wishes. Here you can give all necessary
information such as medical history, diagnosis, sufferings or wants. In the ceremony the
shamans will then work with the group as one as well as with individuals. It is mainly
through the chants that the healers do their work, but they also use tobacco and various
plant and flower perfumes.

The Ayahuasca ceremonies are held Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Ayahuasca is lie a marriage between two plants. One is the leaves of the Chakruna the
other is the vine of the Ayahuasca. These two components are boiled together for many
hours and then reduces to a drinkable concentration. Ayahuasca creates a trance where
the mind can open to experiences we normally do not access. In this tradition the trance is
used to “see” into the patient, to discover and also to learn and make contact with the


Ayahuasca might be the most known plant
from this tradition. What fewer people know
is that it is mainy other plants that serve as
the real teachers of medicine for the
shamans. These plants are called Master
Plants and it is through these plants that the
shamans learn their healing art.

Through a discipline called “la dieta”, the diet, a connection is made between the plant and
the human being. In this way the healing and teaching can begin. Through the work of a
master or by ingesting the plants you can start to open a plant diet.
The different plants have different properties and teach and heal in various ways. If you
wish you may open such a diet during your stay here at the center and have the
opportunity to feel and experience the power and strength of the World of the Plants.

There are mainly to types of Diet. One is a learning diet and the other is a healing diet. If
you wish to learn how to become a healer or further develope yourself as a healer, a
learning diet would be appropriate. If you have disease, sufferings or other problems you
wish to overcome a healing diet would be more suitable. Through the consultation of the
shaman you can understand better what is good for you.

Important note:
If you have or have had mental/psychiatric problems we do not recommend you drink the
Ayahuasca. These types of sufferings is however something the shamans work with and in
many cases cure. Du can still participate in the ceremonies without taking the Ayahuasca
and the healers will work on you.

The price is 70$ per day. This includes 3 meals per day, all the Ayahuasca ceremonies, all
healing and treatment in ceremony and out of ceremony in the daytime, steam baths,
repote, Shipibo massage, plant diet, bungalow or room and laundry service.


The center is situated approximately one
hour outside of Iquitos, Peru. The flight time
from Europe to lima is aprox. 12 hours.
The flight from Lima to Iquitos is
approximately 1 hour.
The center is open all year around, so you
are welcome any time.

e-mail:" " anacondacosmica@gmail.com

Visit the website for more detailed information

Website: " " http://www.anacondacosmica.com

Kind regards

from all of us at Anaconda Cosmica