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Issue 136 £3.99 id ~ Beautiful “heirloom pimman20072forumze2 report We love reading ~ tell us all your stitching stories! Help out a fellow reader with So We hit the high street so you don't have to! ~ six traditional sampler kits reviewed and rated ~fane Greenoff is your guide to the art of ‘creating traditional sampler designe everything you need to ‘get started with cross stitch a sneak preview of what to expect from the next issue write in today and ‘win a smashing stitching prize! with our fantasti offer! ~ get inwolved with Make it month and win Hobbycraft vouchers worth £500! super mail order fabric packs Your essential needlework supplies what do you need to complete your collection? — take a well earned break with our puzzles and prizes Create a classic landscape design, an exclusive for you from Heritage Stitchcraft, by one of your all-time favourite artists, John Clayton his summer scene is so relaxing and we asked John how he created it, “The ‘Summer Meadow was produced in 1995 as part of a successful range of landscapes in a circular format. | wanted a tranquil scene with lots of warmth in it (that was in the days when summer lasted for about five days) and eventually found the basic scene on a local golf course. I'm not a golfer myself, but anyone who is knows how beautiful some courses are. On the few times I have played golf, I've had plenty of time to admire the scenery whilst have been searching for my golf ball. | added the poppies and daisies to give some foreground interest.” Colour blending simply involves threading your needle with one strand of each colour listed in the key. By Cross Siteh Callecton October 2006 http://mmm20072.forum2x2.ru/portal.htm - SASS a A Ea Oe oe eee, eal October 2006 Cross Stitch Collection 5 EXCLUSIVE Henrat enrogengt CH DMC Anchor Madeira Colour ‘Cross stitch in two strands FA White 062 2402 White (2) EEleery 367 1404 Ecru 2400 Back 0510 Dark red 1907 Medium grey 0209 Light red 7208 Dark sand 2207 —Lighesand “O12 Ugh yellow 0107 Dark yellow 1904 Brown 1508 Dark green €201 Dark coral 9501 sett ‘Cross stitch in one strand 928 274 1708 Grey bue "47 1200901 Blue Cross stitch using one strand of ‘each colour 370888 2112 Medium Khaki 4512331808 _Darkgrey B72 0872110 _Lighe kak 4532311806 _Ughegrey "4532311806 Lge grey 2591604 Vary ight gree 535401 1809 Very dork grey | Gil 098 2107 Darkekhakt °7 361-207 _Lighe sand [3341328 0302 Light coral ©7259 1604 Very habe gree 30538431510 ight green “m8 241709 Grey due 53053643 1S10_Ughe green 3082844 1509 Medium green 1510 _Lighe green \3 8/88 €\8 &/\é Long stitch in one strand "310403 2400 Black ower stensin foreground "5708882112 Medium kal ‘ve bacten Sonched using DMC threads on 26H evenweave over two thread Suit count [40140 pein sre, Ver Pe) = indicates colour I listed ear in the kay (2) indicates more than one skein required Turn over There ae four mare terrfcccular designs by Jen for you to admice on the nest page. lus faschating insights into his artic work. > 6 Cros Stitch Callection October 2006 i Hata Na 3B NUL as Garden, birds, Stitch some of your favourite feathered garden 4 a y = i : materials pack NITIES em Colm Cele meen CCOLAM DUIS delivered to your door Mv Save time and money! natural wonder designed by Maria Diaz Ceres INSPIRED BY NATURE eee a _. nl einai WAN ee alee Ieee amen ELS Kelle io ie in the garden, so we_bought a bird cee cm Lie Maria Diaz ee eee tere INSPIRED BY NATURE Garden birds __ DMC Anchor Madeira Colour ‘Cross stitch in two strands EI White 002 2402 Whi [iss 240 1209 Light green 7 4001714 Medium grey (O14 0401 _ Dark brick red 1013 O402 Light brik ed 3961802 Lighe grey 302011 _ Golden brown {$98 2107 Medium brown 2108 Light brown 2109 Pale brown 1903 Dark stone TBI Medium stone 1709 Brown grey 201 Cream (0307 Meum orange 110 Yellow 2013 Straw 1104 Turqucve (2) 209 Peach 1804 Pale srey 0907 Ligh be (0501_Ligh pin 2001 Ugh stone 1012 Dark bee 0310 Dark ornge 0503 140) Dark grees OI Med green @) 1904 Dark brown (713 Dark grey 2801 _Lighe orange (0805 Dark purple O71 Ugh purple Backstitch in one strand “Wise 002 2402 White "781 10501904 "3836 090 O71 Light purple letoing French knots in one strand ©9436 3632011 Golden brown ‘Stitched using OM treads on 28171 everweave over two thread Stitch count |68e196 Design area 124i Gtxd6) indicates colour is listed earlier in the key 2) indeates more than one skein required Turn over eur reticent fearing ofler are just over the page... > INSPIRED BY NATURE Gelebrate your family with, af exclusive design from The ff rical Soy [Street y SSeS MCN Ce eesti entra n 5 7 http://mmm20072.forum2x2.ru/portal.htm "D wen aged and ei CELEBRATE THE OCCASION 26 Crocs Stitch Collection October 2006 ; 5 CELEBRATE | his classic design is a lovely traditional piece and it’s flexible too, as Joanne Stellig of the Historical Sampler Company explains, “When designing the ‘Family Tree’, high on our priority list was the obvious need for the minimum/maximum amount of personal detail the stitcher would have to incorporate. We stitched the design with two children and five grandchildren. However with the removal of one or more fruit bowls Shopping list. Materials Design details + Sutched using MIC threat on + UHL aida 16230 (lsS8em).khakd 16H aida (er 324 Seteh count | weave) 173253 4 Stranded cotton as + Design aren listed in the hey 10x15 (40cm) ‘+ Turn to page 68 for his and help! + Frame vith 2 Nyxien axt2en aperture THE UCCASION from the middle of the sampler more children could be added. As regards grandchildren we have left plenty of space but if the need arose the bottom swag could be removed. To maintain a traditional fee! to the “Family Tree’ we have used many original motifs and this together with the fabric and threads that we have used makes the finished piece look aged and authentic.” Stitch a family sampler This sampler is perfect for creating an heirloom piece to be treasured by your family. The traditional design is simple to stitch as itis worked entirely in whole cross stitch, Near the top of the sampler there is a space for the name of grandparents and date of marriage. The names of children and additional names if they are married, can be stitched in the left and right spaces of the chart. Near the bottom, the names of any grandchildren can be added. This sampler can easily be adapted by removing or repositioning motifs. Before stitching, itis a good idea to draw out your names and date on a sheet of graph paper. This separal IF you've got the taste for designs by the Historical Sampler Company, then have 2 look at these three pieces too. ‘Heart Sampler’ (near right, ref SKU16149) measures 13¥x1 3¥sin (34x34em) and helps to centre the names and check that they will fit into the spaces. Mirror images Apart from the border and lettering, the sampler is designed to be a mirror image. When working a design like this, itis important to Be ra 28. Cross Stitch Collection October 2006, The Historical Sample costs £35.25, ‘Wedding Sampler’ (top right, ref SKU16182) is 15¥ox13in (89x33em) and costs £39.95, and ‘AZ of Christmas Sampler’ (bottom right, ref $KU16150) is 12x12in (30x30cm) and ‘costs £35.25. All these samplers are available on GHP! aida or 32HP linen. ‘The company has recent launched a commission service, designing samplers to specific requirements, like the one pictured (left) —it could depict your house ‘and motifs applicable to you or it could be a personal family tree. After a check the placement of motifs before stitching. This helps ensure that each pair of motifs rests on the same line. Once the design is stitched you can add your name and completion date in small stitches at the bottom right comer. When stretching your work for framing, use the traditional method of lacing the back with strong cotton. Double-sided tape can be used as a quick alternative, but it stains the fabric over time and 0 is not suitable for an heirloom. amily tree [DMC Anchor Madeira Colour Cross stitch in two strands 4001714 Light grey 8451614 Light green 2) 308 2212. Gold 906 2113 Brown @) 907 2202 Dark beige Bes) 674220) Medum beige Goi9 3400013 Ruse GB 30% 887 2206 Light beige HB 30S1 2691508 Dark green 37992361713 Dark grey Stitched using DMC threads on I 6HPI aida Stitch count |733253 Desig area |0%x15%in (@etcem) Rihiiyree detailed discussion a frst drat chart is created and, on approval of the final design, you are sent a chart with a ‘material pack. The fee for this stats at £150.00. For more information and a full catalogue including details ofthe ‘commission service, contact The Historical Sampler Company Limited at PO Box 6740, Billericay, Essex CM11 1ZY, call 01268 711918 or see the website at ‘wow. historicalsamplercompany.co.uk Your Family Tree . If you're interested in finding out more about your family tree and genealogy, then get a copy of Your Family Tree magazine (below). The October issue (42) is out now and costs £4.99. You can order online at www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/ yivp019 or by = phoneon= J Mies, 070837 NS J 4722 (quote code p19), als pack for this sampler, Her ma eet acd ectrctons or (15.00 aia tad caeacvany ee yale The Hatori BO) On sale NOW... fone eeeeret ont erm toPO Box 678, Baercay, CrossStither thermore tom ine | Essex CMI 12% ora materials ther on = 01268 711918 to order by credit card Remember to quote code (CSCII6 when ordering 0 get a 10% fenure range of Historical a Idk Tale abvantage of Chie great offer by either quoting “Crom Stitch Col ‘entering the word COLLECTION into mat the HSC website sor historteatzamplercompay.co.tk Historical Sampler Company in this months axe of Cross Setzer ~ these No pots The October itaue (178) of Cross Stee ison sale now. £15.00 Jon? when ordering or by PAST TIMES ‘materials pack Now you are all set to finish Sandy Littlejohns’ delivered to your door 5 . : ‘ Save time and money! ballroom masterpiece with the third and final 8.00 section completing the whole stunning scene... LZ. U I Las) be ele) 1 ae DOS cen a ary aa B het as | didydesigning it” Sandy ih PAST TIMES g 3 é 2'Gros PAST TIMES > enforced bed rest | had a long time to think about this one and could give it my undivided attention (in between grunts and groans), but the real hero is my husband who kept me supplied with the necessities of life with the biggest smile he could muster.” Organi ing your threads A thread organiser is invaluable when working a large design like this