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We begin this article with an important word study;

especially in light of what we learned previously about the
ancient Egyptians writing the name "Krst" on their tombs. In the previous
article we make the connection between the word "Krst/Christ", the
mummy, and the initiation into the Mysteries or a higher Spiritual

Answer for yourself: Why is the knowledge of the Egyptian word "Krst"
or "Christ" being inscribed upon the lids of Egyptian Coffins so very
important for us? Why is this so critically important to note?

This origin of the word "mummy" and its connection to "initiation

into the mysteries" suggests that the elaborate procedure
ofmummification was inaugurated to typify the whole broad
meaning of the incarnation, as a submerging of "Living Energy"
into the dense state of mortal matter. This again is why the Mysteries
taught from nation to nation for thousands of years after Egypt. For such a
downward "descent" and "ascent" through the world of material
existence was, as we shall see, the only path leading to the "initiation" of
the Spirits into the higher mysteries that lurk in the depths of created life.

Answer for yourself: But there is more. There exists an Egyptian word
which was used to designate the mummy. Can you guess this word?

The mummy is called the "Krst/Karest/Christ". That right. The

"mummy" in ancient Egypt was called "the Krst/Christ". Not only
was the word "Krst" inscribed on their tombs but the very "mummy", a
symbol of this "Living Energy in matter" was also called "the
Krst/Christ". Let us now take time to make the connection between the
word for "anointing" as in the anointing of the "dead mummies" with
the penetrating oils and resins that would penetrate and pierce into this
very vessel and the Egyptian word "Messa" or "Messiah" as we more
commonly know it.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon:

#4899 mashiyach- the anointed, the anointed one

• a) used of the Messiah, Messianic prince

• b) used of the king of Israel
• c) used of the high priest of Israel
• d) used of Cyrus
• e) used of the patriarchs as anointed kings

Strong's Concordance:

4899 mashiyach (maw-shee'-akh); from 4886; anointed; usually a

consecrated person (as a king, priest, or saint); specifically, the Messiah:
KJV-- anointed, Messiah.

So we see amazingly that the Egyptian mummy is called by the word

"Krst/Karest/Christ" but as you might have guessed it comes with
an entirely different meaning from what Roman Christianity has
taught and applied to it. This Egyptian word which we know as
"Christ" was marked on the lids of their coffins. These "dead" mummies
were associated with the "Krst/Karest/Christ". It is this "Krst Soul", this
"incarnating Deific Mind" which also "fell" into or "pierces" into the
"matter" of humanity. This piercing of the "Living Energy" of God
which "fell" into "matter" again is the "crucifixion of God on the
cross of matter" as described by the ancients. Take a minute to let it
sink in that all of these Metaphysical Concepts are related and find their
origin in ancient Egypt and no where was this "crucifixion of God in
matter" understood to be "historical"& "limited to but one person";
rather it applied to the whole of humanity.

Answer for yourself: Is it not rather strange that the ancient Egyptians
would have the name of a supposed future Jewish Rabbi on their tombs
don't you think; especially since as early as 10,000 or 5,000 B.C.E. there
exists not a nation or person who is called a Jew on the whole planet?
Again we are missing something of huge significance; we are missing the
truth behind the words "messa", "Messiah", "anointing", "Krst", and
"crucifixion of God on the cross of matter".

Here lies the problem that we encounter today in even trying to study this
out. We are hampered by prior indoctrination and conditioned by
erroneous religious teaching before we ever begin our personal search for
"the truth" as Christians and followers of "the Christ". We stumble at the
gates of knowledge because of the radical reinterpretation of the ancient
Egyptian Religion and its religious beliefs and dogmas by a later Roman
Orthodoxy which then passed off upon the world counterfeit and false
meanings to existing ancient religious dogmas which had maintained their
integrity from nation to nation for thousands of years. These reinterpreted
ancient Religious Beliefs, like those of ancient Egypt for instance, became
the cornerstone of their replacement religion which we know as
Christianity today. In a matter of 300 years this ancient Spiritual Wisdom
had been mutilated by Rome to an almost unrecognizable level. We read it
everyday in our Bibles and mistakenly approach it with a "literal-
historical" approach when nothing could be further from the truth.

