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� Regd. No. Indore MP/ICD 216/2021-2023 � �����������������

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������������������ Chouhan congratulated In- Plus provided all waste- A team of experts who had
� ������������������������������� �������������������������������������
������ doreans for the achieve- ������������������������������������
������������������� �������������������������������� water released from house- carried out an inspection in
ment adding that Indore �������������������������������������� ���������������������������������� holds, commercial estab- the city last month had found
The country’s cleanest city, has set an example for other ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������ lishments, drains, nullahs that nalluh tapping had been
Indore on Wednesday has cities. “Heartiest congratu- �������������������������������� ������������������������������ etc is treated to a satisfacto- done to ensure that waste-
now been declared India’s lations to the citizens of In- ������������� ry level (as per CPCB water released from various
� ������������������������������������
first Water Plus city. This dore as it becomes the first norms), before releasing sources are not going into
� ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������������
feat has strengthened the SBM (Swachh Bharat Mis- the treated wastewater to Kanh and Saraswati rivers.
��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������
state’s commercial capital’s sion) Water+ certified city the environment. Further, The wastewater is chan-
����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������
chances of securing clean- under #SwachhSurvek- adequate capacity of waste- nelized towards sewerage
����������������������������������� ����������������������������
est city tag for the fifth time shan2021. Indore has been � ����������������������������������������� water and sewage treat- treatment plant. STP treats
�������������������������������� � ���������������������������������������
in a row. At least for now, In- an example for the whole ������������������������������������ ment facilities is to be en- water is then released into
dore chances of securing 7 nation for its determination � ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������� sured. The infrastructure Kahn and Saraswati
���������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������
Star City Rating under and dedication towards � ������������������������������������������ should be maintained prop- rivers. The treated water is
Garbage Free Cities, a cate- cleanliness. May it continue � �������������������������������������� � ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� erly and cost recovery is en- also used in gardens and
gory of Swachh Survek- to bring glory to the state,” ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� sured through reuse/recy- for irrigation purpose in
shan 2021, have brightened. CM said in a tweet. A city ��������������������������������� � �������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� cling of treated wastewater the city.
CM Shivraj Singh can be declared as Water ����������������� �������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� to ensure sustainability. ������������

13 others extricated, 25 still trapped
Naxal carrying OLYMPIANS TO BE
held in Balaghat ������������������
������������������ ��������
����������������� Players from Madhya
Pradesh, who participated
A most-wanted Naxal car- in the Tokyo Olympics, will
rying cash reward of Rs 8 return home on Thursday.
lakh was arrested after a Director, Sports and
brief encounter with secu- Youth Welfare, Pawan Jain
rity forces in Balaghat, said said, “Chief Minister Shiv-
���������� the police. He was wanted
in connection with 22 cases
raj Singh Chouhan will fe-
licitate bronze medalist
registered with various po- hockey players Vivek
lice stations of MP and ad- Sagar Prasad and Nilakan-
joining Chhattisgarh. tha Sharma, their coach
Home minister Narottam Shivendra Singh and
Mishra briefed reporters young shooter Aishwarya ey Academy and was a part
about the arrest on Wednes- Pratap Singh Tomar at an of Bronze medal winning
day. event organised at Minto team, will also receive the
���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Around 18 cases were reg- Hall in the state capital.” same amount.
istered against Sandeep Sports minister Yashod- Apart from the
��������������������������� from under the rubble and rescue op- on board, a Tata Sumo, and a few other aka Lakkhu Kunjam (25) in hara Raje Scindia and Olympians, government
����������������� eration was under way to locate sev- vehicles were trapped under the debris. the state. He was a member Chief Secretary Iqbal would also honour para-
eral others trapped. HRTC bus driver Mahinder Pal was res- of Khatiya Mocha area Singh Bains would also ac- lympics heroes from the
At least ten people were killed and be- State Disaster Management Direc- cued. SHO of Bhawanagar said around committee and had reached company Chouhan. state during the event.
tween 30 and 40, including women tor Sudesh Kumar Mokhta said the 30 to 40 people were trapped under the Jairasi village under Birsa Midfielder Vivek Sagar Prachi Yadav, the only
and children, were feared buried un- landslide and shooting stones oc- debris. Among the dead were 5 women police station to kill a po- Prasad, who hails from para canoeist from India to
der debris after a landslide trapped a curred at Chaura village under and a child. Of the deceased, two have lice informer, said the cops. Chandoun village in participate in the Tokyo
������������������������ bus and other vehicles in Himachal Nugul Sari on the Reckong Peo-Shim- been identified as Rohit Kumar (25) of The police had been tipped Hoshangabad district, will Paralympics, would be fe-
�������������������� Pradesh's Kinnaur district around la Highway. A Himachal Road Trans- Kaiya village in Rampur in Shimla dis- off about presence of 22 receive Rs 1 crore during licitated along with high
noon yesterday. Deputy Commission- port Corporation (HRTC) bus, which trict, and Vijay Kumar (32) of Jhol vil- Naxals of Khatiya Mocha the event, as per officials. jumper Sharad Kumar.
er, Kinnaur, Abid Hussain Sadiq, said was on its way from Reckong Peo to lage in Sujanpur in Hamirpur district, Dalam in and around the Nilakantha Sharma, who Yadav hails from Gwalior
Nariman to sit on that ten bodies had been recovered Haridwar via Shimla with 25 people Mokhta said. ������������ village. ������������ trained at MP Men’s Hock- and has trained in MP.
CJI's bench on
his last day
���������� �����������
Bizman held with
15 live bullets at
Modi’s search for CM convenes
meeting on
NCL, MP to promote ������������������

Singrauli eco-mine IMC commissioner

top 3 leaders in
Bhoj airport OBC quota
������������������������� asks collector to
poll-bound states
tourism circuit
������� ����������� stop name transfer
in such cases
�������������������������� ������������������
��������������������������� Fifteen live bullets were ���������� ������ ��������� firmed his commitment of
������������������������ seized from a Jabalpur ��������� sustainable development of
����������������������� businessman at Raja Bhoj Chief Minister Shivraj Coal India arm NCL on the Singrauli region with ������������������
������������������������� airport on Wednesday. The Prime Minister Narendra Singh Chouhan has called a Wednesday said it has col- uninterrupted coal supply ������
����������������� bullets were found in his Modi has asked the voters to meeting of other backward laborated with Madhya to the nation.
luggage. name the top three BJP class (OBC) leaders at state Pradesh Tourism Board to He extended his full sup- Indore Municipal Commis-
Lok Sabha Monsoon He had allegedly brought
the bullets from Jabalpur.
leaders in five states due for
the Assembly elections next
secretariat on Thursday
over raising the quota from
promote and boost Sin-
grauli eco-tourism circuit,
port to MP tourism for de-
velopment of Singrauli
sioner Pratibha Pal has
written a letter to Indore
Session curtailed As the incident, happened a year -- UP, Uttarakhand, Industry needs to giving thrust to mine eco-tourism circuit, which collector on Wednesday
���������� ��������� few days ahead of Inde- Goa, Gujarat and Punjab --
increase risk taking Parl passes amendment tourism under sustainable will be a major milestone asking him to halt transfer
�������������������������� pendence Day, the recovery in a survey launched on his development initiatives. in the upliftment of the far of names in cases where
��������������������������� caused an alarm at the air- official Narendra Modi App appetite, says PM Bill on OBC list The collaboration will fa- eastern district of the the agricultural land is sold
������������������������������ port. Security agencies (NaMoApp) that he alone ���������� ���������������� cilitate the development of state. in parts by their owners.
��������������������� �����������������������������
�������������������������� were shocked to find that can access. The idea is to ���������������������������� eco-mine tourism and eco- This initiative will ex- She said in the letter that
��������������������� the man had travelled all choose one from the three ���������������������������� parks which will also gen- plore a new tourism circuit the land owners are selling
����������������������������� ������������������������������
���������������������������� the way from Jabalpur to leaders getting the highest �������������������������� erate employment and in Madhya Pradesh having the agricultural land in
���������������������������� Bhopal in train without the votes as the chief minister ���������������������������� business opportunities for beauty mining, wildlife, parts and the buyers are
����������������������� ���������������������
���������������������������� bullets being detected. on the party winning the ��������������������������� the locals. cultural heritage and ad- getting permission under
��������������������������� Gandhi Nagar police said elections, a BJP source said. ������������������������� "Northern Coalfields Ltd venture. This will also fos- several schemes from IMC
�������������������� ����������������������������
�������������������������� that that the businessman, The exercise will render ����������������������� (NCL) has collaborated ter mine tourism entailing and other concerned de-
������������������������� identified as Ajay Khandelw- ineffective the present ������������������������ with Madhya Pradesh the importance of Sin- partments and developing
���������������������������� ������������������������������
����������������������������� al, had reached Bhopal on practice of the MLAs of ���������������������������� Tourism Board through a grauli as 'Energy Capital of colonies over there without
����������������������� Wednesday morning and was the party winning the elec- ����������������������� Memorandum of Under- India'. NCL-IIT (BHU) Incu- having proper road connec-
about to board Ahmedabad- tion selecting the chief �������������������������� standing (MoU) on Wednes- bation Centre will facili- tivity and drainage sys-
Three new Covid bound Indigo flight, when the minister, as people will se- existing 14% to 27%. day.." the company said in a tate research, gather infor- tems. She stated in the let-
cases in city bullets were detected during lect one as done in many asks: Which of the following The meeting follows Tues- statement. mation, design and operate ter that because of such is-
������� �������������� security check-in. countries having the presi- issues will be important con- day ruckus by Congress in Joining the ceremony, the tour plans for incoming sues several colonies are
������������������������� Following detection, CISF dential system of elections. siderations while voting in Assembly, forcing Speaker NCL CMD P K Sinha reaf- tourists. being declared illegal.
��������������������������� detained Khandelwal and The app also conducts a the next Assembly elections Girish Gautam to adjourn
handed him over to Gandhi survey in 5 states, urging in your state? The options the House sine die curtailing
Shardul out of Court nod to IAS
������������������������ Nagar police. The accused the voters to share their are: Govt's handling of four-day Monsoon Session by
��������������������������� was booked under sections of opinion on a host of ques- Covid-19, education, law & two days. Further strategy of
the Arms Act. Gandhi Nagar tions clubbed under five order, employment, cleanli- the government and pro-
Lord’s Test
couple for divorce
�������������������������� SHO Arun Sharma said heads that show that Modi ness, price rise, corruption, grammes would be decided in
������������������������ �����
Khandelwal said that he
owned a gun and had applied
for licence renewal. He was
thinks the people will vote
uppermost on how the BJP
governments in four of the
farmer welfare, Art 370, con-
struction of Ram Temple,
Triple Talaq, electricity and
the meeting, as per informa-
tion. The Treasury benches
and Opposition traded charges
T he Indian team manage-
ment announced on the
eve of the 2nd Test against ����������
������������������������ headed to Ahmadabad for five states handled the pan- roads and infrastructure. on the issue in the state England at the Lord's that ������
kidney treatment. demic. The first question ������������ assembly. ������������ Shardul Thakur was not
available for selection due to IAS couple and UPSC top-
hamstring injury. Virat Kohli pers of 2015, Tina Dhabi
���������������������������������������������������� said the bowler should be and Athar Amir, who cap-

