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John P.

Present Address Permanent Address
332 John Street 45640 Denise Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Plymouth, MI 48170
(734) 277-3359 (734) 453-5815

OBJECTIVE To obtain a secondary teaching position in the fields of social studies or earth/space
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Education in Social Studies Expected April 2011
with a minor in Earth & Space Science
GPA 3.88/4.0
School of Education Dean’s Award Recipient
James B. Angell Scholar

CERTIFICATION Provisional Secondary Certificate Expected April 2011

Adult/Child CPR & First Aid Expected April 2011

COURSEWORK Academic Major: Social Studies Academic Minor: Earth/Space Science
Introduction to Political Theory Calculus I
Introduction to American Politics Introductory Geology
Introduction to Comparative Politics Introductory Geology Lab
Principles of Microeconomics Solid Earth Structure
Principles of Macroeconomics Introductory Oceanography
US History to 1865 Introductory Oceanography Lab
US History 1865-Present Extreme Weather
Global Change: Human Impacts Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System
Global Interdependence Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and
Indian Civilization the Universe
Topics in History: The Global Cold War Environmental Conflict: Science, Political,
Topics in History: A Transnational History of
Popular Culture
Topics in History: Middle Ages & Modern
Environmental Conflict: Science, Political,
Teaching of Social Studies in the Secondary
Teaching with Technology and Students with

EXPERIENCE Winter 2011 Saline High School Saline, MI
11th/12th Grade Student Teaching (U.S. Government & Sociology)
 Planned and taught multiple U.S. government units
 Wrote original formative and summative assessments
 Designed an online Moodle class page that was updated and utilized throughout the
 Organized civic guest speakers, including Saline’s Mayor and Police Officers
 Helped plan a Sociology field trip to the U of M campus
 Observed multiple social studies and earth science teachers at Saline H.S. and Saline M.S.
Fall 2010 Churchill High School Livonia, MI
9th Grade Pre-Student Teacher (World History)
 Taught a concept formation lesson over a three day period about “empires”.
 Graded individual and group homework, quizzes, and projects.
 Observed student learning in whole class and small group interactions.

Fall 2010 Greenhills School Ann Arbor, MI

7th and 8th Grade Pre-Student Teacher
 Designed student assignments, quizzes, and exam questions.
 Interviewed individuals and analyzed their quizzes in order to better understand assessment
design and application.
 Participated in voluntary school improvement/beautification projects.

Winter 2010 Novi High School Novi, MI

10th Grade Pre-Student Teacher (World History)
 Planned and taught a three day lesson plan about “Societies, Networks, and Transitions”.
 Observed and interviewed students about test taking habits in order to better understand student
 Collaborated with the cooperating teacher and other Novi instructors within the social studies
department to design themes for the semester.

Winter 2010 Western International High School Detroit, MI

11th & 12th Grade Pre-Student Teacher (AP US History)
 Interviewed individuals to learn how students’ environment and interests can affect motivation and
 Graded student written Document Based Question essays using a rubric.
 Created and distributed a Content Reading Inventory to measure class reading comprehension.
 Extensively tutored students within a small group setting.

Winter 2010 Cesar Chavez Academy Detroit, MI

10th Grade Pre-Student Teacher (US History)
 Taught whole class using a lesson from the cooperating teacher.
 Researched primary documents for class instruction and formatted/edited documents to scaffold
them to appropriate grade level.
 Analyzed worksheets, handouts, and primary documents used in the classroom in order to better
understand how students interact and learn from diverse texts.

2007-2010 Plymouth Township Parks Department Plymouth, MI

Plymouth Township Park Ranger
 Met with public and answered questions about the history and geography of Plymouth Township’s
 Managed and trained park staff (ages 16-20).
 Planned and implemented daily and weekly work plans.

Skills  Highly Proficient in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
 Highly Proficient with Moodle, creating online classroom assignments and resources.
 Proficient at integrating Skype and online cell phone polling ( into lesson
 Proficient with ArcGIS mapping software, creating original spatial and geographic maps and data

ACTIVITIES Assistant Track & Field Coach (Field Events and Sprints), Salem High School, 2008-

Member, Treasurer, and Captain, UM Club Men’s Ultimate Frisbee, 2007-Present