with many colours. Cut lengths of threads can easily be confused with similar shades when they are not labelled. This could lead to areas being stitched in the wrong colour, or having to throw away tangled lengths. Thread organisers ‘can be purchased or simply made with a hole punch and piece of card. A slip knot is an easy way to attach the lengths to the organiser and the colour reference and symbol can then be added. Stitch the right panel working ‘outwards across the design. The ‘cross stitch is worked in two strands of cotton over one block of 16HPI aida. The smaller count gives a fuller appearance to the stitches, as little of the background fabric shows > Shopping list... Materials 4 ISHPL aida 36 (26:92em), white (or HP + Stranded cotton as listed i the ky + Frame with a Tecoin (@0.76em) aperture, wood Design details + Setened using ‘Anchor threads on 16H aa + Seren coune 1265479 ‘Design area 8x0in (20.76) + ara ths design features factionals + Tur to page 68 for ints and hep! PAST TIMES > ‘through. You can work your design on 14HPI aida as an alternative, making the finished piece slightly larger. Add the backstitch details last, so that they are worked over the cross stitch areas. Backstitch using one strand of cotton in your needle. Framing your work Prepare your stitching for framing by trimming away any loose ends. 1f you find your itching looks a little “These are used to create a gradi care (On evereare fabric a vertical erss stich in worked over two strands versal but nly one sideways a8 though iis squashed. Horizontal cove sch is worked over two strands sideways and only one vertical co make a aque stich To work ter on aida you wil need to push your ned trough the mile ofthe weave, between the hols, simar to making & ractna dull, any dust and dirt can be removed by hand washing with a mild detergent and warm water. It is also a good idea to remove any The summer ball) oo Bo» 1m oi B00 | 109 [mmo |G 120 B11 m2 i368 am ee an 20 m4 mais 27 m6 cam 3 300 iS 301 mn 07 me ‘361 me sain mi 375 378 mn (91 32 aa om 397 IB 398 a 399 iB 400 Mm 403 a esr | ees 185200 306 3a a6 209 (mise 610 ‘Anchor DMC Madeira Colour ‘Cross stitch in two strands 241 Bright white (4) 0407 Medium red 611 Candy pine 0514 Dark red 2711 Medium purple 2710 _ Dark purple 0909 Light blue 0306 Medium blue 0914 Very dark bive ght eurquoise Dark turquoise Dark blue SIL Very light green 2604 Light green (2) 1310 Med green (2) 1312 Dark green I7I3 Very dark grey (0501 Light pink LIL Ugh yellow 0112 Dark yellow 2514 Gold (0801 Light purple 2013 Light sand 2012 Dark sana 2102 Pale brown 2103 Vlighe brown 2104 Ughe brown 2105 Medium brown 1911 Ughe taupe 1912 Dark eaupe 1907 Light stone 1906 Medium stone 1905 Dark stone 1803 V ight grey 2) 4802 Light grey (2) 1801 Med grey (2) I7i4 Dark grey 2400 Black (2) 2206 Ligh khaki 2112 Medium khaki 2113 Dark kha 34 Crows Sifich Colection Okeaber 2006 Anchor DMC Madeira Colour) Cross stitch in two strands 905 30311904 V dark brown C926 712.2101 Cream (2) GH 928 3766 NII Meurquoise EI%8 778 0808 Dark pink {1008 407 2312 _ Very dark flesh CEI 1ol1 37702308 ghee 1012948 0305 Medium flesh 1017 316 0809 Ligne plum THBI019 3150811 Dark plum 1026 225 0814 Medium pink 515 1037 3756 2504 Vight blue (2) | HM 10493012306 Terracora HH 1086 6391913 Dark brown E446 9502309 Dark sh HB 9046 666 0510 Light red Backstitch in one strand 045 B14 2606 Very dark red red act dress 23637991713 Very dark grey snd detae "4033102400 Black lak jackets, ae "905 3031 1904 V dark brown fea ce, yellow dresses 3726 0810 Medium plum pieces. sa] French knots in one strand 300 745 Olll Light yellow Sched using Anchor threads on 16H ads Stitch count 28479 Design ares in (20s7écr) *indlates colour i listed earl Inthe Key (2) indicates more than one shan requied creases by placing your stitching on a soft towel, and gently pressing the reverse with a medium heat setting. Before framing, itis always advisable to check the finished size. The count of some fabrics can vary slightly and result in different frame ‘measurements. To stretch your stitching, you need a piece of mount board to fit inside the frame and a piece of 207 wadding, cut to the same size, Mark the central points of the fabric with pins and repeat the same with the mount board, Line up the pins with the wadding in-between. Work from the centre to pin actoss the top and bottom, and then the sides. The fabric should be taut without bowing the board. Finish by lacing the back with a strong cotton, working from the centre and starting with the top and bottom. Alternatively use the offer below to have your work framed. The Summer Ball framing offer Take advantage of our special offer to have The Summer Ba, ‘or any of Sandys other three part slant scenes, beautiful framed ‘Getting large desig the Sandys The Summer Ba ‘Famed savas easy bc hep sat hand Wee arranged a fbulos fer with SD Framing to provide 704 wih elder a framing ior fl Faming servic. “oul get a 10% dscoune when you buy an SD Framing kicineludng instructions anda perspex fone Ori oud prefer SD Framing can frame your work for you (i the pec is sttched on I6HP fabric) alo fora discounted pice The tended decount ofr ends on 22 December 2006 but the frames (shown abo) wl ‘be