This Egyptian word for the mummy, the Krst/Karest/Christ, of which

I speak, consists of the consonants K R S with a suffix T, giving us the
word "K R S T". This is why I so often equate in my articles the word for
"Christ" as "Krst/Karest/Christ" since they are all the same words
actually and carry the same meanings originally! The voweling is
indefinite, as it always was in the ancient writings. Notice the close
connection between the language of the Hebrews and the earlier Egyptian
language since both are "consonant" languages only. The Hebrew
language will follow the "Egyptian pattern" and likewise become a
consonant "only" language. Now scholars have come along and introduced
an A before the R and another after it, making the word K A R A S T as
we find it so often generally written. Scholarship abounds with many
related spellings of the word "Krst" such as:

• Karist,
• Karest,
• Kerast,
• Kerist or
• Krist.

But they all mean the same. They all are variations of "the Krst"
and "the Christ".

Now lets move on. It is very, very important to note the fact that the root
of the word "Krst", which we just saw meant "mummy", is related with
the Greek "kreas", which is the word for "flesh".

Answer for yourself: Then are the words "mummy", "flesh", "anointed",
and "Krst/Karest/Christ" all related? Yes. How is the "Messiah"
connected to "flesh"; how is "the Krst/Christ" connected with "flesh"?
What I say next is so important. The mummy was always
anointed in order to preserve it as a form of "matter" for all
eternity. Even at that it was only "symbolic" for the mummy
was never intended to be "reinhabited" by the Soul in another
incarnation as we might suppose. Egypt never believed in a
physical resurrection of the "body" and neither did the

Answer for yourself: What was the mummy to teach us then?

The mummy was symbolic in its intent that "Living Energy",

whether in "matter" or in our "Soul" as Divine
Consciousness was preservable for all eternity.

Mummification taught us that this "Living Energy" ,

invisible, or visible, will never die or be annihilated. In other words,
energy can be converted from one form to another (transform), but
it cannot be created or destroyed (this is the Law of the
Conservation Energy in the Universe). The anointing was
symbolicof a penetrating into "matter" of a preserving substance
(Egypt used symbolically various oils and resins) and when we look at the
word we find that this preserver of "matter" or this "savior" of
"matter" was thispenetrating "Krst/Karest/Christ" who "fell" down
the Tree of Life (the image on the right) and became embodied and
incarnated "into dead matter" which is represented by the "dead
mummy". Here we have the "fall" of the gods, the "neteru",
the penetration of the gods into "matter" ritually demonstrated before
us in a physical setting. Here is Philippians two symbolically and ritually
symbolized before our very eyes. Here we see the metaphysical truth of the
incarnation of "the Krst/Hours/Christ", this "Deific Mind" of God into
"matter" portrayed in a religious ritual which is the background for the
Horus and all later descending god, goddesses, and Sungod and
Sungoddess stories. It is the prototype and "Divine Pattern" for the
later "Jesus Story" as well. The "mummy" had been "the fleshly"
home for the "indwelling Krst/Karest/Christ-Soul". So no wonder
the word "Krst" or "Christ" was written on the lids of Egyptian
coffins. Horus, on the right at the bottom of the Egyptian Kabbalah and
"Ladder from Heaven" is this "descending Christ" into "matter" of which
I speak. It is the job of "Horus" or "the Christ" to transform us as
descending Souls for our ascent and return back up this Ladder of Heaven
to our Father who waits for us as seen in the Prodigal Son allegory.
Lets talk about the Greek language for a second. The "Kr" consonant,
seen in "Krst", metamorphoses into the Greek "Chr"very easily.
Next to impossible is to not note the closeness of the word "Krst"
to the Greek "Chrestos or Christos". Here we have before us plainly as
the nose on our face that the "Krst" in Egyptian language is truly
the Egyptian origin for our word Christ!

Now if we take this word KRST and use a different vowel we end up very
close to the Latin word "crux", or the Middle English "cros"("cross"),
and our very own word "crust".

