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New Translation of the Mass 5: Some

In September 2011 the English translation we use in the Roman Missal will be
replaced by a new more accurate translation of the Latin. The translation we use at
present in the Mass was issued in 1973 in something of a rush after Vatican II and has
long been acknowledged as being in need of improvement.
Each of these newsletter handouts will focus on a different part of the Mass.

The Collects (Opening Prayers)

Previous handouts have focussed on parts of the Mass that we all say in common.
This handout gives 3 examples of some others prayers that will change: the Opening
Prayer of the Mass said by the priest.
In each example it can be seen that the old 1973 translation is shorter and
over-simplified. The new translation aims to include nuances and meanings that are
in the Latin text but that were lost in the 1973 translation.

Ash Wednesday 1

The Latin Old Translation (1973) New Translation (2010)

Concede nobis, Domine, Father in Heaven, Grant, O Lord, that we may
praesidia militiae Protect us in our struggle begin with holy fasting
christianae against evil. this campaign of Christian
sanctis inchoare ieiuniis, As we begin the discipline service,
ut, contra spiritales of Lent, so that, as we take up
nequitias pugnaturi, make this season holy by battle against spiritual evils,
continentiae muniamur our self-denial. we may be armed with
auxiliis. weapons of self-restraint.
1st Sunday of Lent 2

Concede nobis, omnipotens Father, Grant, almighty God,

Deus, through our observance of through the yearly
ut, per annua Lent, observances of holy Lent,
quadragesimalis exercitia help us to understand the that we may grow in
sacramenti, meaning understanding
et ad intellegendum Christi of your Son’s death and of the riches hidden in
proficiamus arcanum, resurrection, Christ
et effectus eius digna and teach us to reflect it in and by worthy conduct
conversatione sectemur. our lives. pursue their effects.

Thursday of 1st Week of Lent 3

Largire nobis, quaesumus, Father, without you we can Bestow on us, we pray, O
Domine, do nothing. Lord,
semper spiritum cogitandi By your Spirit help us to a spirit of always pondering
quae recta sunt, know what is right on what is right
promptius et agendi, and to be eager in doing and of hastening to carry it
ut, qui sine te esse non your will. out,
possumus, and, since without you we
secundum te vivere cannot exist,
valeamus. may we be enabled to live
according to your will.
Friday of 1st Week of Lent 4

Da, quaesumus, Domine, Lord, Grant that your faithful, O

fidelibus tuis may our observance of Lord, we pray,
observationi paschali Lent may be so conformed to
convenienter aptari, help to renew us and the paschal observances,
ut suscepta sollemniter prepare us that the bodily discipline
castigatio corporalis to celebrate the death and now solemnly begun
cunctis ad fructum proficiat resurrection of Christ. may bear fruit in the souls
animarum. of all.

2nd Sunday of Lent 5

Deus, qui nobis dilectum God our Father, O God, who have
Filium tuum audire help us to hear your Son. commanded us
praecepisti, Enlighten us with your to listen to your beloved
verbo tuo interius nos word, Son,
pascere digneris, that we may find the way be pleased, we pray,
ut, spiritali purificato to your glory. to nourish us inwardly by
intuitu, your word,
gloriae tuae laetemur that, with spiritual sight
aspectu. made pure,
we may rejoice to behold
your glory.
Monday of 2nd Week of Lent 6

Deus, qui ob animarum God our Father, O God, who have taught us
medelam teach us to find new life to chasten our bodies
castigare corpora through penance, for the healing of our souls,
praecepisti, Keep us from sin, enable us, we pray,
concede, ut ab omnibus and help us to live by your to abstain from all sins,
possimus abstinere commandment of love. and strengthen our hearts
peccatis, to carry out your loving
et corda nostra commands.
pietatis tuae valeant
exercere mandata.

Tuesday of 2nd Week of Lent 7

Custodi, Domine, Lord, watch over your Guard your Church, we

quaesumus, Church, pray, O Lord, in your
Ecclesiam tuam and guide it with your unceasing mercy,
propitiatione perpetua, unfailing love. and, since without you
et quia sine te labitur Protect us from what could mortal humanity is sure to
humana mortalitas, harm us fall,
tuis semper auxiliis et and lead us to what will may we be kept by your
abstrahatur a noxis, save us. constant helps from all
et ad salutaria dirigatur. Help us always, for without harm
you we are bound to fail. and directed to all that
brings salvation.

Thursday of 2nd Week of Lent 8

Deus, innocentiae God of love, O God, who delight in
restitutor et amator, bring us back to you. innocence and restore it,
dirige ad te tuorum corda Send your Spirit to make us direct the hearts of your
servorum, strong in faith, servants to yourself,
ut, Spiritus tui fervore and active in good works. that, caught up in the fire
concepto, of your Spirit,
et in fide inveniantur we may be found steadfast
stabiles, in faith
et in opere efficaces. and effective in works.
Annunciation, 25th March 9

Deus, qui Verbum tuum in God Our Father, O God, who willed that your
utero Virginis Mariae Your Word became Man Word
veritatem carnis humanae and was born of the Virgin should take on the reality
suscipere voluisti, Mary. of human flesh
concede, quaesumus, May we become more like in the womb of the Virgin
ut, qui Redemptorem Jesus Christ, Mary,
nostrum whom we acknowledge as grant, we pray,
Deum et hominem our Redeemer, God and that we, who confess our
confitemur, man. Redeemer to be God and
ipsius etiam divinae man,
naturae mereamur esse may merit to become
consortes. partakers even in his divine

3rd Sunday of Lent (Post-Communion Prayer) 10

Sumentes pignus caelestis Lord, in sharing this As we receive the pledge

arcani, sacrament of things yet hidden in
et in terra positi iam may we receive your heaven
superno pane satiati, forgiveness and are nourished while
te, Domine, supplices and be brought together in still on earth
deprecamur, unity and peace. with the Bread that comes
ut, quod in nobis mysterio from on high,
geritur, opere impleatur. we humbly entreat you, O
that what is being brought
about in us in mystery
may come to true

Fr Dylan James, Shaftesbury, 27th March 2011

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