salable for atleast year. you decd to have your work Famed by SD Framing send your stitching to them ty eter special or recorded delivery. quoting the reference numbers sted to: The Summer Ball fe, SD Framing, 12 Howsnte Close, Abbeymead, ‘Gloucester GLA SGW. Cal SD Framing on 01452 619861 or sit ther website st wnsctchicameit couk This Fame fal ideal for Sandy Vitorian “Soe S pete ae cd = you can we the ame. in the design, itis a good idea to wash your hands before stitching. ee Materials This design would also look great | | Nt Ove sia 2oeien stitched on an evenweave or linen ‘Ghetlon) whbe (or fabric. To stitch your sampler, start S2HPI DMC evenweave) by finding the centre of your fal coerce Pt and mark the point with a pin + Frame wth a 13964 It is advisable to stitch the ((35x29cm) aperture. lettering in your sampler first, as a eer ame with many letters may affect | Design details the spacing of the children. Its also | # Stced using a good idea to check for any ae nt spelling mistakes, and to plan the p> | + seteh coune 21x17) 3 Stages on Gon) bers nips Turn over |* mse Theres epi | o Tre pg rt Sigwontenp, | soma wikeaatae Tremor Ou Yesterdays’ designs. > Cetober 2006 Cross Stitch Collection 43 EXCLUSIVE eS CHART > placement before stitching, The easiest way to do this is to draw your lettering on a sheet of graph paper. This will enable you to centre the lettering and help avoid unpicking any mistakes. DMC's new Color Variations threads are used in the design to create subtle colour changes. When working Color Variations threads, its important to consider the colour changes as you go. The lettering, for example, works best when the colours blend from one to the other. For a boy's sampler, you could ‘substitute DMC Color Variations blue shades (ref 4220, 4230 or 4240) for the pink threads. Cross 44 Crom Stich Collection October 2006 stitch your design using two strands ‘over one aida block. The shading on the ground and sky detail are worked in half cross stitch using two strands of cotton. All of the outlines and details are worked using one strand of dark grey cotton, Stitching cards The small children can also be stitched individually to make cards. You can use the alphabet to stitch and frame a name plate for a child's room. To stitch your cards, you need a piece of 16HP! DMC white aida, approx 7x5in (18x13cm). Cross stitch from the centre using two strands over one block. Add the backstitch details using one strand of cotton. Trim the fabric to fit inside your card, and mount into the card aperture using double-sided tape. If you are using brightly coloured card, it’s worth backing the stitching with iron-on interfacing and a piece of white paper. This prevents colour showing through the aida holes. “ou wont be abieto rest stching this rmagnscont Crstmas Ange next months esgned by Joan Eliot and fl of sforious detall Get the November neve ((37).on sale mn Friday 29 September FLORAL SPLENDOUR 2 Botanica’ ce ee ea Complete your Scape oe "] botanical studies by Caroline — Palmer with the matching pair of a red rose and a scarlet poppy delivered to your door. ‘Save time and money! Peers etn eT Ty 7 “The flowers | are similar ? with delicate, | big, curving | petals, so they make a good pair together” | FLORAL SPLENDOUR eaipitlcamati aca aoe eect Aa Jo finish off her set of six H designs, Caroline has chosen two classic flowers that we all love, “This is the third and final pair of botanical illustration style designs, the poppy and rose. Both these have vibrant red colours and in some ways the flowers are similar with delicate, big, curving petals, so they make a good pair together. They make a gorgeous splash of colour in the garden, but although roses look lovely indoors, you can’t really put poppies in a vase as the petals fall 80 quickly, so I hope having these on the wall is the next best way of bringing them into the home.” The art of flowers DMC Anchor Madeira Colour | Cross stitch in two strands CE Whie 002 1402 Whee | Mier 37321 Tue | [mm 3104032400 Black | IH 3471025 0407 Dark red |ams0_ oH Msn red fmm3s1 10 Lh red 351 009 Peach E37 16 a letpn) G38 24 Med leaf green | 369 1008 Ligh lef green] soi a7e Dark areen | HN 777__ 065 0602 Very dark pink 302905 maa ws [we ae 6 |mmse31 ov [immu 3052 38 os (HIB 3833026 GB 36543132513 Orange |Backstitch in one strand "3104032400 Black cenve.stamen_| 54045 0514 Plum 1314 Vdark green | | |Setched wing BHC Urea on 2507 even ver wo threads {Poppy sxc come 1125 Design aren 8:3n kr) Rose ech coun 1109 Dain aren Bn den) dias : FLORAL SPLENDOUR Design details + 20HPZoeigrt + Stitched ung cerenvewe (5x1 tin DMC Uveads on GBdkem) Btary —_ 28HFL eerveae tetgue white ef + Poppy seh coune 3270101 (or 1 HP ait + Design area + Siranded cotton 38 BxSleh (QOxSen) lited nthe ley Rose ste count + Frame with 3 Ox Broxton + Design area (@2xI Lem) Bdhsn QOsGem) aperture, wood + Extras thie deen ‘Turn to page 68 features ractonals for hints and help! Start stitching To stitch each design, you need a piece of 28HPI evenweave, 15x1Tin (8x28cm). Work each design from the centre of the fabric, using two strands over two threads of evenweave. This technique allows for an equal excess of fabric around the design for framing. To get the