Is ‘curry’ racist? The world debates

available for the third Test. tured limelight for their re-
In the first Test, India went spective achievements and
in with four seamers and later tying the knot, has fi- while Tina was born in
lone spinner in Jadeja. A few nally managed the nod Bhopal. When Tina became
eyebrows were raised when R from court for legal separa- the topper of UPSC, the

he food world is age in newspapers from saying that the food in In- by the American professor Ashwin did not feature in the tion. same year Athar took the
savouring its first big London to Perth. Tweet dia changes every 100km Ilyse Morgenstein Furest in playing XI even when he had Both had filed for divorce second position.
‘cancel culture’ mo- The controversy over the ������������ and yet we're still using this a report appearing in Sky played a county game before on mutual consent in a During training, Tina
ment. When California- appropriateness of the use �������������������������� umbrella term popularised News) of British colonials the first Test. Regarding Ash- family court of Jaipur and Athar met in Mus-
based Instagram influencer of the word ‘curry’ as the ������������������������� by white people who could- for the currency that the win replacing Shardul at around nine months ago. soorie and decided to get
Chaheti Bansal made an blanket term to describe all ��������������������������� n't be bothered to learn the word has gained over the Lord’s, Kohli hinted that the On Tuesday, the court married.
impassioned plea to “cancel Indian dishes is as old as ���������������������� actual names of our dish- centuries. management won't shore up granted them permission Both are officers from Ra-
the word curry” on a video the hills. Yet, cookbook es,” she said in a conversa- The guardians of the Raj, the batting by bringing in for separation. jasthan cadre.
she posted on the social me- writers, from Madhur Jaf- vast universe of Indian cur- tion with NBC News. “But according to this theory, Ashwin. “The good thing is Both were present in the At present, Tina is serv-
dia platform on August 9, frey (‘Ultimate Curry ries -- from the Kashmiri we can still unlearn,” she popularised the word ‘kari’, Jadeja has got runs in the court room. The couple got ing the post of joint secre-
little could she have known Bible’) to Camelia Panjabi Roghan Josh to Kerala's added. used to describe a spiced first Test. So he will go into married in March 2018 and tary in the Finance Depart-
that it would garner more (‘50 Great Curries of In- Meen Moilee. Food historians have sauce or gravy, as the um- the 2nd game confident. their love story took the so- ment in Jaipur while Athar
than 3.6 million views (and dia’), have used it for want Bansal, 27, however, has blamed the “poor ear” (an brella expression it has be- That makes our batting a cial media by storm. is posted in Jammu and
counting!) as well as cover- of a term that covered the had enough of it. “There's a evocative expression used come. ������������ bit deeper, Kohli said Athar is a Kashmiri Kashmir on deputation.


rapist uncle
Act now! Online window for
UG admissions closes today

A man who raped his two-year-


old niece was sentenced to rig-
orous imprisonment for 20- If you wish to pursue a convention-
years by the local court on al undergraduate course and have
Wednesday. not applied for centralised online
Special public prosecutor San- admission counselling yet, you
jay Meena said the sentence was should act immediately! The online
passed by Special Judge (POC- registration window for the first
SO), Savita Singh, against ac- round of counselling is going to

One death four new cases reported cused Lakhan.

Giving details of the case,
Meena said, the victim's mother
went to buy chips for her and
close on Thursday.
However, if you miss the registra-
tion process due to some unfore-
seen reason, do not panic. You still day. Students should not expect any shut at 11.50 pm on Wednesday
OUR STAFF REPORTER when she returned she found will have two more rounds of coun- extension in the deadline, he added. night. The National Testing
Indore CASES OF BLACK FUNGUS IN MY HOSPITAL Lakhan in a compromising posi-
tion with the infant.
selling. One will be online and an-
other college-level counselling.
B.Ed seat allocations tomorrow Agency closed the window, making
it clear that no more extension in
A slight increase in cases 1. Total number of admitted cases 78 The victim's mother immedi- And, if you do not want to test you Allocations of seats in teachers' the deadline of CET would be giv-
of mucormycosis, i.e. 2. Number of patients admitted on Tuesday 4 ately called their neighbours luck for admission in your favourite education courses would be made en. Initially, the deadline for CET
Black Fungus, was seen on who caught Lakhan. The girl's course due to tough competition in on Friday. Registrations in cours- registration was August 9, but a
Wednesday as four new pa- 3. Covid positive cases 0 private parts were also bleeding the online admission coun- es, including B.Ed, M.Ed, two-day extension was granted on
tients were admitted to 4. Post-Covid cases 73 after which she was rushed to a selling, walk into col- BPEd, and MPEd the demand of students. Accord-
Maharaja Yeshwantrao
Hospital while one death 5. Cases of no Covid history 5
hospital and then the case was
registered by the police.
leges with minority insti-
tute status and book a Race for were done from Au-
gust 1 to August 5.
ing to sources, around 20,000 stu-
dents registered for CET. It was
was also reported after 12
days. Earlier, a patient suc-
6. Number of surgeries done on Tuesday 3
seat for yourself.
Admission to colleges ADMISSION However, the regis-
trations were the
not known if all of them submit-
ted the registration fee. "The exact
cumbed to the disease dur- 7. Number of surgeries done so far 897 FOR STABBING in the state is done in the first round of coun- figure for CET registration will be
ing treatment on July 30. 8. Number of endoscopy done on Tuesday 7 online and offline modes. selling. Two more rounds known on Thursday morning,"
Experts termed it an alert In another verdict in a stab- Colleges with minority insti- will be held. Silawat said said Kanhiya Ahuja, coordinator,
for people and said that the 9. Number of endoscopy done so far 1405 bing case, that took place 10 tute status can admit in the of- that nearly 50 per cent of the CET-19.
cases of Covid and Black years ago, the accused Bunty, fline mode, whereas regular col- seats will be filled in the B.Ed and CET is a national-level entrance
Fungus have come down
10. Number of patients discharged on Tuesday 3 who was 25 year at the time of leges have to participate in online M.Ed colleges in the first round of exam conducted by DAVV for ad-
11. Number of patients discharged till date 618 the incident was sentenced to counselling for admissions. counselling. The remaining seats mission to self-finance courses.
one year imprisonment by Mag- Indore additional director (higher will be filled in the next two Admissions to as many as 41
12. Number of deaths due to mucormycosis till date 57 istrate Class I Yash Kumar education) Dr Suresh Silawat said rounds of counselling. courses of DAVV will be granted
13. Number of Amphoterecin injections available 2170 Singh. The case had been regis-
tered at Sanyogitaganj police
that the registration window for on-
line admission counselling for the
CET registrations window shut through CET. For the first time,
the registration figure reached
months ago. The cases had station. BA, B.Com, B.Sc, B.Sc, BA-LLB and The registration window for the the 20,000 mark against 2,515 va-

n all, 78 patients are dropped to 1-2 new patients LLB courses was closing on Thurs- Common Entrance Test of DAVV cant seats.
being treated in MY being admitted daily from
10-12 patients earlier, while

but the disease has not

Hospital at present.
Out of these patients,
no new patients were ad-
mitted to the hospital for
Eight-year-old child reunited with parents
been eradicated so far. no patient is the last couple of days.
"With four new patients, suffering from He added that they are
the total number of pa- Covid-19 while 73 administering ampho-
tients getting treatment in patients were those tericin-B injections to pa-
the hospital reached 78," as who were admitted tients with severity while a OUR STAFF REPORTER the residents informed the dra Singh and Pilot Arjun Later, the police noticed a parents.
per the daily bulletin re- post-Covid. Five posaconazole tablet is giv- Indore state-level police control- reached the place and took mobile number written on The family members
leased by MGM Medical patients are those who en to those having mild to room. the child into their custody. the child's hand. When the thanked the policemen
College. However, most of didn't have any Covid moderate infection. The staff of a Dial-100 ve- A caller informed the of- The policemen started policemen dialled the num- profusely and said they
the patients coming to the history." Meanwhile, HoD of Med- hicle managed to reunite ficials at the control-room searching for his parents ber, they got information had been searching for
hospitals are from nearby icine Department Dr VP an eight-year-old boy with that a child was found cry- in the area,but they could about the child's parents. their child in the area. The
districts. — Dean of MGM Pandey said, "Number of his parents on Wednesday. ing near IT Park and he not find them as the child Later, the police reached child had wandered far
The rise in cases has Medical College DR cases suffering from mu- As the boy had lost his way was unable to give any in- was unable to give any in- his house in Indresh Na- away from his place while
come at a time when things cormycosis is decreasing back home and was crying formation about his par- formation about his par- gar, in Musakhedi, and he was playing and had
were getting comfortable.
SANJAY DIXIT said and it will continue to de- in the Bhanwarkuan area, ents. Constable Raghven- ents. handed him over to his lost his way back home.
The daily cases of Covid-19 crease further. However,

Demand to restart train

had dropped below ten in from the cases of mu- people should remain cau-
the last one month and cormycosis (Black Fun- tious about the cases of
only one positive case was gus) as the cases dropped Covid-19 as any negligence

between Mhow & Indore

found a couple of days ago. below 80, which were over can prove a call for the
There was slight relief 200 about one and half third wave."

Maoist in Nepal being funded On-the-run MHOW (FPNS) should be no more than Rs

from city, alleges Nepali Council accused from There is a demand to

Sangh members said
Ratlam held restart the DEMU train be- they have requested the
Indore: Collector Manish
Singh said on Wednesday
tural Council, Singh said
that the members of the with pistol tween Mhow and Indore as
hundreds of people who
Western Railway to restart
the train, but the pleas
that the he has received a Council complained that Indore: A man from Rat- used it daily are facing ma- have fallen to deaf ears.
complaint that some people some people of Nepali ori- lam was arrested by the po- jor problems. The train However, they have restart-
in Indore are raising money gin were forcibly extorting lice with an illegal pistol in used to start from Mhow at ed the Mhow-Bhilwara and
for Maoists based in Nepal. money from Nepalis based his possession in the Vijay
IMC demolition drive at Bohra Bakhal 9 am and return to Mhow Mhow-Ratlam trains.

