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CLSP English Year 7

Structure their writing, using paragraph and

sequencing events, details and ideas within
Rearrange these jumbled
• me – know – you – well – so 
• he – me – knows – well – so 
• beautiful – eyes – brown 
• is – vitally – it – important 
• is – vitally – it – important – ? 
The correct structures

1. You know me so well.

(subjective pron + verb+ objective
2. He knows me so well.
(subj pron+verb+obj pron+adv+adv)
3. Beautiful brown eyes
4. It is vitally important.
(subj pron+verb+adv+adj)
5. Is it vitally important?
(verb+subj. pron+adv+adj)
The good structure of
Melisa has chosen five possible future
careers. Firstly, she wants to become a
journalist for an English magazine. Secondly,
she might become a radio announcer. Thirdly,
she intends to work as an interpreter.
Fourthly, she is also interested in being an
English teacher. Finally, she could possibly be
a tourist guide. Certainly, Melissa should
study hard to prepare herself for the jobs in
The answer of part C
1. Recently
2. Although
3. After
4. Unfortunately
5. then
6. Moreover
7. Nevertheless
8. Therefore
9. certainly
What do you call these shoes?
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Second level
● Third level

● Fourth level

● Fifth level

black leather shoes

leather black shoes?
The OPSHACOM rule can help you with the order of
the adjectives before nouns.
Example adjectives for
Opinion: lovely, excellent, silly
Shape: big, square, round
Age: young, old, ancient
Colour: red, brown, yellow
Origin: British, Chinese, Canadian
Material: steel, cotton, liquid
Examples of more-than-
one-adjective phrases
bea gla bo
a utif old Bri
ss wl
ul re tis car
a d wo ho
w h
a big old ode us
re Lon
Wo e
a big
bea d don s
blu jum
a utif n
e per
In a story, things happen in
order of events or sequence.
Signal words like, first,
second, next, finally, after or
then can identify the next
event. Read the following
carefully and list the events in
Read the following
carefully and list the
events inman.sequence.
Mr. Granger is a nice He is our next-door neighbor. He
wasn't feeling well and went to see Dr. Allen. Dr. Allen gave Mr.
Granger a check up and told him he needed to eat more fruits
and vegetables and start to exercise every day. Mr. Granger
wanted to feel better. First, he started to eat a grapefruit
every morning for breakfast. He walked two miles with Mrs.
Granger every morning after breakfast. He would help Mrs.
Granger work in the yard for two hours after their walk. They
would eat a salad for lunch and then, Mr. Granger would ride
his bike to the gym to exercise each afternoon for an hour. Mr.
Granger would go straight home and take a nap.
The sequence of events
1. Mr. Granger went to see Dr. Allen
2. Mr. Granger ate a grapefruit for breakfast.
3. Mr. Granger walked two miles with Mrs. Granger.
4. Mr. Granger worked in the yard with Mrs. Granger.
5. Mr. Granger ate salad for lunch.
6. Mr. Granger rode his bike to the gym.
7. Mr. Granger exercised at the gym for an hour.
8. Mr. Granger took a nap.
Write the relevant
sentences to support the
There are three things I like below.
from this school.
main ideas
Students now cannot be separated with
I am always discipline in my life.
Susan is a generous girl.
Example of good answer#1
There are three things I like from this school. Firstly, this school is a full
day school. Secondly, it provides lunch. Thirdly, it has moving class

Students now cannot be separated with computers.

Everytime students got an assignment, they need
computer to accomplish it. The use of manual typewriter
is too time-consuming. Moreover, by using computer
they can be more creative with the writing—the “undo”
tool makes them not too afraid of making mistakes.
Example of good answer#2

I am always discipline in my life. I always get up early in the morning; usually at

3.30. Then, I directly take a bath and have a wudhlu. I then pray tahajjud and
wait for subuh time by reading holly Quran. I do it even on the days off.

Susan in a generous girl. She can’t stand knowing her

friends in troubles. Once I needed some money right
away to pay the tuition; my parents didn’t have money in
that month. So, I told my problem to Susan and
intended to borrow from her. Instead of lending her
money to me, she just gave the money to me. How
generous she is.