best results, try to avoid carrying long threads across the back as they will create shadows. Fractional stitches are used to shape the flowers and leaves but they are easier to work on evenweave than aida. Add the backstitch details last, using one strand of cotton. immerse yours" other cute nest ‘ont th hs cexdusve design fon or ofa Native ‘Arnencan This fabulous piece with mary moutsis inthe November issue (137) con sale from Friday 29 September 2006, Centher Bet Cree sacs Glee Stitch the subtle, pastel colours of Caroline Palmer's hydrangea and lose yourself in a world of soft shades and delicate petals aroline created these pretty hydrangeas, inspired by her own ones — even though she’s having trouble keeping them growing! The beauty of the flowers in the design is in the way the shades subtly change across the petals, with colours blending beautifully together. Caroline tells us a bit about the design and her garden, “Hydrangeas are a really stunning flower to have in any garden, although | don't seem to have much luck with mine, probably | have the wrong kind of soil! Whether pink or blue, they really 50 Cros Stich Colton Octaber 2006 delivered to your door. Save time and money! FLORAL SPLENDOUR when the €olours are merging and blending into each other” ~ Caroline Palmer. “They look at their best > = eS —e FLORAL SPLENDOUR > look fabulous, but | think they look at their best when the colours are merging and blending into each other with every possible combination of pinks, purples, lavenders and blues. | wanted to Capture those changing colours in this design by showing just two pretty flower heads in detail. The border design is made from the litle individual flowers, but in softer pastel colours, to keep the focus on the richness of the main picture.” Stitching your design The glorious colours of these hydrangea flowers make them appear very realistic. Start stitching Use your two extra charts to create the patches shown overleaf on a sun hat and gardeners journal ~ or stitch them up as floral cards, they are just the right size to fit a small square aperture card blanke Shopping li attention to detail can make all the difference to presentin; yur work ~ Materials Design details ee ae ae sing | but don't be afraid to experiment 15x\5in Dec tveadten | With your own style, because you GBeiHem).whte __28HPeverweave | also need to consider your home's (er 4HPt sida) Sdech coune 4Seranded coun as 126126 decor and what will match it. If letedin he hey # Design area 9.08 | you're in any doubt, you can always + Frame with ain dm) ie it ican Peat + hearse nae | leave off the stitched border and opt cai seech coune 31530 | for a plain wooden frame. ‘+ Turn co page 68 + Design area ae ante eeateseg’ | Stitching your motifs fenures ractonas | The pretty motifs featured in the ‘extra charts on this page can be stitched to make cards or to ‘embellish items like the hat and gardening journal shown on page 53. To stitch your motifs, you will need a piece of fabric 6x6in (15x15cm), Cross stitch from the centre using two strands aver two threads of evenweave. Work the Petal dreams DMC Anchor Madeira Colour Cross stitch in two strands GBIS6 118 0902 Medium blue | 2081100804 Dark purple 080802 Medium purple) 3420801 Light purple 1170907 Light blue 2161312 Medium green 214 1310 _ Light green 0431309 V1 green (2) 300 OIll Yellow 2591604 Fale green. 1044 1405 Dark green | 087 0708 Dark pink 086 0709 Medium pink 049 0607 _Lighe pink (2) 10302702 Darkblue | your design by working from the centre outwards. Cross stitch using two strands over two threads of evenweave. Add the backstitch details last using one strand, The backstitch defines the flowers and leaves, giving them a delicate shape. Framing your work If you are short of time, you could stitch your design without the border, and use a coloured mount to 120 0901 Very igh be frame your work. The coloured 098 0605 Mawe frame we have used complements | 4138563132301 Orange the colours in the central design and in the border. This fs important Backstitch in one strand 550101714 V dark purple because the border is very brightly Sowers coloured and without a sympathetic |—a90 218 1314 V dark green frame could overwhelm the central fenes design. Hence a light coloured frame with a pastel mauve or pastel Jevemeave on two treads green shade will enable the darker [poy wacs cum none Design area shades of the central flowers to (2chen) Maxum moe sch count 31:0 come blooming out of the design, [Design area 22 (xen) pleasing the eye. This kind of 2) nets more han one skin requred ‘Stitched using OMC treads on 28HPI backstitch using one strand of cotton in your needle. Trim the fabric to 3x3in (Bx8cm), and fray six threads from the edges. Press iron-on interfacing to the back of the fabric. You can then sew the patch to a hat, oF use double-sided tape to fix it to a gardening journal. The motifs are also small enough to be mounted into cards and their FLORAL SPLENDOUR delightful look means they are ideal as a get well card or asa thank you. Coming soon... (rate abougt In fact they are the perfect way to with tots of vibrant give flowers to anyone who suffers | slot net ment from a pollen allergy! Whatever you | Fn seraate decide to create, do