Answer for yourself: What is this saying to us when we make the

association of the words "cross, crux, crust" as they are related to
"Krst/Karest/Christ" and "flesh"?

Answer for yourself: How is this "Krst" or "Christ" originally understood

to be related to this "cross"? Have we understood this dogma of the
crucifixion of "the Christ" correctly? Was this "Krst" always connected to
the "crux" or "cros" or "cross" and is this "crucifixion" of Christ always
have been a Metaphysical Reality and never was to be altered from this
meaning as Rome has done when making the "Christ" a supposed
"historical" and "literal" person limited to but one body and not the entire
species of mankind?

Answer for yourself: Is this "cross" or "crux" some type of symbol for an
old rugged cross of wood where this Krst/Karest/Christ was nailed and
crucified? No, this "wood" is but only "matter" as we have seen from the
beginning and often the ancients typified "matter" by using the word
"wood" as all encompassing of the totality of "matter".

Answer for yourself: Or is this cross in which the "Krst/Karest/Christ"

was "crossed", "crucified", but a symbol for the impregnation
and intersection of two planes of existences; the "flesh" of all
mankind and the "Deific Mind of God" as "the Christ" merging
into a higher expression of life? It is the symbol of all symbols?
This is a lot to take in all at once but the truths are fantastic and
explains what lies behind our Sungods and Goddesses and the
"Jesus Story" when correctly interpreted as but a parallel to the ancient

Like the Egyptian cross, the "crux" or the "cross" was but the
metaphysical symbol of the crossing of two "Living Energies" and planes
of existence (visible/invisible) in an incarnation of the "Deific Mind/Living
Energy" from God which intersected (crossed over and into) the
"flesh" and "matter" of humanity. This intersection and anointing
(penetrating) of "matter" (symbolized by the word anoint and the
anointing ritual) by "the Christ" (Christ means "anoint" once again, the
penetrating into "matter" of the "Krst Mind of God", our flesh) is a
Universal Law of God that never should have been limited to but one being
or person as Rome has so implied in their "literalization and historization"
of the "Jesus Story". Instead of being the prototype and pattern of all
humanity they relegated it but one supposed individual and all incarnated
Souls which are taught to believe Rome's redacted version of the "Horus
Story" are robbed of their incarnational goal and purpose.

Answer for yourself: Is this "cross" only a symbol of the penetration of

"the Christ" into another plane of existence, in this case "matter",
whereby the two planes become "one" by the "impregnation" of one level
of "Living Energy" (Deific Mind/Spirit) with another plane of "Living
Energy" ("matter")?

Lets examine the first cross ever. It is the Egyptian Cross called the

The Ankh was, for the ancient Egyptians, the symbol (the
actual Hieroglyphic sign) of life but it is an enduring icon that
remains with us even today as a Christian cross. The top loop
of the Ankh also represent the feminine aspect of God as the
Womb of all life, of "Mother God", while the elongated
section represent the masculine aspect of Father God, (the
Phallus). These two sacred units, or symbolic and
representative depository of "Living Energies". When these two "Living
Energies" merge and "come together" this results in life. The circle
symbolizes Eternal Life and the cross below it represents the Material
Plane ("matter") which is separated from this other realm of
existence by a horizontal plane or division between these two
existences. The Ankh combines two symbols, the circle which
represents "eternity and what is called the "Tau Cross" (on the
right). When these two "Living Energies" intersect and come together
then immortality occurs. This Ankh also represents symbolically the
male and female symbols of the two principal Egyptian deities Osiris and
Isis, thus the union of Heaven and Earth, the "Living Energies
(gods/Elohim) in Heaven" and the "Living Energies (gods/Elohim)
in matter". It all fits together.

Gen 1:26-27 26 And God said, Let us (the neteru) make man in our image,
after our likeness:... 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image
of God created he him; male and female created he them. (KJV)

Again we see the intersection of the two realms of "Living Energies" that
produce human life as we know it. The Ankh is called the "Crux
Ansata,"it is of Egyptian origin and can be traced to the Early Dynastic
Period, appearing frequently in artwork of various material and in relief,
depicting the Gods.

