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Министерство образования Республики Беларусь

Учреждение образования
«Витебский государственный университет имени П.М.Машерова»

План-конспект урока на тему «Планы на будущее»

Учащаяся группы 3ИЯ16
«Иностранный язык»
Кудина Анастасия Вячеславовна

Орша, 2019
План-конспект урока по теме
«Планы на будущее»
(7 класс)
Цель: Обобщение полученных знаний по теме «Travelling to world capitals»
● Образовательная: создать условия для совершенствования навыка
устной речи; повторения лексико-грамматического материала по
данной теме;
● Воспитательная: создать условия для воспитания уважительного
отношения к друг другу, внимания, умения слушать друг друга;
● Развивающая: создать условия для развития психических процессов:
памяти, логического мышления, внимания; формирования у детей
желания взаимодействовать в ходе урока.
Лексический материал: Лексика по теме «Travelling to world capitals»
Оборудование: Учебник, раздаточный материал.
Вид: урок обобщения и систематизации

Ход урока:

Этап Задачи Содержание Время

I Начало урока Good morning boys and girls! Sit
1. down, please. Glad to see you.
2. Речевая Помочь How are you today? What is the
разминка учащимся weather today?
войти в Now, answer my questions:
языковую 1.What forms of transport do you
среду, know? 2. Where we can see
настроить на Buckingham Palace and Bid Ben?
общение на 3. Name the capital of Australia
англ. языке 4. When you travel by bus, plane or
train, do you prefer window seats or
aisle seats? 5. Who is at the head of
the United Kingdom? 6. What places
would you recommend to visit in
3. Проверка Проверить Are you ready to the lesson? Let’s
домашнего выполнено ли check your hometask. What was
задания домашнее your hometask for today?
задание или
причины его You did well.
4. Целеполагание Today we are going to sum up all the
material. We will remember the
words and grammar connected with
this topic
II. Основная -Let’s discuss, do you write letters?
часть. What will you need to write a letter?
Open your books at page 207, ex 1b
Nick – Mr. Rambler’s nephew and
Yan decided to write letters to each
other to improve Yan’s English.
Read one of the letters. Do you think
Yan and Nick will meet in summer?
-Now I will divide you into four
groups and each group will have its
own part of the text. You will need to
read your part of the text and then
tell one another what you read. Read
very attentively.
-Are you ready? Try to retell your
part of the text to another group.
Do you understand what the letter
-Ok, let’s answer the questions ex 1c,
do ex 1d.
- What ways of expressing the future
tense do you know? (Написать на
доске The present simple, the
present continuous, the future simple
and construction to be going to)
Find the future forms in the letter and
explain the use of the future forms in
the letter.
Физкультминутка Снятие Now let’s remember the words from
психического your previous topics, I’ll give you a
напряжения card with the word and you should
путем explain the meaning of the word in
переключения English and the class should guess
на другой вид the word and translate it.
деятельности, (arrive, flight, luggage, landmark,
улучшение book a ticket, window seat,
здоровья government, parliament, schedule,
детей business trip, passenger, guide)
Упражнения для Let’s do some tasks
отработки ❶Раскройте скобки и поставьте
способов глаголы в Present simple или
выражения Present continuous.
будущего 1. The English course finishes on 10
времени May (to finish)
2. I __ for New York in a few hours,
(to leave)
3. Our classes __ at 9 o’clock. (to
4. Mr. Johnson __ a conference in St.
Petersburg next week. (to attend)
5. John __ his boss tomorrow. (to
6. Tom __ to the party on Tuesday.
(to come)
7. The coffee shop __ at 8 o’clock.
(to open)
❷ Поставьте глагол в правильную
1.The bag looks heavy. I will help
you. (to help)
2. I have decided to paint the room.
What color __ it? (you, to paint)
3. Ben __ the dentist tomorrow. (to
4. I don’t want to go alone. __ with
me? (you, to come)
5. The film __ in an hour. (to begin)
6. I think I __ next week. (not, to
7. Leave the old bread here. The
birds __ it. (to eat)
8. Cathy __ tennis with friends next
Monday. (to play)
❸ Исправьте ошибку
1. The phone is ringing. I am going
to answer.
2. Sam’s plane will arrive at
3. What time is the next bus going to
leave for London?
4. My uncle has bought bricks. He
will build a house.
5. My elder sister is finishing school
in June.
6. There is somebody at the door. I
am going to open.
7. If you come tonight, I am sure you
have much fun.
8. The film is going start at 7 p.m.
9. My dad will fly to Paris tonight.
III. Thank you for your work at our
Заключительная lesson. You have worked hard. I’m
часть урока proud of you today. What have we
1. Подведение done today? What we repeated
итогов today? What future forms we
remembered today?
2. Рефлексия You were active or passive today?
Was there anything difficult for you
at the lesson?
3. Предъявление и At home you should write your letter
объяснение to an English-speaking friend, tell
домашнего him about your plans for the
задания summer. Include all the rubrics from
ex. 2d and all the future forms you
have practiced in this unit.
4. Оценка работы Your marks today are …
учащихся - Если отметка 8,9,10. I am satisfied
with your work today. Your answers
were full. You were active during the
lesson. You have …
- Если отметка 6 или 7.
Your work was good, but not
enough. You be more active. You
- Если отметка 5 или 4.
Your work was weak. You should be
more attentive and active.
Unfortunately, you have…
Good bye

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