take a picture this vivid design by of your finished work before sending | [7 ers Tre it or even get a snapshot of the | Nawirbsree fue Cestbey: | (37, whic i on lucky recipient as they get their ro, pretty floral gift. September 2006 a You don’t have to choose just one dream coitage in the country, you can have all four of Lesley Teare’s idyllic dwellings. Stitch them for yourself or as a housewarming present r< rs > ce ‘Save time and money! £16.25 & CARD COLLECTION Shopping list... Design details | Anas (@ox20en) per | car white (or 2BHPI everwene) 4 Seranded cotton 35 Ist in the fey 4 Cards square aperture ref ‘APSIU, pale be pale green, pink and Pale yelow Fon | Craft Creatons cat += 01992 781900 4 Seach count 5253 DMC threads on AHR ae 4 Design area a 4+ Eras tee coe ++ Turn co page 68 for hints and help! Life in the country DMC Anchor Madeira Colour Cross stitch in two strands 1B 150 059 c602 Very dirk pk 1551030 0902 Ughe mae B33 1190903 Dwrkmane Bay 1025 0407 “Red | [exe Toa 109 Ughegreen [imma 057 07m Darkpnk "GES 603 062 6701 Medium pink 7032381307 Mediom green {Sil ™m__324 0307 _ Medium orange E77 2" 0110 Darkytiow ‘GE 747 1581104 Very ah bse | 308 2211 Medium brown: 307 | 4691 45 0910 “4 0508 BH 905 257 1412. Dark green Ha 9r2 1003 0310 Dark orngs 38) 2005. V dirk brown 230503, " 2920102 | 27a 7703 3232307 Light orange T3865 0022401 Off whee Backstitch in one strand 70 309 TAM Dark brown teste od French knots in one strand ee 310 403 [ee s7e0 09 400 24 Black Dark brown butts ‘Stitched using DMC threads on AHP! aida ‘Maximum stich count 5253 | Design aren 3%n3%in (JOC) indicates colour Is sted earlier in the Key (stich Pira Dies oir wer cards rest merth theyre perfect fo ary occason They ae featured inthe Noveber ue (137), cn se fom Friday 29 September 2005 \2 CARD COLLECTION BEE October 2006 Cross Stitch Collection $9 WEEKEND WORKBOX Make it Get your glad rags on and take part in ‘Make it!’ month by stitching this set of glittering fashion accessories designed by Maria Diaz fashion pieces brought back fond memories for Maria, “They remind me of my teenage years when getting ready for a night ‘out took longer than the actual evening itself.” Get stitching These gorgeous designs sparkle with gold metallic thread and delicate seed beads, all of which are available at HobbyCraft stores. To a ‘work your designs, cross stitch from the centre, using two strands over two threads of evenweave. Metallic threads can be a litte tricky to work $0 it isa good idea to cut shorter lengths, and anchor the thread to your needle. Try to take care not to carry any threads across the back of unstitched areas as they can show through the fabric. Add the backstitch details using one strand of cotton in your needle, Beautiful Mill Hill seed beads are used to ‘Shopping li Materials Design details + 2BHPI evenweave + Sutched using 12«I2in DMC treads on BbBicm).white —— 2BHPL everireave [or HPI acs) + Such coune S656 + Stranded cotion as + Design area 4x sted inthe ey (10xI0em) + Frame with a 5xSin + Exras tis desn (1x1 3em) features beads, aperture, geld fractions and Tun co page 88 meialic for hes and help! treats embellish the designs and add a lovely texture. We have attached the beads to the unstitched evenweave using one strand of white cotton. The beads ‘over worked areas have been stitched using one strand of a thread to match the background colour. These designs are so pretty you may like to stitch one design to embellish a wash bag or the lid to a jewellery box. As the same colour palette has been used forall three designs, you can easily change the background to your favourite colour. through the fabric to complece the cross stitch, ‘When working block areas yeu can werk a row of half WEEKEND WORKBOX 16 Cross Stitch Coleation October 2006 DMC Anchor Madeira Colour Cross stitch in two strands Ga 3a 17 0902 Dark mauve [emnsia 235 — 01 Dark rey |b? 1501104 Ughedhue B72 2404 _Upheary CHDeiy 2710501 ge pk (5963023 0503 ark pink (53746 10302702 Purple (83767 120 0901 Uphemaure (53766 [67 1105 team Sn 3m3 38625 Yelow (5 ONC Een Ugh es Backstitch in one strand 3008 1058 2507 Dark bue Ses stows bag "DMC E362! Light Elects ones hanger | Attach beads with matching |eotton > i Hal 02001 Peael shee background > mil Hl 02018 Crystal pink ress baskgrour baghandle @ Ma Hi 02070 Seas mist nd brcaround © Mat Hu 07085 Brillant orchid ‘ag hance and | Stiched using DMC treads on 284 | everiveave over two threads Maximum etch coure S655 Design area 4 (10xl02n) SOON... ‘We have a sweet Ite deg for you next ‘month, daring poppet by jne Greenof which stitches in ro tne Make ths pretty foral needlecaseaccezory From the Noversber sue (137), on sale from Friday 29 Septerber 2008 | indicates colour i sted earlier in te Key) EE COPYRIGHT FREI easy” Every month we will be bringing you a copyright-free chart. You can stitch it, copy it and pass it on as much as you like. You can sell lots of copies in aid of charity too. This month we have the delicate flowering buds of the freesia, designed by Maria Diaz. Use the marble-effect card mount to complement the purple flowers of the freesia. This is the eleventh of 14 flower designs, so you can collect the whole set. Your FREE mount Use this free