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Alexcis Hicks



28 March 2011

We are not superior

Tom Robinsin should not be in jail! He is only guilty because he had a

biased trial, he is black, and he is too nice. If he were none of these things he

would b a free and alive man today. If he were none of these things he would

have a fair trial.

The jury could not be fair because they are racially biased. The

courtroom is surrounded by white and black folks , all curious as to why I,

Atticus Fitch, a white attorney, is defending Tom Robinsin, a black man

accused of rape. White folks frown upon me for doing what I believe is right,

which means defending a black man. I’m even fighting with my own family,

which takes real courage! Tom is a rapist according to Mayella and her

father, Bob Ewell. Just because white folks so it’s so, well then it must be


Tom is way too nice, he kept helping out Mayella and she got the

wrong idea. If tom would have never been so nice to Miss Mayella, she would

have not taken advantage of him. If he would have never busted up that

chiverobe or took a look at her door, he could have made it impossible for

she to tell people that he did such a thing. He would have never put himself

in the situation for her to come on to him. She knew that if she had called

rape on Tom Robinsin, that he would be convicted and killed. Mayella’s

conscience wouldn’t leave her alone about kiss a black man. For her to clear

her conscience she knew she had to get rid of Tom , rape is what she

screamed! She knew from that moment tom Robinsins’ life was officially


Tom has a unfair trial because, Tom is automatically guilty because he

has a white audience, judge and jury. Everybody in the court house

excluding the blacks are biast on this case, the judge and the jury too! They

don’t consider the fact that he can only use one hand, he can’t beat Mayella

up. When Miss Mayella tells her story she says tom raped her but when she

looked up her dad was standing there. All the jury heard for evidence that

he’s black, he’s black, and oh I forgot to tell you that he’s black. There’s no

way Mr. Ewell could have chased tom away if tom already ran away before

he got there. This means there was no one at the Ewell house except,

Mayella and her daddy while Mayella was raped. Evidence is very lucid. Bob

Ewell raped Mayella Ewell and she is guilty for lying about it. Tom is guilty for

being black.

I try my best to get the jury to understand the facts and look past the

fact that tom is a black man. Tom would have never been in this

predicament if he would have refused to do any think Mayella asked of him.


If tom was white he’d be a freeman today! I reiterate, Tom Robinsin is NOT

guilty and he did not have a fair trial! My daughter mention to me the other

day that tom was something like a mocking bird he did nothing except help

miss Mayella. Because of this trail, tom is having his life taken away from

him. It’s a sin to kill a mocking bird.