Answer for yourself: Do you recall we said that the Egyptian word for "the
Christ", "Krst", when given certain vowels in Latin means "crux"? By
taking these ideas and putting them together we come away with the
knowledge that the impregnation (anointing of the mummy, symbol of
"matter") of the penetrating "Living Energy" as the "Krst/Karest/Christ"
into "dark matter". This combination gives us the idea of eternal
preservation of this "Living Energy" of the human existence which is
likened to the rebirth of "dead matter" (Soul). At the heart of it we find
the idea or "rebirth" and "reincarnation".

Now let us put this together where the rubber meets the road and make it
simpler if possible.

We begin by making the connection between our root words; between, as

shown above, the "Krst/Karest/Christ" and "crux" and the "cross"and
when we do then we clearly see that this Ankh is a dramatic symbol of
the "incarnation" and intersection of God, as "Living Energies",
into "matter" (anointing and penetrating into "matter") or into
"humanity" whereby "the Krst/Karest/Christ" is incarnated and
anointed (penetrated) into "matter" as well as the descending Soul
which like "the Krst" also "fell" into "matter".This "Krst" has come
to save the Soul from further "death" at the hands of the animal-
nature. These Heavenly "Living Energies" of which I have spoken so
much "fell" down from Heaven and the Celestial Spheres and became
incarnated or lodged in "matter". This mummy or "Messiah", anoints,
penetrates, and impregnates "fleshly matter" and in so doing brings life to
the human self and Soul whereby the Soul is vigorized to where he/she can
overcome the struggles and battles against the animal-nature (battle of Set
and Horus) which defies him and in so doing "rise from the dead" while yet
in this fleshly body. The Soul is to be "born again" Spiritually
while he yet lives in this physical body and in so doing
transform this animal-nature into the likeness of "the Krst" of
which he has become an example himself.Unless the Soul is
transformed first by the indwelling Christ then there is no hope that
the animal-nature can be transformed at all. This"resurrection from
the dead" by an increased Spiritual consciousness (being Born
Again) in order to subdue this Earthly incarnation of slumber
that intoxifies the Soul, is to occur not after the
demise of the clay body; it is to occur while we yet
live. We, as Souls, are to awaken in Amenta, in our
Earthly graves, in Hades, in Hell, in this Earthly pit, in
this grave and Underworld, from this fleshly slumber and
the devices of the pleasures and lusts of the flesh and
animal-nature which rob us of our incarnational purpose. On
the right we see Anubis, who guides "the dead",
offering life (the Ankh...a New Birth), a "higher life and
Spiritual consciousness" to mankind in this Earthy
existence "before the death of the body"; not after the deceased is
buried. When we first look at the image on the right being conditioned as
Christians we think of a rebirth that involves a physical resurrection of the
body; this is not what is occurring. Anubis is offering the "walking dead
Soul" the gift of being "Born Again" and the awakening of the indwelling
"Krst" along with a Higher Consciousness which has already "anointed"
and "penetrated" humanity but which waits to be awakened by the Soul
in its desire and effort to arise "from the death" of Spiritual
darkness imposed by the darkness of the incarnation and
"matter". This is all about a Spiritual Rebirth of the Soul and not
the deceased biological body. Anubis offers a "higher life" to the
"dead plane of matter" and of flesh which is yet "alive but dead". That is
why if you recall the Soul, once incarnated is likened to have "died" as we
saw in earlier articles. Once alive physically we are the "walking dead"
needing a resurrection of sorts while we yet live, a second birth, a Spiritual
Birth, a "born again" experience, a new birth in Pisces (already born in
Virgo as flesh) and all of happens on "this side" of our lives before the
death of our biological body or the physical grave. The Christ must be
born in us, this Krst must come to us while we yet live in these
"bodies of death and prison" and form His image in us if we ever
hope of rising and ascending to Heaven and ascend and climb this
"Ladder to Heaven" home.
As a baby the infant Hours, like the baby Jesus, needs help to grow. "He
must be formed" in us Paul says. We must nurture and bring to puberty
this infant Horus/Krst/Christ, this very savior in us to where he can be
about "His Father's business". That comes automatically if we achieve
that "higher existence" and "higher consciousness" and "awake"
from this fleshly death "while we are yet living this incarnational
experience" in this life, this "Lake of Fire". This will happen
automatically if we quit feeding our flesh and begin feed our minds and
Spirits the true "Bread from Heaven" and the "milk of the Word" and not
more religious erroneous rhetoric.