Flights for Lucknow and Ahmedabad from Sept 1

The collector said action in Indore in the name of Nagar area on Tuesday. from Indore at 6 pm and of- Sangh members said that
would be taken against such Maoists in Nepal, who are The man is a criminal and ficer-goers, traders, stu- the work on the tracks be-
people. backed by China. Singh said was hiding in the city for a dents and even daily-wage tween Mhow and Mhow-
Talking to the media here this was a very serious issue few days. The accused will labourers used it. The gaon and the construction
on Wednesday after meeting and he would launch an in- be handed over to the Rat- Following the end of the depart from the city at train has been stopped for of platforms number 3 and
a delegation of Nepali Cul- vestigation in this regard. lam police. 11.30 am and land at Luc- the past 17 months due to 4 are going at a very slow
Vijay Nagar police sta-
second wave of the Covid-19 know at 13.35 pm. The re- rising cases of coron- pace as a result of which
pandemic, the flow of air
News in Brief tion-in-charge Tahjib Kaji
said that, during night pa- passengers from the city is
turn flight 6E-7184 Luc-
know-Indore will depart
Indore Mhow Rail Yatri
very few trains are run-
ning from Mhow. Sangh
trolling, a team spotted a from the City of Nawabs at Sangh and other associa- member Dholi said the
Power company to man near the C-21 Mall.
again on an upward swing 18.10 pm and land here at tion who have made the de- Mhow to Ratlam-
appoint 'Vidyut Prahari' During checking, the po-
lice recovered a country-
20.16 pm.
On the other hand, fliers
mand have argued that
since the Heritage train,
tracks can also be used for
Indore: Power Distribution Company will keep a watch made pistol from him. The swing. So, the airlines are will get a second flight for between Mhow and the DEMU train, so the
in such areas where the line loss is 60 per cent or more. accused has been identi- The city's air travellers are also gearing up to resume Ahmedabad from Septem- Kalakund has been restart- project has been stagnat-
The youth of the local area will be given the responsi- fied as Kishan, alias Ravi, again going to get a daily flights operation for the ber 1. TruJet is rolling-out ed from August 5, there is ing for the two years. Also
bility as 'Vidyut Prahari' (Electricity watchdogs).These of Nayagaon, in Ratlam direct flight for Lucknow cities to which they had the flight. Currently Indi- no reason why the Western the Mhow-Khandwa line
youths will stop electricity theft and will try hard to district. The accused was from September 1. They suspended operations ow- Go is operating one flight Railway cannot restart the has still not started.
increase revenue. These youths are being appointed on booked under the Arms will also get the second ing to the outbreak of the for Ahmedabad. According DEMU train. Sangh mem- Meanwhile, the general
the instructions of the state government. Act. He allegedly informed flight for Ahmedabad from second wave of corona. to the schedule, the flight ber Anil Dholi said that the manager of the Western
the police that he had been the same date. Ullas Nair, proprietor of will depart from Ahmed- train fare between Mhow Railway Alok Sankal is go-
Kshatrani Sangam Club function booked for attempt to mur-
der in Ratlam a few days
Following the end of the
second wave of the Covid-
Vistaar Travels, said that
IndiGo is launching a daily
abad at 20.30 pm and arrive
here at 21.40 pm. The re-
and Indore is much lower
than the bus fare and the
ing to visit Mhow on
Thursday where he will
ago and was on the run. He 19 pandemic, the flow of direct flight to Lucknow on turn flight will depart poor are the worst hit as ride from Mhow to
was hiding in Indore to air passengers from the September 1. Flight 6E- from there at 22.05 pm and they are forced to pay Kalakund and back to
evade arrest. city is again on an upward 7183 Indore-Lucknow will land there at 23.15 pm. more. He said that the fare Mhow in a special train.

City's tourist sites are a major draw for Mumbai filmmakers

Music album, 'Laagi The cast and crew
Tujhse Lagan', was shot � Model Rudra, Kinjal and Anushka
at Mandav and Jam acted in the song,
Gate recently by a choreographed by dance director
Jeet under the direction of
Indore: Kshatrani Sangam Club organised Loom production house Abhijit Aadya
Utsav and Corona Warriors felicitation programme on Composer Mani Shankar
The shoot had cost the

Wednesday. Organiser Mala Singh Thakur said that
composed the music with 25
the club members were present in the event dressed in
traditional dresses of Rajput community. Another producers much less musicians from Mumbai
Poet Sheel Choudhary has
organiser Sapna Singh Rathore said that many com- than it would have to �
written the song and the singer
petitions were organised in the programme to intro-
duce children and the young generation of the com- recreate a similar set is Alok Masih
munity with the community's traditions and royalty. for a few minutes � The song was shot by
cameraman Ritesh Richaria and
ANAND SHIVRE the producer is Rajesh Mishra
Plantation at trenching ground Indore
Web series Indori Ishq
The tourist sites in the city was also shot in Indore
and nearby are turning

into a major attraction for he web show, Indori Ishq of MX
filmmakers. A music al- Player, was shot at Bada Rawla
bum, 'Laagi Tujhse Lagan', and other places in Indore, as
was shot at Mandav and well as places near the city. The
Jam Gate recently by a pro- storyline also relates with Indore in
duction house. The song some way or the other. The series has
was shot by Martand Pro- received great appreciation from
ductions under the direc- viewers. The web series has been
tion of Abhijit Adhya, who rated 8.5 by IMDb. The show was
has won several awards for directed and produced by Samit
his work. recommended by a few perfect for his song. VFX. Both these methods that shooting at Jam Gate Kakkad, who crafted his first nine-
Indore: Over 50,000 teak plants are planted at trench- Adhya said he was in people he knew to visit In- He said that if they need- increase the cost of pro- and Mandav had cost them episode finite series for the OTT
ing ground on Wednesday by over 300 BSF soldiers need of a location that has dore and Mandu to recce ed to shoot at such a loca- duction and the output, much less than it would space, which has received great
under the IMC drive, 'Har Ghar Ek Pedh'. a mix of greenery and her- the locations. He visited tion in Mumbai they had to sometimes, does not turn have to recreate a set for success, so far.
itage for his shoot. He was the places and found them develop a set for it, or use out as expected. He added only a few minutes.

50% of targeted
SERO-SURVEY Youth commits Slow server hits online
DAY 3 samples collected suicide over
betting debts
learners' licence facility
The administration has 'Total 1,257 An employee of the electricity
planned to take about samples' company allegedly committed
2,000 samples of suicide by hanging himself

ith 691 from the ceiling in Aerodrome
children below the age samples area on Wednesday. It is said
that he was being threatened
of 18 years to conduct collected
on Wednesday, the by someone to give the money
the survey total number of
which he lost in online betting.
Police are investigating the
samples collected
OUR STAFF REPORTER has reached 1,257, so far
case and the statements of his
family members are being tak-
Agents find way to make
Indore — DR SALIL SAKALLE, en. money from online licence also
According to the police, the SITE CRASHES
HoD, Community Medicine hether the online learner's
With the dedication of the deceased has been identified
survey team members and as Devanshu Mehta (23), a res- OUR STAFF REPORTER licence facility proved
the administration in tak- ident of Sanwariya Nagar Indore beneficial for people or not,
ing samples for the ongoing Testing machine and area of the city. He was found it didn't prove a hurdle for agents
working in RTO as they are reaching
Sero Survey by pacifying
the people paying the ex- kits likely to reach hanging by one of his family
members after which the po-
The ambitious project of the govern-
ment to provide learners' licence to peo- applicants' home with their laptop to
pected results, a good num-
ber of samples was collect-
Indore on Thursday lice were informed.
His family members in-
ple online was started with pomp and
show but its cons have come to the fore
apply and giving online tests on
behalf of applicants.
ed on Wednesday, the third Dean of MGM Medical formed the police that Devan- and creating problems for people.
day of the drive. By collect- College Dr Sanjay Dixit shu was employed with the The issues of slow server and site Archana Mishra told the media.
ing 691 samples, the team told media that the ma- electricity company and he got crash are common while applying for The facility of getting a driving licence
members have now collect- chine for testing the married to a girl three months learner's licence, but now people have is free for women and they are not facing
ed over 50 per cent of the samples and testing kits ago. Devanshu was addicted to started facing issues in the payment any issue with payment page as it is be-
targeted samples as on activists also supported the ued with the team in the will come to Indore in a online betting. page as it is crashing post-payment. ing skipped on the basis of category.
Wednesday. team members in reaching slum areas as many people day or two. A team of Sources claimed that he sent Madhya Pradesh Transport Depart- However, many men have lodged com-
Except for problems crop- the given addresses or in refused to give samples. engineers from Nation- the message to his wife and ment has started the online facility to get plaints with RTO officials that their pay-
ping up in a few areas, collecting the samples. Some of the team mem- al Centre for Disease brother-in-law (sister's hus- learner's licence across the state from ment was deducted but they didn't get
many people have started However, the teams faced bers sai that it was not as if Control, New Delhi band) about loss in betting. August 2. the acknowledgement certificate.
supporting the survey major problems in many ar- everybody was refusing to have visited the college However, the message could "Yes, we are also getting complaints The system of online learner's li-
teams, while many others eas as they did not find any give samples as some of the to check the place to in- not be delivered as the internet about the problem with the payment page cence was initially started in Satna
still need counselling. In- person below the age of 18 people had, indeed, come stall the machine and of his mobile phone was not and site crashing multiple times. We have and Khargone on the basis of a pilot
dore Municipal Corpora- years at the given address- forward to give samples vol- other facilities. working. The police have informed officials in the headquarters project after which it was implement-
tion employees and NGO es. Similarly, trouble contin- untarily. seized his mobile phone. and seeking necessary changes," ARTO ed across the state.

Lalwani urges Issue of PU-4 plots in Scheme 54 UNIQUE MODUS OPERANDI!

