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Я представляю себя – I envisage myself

2.Это неловко – It’s embarrassing
3.На мне будет что-то воздушное – I’ll be wearing smth floaty

4.Мне нравится Том – I fancy Tom

5.Если я когда-либо осмелюсь сказать – If I’ll ever have the guts to tell

6.Время поджимает – I’m running of time

7.Это звучит слишком поверхностно – It sounds swallow

8.Я в восторге – I’m ecstatic

9.Я выросла и стала мудрее – I have sort of grown-up and matured

1.I’m very persistent. When the right time comes, I will snatch at every opportunity. (хвататься
за любую возможность)

2.I don’t regret about mistakes in the past.

3.Bold people usually sail through in life. (Легко преодолеть, пройти без потерь)
4.It’s unlikely I will ever learn all these grammar rules. (Маловероятно)

5.I expect a lot from my future.

6.Are you going to quit your job? – Definitely. I’m determined to change my life.

7. I do my best, and I hope my dreams and come true.

to have ups and downs
to go nowhere
to take one step forward and two steps back
to look forward to
to have mixed feelings
the last thing you feel like doing
to take on the bright side
you’re dreading it
to fill smb with optimism
it looks promising to you
to fill smb with despair