This should come automatically if we experience truly this "Born Again"

experience which is not just signing a card, joining a Church, saying a
prayer, asking this Jesus into your heart, asking for forgiveness, and given
some money to the church. Being truly "Born Again" is a progressive
radical change of living and thinking and acting whereby we see
from the examination of Judaism as well as the Gnostic Gospel of
John that it is a "Spiritual Awakening of one's Soul" whereby is
is "born a second time" unto God. In this Second Birth, the one is Pisces,
and not Virgo, one is born anew and his Earthly consciousness is
transformed into the consciousness and image of the indwelling
"Krst/Karest/Christ" (the mind of Krst/Christ). This is a process and
not an overnight event. It takes diligent work and effort and a life
full or repentance; forever reaching out but not fully obtaining
the "mark of the high call of God in Krst Jesus". We must fight the animal-
nature, the flesh, this Set in us, and "overcome" it and restore the Divine
Harmony between Spirit and flesh.

I Jn 4:4 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because
greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. (KJV)

This "overcoming" of this Set, this "animal-nature" which threatens the

Spiritual malformation of our Soul and its intended goal of
Spiritual transformation in its incarnation and
"penetration" into "matter" is necessary for our Soul's
"ascent" after the demise of the fleshly body. So the
depiction on the right where Isis is offering "life" or
the "Ankh" to mankind is not referring to a physical
body resurrection because ancient Egypt nor Paul
never taught this; it is the awakening of our Souls to
a higher Heavenly consciousness.
No wonder the Gnostics were known to say:

"Know whom you are, know from where you have come, know to where you

Answer for yourself: You mean that all this talk of "resurrection" I hear
in church related to a physical body resurrection is wrong? Didn't ancient
Egypt and other world religions teach a physical body resurrection? No,
absolutely not and neither did the ancients. Only at time passes along with
the loss of the "keys" to interpret the ancient Spiritual Wisdom do we find
the erroneous interpretation of Hades, Hell, Sheol as well as the
resurrection not of Consciousness but a physical resurrection since the
Spiritual interpretation of the Egyptian mummy was lost as well!

Having lost the "keys" to this ancient Spiritual Wisdom then many in
Judaism, like the Pharisees, and some of the Christian Fathers assumed
and supposed that the Egyptians believed in the physical resurrection of
the preserved body, and this false inference from looking at a "mummy"
without a Spiritual understanding of what it represented is frequently
echoed in our own day Sunday after Sunday in our Churches and all
because we don't understand this ancient Spiritual Wisdom which we read
that is yet in our Bibles today. But this belief in a physical resurrection of a
dead body and not a Spiritual resurrection of Divine Consciousness is a
mistake of the ignorant and the unlearned. It is a mistake made by 99% of
Christians in the world today due again to the incorrect teaching and
misunderstanding of the ancient Spiritual Truths from ancient Egypt from
which almost all Christians dogmas had their origin. The doctrine of the
resurrection of the Body is not Egyptian. There is proof existing that
the Egyptians did not make the Mummy as their type or hope of a physical
resurrection. With them the deathless only was Divine, and their dead are
Spirits Divinized by rebirth in the likeness of their Gods. I repeat, the
doctrine of the physical resurrection of the body is not
Egyptian. We find inThe Egyptian Book of the Dead that the promise of
all blessedness is for the Spirit and Soul not to re-enter the deceased
earthly body for evermore. In the rubric to chapter 84 we read:

"His Soul does not enter, or is not thrust back, into his mummy forever."