Gadkari to build Led by MLA Malini Gaur, traders GALLIVANTING ON BORROWED
flyovers on Bypass meet urban dev minister in Bhopal BIKE TO ROB MOBILE PHONES
Indore OUR STAFF REPORTER But the bike owners were her. The woman lodged a complaint ers of the phones. The police
with the police. On the instructions of are also investigating the pos-
MP Shankar Lalwani urged
unaware about the incident senior officials, a team was constitut- sible role of other people or
Union Surface Transport and Na- To solve the issue of PU-4 ed to identify the accused. Dhanraj's friends in the
tional Highway Minister Nitin plots under Scheme 54 al- Accused was arrested within 18 During an examination of the crime.
Gadkari to build flyovers on the
city's Bypass. MP Lalwani met
lotted to kirana and tea
traders of Siyaganj, a dele-
hours of an incident CCTV footage, the police traced the
last four digits of a bike the suspect
The accused confessed to
stealing mobile phones from
Gadkari at his residence in New gation of traders of Siya- OUR STAFF REPORTER had ridden. The police managed to people in the Rau, Rajendra
Delhi and presented a memoran- ganj, led by MLA Malini Indore identify the bike owner, who in- Nagar and Dwarkapuri areas
dum to him in this regard. Gaur, met Urban Develop- formed the police that his friend, of the city. The accused is be-
He demanded construction of ment and Environment A youth was arrested by the police for Dhanraj, of Patlyapura village, in the ing grilled further.
three-layer overbridge in front of Minister Bhupendra Singh snatching mobile phones from people Rajendra Nagar area, had borrowed
the Best Price as often there is at Bhopal. in the Rajendra Nagar area on his bike for some work. When the po-
traffic jam in the area. Lalwani The delegation included Wednesday. In a unique modus lice matched the time of the snatch-
demanded making Indore-Harda Siyaganj Wholesale operandi, the accused used to commit ing with the time Dhanraj had bor-
road a National Highway. He also Traders Association presi- Board and High Court, IDA that IDA did not carry out the crimes riding the bikes he had rowed the bike, they found that he
requested Gadkari to build a fly- dent Ramesh Khandelwal, officials are threatening the development work till borrowed from his friends, but the had committed the crime. Later, the
over at Rau junction. He briefed secretary Pratipal Tongya, plot owners that they would 2016. bike owners were unaware about the police detained Dhanraj, who con-
the Union Minister about the fre- co-ordinator Rajat Bedia, cancel the lease deed of the In the meantime, the IDA incident. The police have seized 15 fessed to stealing the mobile phone
quent traffic jams in Rau junc- Ramesh Sachdev, Yakub plots. Board itself, the State Gov- mobile phones from the accused and from the woman.
tion as traffic from Pithampur, Ghazi and Paras Doshi. The Giving the background, ernment and High Court he is being questioned further. Interestingly, to commit each crime,
Mhow and Indore merges here. minister assured the dele- Khandelwal said that IDA has directed IDA that it Rajendra Nagar police station-in- the accused used to borrow his
Lalwani told Gadkari that heavy gation that a decision declared PU-4 scheme for cannot cancel the lease of charge Amrita Solanki said the ac- friends' bikes. His friends were bliss-
traffic flow often leads to acci- favourable to the interest of the traders to shift from the plot holders. But de- cused had been arrested within 18 fully unaware that their bikes were
dents there, so it is very impor- the traders would be taken. Siyaganj to here in 1988. In spite that IDA officials are hours of an incident. On Tuesday, being used to commit crimes around
tant to build this flyover. He also Khandelwal told the min- 2003 attotment was made sending notices to the plot when a woman was buying vegeta- the city. So far, the police have seized
stressed on the need of construc- ister that despite orders of and registrey of plots were holders threatening of bles from a cart in Silicon City, the ac- 15 mobile phones from the accused
tion of a flyover at Ralamandal the State Government, IDA executed in 2006. Despite scraping their lease deed. cused snatched a mobile phone from and they are trying to trace the own-
junction. He apprised the minis-

Miscreants steal 90K from CDM

ter about the dilapidated condi-
tion of the 22-km service road
along the Bypass and said that
RSS meet of
there is always a possibility of ac-
cidents due to potholes, so the re- OUR STAFF REPORTER with the police. The police have regis-
Malwa Prant
pairing of the service road is nec-
Indore tered a case against unidentified ac-
cused under section 380 of the IPC and
begins in
MEETS MINISTER Miscreants targeted another Cash De-
posit Machine (CDM) of a nationalized
the CCTVs of the ATM booth and oth-
er places are being checked to identify
HARDEEP SINGH PURI bank and managed to steal Rs90,000 the accused. OUR STAFF REPORTER
from it in Lasudia. It was the ninth It was the ninth such incident in the Indore
Lalwani met Union Urban De- CDM of a particular city. The miscreants target
velopment Minister Hardeep
Singh Puri also in New Delhi. He
bank from which the
cash was stolen. Howev-
Ninth such incident CDM machines to steal the
cash. They used ATM cards
Deepak Vispute, prant
pracharak of RSS, said that
demanded to inroduce Regional er, the incident occurred in two months in city to steal money by manipu- Capable India will be built
Rapid Transit System. two months ago and the lating the machine. So far by the efforts of strength of
In such a situation, Indore via bank officials came to know about the the police have failed to identify the ac- 'good people'. He said that
Mhow, Pithampur, Depalpur, San- same recently after which the police cused in any of the cases, or the exact RSS is completing its 10
wer, Ujjain, Dewas should be con- complaint was lodged. way in which they steal the cash. years on the strength of its
nected with Indore through Re- According to the police, bank man- The police believed that a gang from 'shakhas' and it will bank
gional Rapid Transit System ager Sukesh Chandra Shrivastav has Haryana is involved in stealing cash on them in future also.
(RRTS). He apprised to Union lodged a complaint that the cash was from the CDMs of a particular nation- Vispute was addressing
Minister that the city is a major stolen from the Cash Deposit Machine alized bank in the city. In the CCTVs, the inaugural session of 2-
center of education and health, installed in an ATM booth in Dewas the police found some persons wearing day meet of Malwa Prant
so a lot of pressure remains here. Naka area. The incident occurred on caps and masks on their faces so that unit of RSS at Khargone on
Lalwani said that RRTS will re- June 16 but the bank officials came to they could not be identified. However, Wednesday.
duce the burden on the roads and know about it after they checked the ac- the police claimed that a team is work- He said that during the
also reduce the accidents. count and found Rs 90,000 less. ing on the same and the accused will be Corona period, Shakhas
After that the complaint was lodged arrested soon. were not being held. But
the Sangh was there and

Traffic nightmare at Geeta Bhawan Square the work of the Sangh was
also going on continuously.
Even in those difficult
IMC HAS DUG UP FOUR the compounding the traf-
fic chaos in the Square is
times, the volunteers were
SPOTS TO LAY PIPELINE people coming from the in the service of the socie-
wrong side - from Geeta ty day and night without
PROJECT IS LATE BY Bhawan petrol pump's worrying about their lives.
THREE MONTHS side. The people going to-
wards Palasia come from
Today lakhs of workers are
giving direction to the soci-
OUR STAFF REPORTER the wrong side and wait ety. We are engaged in the
Indore along the narrow road work of social welfare. He
waiting for the green sig- said in times to come the
The busiest road of the nal. But this causes causes Shakhas should be
city, AB Road, has turned inconvenience in the flow strengethned and spread to
into traffic nightmare at of the traffic going to- all localities. Our goal is to
the Geeta Bhawan Square wards Shivaji Vatika from bring social change. Our vi-
courtesy the failure of the Geeta Bhawan. Surprising- sion is not limited to in-
civic body to execute cru- ly, the traffic police do not creasing the Sangh only or
cial projects on time. work in February, and they Bhawan Square area got take action against those the expansion of the Sangh
The Indore Municipal were supposed to complete choked frequently and had who drive on the wrong work, our vision of social
Corporation (IMC) has dug it within three months. to be cleared by using side. change has been there
up four spots in and
around the square in a ra-
Now, it is over six months
but the work is still incom-
pumping machine. In the
past also IMC had dug up
Traffic police official says since the beginning of the
dius of 100 metres for lay- plete. What is more, the some spots to clear the ASP (traffic) Anil Patidar In the beginning of the
ing of pipeline. With thou- IMC failed to take advan- blockage, but they turned said that the department is meeting, Prant Sanghcha-
sands of vehicles using the tage of the lockdown peri- out to be temporary solu- facing a staff crunch be- lak Dr Prakash Shastri,
square, there are traffic od when there was no traf- tions. Now, the IMC is try- cause some of the staff is Prant Karyavah Shambhu
bottlenecks in the area fic and they had full free- ing to find a permanent so- involved in the prepara- Giri and Kshetra
throughout the day and dom to work 24 by 7. lution to the problem. tion of the Independence Pracharak Deepak Bispute
traffic jams during rush
The project is of crucial
importance as the
Wrong side commuters Day. The problem will be
resolved after Indepen-
did lighting of the lamp in
front of idol of Bharat
The IMC had started the drainage pipeline in Geeta Another major issue is dence Day. Mata.
�������������������������� � ������
MAXIMUM: 31.7°C, MINIMUM: 22.8° C
MORNING: 85per cent, EVENING: 64 per cent
SUNRISE: 6.02 am , SUNSET: 7.02 pm

������������������������������� Students burn

CM’s effigy
Thieves strike at jewellery
shop, two houses

Dr Ambedkar Vidyarthi
Sangathan protested ��������� sticks and country-made
pistol reached the store.
robbery came to light
when her husband reached

against non-receiving of
scholarship and hostel ����������� One of them, wearing an
organge jacket, broke the
home from work next
morning. The entire house
������ fee for school and college
students at Tower Chowk ������������ lock, while others turned
away the CCTV.
was in a state of mess.
Kamlabai works as a cook
Saints and Vishwa Hindu on Wednesday. During Later, they stole cash and while her husband is a se-
Parishad (VHP) functionar- this, students also burnt ��������������� jewellery kept for repair curity guard.
ies met at Chardham tem- effigy of Chief Minister ������ and escaped after hearing The third incident was
ple on Wednesday to dis- Shivraj Singh Chouhan. sire. Shop owner Shubham reported in the house of
cuss mismanagement in Jy- Students had neither Seven robbers struck at a Soni said that goods worth goldsmith Saluja. She had
otirlinga Mahakaleshwar received scholarship nor jewellery shop and two Rs.1.25 lakh were stolen. gone to Indore to meet her
mandir. hostel fee for several abandoned houses on Two houses in New Shiv- niece. The thieves entered
months. Despite repeated
District secretary, VHP, Mahidpur Road on Tues- aji locality too were bur- the house late at night,
requests, their demand
Manish Rawal said that day night and made away gled. One of the house be- took away Rs 16,000 in
had gone unheeded. The
saints and officials were un- with goods and cash worth longed to Kamlabai, who cash, two gold chains, a
students who had been in
happy with arrangements Rs 5 lakh on had gone to visit her ailing pair of gold tops, clothes,
trouble for two years
made by administration for First robbery took place sister and stayed back for God’s ornaments etc.
finally decided to protest
Mahakal Darshan and Ma- at Madhushree Jewellers the night. The robbers en- Goods worth more than Rs
on Wednesday. They
hakal’s sawari in the month near Mataji Mandir. CCTV tered the house, broke the 3 lakh were stolen. Police
demonstrated at Tower
of Shravan-Bhado. They footage showed that seven box & almirah and took have registered cases in all
Chowk and burnt effigy
also said that devotees must youths armed with rods, away Rs 5,000 in cash. The three incidents.
of the CM.
be allowed to visit Mahakal
mandir. They also claimed war Darshan held once a Mahamandleshwar Swa- heeshwar Ran-
that tradition was not fol-
lowed during sawari.
Saints also asked admin-
year as per Covid guide-
lines. The saints threatened
to take to road on Saturday
mi Shantiswaroopanand
Maharaj chaired the meet-
ing attended by Mahaman-
ganathacharya Maharaj of
Ramanujkot, VHP district
Mahesh Tiwari and district Need to recognise Satpura’s Inebriated man
istration to make arrange-
ments for Nagchandresh-
if the old route of sawari
was not restored.
daleshwar Acharya
Shekhar Maharaj, Peethad-
president Ashok
among others.•