mount with your copyright-free chart to either make a card or as a mount for a standard 4x6in (0x15cm) aperture photo frame. Cut around the outline and ‘aperture, then either insert the mount and stitching. into the photo frame, or use the tab on the mounts ‘edge to attach a card backing, and follow the instructions on page 70. Collection sudoku10 Complete every line, column and 3x3 square so that they contain the numbers 1 to 9, with no numbers duplicated on any individual line, column or 3x3 square. Freesia [Anchor DMC Madeira Colour Cross stitch in two strands 0% 554 O710 Ligh purple 28553. OTI2_Medum purple 21537. Vighepuple ID 25447209 Ligh greon BES 266 4791502, Hedtumgren 26933451504 Dark green 308 782 ZI Brown Backstitch in one strand 1005502714 Dark purple Sched using Such count 40.37 Design aren 212 FLORAL SPLEN “I love designing and charting flower projects ar this pretty Jane Greenoff’s Flowers magazine gay me another opportunity to do someymor FLORAL SPLENDOUR F lowers are one of Jane’s favourite things to design and these four luscious tiles are real treasures. They work beautifully together, but for a quick stitch they are also lovely pieces worked on their own, Jane has been busy and also has a new book out, “After working hard on my Fabulous Flowers book for David & Charles, you would think | would have had ‘enough of them but no! I love designing and charting flower projects and this pretty Jane Greenof’s Flowers magazine gave me yet another opportunity to do some more.” Get stitching These floral tiles look so pretty as a set, but you could also stitch them individually. The green linen fabric is a perfect backdrop for the design as it makes the delicate petals really stand out. You will need a piece of 2BHPI evenweave 15x14in (38x36cm) to stitch the tiles, Although the design size is much smaller than this, it will allow an ‘extra 3in (Bem) around the design for framing. Working your design Jane has worked this design by folding the fabric in four, and marking the folds with tacking stitches. These stitches will act as a guide to place the tiles and indicate the centre of the fabric. Work your design from the centre outwards. Cross stitch using two strands over two threads of evenweave. It is a good idea to keep your fabric taut in DMC Anchor Madeira Colour Cross stitch in two strands BB 349 013 0212_—Red F676 8912208 Dark sand E677 3612207 Lhe sand MB 6s0 9012210 Gold 926 2101 Cream 3230307 Orange 1022 0405 Dark pink 10210404 Ligh pink 2591604 Viight green 1035 1712 Blue (2) 2671407 Dark green 266 1408 Medum green 2641409 Light green Backstitch in one strand ea 901 2210 Gold towers Dark green 6 27407 | Long stitch in one strand [680901 2210 Gol |sctched using OMC vreads on 28HPI Zweig) ren over two threads Stitch count 1/2104 Design aren Bx7in (20x19) ‘indicates colour i Hated ester in dhe key (2) indicates more than one skein required Shopping list... Materials 4+ 12H Zwiert (Bbc) green (eee to TH oc) + Seaed eae a pesbuseie fade (a eons! Design details + Setched using DMC threads on 2BHPI nen 4 Sich count 2Ki04 + Design area 879 OKI %em) 4 Extras this dein fexturesfactonals te ang stitch ++ Turn to page 68 of Colecin ise 136 for hints and heb! L to page a ring or roller frame, as this will help to keep an even stitching tension. As you work the cross stitch, ry to avoid carrying long threads across the back. Threads can instead be woven through previously worked areas at the back, ‘Add the backsttch using one strand of cotton in your needle. The backstitch details in this design define the shapes of the flowers and leaves. The stamen of the lily are ‘worked in long stitch to add texture. Long stitch is worked in much the same way as backstitch, except it covers a greater distance. Finishing touches ‘Once you've finished stitching, it is good idea to hold your work at a distance to look for missed stitches. Its better to notice mistakes at this stage, rather than after framing! Place your stitching face down on a clean towel and press with a medium heat setting on your iron. The towel enables you to smooth the fabric whilst keeping your stitching raised. If you've worked an individual flower, you could finish FLORAL SPLENDOUR your design by hemming the edges to make a coaster, Materials pack You can buy a materials pack for design from Jane at the Cross Stitch Guild for £16.99 plus £1.50 p#p. You can request the pack with either 14HPI aida or 28HPI linen. To order, call the CSG on freephone ® 0800 328 9750 or write to CSG HQ, Yells Yard, Fairford, Glos GL7 4BS, quoting ‘Collection Flower Quartet’ when ordering. ming soon... — There’ another treat in tore from Jane next ‘month with tis dll tle poppet’ design to create a decoratve neediecase The poppet inthe Novernber eso (137), onsale fom Friday 29 September 2006. first appeared in issues nine and ten of Jane’s own magazine, but itis such a glorious piece that we just had to bring it all together into this special magazine. It truly is a celebration of some of the fabulous ist... Design details Shopping. Materials oriental flowers that Jane loves to stitch and, like all of her designs, there's a tale to tell about it as well as Jane explains, “During my first Visit to the United States | heard + Seranded cotton as # Centre meu about a stitcher ‘working on an in the be stch coure e + Tum to page 682624 Aighan’. | could picture the rugged- | * formore nits and + Desgn area faced man with smiley eyes and a heb! a beard all the way from Afgt . but what the stitcher was doing with him | couldn’t imagine! How little did | know? nistan, + Exeras ts | at ens compute e Afghan fabric (nce she had discover what at afghan was, Jane soon found out more, “The the perfect way to show of lovely ‘throws’ are =o your cross stitch talents, The types, colours and fabric content of afghan fabrics are many and varied. Some are ideal for babies, as they have e qualities with a high DMC Anchor Madeira Colour DMC Anchor Madeira Colour DMC Anchor Madeira Colour Cross stitch in three strands | Backstitch in two strands Long stitch in two strands: M2! 8970811 Wine "21897 OBI! Wine sn 9791005 Dark tue MM 3020420507 D raster @) erie | pasos 9791005 Darkbve oem a (0441313 Darkgreen | "9129791005 Darkblue =| — 40D. 057 «0704 Conse 215 BN Light green (3) | Satomi pink fone 9781004 Medium blue ane jet stance ca #0 y@) | "191044131 Darkgreen O77 0603 Dark pink (2) 140 1013 Ughe be ove pad ‘enesandster | Sokthed vg ONC tre “008 2605 Lhe pech @) — fae to tread 216312 Mid reen(S)_ | "367 3161912 Medum green | Carre moth stich cue 20248 24110 Vikgreen@) svesnaan_| Dagar 95027! Pr) 2661502 Grave grew | —"D6H 214310 Vig green | sm corr sch coun 23 8601S Gray gree fovertutsand | Daigyaren xii Bm) 059 0704 _Cense Q) nor ‘acrylic content, while others are pure cotton or are made up of cotton and linen mixtures. “L have chosen rather grand flowers including day lilies, oriental poppies, tiger lilies and thododendron! The difficulty was which of my favourites to leave out. There was a real danger of ‘gilding the lily’ and overdoing the design. It was very difficult to stop.” Stitch your afghan This beautiful afghan is embellished with an array of flowers as Jane has ‘mentioned above and they look ‘exquisite. The afghan fabric is 18HPI and is worked using three strands of cotton over two threads. You can ccheck the count of a fabric by teersun erintiecta in edeiaal Seeccotacie dente counting the number of holes per inch (HPI). As this afghan is worked over two threads, you will find the design develops quickly as there are only nine stitches per inch. Getting started Itis a good idea to work a temporary hem around the edges of the afghan before you start stitching as this will prevent them from fraying. The afghan fabric has a large square pattem woven into it which will help you to place the motifs in the design. Start by finding the central square in your fabric and work the large lily from the middle ‘outwards. Cross stiteh using three strands over two threads. Try to keep an even tension, as you could ————— distort the fabric if your stitches are pulled too tightly. You can also help to keep your stitches looking neat by separating each strand from the cut length. Smooth your fingers down the individual strands to remove any kinks, before regrouping the three strands, Neat finishing A great tip to achieve a neat finish to the reverse of your stitching is to work the cross stitch in two journeys. This involves working a row of half cross stitch and then returning in the opposite direction to complete the stitches. This technique will create neat vertical rows on the back of the afghan. Normally when working a FLORAL SPLENDOUR design for framing this isn’t important, but with this afghan your needlework is more likely to be seen from behind as well! The backstitch in the design is worked using two strands in your needle. Once you have stitched the lily and central motifs, you can then place the large corner motifs. The ‘two motifs are repeated in diagonally opposite comers of the afghan. You can place these comer motifs by pinning or tacking a square marking 9x9 squares of the fabric. The floral sprig can then be worked in the centre of each edge of the afghan. Fringe detail ‘Once the stitching complete, you \ can then add the Hringe detail, and } itis so easy to do! Simply pull 20 threads from Here you can see the entire afghan design lad out +o that you can sce where all the the edges to create Aiferent parts ofthe piece go, Use the heavy woven lines in the fabric asa grid to Potition the motifs. The corner designs butt right up to the heavy woven lines at the a pretty 2in fringe. 2 edge. Alternate the two designs in each corner, with the design below in-between lily from the m 3x3}8cm). With the fabric facing portrait, cross stitch from the centre. Work two strands of cotton over twe threads, Add backstitch in one strand, (Cuca plece of backing fabric 16x15i0 (4b3800m). you are working to a ‘iferen ize, he backing fabric will ned tobe 3in(8cm) longer than your stiched fabric to make the fastening and hem the cee tobe fastened. Fold this fap over 20 thatthe fap and the back are right sides together. Plce the stching face down, wth the Aap in-between che front and the back Stich the pleces together sround three sides, leaving the sde fap open to turn the cushion righ side out Make four button holes and attach your buttons. Insere aia Gem) cushion pad tof or Sl wth sing, Button up the side to finch 7