Their idea of the life hereafter always turned on the transformation,

and not on the resurrection, of the body; and their doctrine is that
of transformation in the Hades (during Earthly existence and
incarnation), and not of resurrection from the Earth. Accordingly the
early Christians, who were ignorant of Egyptian symbolism, did base
their belief in a life hereafter upon a bodily resurrection here, derived
from their mistaken understanding of the ancient Egyptian
Mysteries and Religion; especially the Krst/Karest/Christ or
Mummy-Christ. They misunderstood not only "the Egyptian Krst" but
the "resurrection from the death of incarnation" as well. The Christian's
foothold in a future existence as Spiritual entities depend on the re-
possession of an earthly physique. Without the physical possibility there
was no spiritual probability hereafter for the Christian since they fail to
understand what they read in their Bibles and have not understood going
on now well over 1,800 years at present. This misunderstanding of the
Bible is a natural result of taking over the mummy-type of Egypt without a
knowledge of the typology and symbolism or the facts upon which it was
founded. The doctrines and dogmas of Christian theology are derived from
Egypt and its special knowledge of the Spirit realm, which the modern
believers have never yet penetrated.Only in the last 200 years since the
discovery of the Rosetta stone have we only just now opening the door to
this knowledge and the "keys" so necessary to interpreting correctly our
Christian Bible.

And here it may be said that those Egyptologists, who are orthodox
Bibliolators, first and foremost, are not going to help us much. Bibliolatry
blinds the eyes of Bible of objective scholarship. We have to get at the facts
and help ourselves! We as Christians assume a physical resurrection
because we look at the preservation of the "mummy" and mistakenly
assume a physical resurrection because we don't understand the Gnosis
and knowledge that surrounds the Egyptian mummy and its Spiritual
significance and its connection to "the Krst/Christ".

So this Ankh pictures the

impregnation of the
Divine Life into the
denseness of darkened
"matter" and "material
existence". Of course we
speak of humanity here
who alone has the
indwelling "Christ"; not
the mineral kingdom, not
the plant kingdom, and
not the animal kingdom. The Christ has come to cross the plane of Spirit
and "matter" to infuse life to our Soul as well as direction for its Spiritual
evolution in this material existence whereby we might return and ascend
home. The Prodigal Son allegory is to be our story.

Christians like to think that they are superior to pagans, heathens, and
Jews, but they know so little about their own religion that they do not even
realize that most of Christianity is actually a corruption of the
ancient Egyptian Religion plus some truths taken Judaism (itself
the legacy of ancient Egypt). But since Judaism is itself a modification
of the ancient Egyptian Religion only "redefined" through "Jewish Eyes"
this is permissible if the dogmas and doctrines maintain their original
meanings which were held sacred in ancient Egypt. The problem for
Christianity is that the vast majority of their "dogmas" have deviated
drastically from their original meanings over these last 2000 years. Easter,
Christmas, the Cross, these are all originally of ancient Egyptian origin
but mean something otherwise in Christianity today. That should not be.
The main symbol of Christianity is the cross. For example, Christian
churches are filled with crosses, and Christians wear crosses on necklaces,
jewelry, clothing, etc. As we mentioned above, the cross does not
originate in the
Bible or in
Christianity. The
origin of the Cross is
in the Heavens and
the Sky, in Outer
Space. It is the very
heart of metaphysics
and created "Life"
as we know it and
Egypt symbolized it
as the Ankh.

Please examine the

picture closely on
the left taken from
1,500 years B.C.E.
and read the bottom
of the picture for a
enlightenment to my
statements. But
behind this all we find that this "Cross" depicted the intersection of
"Living Energies"; the Sun (Heaven) and Earth ("matter"). This cross
was imaged in Heaven and recognized on Earth by mankind as the very
origin of all created life. This cross was the symbol of the "Living
Energy of the Sun", itself a symbol of the All Intelligent Energy of
the Cosmos, God, who has come and impregnated Mother Earth,
with His very "Living Energy" and in so doing brought forth the
fruit of the union of these two planes of "existence" to produce a
higher manifestation of "Life" then possible alone and apart. This is
all explained in depth on our Astronomy and Christianity website
elsewhere. Notice if you will the statement at the bottom of the image on
the left where it says the cross was worm by people as early as 1,500 years
before the Christian era. But behind this simple fact we find that its
origin was recognized first in ancient Egypt and its metaphysical realties
were symbolically represented by the Ankh. The above is from Wilkinson's
Egyptians, by Sir John Gardner Wilkinson, first published in London
1837-41. Wilkinson was the first Egyptologist to make a comprehensive
study of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. He published the first
complete survey of the main archaeological and historical sites in Egypt
and Nubia and the first comprehensive plan of ancient Thebes. He lived
1797 - 1875. "The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol of life -- the ankh, a
tau cross surmounted by a loop and known as crux ansata -- was adopted
and extensively used on Coptic Christian monuments" (The New
Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition, 1995, volume 3, page 753). "A still
more curious fact may be mentioned respecting this hieroglyphical character
[the Tau], that the early Christians of Egypt adopted it [...] numerous
inscriptions, headed by the Tau, are preserved to the present day on early
Christian monuments."(Wilkinson's Egyptians, by Sir J. G. Wilkinson,
volume 5, page 283-284).