anonymous martyrs smashes Dial 100

Only online darshan 4 drug peddlers held ���������������
wana and Mahakaushal re-
gion of Madhya Pradesh.
vehicle’s windscreen
Earlier, introducing the sub- for help. On seeing police

on Nagpanchami
��������������� As part of Amrit Mahostav ject, Head of the Depart- ������ vehicle, Ramesh smashed
������ celebration a programme ment of Economics Dr. SK its windscreen with an
was organized in memory of Mishra presented a brief An inebriated man created iron rod. A head constable
��������������� Five men were arrested unsung martyrs of Satpura outline of Amrit Festival of a ruckus in Bolasa under tried to nab Ramesh but
������ from Chichoriya in Dug region. Independence. A large num- Narwar police station and the latter entered into an
Barod for preparing In the opening statement, ber of teachers, researchers also broke windscreen of scuffle with him and even
Only online darshan smack using opium ex- Vice Chancellor Prof and students were present, Dial-100. Later, he pushed threatened to kill him. Lat-
would be allowed at an- tract, baking powder and Akhilesh Kumar Pandey including president of away a head constable and er, Ramesh escaped from
cient Nagchandreshwar toilet cleaner. According stressed on the need to re- Teachers’ Association Dr. escaped. He was identified the scene and hid near
temple on Nagpanchami. to reports, the police had member sacrifices of mar- Kaniya Meda and others. as Ramesh of Borasa. watchman’s house. On
General darshan would nabbed five people for tyrs. He said that many from Dr. Prabha Srinivasulu According to reports, in head constable Om-
remain closed even in planning to rob a petrol tribal society sacrificed spoke on “Some Untouched an inebriated condition, prakash Sharma’s com-
Mahakaleshwar temple. pump. However, during their lives for independence. Facts of India’s Independ- Ramesh had created a plaint the Narwar police
Only pre-booking dar- subsequent interroga- Chief Guest Radhakishan ence” under the Amrit Ma- ruckus forcing family registered a case against
shan would be allowed. tion, four of them Singh Shastri turned emo- hotsav program of Free- members to call Dial-100 Ramesh.
Doors of Lord Nagchan- turned out to be drug peddlers. tional while talking about dom in Chemistry and Bio-
dreshwar temple, located The four peddlers said that they made 500 sashays from Subhash Chandra Bose, chemistry of Vikram Uni-
on the second floor of 500gm smack and sold them in market for Rs 250 each. who fought against the versity. His book “Trirat-
Mahakaleshwar temple They were identified as Arshad of Chichoria Dag Barod, British Army on Kohima nas of Gandhi era and his
are opened for 24-hours only once a year. A large num- Mahesh Mallah of Nilganga, Bhaiyu Pathan of Begum- border of Nagaland. One of legacy” was also released.
ber of people come for darshan. For the second year in bagh and Shambhu. CSP Pallavi Shukla said, Arshad the only three members of The program was
a row, Nagchandreshwar temple would remain closed Khan was the kingpin. He supplied smack in Ujjain. Azad Hind Fauj to be alive presided over by Vice
for devotees. Owing to rising cases in neighbouring Smack was prepared by mixing 100 gram of baking pow- today, he fought the British Chancellor Professor
states, the administration was treading cautiously to der and 150 gram of toilet cleaner in it. In this way he used near Kohima in Nagaland. Akhilesh Kumar Pandey.
prevent any outbreak. to earn huge profits. The CSP said that the accused were Despite being 104-year-old, Registrar Dr Prashant Pu-
making youth addicted to drugs. They have been arrested. Shastri narrated stories of ranik was the special
freedom struggle with zeal guest. The programme
����������������������������� and passion. Keynote speak- was conducted by Dar-
er, Kamlesh Singh, gave a de- shana Mehta and guest

UJJAIN CONTINUES TO LOG NIL PATIENT tailed introduction of tribal

freedom movement in Gond-
introduction was given by
Anshumala Vani.

���������������� As per the health bul- Barnagar and Tarana. 13507 persons got the
������ letin issued at 9.15 pm, Samples of 4,30,159 Corona jab across the
out of 1107 samples, not a persons have been district on Wednesday. So
With no person testing single case of Corona taken across the district far 10,61,179 and 2,49,921
Corona positive on positive was reported so far and no report is persons have been
Wednesday as well, the from anywhere in the awaited. The total num- administered first and
Covid tally remained on district— Ujjain City, ber of discharged second dose of anti-
19,095. Likewise, toll also Nagda, Mahidpur, patients is 18924. Corona vaccine, respec-
remained on 171. Ghattia, Khachrod, VACCINATION: In all tively.

Women learn to make corn dishes

Two killed, one injured as
tanker rams motorcycle
������ ������

Shipra Slimming Two youths died and another was seri-

Women’s wing taught ously injured after their bike was bit by
participants how to a speeding tanker near Jasakhedi on
make corn dishes. Badnagar-Runija road on Wednesday
Wing mentor also morning.
shared recipe of dish- According to police, the trio hailed from
es to be prepared at Sunderbad. One of the youths had con-
home for children. sumed poison and the other two were tak-
Wing president ing him to a hospital in Badnagar when
Nandani Joshi talked their bike was hit by a speeding tanker.
about making corn The deceased were identified as Satish
malpua, bhajiye, cornmeal Kash- ety food at home. In the event, (19) and Kuldeep (18). The injured identi-
miri and other dishes. She said, women wore green dresses. Sadhna fied as Lokendra Singh had been referred
due to Covid-19, everyone preferred Upadhyay stood first and Anju to Ujjain. The police registered a case un-
home cook food. Hence it was im- Surana second in competition or- der sections 279, 337 and 304 (A) of the IPC
portant for women to prepare vari- ganized during the event. against the tanker driver.


Symbiosis with nature is foundation of Indian culture: Kadel

���������������� policy of Raj was for ex-
������ ploitation of forest and
displaying imperial pow-
Indian culture teaches us er by promoting hunting.
how to live with forests Dr MMP Shrivastava,
and wild life in harmony. coordinator of research
This culture was advocat- cell, Vigyan Bharati de-
ed by our rishis-munis on scribed the upcoming
the basis of conclusion de- events and objectives of
rived in the laboratory of Vigyan Bharati.
life. When we forget nature
in our own development PANCHANG 12.8.2021
then havoc is created in the
world. We have been ������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� (DAKSHINAYAN)
taught to worship trees, Bharat target. Dr Vinod Singh Gaur, as- ��������� �����������

lakes and animals since Dr Chandrakant Shar- sociate professor of Amity ����� ��������������������������������������

our birth and celebrate fes- ma, professor and dean of University, Jaipur (Ra- ��������� ����������������������������

tival like Amla Navami for agriculture department of jasthan) described about ���� ����������������������������
revering nature. The Parul University, Vadodara large-scale destruction of ����� ���������������������������
Britishers systematically (Gujarat) described in de- forests for timber, sandal- ���� ������������������������������������������������������������
destroyed our wild life and tail the commercialisation wood and for construction
forest for fulfilling their of agriculture by the of railways. Wild animals � �
own selfish needs. Britishers. He also said the including tigers, leopards, ���� � ����

� ���
These views were ex- Britishers forced farmers hyena, etc, were declared ���
pressed by MP Granth to grow cash crops like in- as “vermin” and killed in
� �
Academy, Bhopal’s direc- digo, jute, opium etc which large scale. During 1875 to ���
tor Ashok Kadel as chief resulted in decrease in pro- 1925, about 80,000 tigers
guest at the national webi- duction of food crops. and 1,50,000 leopards were �
�������� ��
nar organised to celebrate Moreover, the fertility of killed and reward was giv- ����
� ��
“Swatantrata ka Amrut the land also decreased. en for killing animals. He ��������
Mahotsav”. He also said The damage was also also described the “Khejar-
implementation of the caused to our environment li incident” of 1730 near � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � � � � � �
New Education Policy is a as rapid industrialisation Jodhpur in which 363 peo- RUNNING CLASSIFIED
major challenge for educa- resulted in pollution of wa- ple sacrificed their lives DISPLAY CLASSIFIED 7 DAY 500/-
tional institutions at pres- ter bodies and air. This for saving trees under the 50/- SQ.CM. B/W.
15 DAY 1000/-
30 DAY 1500/-
ent and proper implemen- damage is irreversible and leadership of Amrita Devi. 75/- SQ.CM.
tation of it is crucial for will take years for restora- The ancient Indians were
achieving Atmanirbhar tion. nature lovers, but forest
FREE PRESS CALL- 9425082195
Doctor booked for harassing patient
������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
�������������� � FREE PRESS
�������������������������� � ������

�������������������� Coaching centres likely to reopen soon

������������� �������������� ing operators of the state
met the CM in the presence
passed away due to corona
pandemic, free coaching and
������������������ Coaching operators have of MLA Ramesh Mendola. hostel arrangements have
������������ been asking the govern-
ment for a long to allow
MLA Sanjay Pathak was
also present on the occasion.
been made by the associa-
tion. Bakoria said that
them to operate as President of Madhya coaching operators have al-
������������������ ������������������ schools and colleges Pradesh Coaching Owners ready given in writing to
������ ����������������������������������������������������������������� ������� were allowed to open.
Collector Gwalior has
Narayan Bakoria
various authorities that
they would ensure hundred
State government has become
guardian of as many as 1001 children
������������������������������������������� Coaching centres across the
state are likely to open soon.
given permission to the
coaching operators to
Chouhan that for the stu-
dents whose parents have
percent implementation of
corona protocols.
orphaned due to Covid-19, as per offi- Seoni 18, Indore 36, Damoh 19, A delegation of coaching conduct classes but
cial information. Mandsaur 29, Shivpuri 17, Anuppur 9, center owners met Chief with riders.
“In many families Covid-19 has Sehore 20, Hoshangabad 28, Minister Shivraj Singh
resulted in the sudden death of par- Chhatarpur 8 and nine have been ben- Chouhan on Wednesday and ment is considering the
ents earning livelihood. The state gov- efitted in Shajapur. urged him to think positive- permission to conduct
ernment is playing the role of Under the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 ly on the issue. coaching classes. Chouhan
guardian for the children of such Bal Seva Yojana, an assistance amount The Chief Minister said said this to the office bear-
affected families. Chief minister of Rs 5000 per month is provided to that coaching operators ers of Madhya Pradesh
Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched each child beneficiary. If the age of the should ensure cent percent Coaching Owners Associa-
Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Bal Seva beneficiary is less than 18 years, then adherence to corona appro- tion who came to meet him
Yojana on May 21, 2021 to help such it will be deposited in the joint account priate behaviour in their in- at his residence.
children. So far, financial and food of the identified guardian and the stitutions. The state govern- The delegation of coach-
security has been provided to 1001 ���������� child and after attaining the age of 18
child beneficiaries under the scheme”, years, it will be deposited in the per-
said the release.
In 34 districts of the state, cent per-
cent cases have been resolved. The
Jabalpur 58, Chhindwara
Tikamgarh 16, Khandwa 42, Dhar 25,
Niwari 10, Khargone 17, Ashoknagar
40, sonal account of the beneficiary.
Apart from this, free monthly ration
is provided to each child beneficiary
India's success in Olympics
state government will also take up the
responsibility of the education of
these child beneficiaries, stated the
10, Mandla 21, Neemuch 9, Harda 15,
Barwani 17, Raisen 13, Guna 9, Sidhi
12, Betul 15, Narsinghpur 16, Alirajpur
and their guardian under the National
Food Security Act. Under the educa-
tion assistance, free education will be
celebrated in Jaison's Academy
release. 15, Rewa 8, Sagar 10, Agar Malwa 8, provided to the child beneficiaries in MHOW (FPNS): With sev-
“So far 1001 children have benefitted Morena 11, Singrauli 6, Katni 10, government schools, colleges, univer- en medals one gold, two sil-
under the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Bal Bhind 12, Dindori 5, Vidisha 8, Jhabua sities for school education, higher edu- ver, four bronze - Tokyo 2020
Seva Yojana. Fourty childrens have 3 , Datia 1, Umaria 2, Dewas 50, Bhopal cation, technical education, medical has been the most decorated
been benefitted in Gwalior district, 38 34, Ujjain 35, Burhanpur 11, Sheopur education and legal education, as per Olympic games in India's
in Rajgarh, 50 in Balaghat, Ratlam 37, 13, Panna 23, Satna 26, Shahdol 7, the information. history. Jaison's Academy
celebrated India's victori- ners and students prayed
ous medalist and top play- for all the participants and

No leadership change in MP,

ers by dedicating an assem- wished them success for
bly for them. On the occa- their future. School dedicat-
sion, school director Jaison ed National Anthem to the

Chouhan to continue: Vijayvargiya

Joseph motivated students Gold winner Neeraj
for studying and taking part Chopra. School teachers
in such sports event that and students sang Vande
makes the country proud. Matram to encourage and
AT A ‘BHUTTA PARTY’ WITH FRIENDS School principal Smita
Jaison gave her heartiest
show respect to all the play-
ers. The assembly conclud-
congratulation to the win- ed by vote of thanks.


Scotching rumours, BJP national secretary Kailash

Vijayvargiya on Wednedsay ruled out any change
in state leadership stating that Chief Minister Shiv-
raj Singh Chouhan was a sensible man and had not
slept throughout the night when state was hit by
flood. He is the latest entrant to the club of leaders
giving ‘certificate of continuation’ to the CM. Bhopal: Chief minister Shivraj ment of the gathering on the oc-
Vijayvargiya had organised a ‘Bhutta party’ for Singh Chouhan and BJP na- casion, who included ministers,
all BJP leaders, including MLAs. He had also met tional general secretary MLAs, other politicians, jour-
various leaders, including cooperative minister Kailash Vijayavargiya were nalists etc.
Arvind Bhadoria, and had lunch with agriculture seen in a different mood during Vijayvargiya is known for or-
minister Kamal Patel at his residence. All this a ‘bhutta party’ organized by Vi- ganizing ‘Bhutta’ parties every
had led to rumours that Chouhan was to be re- jayavargiya at state assembly year in Bhopal. Both the leaders
placed as CM soon. Earlier in February 2021, state premises here on Wednesday are associated with each other
BJP in-charge P Muralidhar Rao had described night. having joined BJP as ordinary
Chouhan as ‘undisputed leader’ of the party. In a bid Both the leaders sang famous workers more than three
to put a stop to speculation of leadership change, he movie Sholay’s duet song ‘Ye decades back. Vijayavargiya
had declared that Chouhan would remain the CM. dosti hum nahi todenge’ while has been a minister too in
Later, in June 2021, Union minister Faggan Singh holding hands of each other Chouhan cabinet before he be-
Kulste had also declared that there was no plan of and raising it in air as a symbol came in charge of BJP affairs in
leadership change in state. of friendship, much to enjoy- West Bengal.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Believe in the power of your own voice.
The more noise you make, the more accountability you demand
from your leaders, the more our world will change for the better.

FREE PRESS Climate debate must begin at the grassroots level

FOR FREE FLOW OF TRUTH The one thing that Covid-19 did take consistent green behaviour to The media has taken note, created problem, in the form of an emis-
not change, climate scientists tell put the brakes on warming to a environment ‘beats’ and specialists, sions trading system (EUETS),
us, is the relentless increase in car- point where the bulk of humanity civil society and schools are talking based on the ‘polluter pays’ princi-

Court’s leg-up to rid Insight

� Bhavdeep Kang
bon-dioxide levels in the atmos-
phere, which breached 419 ppm in
May 2021. Why didn’t the global
can survive. Back in 1970, science
fiction author Larry Niven specu-
lated that humans would evolve
‘sustainability’ and eco-friendliness,
communities and individuals are in-
stalling solar panels and harvesting
ple. It also meant that polluters
could continue to pollute. In the
words of the late environmentalist

politics of criminals
shutdown during the Covid-19 pan- and adapt to the new atmospheric water, global leaders are promoting Anupam Mishra, “Yeh paap ka vya-
demic reduce CO2 levels? Indeed, conditions, but by then, billions green technologies and celebrating paar hai (this is a trade in sin)”. Not

he late Anil Madhav Dave, In- according to the measuring site at would have been decimated. eco-warriors and in India, spiritual surprisingly, carbon trading met
dia’s environment minister Mauna Loa, “the first five months The question of why, given alarm- leaders are preaching harmony with limited success, though it did

he Supreme Court has done well to tighten its posi- from 2016-17, was known for make a few people very rich.
tion on criminals contesting elections and thereby cycling to Parliament, “(not) to get Changing the conversation There’s no sense in blaming
vitiating the whole political atmosphere in the coun- praise or a photo in a newspaper. I in a way that evokes an politicians or climate-sceptics - the
try. It has fined the CPM and the NCP Rs 5 lakh each for not am doing it by choice”. His point push needs to come from below, and
complying with the court’s directive in this regard. Six was that climate change is, ulti-
emotional response, the people need to take ownership
other parties, including the ruling BJP and the opposition mately, a matter of choice. It is the through films, stories and of the environment. Only then, as
Congress, were fined Rs 1 lakh each. The court had, in Sep- sum of all the daily decisions we interactions, is one Dave said, will behaviour skew to-
tember 2020, directed all the political parties to publish the make, on what we need, why we possibility. Presenting wards limiting consumption of re-
list of their candidates who had criminal backgrounds at buy, how we travel and where we sources and perceiving pollution as
dispose of waste. He was one of the dystopic visions of the not merely illegal but community-
least two weeks before they were to file their nominations.
The first election held after the SC order came into force few who recognized that effective future, fear-mongering, unfriendly and therefore, socially
was in Bihar, in October-November the same year. It is for action on climate change had to hectoring by unacceptable. Changing the conver-
come from below. sation in a way that evokes an emo-
their failure to honour the order that the bench headed by
For Dave, climate change was environmentalists and tional response, through films, sto-
Justice Rohinton Nariman punished these parties. data-heavy reports by
real, because it affected his beloved ries and interactions, is one possi-
What’s more, the court has made the directives more
rigid and inflexible. Within two days of the nomination of
Narmada. He could see “irrespon- climate scientists, are bility. Presenting dystopic visions
sible human activities” reducing of the future, fear-mongering, hec-
such candidates, the party should publish their details on India’s oldest and most sacred river
alienating. On the other toring by environmentalists and
its official website, print and social media platforms. The to a “cricket pitch” in the near fu- hand, the ‘Chipko’ data-heavy reports by climate sci-
election commission has also been ordered to keep track ture. To gain first-hand knowledge movement, while it lasted, entists, are alienating. On the other
of such candidates. The idea is to ensure that persons of riverside communities and their hand, the ‘Chipko’ movement,
with criminal background do not masquerade as party
touched millions with its
challenges, he rafted down its while it lasted, touched millions
workers and get elected to various legislative bodies. In no 1,300km-length. simple visuals of women with its simple visuals of women
case should the voters be kept in the dark about their past Few politicians are as committed. hugging trees to hugging trees to conserve forests.
and present criminal involvements. Many years ago, the Teen activist Greta Thunberg may conserve forests. The point is that people, not tech-
court had ordered that political leaders who were con- have burnt her fingers by naively nology, are at the centre of any cli-
weighing in on India’s farm laws,
The point is that people, mate debate. Only when the ‘samaj’
victed in criminal cases with a certain minimum punish-
ment were ineligible to remain members of assemblies but makes a fair point when she says not technology, connects with climate change will
and Parliament. Former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu global leaders have utterly failed to are at the centre of the media, social and otherwise,
Prasad Yadav was the first to be unseated from Parlia- take climate action seriously. They any climate debate. consistently and relentlessly red-
ment under this law. are politicians, after all, and climate flag environmental violations and
change is not a political issue in impacts – drying of water sources,
What is noteworthy is that all the attempts to cleanse the
most countries of the world. of 2021 showed a 2.3 ppm increase ing events like wildfires, heatwaves, with nature. But it’s not enough; the chopping of forests for ‘develop-
political system of criminal elements were judicial, not
Geopolitical and domestic agen- over the same five months of 2020”. cyclones, droughts, floods and so on, pace and quality of the response ment’, factories belching smoke,
legislative-driven. True, the judiciary has the power to leg- das push greenhouse gas emissions That’s what makes the impact of climate change is not a part of daily both lack a sense of urgency. shoals of plastic on riverfronts and
islate when the legislature fails to do so. This does not to the back of the queue. The sensa- greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions conversation, much less of behav- Many cling to the naive belief that so on. And only then will pressure
show the legislative system in the country in a good light. tional disclosures in the IPCC 2021 even more scary. The global warm- iourial choices, has been asked over science will solve the problem with build up on global leaders to act.
The political parties themselves are responsible for it, as report are already off the front ing gas sticks around. Even if glob- and over. Most people, not just the magical technologies, like giant
they have been failing in their duty to rid the parties of pages, the climate crisis having giv- al GHG emissions are drastically climate-sceptics, fail to recognise ‘space mirrors’ to block sunlight, or The writer is a senior journalist with
criminals. The criminalisation of politics is not some- en way to matters of immediate cut now, there’s no slowing down that climate change affects them di- massive Azolla farms that will suck 35 years of experience in working with
thing new. The N N Vohra Committee had, in 1993, re- moment, like Covid-19, OBC poli- the juggernaut – average tempera- rectly and calls for immediate ac- CO2 from the atmosphere. The Eu- major newspapers and magazines.
vealed the extent to which the political-criminal nexus tics and not the least, football leg- ture will rise by 1.5° Celsius in the tion, lest it spiral into an extinction- ropean Union conceived a capitalist She is now an independent
had grown. Gangsters were able to control politics and, end Lionel’s Messi’s move to PSG. next couple of decades. It’s going to level event. solution to a capitalism-induced writer and author
thereby, the destiny of the people. Yet, the parties con-
cerned did not do a thing against the dangers the commit-
tee pointed out. It was against this backdrop that the apex
court had to intervene.
Significantly enough, when the eight parties which were The Indonesian army has ended a controversial practice of virginity tests on women who apply to become TO THE
punished, got the first opportunity to honour the court’s
directive, they preferred to ignore it. The bench even
cadets, according to its chief of staff, a move welcomed by activists who have long campaigned against it
Reuters@Reuters EDITOR
turned down their plea for clemency, as it wanted them to That to took so long to stop and that it was even in practice is adding insult to injury. Leave it to
honour the verdict and not flout it and later seek apology. fundamentalists to insist that it was required to check "morality". Disgraceful. …
Signs of life
The court has also come down heavily on the practice of Ever since Mamata launched her
withdrawing criminal cases against politicians once their What did a woman's virginity have to do with her being in the army??????? There was really a group of you who whirlwind tour of the capital to
parties come to power. Earlier, the court took a dim view got together and thought, she must be a virgin inorder to join here???
UBM@ubm_1 cobble up an elusive opposition
of the Kerala government’s attempt to withdraw the crim- unity, all other anti-BJP leaders
inal case against some of the CPM leaders, including the What? Because only virgins can run through the jungle chasing bad guys? appear to have woken up from their
present education minister, for having indulged in vio- nicky simpson@nicknacks69 deep slumber. Mulayam Singh
lence in the Kerala assembly during the fag end of the How damaged is a society that in this century actually admits this positive step? Yadav, though not keeping well,
Oommen Chandy government. It decreed that they would Gloria Balogh Gottlieb@BaloghGottlieb attended his party’s meeting after a
have to face trial. In line with this policy, the court wants long time. Lalu Prasad Yadav,
the high courts to review all the criminal cases against perhaps out on bail, appears to
MLAs and MPs. have suddenly come to life.
The state governments will no longer be able to with- This article is the first of a three-part series on slums, cities, and economic growth Mayawati has started calling
meetings of various castes and