Let us look
at what else
he found.
The center of
this ancient
has not an
"Ankh" as
we might
expect but an
actual image of this same "cross" represented in a similar shape that was
later adopted by the emerging Christian Church which has lost the Gnosis
to understand the very symbols it adopted for its "radical
reinterpretation" of the ancient Spiritual Wisdom and Egyptian Religion.

In fact, the cross is to be found in many places in pre-Christian times:

"From its simplicity of form, the cross has been used both as a religious
symbol and as an ornament, from the dawn of man's civilization. Various
objects, dating from periods long anterior to the Christian era,
have been found, marked with crosses of different designs, in
almost every part of the old world. India, Syria, Persia and Egypt have
all yielded numberless examples, while numerous instances, dating from the
later Stone Age to Christian times, have been found in nearly every part of
Europe. The use of the cross as a religious symbol in pre-Christian times,
and among non-Christian peoples, may probably be regarded as almost
universal, and in very many cases it was connected with some form of nature
worship." (The Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, 1910, volume 7, page

When you read "nature worship" as a Christian we usually run away

since being brainwashed that this is "pagan". Few Christians even know
what the word means. The word "pagan" only means one who does not
acknowledge the other's God. We were never told by our Christian leaders
that 1,800 years ago that is exactly what Rome did to the ancient Spiritual
Concepts and Dogmas of the whole world. Rome rejected an unbroken
Spiritual tradition that had existed for over 10,000 years and
possibly as old at 600,000 years. And it has been so long ago and with
Rome's oppressive armies the light of truth in this regard has gone out.
Adolph Hitler, himself a Christian, believe it or not, is quoted as
saying: "If you tell a lie long enough, everybody will believe it". He was

This is worth looking at. The Callanish Standing Stones are situated on the
Isle of Lewis, Scotland.
These stones are arranged in
the shape of a cross, yet they
were erected about 2000
B.C.E., i.e. well before
Well, they don't appear to be in the shape of a "cross" until
you get an aerial view. Then you see it very plainly as on the
left image. Here we see the legacy of the "incarnation" of the
Soul in Amenta as well as the ancient understanding of the
"Krst" being "crucified in matter" that they inherited from
ancient Egypt who sent colonists into the whole of the world.
That is why we find same ancient Spiritual beliefs held
around the whole of the planet. This was the understanding of
the Divine and had been since the beginning of time. That will all change in
the 2nd century with Rome's rejection of Judaism, itself the "Living
Legacy of Ancient Egyptian Religion". A radical reinterpretation of
"everything" was necessary by Rome and they did it in 300 years.
Christianity is undeniably a bastardization of Judaism and 2.5 billion
people in the world follow this bastardization of Divine Truth never
knowing how far they have strayed from the truth. We have aborted our
incarnational purpose as descending Souls if we die never coming
to the Truth about these matters. At the very least, you should research
the issues on which I, as a resigned Pastor, write, and THEN decide
whether they should be believe as "truth", instead of automatically
believing the propaganda that is fed to you which is absolutely NOT the
"Bread from Heaven" that the "Krst/Christ" promised us. I encourage
people to be free and independent thinkers and begin serious study into
the Jewish and even earlier Egyptian Roots of the current Christianity
which we have inherited.

Let us continue in the next article in this series.