Slums - I: There are big dangers lying ahead

draw the cases against them without the express permis-
sion of the high court concerned. Not only that, the high communities. Sharad Pawar is
courts have also been asked to review all pending or making frequent trips to New
Delhi. Rahul Gandhi has

pandemic and possibly mass extermination

cleared cases of withdrawal of cases since September 16,
summoned all the anti-saffron MPs
2020, when the original directive was issued. What the gov-
to chalk out a strategy to corner
ernments do is to use Section 321 of the Code of Criminal
the NDA government in the
Procedure, which enables them “to withdraw from the Parliament. Deve Gowda wants a
prosecution of any person either generally or in respect of those vaccinated) infect the elderly revival of all the erstwhile Janata
any one or more of the offences for which he is tried”. Of
course, this requires the court’s permission. In the past, Policy in this part of a small colony in a
small part of Mumbai.
Parivar of socialist members and
so on. Let us wait and watch to see
political parties have used this provision to extricate their
leaders who were involved in criminal cases like violation Watch Complain to the police, and pri-
vately they tell you that they dare
who ultimately succeeds in
breaking the tape.
of Section 144 while taking part in a political agitation. not scold any slum people. Haul up Arun Malankar
Many freedom fighters, including Mahatma Gandhi, were
� R N Bhaskar
a slum dweller and the chances are
charged with criminal cases. The situation is vastly dif- that the entire slum will land up at
Barrister Kaka Baptista
ferent now. The government uses this power to save MLAs he clock’s ticking has be- the police station to protest, thus
and MPs accused of heinous crime like murder, rape and come more ominous than endangering all the police officers. Ref.: ‘East Indians want state to
incitement to violence. It is this trend that the Supreme ever before. They also fear retaliation from the recognize their contributions’
Court has tried to put to an end. Just watch the chart alongside legislators because slum dwellers (August 10), is news of which the
and study the states with the are their vote banks. Magnify these state government must take
largest Covid infections. Then look a hundred thousand times, and you immediate note. Not only are they
FPJ ARCHIVES at the states with the largest slum will then begin to get a picture of the original inhabitants of
MAY 27, 1963 populations. See the connection? the huge problem the entire coun- Mumbai, their ancestors
try faces, especially from states participated in our Independence
India in the hotspot which have large slum populations. struggle. The most famous example
As climate change becomes more Don’t blame the slum dwellers. is that of the late Barrister Kaka
pronounced and new types of in- These people flock to cities for Baptista. He was active during the
sects emerge on the scene to cope jobs, like they do anywhere in the Home Rule movement and
with the changed climatic condi- world. Except, in India, they are represented Lokmanya Bal
tions, expect more viruses to incentivised to form slums (more Gangadhar Tilak in Bombay High
emerge with greater rapidity than on this later). Court. It was Baptista who first
ever before. The government may Sensible legislators and planners gave the slogan that is the most
conceal facts. For instance, it claims have prevented their respective famous in history – ‘Independence
a death toll on account of Covid at cities from creating slums as terri- is my birthright and I shall have
4,26,754 -- as on August 6, 2021. But ble as in Mumbai. In fact, India it.’ He was the mayor of the then
surveys putting the death toll at five should be looking for solutions to Bombay Municipal Corporation in
million are gaining credibility. deal with migrant workers in each 1925. The Thackeray government
The rapid rise in the number of city the way Singapore has. must honour Baptista by naming
extreme weather events, mostly But the rich don’t want to pay the sea link as ‘Kaka Baptista
induced by way of climate change, more for support staff. The politi- Sealink’. East Indians in Mumbai
poverty, population density, un- cians see immense advantages in and Vasai were active even in the
planned urbanisation and slums creating vote banks. Real estate de- Maharashtra statehood movement.
make a heady brew, just appropri- velopers see money to be made in Marcus Dabre
ate for cultivating new strains of the real estate games that slums of-
viruses. fer. The police and the municipal
India will thus abet the rapid staff see opportunities in graft. Do we need Parliament?
transformation and mutation of
viruses. The Delta and Delta-plus
The rapid rise in the number of extreme weather Ditto for the sector that works on
providing identity papers, rent-a-
The opposition parties have been
disrupting both Houses of
variants are just precursors to an events, mostly induced by way of climate mob opportunities and not to men- Parliament since the
emerging trend. Even the world may tion, the musclemen required for commencement of the monsoon
not be capable of dealing with them. change, poverty, population density, unplanned gambling, entertainment, even session on July 19. The Houses
This is because slums don’t per- prostitution. convene at 11am and shortly after,
mit social distancing. And when urbanisation and slums make a heady brew, just Even the courts know this. Just they are adjourned in stages till
you have around 30 persons per toi-
let seat (which is what we have
appropriate for cultivating new strains of viruses last month, the Bombay High
Court came down heavily on the
the evening. Only a few bills have
been passed till now in this
with the common toilets for slums government for the way houses pandemonium, without any debate.
in Mumbai), you are asking for a per-spreading the epidemic. two waves, the death toll will not be were crumbling in areas that It appears that neither the

3,942 POWs freed so far

rapid spread of the disease. No Even the most rigorous restric- confined to the poor. It will affect looked like slums. Illegal settle- government nor the opposition is
amount of control will be effective tions won’t work for too long. The the privileged who want their sup- ments, shoddy construction, and interested in the functioning of
for too long. long arm of death will become port, luxury and convenience. The greasing palms all worked together Parliament. The opposition seems
PEKING, MAY 26 (REUTER) -- A statement by the Chinese Sooner or later, these slum busier than ever before in living casualty list won’t spare anyone. to cause deaths amid inhuman con- to take its name to heart, literally -
Ministry of National Defencw said today that China had handed dwellers will have to go out to earn memory. Even the police and the munici- ditions. As the courts said, Maha- opposing everything the
over to India a total of 3,942 Indian military personnel captured a living. Most of them are house- pal corporation are unwilling to rashtra is the only state in India to government does. Crores of public
last October and November. helps, office-assistants, drivers, Reining in politicians and deal with slums head-on. Let me allow free housing for slums. It money is being wasted on a non-
Of the total, 3,211 were handed over between April 10 and cooks, or self-employed profession- the affluent give an example from the locality even tried to exempt slum dwellers functional Parliament. It is also
yesterday while 716 sick and wounded men had been returned als like electricians. Each of them No matter what the state govern- where I stay. Slum dwellers love to from paying property taxes in per- necessary to reconsider the
earlier and 15 others went back to India when captured military will visit several houses. They will ment or the Central government amble through, and even play in petuity for the free houses they got. Central Vista project given that
supplies were released. need to travel in buses and trains, may say, unless a solution is found our part of the colony. Their own Fortunately, saner counsels pre- our MPs are not interested in
The statement, quoted by the New China News Agency, said by monorail and metro. Suddenly, to the menace of slums, India is lanes are too stuffy and smelly. vailed and this proposal was performing their sacred duty
China had made a number of moves to ease border tensions with the very means that ought to have preparing for an extermination of Most don’t practice social distanc- shelved. of legislation, for which they
India and added it was now up to India ‘‘whether or not the become multipliers of wealth gen- a significant percentage of its pop- ing or wearing masks, even on the were elected.
border dispute is to be settled peacefully and quickly’’. eration will become centres for su- ulation. And, like during the first roads. In the process, they (even The author is consulting editor with the FPJ O Prasada Rao

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Govt rejects claims on new SC branches
NEW DELHI: The government has rejected claims that it has decided to expand the "branches" of the Supreme
Court to three more locations. The Press Information Bureau 'fact check' tweeted on Tuesday that the claim was
"fake". "A forwarded message is being shared on WhatsApp claiming that the government has decided to
expand the branches of the Supreme Court of India to three more locations. This claim is fake," the tweet said.
It said "no such decision" has been taken by the government.

News from South ‘SACRILEGE IN TEMPLE OF DEMOCRACY’ Removed tweet, locked

Teary Naidu: Spent sleepless RG’s a/c: Twitter to court

night over Oppn conduct

Twitter India’s response came when Delhi HC was hearing a PIL seeking
its directions for necessary legal action against Rahul Gandhi for his
tweet that allegedly disclosed the identity of a rape victim’s family
NEW DELHI: During the hearing
of a plea filed in Delhi High
Court against Congress leader
NEW DELHI: Rajya Sabha
Chairman M Venakaiah
Rahul Gandhi for his tweet al-
legedly disclosing and sharing
the identity of a rape victim's
Ton Wednesday
he Delhi High Court on
said it will hear
September 27 the plea
Naidu broke down on
Wednesday as he expressed
Insurance bill family in Delhi Cantonment
area, Twitter India informed the
seeking registration of FIR
against Congress leader Rahul
National Disaster Response Force team evacuates deep anguish over some op- passed court on Wednesday that they Gandhi for allegedly revealing
people from a flood-affected area at Salori in
Prayagraj, on Wednesday PTI
position MPs climbing on the
Table of the House, and said
he couldn’t sleep because of
A bill to allow privatisation of
state-run general insurance
companies got parliamentary
had removed Mr Gandhi's tweet
and also locked his account.
“Rahul Gandhi's tweet violated
the identity of a 9-year-old
Dalit girl who was allegedly
raped and murdered in
the sacrilege in Parliament, assent on Wednesday after our policy also, we have already southwest Delhi, by publishing
No spread of Delta plus variant which is regarded as the Rajya Sabha passed it with a removed that tweet and his Twit- a photograph with her parents
cases in TN: Health minister “temple of democracy”. voice vote amid tearing of ter account is also been locked," on Twitter. A bench of Chief
Expressing distress over the PM Modi and Congress President Sonia Gandhi sat on adjoining papers and vociferous protest Twitter informed Delhi High Justice DN Patel and Justice
CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma ruckus by opposition MPs in sofas next to the Speaker in his chamber in Parliament on by opposition parties. The Court. Jyoti Singh refused to issue
Subramanian on Wednesday said there was no
spread of the Delta plus variant of Covid-19 in the
the House on Tuesday when a Wednesday. The ‘political harmony’ in the Speaker's room was General Insurance Business The Twitter counsel further notice on the public interest
discussion on farmers’ agita- incongruous with the acrimony throughout the session, marked (Nationalisation) Amendment said, "Petitioner has wrongly im- litigation (PIL) by Makarand
state. Subramanian while interacting with the tion against the farm bills Bill, 2021 was passed by the pleaded @TwitterIndia. We have Suresh Mhadlekar at this stage
media at Karur said some samples were tested for by protests and daily disruptions in both Houses of Parliament.
was taken up, he said he Lok Sabha on August 2. The removed it (Rahul Gandhi's and asked the parties to “keep
the Delta variant but there was no presence of
this virus. "The samples of a deceased person
struggled to find a provoca- HOUSE THAT... upper house passed the law Tweet). It is against our policy. 1-2 pages of submissions ready
tion or reason for such a low � Rajya Sabha lost a total of 76 hours and 26 minutes due to with a voice vote in the din, in That account is locked." on next date”.
from Madurai and nine others were taken in July in the “august House”. minutes, with FM Nirmala After taking note of Twitter's
and their contacts have also been tested. disruptions during the monsoon session.
Sitharaman not replying to submission, Justice DN Patel sary legal action against Gandhi
However, all of them are safe. There is no spread � The average productivity of the last five sessions was 95%.
of Delta plus variant in Tamil Nadu," he added. IN PARLIAMENT points raised by MPs briefly. and Justice Jyoti Singh ad- for his tweet.
journed the matter for Septem- The petition also seeks direc-
� The Centre denies reports of � The Rajya Sabha passed 19 bills this time. MPs want removal of 50% ber 27. tions to Delhi Police to register
Uncle gets 25-yrs RI for sexually increasing custodial deaths in RS � Over 406 Zero Hour and Special Mentions were lost to disruptions. quota cap, caste census The PIL sought Delhi HC’s di- an FIR against Gandhi under sec-
assaulting 4-year-old girl
HYDERABAD: A local court on Wednesday
� RS adjourned sine die; Piyush
Goyal says lady marshall
manhandled, seeks strict action
� The total sitting time available was 102 hours, of which only
28 hours and 21 minutes were counted as “functional time”. R ajya Sabha members on
Wednesday stressed on the
need to remove the 50 per
rections to the National Commis-
sion for Protection of Child
Rights (NCPCR) to take neces-
tions of the Juvenile Justice
(Care and Protection of Chil-
dren) Act, 2015.
sentenced a food delivery man to 25 years against erring members cent cap on reservation and
rigorous imprisonment (RI) for sexually assaulting NAIDUSPEAK
� Nod for bills on homoeo- caste census to reap out
SC raps govts for not filling
his four-year-old niece in January this year. First have no words to convey my anguish and to condemn such maximum benefits of the
pathy, National Commission for
Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge Suneetha Indian System of Medicine acts. As I spent a sleepless night last night, I struggled to find Constitution (One Hundred and
Kunchala found the 28-year-old man, guilty the
Protection of Children from Sexual Offences
(POCSO) Act and IPC. The court also imposed a
� House panel not to push for
lowering age limit to 16 years
the provocation or reason for forcing this august House to
hit such a low yesterday. Please have the decency... you may not
agree,” Naidu, who completed 4 years in office on Wednesday,
Twenty-Seventh Amendment)
Bill, 2021. The bill provides
states the power to amend the
up vacant posts in forums
fine of Rs 20,000. According to the prosecution, for juveniles involved in serious
POCSO cases said as he read his remarks amid sloganeering. list of OBCs in their jurisdiction. OUR BUREAU / New Delhi hind the Consumer Protection Act
the accused took her into the bedroom and to empower the ordinary citizens.
committed sexual assault on her. 14 Oppn leaders meet to

LS functioned only 21 hours

The Supreme Court on Wednesday “You don’t want complaints to be
devise House strategy pulled up the Centre and the state processed, for citizens to get justice?
Prime accused in Kerala
jewellery scam held Lok Sabha adjourned, sine ment bill that will allow states to make
A meeting of leaders of 14
oppn parties was held at
the office of RS opposition
governments for deliberately keep-
ing vacancies pending in the nation-
al and state consumer disputes re-
There is no manpower, there is no in-
frastructure.... People get fed up. You
say ‘we will get this thing done’ or
KASARAGOD: The prime accused in the Fashion their OBC lists. leader Mallikarjun Kharge. dressal commissions to dissuade ‘we will get that thing done’, and
Gold jewellery investment fraud case here die 48 hours before schedule Later, Speaker Om Birla expressed an- Congress leader Rahul Gandhi people from filing complaints and then nothing happens. You seem to

surrendered before the Magistrate court in nearby he Lok Sabha was adjourned sine guish that the House did not run smoothly was also present. The parties gave them 8 weeks to fill up all va- have only vacancies and not ap-
Hosdurg on Wednesday, police said. die on Wednesday, bringing an end to during the session which had 17 sittings. included the Congress, DMK, cancies. pointments,” Justice Kaul roared.
Pookoya Thangal, managing director of Fashion the stormy Monsoon session two He said members holding placards and Trinamool, SP, Shiv Sena, NC, “Is there some ‘muhurrat’ re- He said the ground reality is dif-
Gold jewellery, who was absconding for the past days ahead of the scheduled date of August raising slogans in the Well of Lok Sabha CPI-M, RJD, CPI, IUML, RSP, quired for taking steps? States are ferent from what the governments
10 months, has been remanded to judicial custody. 13. was not in accordance with its traditions. VCK, KC(M) and LJD. The oppn defeating the purpose for which the tell the court as the Centre dillydal-
Former IUML MLA M C Kamaruddin, who was Opposition protests over the Pegasus PM Modi was present in the House when members have moved notices consumer protection laws have been lied the appointments of the mem-
the chairman of the jewellery group, was arrested snooping row, farm laws and other issues it was adjourned sine die (adjourned for for discussion and suspension made... they have been made for the bers in the National Commission.
in November last year in connection with the had continuously marred the proceedings an indefinite period). Before adjourning, of work in both Houses — benefit of people,” said Justice San- “There is little attempt made to
financial fraud related to gold jewellery business. since the start of the session on July 19. the House also paid tributes to four for- Manish Tewari and Manickam jay Kishan Kaul, heading a Bench, translate the legislative intent to ad-
Confirming Thangal's surrender, senior police The Question Hour witnessed disrup- mer members who passed away recently. Tagore in the LS and Deepen- also comprising Justice Hrishikesh ministrative infrastructure, facili-
sources said he had been absconding after tions on most of the days during this ses- As a mark of respect to the departed der Hooda in RS on the Roy. ties, staff, Members in order for the
Kamaruddin was arrested on Nov 7 last year. sion while the House managed to pass 20 souls, members present in the House also contentious farm laws. He slammed the governments for functioning of the consumer dis-
bills, including the Constitutional amend- stood in silence for a brief while. defeating the legislative intent be- putes commissions,” he said.
Bommai to review Covid
situation in D Kannada, Udupi
BENGALURU: Amid the surge in coronavirus
cases especially in Kerala bordering districts of
Journo killed, eyes gouged out, body mutilated
Karnataka, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on
Wednesday will chair Covid review meeting at
The decomposed body of Manish Kumar Singh was found from
Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts. Health Mathlohiar Gaddi Tola — three days after his disappearance
bulletin suggested Dakshina Kannada district
recorded more Covid cases than Bengaluru. The OUR CORRESPONDENT The killers removed had the past few days,” the officer
CM, after meeting with district authorities on Patna gouged out his eyes. said, adding, “The villagers on
Wednesday, would also visit Kerala border check Singh was a native of Pa- Tuesday, spotted a pair of
posts on Thursday before he returns to Bengaluru. In a real life thriller like in harpur village in the same dis- shoes in the farmland. When
Meanwhile, BBMP is gearing up to prepare as Prakash Jha’s action flick trict and his father Sanjay Ku- they searched further, the
many as 8,000 beds across its jurisdiction to face ‘Gangajal’, a journalist associ- mar Singh is an editor of a Hin- dead body was found from a
the possible third wave of Covid. ated with a private news chan- di news paper (Areraj Dar- Sareh village. The body was in
nel and son of a leading state shan). a semi-decomposed state.”
Harassment of fish vendors: vernacular newspaper editor “The father suspects that he In a statement to the Harshid-
was killed in Bihar’s East had property dispute with his hi police, Sanjay Singh said his
UDF seeks reply from Minister Champaran district, an offi- cousins and they may be in- son went to Mathlohar Gaddi
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The opposition cial said. To add to the grue- volved in his murder. Besides, Tola three days ago. “He had
UDF on Wednesday protested in the Kerala some script, the killers had he also suspects that his son, posted a photograph of a get-
Assembly demanding a clear reply from Health plucked out his eyes. who had done many investiga- together party of himself and
Minister Veena George over the recent incidents The decomposed body of tive stories and exposed two other journalist friends
of alleged harassment of fish vendors on waysides Manish Kumar Singh was wrongdoings in the district, Amrendra Kumar and Ashlaj
in the name of Covid restrictions. The Congress- found on Tuesday from Math- could have been targeted by Alam at 8.42 pm. Since then, he
led opposition members raised the issue during lohiar Gaddi Tola — three criminals he exposed. He was had been missing and we lost
the question hour, a day after the staff of the LDF- days after his disappearance. receiving threatening calls for contact with him.
ruled Attingal Municipality here threw away a


portion of the fish, kept for sale by a local fisher
woman, on the road and carried away the rest in
their garbage truck. OUR BUREAU / NEW DELHI: A for- nikah halala. In 2017, he had filed a
mer Delhi BJP spokesman and SC PIL seeking to make Hindi a compul-